The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1976 · Page 117
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 117

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1976
Page 117
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Page 117 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 5, 1976-G7 2nd ANNUAl NEW YEARS EVE 2 FEATURES itF trFRT nvvi Of HULL IKUIJE vftl trot bur wmt ovir n only SthUH AVAIIABLI DECORATIONS hr Information Coll COC C4Q7 fAHusnA mo. ooo-ooal MJ.00 TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT: FLIPSIDE RECORDS ft TAPES, I03 S. DIXIE OR All JEANS, ETC. LOCATIONS. GET TICKETS EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. TTTTTTTTTTf9 Al" B I 1 1 i " XX --I"-T THEATRE TJXX 4?Tp flTD IB A Nl L 0 Pi . r Jb" A rTTT G l U B L N EG E vj. I D E A liiiili - illli P eTn 0 Lf.0.11 A P0 iO F Djl E T E R S u s Tpw I N S I T R 0 0 1 ' Tn A H an1 T I E I S IS N E S T0 F E G G H I E I A D ST S E S "IT E SIT A I I R E I O A G R E E JD I " THE N 0 Nl NJ I L EEJETs K A RMD E J I A I STT I C E Rl IS 0 A RfjF E L E ROW APE P AC K ) S 0 F SMok" E R STjE T A iF NO X SIT eL S l yl Ja" etaT (jujube "1eraL SAN EVfT DLERl '-lNOS E S ID RlO I V 1 E S 0 F M 0 T 0 R 1 1 I S IT SI AlBlO D"EI IT RO U TJ-W ANT MHjS M I 8oTa s t sl ih" a u sT Hp s Tl i m b plsQso fIaHc L I Q I u I e1 S o f hTe e l S TIl t jsrjr I B E ihc U T Ti (fixing I A ? S T ILJR E B EJCTJE A R fsl I N E R IS N I P E RLJA"l El IH AET"ST s Ie a ljk no1tofm ARjllN e r smtjoItIe 1 N B E L Tf IL E S ' GIANT SnZ A P PR I D E Oj F S I N 0 B S 0f R E A LJ0 R S G0.A1J LLD S I D 1 E 1 E 1 M i ml . .. - v0PEN 10 A.M. J UK ahe roi'i i ss: J "PLAY ONLY WITH ME" "SECRET AGENT" "GOOD INVESTMENT" EARLY IIRO 10 AM TO NOON SAVE $1.00 COMPLETE PROGRAM CHANGE EVERY THURS. 949 BROADWAY RIV. KH 141-1103 -J.'A TuJimI GEORGE C. SCOTT ANNE BANCROFT "THE HINDENBURG"-pg Tu)k2 RICHARD PRYOR GEORGE CARLIN "CAR WASH". FREE PARKING PH. 844-4296 NOW SHOWING: RATED- - a. u. . . . . RAPE" 7 Aao-ptatiinUWdo mmmm r 2A Mill LimiEOiBisiHfjninsy 7!y? U1LLJ S3 M. M-JM I RECORDS & TAPES COME HEAR THE NEW RELEASES BY BARGAIN MATINEE PRICES until 5:00pm M0N.-SAT. M" ( kIMyi) HELD OVER: 1:45-3:40-5:35-7:30-9:25 IF YOU GOT A TASTE FOR TERROR TAKE CARRIE TO THE PROM. SISSY SPACEK O PIPER LAURIE IT WILL SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU. GEORGE HAMILTON BOB SEEGER CHARLIE V fHfj HAT D00BIE BROTHERS BOSTON l OTHERS. RECORDS 6103 5. DIXIE, W.P.B. 6 BLOCKS N. FOREST HILL LIE I DANIE LITTl DANIELS ARR0WSMITH STEVE MILLER K LITTLE RIVER BAND ERIC CLAPTON FREE GIFTWRAP NEXT TO WHOLLY HARVEST A GENERAL. CINEMA THEATRES 11 BURT CINEMA 70 $1.50 EVERYDAY 'TIL2:30 CAREFREE SAT.& SUN. ONLY 1 TODAY AT: 2:15-4:50-7:30-9:45 HELD OVER 2ND WEEK! Last Week's Solution OINEUVI 430 fj HUSTLE" -R- 1 i J OPEN AT 6 30 SHOWTIME IS 7PM "wait" DISNEY MUD. RUN mil" G j uum unnu NEW SNACK BARS-DEIKAY A BCVD vhitusict TOWN . REYNOLDS I WI I I CP MAQWIM pnnPQ Mnncp x&ttt mm iw in and i iuuu i iiiuui iu lMjl SHOUT AT THE DEVIL& THE GREATEST AFRICAN , CO-HIT "RUN WILD, RUN FREE" PLEASE CHECK TIMECLOCK FOR STARTING TIMES K2 r Al HOTM ! j A THRILLER THE COMEDY CATCH OF THE YEAR! vV. 7 WALT DISNEY Technicolor Tf I I tiuiTrn adiictc luii xt I 1 " 'jSeS '.' 1 1100 SEATS NO WAITING TONITE AT 7:00-9:00 CHARLES BRONSON JACQUELINE BISSET BARGAIN MATINEE PRICES ICES I until SrMpai MONDAMMURDAY HCH tiolnj 1:20-3:25-5.30-7:35-9:40 WALT DISNEY'S . A MARX BROTHERS FESTIVAL THEIR 3 FAMOUS HITS COCOANUTS 1:10.5 45-10 05 HORSE FEATHERS 3:10-7:30 rr DUCK SOUP 4 25 8 40 I.45-3.40 S: 35-7 30-9 J5 SISSY . PIPER SPACEK LAURIE i run OF TUMOR "CARRIE" IF ONLY THIY KNEW Kl HI HAD THE P0WIR 1977 -9 A.M.-5 P.M.O o o o o o o o BODY PAINTING CLASSES & CHILDREN'S ARTS & CRAFIS, RAFFLES, PRIZES, MUSIC FOR BOOTH INFORMATION X (.ALL: o J.C.C. OFFICES o 689-7700 O WALTER: BRENNAN . 34 -1 Jlfe I 1 5-J 0 J-4. 55 45-1 35-1 0: 25 Ilkf a o rot da oatcs CT.A ' E BARGAIN MATINEE PR NOW PLAYING! THE GREATEST ADVENTURE OF ESCAPE (IT'S TRUE) STEVE Dusnn mcquEEn r.oFfmsn pnpiLLon IHtATRtS "DONAID'S i DUCKLING lji r.i uvimniiriiiuij until 5:00 pm MONDAY - HELD OVER! 1 :1 5 - FREDASTAIRE JAMES FRANCISCUS U JsuJi . ftr AREA BARBARA EDEN STARTS FRIDAY - THE PRISONER OF SECOND AVE. OOOOOOOdOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O in vM1 WAITED AREA ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN TO DISPLAY AND SILL AT THE N H N H H H H T IPIlfiril tfAIIIIIIIIIVU PBI VN V OJCifflJtl lUlllltlUNI I T VEIIICUO oBEAUX ART SHOW & SALES O A 5 SUNDAY, JAN. 16TH, o ADVENTURE EVER FILMED. HELD OYER! TODAY IT 2:20-5:00-7:30-9:50 DUSTIN HOFFMAN LAURENCE OLIVIER CES $125 SATURDAY exceirt holidays I 3:05 - 4:55 - 6:45 - 8:35 - 1 0:25 EXCLUSIVE SHOWING HURRY! FINAL WEEK! just two terrifying minutes a I. I?. . t- igrt I ine lives oi yi,uuu people werp rhaneed fnrpvpr! a CHARLTON KESTON JOHN CASSAVETES "TWO MINUTE WARNING" ItGiltSI M6ISW) mm III lil in, pi 'i, miauii locHtnjChairTeatrjir f2oiOHtECHOBe eiuo AT 1:00 3:30 6:00 8:30 PG mTTouintowh w. p. b. AT 3:10 6:15 9:30 R SPOOK AT 1:30 4:35 7:50 fHP WUUAMSOHi J(SS CROWDCR ...ONE MEAN CA1 SUDDEN DEATH IN EACH FIST! Bring in the inloimtr. . . 1000 milts in 48 noun . . . i'.'J :.n. mp WUUAMSOH WESTWARD SHOPPING MALL OKEECHOBEE BLVD. (BETWEEN CONGRESS AVE. & I 95) o o o o Oils Photography q Sculpture Metal Work O Watercolor Stone Work 0 Acrylics Leather Work O Pottery Macrame 4TIMEb THE AU I IUN!... I f 5TIMES THE EXCITEMENT! V O oooooooooooodooooooooo o o III TVLWfJ i At ir I .ftalunAChirThei!re J I 3401 CONGRtSS AVE I AT 2:00 4:20 6:40 9:00 LAST 5 DAYS From the people who brought you Benji G PLUS A SHORT SUBJECT BOUTS UFE STORY I 2901 OKeeCHOBtE BUO. I i v HELD iiiawgiLj OYER 5TH WEEK IH 1 1 In jl Ks viH . TVJ3LllfJUTE WIING T HI POIICI IMI .Mtl IHl .U0IUM IHiUklHtH tJIPIAIN ItlMUIDIH MJINklii H MARTIN BALSAM BEAU BRIDGES MARILYN HASSETT-DAVID JANSSEN WALTER PIDGEON GENA ROWLANDS JACK KLUGMAN l:4S-3:40-5:40-7:4S-9:4S ALL SEATS M.5Q 'TIL 5PM AT CENTURY AND TWIN CITY 7 DAYS A WEEK i.i-1 II L . I kl II iTi i ill I II I (14 p 1 1 M U M 1 1 DOUBLE ACTION PROGRAM JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT "WHITE LINE FEVER" -PG- AT 7: IS "ALOHA BOBBY I ROSE" -PG- AT 9PM MATINEE SUNDAY 3 P.M. I CSI WOODY ALLEN . "THE FRONT" I ...ZERO MOSUL HERSCHEL BERNARD! For lie dels and information tall (.105) H.'i:) tttiO. Box office at Playhouse open 10 am. to 'I pm Mon. In. Lor mail orilrrs write "' Suite 101 A. 20H Clematis Street, West I'alm Beach. Morula 3.1 101. Send rheck or money order with self addressed, stamped envelope. I'lease list allernale date. i '.IIIIflMIITIIITIIMTTTllllf TTT

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