The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on October 3, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, October 3, 1921
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v t: MOUNT NEW 1i H FAim rRIXTF.O FOR A PURPOSE TO HELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEKMonday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty fourth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1921 Number 89 VlMII II " " " 1 " -"I , ,. , J IBM 1 W MM MM MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmI LOCAL KIWANIS CLUB ASSURED BASKET BALL 0 FAIRMOUNT WILL GO OVER TOP BIG Heat Waves SEASON STARTS J ORGANIZATION BEING PERFECT FIRST ANNUAL INTER CLASS GAMES PLAYED IN It. S. GYM j FRIDAY NIGHT j 1VRM M. APPLICATION FOR CH VRVKR MADE Wtrit MORE TH VN CH ARTER MEMBERS k. mm) m 1 in m? Iti (V ' 1 :s TY SJL ?i s oV, IMans Doing Perfected IVr Big Charter , Meeting in Near Future Which Will be Attended by Ktanians From All Orr Eastern Indiana Kekcmo ' The Fairmount Kiwanis club IS. D was some undertaking to organ- ie successfully a Kiwanis club in a inter-class basket bell games at Fair-town the sie of Fairmeunt, but it ; mount high $cWI were played otT Fri has been accomplished, the charter .r night. In each of the contests ; ha been applied for, and paid tor, upper classmen had little trouble nd the Fairmount Kiwanis club is a winning, due partly to their super-; fact, fully erganifed with a wem Jor partly to the superior AUTOIST KILLED AT PT. ISABEL THROWN FROM MACHINE WHEN STRUCK BY ANOTHER CAR AND HEAD CRUSHED M mm Ernest Carter of Elgin, HI.. Victim of Second Fatal Accident in the County Within a Week Other Car Involved Driven by Ed lionham of El-wood. The second fatal automobile accident in Grant county within a week occurred Sunday morning in Pt. Isabel when Ernest Carter, 24, of Elgin, 111., was instantly kiled when he was thrown from the machine in which he was riding. On Tuesday evening Mrs. Walter Starrenn, of Marion, was instantly killeiT at a point about a mile north of Matthews, when the roadster in which she and Mrs. Mabel Worstell, also of Marion, and who was driving, plunged over a twelve foot embankment on the Jonesboro-Muncie pike. The accident S.unday morning occurred in the town of Pt. Isabel, when the car driven by Carter, wht was accompanied by his mother and another young man, all of Elgin, was struck by a coupe driven by Ed. Bonham, of Elwood. The car in which yoiing Carter and his party wore riding was upset, Carter being thrown out and against a cement watering trough. lie struck on his head, being, killed instantly. ship in (we$ slightly of the re- uuired fifty to secure" a charter and recognition in the big international Kdv of Kiwanis clubs. And in ae- emidihin thi the Fairmount Ki- .d, th d:im.-t?on ofmthe juniors carried off the honor from sion must be held and the defendant give an opportunity of defense. A f tViA Kourin. v... lrrr Classmen Prove Winner In Stubbornly Confuted Garner SiiKf- lor Weight Counting Younger Flavors Show Up Well Ghing Prt-wise of Good Work Final Gam Friday. The first f the series of annual em wrx, vue a large erowvi was .rront d the boosters of each class displayed an abundance of rep enthusiasm. In the first contest of r.eev and - freshnicn to the tune S-mS " w tast anc throughout and the freshman team ; displayed plenty of right despite the ; odds aca5nst them. With a year of cper-crco advKsl to the st?e that w ill r" JkRinovi i"i inn umr uii? bo era i nod in that time this team sh, iM be abV tv put up a gv wrnp sIn-iM be ab'e t put up a gvvl scrap aga-vst most ar.v ort'er.t. Jones ' l Pavvitl woix tho ov'.y one to scorv from tho. field for tho freshmen, while Gossett and Wiscn were in the thick the fray at all times. For the i"rs. tlon-ryorth tossol in six- l toon from the field. Bosley addexl ten and Piokard five troro. Line-up 5 .Freshmen: Jones. Gossctt. and lfier forw-anlsi PaTrrll and Brewer, center; W-'sn avd l.oxo. gxiauls. Juniors: Pioknrd and Boslcv. forwanls: llol-, b-cwvrth. center: WUbern, Williams and J. Pvksrd. gxianls. Ti e ScniorS phomorc came was may determine what is just and rea- sonable in the case and issue orders accordingly ami the stock yards must abide by the onler. Any stock yarti lor other agency handling livo stock in interstate commerce which violates any of tho provisions of the act or any order of the Secretary, shall be liable to the person or persons injurevl there- PACKERS' LAW l,V HlllI H I! Ill I UllVL BRIEF REVIEW OF ACT TO REGt .w i n i ,viih . o 1 1 a rv YARD INDUSTRIES Administration and Enforcement of I aw Vlvt in Ik iir(irr nf A.,lt,.r vj..i. s llaxe Richt of Hearing Rut Must rnH!uc Kectrds. The so-ealiovl "Packers Bill is lw u s officially known as "The kors and Stock Yarvls Act." It regulate the buying, soiling and handling of all live stock, live stock pnvluots and eggs, which are handled m interstate or foreign e-mmerce. - , .. .. i- i s iori ono m wie iicNing business to engage in or use, either ! i i by, in the full amount of damages were disnbuted to the committee, and sustained in consequence of such viola- the members will make a thorough tion, ami such liability may be en-" canvass of the town and township af-forced by the damaged party filing ( ter territory has been allotted. complaint with the Secretaary or by suit in any District Court of the Unit- ganizeil which will take up the work j painfuly but not seriously hurt. Bon-ihI States of competent jurisdiction, j among the men soon, it being the de-.ham and his wife were slightly hurt. Every packer, stock yard, market, sire to enroll as large an individual physicians wove called from Elwood SO i;S. le Virrfr vi;lf ml ; iu- . dirrctly or in agreement with or com- . ?wtion of the Secretary of Agricul- bination with any other person. anytuo vu snan n!,Vo all the powers of a ney or other concerns covered by ?tho act. must keen complete and ac - curate accounts and records reirard- i-iir an iKtiiNiruusiy, in uir uuiiiiiri " . - . . . . rtn. rorm nrescribeJ bv the Secretary ,,f Agriculture, and oocn to the in investigation of conduct, practices and management of the packing and stock Yarvj business which are now confer- mon tju, Kevleral Trade Commis- 5;on FAMILY REUNION AT KIM BROUGH HOME. a mwt enjoyable family reunion fo .'.v .i.n! s, vm?i htvsttp of The Seniors wn thi co-test by the score of oS to IS. Fort he Seniors, Payne was high pont with fifteen IcM coals. For the O'.V.O-YS LaR-ae made nine points and Edwarx's added fvur. Lme-uv Line-up Sorho-o--: l.eah. Edw-aiN? .wards and center: Roy liy-o, foiw-ar.l; LaRv.e. ?l. Jch-sor.. Hackney y;;iTl. Scr.Vr: Payne w-:m-; Clf.tber. center; Leer, gusvds. ;nd l.oes. Briles. for- John and Tho final of tho intor-class games wT.l bo r-l ncrt Frilay night he- tw-ecn V.e Jun.ioi-s a ? Soniors. Frm all trdvatvt-.s this wi!l N- nn uni lal- lv fst and hard fon.cht game as Ivth classes have exccovlingly st ivng teams. ED FOR TUBERCULOSIS SOCIETY MEMBERSHIPS !Miss Lila Towell Appoints Committee of Women and Committee of Men Will he Named Soon Another Free Clinic to be Held in Fairmount in Near Future. Miss Lila Powell, executive secretary of the Grant .County Tuberculo sis society, was in Fairmount Friday j and met a number of Fairmount worn- en interested in the woijc of thavsocie-jty and the membership campaign now fin progress, discussing features of the jwork and perfecting the township organization for the campaign in this (township. Tony Payne is township chairman, and it is expected that a I complete working organization of men sand women will be perfected to the , end that Fairmount township may stn'1 at the toP n the membership j campaign drive. Friday Miss Powell nrcanized the women's committee ..with the roiiowing members: Mrs. Alice Ramsey, Mrs. Ed Hollingsworth, Mrs. Bruce LeRoy, Mrs. Clint Wins low, Mrs. J. C. Albertson, Mrs. Lee McTurnan, Mr. Edith Bevington, Mrs. Will Jones, Mrs. Will Pa rrill and Mrs. ; Albert Kelly. Other names will prob- j ably be added to the committee as the work prioresses Membership cards i A men s committee will also be or - memborhip in the township as pos - 'sible. All of the money received from memberships is used for the work of and Miss iiv c-w in mv i-un. , .. ... 1'owell says that mere is need for much work to be done in Grant county. Free clinics have been held at differ - ent points in the county, and it is the purpose of the society to continue! these as soon as money is available for tho purpose. One of these was held in Fairmount, it being the larg-j et attendevl of any of the clincs held,; ? a large amount of interest being shown. It is expected that another ' clinic will be held here within the next few weeks. honor of being the first to enroll HIGH SCHOOL NOTES - The seniors held a meeting today at 4 o'clock. Hubert Leer, president. was in charge. The sophomores held a meeting in room 7, Friday evening, at 4 o'clock. tv v.,,n.i1 Val.t a muptinc at 8:45 Friday morning. Mr. Mor- phet was in charge. Th tWt; council is mittine on . maV Tf. IT. S. 1003, V VllipW a v ' - in xnembersaip in the athletic associa tion this year. So far the faculty and the sophomore class are 1009 in membership. Haiel S.mith was a visitor in Bluff-ton the week-end. The H. S. chorus under the direction of Marv Samnle will practice Wednes 'day evening at 7 o'clock. The chorus is scheduled to be on the program for convocation in the near future. In convocation Thursday morning the following people were nominated .for offices in tho student council: Presidents,Edward Khnes, Roy John and Frederick Edwards; vice-presid ents, Leslie Wiioern, jonn I'ayne ana Phyllis Cooper; treasurers, Loren Cain, Roy John and Uva Salyers; secreUries, Beth Winslow, Glenn Bul-ler and Edward Kimes. Lenore Romsey was an Anderson visitor Saturday. Friday night at tho H. S. gym., tho inter-class games were -played, the seniors vs. tho sophomores and the juniors vs. tho freshmen. The score was 58 to 13 in favor of the seniors and G5 to 6 in favor of the juniors. Next Friday night tho seniors win play the juniors to decide tho championship of F. H. S. Many students attended tho base 1 ball game between F. H. S. and Sweetser Friday evening, j' Miss Arnold's gym class enjoyed a hike Friday, going south of town. A pep meeting was held Friday afternoon at 2:50, preparatory to the base ball game at S -.30, between F. H. S. and Sweetser and the inter-class games, , 1 . j j . Was held at the home of Owen Kim- ; In the membership drive in Fair-of brough near Radley Sunday. Mr. mount, Dr. L. D. Holliday has the In. fact cither clas has a team that rases he must make written charges would k-k gx-d as a re; -rcsostattvnd furnish them to the accused, who oir-tot of an average b.brh school, is entitled o a copy of all evidence ben? the biggest little club in the rrUno other town with so small a populaton has a Kiwanis club. This ?jt a distinction that has already given ,.:;. tt-txl wvrKU all over tho tft ? t.,r re.-. ws made Friday at the state meeting f clubs held last wwk in Kckcn.vv Mr. Ribb'e, a;l a number of local Kiwanians attemievl the Ko-ivv(;.". wh.h was attev.devl bv Kiwardar.s fivm atl over Indiana. with a t-ur-lvr of visitvvs fivm other states, and was decidedly enthusiastic In cxry way. As swu as the charter is rocvmsl by the local club airanvvo'cnts wit! W ma e for a big charter tv.eetmc. the date for this to be fixed by Col J. U McliVov.vh. of Marion, district tentative tvan alrr-adv o.scussovl this r-eetlr.g will probably be held in "tV.Hax had and an elaborate program will be atravevd for the event. There will he Kiav.;avs fr-:u Mur.cte. And-rron. Koke-".o I vAVpott Marion. IV.atTton. Wrvhosicr. ard all clubs in this part of the state, ac.vrxllr. to tMvnuses a;rv.vlv cwen. r.nd it is ex pected that C CI .MCV Uvil Wi.i v m .. be in charge ---! -it -n of . . - . - ..... the charter. At the Kckon convention Ardcr-on was selected as the place for the ti22 c--rxmtion .The convention clos-sl with a banquet at which more than c-.e thousanvl member from forty-slx Kiwanis clubs were present. Frank Cemerford, of Chicago attorney, was the principal speaker. Mr. Oomerford. who was special Vreseeuter in the trial of twenty -red at Chicapo. and who lately returned from Fxtrv-pe. declarvsl that Aan?rereus day are ahead for tho liberie of the world and that such or- panuatvr.s as Kiwrms shou.d v.o aa In their pewer tv cxM-.iKat the in.tVaetve ,f javialists, communists ami I. W. W.V. "It is to these three groups that Mosexw is looking for suppv-rt in this county, he declared. John N Brv-mcrt, of tmlianar.;lis. a lieutenant -go verrx-r, was elected d;s- Uict governor to sueeee.1 Cck-ncl J. L. SMrM vouu, whse friends urcel his elect tion, had? delivered a speech in he ured that Mr. BremerCs eleetkn be made unanimous. Mr. ernart was namea licutenant-goverm-r from the Central district; John Leist, of Vincennes was elected from the Southern district, and Harry B- Darling, of Laporte, was chosen from the Northern district. V.eete, secretary, and Linftehl Myer, Paul Brown, w Indianapolis, was The invention rresented (Vknel McCulkxh with a diamond badge in enit . h!s serrice as revern. for the last three years. TEN COMMANDMENTS GROWN BY JOHN MARINE. John Marine presented The News -rtth Is the ft Miit ee cvsR.ei rervre uie e-hell hardens, because when matur - tfc uKstanc hardens to the cere. It is cooked much the same as sweet retatoes. Mr. Marine answer- ed an advertisement and received two seeds from whkh he has about twen - ty-Rve specimens. The one present - ed to The News is shaped much like a vase and has ten points from which it gets its name. It can be seen in The News window. -The Ten Commandments. This a species ef vegetable, preKMy f squash variety, tut the ar; of I a ; f : 5 ! unrair. unjust, discriminatory or de- eepmc praciices; io make or give any person or locality any preference or advantigo. or sv-bjoct them to any prejudice o? disadvantage; to engage n any act apportioning the supply of any prvnluet. manipulating or oi ntrxd- bin prices, restraining commerce or exiting a monojvly. The atm:mstration of the law volves upon the U. S. Seeretarj" Agriculture. He may bring action upon his own initiative whenever he bas reason to believe that there is. ;ny violation of the law. In such gamst him and the right to a hear- ing. In the evert the defendant is guilty, in tho opinion of the Secretary f vri.ltvre. sifter hoarim hav been preen, Uie defendant may with- in SO days appeal to the Circuit Court of Arneeals askinc that the Sec re- tarv's findings be set iisi.le or modified. - The Circuit Court of Appeals has ex- elusive jurisdiction and its decisions Jar final, subject to review- by the Su - preme Court of the United States, j The act also provides that stock j yards and agencies handling live. stock, ere, m im stock, etc.. m interstate commerce, must furnish reasonable service with - !N discrimination; schedules of rates, ves-lUons and charges must be jprlntea and kPi for public Inspection must be in the form and manner determined by the Secretary of Agriculture; no changes shall be permitted in the published rates, charges or regu - : de- ! ! j i 1 . j Till ntVlAr wrM3n:int. rF Vi. . - - - ' - -. . v v Mjm.tavo V A 4 S V V . U t I U and Marion who looked after the hurts Lf the injured, while Coroner Lucas was called from Jonesboro, holding the inquost. The Illinois party had been at Hart ford City, called by the illness of a brother of the man killed, and w returning to their home in Eldn. ere NEWLY WEDS GIVEN M(T HELLING PARTY. A combination belling party was given on last Thursday nijrht at the home of C. C. Powell for Avery To- UVell and wife and Walter Hunt and wife. Sixty-live persons were present taking part in the event and enjoying the pleasures of the evening, those present being: Tilman Cox and family, Dora Hais-ley and family, Mark Powers and family, Wilson Neale and family, Paul McCombs and wife, Wilson Haisley and family, Otto Nelson and family, Hiram Moon and family, Walter Kimbrough, Clarence Harrold, Dovel Haisley and family, Murvel Haisley, Joe Haisley, Bill Haisley Willard Haisley, Lester Haisley, Clistie Hais ley, Cletis Carmony, Orange Prine, Clyde Prine, Russ Haisley, Geo. Barn-hart, Gerrald Cox, Alva Yale, Verlow Allen, Richard Jay, Park McCombs, Ray Moon, Worth Moon Miss Relfe, Jennie Covert, Phil Covert, Fred Thomas, Pauline Gibson, Warren Haisley, Bernard Rittenhouse, Blan-chard Davis. DOUBLE WEDDING COMES AS SURPRISE. A double wedding was solemnized in Noblesville Friday by the Rev. Enos Harvey a former pastor of the Friends church here, which came a3 almost a complete surprise to Fairmount people. The contracting parties were Miss Harriett Meyers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Meyers of South Main street, and John Lindsey, son of Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Lindsey, living in Liberty township; Miss Thelma Turner of Marion and Wilson Payne, son of Mrs. Mattie Payne living south of town. The young people drove to Noblesville where the marriage vows were taken, going from there to Indianapolis and after a short wedding trip they will return to reside near Fairmount where they will engage in farming. MEETING TO ARRANGE FOR BIG SHAM BATTLE. A meeting of all members of the local post. Veterans of Foreign Wars, and all ex-servkem en, and men who have had military drilling, as well aa all members of the Liberty Guards, will be held on Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock in the post hall in the Telephone building, for the purpose of furthering plans for the big reunion and sham battle to soon be given in Fairmount under the auspices of the Kimbrough 70th birthday came on Monday and on Tuesday his daughter,' Miss Maude, had a birthday and the fathering of the friends was for the riTI f 1-"-":- tc Mr. Kimbrough is one of a family of eleven children. Only one of the number has departed this life, the first break coming when Amos passed! l?t April. The other brothers .:.t... v.. v-y..n;.., Clark Kimbrough who lives in Kansas, jwx-re all present to enjoy the day. n wr nnent and i;.i ,i; cn-i .f v. nnn ff'IVI V A UlllllV l 0 iT V V V m V'V hour. RECRUrTING FOR MARINE CORPS RESUMED Recruiting for the Marine Corps has been resumed after a period of about (en weeks suspension, during which time ex-Marines only were accented ;for reenlistment. Congress has fixed the strength of the Marine Corps at; 21,000 men, and the standards of tho Corps will be highly physically, men - tally and morally. The minimum ago for enlistment will be twenty (20) years, weight one hundred and thirty j pounds, height sixty-five inches. For: Louisrille, Ky. MARION JOY RIDERS USE FAIRMOUNT CAR r t- Xt. -nd Xfrt drove to Marion to son, who is in the Grant after having submit- t4 n nwnt nn rr.-r rTwri-initi and while the car was parked near tK ttnnitl snmn nn annmnriatM) lit for their own use. The disappear - anco of the car was reported to the police, who the next morning found jit abandoned near tho Marion high school building. It had been driven some 20 or 25 miles, the joyriders leaving it where it was found after they Lad finished their ride. The car was tat damaged. - I 1 1 i lations of any stock yards, except af- j further information regarding enlist-ter ten days notice to the Secretary mts cn ot communicate with any The teams from these classes seem tx ho unusually well matched and the championship frav a-.dvHibed!y be - . . ..;. iAKt .jj. -tvportevl to the last by an ard- ent eYvwxl vf rooter?. The prlimin- HI be te- - -v.. ?..tK' 1 . X VV i . V V grade teams. yu y-rY Ft "tJOtDS," Rif th'e W. F. M. S. will W Tuesday evening for the ,;..,v their . . , - ,.vi i . ' . " . wK?.-h en !ol re - . -BUejkw will furnish the -. t , . . refreshments atvl the ra.ty will held at the heme of Mrs. Victor Selby on South Main street The "Gelds will furnish the program, but as each side is keeping their plans a dark secret. The News is not prepared to ft,e JU5t wh,lt lhe rtinwat wm v vs- lRICK DIES FROM BL1WD POISONING. Charles Price, 5s a well known iamer, passes awsiy i ms wrra just acres the corporation line o East Eighth street Friday morning at aoout II oYiocK. Mr. iTice was in ' " -.. -. . who is at heme, and one daughter, "Mrs t-aton, living near Alexandria. "P was held this morning m the Friends church. Rev. Enes "4rvt7 Noblesville, former pastor ; J n charge. Burial was made at ; cvroewry. j ! nd Mrs. Ross Leisure of La- fontaine were the Sunday guests of I Mr, and Mrs. O. C Oarless. J i ! I and to the public, which notice shall :Gf the following Marine Corps Restate the proposed changes. It shall cruiting Stations: 157 N. Illinois St be unlawful for any stock yards or , Indianapolis, Ind.; 2nd A Main Sts., Iimv tn nm in anv unfair di. ? rr......;i1j. TkJ TV rtffiMk ItMs j i i s i week, death oemp tne rc- ;eomrnt 0( shippers, or upon com-! Porter Atkinson ; sun or Mood reisoninc wnicn ueveiop- pnt f any board of agriculture, or see their little ' w one ot nis naneis. lie is , ir jhxk sci w sUte tjcy, I etunty hospital tr5minaKry practices in connection wUh thft piving, marketing, feeding, I -ihlng or otherwise handling live! stock Jn jntate rommerce. . llrn his own initiative, or uonn , NcriiirY or Aimeuiture nr. at tnstitute an inquiry regard- the observance of thi . act bv stock j y., or regarding the rates, charges ot regulations irl effect or proposed to put into ff at any stock yards, iiinjt his decision upon the matter, he Secretary may suspend for 60 sdays the operation of any such rate' or regulation and shall file a written , statement ot his reasons for such sua- pension. Hearings, upon the suspea- j j J i local post, V. F. T7.

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