The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 8, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, December 8, 1936 Page 6 JREDS DIG IN FOR PENALTIES SUSPENDED CATS HAVE LAST rtDii i mo n a mp MRS. SIMPSON IS SECLUDED IN CLASSIFIED ADS "Sneeze Girl" INSTRUCTION I ' hi V I REBELS' SECOND MASS OFFENSIVE (Continued rrom rnge 1) A HiroiiKly-cfiiti'd column o. Knvel-nilM'llt JronriH, however, was re purled preparing fur an allack in I he rebel lines at Toledo. Although Hlroiicly i-e-lnfnrceil. Hie Inniiiueii: eiiHiern Hank hoiiIIi of .Madrid l Kill dill1i;erulisly expusi-d. To Hie noi'lliwi-Ht, In Hie (tuilar I'ama inoiiiiliiliiH. the iasuneciuM art mm lielnu ,i I al ) by snow wcnihei wlili h Ino, toned the l,n,ili-i, IMili Manieii to almtiiloii home liiiioitiin lotd. iHTUI'llllm to rebel lll'iuiilniHlx liolllhlhlt Seville IIUIIIII III mill III which live a!i'ilancs iiarilciiciicil lejallsis till a Norwegian steani'i tied up al a wharf in Hie Caudal uulvlr river, according to repurli here. Honesty the Foundation All other knowledge is hurtful to him who has not honesty and pood nature. Advice as Medicine "I has took a lo' of advice," said Uncle Eben, "which worked like medicine. Some of it makes one feel better and some of it makes me feel worse." We Pay 5c per pound for large clean Cotton Rags. Daily Clintonian. WWWWWWW Kennel Hamilton of Noiih Water on-H, who was arrested Sunday on harg.-H of drunkenness, was tried 'leioiv .Mayor ('., M. Siink in eily onrl yesterday, lie was fined $r ind rests ami sentenced lo 1N0 dnyrt to the stale penal rarm. Until line .llld sentence were Hllsiended. SMOKING AND DRINKING? WATCH YOUR STOMACH! For ulk n lti-f from m(Iik''hII)i1 iiihI ) ih f Mt it mil f1 it 'lite tr fXcfMsl vn -tniukniK uihI firiiikliiK try hr. Kmil'M Adlti Tnhlt-iH Hnl'l on iiimipy hack itmii anh f 1'uwcH 8 i'luirmaoy. Adv. W3 COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday- "PROFESSlolrAL SOLDIER" with VICTOR McLAGLEN FREDDIE BARTHOLOMEW CUMKDV "Barnyard Amateurs" WWW WW WW WW W W 10c and 15c I will select men to train for electric refrigeration and air conditioning positions. Experience unnecessary. Write Refrigeration Engineering Inst., Inc., Box 442, Clinton. t28 LOST Spotted hound with name Charles Ames on collar. Return to George BorrlHford, 8G0 Walnut St tau" WANTED Good used kitchen cabinet, inquire 227 Ash street. t29 WANTED TO BUY Piano. Must be reasonable. Crompton Hill school. Call t29 Better Tunes Seen for Indiana's Farmers in 1937; Forward Trend Of Business Holds Encouragement (Continued from Page 1) variably increase more rapidly than the prices of finished goods, it would appear that Indiana agriculture has entered a period of substantially better times. This is augmented by relatively lower taxes, interest charges, and many other costs connected with agricultural operations. Increased consumer demand results directly from a higher level of consumer i ncomes and increased consumer purchasing power, which is more effective in raising more quickly the prices of some farm products such as meats, eggs, milk, and butter as compared with the coarse grains, hay, and the like. With the exception of a lew lo cal areas, the drought was less severe in Indiana than in most other competing corn belt states. Consequently , the Indiana farm income for the coming year, except for the local areas, twhere the drought was most severe, may be improved more by the resulting higher prices than it is decreased by reduced production. An increase is expected in the cash income earned by members of the farm family employed in non-agricultural Industries. In crease in farm net income, lower interest rates, and long-time financing plans for debts will tend to increase the cash available for farm families living in spite of the fact that farm equipment, farm buildings, automobiles, and livestock will doubtless claim a goodly share of-the increased income. Increases in cash available for family living may in part be off-set by higher prices for food and other commodities. Except ttt a rise in the price of shoes and other leather goods, no marked change is expected during the next few months In the price of clothing. ' Even with rising cash incomes in i 1937, the family must still decide bow it can best use its cash and other resources. i M A Powerful Human Story of the People OPENING SEASON (Continued from Pago 1) TrcKter, coniiniHsioiier oi Indiana high school allili'tics, lins prum.lHcd lo be present fur (lie evening cele-liriitlon planned. Local teaclierr. and students will tie on liiuid lo conduct visitors nil ton rM of inspcctlnii. A number of educatliiii nfllciulH. so-licrluleuilciifx mid Icai hers have liei'lt luvltl'll. 'I 'IiI'iiiikIi Chief of I'nllce Cole I'm r.V. Weill llllH heell lecelved from Mil-Mate fire niarKlial'H olflcc ttial hiiiiik-Iiik will mil lie allowed In Hie new KVtiiniiHlnni. A pi-ellmlnary Kiime between lite (.iirlli'ld lentil and Ihn Clinton m-riiliK is Hcliedtileit to hculn al 7 p. ni. The varsity rniilcxi will K"t underway at eight o'clock. Invented the "Hut Dog" The "hot dog" was invented in 1805 by Johann GeorK Lnliner, a Fi.inkfurt, Germany, butcher thus "frankfurters." How Paint Solidifies The way in which a painted surface becomes converted from a liquid to a solid state is due to the fusion of each particle of resin and oil combining with not less than three other particles or molecules. Proof Coins Proof coins are made from special dies particularly for coin collectors. Of the same design as ordinary coins, they have a more brilliant finish. Their special manufacture, together with the fact that they are less common, makes them more valuable than an ordinary coin of the same denomination. Alsace-Lorraine The term Alsace-Lorraine came into use after the peace of Frankfort in May, 1871. It was used to describe the country formed by Bismarck out of the whole of Alsace and part of Lorraine, both provinces having been annexed from France. These two countries had had a separate existence since the Fifth century, when after 450 years of Roman domination and civilization, they were invaded by the Germans. 10c TONIGHT 25c FINAL SHOWING! THEIR HOME LIFE WAS WILDER THAN A TEN-RING CIRCUS until a butler become the ringmaster I v V; wilk Alict Gail ieon BRADY PATRICK DIXON Eva.- PAUETTE Al.n MOWBRAY 'OMKIV -- .NKWS - 'KT) Joan Bennett and Jew) McCrea in wi;n. mid y in I it. I Two in a Crowd" yvn i v t t"v VILLA RETREAT (Continued from Page 1) to see u press coniniiltee diiily. Ills only contribution lo the flood of specu htl Ion regarding .Mrs. Simpson's future plans (did King Edward's probnblo reaction to her offer of renunciation was the observation (hid she plans to spend Christmas lu Cannes, n yjj HlneMt Denied Mrs. Kltntmnii, lie IiihIhIimI, has not consulted n phyHii-ilill ntiil Iiiim no need of ono. '"'' 'CS'1 The Hull linnrii liuly whose un-nnunretl readiness lo put throne and empire before love bus won her the plaudits nf millions arose fairly ciirly anil ale a full break fast American style, bill remained lunlde the villa Instead of RtlcmptlnK a constitutional in the gnrdeiiR which are tho const ii nt Inrget of scores of photographic lenses. PHYSICIANS GIVE GOOD REPORT ON POPE'S ILLNESS I Continued from Page 1) see members of his family. "His holiness is better," said Donna Camilla. "Naturally, he needs rest. I hope Dr. Milanl's insistence his holiness remain in bed will be effective. He must remain in bed a few days more." Restful Night The pope passed a fairly restful night, although there was no indication the swelling in either the left leg or the right foot had materially decreased. The rest, however, was believed to have helped his asthmatic condition, mailing breathing easier. The pope Insisted that mass be celebrated in his bedroom. His pri vate secretary officiated. After mass the pontiff took communion. In Informed quarters it Was believed the pope had passed the critical stage of his illness. In these quarters also it was said Donna. Camilla was responsible for the pontiff's remaining in bed, she hav ing urged hinj after he indicated he would get up. today. Ruins Give Town Fame Ballymote, Ireland, is a little town famous for the ruins of an ancient strong castle and the remains of a Franciscan friary once renowned for learning. Alaska Purchased in 1867 Alaska was purchased from Russia by the United States in 1867 for $7,200,000 in gold. PALACE Tonite and Wednesday SUNRA NUDISTS SEE REAL Hrct Au Kr. Filmed fn an American NuilM Colony DOORS OPEN 6 P. M. You Better Come Early! All hentK S.V Lit ADULTS .t '? W Authenti Klieiitk- Sr America aturr II btarilln Mary Margaret Cleer Mary Margaret Cleer. 13-year-old Fort Myer, Va., "sneeze victim", forced a smile for the camera as she entered Johns Hopkins hospital at Baltimore, where expert . specialists will study her case. No explanation was given of her malady which has caused her to aneeze every few minutes for the past two months THOUSANDS ARE BELIEVED DEAD AFTER TYPHOON (Continued from Page 1) Tens of thousands of Filipinos ere reported in desperate need, i.h nii nf their food destroyed and the twin specters of famine and pestilence already stalking through the stricken region. Relief Started The -commonwealth, its resources already strained by the relief prob lem of the typhoon and floods sev eral months ago. was loading food upon all available government cutters and privately owned ships. All land routes into the provinces were reported destroyed, throwing the problem of shipping supplies of food and medicine upon water transport. The -Cagayan river, in Isabella province, rose so rapidly during the torrential rains that it was impossible for thousands to escape and they were swept to death, unable to reach high ground. Debris from the flood, including many bodies, poured into the sea. making It unlikely the exact death toll of the disaster ever would be learned, according to observers. California's Capital When California was a province of Mexico Monterey was the capital, and it was the capital of the territory from 1846 until the state constitution was adopted in 1849. The flag of the United States was raised over Monterey for a day V 1842 and permanently on July 7, 1846 The first state legislature convened ir. San Jose December 15, 1849, and that was the seat of government until May 1, 1851. The legislature met at Sacramento in 1852, and in 1854 it was chosen the permanent seat of government. Local Charter Granted by the I. A. T. S. E. Jan. 13, 1915 Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the same (c charge (you get three days at double the cost of the first day) Next three days Insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times the cost of one Insertion). Each group of three days there after, 8c a line. Mack Pave (like this), 10c per line. . All clatMifled ad Including memo-rlamn and notice of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or tliOHe from organizations whose bills must be al lowed before Doing; naia. in uie latter oase the person asking; the publication of the notice will be held responsible for lis payment. FOR SALE Alfalfa hay. Mack Donnelly, Shep-ardsTllle. t32 Player piano with cabinet and 107 music rolls. Albert Davis, Cromp-ton Hill. t29 Ladies coat, ise 38; man's overcoat and suit, else 38. Call at 645 Blackman street. t29 1 milch cow with calf at side. Dom Simutis, State Road 71, Blanrora Indiana. t28" Rabv bed. excellent condition Priced reasonably. Inquire 659 South Sixth street. 128 Lunch room in good location. Priced cheap. 227 Mulberry St, t28 Building to wreck. Good condition and reasonable. Size 18x51 Write Box S, 442, Clinton, Ind. t28 Chevrolet truck, '28 model. John Tuberosa, Klondyke. t27 Tractor, plows, cultivators, gas en gines, trucks, trailers and repairs. D. R; Murray. t28 For Sale Coal for good coal phone 797-W. 60tt FOURTH VEIN OOAL, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK BETTV NO. 0. HA RLE x HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 4tf PAID NOTICES Get your tickets for Junior Class Pluv. Itaremher 14. tU9 NOTICE! To' all members of Local Union AO. 4599. The following voting places for election of district officers, Dec. 8. Universal 10 a. m., Blanford 11-1. Centenary 3 p. m., Clinton 4-7 p m., Terre Haute 8-9 p. m. t27 CARD OF THANKS We wish to take the opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for the kindness and sympathy extended to us at the time of the death of Mrs. Viola Naselroad. We also want to thank Frist funeral home, the singers. Rev. Davis, the neighbors and friends, those who sent floral offerings and donated cars. William Naselroad, husband, and family. t28 Help Wanted Salesman aud collector between 25 and 35 years old to handle collections and learn salesmanship. We teach you local work. Old concern. Salary and comniiseion. Apply between 7:86 a. m. and 8:30 p. m. or write T. C. Bear, 711 Wabash Ave nue. Terre Haute. Ind. t26 For Sale or Trade Klnno rnal mint Within 7 miles of Clinton. ' H. E. Williams, Monte zuma, "fl Markets rmcAf.O. nee. 8. Livestock: HOGS, 33.000; steady: holdovers 2.000; top. tlO.30; bulk, ss.ow 10.20; heavy, $9.75 10.30; medium. 9. 85610. 30; light. $9,606 10.15; light lights. $8.769.75; packing sows, $8.606 9.75; pigs, H 0('(6 9.00. CATTLE, 12.000; 25c lower. Calves. 2.000; steady. Beef steers: good and choice, $10.0012.50: common and medium, $7.0oSj 10.00: yearlings. $8.500 12.60. Butcher cattie: heifers, $5.0(ife 11.50; cows, $4.25&7.00; bulls. $4.25(6 6-25; calves. $6,110 & 10. 60; feeder steers. $4.6Ofr8.00; Blocker steers. $4.607.75: stocker cown and heifers. $4.50.50. SHEEP. 12.000; steady: lambs. $8.S09.00; common, 16.60 & 8. 00; yearlings. $6.00 8.00; feeders. $5.008.00: feeders, $5.00(&8.00; ewes. $2.50 4. 60. CHICAGO. Dec. 8 Grain futures were steady to easy at the opening today. Wheat and corn were unchanged to He down, oats 'A to hkc up and soybeans c lower. WHEAT: Dec, 125-; May. 1214-; July. 108-fe. CORN: (new) Dec.. 10S-109; May. 104-104V4; July. !-; old) May, 102; July. 97. OATS: Dec. 47; May, 47.. Soybeans: May, 139H- King George 111 Statue Four pieaes of a statue of King George III, erected in New York city's Bowling Green in 1770, are on exhibition at the New York Historical society. lf W1LC0X0N I " 1:.J :X BETTY f feU t FURNESS Js t ,N Vj viil REPUBLIC M nropy ? -, w picture i ul , , K CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SUGGESTIONS Stop and Rest at Your Favorite Theater Below is the emblem shown in THEATERS Employing Union Projectionists : Conceived by FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT and Written For LIBERTY MAGAZINE by 6 Famous AUTHORS! By y r Palace Rupert Adams, Weinian, Tlif lijilion lllilllll' ou. Hushes, Samuel Hopkins Anthony Abbot, Rita S. S. Van Dine and John Erskine. powerful. Iiuiiimii f.t'Hv of a iU I ! i ross ri:Hto. I i lo th Hm M IHllill IMMit tliloll. 1-1 Jti- Ilirill-fi.ii kill, riiiimiilir t'filit-laiiiliiriit. Tin)!1! t biilhunt "t. National Charter Granted by the A. F. of L. July 17, 1893 MOTION PICTURE PROJECTIONISTS LOCAL NO. 373 Seen Only in the Wabash'and Palace Theaters Thursday Matinee, 15c Thursday and Friday Night... 10c & 25c Brandon Walsh w, t; ipe iwiuc-wv' TUE PUNOS AVE BE . 1PONT SUPPOSE A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND m fiwiv.- m jTT i i rrt-K -h-i i - f -arww-'ww-- . i rtPrnc-mc i i -wm r If iMI I ,i,v ' ' utiQtii imc i Eslfe fmy rr sssy ntt, WM &t?m K&f 7

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