The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 6, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIKMOUNT NEWS NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS ! 1 ' ; FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter Electric Irons $5.95 Electric Curlers $3.50 Chandliers from . $4.00 to $50.00 Floor Lamp Peristals $9.50 I x r . A class with Mrs. Ollie Duling teacher, trave a class song- and a playlette with v acuum Uleaners $40.00 Broyles Electric 119 West Fourth dation aiAl a cement veranda part way ' round his homo i v..vv o at Redkey Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Tayne and dano-h 1 ter Madaline entertained at dinner Sunday, Mr. at.ll Mrs. Virgil E. Winn ar,,i daughter Barbara Nell, and Mr. i -s oi namoru uijr, ivir. ana irs. Ed Ribelin and family and Mr. and r ti t-i Mr. and Mrs. Francis HarAion and i family visited with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hannon of Shmmitville, Sunday. Miss iMadaline Payne spent Monday ! night with her graiMmother, Mrs. Mr. ana iurs. james ravne ana son with Charles Leach and family. Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Payne called on M f p., it j t i r. and Mrs. fcid Hannon ana Mr. ana' Mrs. James Paytfe Tuesday afternoon. . ' I rj I I J POINT ISABEL Ernest Carter, 24, whose home is I LITTLE tflDGE Rev. Franklin and Marv Moon Mere- j dith of Cicero, Ind., occupied the pul- ! at Little Ridee last Sabbath, both ' movnintr aiAl evening. Thev were ' entertained at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Itfc-ara Harvey. IYayer meeting will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hancock Thursday evening-, with Mrs. Ym. Ware leader. St. John 3rd chapter. Rally Day was quite well attetiled this place last Sabbath, Mrs. Ellen ,,. i " V elementary work of Indiana Nearly : : j i meeting- pave a talk to the children. . - She and her svn were eiA.ei tained for dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ratiitf. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Harvey entertained for dir.ncr last Sabbath, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones aiM Mr. and Mrs. Jchn Dare. I Mr. and Mrs. Rene Jones entertain- their parents, Mr. and Mrs. David! 'ones tor Jvmciay uiiuier. ivirs. w aiao tiaisiey oi oenton, iex., : who has been at the home of her sis-1 toin ir M.,i,-,f f.,-' 1J. tt 'I . r-. . m - ii. - iaM, i.iic. mvw I'vinrni, ivi , some time ana nas oeen very in wnn ' (summer flu and heart trouble is con- jvalescinpr. Miss Vida Wright is the attcndll. ' nurse, ine c. cs. social neia at me nome oi Mr. and Mrs. Dennv Winslow last Fri- . ,, r, , , , i a success. A review of the last quarter's lesson which contained very graphic description of the life of the apostle Paul, was rehearsed. The r.roup was divided and each side had a teacher, Messrs Hiram Harvey and A. E. RatlifT filling these posi- -. . in Elgin, 111., was killed about 8:30 Ohio, Mr. antf Mrs. Milt Jones, Mrs. nVlook Snndav mnminp. when a car'Mnrv .Tiinnc IVTie. Allio I'imlinMurk I.. . . . . M T . 1 1 driven oy Ejawara lionnam oi riwooa ; struck the machine in which he was jt 4i . i.!?ii! ruiuiji, viuci juiiv fMiiuuiij injured. Miss Garnet Fleener and Mr. Glen Sheedv attended the show "Uncle m -.... , 1 . xrl lom s aoin wnicn was gien ai ri-t wood, last Friday night. John Ritt.Vr nf Fairmount is himv hulling clover in this vicinity. I I a quartet comoinea. inis vouiwum-tion of entertainment, was very pleas-incr and well appreciated. The Boxell Bible class with John Itimelick teacher, sang a class song and also grave a fishing trick play anU was so well received they were called to the front again and sang- another song-. The Cradle Roll class with Mrs. Oscaf Jones teacher, gave a nice little exercise in which the little tots were promoted from the cradle roll into the reswear SurMay school work. Baptismal service followed the pro gram and three babies were baptised : c,. tv, i IHI lilt V Li L 1 V I IT HUV'l. lilt. 1 1 .1 I V I U of the babies were Mr. and Mrs. Vilas Leach. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pusrh and Mr. and Mrs. Will Caskey. Anouncements Rev. Mills of Summitvile, pastor of Wesleyan Methodist church, will preach here t.'.'st Sunday night. M. P. Church T,.--or Fdenvor S.mdnv -r0 n m ! Senior Endeavor Sundav, 6:30 p. m. iiiu'imeaiaie emieavor ounaav, i Preachinpr ser-ice, 7: 30 p. m. i Micci.aM- mfinrr n'.lii.c.Ut. nf i . - T- 1 . o J .A. ! ..i i.ivvw.j, nL - icinoun ai i . jaii'oiiajif. - Mot t Mninn Tkn M P P.rant foimtt Ministerial , association met at Marion at the Pub- l.ibmrv Tuesdav affpmomJ at t .. ... - - j - - - - -I ..v., v ... .v. .w.. - n iinr. i i . ' irir.iniyp i ii r i 1 1 iihiiii i years work. Kev. Meyers ana wife were in attenaance from here. Mr. and Mrs. Ele Leach of Gaston wore Wednesday evening guests of Job-' Leach and family. rr an Mrs. Haislev were Fair- anount callers Friday afternoon. Mr, . Dulir.g was callel to the Marion hospital Tuesday night, where he will do i.jrse s work this winter. - " - . - . ir. . M nP UaW-.m.v.! ed their household goods from Munc.e : II l.:Wk t their property here Thursday. Hi Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Shii.'i of Peru, ; U woo N:ii.iav (imiwr pr,isr ox a even - "i . . . . ! tcaber ana lamuy. night, Dallas Atkinson and family attend ed a surprise dinner Sunday a at the , Mrs. About , home of Mr. Atkinson's sister Robert Trice near Alexandria thirty guests were present. emenn of Elliott, II!., were Satur- ; laY night ftd Sunday guests of Neven Kaber ai.J tamuy. Will Jarvis, Eige Richards and John Loath were in Fairmount Saturday morning. jof John Crecraft was' an over night guest of Herbert Leach, Wednesday pit at r A. .iti : a V r j V'. a. ana Kienarai , Mrs. Sherman Hipes entertained atjoren, iarie, .iuurea ana .en, motor-an old fashioned comfort tacking last ed to Peru Saturday on a combined Thursday. Those present at dintkr . pleasure and business trip, were. Mr. and Mrs. John Fleener, , Mr. Mrs. Anna Howell is spending the and Mrs. William Fleener, Mr. and week with Mrs. Nellie Pearson near tioi.'s were the winners. j Seward, John Titus, Rolland Fleener, ; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Murch, who have;ora Fleei.Vr, Miss Garnet Fleener and Sub-IMstrict Meeting The Marion sub-district meeting of the Indiana conference of the Methodist rrotestant church will be held irt Fowlerton, Oct, 11, 12 and 13. Every preacher in the district is expected to be present the first day and remain durinjr the three days session. Each Sunday school and L E. society in the district is ursred to send at least one delegate. Meals will be served in the basement of the church both Wednes- J day and Thursday at the noon hourj and also in the The follow- injr program has been arranged: j Tuesday evening1 7:30 Son sr Service. Words of welcome John Itimelick Response M. F. Iliff. S:00 Senv.en by C. B. Tuttle. Wednc svlay morninc 8:00 Conference with pastors led by j E. F. Howe. 8:30 Devotion?!, F. B. Rhoads. 9:00 A paper on repeir.ence, J. R. Stanton. 9:30 A paper on atonement, V. H. Green 10:00 Sermsn by F. W. Stephenson. Communion service L. Cwmer. 11 :S0 Suspension. Wednesday afternoon 2:00 Devotional, John Burgress. 2:15 Missions, Fred Clark. 3:00 A paper on the Inspiration of the scvir-tures. V. S. Harper. -A paper on the Lnety of Christ, ; J. L. Barclay. ' ..-k. o I it i I . l . . . weoi.vsoav eveninsr -is .-.r,.T Rrvvfl sico Ministerial Relief, Charley Box- el! and G. L. Farrow. i Thurso, vriornincr 8:00 Conference with pastors led by E T. Howe. S:30 Devotional, Burr Hix. ! P:00 Business and reports. 10:00 Buc: gets, C. S. Johtfeon, D. D. Discussion 10:45 Young People and Education, A. L. Weoten, 11:20 Suspension. Thursday afternoon 2:00 lVvotionr.l, D. H. Mason. 2:lo A paper on Regei.Wation, M. F Ilflf. 2:4r A papcf en Sar.ctification, J. Coones. 3 :lo Consecration service, Clark. 4 :00 Suspension. Thursday evening 7:30 Sor.g service. SermoiJ, W. R. Telto?. Post OfSre Changes Hands S. D. Key. postmaster of the Fowlerton post office for the past two or three years, res-gned his position some time dWir.g the summer and the same went effect Friday. Sept. 30, after the bu5nes renorts were corn- rleted for the first quarter of the fis- cal year for post offices- Out of office hours the post office! was movovi fi-om 5. D. Key s givcery store to the drvg store and . C Smith wife have takew over the duties of postmaster. Purehasd Lots Saturday morning, Mrs. Ola Mann . i i .1 1 - i u A ..... wVich she alroadv owns, on North r-i,i.. o,.f t Mo-, K-Antvb the lots of Chatmer Kerr. W. C. T. L State Convention W. C. T. C Indiana state convention will be held at Elkhart, Ind., Oct. T to 11. Mrs. Adalin? Atkinson is being sort as a deletrate from the local W C. T. U. sr.d Mrs. Elizabeth Thon as alternate. RALLY DAY SERVICE The surprise program which wa rendered at the Rally Pay service last Sunday was well received and highly anpreciated by all who were present. The Little Jewels class, with Mrs. . i ' David , ! 1 I nu-s-iay evemntr. "'-' ; 'r"'"';;, ' s n .1,: Rev. Piety spent Sunday eyemng 1"-. ;0rn Gibsotl. Alberta, ?s the guest oi Mr. ana .Mrs. imam r, . . ritinn (Ton- i r leerer. eraiM t RlLte, Mr. and Mrs Sherman' Hire. rd Mr.' a'na Mrs. Ralph Pearson and baby i children spent Sunday tvemnR vis t-j Fowlerton, and Warren Haisley. S Mr. Amos Banister spent part of "tpes J" .J" wa, ovod ti lt week with his son. Poo. of La- ! . Mrs Md.e SmUh 'ren m 1 t . . . 1 1 A. lived in the tenant house on the awii RntlifT faun nutvnil cs Fairmount Tuesday, . " ... ......i.. - ---- - , " k Vt it HACK L KM A : .. " j . . . . , i . Mr. nd Mrs. J. iioson ami ...i. kw n..ita ill EVwin Wavmire .M family spent SuiJday in Wabash with relatives. ' , ' Mrs. Ann Kimbrough spent Sunday with Emma Moon. n Ruth and Bertha I omer entertaiifoa school class Monday -'w n nig! llf new Chevolet. ' Mr Woodv Clark and children . r l - T : I. AIm. W o 1 J " , . Mr Mrs. Walter Gibson enter- tained at dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and rna . n..u vta;,.i tlllast j '.Too I - r - - if o. U, ; ! dim.Vr with her brother, Andrew Cain," " loir Srndav at Fairmount. Dorothy Keirstead is quite ill at her home in the south part of town, with synptons of typhoid fever. r. and Mrs. Jim lajne attended Rally Day services a i. lilt i'l. . viiv.ivi. , and took dinner with Mr, and Mrs. Charlev Leach. S. B. Leach. Wick O. aiXl Charley 1 Company t t Marion, Indiana .' STOCK HAULING I To Indianapolis Rate cut to 40c a hundred. Call Phone 211. Isaac Malone Kyes Tested, (i lasses Fitted by State Registered OrrOMETUISTS Dr. C. C. PARIS and Dr. EMIL PARIS Exclusively Optical i r.e wronK raU never t.rinr-you to thirij-'ht phtco .:ct Ibe mot iHvriui of 1 your motor with AJ-uwo Motor Oil. Yon,n alw:i.v-tino ;j.nck service, attention am: lourttsv. CITY GARAGE DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hoars 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. a FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER v FARM AND STOCK SALES , A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indian Call us at our expense E. B. COUCH DENTIST-Rooms oyer Bahne Drug Store Office hour: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to ff Broyles Electric Company 119 W. Fourth Marion Have the Largest Stock of Lighting Fixtures ; in this part of Indiana -1 V Frank Sheedy and family. M aleof thoughjM. Harvey person, Mrs. Toenv o.r Hilton and sotJ Frank. sal Tuesday near Mr. p.rd Mrs. Peavlie Liber and,famiiv Sunday. r,, r C(m . Mrs. JVlary fete wart, Mr, t ol t and Mrs. and famUy ?Misses Mayme Kn.y Leona Day, Glen Moot. Maud Brilos t c a. a r and Lois Fankboner, all of Fairmount, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Howell of Up land, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kimbrough Fowlerton. Mrs. Phoebe Lancaster of nnu i II 1 1 v mill J'll lYHIIUlVUKll J L . ' . - . and John and Zack Kibrouph. rr t m Wright nf tt,cK . A,.V s T V1' . njtni. oi jonesooro, visited last week with Owen Kim- brough and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Florca and children and George Passwater, have returned home after a visit with re- iauvps in luicnigau. 'Mr. and Mrs. Bert Todd and chil- Fowlerton. Mrs. Pearson's father. Mr. Starbuck is very 1 death is expected any t low and his ime. Mrs. Alice Barrett of Wilkerson, is staying with Mrs. Sarah Tygart. Mrs. Oz Relfe of Fairmount and Miss Agnes Gary of Gas City, spent Thursday afteri.oon of last week with Mrs. Anna Howell. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Howell and children, Mrs. Sarah Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Harloy Daley and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard of Dunkirk were euests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Burl Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kirk had as their quests at dii.'.ier Friday, Mr. and Mrs. l "fton and Charles Kelley of Nevada, Ind., 'and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Todd and son Xen. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Kirk and son Floyd, were after-non;.1 guests. Mrs. Sarah Tygart had as her din-npr ruosts Sunday. Mrs. Alice Barrett of Wilkerson. Mrs. r. C. Stanley, Mrs. Mae Jenkins and Fred Thompson of Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson, Mr. atM Mrs. Roy Runyan and son, Miss Esther Moon and Glen Moon were prists at dinner Sundav of Mr. and m Clarence Moon and family. .. r. and Mrs. Georcre Yale aiAl son , . c . . J .-. . . .., tt.,i. v.4,.,.ic, farnv . riapk Creek Mi and Mrs. James Stewart and children Marv and Harvey were guests yuiMay cl l nomas Jones ana iamwy. Mrs. Jane Elliott spent one after noon recently with Mrs. Mary Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Will Todd and Mrs. Stanley Elliott attended the funeral of Mr." Trice at Fairmount Monday. FOR SALE FOR SALE We have a few tons of ehestn'at coal unsold from next car now enroute. Price $14 per ton at car. A. A. Ulery & Co. i FOR SALE See my line of Bremka- Curran blouses. Mrs. Nettie Mona- 1 , ! nan. FOR SALE Old 713. cow. Call Black FOR SALE Second Call 373. haiAl range. FOR SALE Spring boars. See Russell Rich or call' Black 1031. FOR SALE Ladies Fancy Blouses for fall and winter, at reasonable prices. Mrs. Nettie Monohan, 117 S,. Sycamore St. FOR SALE Swift & Co, say when corn is hogged down, digested tankage must be fed to secure best re-salts. A. A. Ulery & Co. FOR SALE Best electric washing machine on ths market. High priced machine and one that will out wear any of the cheaper makes. This machine is new, never been us?d, and will be sold at a bargain. Can be seen at The News office. LOST LOST Airdale dog. Answers to name of Jack. Last seen near Academy. Heavy brass trimmed leather collar. Reward. Notify Rev. Frank Edwards. MISCELLANEOUS TYPEWRITERS, Cleaned, repaired, old. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone 1586. Next to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marion. Ind. .It always pays to advertise in The Fsirmount New..' vV . - Mrs. Hiram Delaney, Mrs. Margaret ; r, and Mrs. Sherman Hipes ana r.....:i- A ff nmnnn p-illorc wprp Mrs Seward and little daughter, Mary .".; - t .1 Tl . .VllV I IIV". 11 V . . . . . ' - - -- .... 'itj M-i--.t,v S. rtl- tAVn laree hog houses on his farm. Misses Grace Nicholson and Blanche iwiA Messrs Charles Curless ai.U n,n t or.mer moxorea 10 uirt-munu . . the Clarion nosouai iai he underwent an operation. NEW MULBERRY 'rrp xvT; nd wife T . Mr. and Mrs. Mark Richards were :n Marion Saturday. , r , . i r tr... f,- W v an.t r;n- rr anA Mr rivde tnrman. Mr. andi Mrs. Will Corn, Mr. &x;x Mrs. Herbert Miller, Mr. and Mrs. John Troon, Mvrtle Hamilton Anna ttvuen ana Alex Kooerw, wrt- i-inia ot tV home of Lioxev aimer ana rr : 1 ? Twii.Kif drmn phnrph i no .-via oi me vn. in v. ....v.. j . ... . r vt:n:. T:-.V.. met at tne nome pi imc vtvn- ;ards Thursday afternoon. . a number from this place attended ' the street fair at Hartford City, last j week. ' Mr. and Mrs. Limon Carter attend leJ church at Matthews Sunday. j The Kingsley V. C. T. U. met at tne home of Mrs. Bessie Kimes Wed- ; t-.o,iav i J Mr." Walters and family of near: tt . o j.. i : . ...). t I r.aton w ere ounuay imiun nu" Liberty Hamiltoi and family. The vovsntr. folks of this vicinity picnicked in Carter's woods Sunday. Mrs. S. A. Hall was the guest of Mrs. L. Hamilton Wednesday afternoon. COMMUNITY ITEMS Mr. and Mrs. Clasty Hughes of near T I 1 1 V 1 Vf . tl 1 111V pivuu J... . V 111..- . . J.., .i w.nntl-.r tlin rvnn VJ.t !.( 111, I ' ' 1 I T 1 v V V 1 . I , V 1 1 V. IIH-I V 1 1 V weighs seven pounds and has been named Wanda Idolus. Mr' and Mrs. James Thompson and Mr. fnd Mrs. Carl Anderson and children' of Kokomo, were guests at dinner one day last week of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moon. Mr. nd Mrs. Bert Todd and children, Marie, Mildred and Xen, were ruests at dinner Sunday of Mr. aiAl Mrs. Sam Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Branbury and sons, of Marion, wrere afternoon rruests. Miss Maud Kimbrough returned ho" recently from a very pleasant automobile trip to Ohio. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Phoebe Lancaster, who is visiting at the Kimbrough home. Rev. Dora Perry of Phlox, will preach at the Friends church at Ridley next Sunday. M- "d Mrs. James Tygart and ''auenier, Gladys, snent Sunday after- , noon with Mr. and Mrs. Clasty Hughes ; A nleasant dav was snent at the .home of Mr. and Mrs. Oweri Kim brough Sunday when a large number of friends and relatives came to help celebrate the seventy-sixth birthday anniversary of Mr. Kimbrough, also the birthday anniversary of their daughter. Miss Maud, which occurred Tuesday. The day was spent in a social way anil music on the Edison was enjoyed by 11. At the noon hour a delicious dinner was served from the well-filled baskets that were brought. Those who enjoyed the day were, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kimbrough and family of Dunkirk, Mr. and Mrs. George Kimbrough and family and Miss Lorene Leamori of Marion, Mr. andT Mrs. J. M. Wright and daughters Lucile and Mag-te; Mr. and Mrs. Vet Rich and dawrhtar Genevive and Mr. and lira. Ed Townaend and family, all of Jonecboro, I Jr. arAl Mrs. Ban Bur-ran. Ur. and tin, Evan Jones and Ur, XIr. sad Era, Charles Curgan, '; ; t ' 1 ' 1 ' j i , Leach attendevl a big Shorthorn cattle, Aioany. ma. Rev. Meyers and wife and vs. Elizabeth Thorn called on Mrs. Kate Dame Friday afternoon, Mrs. Oscar Jones has beeit quite ill at her home south of town but is reported better. Mrs. Kate Dame Is preparing to move to Summitville this week. Paul Mahone of Tipton visited Perry Lees and family Saturday and Sunaay Jim Lacn icii last x ima, lwr rjitM. r Ar.n ,.-n u ' ;n mi . . . .. 11 ... . the Mate Agriculture couege. Mr. and Mrs. Sam MeKm'.ey of Up- iiniiii i land. attendel Rally Day service and took Sunday dinner with Rev. Meyers ( of John Dve which took mace last Howard Norton spent Monday night with John Crecraft, it John Crecraft- Miss Elsie Lees and Lloyd Leach took Sui?.1jv dinner with friends in - .. . riimiAiini ' , t l i ' i j Mard Curry teacher, presented a" re- and wife j w citation by little Alice Kenzie and a Mrs. Merle Reeder and children , Git NT II song also a solo by Margaret j were Sunday guests of Wilson Simon's : j; " "Wilson : and family. ! Sn' Beam class with Miss Ada Bur- Miss Lucile Richards was taken to j Dwight Osborn and Art Leach at-wick, teacher, gave a clock exercise the Grant county hospital last week tended the foot ball game at Gas City accompanied with a duet bv Mrs. where she submitted to a second op Sunday afternoon. Mevers and Mrs. Edith Caskey, Miss eration. She is getting along as well Wesley Lewis is improving slowly. Ruth Itimelick gave a recitation. as can be expected. Her condftioH is j Miss WTight, who has been nursing Little Star class, "Miss Lacy Smith yet serious. ; him, went to her home Friday morn- teacher, rave a nlavette with a song. Relatives from Columbus, Ind., Pit-jiir. , by four little girls. tsburgh, Pa., Gary, Ind., and Indian- j Herbert Mittank of Marion, spent Busy Bee class with Mrs. Olan Ow- t apolis, were here to attend the funeral : the week end with his grand mother, ens teacher, recitations combined with a flower song given 'by seven girls, j week. Boys Booster class, Clyde Partridge Elder N. L. Ford was called to Fort teacher, gave an exercise called "The Wayne to conduct a futfcral service Get Ork Brigade." they closed the ex- Monday afternoon, ercise with their Booster class song. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jarvis together Willine Workers class with Mrs. ! with Mr. and Mrs. John Leach attend-Earl Duling teacher, gave a playette ed visitation services at Harmony in which they were cleaning up for Baptist Church Sunday. Rally Day. It was a winsome little Miss Rhoda Helms sper& Sunday clar and well liked. Miss Gladys . with Miss Alarv Dulinc in the after- 1 1 1 I AT.e rmtib tcnuaren ana .nr. mi nn. t i.mrv ... o ?.-:n- o i .. liuidie oi Mimniuvme, M't-iiu cu:nwj with Her.rv Fiber and wife. Mr Otto Wells atil son of Fair- moxint are spending a few days with Mrs. Amos Banister. Ruth and Bertha Comer spent Sun- dav with Charlotte Burnsides. Next Sunday, Oct. 9, will be Viome- coming at Center. Everybody wel- mmo A basket dini'r will be servetl at the noon hour. This will be the be - . . . . ; i i.. , ,.;,.i gmnvng nf the-re i al. nmncr oi n- nai. Airs Mrs. J. R. Davis was a wvek en-t , ,.Mf! Mr nd Mrs. '"""i, v FAwlortoW Tete I earson near- rowiencTi. 1 eie M t;nma Harrison. Miss Viola Little called on Miss Artie Frost of Marion, Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Rich and children' spent Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kimes ami family. Mr. and Mrs. John Buller spent SaV urdav at their farm. Mrs. Dessie Roberts left Saturday morning for Coming, O.. to visit her sister. Mrs. Stella Schottlekarh. Mrs. Etta Tomlmson of Summitville ac- 1 comnan en .irs. wr s. Mr. and Mrs. WiTTie Leach and fam- ' ily attended the street fair at Hart- i ford eitv Saturday. line tnere tney oaturuay oi last wwk Zola Little spent Wednesday night and Thursday niglit with Mr. and iurs. iinam Mcv.ormicn ami vniiaren. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Vinson and family sper?t Saturday afternoon i r . shopping in Marion. Mrs. George Robertson, daughter Berniece and son Raymond, spent Sat urday afternoon shopping iw Bianon. Mrs. Nancy Wood and daughter J 11 - J i- T day evening. Mrs. Emma Harrison spent Sunday afternooW with Mrs. Dwight Osborn and children. Mrs. Erne Payne and daughter Madaline attended the street fair at Hartford Citv, Thursday. Irene and David Payne spent Sundav aftertkon with Webster Lewis. Carmella Dickerson spent Saturday night and Sunday with Jessie Brook-shire of Radley. i Koscoe icn i improving ma resKi-enc by puUia? it on fba- Minnie Crecraft and children took j called on Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Winn Sunday dinner with Jake Ijeaeh and and baby family M,s Hattie Leach soent Friday Mrs Marv Roberts called on Mrs. night with Mrs. Virgil Winn at nart-John Leach "Thursday aftemooii. j ford City, anJJ attended the fair on and RhvJ Tletme lo' piano solo, which was well received. Excelsior class with Mrs. Emtna Glass teacher, presented a playette in which Howard Wrisrht. Clarksorf Hoi- i i rl..i.. - .' ran i)' mi vi viaj wm iwme, wiisss Edith Davis, Anna Smith. Florence and Fern Dome, very cleverly searched for results of a yearns work in Sunday school. At this time an offering was taken arM twenty dollars and ninety and one-half cents was received in the Rally Day collection. The ladies class called the Gleaner r;rjd'-a'fj!w n Maurice Warner, President ' Mrs. MarsrsiTvt Com and Mrs. J. A. Mann called on Mrs. John Duling Fri- Earl Allen, Cashier BANK AH Kinds of Insurance f3 ii R , . r3 es En FOWLERTON Real Estate Ours is a prosperous, thriving community and each of us, in his own self-interest, has a share in making it so. The better place it ts for all of us, the oetter for each of us. Everyhinir that any of us can do to develop atM improve our community will add something to his g own personal prosperity. jj Bank with the FOWLERTON BANK and bv doin ao you help to f j AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY.' Call at my expense. Phone 2. em. U Fowlertoa. . C. 7, DICKERSON Improve your cosamnttyk

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