The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 29, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1921
Page 8
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS If HARD TIMES SOCIAL BY REBEKAH LODGE. A large per cent of the membership SUNDAY SERVICES li 1 IC3 I Scliool F of the Rebekah lodge were on hand at the hard time social to enjoy the entertainment in their hall Wednesday WESLEYAN CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Social Praise Service, 10:30 a. m. Young people's meeting, 6:30 p.m. evening and they came in vestments truly amazing-, some in old rags, some in old tags, but none in silk velvet For Boys and Girls FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY Preaching, 7 p. m. i Midweek prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. Tuesday. ' A Christian welcome to all who will ! worship wth us. I - J. J. COLEMAN, Pastor. gowns. A surprise feature of the evening was a mock wedding pulled off, the principals impersonating a colored wedding party with splendid success. Miss Phyllis Cooper presided at the piano and to the strains of a wedding march the bridal party entered. Mrs. Clarence Kibbey was the bride and R. W. Kircher the groom. M. E. CHURCH The Sunday services will not be at the regular hours next Sunday. In 1 U : Cn.loi. c--Krvrl will bf At We are showing our new fall line of all leather school shoes at much lower prices. Albert Morris representing the prea-. nn ' 1n.ft T 'evening the Epworth League meets cher read, the marriage service. The attendants were Misses Leonie Day, Mis Mmir1 tv J m Vrr it crVi Ci CI Vnnz !at 7 o'clock instead of 6:45 and will; Big 50c Jar of Wonderful COMBINATION CREAM JONTEEL with the purchase together of one 50c box of Face Powder Jonteel and one 50c compact of Rouge Jonteel. Three Famous Beautifiers for the Price of Two. We make this exceptional offer so that you may get acquainted with this most delightful face cream. A cream for softening, healing, beautifying the complexion. Simply wonderful as a base for powder. You love to use it it's so fragrant,' cooling and refreshing. Stimulates the tissues and makes you feel as well as look lots younger. FACE POWDER JONTEEL is a soft, invisible powder with a remark-able clinging quality. You notice the difference at one?. ROUGE JONTEEL is' so lifelike. Matches your own natural flush perfectly. Comes in Convenient compact form to carry in purse or pocket. s u j r j t n T3 ihave charge of the entire evening bone and Jan Frierirf. Mrs. Kd Her- . . . . , , ., , . program. The regular 7:30 service taux was to have been an attendant, F f .f T . .,, . . . . , , ... ! will be mersred with the E. L. and will Prayer meeting . i . ... .. ibetrm at 7 o clock. able to be present. Altogether it was ; ' . -.,... .? . , Thursdav at 7:30. one of the jolhest parties given bv ; 1& the Rebekahs and the versitility of the comedians in the rolls taken displayed talent a little less than The Bee Hive Cash Store No Substitutes in STAR BRAND BEAUTY REQUISITES. FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m. j Preaching, 10:30 a. m. . Subject, "Putting Away Sin." Preaching, 7:30 p. m. j Subject, "Denying the Master." j Junior Mission Band, 3 o'clock. Intermediate Christian Endeavor, YOU CAN SECURE THESE JONTEEL ONLY AT THE REXALL STORE. WILL RECEIVE BIDS FOR HASTING FARM. O. R. Scott, commissioner, announces that he will receive bids at his office on Saturday, Oct. 1, for the Hasting farm, which has been adver- THE PIONEER DRUG STORE j Mr. Wm. Simons and son, P. T. Sim-jons, of Washington, D. C, will attend t6:30. j I Young people's group, 6:30. j S. ADELBERT WOOD, Pastor.: THE REXALL STORE XEN H. EDWARDS, Mgr. the G. A. R. encampment at Indian-, tised for sale at commissioners sale, apolis, Wednesday and Thursday. Have An Individual Suit Don't Be a Duplicate BAPTIST CHURCH Miss Florence McNeal is visiting Billie Couch who has been visiting ; friends in Montpelier. For fine line wall paper see Isaiah Jay's house furnishing store. j his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. j . , Preaching by Rev. C. II. Seheiek at Isaiah Jay is closing, out his entire 10:45 a. m. B. Y. P. U at 6:30 p. m. line of heating stoves, low prices to Evening preaching service by Rev. C. ! you. H. Scheick at 7:30 p m. Everyone is j - Oz Wilson made a business trip to Indianapolis Tuesday. Wright at 5latthews, returned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wright ac- Mrs. Sarah Heaston is quite ill at her home on West Washington street. t welcome and its worth your while to j James A. Ray has. returned home icompanied him home and spent the dav with Mr. and Mrs. Ora Couch. Miss Lillian Dunbar is visiting relatives in Nobelsville. hear Rev. Scheick. i from Greensburg where he has been W. I. McKINLEY. ! doing clerical work for several weeks Henry C. Pearson is recovering ; Chairman Pulpit Committee j in the office of the Big Four railroad j m i company during the vacation period j l ii STOCK HAULING 1 There we a time when Tailor made clothte tot more. That is not true now. We w ill fit yet. Your clothes ill reflect ye ar individuality. American Casi ers for falL ? 23.00 ard S2C.C0. "Our re? rt rsibility is your fruarar.!." i Rev. J. J. Coleman had the pleasure i of a visit from his brother, W. II. Coleman and his wife from Clinton, j Okla., last week. He went from here j to see other relatives and friends in I Marshall county. m i j from an attack of asthma. I Mrs. Ella Patterson made a busi-1 ness trip to Indianapolis Monday. To Indianapolis CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH ; of a number of the regular employees. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Next 1 1 Sunday is rallv day and every member 1 Mrs. Nellie Buck and Miss Lillian is urr;ed to be present at the evening Dunbar entertained as guests at Sun-service at 7:30, at which time the pas- day dinner in their home on North Mrs. Snrah Hollowsiv is ill at. the . . n i or l A cord- ! Vine street, E. J. Scott and wife, r y - tt i.: . lor ui stoir en ian i Noah C. Heninger received word ; iiv nit: ui utr tun in riuiiiwiuiuii iouni . .. Rate cut to 40c a hundred. Call Phone 211. Georeiebell and Gerald of Nobeles- 1 iai invitation is exienueu to an tu come Mrs. Elizabeth Heninger which accur- i Miss Hazel Payne is making a few ! and meet trith us at these services. 1 f ATo-ooii Xs Afrc xt;y- .v'5 -;;t -;tv. frn.ic .v. TToT-tfVu-ri i Martin Lee Granl, 1 astor Ribble Bros (OF COURSE) TAILORS i was S6 vears old. Owing to delav in ' City. ville, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jenkins and daughters of Logansport, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Baker and son of Marion, Mrs. Susan Peele and Mr. and Mrs. Oral Elkins of Jonesboro, and Mrs. Six of Marion. s Isaac Malone ANNIVERSARY MADE i ti i iiv- rrr cinv I receiving the message Mr. Heninger 1 was unable to leave here in time to stter; I t!-e Lureral. O., is visiting friends and relatives in ! Mrs" Mar" Lomon' South Bar- FairmOUnt, stieet, tS piwtauuj uiinsi-u tsrxs DZ0PLE P-a! estate transfers published this on her sixty-second birthday anniversary. . The main feature of the surprise' was the arrival of her Miss Eveline Ritchie entertained an i week are as follows: Florence Good- . A. .. . , -rrr.reiCT; .rTT?TTS3g KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN ye r i W Ct 31 to .Mary KUSIl et Vir , . . unn. TVm T.emni. an, wife, nf S:fi . . . . ner. nf Snithvi p. Ir. from Snfnninv : ' "".. "-you N0Wp lot 1".' fcweetser, Matter & Mxor. s Add , . j ' " i naw. Miohicran. They Lianigan. ihey were accom Edmond M. Hoi- i jTo Fairmount. ?425. panied by Miss Helen Baumgarten, of , WATCH Other members of the Mr. and WATCH Mrs. Eva nii'im frar?iiAt nnrsp re Smith were ! Iingsworth to James M. Cash lot 2S : V";u. Simons and Swcetser Matter & Nixon's Add to j Fairmount, $350. Ed from the Illinois Traininr: school, has 1 fara?1' Present were Mr. and Mrs iy jr. the family. : engaged to take up work under the T. S -r. Garrison. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Miley, ard sons Arthur and Avery, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Di'.ts, daughter Eva. and sons Lloyd and Floyd, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Garrison, daughter DeWayne, s ci V sh"ngton. D. C, ' direction of the Grant county hospital Mrs. Eva Duling and her brother- ' Rn. wa!1 caMed on her first case Charlie Hook, motored to Mun-; av nisrht. FOR Big Annouce ment is the .cue. ci his father, Wm. Sim O sn Viiern, ana Mr. ana .urs. boya (.ox 51 and daughter Vetta, of Elkhart. n ons r.r.d tar-.i:y. cje Sunday where they spent the day! u-ith realtives in celebration of the ! Miss Isadore Rush left Tuesday for Mr. and Mrs. William Kirwin. of birthday anniversaries of Miss Mary ; Indianapolis, to take a six months Detroit, aie t'r.e quests of Walter Duley and Mrs. Cartwirght, who is a j training in librarv woik in the India- I ! sister of Mr. Hook. Diwnir.g ar.d f."-rr.:-y. JUNIOR LEAGUE SOCIAL H J napolis city library. She will make THE SPOTS a THE SPOTS j her home with her uncle, Charles Rush and family. Mrs. P. T c-...:t... t i n aMiniKioii, Tt-c Jnnis Phil jn will ereot a D. C will cctt.c Sunday for a few I noxr. K;iHinr tr tol-A nlar of thp barn ! ENJOYABLE AFFAIR A jolly good social time was enjoyed by a number cf the Junior Epworth Leaguers of the Methodist church, on Monday afternoon in the & - - I days visit at ti"e Wrr.. Simons home. A ! which was destroyed by lightning re The high school orchestra will play cently and has contracted for build- ' at the Congregational evening service material. Mr. Mr. Waymire, tenant ard ve. Hugh Dee Pope have ing basement of the church. Indoor games, and yell and song practice were the main features of the cone to Battle Creek, Mich., where ion the farm, lost all of his horses, 7:30 o'clock next Sunday, Oct. 2. It is Rally Day and special music will be rendered and a sermon suitable for the occasion. evening. 1 hose present were r rula nnrl T?itVi Mvtr! Oiwl'Mao Ru-pnnov 'II Mr. Pope has a musical engagement feed and implements, thereby involv-that will keep them there for some:ing a heavy loss. Mrs. Phillips car-time. Mrs. Fope was formerly Missjried $800 insurance. Her loss is esti-Zonda Zike cf this place. mated to be something near $3,000. L. Fen-of the Dr. E. B. Couch and Dr. C. ton will attend the meeting Ruth and Helen Bevington, Virginia I Selby, Dorothy Winslow, Iva Louise and Philip Taylor, Mary Elizabeth 1 GET READY TOR OUR GREAT "CLEAN UP .L3 FOR STOCK REDUCTION WHEN PRICES WILL BE SUCH AS TO DEFY COMPETITION. BUT HERE ARE FEW OF OUR "EVERYDAY" BARGAINS Tin Cans. pr dozen 55c Peaches, in syrup, per dozen $3.23 Apricots, in syrup, per dozen $3.75 Blackberries and Raspberries, per dozen $3.25 Cheese, per pound 28c Bacon, per pound 35c Calumet Baking Powder, per pound 20c No. 3 can Sweetpotatoes 20c Sun Maid Raisins, per pound 25c Pepper, per pound 25c Flour 85c CELERY FROM MICHIGAN. HOME GROWN LETTUCE. NEW BEETS. northern Indiana dental association in i Fort Wayne Monday and Tuesday of pV lerauch, Charles Green, Carl Little Kenneth Misses Marv Brvan next week, their offices being closed' on those davs and Elsie Sweeney and Mrs. Wm. Brown. Harry Leer left Wednesday after noon for Los Angeles, Cal., where he SUNDAY SCHOOL YOUNGSTERS ENTERTAINED Misses Bobbie Weyler, Mailda and Franklin Stores Company ? Fairmount Store Special 10 Day Sale Beginning October 1, 1921 will enter the University of Southern California for a four years course of study. Mr. Leer will be with his brother Hiley Leer, who is engaged business in Los Angeles. Maude Corbin and Hazel Thompson, entertained a crowd of Baptist youngsters at the former's home on Wednesday evening. The evening was WE HAVE A GOOD OUTLET FOR POULTRY. PHONE US. The Mayflower Doree McCormick, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McCormick of the Clover Leaf Cream station was taken to Marion to Dr. W. H. Braunlin where she will submit to a surgical operation for the removal of her tonsils. Dr. Brown, her attending physician will assist at the operation. . spent in playing games and working puzzles. Prizes were given to Morris Pernod and Marcella Stroup. Refreshments were served. Those enjoying the evening were, Margaret and Mildred Nelson, Ruth and Mar-celli Stroup, Catherine Pernod, Wood-row Wilson, Morris Pernod and Wright Horine. A jolly good time was enjoyed by all. Bob Lindsay, Prop. Phone 1 1 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lindley of Indianapolis returned home Monday af Miss Mrytle Lowe of Marion, was the over night guest of Mrs. Tony Payne, Wednesday. ter a week, end visit with C. C. Hack Heat Your Bungalow, Cott&cc, or Flat vrith Hot Water Cellar not neces ney. They were accompanied by Mrs." Pineapple., per dozen $3.84 Peaches in Sjrup, per dozen $2.88 Tomatoes per cozen $1.68 Apricots, -per dozen 2.76 Salmon, 9c, lie, 18c Peaberry Offe i..... 21c Good Flour, 24 pounds 79c and up Corn Flak 3 for 25c Peanut Botttr, per lb T. . 14c Vinegar, per gallon 27c Cheese, per 'b-, ? 27c Old Reliable Ocffee, per lb, 29c The above are just a few of our low prices on our full line of extra quality groceries. Every article in our store is priced right and in addition to our already low prices we will give with every twelve articles purchased one article of same kind free. This applies to anything in store. O. P. Lindley of Paoli, Ind., who has I Mrs. Henry Barber entertained as been spending a week visiting her brothers C. C. and F. E. Hackney. saryput in any small house without disturbing present heating arrangements, un Ml her guest Monday night her uncle, 1 Mr. Jesse P. Stephenson, of Hunting- ton, W. Va., and on Tuesday he and Mr. Barber went to Indianapolis to remain for the remainder of the week to attend the National Encampment. til ready to with the f VA At a 1 TbcAfcola la placed In BV. lLlJiAL m ArCOla ins rok,kcbea Radiator-Boiler Si!shlHJhS 1 to American Radiators in adjoining rooms. The The Sunday school class of the M. E. church taught by Mrs. Ella Patterson was entertained at a veery pretty party Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Will Brown. The decorations were! expressive of Hallowe'en, pumpkins, corn etc., being used with good effect. A variety of games were provided for i the entertainment of the guests and a dainty luncheon was served. The assistant hostesses were Mr. LaMont Brown and Mr. Arthur Sommers. IfaWMlBsB jJOD T O TTlMj shijsjisj rDSAL-ArcoIn UmBm-tor Boiler for am oil houses without cellar. Hot water heating mm Mrs. Lena Norman and her mother, Mrs. Henry Barber, spent Monday with friends in Indianapolis and while there met an old uncle of Mrs. Barber, whom she had r.ot seen for about 46 years He had come from Huntington, W. Va., to attend the National Encampment this week. EDGAR A. LANE, Manager atmpte and eaay 1 ninf stove 01 Estimates Cheerfully Given Without Obligation J. C. HARRIS Phone 1095 Summityille, Indiana

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