The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 8, 1936 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1936
Page 3
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t Page 3 The Daily Clintonlan, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, December 8, 1936 'Girl" Becomes Boy home, Houtli Third street, 7 : :i ) m. A. B. C. Club "HI meet at the home of Mrs. Roy Huns on Cromp- 7;:iu ii. iii. at .Morgans basement fur initiation and fish supper. .lob s Daughter - lo meet at lb" hull on South' Main street. 7;:iu p. Indiana's Slate Tax Program Will Receive Forceful Attacks in Next Leg'ulative Session Opening Soon (Continued from Page 1) CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES Meeting of Bridge i Ml Election of Officers At White Star Club Meeting Last Night Circle Holds Annual Party, Election of m. Caledonian Siwlety-io n-et al tbe home ; Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins. 1112 North Ninth Street, 2 p. ill As-:lstanl hostesses are Mrs. Gniee potts and Mrs, Pel- Mi liinim. Each member to bring a gin fur the grub hag. ..lier Carriers Auxiliary will Club Held Monday tahlea of bridge were '--1 I - L, lon Hill. 7::i P- m, Moose lodge lo meet at 7 P m at the hull on lllackmun si reel. GAMMA Gamma Kluimi Sorority to meet at the home of Mis. Paul Crumley, South Third street, p. ni Delphluns to hold a cbrlsiina-party at the home of Mr.'. Dave sal-mond. Blackman street. 7 p. m. --sisiant hostesses are lis Ignore Merrlman anil MIhs Dorothy l-w,n-ald, Wednesday A meetlnc of the White Star club played at a meeting of the Monday Bridge club, which waa held at the Officers Last Night The annual Chilma party and -iinn nr officers of tbe Sunshine hnm. nf Mra. II. M. Caldwell on was held laat evening at the home of Mra. Joe Smith In Terre Haute. South Flfih atreet yesterday after The following officers were elect circle of th Presbyterian church noon. ed for the coming year: Mra. John mi el al the home ef Mrs. Lawrence .-and. is. North Seventh street, 7 p. in. Furnishing Societies of the M'-l Ii oili.-t Cl-ur. h will bold n Christina pa ty at the buri Ii. 2 Ti p. ni. Mra. E. C. Boyd waa a gueat of culated to slate explicitly what he expects of Ihe body In the way of taxation. Already ihe mythical "Ihlrd house" of lobbyists of the coming session are In the Held. Representing In some Instances highly respected groups of rliirens they have proposed changes, which If enacted, would rock the taxation structure of the lloosler slate." Ihrlrlzlng The name Ihriguing is taken from Its inventor. It i a method of driving silicon into sleeli or ferrous articles to form a protective case of almost any desired thickness. t;et your llrkrts f Jnnlor Cla-si Play, December 1 4. Gilmour, president; Mrs. Ed Sp-ne. the club. I Heal Bridge club iH "M " vcl-reldent: Mrs. Evan Adams. Priiea of the afternoon were 1 o'clock luncheon at the lioir.e of secretary: Mra. Joe Shaw, treasurer: I Charles ( warded to Mra. II. M. Caldwell, and Mra. Henry Oilfoy. reporter and Mrs. Martin Laiicone, South Koiirl'i street. hUh. and Mra. Ouy Brlggs. low. pianlat. The club will hold a Chrlatmas The next meeting will be In the parly at the home of Mra. W. D. Gerrlsh. on South Flflh street Dec. waa held last evening at tne nora of sin. Charlea Vaughn, Nebeker Street. She had aa her assistants Mrs. I. D. White and Mrs, Ora Doyle, j Mra. Pat OPage waa elected president 4ot the ensuing year. Others Elected were vies prealdent, Mrs. Cavin Mulr; aecretary, Mra. William llillhouse; treasurer. Mra. William H. Brown and leachera. Mra. Doyle, iMra. Myrtle Bonner and Mra. Arthur Uuer. j Following the business session a social hour waa enioyed and refreshments were served to the 2 mem- Wednesday Briilee club will meet at the home of Mrs. J. I.. Hor-ney. South Fifth street, 2.VI p. m. Miss Sara Downing l lo " "' hohless. Business and Professional Wom form of a Christmas party, with the husbands and families of the mem 21. At that time glfta will be ex changed. ..;du-s Bible class of the I ib ln b will meet at the home of Mis. Ed Cunningham. fi-a7 Soulh "Jeveiith sir' el. 2:30 p. m. Assistant boitin-cs are Mrs. Pearl Sears and Mis. I-;, J. Ilavs. Each member to bring a gift for the grab bag. Friday (luting ( lull will hold iis annual ('brr-imas dinner at the li'.rn- or Mrs. Paul l-'lei i her on Elm si reel al I p m Erldav l.neiary circle-will m'el al i be lihraty. 2::!l l- m. The book bers aa guests, at the home of Mrs. Spence of North Tenth street on en s club to nom a iioii Saturday, December 19. BIRTHDAY DINNER Mrs. Dan Drake waa honored with birthday dinner at her home on Following the business session lotto waa played and prizes awarded to Mra. William Reece. Mrs. Oilfoy and Mrs, Otlmour. Mrs. Reece was SPECIAL! North Fourth atreet Sunday, hers present. Gifts were exchanges J f jk '-. " I f , I ' 4 CpUslly'1 Clayton tw.llt.' i'iuvtttn Guests attending were Mr. and a guest. Refreshments were served Pari Talbott Of (For Ten Dys Only) Mra. J. D. Martin, Mr. and Mra. L. Lii.Vmgn .treet had aa their week Reed and children. Ann and Junior. Mr. and Mrs. Jam Fellowa and Ud guests their daughter, Miss nt Mishawaka and SOCIAL CALENDAR son. Donald, Mr. and Mia. i naries Ferzuaon and son, John, Mr. and .1.50 Croquig-no!e Ufava $2.95 Sf .95 Crosuie- ner at the K. of P. hall on Black-man street. Dinner will he served promptly at 7 p. m. Following, all members will exchange viHh. Members planning to attend are to get In touch with Miss Elizabeth Wilson, phone Yl'K by Monday noon. Commute in charge Is composed of .Miss Wilson, chairman, MIhs Mabel Mills and Miss Mary Marvel. Thursday (iolden Hour or ihe .-.ah iii Church--to hold an all day iii" i,n-at the home of Mrs. t.loyil Katie'-. South 11th street. Each io' Iih." r lo lake a covered dish. i;in v.ill he exchanged. EaKle lodge- lo meet at 7 P ut ihe Kai'lcs building at U'u Smith Mrs. V. U McOruder of Indianapolis Lnd Florence Dobbrlck. I Mra. lyin Ritchie and son. David, Mr. and Mra. flirbert Martin and children, Evelyn and James Richard, and Mra. Ann Nolan. Afternoon vis Mr anA Mrs. Oeorte Walthall of lo he dii'-u ;' d is "The l.asl Puritan" by Mrs. E. A. Evans -.Mil Mrs. S. C. St ii Hz. Marriage Licenses NKWI'OI: T I -'. 1 TV- f-'Hov. H,i- marring" Ik ' If-'-i b.i le-'-n i -u.-d bv CI' ik K'.eretl I-:. Itlioad- '- II. cold Kin il '. -'.''ae'ois and Delia I'm" III. of Clinton: Paul Hal'-. 21. Arthur. 111., and Edna J). Aiilmr Ml b.... trnurth street have aa their X P" noli Wave itors were Mrs. R. E. Peck and m,.Ht thla week Mra. Walthall's sis $1.45 Tuesday Group A of the Young Woman's Sodality of the Sacred Heart Church will meet at the home of .Vls Mary Murdock on Illacknian atreet, 8 p. m. Pythian Slaters will meet promptly at 7 p. m. at the hall on Blackman. Aftor business session daughter. Ruby, Mr. and Mrs. Forest From now on Charl Richard Ciiiyton of Kyracus. N- T.. i distinctly a boy Bcaue hi moth-rr, Mrs. John Clayton, believed it waa cheaper to buy jnrl'i clothing than boy'ft, Charle, top. ha ma-queraded as "Dolly", below, stne childhood The "mwtake" was iliaY-rivxreil hv mrchhnt whn itt- Mott and son. Ronald, of Newport. ter. Miss Esther Bays ot i-nn-u.-,Mh. 1 and Mr. and Mrs. Uiwrence Shan MABEL MILLS 957 South Main Street I Mra. Pete Fme of Brazil visited t the home of Howard Hurhe of non. irr-tt to buy the "girl some warm staff practice will be held Birthday Dinner Phone 556-J street yeaterday, i '.louies Main street. .vmi American l-egion Auailiary Bunco Amr ciin lAtuUm Auxiliary i;un-M - ' l I Mr. and Mrs. Sol Mlahler of Hills- I . ., . i . . .. .t . t i l l li.If 'entnrv Allxiliat'7 meet at . . t .. i Half c; nniry Auxiliary " , r). Pnriv in be held at the l-ion be held at the s-ttn .lo entertained with a birtnaay Vra. Clara Gilmour. Mra. Ed dinner Sunday In honor of Miss Vlr- t..i. ur Harrv Moore were In irinifL fhrman. herre Haute Sunday afternoon vls- Other gnests were Maurice Har ... .v. km r Mra Mary i per and Sarah Harper. lung ai .-- - lames. BIRTHS j Mr. nd Mm. David lJiwaon and family of South Silt" street had aa khelr Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Oren Wade of Paris (1 x0jpk are the parenta or a nine-puu.m !Mra. Alvln RobMns of Balnbrmge 1 baby son born Decemlier 4. Tbe In ( Mlaa UicretU ewinehart. teacher fant is the first child in me lamny and baa been named Jack Leslie. ,t rvswfnrdsvllle schools, spent Mrs. Wade was formerly Miss Min the weekend here at the nome of nie Gzella of Blanford. . ur and Mra. F. l. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tlmmerman II' plM. - pwlnehart of Walnut street, f are tbe parents of a balir girl born at the Vermillion county hospital j Mra, Jamea A. Blanco of South n-nik treet received word thla tbis mornlm?. Tbe infant Is the first child and has been named anornlng of the serious Illness of er mpther. Mr... Albert -Wheat of Sharron Lee. Mra. Tlmmerman was formerly Miss Berniee Wk. ranaaa City, Mo. , ... . 1 HOSPITAL NEWS IMra.' Ellia Schertser of Bloom-v,.. rnmd to her borne after I' Spending the past two weeka at the Russell Wilson of South Sixth street, who underwent a major oper liome of her daughter ana sod-io- h.. n r.tnmr Sarver ana nr ation at tbe Vermillion County hoo-nlial several days ago, is fcctiinK WJ'h: ti . vy -'. Buddy, f"- - rarver of South Main street. m m m I Wf? T' " I Mn't nnv a hkher compli- along fine. lie is now able to have visitors. I Mra. John Connera of South Sev tnth street la confined to ber home V'ltb illneaa. 1 I Mr. and Mra. Richard Jones and ona of Decatur spent the weekend Li ih. home of Mra. Jonea' psrenis lr. and Mra. Claude Cossett of New Mrs. Alice Johnson of X' Ooshen underwent a major operation at the I'nion bospital, Terre Haute, aeveral days ano. She is getting along nicely. John Steir Jr. of North Seventh street underwent an appendectomy a t the Vermillion county bospital tbis mormug. He Is getting along satisfactorily. 'x ment than that- Y )ty ' Girl or cigarette... when . 4 J I - H tumble that means I'm ' lit V f1' Chesterfield's wjr cigarette. " f ' ' 'V-jr ' And I'll tell all hands they've It- a I ' ' I1 4 u dind tiGtf that Iloshen. I 1 Mra. Nellie Tout of Pittsboro, Vbo has been risking at the home i.f her sister. Mra. Martha cunuing- t.m r Rnuth Pourth street, haa Returned to ber home. I At Doughty' j Mr. and Mra Ed Doyle of Fairview laad aa their afternoon guests Sunday Mr. and Mra. W. Iieiti and sous pit Terre Haute and Mrs. Whitaon of Montezuma. Hvenlnr vlaitora were Mr. and EMra. Elmr Hixon of Elm Street and pin. Doyle a brother. James Mostell-hr of Fontanel, and Miaa Maude Kboltey of Sandcut. f ' ; '" - """"Ni tivaiiy 6'"w ! I ' f'A . ' ' J makes a sailor happy. And I I 1 V h listen, they're milder. ' - iii J t - 1 1 ... for the good things a - ' I Jvl i 5- !- cigarette can give a sailor I f" -A - - i i w- rU Zztiv i I ft S jT" .'T Mra. Dora Nation, who baa been Jliviug In the Doughty apartments. lias moved to Terre Haute to make bier home. t.r inM Mra. W. N. K-llv. who GIVE YEAIIS OF HOLIDAY JOY! it iu Joes not have 'have ben visiting In Montoursvllle, )'a.. have returned to their home on wmer, by all. t easy a n w lilakman atrt. j Mra. Ora Malone of John atreet. fwho waa Injured when ane fell down '5i!ie stairway at her home Saturday. one Uu Utntnnm. "7 is improving. I Mr. and Mra. Andrew Stevenson :nd Pete Frayaalgnea of Battle jrrwk. Mich., have returned to their biomea after visiting at the home of wear, small deposit assssres y-of dcUvery cm Ovistns! f the old family washer i down and out trade it oa aew Speed Queen, Norf e, or famous Maytac modarwu the laundry equipment this year. Mother will be prowled with years of happiness for your thotagntfulneas! Mr. Stevenson's parents, Mr. na "Mra. Angus Btevenaon of (South Isixth atreet. While here thr visited at the Thome of Mr. Stvenaon'a aiater. Mra. 50 m,-i-i u S9 Andrew Morris, and Mr. Morris or Vine street. (nut illu-t rated) Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bkidmore of Mulberry street are apending today in Indianapolis on a business trip. LONG EASY TERMS! NO FINANCE COMPANY! A. J. DOUGHTY Kwrnlture Kiags - Htoe Quality Fto-X. Prive. Aliray Uw j;U-'Mt KlB Wrrrt toae 1 Lodges Vermillion Chapter, 125, K. Zzj A. M.. wiU noid a special meeting tosaorrow at 7 p. a. Work ! ' Jj CrnvU IW. L" kirsu To Cu. I ill be given is the Koyal Area.

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