The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 3, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1921
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE FAttt&tOUNT NEWS Miss Jessie Wright was a Marion ' visitor Saturday. i Did Yon Know li Miss Lillie Hinds and Glenn Moon spent Saturday in Marion. ll Mrs. M. A. Battling was an Indianapolis visitor Saturday. BRING IN THIS LIST OF New Victor Records for October Mrs. Ida Lewis took Sunday dinner , with Glen Smith and family. i That we are Jelling good dark Outing ! Flannel, per yard A OC Brown Muslin, per yard ..10c and let us know which numbers you would like to hear. We will gladly play them with- Mrs. Bessie Cooper-Morris assisted; 71 Bleached Muslin, per yard t2lAc ui i'"Mj;4nu?u ay UE1 SKAL RKCnUftS in the Mr. Ei'a Buchtel Hat Shop j Saturday. ! Uu Ladies Black Hose, per pair 15c Men's work Socks, black and brown 15c 61984 i In Use Mxade of the I'alm f From "Florodor"1 si..,.tx Mr. and Mrs. John Flanigan spent ; Wevlnesday and Thursday of last week in Indianapolis. j fee - - - Gerntantown Yarn, per skein 30c Germantown Yarn, per ball .30c Children's school Handkercfiefs, each 5c John Green and family of Muneie wtre Sunday guosts of Mr. and Mrs. John Flanigan. Mrs. Eber Kimes and children are . Kimes' mother, Come in and see the new things we have to show you in Dress Ginghams, Silks and Wool Dress Goods. the guests of Mrs. Mrs. Alta Long. Miss Lillian Dunbar spent last week as the guest of Mrs. Minta Hollings-; worth Scott, in Nobelsville. 3 h R. W. Kireher, wife and mother and Miss Lillian Dunbar spent Sunday with friends in Fort Wayne. 1 The Bee Hive Cash Store c" j Let us show some all leather Shoes J STAR BRAND "unPn.r,an. nnce No. 17 In F Sharp Minor Violin Miseha Kim an R49.S Ihe Nightingale and the Rose (Saint-Saens) Mabel Garrison 645.9 Iris prl la tua Hurst ra I Open Thy lattice Window) Heesniaminn (JiRli Mother tose Songs (Sidney Homer) Mme. Louise Homer 6!PS" j The Want of You (Gillespie-Vnnderpool) 1x1 ward Johnson R49T9 i Faust Wait (Gounod-Sarasate Violin. F.rika Morini T4698 j Finlwndia (.Symphonie Poem) (Sibelius) Philadelphia Orchestra filPSO Gelii.vogg'.s Cake-Walk (Debussy) Piano Sergei UarhmaninofT 886.19 1 We di Lahore O Casto fior (King of Lahore Oh, What Promise of a Joy Divine!) (Massenet) Titta RulTo 64986 i t ararMole (.liy.ei) Toseanini and La Seala Orchestra 61987 i There's Sunlight in Your Kve ( Lewin-Harling) Kcinald Werrenrath 61951 Fl Relieario (The Charm (Padilla) Renato Zanelli DA NCR RECORDS 18788 ! A Uah in Love Fox Trot.... Hackel-Berge Orchestra The l ast Walt Medley Walt Hackel-Berge Orchestra 18789 j In a Roat Fox Trot Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra j Sweetheart Fox Trot.......... ..Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra 18790 j Ihi Fox Trot All Star Trio and Their Orchestra i Mi,,,, r,x Trot.. All Star Trio and Their Orchestra 18791 j Raltiinore Hur.i! Fox Trot Kuhie Itlake and Ilia ShnlTle Along Orchestra j Bandana Days One-Step. ..... Euhie Blake and His ShufTle Along Orchestra 18797 i Bring Back My Blushing Rose Medley Fox Trot Shilking Orchestra ' Stolen Kisses Fox Trot... K. Coleman and His Orchestra STANDARD AND POPULAR RECORDS 45252 j Where the Laey Mississippi Flows Olive Kline-Elsie Baker ' Pale Moon ......Lucy Isahelle Marsh 55140 j Spring's Awakening (Wait Song) Lucy Isahelle Marsh ! The Nightingale......... Lucy Isahelle Marsh 55141 I Fantevie Impromptu Harp.... Alberto Salvi j Fantasie in B Flat Harp Alberto Salvi 35710 In a Monastery Garden. ......... .Victor Concert Orchestra with Male Chorus j Romance. .Victor Concert Orchestra 1879.1 i Fncle Josh Buys a Yictrola JTal Stewart I The Opera at Punkin Centre Cal Stewart 18792 Colhae Da vs..... Shannon Four t Auld Lang Syne Peerless Quartet 18794 Melon Time in Dixieland Billy Murray and American Quartet ! Irish Home. Sweet Home.......... Billy Murray-Monroe Silver 18795 Who'll Drv Your Tears When You Cry? William Rohyn i In the Heart of Dear Old Italy Sterling Trio 18796 Honolulu Honev Charles Hart-Elliott Shaw ; Sweet Hawaiian Girl of Mine Charles Hart-Elliott Shaw THE PIONEER DRUG STORE THE REX ALL STORK XKN H. EDWARDS. Manager Mrs.Gler.n Lewis, who has been visiting relatives here, returned last xxxek to her home in Albany, Ga. Misses Merle and Hazel 5mith spent Saturday and Sunday as guests of friend and relatives in BlulTten. D eopia; Have An Individual Suit Dvnt Be a Duplicate 0U KNOW K Miss Nelia McCombs returned Thursday from a visit at Feint Isabel with Mr. and Mrs. Otto Eaton. the j Miss Audroa Jones assisted at jMay.ower Market Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Dare, aeoom-pnr.ied by Mrs. Will Ware and Mrs. Weiraueh, motored to El wood Friday. S Sunday guest of Mrs. Charles Haugh. j Mrs. Blanch Herino and son, Wright tppent the week-end with .Mr. anvl ! 1 Mrs. Fhoebe Lancaster of Clarks- Mrs. Earl Day and family in Rigdon. ? i xi'.V, O is the guest of Miss Maude There xss a time when Tailor matte clothes cost more. That is not true new. V, o will ft ycu. Your do fixes wi'l reject yvur ir.dixidualitr. A tries Cas-simcrs for fall, 5.0.1 and 3lVr0. "Our responsibility is your jruararTt-e." ! Kimbrough. Mr. r.r.d Mrs. Herman Ross and son Merle attended the home co-nine at I Miss Arie Cole, of the Flanigan the M. E. church at SharnsvPle Sun- i Dry Goods store, spent Sunday at her ; jhome in Upland. III Mrs. Lena Holiday left Friday for Gary to be at the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Burton Elliott who is wrv ill. Rihhle B ros. Mr. William Gregg and son Bill Junior, of Marion, are the guests of David Gregg and family. Miss lVr:.. Kiplinger, w ho is employed at HoeketCs Studio, spent at her home in Matthews. GUY BATES POST Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Stwkcr and TAILORS IN INDIANAPOLIS COME ON BOYS Let's All Go To Brewer's Sale of Mr. and Mrs. Cassiu Dickey have returned from a visit with relatives in Rush county. Mr. ard Mrs. R. Hiatt wore guests Big Dramatic Festival on World's D. M. He for the .T.vK r.AS "VsVutcV. Shuhert-Murat 17-18-19 Tour Coming to Theatre Oct Mrs. R. P. Lindsey left today Chiea go, and other points in Xort.hwxst to bo gvr.e eight or da vs. ten 1 moved his fami-Ti., itx ap-art- t Lin.lscy home, Adams streets. :st in the Mav- Sundav of Mr. and Mrs. Will Ware tr fror.x I r.-.-:r.t5 in of Mr. Kc.:v"" ;and attended Rally Day at Little t Ridge- churvh. W " W. P. VnnArsdall was Pstn. aster called to Poo: Quality D urocs ;e county, near Lebanon,! The only city in the statu to be visited by America's leading p!acr, Guy Bates Post. The most celebrated play of the decade, "The Masquerader" comprise a combination never before equalled, in theatricals, is coming to t attend the funeral of a relative Wul Jones and family attended ehureh at Little Sunday and wore dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. which was held Fridav !, Mr. and Mrs Palmer Winslow, of Will Harvey. ; Indianapolis. This much talked a-jbeut season's best ottering, wita the attended . xvvrlds tour east and production, dou- Colu nbus. O.. and Mrs. John Slater, j STOCK HAULING To Indianapolis j Mr. anvl Mrs. John Dare of Matthehs, were guests of Mrs. Ella Patterson. Thursday. Sale on farm, one mile south anil three miles west of Fairmount, ten miles south ef Marion, three miles xve.-t and ur mile north f Summit ville, one and one-half miles noith ;;nd four miles east of Rigdon, on Tuesday, October 11th Lunch at 11:30. Sale under tent at 1:00 p. m., sharp. Rally Dav at Little Ride Sundav and rexolvin stages, triple electrical ixxvre dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. jiuipmcnt, thematic music, and nine ponderous, pulsating scenes, is com Mi-s. Gretchen Thomas Parker and , Will Harvey daughter, IVtriee of Marion, hax-v J mented on by the leading critic of Boston to the extent of txxo columns. Rate cut to 40c a hundred. CallFhone 2tl. Mrs. Orla Harris and daughter. been spending a few days with Mr. ?nd Mrs. Charles T. Parker. Julia Ann. of Muneie, who soent the i Amors? ot"r eulogistic comments he d Mrs Jabe S;ay!!, "Guy Bates Post kept a capacity oast xxeeic xxith .xir. o 5Q Spring Boars and g0 Winslow in this eitv returnevl home . wtv nnm? in resnse to tne Saturday. jciexer untoKtmg of the story of the ' . .. ... .- Isaac Malone ; Mrs. Glen Gift and son Bobbie, j spent the week-end in Marion, the guests of Mr. GifCs sister. Mrs. Kenneth Morris and family. VjlltS AH Immuned HEAD HEAD sutiMiiuuvm wi ioitn uoier ior ms J cousin, the dissolute John Chilcote, at ! The Jexvish neoole will observe the tile xv hen England stood sorely in V.v.- v ...!;. i a , i - . : neevl of the brilliant statesman who tiay. Mr. ami Mrs. Lee Halprm andi, , , . . . .... .... , ' . . had become, a hopeless druc-adiet. children xxll loax-e Siwlav for Cmein- . , , ' r, . " . ... . ... , The dual role of -Mr. Post presents the ati and wul return ednesvlay. t . . j best character study ex er seen on a j Boston stage. Where Mansfield, in, Mrs. C. A. Sprung, well-known bo his transition of Jekylt and Hyde, us , ROYAL THEATRE Sired by Col. Fannie's Orion, grand champion Indiana; King Scissors, first in great show; Col. Joe Orion, a 1000 pound hog; Jack's Orion Fancy, second in class of -2, Indiana 1919; Jack's Orion Defender, sire Jack's Orion Fancy; Fancy Orion Chief. 2nd, 3rd aged boar class, Indiana 1921; F. O. King Joe, 5th in class, Indiana 1921; Walt's Col. Bob, sire Col. Walt. Dam side sired by the following: Fannie's Orion, Fancy Orion Chief 2nd, Col. Joe Orion, Pal's Col. Jr., U. S. Orion Cherry King, King Orion Fancy Jr., Foust's Top Cel., Walt's Cherry Col, Orion Cherry King 11th, Fancy Orion King, Walt's F. O. King, Big Tax, Col. Walt. many Fairm-unt pecple, who has been . ed various accessories to complete the THIS WEEK spending the summer in Mackinaw City, Mieh has returned to her home in Richmond ami writes The News that she has had very pleasant sum mer. illusion, Mr. Post relies entirely up- on his play of facial expression, man- j ner, ln?ring ami intonations. j "His contrasts between the fine con- j trolled Loder and the brilliant weak- j TERMS Cash or bankable note bearing eight per cent interest from date. Parties unknown to us must furnish late bank reference. Crates furnished for shipment only. A. B. Brewer & Son Fairmount, fndtana, R. F. D. No. 2. Phone 3895 Red Fairmount Auctioneers Col. H. L. Iglehart, Col. Hengst, Col Purl Dean Clerk Tony M. Payne, Fairmount State Bank Mrs. Leu Kimes nd daughter Miss Bonnie entertained t Sunday dinner the following guests t Mrs Karl Warrick, ef San Francisco, Mr. tnd Mrs. Fred Kimes and daughters, Mkry and Martha of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Moon and J. I. Conrad and wife. lig Chilcote, were wonderful examples of detailed study of the txvo men. Nothing is lacking. Even Chilcote's inability to control the muscles of his face, the indeterminate relaxed mouth, the wax-ering hands, all were indications of the breaking down through the me of morphia of what had been a -most brilliant mind. The sudden transitions from one personality to the other must be severely taxing, for Mr. Post Is scarcely absent from the stage throughout the entire play. He ts our most remaikable actor. No Tuesday The Price of Redemption With Bert Lytell and 5eenA Owens. A drama of self regeneration, taken ftvm the book, "The Terr pie of Dawn. Thursday "The Northern Trail" Taken frera James Oliver CAirxvoods$ short story, "The Wilderness fauw, A ta:e cf the snow ceverext country. Also Hatxxld Lloyxl Comedy, Frcra Hand t Mcuth. Also Pathe Review. Friday "The Mystery Road" With David Powell. A story of- the road of life and where it leads. Also Cew.edy. George, the little sen of Mr. and Mrs. Porter Atkinson, will be brought from the Grant county hospital about the -middle of this tveek. The little Heat Your Bungalow, thing better In. stage effects has been fet1xw h rn in the tmsrdtat four i Cottage, or Flat with ffh the triee with week ami twice went under the knife i s,pn tn Boston, and 'foe oedieiti. Throughout all hi;wh the pondeross scenes were not VY CLICT Cellar not sickness the voungster displayed transposed bespeak much for the 'nerve that would have been a credit' modern stage-craft as ! to a full grown man and his many manipulated by that master Richard friends will be rdeaseed to learn thatjW1 Tully. sary put In any small house without disturbing present heating arrangements, un til ready to with the he Is now on the road to complete eo very. Saturday "Thomas Meinhan in "The Conquest of Canaan" placed tnthr h IDEAL - Areola 5?& i and Bred aa M. and Mrs. Leander Lexvis of Van Buren and Mrs. Ernest Lewis and daughters of Marion were Sunday guests of Miss Fannie Adams of East Washington street. .orkitctian X sv atovo. It Uadiator-Boiler K Taken fr-n Booth TV.rkiRgteiiV noted romance of a town of the noted water ayatom to Americas Radiator in adjoining rooms. The Mr , moat durabta. moat aoooaoucai mkui pianc arer xvesi. A story vt watt with a s to live xhswn and future- to win. AW Ocr.opdy. 11.4 n DQ'tXiy to 6aA out aU about iu I03AlAieala I NOTICE Having bought the Bowman Pickard WacksmiUi shop on West Washington j street, t will hereafter he found In tthe new location instead of my old f shop m South AValnut street where I will be glad to see all nj okl customers, as well a new ones. FRANK RAY. tor 'UUm for mhII hcw without coUon. Hmm htiMi Mr. and Mrs, Wilt Wilson and son Joe, of Marion, Thad Shields of Sum-mitville, and Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Ice were the Sunday goest f Mr. and Mrs. George Shields. Estimates Cheerfallv Given Without Obligation J. C. HARRIS Phone 1095 Summit ville, Indiana rtCTCRK STARTS AT T.-H OX SATURDAYS

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