The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 8, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 4
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Tuesday, December 8, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page Four YESTERDAYS THE HOME TOWNER THE DAILY CLINTONIAN rouno a iii Bstuhlished a. The Weekly Cllnionlan 1890 IIKCKMIIKR 8. IIHI Mr. ii nd Mm. M. S. Moure of Tcrre Ha spent Thanksgiving witll Mr. and Mm. A. .1. Doimhty. The Clinton riainacaier uu"iu' - To Love and Live and Let Live put th. black suit, and the "boiled" .Lditor and Publiher way, which Madame Dubois did net. ; Two I'lymuuth Kock hens and a lur- i ,..... th tinicRJlOn. CrH L Carey shirts, ana me puusiiru ... - i.n nav. trin in Fran- i... Towner's Helping Hunil Key kuijuil-i j,..t v. , and tlio big yellow dug. brount up cisco. Ha wore old .triped, grsy Mb.r Indiana Republican Editorial Association trousers, even uskbic "e wrinkled than the black ones, and his collarles. blue Bhlrt wa. open at For the careless: You folk, who are so fond of throwing waste paper on the street, and on private lawn.. Try .ticking all of it. ' ,...i..oiv in vour pocket.. Von II Joe llomicclil. living on the "Heights." bad Ilia no.e broken i.Ih-ii a mule kicked hint in Klondike :n:nc, Tuesday. Mr i:ml Mi. . 1 Houston enter-l-,ii,l three tallies at bridge whist the re.r. They passed throufih the cuw shed, and into the cald duj-aut cellar where the milk wa. kepi. "How much you went! Take plentee it just waste. My man. he don' care what happing; " She ma. If a quick motion, as of draining the nee.. n was oiu mo iv n -scrutabla as some ancient Eastern " National Advertising Representative: flKO. B. HAVIII CO. 1"n Wrlgl.-y Hldg.. Chicago. 1.11 1 General M... rs l... r """ l-J SYNOPSIS Chri.tln. Cooper. 17 and lovely, i. th. daughter of th. rich and centric Adolphus Cooper, who md hi. money in th. Klondike, never .peak, of the put, and hate, citiei. Whil h dream, of the great thing, h. will do for Chri.tie by and by, .h. grow, up with the boy. and girl, of th. mountain community wher. Adolphu. hi. built hi. home, an innocent tnd adv.nturou. young tomboy. Left Ion in th. i.ol.ted ranch hou.e for a few day. .h. is visited by a childhood chum and .w.cthe.rt, Gene Duboi., who discovers that Sod- . .... .... booh learn why waste paper is such a pain In the neck! univ once aia ne oeirT m thougiiU. "If 'twa. spring-, Chrinlie. I'd hold your nose and dose you with a glss., "and mv hoy tiene u run-.. It f me with no help, onlee two drur.i . ii-.'... Phone 1 I 7 Phone 4 1 lasses ana suipnur: Christie lauirhed. but .he frightened. man . . r'rom the other side of the cellar, beyond the plastered partition, came the muffled chorus of a Krenph drinking song, and the tbuiup thump, thump of someone beatirig time with a heavy .hoe. Willi 111 11 . "t." mwwmj ... ... " " J ' the little Cooper girl ha. been She deciuea to nrive over to i dairy and a.k the Dubois' about Gene. They wouldn't think it funny that she should ask, .he and One had alway. been friend.. They'd growing i"i V ---- .i... VAman nff her launch a Iwiy Hiram .aid one day. "A politician I'm coin, to ho." Hut when this election came to pass. He changed his mind. Hiram's not B weak heart, you see! Food Kor Thought nesneetablllty is often a lone vlr- :,i their home Monday evening. Mr. .:,! Mrs. Hawaii. Mr and Mis. IVn-and Miss t'alli" VMechen re the pio-sls. el,, ii, in linnien have arranged to tiv iheir : nal hall, this year on li .... ,,,!.! 27. The place has not ..,,, decided lll"ll. T. W. lOWdV ;,. I'hil Murphy, thief llalmer. liuv 1! tiring.. .-n Drake and one r two others are members of the itnnitillee. THE DAILY CL1NTONIAN S PLATFORM THE OMgU of parke ycrml,o coun,e. 2 To ! the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. ' To perate in .o.ving Vermillion Comity', unemploy- 4. KiS'ciinton .nd make it .he mo., city of ill tixr m the fiale. feet by hi. sudden impetuou. love making Chri.ti. feel, that thi. i. the great moment of her life. .M : ti-A Umr atill with Gene. and childi.hlf .ur that her father will approve the marriage, and 1 .k.M r.nrh nf ,hl r OVTT1. nie. So why rob someone less i.w.ed lhan yourself by talking of ' Her Bret di.illu.ionment come. hi -crsed virtues?- Remember no when .n. reauie. rnai jeno t" ... I ,k.i. a ,IT,I Half ONLY ONE SANTA CLAUS, PLEASE! We hasten . pplud Ihe derisi.m of the Seattle company to have onlv one Santa Clan, on its illuminated street ear this year. man is half as perfect as he thinks sultant, half guilty, .he now goe. to friend-, the Platts, and wait. hr lather, return. But all her his neighbors should he. juy 111 M r- when h. 1. forced to li. to nun to keep her promise to Gene. Sen.-i wrnmv her father korn Word Day Nephritis It is a noun, aplied to sickness. It means inflammation of the kidneys. I'se: He has nephritis. asks: "Christie, ther. ain't nothing wrongi m i l mhi i: , nrx i.ouis and Tony Marietta and Pete S.condino returned yesterday from v i ..cousin where ihey have been for H,e pan ten days on a hnntini! Irip. Tin- pimnxls did not have much Itirli. only In IllKillK hack one deer, alihoiii'h seeing quite a many. Mr. and Mrs. John Cruse, who live mar liockville. are the parents of a baby daughter born Thursday. The infant has been named Iionna. Mrs. nn.PTF.Tt VI To - Oh, to be able to tell him! VP, w uw mvtw w I .11 Ini. hi nnt.ient. under 1 ast year children were amazed to see two Santa, on the car. one operating the vehicle and the other playing a musical contraption. No wonder the boy, and Kirl were amazed. They are also puzzled by the numerou. attempt, of commercial concerns In capitalize on Santa Clam, in advertising durinK the holiday.. I. is not unusual, in comparatively .mall places, to see two Santa, down the street. So far a. we are concerned ve think the old saint is entitled to some protection. There ougl.1 I., be a law to prevent the use of Santa Clau, except as a community affair and then the number of U. ,. l, limited to one. The rhild.en are tiliht; how can Today's Oddity A watch has IS" distinguished pans. .tanding ear. To have him hold her hands is his gnarled, horny ones, to hear him say, "Well, guess u.tL k it n t, hi. Christie. Guess we'll hava to fis a nice wed cruse was formerly Miss Josephine But .he couldn't tell him. She'd To fleaders: These thought, are compiled and aimed at nn person. They are .imply for mirth and meditation. Orlea. given her promise. UTll 11 un,tt,tna AIA h.D TT CI 1, uvw, w..v.....fc r . I ,1.. n tka ilnva t run OVef 7 Stop crying, baby, and tell me! What did I alway. tell you "bout ervin' over spilt milk?" THE STARS SAY It IKXEVIKVE KEMIll.K I'or Wednesday, IN-eemlier liesnile petty annoyances, perplex Sba couldn't meet his oyes. She bid her guilty face on his broad, solid shoulder MXT.tUln k.nnan.i1. ft VII lUSt William S. Nisbel was elected Excellent HiKh Priest of Vermillion Chapter, or Royal Arch Masons. Ial evening. Other officers elected are: lloberl Anderson. king: Henry Owens scribe: Harry S. Call, treasurer: David Llewellyn, secretary: rtert C. Huffman, captain of the host: Clarence Harrison, principal sojourner: and A. F I'mmel. rtnyal Arch ities and duplicities, there should be several profitable and plea.ant x- nerience. on this day, areoraing i She wept for Gene who loved life and laughter and fun. ii i r...u:.i as l anH i, . I . 1 h.,.4 nna nff An sniffed, and the tears that were that I missed you that's all! that's all, really I" It was the first time sh had ever lied to him. Th. more bo tried to soothe her, the more .he cried. Gene didn't coma. He didn't come, and he didn't come . . . Now .ha began to worry. The loose rock on the long unused wagon raad that skirt, the .lope, at Blue Mountain. ... A horse could lose its footing there. Slide over the cliff ... , Sitting- on the veranda, talking to her father or Glady. Piatt, Christie could see it back of her eye. . . . Gene, lying motionless in the dry StlllUB uu;iii " there be more than one? THE NATION'S PROBLEM The meat problem before the United Slate., jusl now. is what to do with those that are unemployed, willing ul1!''''' to ,inrl work. The national indu-trial conference board estimate, the unemployed a. 8.975,000. the American Federation of Labor says H million and the National Association of Manufacturer, asserts the correct figure, are "less than five million without work and seeking work." With these conflicting estimate, it seem, reasonable to have a census of the unemployed, a, .uSSes.ed by Secretary Roper, but immediately bob. up another question. "When i. a person unemployed?" Does the class include those who formerly worked occasionally, the part-time worker and those engaged in seasonal occupation.) President Roosevelt has sucpesled that the unemployed be a! fishing trip, and .hould have been home two day. ago. Then she'd ask a more more questions, suggest that someone ought to go and look for never long absent xrom ner mueu blue eyes, coursed down tha furrows of her sunken cheeks. Quick tears ot sympatny aioou in il.:..;.i. ..aa Viatu ta.frn 't him. uaa couia awn party. She'd go with the men . . . just for poor Madame Dubois who Atter uiai, ue wou,u t.a M k.v. to be told. It would be easy to Ull it then. Mis. K. A. I-win and Carl I'lrh h were adjudged the best bridge players last ni'-'ht at the final round of the Delia Theta Tail bridge tournament. Mrs. Charles Walker was aw arded I he fns-for-all. Miss Jennie Amour of Torre Haute was: the guest of her brother. David Llewellyn, and Mrs. Llewelyn of North Seventh street. wept today Because rei w-s ui uim and Gene wasn't here to help her with the butter, and yeuterday for .1 t . 1 . . mkn ,1 1 .1 tlhan the lunar transits. Friendship may play a prominent role in any financial transaction.. Those whose birthday It is may enjoy a fairly prosperous and happy yar, with much stirring in soci.l. romantic and artistic contacts. Friendship may figure even in the favorable financial activities or busi-iichb affair.. Such opportunities should lie cultivated because Ihey bring prestige and popularity. An elderly person may give some measure of concern through Mines.. A child horn on this day may be fairly well equipped in business or finance, hut its major succem and salislaiiion may omo through li personality, popnlorlty and kindly disposition. BUS couiu near nun mjhih, it -u. t ,n .11 that trouble to look ine iiiui Mswiivi'ic -11 " " he was .ix, and the day before for the infant Pierre who died twenty year, ago on the steamer that r . . . . r .1 i I II. for you, gues. she wants you. So, young man, I guess we got to take you into the family!" canyon, m i bronzed forehead, hi. dark hair dot ted. f. I.. . t L.nnt hr brought mem irum wi n OL. .., f.. tlunix wtir bhe fell almost nupyy, mica, Cl . rU. an1 thrOllirh r ranee, one .)" m " loved life and laughter and fun, and the red du.t .he drove the big. iv Hcg w .- - ' Sometime, it wain t the .Iide on tho mountain that worried her. Sometime, .he imagined him losing- i ,n lusat thrmiv-h naa a rawer wnu win. . . 1 ...J mnA tnr k.r. clumsy oia car. rwi I. : . . AntrM tlltthad OUt mer wow inouiiicu . . . self, because he hadn't corns home... barking, and waved apologetic tails the thick brush to where he thought when sne cauea w wiciu, too river snotua oe, ion ui a0a ? li.tla Ma. uuim;u iiiiiiiium One was a woodsman, bat what dame Dubois pokea n inquiring lowed to register themselves, thus saving time and expense. Rusi nes. leader, indicate, on their part, a willingness to make special effort, to give work to the unemployed. Altogether there is much discussion of the question. Maybe, a solution i. in sifhl. after all. and the near' future will see the truth of the prophecy that America The Bell Witch The story runs that the fury of the Bell Witch "d omewhat after the death of John Bell in Vila and it finally left in the spring of only to return in 1821 "r a short period. It was last seen by John Bell. Jr.. in that year, and the prophesy wa. made to him that the witch would return in 107 years if dark should come upon him before I 1.1 A Uim halr tl A!T1D I -tiene wem on a iisum vi,, didn't he, Madame Duboi.?" "Oh, he don't catch anyt'ing. Maybe five, six trout. Pouf ! You want some butter too?" "No, I don't think so. Just the cream. I was just wondering. Isn't it about time for him to be coming back? I thought he said he'd be jert ChriBtie'a heart quailed. In- . ' i A- r.ana aha nil Mi Suppose ho stumbled into some Body Lose. Much Heat Your body loses enoutfi heat in an hour to raise a hall-gallop of water to l"- boiiin' point.: . abandoned mine snait, ana imj v"' ... . , U . hvnWn le With SieSQ VI tKvSrvjt'K " wa., - for a quart of cream- l'. mn kftt IU.S.V 1 thOUht I 0 no water, no food! Suppose a it- will once again face a labor shortage. Madame IJudois came oui, wipum l. Uno n tint A 1 SlcrV tleanaae . . . no, it . w for them! Still, you never can tell. Some years they're found hig n aaiK, WOm-WOni I'OMUD uaa ..- (rineham apron. Kven in this heat t . tkin nmv t.tavntjr. snd uie muuiiuiiiia. Surely he'd be home by now. -un- . It.; .. n : :tuia DhUul hlstrk silk back day Dei ore yesteruay. w -just wondering if well! ' Ha ought to be back!" Madame Duboi. (brhed again. "You got a bottle for the cream?" "I'm afraid I forgot it. It doe. seem funny that he didn't get back though, doesn't it?" "He got back! Sure, he got back! (To Be Continued) Onrrtt. Ull. .11 raUtai iniol-aU Uc inB IIlCIMUie as.iaa.v-s. - one today was tied over her untidy Old Adolphus Cooper watched the girl furtively, out oi out eipraxun r i i i ..... gray bair ana Knutieu unuw i chin. Many petticoat flapped around her carpet-slippered feet. Christie followed her across the tmrd. Bun-baked yard, picking her ICBB, UWUW jitm. He sat in hi. big old armchair, whiskey and soda be.ide him, Letty, the mother dog, at his feet. He had tractions. .vimene Pallelte. MOVIES Fox .Movietone .News ran u ;)! comedy and an Oswald comedy MV MAS tJOI.HREV' i are added features. WAHAKH THKATKIt j .,,,.s,ox xu sOJ.lli:lf These are adventures and confes-( ion. of Irene Bullock portrayed by l..,,. S(,ld,eI- with Fred- arole Lomlrard. the "dizziest' deb-. , ...., srsit.f IMI..VK THKATKIt "Sunra" showing at the Palate tonight and Wednesday is the lirat authentic feature lilin''d in an Am " icuii niulisi colony. Gil l'.rown. ilecurd feat are writer, spout a week-end at a nudist cuinu at Klv.iu. and li-- is now telling of his experience. The picture is for adults only. Added atructlons are Our Cam; , (i itartnoKMOcw ' iitante who ever broke loose in so- ,., iat-d by aml ciety." I Irene first met her man Godfrey j '" . , , . . ..,,,,. pj. (William Powell wearing a dlsKuise) i . roU f a prince, when she wa. huntimt for "forgot- ' atlal.hed to the iea man'' to win a same at a son- n ' .(g ()W1 hfl, hall Well. sht ent her man. 1 vn:nu . i"" liicdy March of Time. Powell and Lombard are support- to mi"' ,lla ' ,A,.A at. i j v... ..,1 D,i aii nrA and ramrt teaiure. CARLOAD PURCHASING m Brings These Prices! CiS--s5i Ony 45c DOWN 50c per Month! j 13 5 TUBE JTwl RADIOS 1 lit Boor l tap li 0. $1495 $2850 Brids? iinpnodH tt,ugi (j; lii dirriUr jvi-rtii-.a cikiiic(1 twkt pt(-ruti Up- E ' dittuutu buwl 111 ditiu.iu Ouwl I. and tuMtvt j) l""K Hnaumv and iulitn:i 1'iiiK HaiiOM liiAclt anil luutl All Wave tucrd turd k nit onbrt!-Iliir plujt Hal rnmtl lijttldii- Oni, $5,95 M, $4.95 6 TUBE TABLE RADIOS 8 TUBE . RADIOS 50 36 It1;) S -r-' " ri , , i Maaua M 1 . .;r' ; f J. ! It. : (i 5. I " - ,7s These handtome ighaving lamp now a greater value than ever. They are improved io appearance . . . shorter itandardj and new type shade. gie a more graceful appearance. They are unproved in design ; . . new features of construction in the diffusing bowl make for greater strength and more glare protection. And the terms are only 45 cents down ... 50 eeots a month. Pick out the models you need at our salesroom. NORTHERN INDIANA POWER COMPANY A CABINET. s.$2750-$3750 15 I bif if the mi lui ittk murk, read.u 1m, iiaft iMuir oi doijto aotl liaisfa to tut iiunn bumc OSMON BROS. if: is Radio's Home 11. Tube All-World Grunow ei 1 Thiu to Suit the Purchaser. S5. rjiacKHKui jui ..... ; All that lampl betr tut tppmtl Ugeftbt UUmmatint LWtritut tecitty. -" If & 1

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