The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 29, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS metered to Kokomo Sunday to see s Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harrold, Mr. J Mrs. Fierca's sister, Mrs. Clara Keelerj and Mrs. Hirmfrm Harvey, Mr. and j and children. J Mrs. A. B. Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. E. Mr. and Mrs. Will Todd and Mr. i K. Stuckey, Mr. and Mrs. Russel ar.d Mrs. James Tvsrart attended the Harvev and their families. ! 4 li NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS Excursion Rates TO THE FOLLOWING POINTS ON DATES INDICATED the Van Buren street fair Friday. j Mr. A. E. Ratliff was at Richmond Huntington filled the pulpit at U. B. church at Fowlerton Sunday. Mrs. Anna Howell spent the week- i Tuesday. RIG DON atteiided the ! Mrs. Dcxoy Mirer received painful "end with Mrs. Nellie Pearson rear' Mr. J. B. Whiteley IL injuries m a fall at her home Sunday Fowlerton. burial services of a relative at Beech j Grove cemetery, Tuesday afternoon. J Mr. and Mrs. Denny Winslow en- j Misses MeClintock and Lois morning, in which she sustained A barn belonging to James Phillips'-:'.r. Messrs Muriel Con-.or and broken bone in her ankle. near Jones Chapel, was struck bv Kussvi Brown motored to Boxley y. James Fowier was a business caller lichtnmg Saturday evening and with tertained for Sunday, Mrs. Johnson; :? n this vicinity Tuesday. all its contents burned to the ground. land son of Herbst, Mr. and Mrs. Ma-j . Sunday ar.d spor.t the day visitin Rev. and Mrs. Arlington Singer form Two horses and a cow at the same ron jeneries ana son kowu barn were also killed by the lighning. : Xolan and Marjory Jane Andrews of j Mr. rd Mrs. Ananias Smith and ! Huntington. . . i er minister of this place. z Mrs. Rebecca Hahne of Eaton. C," . is visiting relatives in this vicinity. WMMUMTY ITEMS Mr. ar.d Mrs. P. F. Bayless. Mrs, IS son. Dewev, motored to Pulaski coun- Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harrold vis- j tv Saturday to visit Joe Whybrew and ted Tuesday the latter s parents, Mr. j Dalrhr.e Diokev ar.d sons Herbert and j t G. A. R. Encampment, Indianapolis, Ind. Sept. 22nd to Sont. 28th inclusive. Knights of Pythias Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 3rd to Oct. Gth, inclusive. American Legion, Wabash, Ind., Oct. 9th to Oct. 10th, Inclusive. Indiana State Teachers Association, Great Council of Indiana Improved Order of Red Men, Great Council Degree of Pocahontas of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, Oct. 17th to Oct. 21st, inclusive. Kiwanis Club, Kokomo, Indiana, Sept. 28th and Sept. 29th. Manufacturers Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 10th, Oct. 12th and Oct. 13th, 1921. These are all open rates and do not require signatures or certificates. Call on the agent for detailed information, schedules of trains and etc. 1 Mrs. Will Todd and dauch- family. They retumevl home Sunday "d Mrs. George Jones, eveninc. Mr; a"d Mrs. Denny mslow and ...... V.. V ... V -.. . . . . ir.T1 " .1 WT V. Wright at Elwood Sunday afternoon, j . . . . r-uI-L'Y trntY Mr Vn.l Mrs Fred Albert and chil- son Arthur and Mrs. Marion JeiTeries a spent Tuesday evening Mr. sr. i Mrs. James Tygart and - "i , V --Vl - o-tUv. 1" .1, rw; AIvine and Charles, visits! their daughter and family, Mr. - - - - -'ii. .-iuti4ia oiii.i.i f mn ....... -- - --- - , ,r . ,, i UH,or ?nent Albert Andrews of Mr.-and M-s. Todd aod 'j'liU James Tysrart and aml Mrs. Hunting- lami.y. .v.r. rti i.-n ooiv .v. m vi.- Bert Ind., Mr. and familv, Mr. ar. i Mrs, Will Todd and J iC' Vv - " u with their daughter, MVs. Alva Shoe- daughter G ayds, Mrs. Jeff litus and rX. who snont 1AI 1 .-..v. . - family, all of rear Radley, Mr. and , " '"J'1, Mrs. Ora Todd 5?Mt Sunday visiting ; mJr "d Mr. ar.d Mrs. Austin Jackson. Mrs- t 1 i last w-eek with her parents, Mr. and sr-s Tv.x. ount Sifi,r.trx- pn iove.1 a weiiier roast and very k . r i a. ..v.Hi.i a t i-v hm i t ir Mrs. Deny Winslow returned home with her husband list Sabbath iX-t o-i. tv ,t- .-t f.r tr.. v,r '"K n ncr oaugnier, .irs. .v. itj.iin v.. .... ... . - r XI t r Titus near Rigdon, and Mrs. Ross dication of the M. E. parsonage of ,7 ? i Mr v.A ATic Tr tr4 ?-s .-.- Saturday. this r.ace. An ail dav meeting will be held. ter spent Sunday afternoon with Fred Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Howell and Albert and family. daughter Beatrice and Mrs. Susan Union Tracrion Company of Indiana II M;sses Ethel ar.d Mattie Keaton of Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart and Howell spent attcrnoon wnn ,j GRANT sv n Harvev spent Sunday with Aneil Mr. and Mrs. Pete Pearson near p Irene Pavne spent Saturday night ; Stewart and family near Fowlerton, Fowlerton. - They were accompanied home by their The many friends of John Pearson, Elwod srer.t Sunday visitinir Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MiHer. The Workers are planning to meet next Saturday evening in Bil!y's grove. A rxast will be a feature of the eveninc. and Sunday with Vergia Elliott of i daughter. Miss Mary, who has been a former raiiioy w, weir u.i ,muv.i . SLTRPRISE GIVEN FOR spending the week at tne Stewart surprised to hea r c n s a" Mr. and 5Irs. James Payne visited MR. AND MRS. ALEX LITTLE. Mrs. Ellen Smith. Mrs. Li,a T.xld, ChSri" Pearson is ; S I Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Alex Little Mrs. Eva Todd and son Xen. ar.d Mrs. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tear- aiyjn Mrs Roscoe Rich entertain- 1 thought that they were going to spend NEW MULBERRY i.uev lvgart atteno.ea tne w . v. i. u. son oi rowierwn, uu v....f. ....... r Sunday, Albert the day with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mrs Mr. and cor.ver.t3on as .Marion inursaay aner- oi sTvoruna nunaiu-ii -'"- . ...... .-. . . . . ..... i -i Kimes and children. Sunday afternoon the Little. Albert had gone after them following' J 1,J ctotrtJ f is one c.t .Marions moM- '?. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Loyd Pulir.g and son, Mr. ard Mrs. James Thompson vountr women. lhe mentis oi .ir. and Mrs. David Lewis and son Cliff, town, when he made the excuse that srent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Pearson at this place are extending Elmira Newhoue. their warmest congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Reveire Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Will Todd and daugh- r-i i . - l l : . J i .. rl. AT. mA fn-a RTt. Totid Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Osborn, Dan he had to see someone at the Acad- Johnson and d:Uf.hter, Dessie Kob- ' emy. When they arrived at the Ac- j Eyes Tested, (Classes Fitted by State Keiistereti OPTOMETRISTS sn. v nanos r.uaru. aceiiuiaiiieM o ier reiiu. v. ert and Lola W hybrew. pmx. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Little were . r , -r .!.. i:il-,,l . . ' Mr. and Mrs. and children Mane. Miureu ana acu,; Mrs. Smith s rarents. .Mr. ana Airs. Ariuuv .imaun - - . - . -. v nr.- .. nnJ Lester, were the guests of Matthews relatives Friday. Miss Myrtle Hamilton was in Matthews Saturday. The L. T. L. met at the home of Clara Oram Saturday afternoon. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Frank Richards and family were the guests of Mark Richards family Monday. Miss Paulire Davis was the guest of Mrs. Joseph Littler Monday Nate Thomas of Jonesboro, visited at and Mr. ana -Mrs. James on Mre. Clayton Ellsworth last ll'.v 't'" l" "ie l'"u Arderson Sunday. daughter Gladys were guests at dm- j.jtcrsjay afternoon. which had gathered to greet them, Miss Irene Thompson was a guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Autm in"honor of his sixteenth birthday, but both were willing to spend the at di-rer Sunday of Miss Pauline Jackson near f MJf; a surprise tor Harrold Leach Vas held d there whon th gaw all the caU Elliott. Ora Todd and tJxde iluir weie ai Sjn1av at tie 10me of his grand- ... . , . : , ' a. iu. ti.n ..i Aat cnests at tho JacSson home. nA Mr, H. E. Pavne. consisting of fried chicken, sweet Dr. C. C. FARIS and A hie 'dinner was enioved bv all at potatoes, fruit salads, pies and cakes. Dr. EMIL FARIS II a? their sruosts at dinner Saturday Misses Agnes and Rosemary Gary and Ge-T;re Wheeler of Gas City. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fiorea and Mr. y.r.d Mrs. E!ge Leach of ar.d Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson friends at Hartford Citv Sunday. the neon hour, "t which the following In the afternoon ice cream was served, rartook: Mr. and Mrs. Vircil E. Mr. Little will be 82 years v old the Winn and dauehter Barbara Nell, ot . . . in -7." ' m. .i m, v first of November and Mrs. Little is RADLEY Exclusively Optical Suth Side Sauarn Llirion IL The new paster, Rev. Chambers of children, Thurman, James and Henry, " . v rri a l . e Mrs Thas. Cox is stayinsr with her the ' fn , niH!W,jJ.ijlyJ,..jljjJ E. Pavne and daughter Martha Louise, m. iney are tne oniy ones oi .Mother- Mrs. John Muchmore, who is rr. a"na Mrs. Edward Hannan " older set of Little's. They are Mr Air. s ek. , . son Thilip. of near &umm n.i f. tenuin to ieave for the soldiers home ..- 3 . .-. m a rniii r- - '.oris j,na Mrs. ana aii. M.?S Ulivo .lonn ana a v r in si1ort time to spend ax ty T icf vi-f-ov ontl with Miss . viwiJa ayxA T-hrt- and Mr. and tl . -- j - i : FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter He' -n Berem of Gas Citv. Mrs. Willie Leach and children, Har- the winter. Those present were Mr. Mr nnd Mrs. Chas. Trover, son rold. Clarkson. Bernieee and Palmer anj Mrs. Harry Hill and sons Charles ---- - ,T . t- d dar-rhter. Jennie. vere tne Talmage, -Misses iiuri, .mJ rr.ald, Mrs. Mamie Hoffman and Paul of Mr. ar.i Airs. . l aimon ana Aiaaeune x nv. cuests ?; sons Otto and John of Anderson, Mr. j i r :i Mr. and Mrs. t,eorge ravnc, Air. w TrV- : Howell spent Sat-' ad Mrs. Charley Dean and Mrs. Ann ami Mrs. Wood Knipple of Marion, Mr. Alor.zo F rd of Marion. Mr. Christian Endeavor Meeting r- --m I ,11 . Ailm fell for ?!.' .ipj ir others fall t r kh-!i kx aiud M. ;.: t.i;. for auioiiui'.ii,'-.. Tr.wtir-.. iH-ropl:uioN. Hi v horr a:m S;ilisf:u'ti.n is yonr. CITY GARAGE V '.(I The Fowlerton M P Chr;-t"-n E--' David Gresrg. Elder Parker and wife ur, nht Sunday and Sunday night Payn? spent baturna ir. ivoh.oi.iu. mf. MTt i,iass ot Wabash, .Mr. ana deavcr Scvietv met ar.d held its rcu-! Fairm-unt. Mrs. Baker of Jones- ,vi:iV V'Ts John. ; Ab'-e Little spent Sunday evening Mfs s.,ndford Little aml family of lar'.y social and business meet-1 bv-ro. attended Baptist church service Sur.dav school next Sunday. A with Zola Little. . . Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. William Mc- ir.gat the church Friday evening. ;hc re Sumlay welme for everyone ee Loach spent Sundaj afternoon . Fried cV.cker.. bread and butter sand-: Mrs. Eva Dulir.g accompanied Mr. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Art Comer and sons w'th Arthur i ane. , , ., . wiches with pickles were served as re- S and Mrs. Vir-il Duling to Mur.cie. and Mr Marv Comer spent the day Rev. Rhoads t-ok sick Sunda exen- . Lonn3nl Little aH family, Mr. and fresV.mer.ts. The social part of the ! where thev visited Charlie Hook and . Ht Thurlav" with Mr. and Mrs. inr and 1 had to leave c In'.n- . Mrs. Herman Rich and family, Mr. ever.:r.g xvas sper.t in games on the ' family Sunday afternoon. T?rk Powers'. Mrs. Ai t and Mary ' Mrs. Mildred -er , 2 ,ul and Mrs. Robert Little and family, lawn- i The Fowlerton Missionary Ladies Comer and Mrs. Marie Powers spent ' Mr andSk Arthur .Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little and daugh- t, . c . kave been quite busy quilting at the the day Tnnff tomf , , i MipspaUr-h. ter, Ralph Little and children and Baptist Church Service ! rarsonage. Rop John had as his Sainday e en- -m .pau , Elder Blair of near Fairmount had ! Mr. ar.d Mrs. (Man Owens are mak- ing guests Miss Lorn B, M,sj Tgnt RutT Jhn McN,eU .k -u. -.v?. j j.. .i. . o.... r.spK- nnd Leslie ilbem ot 1UU,J i J . v-. .ir i v i uuii ::i iiit-TTi. i it .! ii tin i i 'ie e1 tiimm .ii: v - - i ir.r Wesley, son of Mr. and Mrs. John ir.c of Bartist on Saturday at this ; property, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Leach ' Fairmount. place in the of the local pas- i will then move from Muncie to their Mrs. Jane Elliott spent Monday ; IIACKLEMAX Woollen, living southwest of Fair- j mount, was taken to the Grant coun- ty hospital where he submitted to an ! afternoon with Mrs. Laura James. : Mrs. Rcth Worline assisted Mrs. I Gertrude John peeling tomatoes Mon- , Mr. and Mrs. Everett Moon enter- Mr. Woollen re- i operation Tuesday. dav afternoon .... , T 1 Mra r .;tn i hirmttp ox are ! v....... -- ; , arlOTie LOX are; r - - -nn nnd'.eent-K suffered a severe atack of i , k x i .i.. . . ...... ,. stayire with their erandmother, Mrs. ; ion - - - " hich left him in bad con- Rubber Stamps. t.v.. i.;.- -..-i- ' ---- -- with Zola Harrold spent Sumiay dition and the operation was perform- tor. On Sunday. Elder James Wat- property here as soon as Mr. Owens son. of Russiavi'.le was present and vs--ates the rlaee where they now live, occupied the pulpit in the forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Garr Wilson took He also conducted the communion Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Dal- service. Basket dinner was served in las Atkinson. the basepr.t ar.d Elder Blair took; Mrs. Jchn Leach, Mrs. Wood and the star ! -.r. the afternoon The next ; MrSi Crecraft called en Mrs. Don service will be observed on jes?urj Monday afternoon. . the ti.ith bur.dav and Saturday before r -r j - t- jjj otcer Mrs. Ola Mar.n retumei heme Tues- tday after a two weeks stay in Mar- . , ion, where she has been ehiru- Fowlertcn ell Represented practic treatments. Mrs. Mann is The Fowlerton W. C. T. U. w as well ,v.iuch improved in health and ular.s to represented last Thursday at the to join her husband in Oilton, Okia., j or. 11 una t.. . . Mrs. Martha High of Elwood visit i toct w.k with Mr. Rose Hall. ! Charlotte Bvrnside. Pauline Scott spent Saturday night d hpe of relieving this con- , When needing anything in the dition. It is thought that he will re- j ov..i Snn.'av with Marv Moon. ! Rubber Stamp line see us. r ain his normal health Mr and Mrs. Roscoe Shockley and babv visited with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Elliott Sunday night. Russfll Jr-mc-s s'oent Sunday afternoon w ith Cleo and Ralph Worline. J. T. MeCombs and Parke McCombs spent Saturday and Sunday at the Beaver Dam Lake. Mrs. Mark Powers is on the sick l list. Wilson Elliott and daughter ergia urant county w . i. u. convemion. the first of the month 1 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cox are the which was held at Marion m n an all : r t i T , spet Saturday in Kokomo. "oS o lFS; BaKeru,f -i0,;tsboTV; spe" Mr. an I Mrs. Jr-ke Seirs calhnl Id aturda' n5?ht lth Mvgaret Arra Cr;,,ei. a7.a Mary Whipple M dav session. Those fm th proua pareiiis ui i ux - llili- , . . : rprpniiv. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist -X-RAY- Rooms over Postoffice union preser.i were. Air. aim .ui. p Mrs. Fred Mahor.ev. Mrs, Caroline Dulmc, 1 . , Dulmc, 1 . i Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn and Mrs. Lennie j -Mrs. jonn L.eacn accom- Dkkerson. ' 5 pan.ed Mr. and Mrs M. D ood t j I men county last W ednesdav wnon ere day evening. . About twenty-five of the senior Miss Marie who ounng the clas of the Academy came in a- hay ; summer months made her home with , wagon to the home of Mary Moon Mr. and Mrs. Charles dames and fa- la.t Fridav n?ht. where a bonfire was . milv, is now attending schooi at bujlt jn the and all enjoyed. Peru and making her home with Mr. :,ps fried chicken, pickles and ' Death ard Funeral of Well-known Man i they visited Wilson T. Leach ana family till Saturday. They also at FOR SALE and Mrs. Moier of that place. j cocoa nmsic and games were enjoyed ; I Hv. al nrpsent. FOR SALE Best electric washing ' ours 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m H i . ' . .. , . T-.J.-1 ff j Mr. and Mrs, Kicnara ueaecKer en- ; n n ! lortaincH for dinner Tuesday, Mr.' ii it LITTLE RIDGE I. I and Mrs. Ruby Apple of Tendleton, ; i Mrs Emma Harrold. Mrs. lester machine on tha market. High pric- j ed machine and one that will out wear any of the cheaper makes. This machine is new, never been us3d, and will be sold at a bargain. ( Can be seen at The News office. 1 FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Rev. B. F. Puriance preached at Wood and Ernest Harrold. j Eittle Ridge last Sabbath mominsr. ! Louise and Lucile Davis entertained : Pi-aver meeting will he held Thurs- their Sunday school class Tuesday; tended W. T. Leach and Son's sale of "ne herrs on Thursday. On Friday they motored over into Ohio where they visited places of interest. They also fovnd huntine in that county coed. On Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Lerch motored back to Fowlerton and Mr. Wood to.k the C. & O. train to Peru where he worked till Tuesday, Mrs. W-l remained with her relatives hera until Mr. Wood's return from Peru. They motored back to Boston, Tuesday afternoon. Noah Ford lost a vaiu ible cow Monday morning:. The cow foundered v iau werea day evening at the home ot in. .um- ; night. . i Miss Irene Brookshire was a week FQR SALEold Corn. Call The j erv-a BenneUs, with "Dewey Winslow : - ".."Tl T i as leader. Topic: St. John I. 'end visitor of Edith Niccum of tway News, Phone 265. I Mr. A. E. Ratliff attended a S. S. i zee 'Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Eli Eddmgton spent ..... " raw at rpic.iaim mm . .!tVr CUP Wol,;n ,ol,lr,0 r-n Call us at our expense "Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simmons ana j Jsuna&y ireoon un v-.. j -iU, III. OIIIIUIIS. lton called on her on new corn. . dms.nter Nellie and son Paxil visited j Marion. -, .r -T relatives in Connersville from Friday, Mrs. Vernw H sly, Mrs. M. t,n Sundav. nr. Austin Yale taking sister, Mrs, Wall Mr. John Leach and fanii John Dye, who has been in poor health for a number of months, passed away ouite suddenly Sunday morning at 9:30 o'clock, after eating breakfast and walk" Eg out on the perch and was sitting in the swing at the time of his death. Rev. Heitz, formerly of this place, was in charge of the funeral service which was held at the Dye homestead, a short distance southeast of Fowlerton at 1:20 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Burial was made at Gas City. Mr. an J Mrs. L Hoover, of Wheeling. Ir.d r afternoon guests Cf Flee Richards and family Sunday. Miss Bernieee Fowler of Anderson, and Mr. Frank Simmons of Elwood, Mrs. Kate Dame and children took Sunday dinner with Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn and Odie Keirstead and family. Miss Lucile Richards is again in a serious condition, she has suffered a relapse of her former sickness of a few weeks ago. Two physicians are in attendence and every effort is being made to overcome the difficutly and assist her to recovery Mrs. Evan Duling and" children attended the Fairmount band concert and was a Saturday night guest of her aunt, Mrs. Ruth Simons. Miss Xola Render of Marion, was a Saturday nieht and Sunday guest of Miss Elsie Lees. alter Gibson Tuesday ; FOR SALE Save $4.00 per ton on ; afternoon. D. Wood were Sunday evenmsr guests oveT" n machine. Misses Mrs. Ed Eddington spent Sunday of J. E. Leach and family. Iney were Mr. niis RatHff and the T5.iine and En rah "Ratliff entertained afternoon with Mrs. Al Gleessaer of served ice cream and cn Ke. Swift's 60 Tankage if taken from the car now, enroute. For further information call Phone 46. A. A. Ulery & Co. E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drue Store Office hoars: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to f Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mahoney called ; for Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Ver- Maple Ration Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Helms Sunday ' non Overman of Amboy, and Mr. and j evening. ; TUrs. Lawrence Stanley and liss Edith ! SUNDAY BUSY DAY S. B. Leach, William H. Leach s.nd i St-"iey of Wabash. FOr um. E. PASTORS, wife, attended the W. T. Leach sale Mr. and Mrs Tiny Winslow en- Sunday afternoon and evening in Union county last Thursday. tertained last Tuesday m honor of in n.. rsZ FOR RENT theiY- daughter. 3irs. .iari"n j err cries - .unuuu.. ... FURNISHED ROOM For rent with toilet and bath. South Mill street. Phone 141. LOST " n--n in OI -.WW Ciii-lt' ; IS. VilUa went in "4 Fairmount and Fowlerton ."Vr" "la - ruto trucks to Newcastle last Sunday w. ;irs- lin" 1","rt-'Va- " "igrosp meexmg, nev. v.. Sweeney where they made a birthday surprise .SSSl f ainner on Pearl Mitchnen . Kelsav Lewis of Georgia. Mrs. ihgs. The services were what might -Mrs, .Maixie tiancocs as a - t- , " T. rK a ,iMo hc.w tw kj LOST Paige crank Saturday on or near Mill and Main streets. Return to The News office. in Marion on Wednesday of last week. Miss Alice Wvbrew attended Baptist of Huntington and Mis Ella Winslovr. ij-T services at the two churches at EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Irons, Perculators, Grills ar d Toasters un weanesaay evening iury enx?r- 4 vnT1P While Rev. Sweeney Sunday church service at Fortville, Ind., Sat Miss Rhoda Helms spent with Miss Martha Couch. tamed for sunper Mr. and Mrs. Chnt . ,. ... , j YT TYTT, urday and Sunday. dog. Answers to Shnrart and Mr. and Mrs. chn A. I w-;as name of Jack. Last seen near Academy. Heavy brass trimmed leather collar. Reward. Notify Rev. Frank Edwards. Painter. j ject of "Ecohomic Value of Missions" -.k Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley called : at the Jonesboro church, Rev. M. E. m on Mr. ar.d Mrs Edward Manning of , Barret of Upland was talking on "Is t Alexandria. Sabbath afternoon. I , T . .- m Mr. ar.d Mrs. W. R. Harvey and ! the Centenary Pledge an Obligation." M sons, Robert and Myron, and Mrs. Re- ! During a short song service the two lj becca Mote, were entertained for Sun-1 pastors exchanged pulpits and gave j dav dinner at the home of the latter's their addresses a second time. D sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Montgom-j F3 pry I Maurice Warner, President Earl Allen, Cashier FOWLERTON. BANK Broyles Electric Co. 119 W. Fourth Marion LOST Paige crank Saturday on or near Mill and Main streets. Return to Nathan Love. REAL ESTATE FARM LOANS 5rV 100 INTEREST f SAFETY INSURANCE RENTALS 84 j Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Stuckey and son i Mrs. Florence Bartholomew enter- j p Glenn Allen attended church at Phlox kainei Saturday Mr. and Mrs. W. H. MISCELLANEOUS gj ia?t Sabbath nirht. Boost Your Town Jou T he!llbnnd Yo" a!! cr.e cf cur citizeiic. on knov onrcitier.s. You attend one of cur churches. Y"cur children go to our f-hoo!. You hedp support .our ir.stitntTon !' viir j T?av:s of Elwood, Mr. and Mrs. Sher- FARM LOANS If you want to bor 4 . , , , i i. t rrc3n Tlrovles snd sons Clarence and row money on your farm, see 0. R. l'?imer. ana r.sugnxer i.rr.n, ct Ma- i . i cf r'a,vrnrt,.. tj i of , Ralnh of .Gaston. Mr. and Mrs. Harrv w uu ft end oy it. ay a gcxt wore tor it eVw t5r.- von i.n nt h.- ri'-'n attended churtM rvice li i:nc X - . ' mr our nina e- ery movemenr ro mv.-rove it."s co-op-rat !o irakt-town the bet liitle town of its j-ire in the whole country. AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SI IXIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON p place last Sabbath rr.d attndd e i Davis and children Billie and Lewis, ! TYPEWRITERS Clen 1 , ,.,, ! Ei surprise -iven on Mr. Earl Davis. ! ,f Akrndr;a. and Mrs. Marzaret d Ribbon snljl v g? T' -e from this cc-.nmurdty who at- . , D... . , rviDDans, supplies. rite, te-rled the su-pr v-.-ereMr. ard Mrs. V,ll!ets cf Pitt?burff' Pa- Me- and j phone, call; Arnold's Typewriter 3 J- W. Caldwell- Mr. and Mrs. Charles 5lrst- Harry Williams and baby Leroy, ' Shop, Phone 1586. Nx'to Lvr e I Fowlerton Bank, Fowlerton, Indiana ojc, -ur. aiiji, rrantv v ngr.i, oi uaoasn. j Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind.

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