The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 3, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1921
Page 2
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y1" f , ? . , ' J t." THE FAIRMOUNT NKVS . - jpw jjim " pt p , sure Department, S-l.fco; Interior TV-! cv.y witch mu?t had to much lilt I tlinilOlint HtMS 'pArimer.t, $S.40; Postvfneo Depart-" homebrew sed. All rite Bo HI bite LEISURE When? is it & he get pinched. ment, Jl.; Shipping Board, $1.24; LOST ILEAGE M Published on Mendajs and Thnrvdays Apricxiltural Department. 1.14; De H M H M (Mr, ami Mrs. I,awrenee Nash and CLIB CAFK SOl.11 BY R M. LEACH. partment of oom.merce, SO cents; legislative department the congress. R O B K R r A children, Joseph and C. B., called on M M M M M M Editor and Pub-she South Main the former's parents Monday, Mr. The C!un .tc, on Minnie McLwsV Robert. Associate ; IS r.t; Department ef Justice, 16 cents; Stat? Department, eifht cents, ' street, has boon sold by E. M. Leach to Mrs Wilford Nash of near Pt. LOST Somewhere between the time of applica ' and Department of Labor, eight cents. Odiee: Main Ovo Res B.ack ?S2-1 V. M. Smyth ami E. C Smyth, who i11 -m nd.-t. the restaurant .W the Mrs. .Cleftie Hughes is on the sick tion and final remnvnl of 9FVFRAI. THOUS- N TELEPHONES H H It is the purpose of the Hardin? ! Adrsv.sisiration to radioallv reduce f.rm name of Smyth Pros. W M. AND MILES. This is the complaint of many tire Q subscription rates. list, but is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Clestcr Rybolt and f i the Smyth has for the past several months 1 Within Indiana.) !this per capita cost of operating Emma Mae Rvbolt of near Riedon, ; M USC1S- 1 "e 5aa Pal or It IS mat mucn Ot II11S IO One year . - government and to effect that end is been-in the employ of the El'is Auto I Supply Co., while his brother, ?vT; ..v-vi ;tK budget bureau. E C rn Monday evening with Mr. and j comes through the neglect of the owner or driver ;o waij Mrs Clarence Mart, Himself. You can prevent much of this loss of H camerv I ,r- anvt rs- m r.ear 2 r j the croamerv I Smyth, eonr.ccted with Outside Indiana.) 'branch of Schlosser Rrs, One x mneage Six months . . Three months J 1 Slat's Diary Poth are enterprising un? business ' Radlcy called on Mr. and Mrs. Cleftie ' men anvl will make a success of their ' Hvhos Monday eveninsr. 'new undertaking. Mr. Leach has not! Mr' aml Mrs" Lawrence Nash spent s,t Sunday afternoon with the latter's payal scrip u u BY M H M M H giving due respect to your tires, our regular inspection, our repair and service offered you. the use of our tire savers and i mother, Mrs. Jeneva Ievell of Curt ; plans. Py Ros.s Farquhar Friday this evnin? a tramp cum to are dore was fed by ma. she is ville. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Yentmeyer in advance; paper c.iseountirued at expiration of subscription time un- loss renown is received prior to e- j piration date, i Entered as second-class matter at , the post -!iee at Fairmount. Ind., the Avi of Cor.cress of M&ixh 1S7?. a st him was he'.. . are entertaining this week the form- j I o i . r. i r. iv . ' i4 H Wkinc for wirk T-i i ...i -...V....1 . rr's mother. Mrs. Enos Yent mover of Ji he , . ,. , ! I V V .v i ; ; 1 1 H'Vl IMJV IKll 1 1. .1 1 1 1 -- - . i sod he OM-' ..r.,.,.,, 4V EKvxmhI. it'trutM l i ivttt Aiti itivnm V uic dent half to E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. m home crounds bv the Sweetser hich ! mi, nnvi 1H l , v idivuvr; cj'viu very hard to keep ; isch.OA team in the first rrame in the Sunday with the former's parent HARDlNi? rXVXOMlCAl- Fres; -crt Hardin? is the world's on aect. I on "5 outoi it cf pnmOS! b?lnc pavevi bv the Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mart of near Rad- i T 1 t ts so skarce. A , n " .i .v. ley. M Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing '! f -m h nr i . , ,.... , . , fell If! :rv-i most eo. to a s-r. ..... U',A .... i""" ..,i,.vju uAUc . iev. I'ocKcr cancel on .Mr. ana r ".-.omieal exocntivo. aoordin? .v .rov.t ;:st issues! from. Re-hciduavto-.-s in Washington, crsos ef running the White t , . f . . . f , , , , V I Mil .l.VV 1.. 1,. . ..V - - . . - . - M K M H n nice me vo tiAt. x ation. The score was 1S to 2 in favor 3 aKut the only The e; Mrs. Clarence Mart Wednesday fore- W noon. i yd L Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Yentmeyer T and Mrs. Enos Yentmeyer of Elwood -- Phone 226 W. V. Fowler, Mgr. between !of Sweetser. On Tuesday afternoon en the local courts the Eairmount year xiil be arproxir ;ately the a tramp & a mil- This sum hich school will meet Sweetser in tennis, Kith sinrles ami dou SL'-l.lTV yunair is that l f STo.CvV; Mr. and Mrs. 1 spent Monday with House : Pro si i -for of'c perse no' C? soc-x bles. expenses, cxnsistinc of a of approximately 4 clerks, service men, mossoriTcrs and i Charley Urtle. i Little Martha Huehes is spending a i f d,yS -i.h W Crn.ra,.s Mr.!llininilllllllll! ami Mrs. Wm. Todd of near Radley. j rrr - -Mrs. Emma Rybolt took Sunday j EE: It ' i I 1 - I M VTTHF.WS NEWSPAPER 1VES CP STRCGGl.E. come & the other I lives without 1. Sat. sret a job a passing Bills today & when 1 was stone cm rV.ers and a score of other items such as telegrams, telcphcnes, stati "cry. etc.; $So.vW for cr.tincen- i Tlie Matthews News last -eek made anno uncement that there would be no dinner with her sister, Mrs. Wesley ; j .-. ..v vi ;..-,;., Paine of Risrdvn. 1 ties and ?2o.vV0 for traxlir.; ex- r--ir..c into Mr. Hayses house his dor "fU) T more - made for me , 1 dusr out. Mr Hay 5Usienderl. The reason piven Rev- Decker the pastor of the Heli- per.scs. rre?i "t Ilaniirc a re- ness chvirch took Wevlnesday dinner !r.:Txl set That dac wood eat out ,..v. e,,,M,,.rt tbe nrt. f executive of yuiv hand. & they way he acted rrt,,v., K,,.;' Tbo mwr enses in tr.o ex with Mr. and Mrs. Cleftie Huches. IS The member of the Holiness rrr church rc-shinclcd the parsonace a sss o with tlie policy cr eoxm- I cess he wch-kI it 1 had et cave him .-.i ;,. n, ..o,.. nr tv,, ntr. f ... f. MAaI- i ' cmy which ho ha prescribed for other a chance he wood of ate out of my x0ws. which also prints the Upland pcvemmor.t departments. One of the , tec to. 'Courier, the papers beinc under the creates t outs in expense is that of his Sundav when 1 cum home frum taTOe, ownership, own traveling bills. The appropria- :UT.av ,1 t ma what kind ef!" Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mart called on the latter's parents, Monday, Mr. ! HiS and Mrs. Ira Rybolt of near Ricdon. : tions ma io by the last Cor. cress were WR? man made out ef & she says FRANK RAY lU'YS THE PICK ARD SHOP. base x-.-on the estimates furr.ishovl by i.-v - Advertixements does Ast Dad OKU I fcrr.ur chief executive. lp to the After beinc in business in the same OFFICERS ELFCTF.D he Knows. S,- I did ast him & he sed Well 1 cess she diddent want to tell you for she thinks men is made out of cold dust I cess. rlaco for more than thirty years. W. BY KINtVS HERALDS E. Piokanl has sold his blacksmith The Kinc's Herald met at the home j shop on West Washington street to! of Attabaun KesWr at 2:"0 Saturday j irr el ite Pros-" tent Hardirc has saved ever one-third ef the allowances made fr tvr. cll"cr expenses. One ef the first thine President Hardinc did afternoon. Officer were selected as i Monday I cess we are a coinc to 'Frank Ray, who took possession Mon day memir.e. Mr. Ray. whe has con follows: Pixsidont, Estell Campbell; ' Vice-President, Leah Linville; Secre- ; sr when cminc into omoe was to pur- K up -t & hVf to Jo sKut wha chase a lare automobile for his pri-1 twhcr a h-s vnte uc, v.ron the trronnd tht he did r jxwt Wk fcut Ja. at She ducted a shop on South Walnut street, wiU abandon the old shop and devote I tr.ry. Opa Mae Sweeney; Treasurer, j e not feci at liberty to use the covern-l savs So has a suear cotoil Pill. I himself to his new place of business. 5 Attabaun Rosier; Choister, Iva Louise j zs ITavlor. Tbev will have a contest ! Is here and those contemplat- jf ing having Public Sales will do well to consult us before H r ent atxtcmotv.:e ax coxerr.n.env. 1 Cft sa cf crade as I pense. uhon he tk tnps ,or his ownr :n prammor t,x!av but t,.on i pleasure. d;ddont. xrect to ennv wavs. The honeybee has been so pro-the next year. Captains are Norms lifie in Australia that it would be pes- ! Campbell and Ruth Pevinsrton. Those : Accordinc to a report just issues! by j tons if it Tuesday nir and mrs Smith has m sible to cather honey were profitable. the Treasurr department the actual! had there babies tonsils cut out & exnensees of the executive for present were Mary eirauch, Leah Linville, Opal Mae Sweeney, Iva Louise Taylor, Norma. Estell and Madonna Campbell, Ruth and Martha Pev-intrton, Alice Ramsey, Mrs. Effie Kimes and Mrs. Sam Leer. July and Aucust, this year , Mr. and Mrs. J. F. P. Thurston and xv'tai. 5 varinated his addenoyds aU so. , j; - ''!-',xr Sunday mominc they vespondmc, ... ... , are ; 0-3 !cs thf.n for the cxr coinc to have him baptize,! so I cess Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Thurston spent tii- last year. r.ior Sundav with Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Pain ter in Summitville. For s.mrlicity and economy, the V'hite House, under the present ad-I Wednesday Pa was tellinc ma a-r.i'r.i stmt ion. sets the world's record. ! tut a lady at the asilum witch thinks To maintain the of the President j she is a centleman. Ma sod That aint rf the Cnited States, who is chairman ! I no a 100 fellows here in CONCERT AND SOCIAL AT A. M. E. CHURCH. On next Friday eveninc placing their printing order. H The right kind of Printing at g fi the right kind of prices. g The Fairmount I News I Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Thurston have been snendinc a few days with friends a concert at Anderson prior to their departure ' and social will be civen at the A. M. tv, Hr-et corporation, town witch thinks the same thine. Pa; for Chieaco, where Mr. Thurston will E. church to which the public in in- dividual in this country p."t sere A- said with a scorn You dont j I ..v. r.-l. fiv.?;ol ! vHivt Tbr e-neevt will be fiven bv C' sts e; i UiM 1111 Iu V'IN rtl- iva.-ii 4mm,v. vxi ........ - - - tvv and one-half mills per to P Ptronal Mr. Thurston was cneacod as; members of the Weaver church and The annual per capita cost cf other Thursday they was a Speaker on ; trM-K,r ;n V,r ITniversitv of Chica- the local eoncrecation will have department of the povemment for the st. tonito and he was vs. the pro- j summer term, and has 'charge of the social part of the pro been spen line a three weeks vacation ; cram. Refreshments consisting ofj in Fairmount and surroundinc towns, j fried chicken and all the trimmincs . 'with ice cream and cake will be served. THINK OF IT jThe prreeeiis will co to the church! tlie List fscal year were as felows: hibihun act or the covemment or War Department. $10.?0; interest on sunithinc & he sod Where is are public debt, $i.ol; payment to rail- boasted Liberty? then he sed it acen roads under covemment cuarantee. Where is are boasted Liberty? I ast $.fc; Navy Department, $6.10; Trea- you Where is are boasted Liberty? & . ! fund. 30.000 Persons Publicly Recommend FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA jr flnr Rmedv. Some are Fair- " , TO OPEN SERIES covers Southern Grant County and to reach the farmers of Southern Grant no better medium can be used than the Fairmownt News. Early Planning for Christmas Saves Many An Annoyance Then Over one hundred thousand have j The first of the series of entertain-reeemmendevl Dean's Kidney Pills, jments to bo civen under the auspices For backache, kidney, urinary ills, 'cf the Masons and Order of Eastern Fifty thousand sicned testimonials '. Star in the hich school auditorium Are appearing now in public print. 'will In? on the eveninc of Oct. 20, Some of them are Fairmount people j when the Festival orchestra will come Some are published in Fairmount. i in a proeram of standard and popular No ether remedy shows such proof. ' music, including the beautiful Condola this Fairmount man's ex- Melodies. The ticket sale is coin i Follow 1 ; rapidly. ample. t . H. Everhart, 30:? N. Seymour St., 'says; "My kidney were not acting Mtrht and 1 had lumbaco and severe Now is the time to plan for Christmas handwork, nni we are fully prepared to meet your every need. Tretty new Gincrhams in variety of shades for Applique. Yarns. Embroideries, Beads, Etc. Bar-rettes. Combs and Bead Necklaces. Handkerchiefs Imported from Switzerland. You must see these to appreciate the dainty designs. i Come In And w MASONIC NOTICE All members of F. & A. M. No. 635 backaches that made it hard to do any 'are requested to be present at the regular meetinc on Wednesday nicht, Talk It Over as matters of urgent importance are to be taken up for consideration. . W. H. PARR1LL, W. M. 'stooping or lifting. The action of !my kidney was irregrular, at times !very free. I used Doans Kidney ! Pills and they soon rid me of the back-jaehes and put my kidnej-s in rood condition. I Price 60c, at all dealers. Dont simply ask for a kidney remedy pet Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mr. Everhart had. Foster-Milburn Co.. Mfrs Buffalo, N. Y. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin THE ART GOODS STORE Mr. Ella H. Patterson Doree, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McCormick, who was taken to Dr. Braunlin at Marion Thursday to have her tonsils and adenoids removed, while still confined to her bed, is recuperating nicely. News Want Ads. Bring Quick Results. By Charles Sughrot MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL How Would He Get Down if Something Happened? NOO OOKK G6T USA f vrOto vre.r v CAUT PN A FLAP o J 'Art .....

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