The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 7, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 7, 1936
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Monday, December 7, 1936 The Dally Cllntonlan, Clinton, Indiana fane NEWPORT WOMEN ARE ENTERTAINED Morgan Twins Face Second Battle California Seeks To Drop Laws on ' " 'V Sudden Marriage ' - ' f k. .- v l. ......r.... a-a L .. 1.. ' - mi SACRAMENTO, Cal.. Dee. B He- Mrs. C. C; Sawyer Hostess Friday Evening to Members of Delphian Chapter .enl of California's "gin marriage law will he Bought at the comin W MM session of the 'state legislature, WeeJtly Fain Paper Review TH BEST IDKAS FBOM THE BEST FARM PAPER8 - WILLARO cording to current reports reaching the eapitol. Since the law was enacted several years ago causing a Ave diy lapse hetween the application for a license A Living from Broiler I IJliflk it k a fair estimate tht 7R nut of vprv SO Deonle make S. and its issuance, citizens from al Ml,! '.' fa- si", wlu. - .--"-a failure of the broiler but iness. By that I mean that they fail to make money, or actually lose money. For that reason I think it well worth lh sections of the state have been loud In lehlr disapproval. space to give my readers a brief resume of a story in Poultry Tribune about a Kentucky factory worker who made the business go right from the start. First he built a two-storv broiler house 26x50 feet. In one end Claiming (be state Is losing thou Y " ? "H v V' 1 A yj .; if Lady Kurness f- I,2j! Mr"- ''orla Vanderhllt RAYI1ES-FRAZIER Farm Hardware of Al! Kinds 323 South Main Phone 33 sands of dollars annually by eloping couples treking to Reno, Ner., and V 11 inn, Aris., the most popular Gret of the second floor he installed a 1,400-chick brooder stove, with insulated walls and ceiling around it to confine the beat. The rest of the upstair! was not heated. Downstairs he installed a coal stove of sufficient size to keep the floor temperature at 65 degrees. Kvery month during the year he starts 400 chicks under the brooder stove. As soon as they know the way back to the stove he permits them to ran in and out t the "cold room" to promote vigor and uniform feathering. When they are a month old they are moved to the first floor and a new lot of chicks mi into the na fireen points nearby. Assembly NEWPORT, !): 7 - Mis. ('. ('. Sawyer entertained the lilhiitn C'hapliT Friday pvcmIiik Willi nil membera present inelitriiiiK M'"-dnmea Will. Heeler. II S llawklnx. W. O. Parretl, J N. .Iihick, I.. I'. Nelson, II. V. NIxiiii. H. ('. Sawyer. W. C. Wall, M. ('. WIkkIiik, ;ia' ('. Davis. Ella P. Hall. Laura Hui'li. an. I tile MIhkoh Hew Lalihaiti, (Iruce Klieuliy and Bertha Sawyer. Tlic guest were Mm. I. A. MyrK. 'Mrs. Harold V. ,lmen m nil Mrs. Laura Heed. The member nimwered to roll rail wllh eiirrent event. The IfSHon waH on "KiiKland lo the Nineteenth Century and a j-'eneral Riir-vpy of Her Literature," Kiven by Mrs. W. C. Piirrett. Refreshments wpre iervetl. ' Kuellie Parly Mr. and .Mrs. Bertie Marker entertained al euohre Friday evenini: Mr. and Mrs. Charley Ferguson. Mr. and Mrs. I.on Reed and Hay IMrkell of Clinion and Mrs. Margaret Vincent. Prizes wore awarded lo Hay Piikell, high, and Charley Ferguson, low. Refreshments were served. nau Karl Desmond of Gait has announced he Intends to do something nhont It. brooder room. In 19.36 he raised 4300 broilers selling them at retail foi an average live price of 60c each. They cost him an average of 21r for chicks and feed, leaving him a gross income of 2fc per broiler, ijeven pounds of feed can be counted on to make 2-nound broilers in this plant in The stale board of public instruc a period of 7 weeks and they are vigorous and fully feathered. He keeps ion is reported planning severs Mieasures to be presented to the leg 'shyure Including further reclassi Ocation of school districts. nu price average up auring tne spring slump Dy selling to pallets lor breeders at 8 weeks of age for 75c each. WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth Cello-Glass . Putty, Paints, etc. STEVENSOX LUMBER CO. Apples and Winter-Killing The board seeks to eliminate more of the smaller school districts and Ten years ago the president of the Iowa Fruit Growers Association ted several thousand apple trees in a way that than was new. In be -reate additional union schools. tween every two Mcintosh or Stayman trees, for example, he planted a Hibernal tree which was later tonworked to match iut neiahbor. The !o far there has been no attempt extreme cold of last winter proved the value of Hibernal for understock to siihmit another teacher's tenure as tne top-worked trees showed much less winter-killing and a light to moderately heavy crop of apples, whereas there were bo auples on the measure. Emanating from Los An reles the teacher's tenure proposl trees on their own stems. This was true with Mcintosh, Stayman. and wmesap somewhat less true with Jonathan. American ruit Grower. Mon on the election ballot early this On the eve of another court fight over custody of her daughter. Gloria. Mrs. Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, right, bids good by to her twin ister, Lady Funlcss. left, aj the latter sails for her home in England. month went down In defeat. Cover Crops for Gardens Attempts will be made to elimi Rye makes an excellent winter cover crop or the vegetable garden. nate the communist party from fit ture participation in elections. C. COLUriDUS COOPERATIVE STORES according to Pennsylvania Farmer. It may be sown as late as November 1st in the latitude of Pennsylvania, but earlier sowing will provide much more green material to turn finder. Hairy vetch provides more nitiocen. but it must be sown durinr August or earlv SeDtember. Two to three At the 19.15 session several bills Eating With Fingers A large number of the several hundred million persons who eat with their fingers religiously re serve their right hand for "clean" work and their left hand for "unclean" work. Hence they never use the left hand lo pick up their food or the right hanci to kill an insect. Collier's Weekly, were In Ihe assembly directed at the Has World's Largest Metoarile The Long Island meteorite, largest stone body from Hie heavens ever found anywhere in the world is on exhibition in Chicago. According to Field Museum News, it weighs about 1,200 pounds. bushels of rye to the acre or 10 to 20 lbs. of vetch and a bushel of rye-will give good results. Sweet clover is a fine soil-builder for gardens, bin "ommnnist but none were passed. The state board ot equilizatlon It has to be seeded in August and must not be turned under until it i:' has announced it will seek at least several inches high in the spring. Can Swarming Be Controlled? 21 changes In the state's aloholic beverage control act. Writing in Pennsylvania Farmer. L. W. Litrhtv advances the ODinion that the swarming of bees cannot be done away with by cuttinz uu'. h - queen bee cells each week, or bv any other method known to him. instead Watermelon Not a Native of trying to stop swarming entirely, Mr. Ligbty holds it down to not more r 1 a jav ' Behind tfteMi ' CHRHTMAfs ivQ 1 t'i88 Cornet feS7j lis bread by ijJlJi , exbeetorotiort'censumbtrves than one swarm each season by shaking so many bees into the new swarm, from the old colony, that the old colony is too depleted to swarm twice. Starting with 60 colonies each sorinr he freouentlv has 70 or more in the A Christmas Gift ..... . That will save you time and money for years to come! A New . . . fall and then he consolidates these into 60 strong colonies before they go 111 w winter. , Farm Fire Protection Many jokes have been made at the expense of the colored man's love for watermelon. As a matter of fact, the black man was probably eating watermelon long before the white man ever beard of it. It is a native of Africa and may be found growing wild on plains south of the Sahara where it is an important part of the diet of deer and antelope of that region. It is believed tha pilgrims brought the first watermelon seeds to America, Farmers who deoend urjon barrels 01 watar for fire nrohdion must GENERAL be sure that those barrels do not freeze. The easiest way to prevent freezing is to dissolve flake calcium chloride into the water. Following is a table showing the amount required per gallon of water: 2 lbs. for 10 de crees above zero; Ztt lbs. for aero; if lbs. for 10 degrees below; 3 '4 lbs. or 25 decrees below: 4 lbs. for 40 desrreea below sera. Pennsylvania ELECTRIC WASHER While the Supply Last We Will Give Farmer. IN5UI1AIJCE and ' Surety Donds Old Line Stock Compass ROBB & GILMOUR Dependable Insurance Since 1890 141 S. Main St. Phone 18 Curing Hams says ratnnnder Magazine, lor in less than ten years after their coming, melons were plentiful in Massachusetts. It found favor with the Indians at once. By 1665 the Florida Indians -were- cultivating it and ten years later '(Jibes of the West. Court of Claims ot li. 3 The Court of Claims of the Unite ABSOLUTELY States was established by an act of February 24. 1855. with General The chief problem in curing hams on the farm is to be sure that the cure penetrates clear to the bone thus avoiding ''bone-souring." The Kc iters have surmounted this trouble by "pumping" the core along the nea and into the .joint. y the use of a 4 -ounce syringe with a long needle having several outlet holes. The syringe is filled with the pickle being careful to avoid any air-pockets. The needle is inserted full-length along the shank bone and the liquid is injected with a slow even pressure. Then it is inserted along the thigh bone, pointing toward the knuckle. Then it is inserted along the butt bone. Large hams should also be injected from each side, pointing toward the knuckle bone. Breeder's Gazette. Planting Reed's Canary Grass : jurisdiction dVer all claims upon the Coffee Diug Caffeine is tlie drug in coffee, and its scientific name is Trimethyloxy-purin. Isolated, it is in the form United Slates Government, except pension claims, and since 1915 except claims growing out of the War of the Rebellion. of shining white, needle-shaped crystals, like minute icicles. Many Writing In Hoard's Dairyman, an expert gives the following instruc-1 ttons for planting Reed's Canary Grass on low land that is subject to over- for planting Reed's Canary Grass on low land that is subject to over The Periseope people think that coffee us harmful because of this drug, but an em flow. The soil should be free from weeds and offer a eood seed bed. Use 7 Uie periscope is an optical instrument used in submarines, 20 Boxes o EIMSO And One New ELECTRIC IRON trenches, etc., to enable an observer inent American scientist made 715, 000 measurements and conducted a number of experiments which led him to believe that coffee is not to obtain a field of view that other wise would be impossible because Clinfonian Job Printing Bears The Union Label of an intcrvering object or the like. lbs. 01 seed per acre mixed with an equal amount 01 timothy seed and seed both ways. It is not necessary to cover the seed. If your soil is ready and you did not get it seeded in the fall put on your rubber boots and seed it as soon as the snow is gone in the spring. A little standing water will do no harm. Clip the weeds when they start but do not leave them on the ground, as they will smother the young seeding. Rubber Tractor Tires Michigan State College reports that rubber tractor tires will pay for themselves through fuel savings alone in the first five seasons. Hoard's Dairyman. Box Stalls for Dairy Cows Tlic Oldest Parish only harmless but actually of great benefit. It enables the muscles to do more work with the same expenditure of energy, and acts as a tonic without having an enervating result. Also, not only does it facilitate clear thinking, but it enables Uie student to acquire more knowl al. John r, Episcopal Church at II nipton, Va., is said to be the oldest pal ish in this country. Estab-li.i.t-. in IC10 it was originally kr.ov.'n as Kcrouhlan Parish after edge in a shorter period than be the Indian settlement of Kecough fore drinking it. t:itt as Hampton was originally Kno..:i It is rather generally believed by dairymen that cows will produce better in box stalls than in the usual line of stanchions or tie stalls. A recent test by Ohio Experiment Station in which the same rows were alternated between box stalls and stanchions failed to show any greater production in the box stalls. The only advantage that the station sees in the box stall is protection against accidents and contagious diseases and leas feed-stealing. Hoard's Dairyman. Kapok, Down from Seed Pods Kapok is the down from the seed FOR ONLY Usstns in Varnish T fie bases oi varnish are resins v.'hx h lonn the varnish film. These rxids of Uie ; Randoe tree, grown -hiefly in Java, but to some extent in Ceylon and the Philippine Islands. The United States Imports may be miturul resins obtained Sold On Eay Payments around 700,000 tons per year. Due from tree barks of Africa, New Zealand and other parts of the to its resilience it is used In the $1.00 Deposit Lays Away A DON'T WAIT New Washer for Xmas SOLD BY earth, or they may be synthetic ieGins, chemically manufactured. HIGHEST PRICES For Iif on Hags Mattresses JUNK OF ALL KINDS A. PUMES Water Street Phone 267 manufacture of pillows and mattresses. Its buoyancy makss it useful in the manufacture of life preservers. It has been found that it f(gS RADIO S'.radivarius' Best Pupii UU W SERVICE an excellent insulating material Caiio Berfioni was born in 1636 and died in 1747. He is considered or both heat and sound. Phone 792 to hae been the best pupil of Strad 456 North Ninth St. We Service All Make of Washers nanus. He took over the house and Many Use Dollar Sign The conventional symbol asso v, o: 1"t Loo of the master. ciated with American currency and commonly know.i as tiie dollar sign is used to denote local currency in some 20 foreign countries. We Always Pay Highest Prices FOR ALL GRADES OF JUNK , . . CARLOAD PURCHASING Tower of Babel Greatest The Tower of Babel at Babylon HAVE YOU SEEN The New Oldsmobile ft was the last and greatest or ine sreat stage-towers that cities of an ient Mesopotamia constructed. Brings These Prices! For 1937 Special Prices on Used Cars Blood Does Not Clot Properly Goard MOTOR SALES 137 East Elm Street 5 TUBE .fcMl RADIOS 6 TUBE TABLE RADIOS 8 TUBE RADIOS Without Calcium IRON RAGS n $1495 $2850 $3650 2750 Many people have trouble with m 0. ft. heir blond not cloning properly for 10 othr reason than a lack of CAL- I'M. Doeiom now dars give tb?ir patient CALCIUM conipouudn be fore an operation ho the Mood will m if; 1 JS lot faster. The patient loses less Mood, the operation Is cleaner and i 4 if CABINET GROW RADIOS the patient gets well quicker. To ak sure you get all the CALCIUM nd all the other minerals your body MATTRESSES Old Paper Old Metal A. Dumes WATER STREET READ The Daily Clintonian It's Your HOME NEWSPAPER OSMON BROS. f-ds every day. eat 1. I'ar lfi Mineralized bread (10c a loaf ) or t. PLUS 16 randy (5? a bar) or 1. I'ar 1C Balanced Minerals ($1 a jar at dru stores od at grocery stores wherTer Par 16 Bread is sold). Radio's Home $69!! I 11 -Tube All-World Grunow Terms to Suit the Purchaser. 224 Blackmail Street HM IOI H rAIXIl'M TOMAVT ' i ( WY. VOI'

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