The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 6, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAlURIOUNT NEWS arrived with a lantern. One of Sam. son's captives began swearing and kj AVOID SURGICAL OPERATIONS II II in r , mi . .- Some Are Extremely Necessary, Others May Not Be Every Woman Should Give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a Trial First been a subject of talk and argument in the stores and houses of New Salem was about to come to pass a trial of strength and agility between the two great lions of Sangamon county. Either of them would have given a month's work to avoid it. "Now we shall see which is the son of Teleus and which the son of Tele-mon," Kelso shouted. How shall we rassJeT" Samson asS-ed. ' I don't care." said Abe. "Rough and tumble," Ferguson pro-p sod. Both men agreed. They bent low intently watching each other, their geat hands outreaching. They stood l-raocd for a second and suddenly both : prong forward. Their shoulders cttme together with a thud. It was two big bison bulls hurling their '.eight in the first shock of tattle. Vor a breath each bore with .-ill his strength and then closed with his adversary. Each had an under hold with one arm. the other hooked struggling to get away. Samson gave him a little shake and bade him be quiet. The man uttered a cry of fear and pain and offered no more resistance. Stephen Nuckles came out of the grove. m "The rest o that ar party done gone upstairs to roost," said the minister. T reckon my dog'll keep 'em thar. We better jest tote these men inter the house an' have a prayin bee. I've got a right smart good chanct,. now, to whop ol' Satan." They moved the raiders' horses. Then the party save Harry Needles, who stayed in the prove to keep watch took its captives into the cabin. Three of them were boys from eighteen to twenty years of age. The other was a lanky, bearded Tennes-scean some forty years old. One of the young lads had hurt his hand in the evening's frolic. Blood was dripping from it. The four pat silent and fearful and ashamed. Sarah mode tea and put it with meat and milk and doughnuts and bread and butter on the table for them. Samson washed and bandaged the boy's wound. The captives ale as if they were hungry, while the minister went out to feed his dog. When the men hrid finished eating Samson offered I Ki-iJ" Ttii Skis STORY OF THE SOTLDEPS DIhOCMCY &iwmm B&CHELLEU BOOK TWO. fit" ix V ! ''Im i around a shoulder. Samson lifted Abe from his feet but th.e latter with tremendous efforts loeso'ied the, hold of the Verm enter, and reeained the turf; They struggled across .the dooryard. the ground trembling beneath their Chicago. 111. "I wa3 in bedwith a female trouble and inflammation and had four doctors butnoneof them did me anygood. They all said I would have to have an operation. A druggist's wife told me to take Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound and I took 22 bottles, never missing a dose and at the end of that time I was perfectly well. I have never had occasion to take it again as I have been so well. I have a six room fiat and do all my work. My two sisters are taking the Compound upon my recommendation and yon may publish my letter. It is the goppel truth and I will write to any one who wants a personal letter." Mrs. E. H. Haydock, 6824 St. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, III. t. A Vermont woman adds her testimony to the Ion? line of those fortunate women who have been restored to health 1y Lydia K. rinkham'x Vegetable feet. They went against the side of the house, shaking it with Ihe force them tobacco. The oldest man filled of their impact. Samson had broken "If the c si omers don't come faster I reckon we'll need it." said Abe. "Howdy." said the minister as he stopped at he hitehins bar. dismounted and tied his mare. "Don't be skeered o" this "ere dog. He were tied when I left home, but he chawed his roje an' come a'ter me. I reckon If nobody feeds him he'll patter back tonight. Any plug tobacco?" "A baok'oad of it," said Berry, fro-in into the srore to wait on tho minis: r-r. When they came out the latter carved off a corner of the plug with his jack-knife, put it into his mouth and sat down on the doorstep. "Where do Samon Traylor live?" Abe took him to the rad and point- d the way. his pipe and lighted it with a coal. Not one of the captives had said a word until this tall Tennesseean remarked after Ids pipe was going: CHAPTER X. 11 In Which Abe and Sar-iso, Wrestle ar.d Seme Raiders Come to Burn and Stay ta Repent. Within a k after thilr return the e'.ect:on came off and Abe was defeated. abh u;;h in his precinct two hundred and twenty-seven out of a bual of three hundred votes had been ent for him. II? lejran to cocsidor which way to turn. Maj. John T. Stuart, a lawyer of Sprinsrfield who hail been his comrade in the -war" ha'l emour-Rgrd I'-'m to study law ami further. offered to Ion?! him book?. So h ?oked for an (.ctii ;:;: which would give h'm k :i re for study. OfTv.t, his former eir.pioyer, had failed and clear the grip of one of Abe's hands and now had his feet in the air again but the young giant clung to hip and shoulder and wriggled back to his foothold. Those lesser men were thrilled and a little frightened by the niigluy strugcle. Knowing the strength of the wrestlers they felt a fear of broken h-nes. Each had torn a rent in th.e coat of the oihcr. If they kept on there was danger that both would bo stripped. The children had begun to cry. Sarah begged the struggling men to stop and they obeyed her. "If any of you fellers think that's fun you can have my pJaee." said Abe. said "There be goin' to be a raitl Nuckles. -I reckon, by all I've heard, it"!! come on tonight."' "A raid! Who's going to be raided?'" Abe asked. "Them Traylor folks. Thar be a St. Louis man. name o' Biggs, done "Thankee, mister. You done been right good to us." "Who told you to come here?" Samson demanded. " 'Tw ere a man from St. Louis. H done said you hated the South an were holpin' niggers to run away." "Anl he olered to pay you to come here and burn this house and ruu Traylor out of the county, didn't he?" Abe asked. "He diil yes, suh he suah did," answered the man like a child in his ignorance and simplicity. "I thought so," Abe rejoined. "Yo'.t tackled a big job. my friend. Did yon know that every one of you could be sent to prison for a term of years, and I"ve a good mind to see that you go there. You men have got to begin right now io behave yourselves mighty proper or you'd begin to sup sorrow." Stephen Nuckles returned as Abe was speaking. "Y'ou iesi leave "cm to tne. Mr. Lin Compound,after it had been decided an operation was necessary: Burlington, Vt. "I suffered with female trouble, and had a number of doctors who said that I would never be any better until I had an operation. I was so bad I could hardly walk across the floor and could not do a thing. My sister-in-law induced me to try Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound and it certainly has helped me wonderfully. I keep house and do my work and have a small child. I have recommended Vegetable Compound to a number of my friend3 and you may publish my testimonial." Mrs. H. R. SHARON, Apple Tree Point Farm, Burlington, Vt. In hospitals are many women who are there for surgical operations, and there is nothing a woman dreads more than the thought of an operation, and the long weary months of recovery and restoration to strength if it is successful. It is very true that female troubles may through neglect reach a stage where an operation is" the only resource, but most of the commoner ailments of women are not the surgical ones : tbey are not caused by sericus displacements, tumors or growths, although the symptoms may appear the same. When disturbing ailments first appear take Lydia E. Pinkham'b Vegetable Compound to relieve the present distress and prevent more serious troubles. In fact, many letters have been received from women who have been restored to health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound after operations have been advised by attending physicians. Iydia E. Pinkham's Private Text-liook upon "Ailments Peculiar to Women' will be sent to you free upon request. Write to The Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, 3Ia.ssaekusetts This book contains valuable information. ed out. The yoiniff giant regarded thoughtfully the scanty'- cf the villa re. He ouM hurl his great rtr-nrth into the axhead and make a good livir.;. l.ut he had learned that tuch a use of it pave him a better appetite for sleep than study. Jchn McNeil. who for a short time had shared hi military adventures, had hecoi i a partner of Samuel IIHI In a store .irr and tetter s'.oked than any the vi'.iaire had known. But Hill and McNeil had no reed of a cierk. Roman Hemdon and William F.erry had opened a jreneral store. Mr. Herr,d n offered to sell his interest to Abe- a.d take notes for his pay. It ras not a proposition that promise! anything hut Icvs. The community was m.&!l and there were three other stores, and there was no other "Birr' Perry, who was given to drink and dreams, as Abe knew. Abe Lincoln had not he en trained to weiirh the oon.-eipjeuces of a business enterprise. The store would plve him reisure for study and New Salem could offer him nothing else save consuming toil with the ax r the aw. He eouM cot think of leaving the little cabin stirred up th.e folks from Missourey and Tcnnesee on the south road "bout the Yankee v ho holps the niggrrs out o" bondage. They be goin' to do some regu'atin tonight. Ol Sat anil break loose. Ef you don't wa'ch out they'll come ever an burn his houe sartin." "Well watch out," said Abe. "They don't know Traylor. He's one of the best men in this county." "I've heered he were a he man an" a right powerful. God-fearin man." said the minister. "He's ene of the best men that ever came to this country and any one that wants to try his strength is welcome to; I don't," said Abe. "Are you going over there?" "I "were goin' to warn "em an' help "em ef I rain." , "Well, gn on. but don't stir 'em tip." Abe cautioned him. "Don't say a word about the raid. I'll be over there with ?ome other fellers soon after sun coln," 'he said. "These be good men, but ol' Satan done got his hooks on 'em. Mis' Traylor, ef you don't mjnd. I be goin" to do a job o" prayin risl.t now. Men. you jest git down on yo knees right hyar along o" me."' It is recorded later in the diary that the rude Shepherd of the prairies worked with these men on their farms for weeks until he had them wonted to the fold. Astern vimafia fife ifealth and wsslift y I CtC;R m.MM down. We'll just tell "em it's a he and hasbrouRht contentment and happiness to thousands of home seekers and their families xvho have settled on her FREE homesteads or bought land at attractive prices. They have established their own homes and sekured prosperity and independence. In the gient erain-Rrowinic seniors of the prairie provinces there is still to be had on easy terms Fertile Land at $ 1 5 to S3C an Aero -land similar to that which throuRh many yeare has yielded from 2 to 45 bushels of wheat to the acre oats, bnrley and flax also in preat abundance, while raif ins horses, cattle, sheep and hoffn 13 equally profitable. Hundreds of farmers in Western Canada have raised crop3 in a sin (Tie season worth more than the whole cost of the:r land. Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches schools, rural telephone, excellent markets aad shipping facilities. The climate and soil oner CHAPTER XI. In Which Abe, Elected to the Legisla ture, Gives What Ccrr.fort He Can to Ann Rutiedge in the Beginning cf Her Sorrows Also He Gees to Springfield fcr New Clothes. Had ford's grocery had been so wrecked by the raiders that its owner was disheartened. Reinforced by John Cameron and James Rutledge he h id succeeded in drawing them away before they could steal whisky enonah to cet drunk. But they had thrown village. There were Ar.n liutb.'-de and Jack Kelso and Sr.T.sson Traylor and Harry Needles. Kvery ladder climb-r in the villace and on the plain around it was hi friend. Up n these people who knew and resr-e toil him Abe Lincoln leased his Slopes Anion; them he had found hi--vision and failure had r.v- diminished rr dimmed it. He wor.M try' for a place in'i ho cov.Id serve them and if he e ild learn to serve Sancamon county he could learn to serve the sta'o and. p ---i! ly, een the "cruMic. With this thought and a poof rerr.rd for his own interest his name fell into bad company cn :he slnlcr?! of B:rry and Lincoln Before he took his place in the Suddenly the Darkness Seemed to Fill With Moving Figures." party come over for a story-tellin' an" j a rassie. I reckon we'll have some fun. Rile on over and take supper w:th "em. They're worth knowing." In a few minutes the minister mour.'.xl liishorse and rode away followed by his big dog. "If I was you I wouldn't go," said Berry. "Why not?" "It'il hurt trade. Let the rest of Traylor's friends go over. There's enough of "em." "We must all stand as one man for law and order," said Abe. "If we dm't there won't be any." As soon as Abe had had his supper he went from house to house and asked the men to come to his store for a piece of important business. When they had come he told them what was in the wind. Seen after that hour Abe and Philemon Morris, and Alexander Ferguson, and Martin Wad-!eH and Rohert Johnson and Joshua Miller and Jack Kelso and Samuel "Samson. I deelare you elected the strongest man in this; cotiniy. You've inducements tor aimosi every uianui ui agriculture. The advantages for Dairying, Mixed Farming end Stock Retains make a tremendous appeal to industrious settlers wishing to improve their circumstances. F"JT iIh)rtTt?d literntara, map, draiription of farm oppoTtutiiti? in Manitoba, Saskatchewan. Alberta much of his goods into the street. ! Radford mended his windows and of- ( fered his stork for sale. After a time j Berry and Lincoln bought it, giving ; Si $0 got the muscle of a jrrizzly bear. I'm glad to be quit o' ye." "It ain't :i fair election. Abe." Pain- ar.i ttritmb 'wOlumbia, xeuucea ruway raro, C.. wrila Spiincfit-ld and li front his friend notes in payment and applied for a license to sell ihe liquors they had t litis acquired. Late that autumn a boy baby arrived in i lie Traylor home. Mrs. On-stott, Mrs. Wadde'd and Mrs. Kelso son lauprhed. If you were rassim for the rijrht you could llp me. This little brush was nothing. Your heart wasn't n it, and bv thunder. Abe. M. J. JOHVSTOE 215 Troction-Tertninol Bids' IudtanapoWs, lnd. store lie tva'ked borrowed a lew Major Stuart. The enc-er of RVr&s2"s 'grit L avvr. mm li e firm began on a when it comes to bavin fun 1 rather AvthorlMd cnt. Dept. t Immlcmtlon sn4 Co'onlsation. Dominion of Canals hot day late r. August with Rill IV rry :es? we'd both do better to let each i naa I J l i T T I i I 1 in a (hair on the lit- TTirtt!r. his pipe other alone." to help and one or the other va did the nursing and cooking Sarah was in bed and for a fine thereafter. The coming came of th while little " 'Tain t exactly good amusement. t Hill and John McNeil set out for the net tor v.s. Abe agreed. Cincinnati's Pride. Cincinnati has spent !."..immx. ,.n ;i city hospital, described as one in which it is a pleasure t be sit;k. Here is a suggestion for a pleasant and inex It was growing dark. Ann Uutledge irrived on her pony, and called Abe asice and told him that tne ranters were in the village and were breaking the windows of Radford's store be on. iio to Cin--Iioston Tran- pensive slimmer vacat; chinad and fall Strenuous Job. Johnny, tlve years old, was reprimanded for his disobedience, and when told that "1 did not love naujihty boys, asked : "Mother, how docs !d know I have been naughty?" "He sees everything: you do, my son," was the reply. Then after a moment's reflection he said, "Gee, but I must keep him busy." Tulsa World. Traylor cabin. Samson greeted the party with a look of surprise. "Have you come out to hang me?" he aked. "No just to hang around ye," said Abe. "This time it's a heart warmin'." Jack Kelso averred. "We left our wives at home so that we could pay our compliments to Mrs, Traylor cause he had refused to sell them liquor. Don't say anything about it," Abe cautioned her. "Just go into the house. N matter how creat the tVoMace of a house, the background is only a an nl wide. with Sarah Travlor and sit down and have a good visit, We'll look after the raiders." without reserve, knowing you to be a man above jealousy." Then Abe tcld Samson what was "It's what we call a he party, on up. the men concealed themselves in some bushes bv the roadside while the the prairies," said Ferguson. "For one thing I wanted to see Abe and the minister have a rassie." The Reverend Stephen Nuckles stood In front of the door with Sarah and Harry and the children. He was a famous wrestler. of the baby was a comfort to this lonely mother of the prairies. There is a ietter from Sarah to her brother dated May, JO, 16o3, in which she sums up some months of history in the word that follow: "The Iord has given us a new son. I have lived through the ordeal thanks to His goodness and am" strong again. The coming, of the baby has reconciled us to the loss of our old friends as much as anything could. It has made this little home dear to us and proved the quality of our new-friends. Nothing Is too much for them to do. I don't wonder that Abe Lincoln has so much confidence in the people of this country. They are sound at heart, both the northerners and the southerners. Harry Needles is getting over his disappointment. He goes down to the store often to sit with Abe and Jack Kelso and hear them talk. He and Samson are getting deeply interested in politics. Abe lets Harry read the books that he borrows from Major Stuart of Springfield. The boy is bent on being a lawyer and Improving his mind. Rim Kelso writes to her mother that she is very happy In her" new home but there Is something between the lines which seems to indicate that she is trying to put o good face on a bad matter. Abe has been appointed postmaster. Every time he leaves the store he takes the letters in his hat and delivers them as he gets a chance. We have named the new baby Samuel." (TO BE CONTINUED.) "I cain't rassie like 1 used to could. but 1 be willin to give ye a try, Abe," said the minister. oud better save your strength for ol Satan," said Abe. tro on, Abe," the others urged. "Give him a try." Abe modestly stepped forward. In the last year he had grown less In clined to that kind of fun. The men took hold of each other, collar and elbow. They parried with their feet minister sat close against an end of the house with his bfoodhound beside him. Before they were settled in their places they heard the regulators coining. There were eight men in the party according to Abe's count as they passed. The men, in concealment, hurried to the cabin and surrounded it. crouched against the walls. In a moment they could see a big spot, blacker than the darkness, moving toward them. It was the massed raiders. They came on with the stealth of a cat Hearing its prey. A lion! ike roar broke the silence. The preacher's. bloodhound leaped forward. The waiting men sprang to their feet and cliprged. The raiders turned and ran. pell mell, in a panic toward their horses. Suddenly the darkness seemed to fill with moving .figures. One of the fleeing men, whose coat tails .the dog had seized, was yelling for help. The minister rescued him and 'the dog went on roaring after the' others. When the New Salemites got to the edge of the grove they could hear a number of regulators climbing into the freetops. Samson hart a man In each hand ; Abe had another, wUile Harry Needles and Alexander Ferguson were in possession of the man whom th.e dog had caprHred. The minister was out In the grove with his bloodhound that was barking and growling under a tree. Jack Kelso for an instant. Suddenly Abe's lone right leg caught itself behind the left knee of the minister. It was the hip lock as they called it those days. Once Here Comes Steve Nuckles cn His Old Mare. tie veranda of the tore and Abe Lincoln sprawled in the shade of a tree secured the stronger man was almost sure to prevail and quickly. The that partly overhung it roof, reading sturdy circuit rider stood against tt for a second until Abe sprang his bow n law book.- The race ct Mr. uen men tne neeis oi uie tormer new up suddenly assumed a look ot animation. A small, yellow dog wVieh had ward and' his body came down to the Never say "Aspirin" without saying "Bayer." WARNING! Unless you see name "Bayer" on tablets, you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians over 21 years and proved safe by millions for Colds Headache Rheumatism Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions. Handy tin boxes of 12 tablet BottW of 24 and 100 All druggist, .aaaarta to ta trxht tears oC Bayer ataaafactw of MosoacvticaadMtvr of SaltcUaaaM grass, back Erst. been tying in repose beside him rose "That . ar done popped tnv wind nd prowled, his. hair rising, and with little crv of alarm and astonish bag." said the minister as he got up Get Back n Right Track. No matter how much you patch up a mistake. It won't change Its nature! Better right It, and go back to the place where you loft the right track ! You'll save time, and better still, you'll save heart aches. This Is an especially good plan for a class t follow.Cxchauo. "Call In said John McNeil and the ment Red under the store. others echoed It. "Here comes Steve Nuckles -on his "I call In Samson Traylor." said the ld raar with a lion following him,' minister. wld BeTy. "If we lnt careful we'll At last the thing which had leug ftt ptrl tot plenty.

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