The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 3, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, October 3, 1921
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS MODELS SABER-TOOTH TIGER Lcs Ane's Man Has Fashioned a Reproduction of Most Terrible Prehistoric Eeast. HEROIC EPISODE OF GREAT WAR Thrilling Story cf the Avoccfs Desperate Fight for Life. $10,000,000 AID F0RJETERANS Red Cross Provides Friendly Service of Many Kinds to Army of Disabled. Everything Electri Cell Broyles Electric Company 119 West Fourth Next to Federal Bakery MARION, INDIANA Gone from the earth before the (Contract was lot Tor the lramids, the fo-rovious and all-devouring ahor-totbod tiirer that ruled the animal kingdom :XM,X years ago has no secrets from the scientists of today, and a Los Angeles man even has gone' so far ns to sculpture in i-om-rote what he vonsid-ers to be a perfect reproduction of MEMGED BY GERMAN FOE BULK OF WORK BY CHAPTERS KOVEL "HOUSE ON WHEELS" ATTRACTS WIDE ATTENTION Maneuvers With Perfect Ease on Mountain Roads, and Has Every Convenience. As more than ir. automobiles entered Yosemite National park this season, yon may be sure that every variety front flivver to $14,H beauties, was represented. iVspite this tremendous assortment, there was no dispute as to which attracted most attention R. K. .Teffery of Piedmont put more cricks in nooks with his "House on Wheels" than anybody else. Apparently bulky and cumbersome, Mr. .letTery's mobile residence maneuvered along the mountain roads with perfect ease, its owner sitting at the steering v heel in an arm chair, an exhibition of solid comfort. The body of the remarkable vehicle was designed by the owner-It nd built cf tiler board, so that it was strong yet liht. This 2,397 of These Are Helping Ex-Service Men Obtain Benefits U. S. Provides, Lltt'e Cargo Trfp Stearrer Attacked by Three Airplanes and Dnven Amorg M'r-e F''cs as She Avoided Her Erewy cf the Air Captain Ki!!ed cn the Bridge After Clever-y Cutma-ieuverioj His Attacker-Son Carries cn. ii i ' the terrible monster with the sabered mouth. The scientist, William Spalding, has the sculptured piece In the work-; shop at his residence. He was president of the Southern California Academy of Science for four terms, and in ! that capacity he had occasion to learn i as much about the saber-toothed tiger as men of today are permitted to know. lie was instrumental in opening tl.e famous fivssll beds at Urea, where t!.-remains of the tigers wore found in ; good enough, preservation to reeon-. struct the skeletons. From the relies of the skeletons, uncovered in the Brea pits, he has concluded that the tigers of 'JiM.OM years :.s;i wore similar in size to the Bengals u k 8 1 a it X RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment US VV. v -, Xs... - -"O... 4 V1 O. -.-, -rno v., 3" 1 The indomitable ri t merchant sa!Ic-r, combined with their masterly cananh;p. were responsible for many heroic episodes In the groat war, some of which are only just being brought to licht. says the Montreal Herald. A thrilling tale was told of the dinky little carjro tramp steamer Avo-cet attacked by throe airplanes an I driven among mine ttelds as she avoided her foe of the air. Bonn! from Rotterdam to England, with lan. I still on lhe horizon, three German planF sailed out of Belgium bent on her destruction. Two of them were tiny scouts, but the third wa of the type used to fly across the channel and bomb London. The first bomb aimed at the Avooot missed its mark by about fifteen fovi. Altogether she was pelted with thirty-live of them, some escaping orah:o!J on her decks miraculously. The bii bombing plane especially was handled with groat skill. For It wor.M lly over from stem to stem in order t have her full length for a target and not lust her beam only, But each time Were you out-of-town yesterda? Call Main 2GT and tell them about it. 1 '.Jj-l--'-" 3 One field of Red Cross service alone, that of assisting disabled veterans of the World War, entails expenditures f l,il,oto greater than the aggregate receipts of the Annual Roll Call of I'.vjo, the American Red Cross an nounees in a statement urging a widespread increase in membership at the Annual Roll Call, November 11 to 21. At the present time National Headquarters and the nation-wide chain of Chapters of the Red Cross Is spending approximately f 10,tXK,(XH annually for the relief of disabled ex-service turn and their families, while the ag greiriite receipts from last year's Roll Call were approximately $5.(H0.000. It Is in the 2,2S of the 3,GH Red Cross Chapters which still are helping sohe the veteran's problem of adjusting himself to a normal civilian status that the greater part of the cost of this service is borne. Of the total sum spent for veterans relief last year, National Headquarters expended a total of more than $2.G00.1XK), while the remaining disbursement of approximately $7,000,000 represents the eon trlbution of Chapters In this countrywide effort to assist the Government In providing the aid sorely needed by these men and their families. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE No. 3804. Notice is hereby piven to the creditors, heirs and legatees of William II. II. Reeder Deceased to appear in n of today, differing essentially Horn them In their outstanding feature the lone saber teeth from which no enemy -ould be safe. Willi tl.e skeleton remains of the tigers sufliciently reproduced to cut-tine the forms and physical character-Is; !es of the tigers, Mr. Spah'.imr found little dit!icu!ty In making a likeness of the animal. In his art work he has repvodn.vd the skeleton proportions am! added the external characteristics of the cat family, whereby he believes a perfect copy has boon accomplished of the fire-eyed feline demon that roamed supivme Jn lhe days be-foiv man was. Los Angeles Express. the Grant Circuit Court, held at Ma- j rton, Indiana, on the 12th day of j Ocober 15)21, and show cause, if any,! why the Final Settlement Accounts J with the estate of said decedent should i Fit- I Eyes Tested, (? lasses not be approved; and said heirs are (notified to then and there make proof j of heirship and receive their distribu-1 tive shares. j Witness, Ihs Clerk of said Court, I this 16th day of September 1921. tt laid a course parallel to her length her o-ltccrs would swing her out ot , DGES AWAY WITH ALL PAIN the line. And while this manenvrt , ted by State Registered OITOMETUISTS Dr. C. C PARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical Suth Side Souaro ilaiHor Remarkable Aresthetic May Soon Be Eir.p!ced in Delicate Dental Surgical Operations. H S. A. CONNELLY, Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. was going on the two seort platt ; kpt lining across her, dropping hoi.ibs. FeuM Airplane with Rifles. r Only a few rifles had" the Avocet'S j crew to fight their foes with. Yet The House on Wheel. j I body was mounted on a chassis of the ! j vintage of lfV 2t-il8 horsepower, 1 which Mr. .leffery declared had not i given him thrive days" repair work in 4 the !tf ears he has owned it. I I IVeklnc through the cretonne cur- ! tains which screened the ear's glass '. ' windows, you saw a wonderfully ef- ; fectivo ue of space. Oxer the luvod had been built a table with two tops, j i otic alout three inches above the oth- ' ! er. The "lop top" was used as a din- ; . iitir t:;ble or writittg table, and .lust be- J An Ever Expanding Problem That the problem of the disabled service man Is ever-expanding and probably will not reach the peak before lij. is the assertion of well-in A coal-tar chemical for the elimination of all pain in dental surgical operations, simple of applh-allon and Miitable for repeated and universal ,.--e in oral surgery, according to the Scientitic American, is announced by lr. .locph A. Klein of New York city. Yh:s now chemical Is liquid In form, is applied oti n pellet of cotton to the gum or mm-ou membrane surrounding 1 the teeth to be anesthetized or into a cavity prior to excavation whore a tooth is to be rilled or treated. It : low it the other table held --alt and ' popper shakers and other housekeep if S" FOR SALE lth them they managed to maintain such a constant ft re that none of the airplanes dated to descend low euouzH to make sure of a hit. tlven distress signal rocks ts were used and the chief o;Vcer was fortunate enough to explode one wUh'n a few feet of the battle plane, driving tt to a h'srhe Itltnde. For half an hour the fight lasted, with the Avoeet zigzagging tc dodge the dropping bombs and con tantly being in danger of striking mines. Furthermore, tl.e big p!am-tumeil its machine gun on the ship, hoping thereby to kill the officers or drive them to cover, so that being no longer so cleverly navigated the Avoeet would become an easier mark vo hit. ing equipment. The arm chair, mov- i able, of the owner, sat at the steering ' j wh.e.l. To his left was a gasoline i j stove with two burners, and next to ' formed Government officials nnd thai 2,1107 Red Cross Chapters regard it ns their most Important work Is evidence that the expansion Is In nowise confined to a particular section but is, on the contrary, nation-wide. At the end of the fiscal year, June W, l'd'21, there were 26,'tOO disabled service men In the 1,602 United States Public Health Rerxlce, Contract and Government Hospitals end Soldiers Homes, and that number Is Increasing at a rate of 1,X) a month. Thousands of these men receiving medical treatment, compensation and vocational training from the Govern ment today, started thetr efforts to obtain them through the Red Cross Chapter. The Chapter, acting as the a budt-out elo-et. Across lhe i prodmv. complete local anesthesia In ' that Nl'Xt lo l :n ti v Motor Oil elm :s:rit :rtu.n FOR SALE Ladies Fancy Blouses for fall and winter, at reasonable prices. Mrs. Nettie Monohan, 117 F, Sycamore St. FOR SALE Choice of two hard coul i from two to eight minutes and eliminates all fooling for from otie to six i hours. i I'ootor Klein has extracted teeth 1 and pulps painlessly by the use of this est, KN-Mt-eo MoT H Oil. the seient i lie l av irjiiit Wfi run h:p fr"c v u 1 'ruin motor worry. IVn.-iilt, us. CITY GARAGE rear of the ear was a bed not a bunk, bnt a bed, springs, mattress, sheets, j pillow In pillow ease, a ltd everything. Mr. .lottery Is a bachelor, and no i mean housekeeper, either, for tevtry- 1 th'ng Is kept spick and span, lie declared ho was having the time of his chemical. Its effect Is entirely local. When the olnnes fir.allv cave tt ur i base burners; also one coal cook stove, high oven, grod condition. Reasonable price. Phone 79. FOR SALE Swift & Co. say when corn is hopged down, digested tankage must be fed to secure best results. A. A. Ulery & Co. life, jogging around wherever fancy dictated, and at no time worrying and flew awav the ship"s decks w ere ! so it may he applied with perfect safe-Uttered with 'shrapnel. Yet nobod i ty. tvgatMlcss of the patient's ace or wtis killed or even wounded. The general physical condition, and It Is lookout man in the bow stuck to his ; rartlcnlarly valuable as an anesthetic post throughout and actually reported : i" tn extraction of children s teeth, to the bridge a floating mine dead tt leaves no disagreeable after-eft eel. TP , , , j , disabled man s agent In claims against camping spot, s'nee be was equipped v " to meet all ouulitlotts. j ,n "-'vernment. Informs, the man as to ; the procedure necessary to gain for but because cf Its long period of ac INDIAN SKELETONS FOUND FOR SALE Household goods at private sale. Call this week. Mrs. Minnie Thomas, 518 North Main street. tivity gives the nervous system ample time to reowor from the shook of operation before the nerves in the area of the operation tvgain their normal feeline or activity. , him that which Is provided him by Federal statute. His applications for compensation, medical treatment and tra'nlng are properly filed with the aid of the Red Cross Chapter. Many Formi of Assistance Delaware HIM Believed to Have Been Site cf Esttle and BurU!. I An oh! Indian burying ground, with J skeleton In an excellent state of pros- ! evvat-ou. was f.mnd the other day at j Tf there Is delnv before tti- mnn' head whll. the fight was at Its hot-test. So much for the air attack. -As to submarine attack, the first cae of the peppering of an unarmed j merchant ship with shrapnel was that of the Anglo-CaUfornlan. tt happened i on July 4, 1015 just two months j after the I.usitan'a. The first Intimation that her commander. Cart. Parslow had that his j hip was In for an unusual experience wns when the C" boat came to the , surface, fired a shell Into the ship i and repeated the dose in rapid sue- cession. Captain Parslow tried to j (pscane, but en the surface the sub- ; the Baltimore Young Men's Christian j -,ainl ls HrtPll un"on (he Uptl Cros. association c:tr,p. ott Rehoboh Peach. FOR SALE Best electric washing machine on tlis market. High priced machine and one that will out wear any of the cheaper makes. This machine is new, never been us?d, and will be sold at a bargain. Can be seen at The News office. ; Chapter lends the man money to meet DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist -X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Houis 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m Msrvln 11. Markle of Pel., bv Prf. j the imperative needs of himself and his dependents. Australia's Geographic Position. Australia's exact position on world maps, originally detei mined by Captain Cook, the early explorer, was brought into question recently when wireless nutborlties, after direct chicking by radio with standard time clocks at Lyons, Franco, said they be-lieVed there Is an error of perhaps le yard on all maps In Australia's Paltlmore. The fust crave was fowrd at the Most vital to the man's galntng full to f a h;.ll vlote the rcent rains. AGENTS WANTED had washed the sand rrom the face of j benefit frMn the Governntent's care Is the hill, show'tig a cross section of the ! keeping his mind free from worry about grave. Some of the bones turned to j his home. Keeping the veteran's fam-dnst when touched, and many are in a I Uy fmm hardship of every kind and mnrir.e tvroved to be possessed of trcater speed than the heavllv laden north-south lines. cargo boat, and It wasn't long beforv Seafarers who first sketched Ans-thlngs began to look prettv blue. ! tralia's position basl their calcula-Flnding that he could not escape, , ' chimonteter, the Rnely rs,rin rrto- a.lAnxl tetie ot made wareh which keeps t,reenwuh crumbly condition, while ten teeth were found, nine being erfect. A small metal piece wxs found near the skull, on which was a rude etching of a bear in a sitting position. Later more skeletons were found, and several tomahawks and spear FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indian Call ua at our expense Informing him of Us welfare Is an other province of the Chapter. Free, from fear on this score, the man's recovery and advancement usually Is rapid. Every month during the last year, the American Red Cross has given AGENT WANTED We want a lady or gentleman agent to handle city trade in Fairmount and other vacant cities. This is a wonderful opportunity as you will be retailing, the genuine J. R, Watkins Products including Watkins Cocoanut Oil Shampoo, Garda Face Powder, Fruit Drinks and over 137 other products. Write today for free sample and particulars. The J. R. Watkins Co., Dept. G9, Winona, Minn. m cornered anlmah maneuvering his time. C,M-rcctions were made fim h!vs keeping her bow always pointed j Mm ". until final checking by j mt the enemv so that even though she cnWe was believed to lo atnvte J was heir. instantly shelled the sub- tatelr, howex-er, Sydney w reless taarlne couldn't hit her with a tor- ! listentng to the ? rdo. Round and round the Antlo- elock ticks at Lyons, say they have j I, . heads. It Is believed the hill was the ite of a battle In which Delaware 1 ' f ne kltyl or another to an Indians took part, and where the war-j riors were burled after the battle. Californlan the "IT boat steamed 1 niscovereo; tr.ero n i. -Kt,t v i of time In transmitting the correct ought to get Into position where she ! Hvnl over the calle. The loss, it could deal a death blow. Frequently The skeletons are evidently those of young men. Hundreds of visitors are Inspecting the cliff, which has been carefully fenced off from souvenir hunters. WANTED E. B. COUCH DENTTSf Rooms over Rahna Drue Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to f WANTED Partner paying patent. Fortune guaranteed. Write today. L. H. tjOTgas, Home Comer, 36th Lambeit, Marlon, Ind. SHIP JOLTS BEAR TO DECK WANTET By woman with child. HouseTseepinfr for widower or small family, no objection to country. Louise Wilson, 1014 N. Mill St. Mohammedan Law. In the Moslem state of Turkey the laws cf the empire rest in principle on the basis of the Koran, the Hadtth, or traditions of Mohammed, and the reported sayings of his successors, all ot which are binding upon the sovereign of the state as upon all Moslems. Each successive sultan, however, has enacted statutes ns suited his Individual purpose and. by virtue cf his absolute authority, his laws have stood until others have swept them away. The nearest approach to a Supreme court Justice Is the sultan, lie Interprets ("?) the law as he thinks best for his people-. New York IX)ST he came so close that men on her Jeck raked the Anglo-Californlan with rifle fire. Captain Killed en Bride. Throughout tt att, In spire of bursting shrapnel raining death about him, Captain Parslow stood on th bridge nd outmaneurered h!s attacker. Finally a shot struck the bridge tt-fcelf. The concussion titled Captain Pmrslow outright. HI son, the second officer, who was abso on the bridge, though knocked down, wths not hurt. As the "IT boat wat then close in tmd nslng rifle fire, young Parslow crawled across the shell-torn flooring ot the bridge, grabbed the spokes ot the steering wheel and, keying eye on the enemy through holes in the canttas about the bridge trail, ma-oeuvet-ed the Angto-Caltfomlan irteverly as his father had done. A piece of shell broke some ot the tpokes ot the wheel, yet the younger Parslow still carried on nntlt, tour hours after the fight bee te trover geared, and the "IT boat forced to seek safety b robraergtng. average of 120,215 former service men and their families. An Indication of the extent of the faith reposed In the Red Cross Chapter Is to be found In the fact that there were 3P,S44 requests for friendly aid In the solution of personal problems. 448 Workers in Hospital While the man prior to entering Government care deals largely with the Chapter, afterward he comes Into contact with the service provided by National Headquarters. There are 443 lied Cross workers In the United States Public Health Service and contract hospitals and other Institutions In which these men are being cared for, whose duty ls to provide for his recreation, help him with his compensation claims, keep him In touch with his family ; in short, meeting his every need outside of that provided by the Government. While these are a few ot the responsibilities of the National Organization they are by no means II. Among other Red Cross accomplishments tor the year are: It handled 70,752 allotment and allowance claims. It delivered through Its Chapter organisation 6-1,655 allotment checks to veterans who had moved from the addresses furnished to tha Bureau of War Risk Insurance. It provided a special fund of $10,000 tor medlcat assistance to men under vocational training. It made R2,OR loans totaling $450,009 to men tskinf vocational training, at arnica 5 erecat has bn repaid LOST On road between Summitville and Fairmount Sunday night, overcoat; ladies Waltham watch in pocket- Return to News office. Boat Knocks Animal Prom Iceberg to Cabin Roof, but Bruin Dives, When a ship tdts an Iceberg, wakes up a polar bear and dislodges htm from his cozy bed. so that he strikes the deck with an angry "woof and dives overboard without even staying to breakfast. It Is time for a "movie camera to be aboard. All this rook place on the steamship Chariot of the Kerr line. The ship was proceeding at reduced speed tn a heavy fog, when she brought up with a bang against a targe Iceberg. The ship struck Just under an overhang, and the whole mass of ice, weighing about 100 tons, crashed down on deck. The bear came with It. Bruin did not wait to see what damage had been done, but Jumped over the side Into the water. The ahlp reached port. Broyles Electric Company 119 W. Fourth Marion Have the Largest Stock of Lighting Fixtures in this part of Indiana LOST Paige crank Saturday on or near Mill and Main streets. Re turn to The News office. LOST Airdale dog. Answers to name of Jack. Last seen near Ac ademy. Heavy brass trimmed leather collar. Reward. Notify Rev. Frank Edwards. Seeing Without Eyes, That the blind can perceive light and darkness is asserted by Pr. A. Cantonnet In Medicine (Paris). Doctor Cantonhet tested eyeless seeing machinery by bandaging bis eyes light-proof and concentrating his attention tor 50 hours on perception of light, tie found that he could then perceive not merely light and darkness but slso large and shining objects. Testing many blind person, he foand the same ability. He attributes this vision without eye t Ravlers sensory cells which have a" nerve sensation with the brain ctittti. MISCELLANEOUS brother Separate Frty-S!x Year, Alter a separation ot 8 years, during which time each thought the other .eS. A. fc. Johnson 4 Wtttlam Johnson, brothers, have Just beea united at r t&ra hoe ti ty litter, t&r Dv Hang Sett Trying to Stretch Neck, Physical culture literature, describing methods of neck stretching. Is believed to have caused Charles N. Bo-be ris, fifteen years old. ot Butte, Mont to barg himself tn a transom In his room while attempting tn apsiy C33 et the lessont. AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. em. 13 Fewlertfta. c V; d:ckhd:j l TYPEWRITERS Clean!, repaired, sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone ltZ Next to Lytic ?te:at ms!rs. . ITarion, In 1, 1

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