The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 5, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

( Stiturday, December 5, 193G The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 6 Movie Musicales Produce New Type of Chorine CLASSIFIED APS Johnny Layton Leads Race for Billiard Laurels Rates for Classified Ads Help Wanted and Paid Notices Cnlatmnn nnrl fnlloClnr ItnlWRen 25 and 35 yours old to handle collections and learn salesmani-hlp. We teach you local worn, uin concern Salary and eommlsrlon. Apply he Flit t day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insortlon: the same Ic charge (you got three days at double the cost of the first day). Ncit three days Insertion: the tame 8e charge (you get a whole Iwmn n. m. Hlld H:.10 1 or T C. Hear. 711 Waliaah Av nuo. Terre Haute, Ind. 12 week, six days, at turee limes me coxt of one Insertion). Kach group of throe days thereafter. 8c a line. Mark Pare (Ilk this), 10c por HILLSDALE HONOR Women Withstand CoM Women have different responses to temperature than men. They carry a padding of fat beneath the skin. This fat also acts as a heat Insulating medium. It is for this reason that men would feel half frozen in cold weather if they dressed no more warmly than do their mothers, wives or daughters. The body uses all of its heat regulating mechanisms to adjust itself to the variable climagic elements It it fails to maintain its temperature within a range of two or three degrees above or below normal we are uncomfortable, and if the temperature varies within six or seven degrees above or below normal for any le""th of time death ensues A Mustard Pioneer Mustard has been put to many uses that have nothing to do with ham sandwiches or corned beef. It is one of the oldest known spices, and among its earliest uses was its application to scorpion bites, which it was believed to make innocous. A later generation made a cough syrup of mustard by boiling it with dried figs in strong ale. The custom of grinding the mustard seeds and sifting them to a fine powder, the form in which we use it so frequently, dates back to 1720, when an English woman known to history simply as "Mrs. Clements of Durham" made the experiment and found it tasty. line. STUDENTS NAMED All la..ir1l aria Inrludlns memo : " , -X. -2" -. f .lcnnne M:ililcn i f rlanis and mxlces of all kinds must bo paid in advance except those hy regular cutomcr whose accounts Marriage Announced; M. E. Aid CHICAGO. Dec. 5 Johnny Lay-ton, the SedBllu. Mo., carpenter, ltd the 1'ontoatunts for Willie, llnppe's worlds three cushion billiard crown today, with four victories and one defeat. Layton. who Iib worn the crown seven times, jumped Into the lend hy hammering Otto Hclsolt of Philadelphia. 50 to 30 In 49 Innings last night, while Hoppe was losing to Art Thurnbliid of Chicago, 60 to 46 In 52 innings. The defeat put Hoppo In a three-way tie for third with TIH Denton or Kansas City, and Welker Cochran or San Francisco. Each has won three matches, lost two. Kinrey Matsnyama, the little Japanese, perched In second place with tour victories and two defeats, by virtue or his win over Karl Looks-baugh, Chicago. 50 to 40 in 44 Innings. In yesterday's fourth match Art Hall of Chicago defeated Jay llozeman, Detroit, 50 to 49 in 54 innings. Pairings for today match Reiselt with Lookabaugh, Bozeman against Thurnblad, Layton against Hall, and Cochran against Denton. are paid monthly or mow) irom ganiintlons whose bills must be ! .1 ..... Iwln a tmlll. In UlO to Serve Chicken supper Next Wednesday H1LLSDAI.K, Dec. 6 Honor stu latter oaso the person axklng the publication 01 tne nonce win no u rwponnllilg for H payment. dent of junior and senior high Behools have been announced as FOR SALE follows: Grade 7 Ruth Earles, Mable Chevrolet truck. '28 model. John Tuberous. Klondyke. t27 Fat hens, dressed and delivered. J. F. Carlin, phone S66-2. t25 Tractor, plows, cultivators, gas engines, trucks, trailers and repairs. D. R- Murray. t28 Guaranteed mine mules, 46 to 68 inches. William's, south of Dem-ing Park on Fruitridge Ave., Terre Haute. t25 Sweden Thinly Populated The densely populated countries of Europe may vie with each other in telling of how many persons live to the square mile, but Sweden, if it could do so, might tell how many glades end;how many million wild flowers it supported to the square mile, for as much as 12 pel cent of that country is occupied by dales and meadows, while over hall the country is given up to wood-knds. There are countries in Europe with over 60 persons to the square mile. In Sweden there are ROSEDALE WINS TILT FROM TECH Good furnace, elevator, used lumber and brick. Ninth street at railroad crossing. t25 Jones, Ella June Kerns. Robert Mack, Wayne Nickle. Mary Ponton. .Mary Potter. Len Short and Mary Smock. , Grade 8 Veelrue Bennett, Betlie Craycraft. Howard Earles, Rex Earles, Mary Rose Hardcsty. June McCarty, Vaughn Jackson, Robert Lohrman, Edna Melton. Mary Bell Morton. Mary Nickle, Abert Servle. Ellen Southard and Bob Wilson. Grade 9 Edna Andrews, Chaun-cey Blakesley, Charles Brown, Catherine Craycraft. Loretta Devanis. James Dove, Robert Gilmore, Leon Hardesty. Margaret Hasket, Helen Hughes. Mary Jones, Richard Mack. Ruth Petty. Evelyn Thomas, Lucille Tresner, Vera Watson and Doyne York, Grade 10 Frank Beaver, Geral-dine Brown. Doyne Cole. Mlrian Cook. Imogene Davis, Esther Jackson. Ronald Little. Dortha Potter. Emmett Southard and Helen Spur- quietly date infrequently, and have definite ideas Hhoul h careei othei than considering it a stepping stone to marriage with b millionaire. They earn an average salary of about $70 a week, live alone or in (.airs in rathei small apartments, and work industriously often putting in a 10-hour day at the Mtudioa Popularity of musical comedies in movies ha, intuited In development of a new type nl ihorut girl differing sharply from her sistei of ysteryer in personality, habits and ambitions Host- Tyirrli and Naida Reynolds are typical IMfr rhnnrii-s whin-Jeanne Madden is an example of one who "rimr mm the ranks'fc They dress conservatively livr For Sale Coal only a sparse thirty-two. (Continued From I'aee Five) to 4 at the half and continued to give no quarter as the evening 'progressed. Tech received a consolation prize in the 17-10 victory of their B team over the Rosedale scrubs. Summary: ROSEDALE (29) FG FT PF F. Brown, f 4 2-0 Jackson Hill six-inch lump, $3.40. Ray Baird, phone 688-M. 18tf For good coal phone 707-W. eotf FOURTH VEIN' COAL, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK BKTTV NO. 5. HARLEV HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 64tf WANTED I I Fowler, f 2 1 Hopkins, f 0 , 0 0 C, Hookey, c 2 2 1 River bottom land. Will purchase tracts of 80 acres or more. Give particulars and price. Write Box II, Alvin 111. t26 O. Hookey, g 1 2 PAID NOTICES Chaney. g 0 0 1 Rukes, g 2 0 4 Overneck. g 0 0 0 1 III f E f I . 1 l It -r-tV-ll Mill rl RYTEX PERSONAL NCT Totals H 1 1 NOTICE! Meeting of Local Union No. 331 at Davey's Hall from 1 to 2 p. m. Tuesday, December 8. Klection of officers. Percy Haase, sec'y. t25 GERSTMEYER (17) FG FT PF King, f . 1 0 1 geon. Grade 11 Frank Carter, Paul Hardesty, Bettie Johnfon, Junior Jones, Elizabeth Spurgeon and Beu-lah Thomas. Grade 12 Esther Ambrose, Mary Dickey, Harley Davis, Francis Olliv-er and Ruth Pearman. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McCoy are announcing the marriage of thefr daughter. Miss Clara McCoy, to Gob-den Fritts. It took place Saturay, November 28, In Newport. The M. E. Aid will serve a chicken supper Wednesday. December 9. from 5 p. m. until 7 p. m. in the Fane Clark building. Mrs. Francis Mitchell of Albion, 111., Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Strauder Short, Clinton Brown, who spent the week in Terre Haute as the guest of H. D. Aikman and family, returned to his home Monday. t:f- CHRISTMAS CARDb fTr , R Hayward. f 1 0 0 I Walker, f 1 1 2 rr-T. W SL4M Hill Bulner 2 2 0 Bartlett. c 0 0 2 NOTICE! Members of L. U. 8312 will vote 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. and from 5 p. m. to 6 p. m. at Davey's Hall, Dec. 8, 1936. Claude Abernathy, Financial Secretary. ' t26 Get your tickets for Junior Class Play, December 14. t29 Grover, c 0 0 1 Peters, c. 0 0 0 Campbell, g 0 2 III A !i(lFOR$l Miller, g 0 0- 0 Dennis, g 0 2 1 Brokow. g 0 0 1 Alvin, g 0 0 0 Totals 5 7 Referee, Van Hook. READ THE ADS Missing Texas Hunters Sought NOTICE! Members L. U. 1481 V. M. W. of A. Hall will be open from 2 p. m. until 6:80 p. m. Tuesday, Doc. 8. for election of International and dls-trlct officers. Glen Brldgcman, financial secretary. t25 NOTICE! To all members of Local Union no. -i B99. The following voting places for election of district offl-oers, Dec. 8. Universal 10 a. m.. Rlanford 11-1, Centenary 3 p. m.. Clinton 4-7 p m., Terre Haute 8-9 p. m. t27 NOTICE Binkley No. 10, loral 5518 will vote both shifts at the mine and all other members at the hall from 7:30 p. m. to 8:30 p. m. at Myers Hall. December 8. Ray (I. Pavey. recording secretary. t2t NOTICE EAGLES All Eagles winshing to go to dis-rict meeting at Brazil Sunday afternoon meet at Eagle hal not later than 1 p. m. Free transporation. Big time assured for all. t25 J. C. Hayslett, Secretary. FOn RENT Modern furnished apartment, close in. 416 8. Third street. 24tf nisi i5W5 fm lllllP &m IVIIllEiW PRINTED WITH YOUR NAME II Here tticy are these ultra-smart cards I 1 T I rs- I HOT Kl KU that are always bo individual. French folder J73 II v u style exquisite stock .- designs especi- jl" 'ct"x IN II II ally created by Kytex. I ' LEAVE ORDERS AT THE OFFICE OR SEND REMITTANCE TO I THE DAILY CLINTONIAN 4 newly-decorated modern rooms Heat furnished, if desired. Reference required. 1058 N. 8th St. t26 Modern room. 845 Mulberry. t25 Two furnished light housekeeping rooms. 800 B. Main St. t24 ,i i . 'iLuther Kl.-ntonl JU ! Another mystery chapter was ad4ed to the legendary history of the vast 1,250,000-acre King ranch In Kennedy county, Texas, when Luther Blanton, 57. right, and his son, John, 24, left, San Perlita. Tex., hunters, apparently disappeared without a trace. FOR LEASE By Brandon Walsh A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND Email coal mine. Easy terms. Adam Mair Sr. t26 Study Is Necessary "In order to be ure of instant obedience by the masses," said Hi Ho, the sage of Chinatown, "study is necessary in order to ascertain exactly what commands they prefer to hear." TjiC ten rniic Tv oc tliC .- rii . -.nm fci.MC Aai' , i."W AmO OK Ciitl OCFM. AND ( I'VE wwlSPEKEO-lVf SCffFAWED- ' B'SSESr, BE3T, BSoBtawGNAGiAiJ. ..f-A.icr mje u. iCrau AinDU DAY AMD .5 ' I'VE fCLVcSED -TEU-W6 MDU ill COWS5AL,ENW?W0IJ5,tilbANWL, ajaCCiVC AlAHAkAdTH. MlGMTV, NlSHT-CftLV PAJSNI5 iW5 6MOUGMTO EAT NlfJE MEAlS A PAV AHD AVE OUR UStMU 1 SAMTA CLAUS IS TbO BU9 TO STJPEN30US, ExTpAOCO WARY i ctrFve vi5iTogs-ightvow ANP AfTEKNOONt' WW"1 I AVCXJNWSS ' BILLV HME ' HE'S WOKING 48 HOURS A DAY. i ( T5yyo,IE.Ow,OEAe,I'V UHsl L4f?1MV SO AW?' SANTA CLAUS rr E't -j w be AN6cv p w W'&A .1 W V, 00 NOT CALL AT WS KS23 H W I HOME AND TBIX. WIM 3gT ti-, v HAVE ASCIVED IW J P UJdJ ,AH$HEBTO WIS t r3 .vvws'X " ( WITATION TO I po; IF HE STOPS K ONE WSTAMT, ' cnur lvxile Boy OB &kl wtu VWI mm NOT RECEIVE ANT TOTS UK CHRISTMAS OOr: 3Uw. YKtrwnu rvK AM EnTeAOCDWABr l i VISIT US AT L'AMOR CAFE At Our Present Location for Real Good Food! Plate Lunches, Dinners and Genuine Italian Food. Managed by oar chef, Mr. Alfier (

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