The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 5, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Saturday, December 3." 193ft minut." of play At thai point Ibe liana sbai psnoo'ers be an droppiim tbeiu in. and the . .,,1 marled on one of tlione He-saw things which Shadow Over the Rose Bowl DANA DEFEATED BY ST. BERNIGE NEWPORT BEATS HILLSDALE FIVE make the rij'toui. i tear up lll'.lr SuiNUiai)'' NKWl'UKT 3l K: FT 1'K Ivarman. f c 1 N. lalid. f " 1 - OVer OatK TUe CLOUD jwro 7HC r M....L The tilt lii le la-l lilt bt rcy'lln-l ii llic lni .! ! at thin ai lor tli . , i f-iuip e t f.uihiKni. K ii 1 i I 1 M SAMTA CLA Odiia inl'ii. Hitherto Unbeaten Fiv is" Edged Out Fridy by Wrighft Avenging Hornets 1 T K'nn macy : Ccunty 5 Cafe" Mo Fart Afrr Slow Start. Win i M , ' If OFFICERS NAMED FOR 'CrCLUB AT MEETIiiGFRIOAY Tooy Feno&o Gobi President of Organization Formed by Lrttmnas of Local Hife Scfeool Tbe "C-" men's club Is now ir mulieul oiKalrtr.allob. Of I'1'''1 cleil- 1 4 st. liKKNK i; i;' i ru kt vv Contest 34-18 V7 : ; IT I K 1 o I ;loiw. f I HKJtMt'K l- ' !"' ..!. e tiele 1H nitbt J . 1 2 . M M 1 f - V Van Sh kle. . l"Uir HIJ.J.HlAI.K (I'll H.ini,H.v I Iimwii I i,,ip t 4 " Ijohrmail. c ... U. I -till, i I. ul. i man. a .... lau, . l; l ull jlillir I I !, B' I "Ml I t ! ii- M I'dltT I"' .,,-1 1 nl alla'k In . ii I :i t l 1 2 il II 1 1 il I tAllllalns. f Kelt.. I llol I llie I Hailsoik. s Hi own. b 2 V riilla-Md cIum- but silllEl"!. l"i""'- ' ' J'- " ' ' I . ..!.. In" 2 1 1 i il,e mn ti-am earln-r In Hie . Ii! 1 K; KT I'!' IS ..iu tbe Kt li.-riure five look out hMll lb l'l !' " "' l,,., in d Hillhdab' I'-" I" "4 l,i I T'ailine I t" "' 1,11 rii.d 'd only !"! I,, nil al tbe bull h" Nwi-r" I.,. ili-i, luiJisli'P ' A4W K"M to will J stids d" n 1 d for the esr are: president. Tony afiei Paik" l-ewman's !" with a Mwjdenball. KViiokHo; president. Charles Tote I - - . I AN A lit I AitaniH. f . . . . rttiolltll. f Johnson f itull. e Warner, e . . litown. i; . - . JtiEen. r. . . . veiifeaiice ami held a clear. If not comfortable, lead until tbe laft foul II 1 4 II it l 1 2 l) 1 0 0 2 BETTER REPORT ON JOE TINKER , ,j l,v piiM man Ma. k ho a .RB.n'liiKli roner. this time nli lutal of 1J liullH" "'k fcl r... ..i.- i r. r. J it. f.-lee. 1!' Vilnius. lUl.p.ri:. S'ute- j ville coach or I OKLAMMi. Kla.. llec. "Slialit iuipi.jve.nent" was lint'd loday in tbe ("iidiiiotl of Joe Tinker, a member of baseball's famed double-play . Diulimaii.iu. " Tiiiker-to-Kver-to-Cliauc. ." who was rushed bere to a s -ass,. ; Jiy iv-r Shannon; wastry. John AMler. sud treasurer. John tjllraour: It's mulrt purpose is to coonerale with the school iu navies Writer and net-' ter alliletie prortrsm and 1 revive 1be old spirit amllg student and townspeople. In last a1rt' meetinc i wpwial season tickeits t distributed anion? the ellfb mrmiberK to sell only to "C" men. this ticket rill also admit the former athlete to the section reserves for lettennen. fliuia Made Plans were also made last uir,ht lor the opening of tlie basketball season In the new gymnasium; a oomie basketball game has tea ar- on bose Monte Carlo rS-7 fC CSO Tonys Cafe Centenary Chicken Dinner Special 30c New Paris Orchestra COME! Spend the Evening BOTTLE BEER I br loul line tor thrw '! "1 dnirj hi tbi'ee tt'xe fwta lbs at field. Tbe Hilllopl'H sti: d a ktllf l.altlf and beld Ibi ir o n 1r a l"i' iiiii-. but iu tbe i " fraui. they could not rv ltb ibe accuracy distlKd y ll nouuty w ai eaeers. who bare on of tbe 1wn-, pt 1eanm in Ibis tioii. Newport's fceuJ Hrnic live also euiered victorious, to to 12. ia BOWL TStvSGE. h,pilal earlier in tbe wees suner-ins from a combination of diabetes and I',rij!lit's disease. His condition was still "critical" physicians said, despite the slight improvement be slioned during tin nii:ht. Cafe DANCING FISH FRY Every Saturday Night BEER WINES 1301 North Seventh Street hurti) and Wasllinrtoo. M ""i " ..,.wi hetwneu the Alumni and t they uiay be. lia arelull ar- rstuced lo encase in soinetninf like a play-off for second plane. All Wasbinaton bad to do a Pick a team that hadn't been la- One Opinion For What It's Worth by Davi. J. Walsh present student lelleruien. Tbis same ill take place between raiser and the nln ame. This stunt is tbe first ot series tbat will be put ou during the borne fcaines of Hie Wildcat. , Tbe uext meeting f the "C" nii nill ibe held Monday. Oecemtier. 7. at 7 ji. m. in the t'llntos botel. DANCING Dance Tonight Dreamland Ballroom Music by Chat. Schulte Orchestra Dancing 8:30 to 12:00 Ladies 10c Men 25c eu. it didn't and bow all Wasli-itiKton can do is silently petition ror an act of providence when I5anta Clara plays its final time with Texas Christina next Saturday. o z o X mce-tied. Having uglified iratically a eoast eonferenee cbain- ... . , .. ... ....e.riefenled Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Eeer On Tap Wine Liquors Mixed Drinks NEW VORK. Dec- 5. Probably I'm a little backward about sraep-ir tbines riebt oil. having led a very sheltered, life during 1bose criv tormati Then the ROSEDALE WINS TILT WITH TECH i pion. piuwnimn - , I and once-tied. t yesterday, tbe Busar Bowl at Ijicw Orleans announi-ed that it was PLACE ,-.,A-inir eot me and J wouldn't Jet aosoluuly determitied to tuaae we the bansoni as alone,, so kt s tae Terre Haute Cagen Make Trip Universal, Indiana is very slowly and see if I ;an t , Friday Nirht to Keeeive best of things ecase all n was undefeated Louisiana State and undefeated nd untied Santa Clara. Ket it this time. j UalfandHalf J9-J7 Walloping Two days ags. the Cuiversity of ' Tbe Sugar Bowl aaa FISH FRY Wushinpton. utter a proper j-enou KO&EBAU!, Iec. S An even project, comparatively new anu dosen Dla-wrs were used by tiei'st- Cat Fish and Hot Tamalcs TONIGHT at GENEVA TAVERN 1 mile west of Fairview MUSIC - BEER - DANCING frankly hoping Jot the best. . iw ablv to its enormous surprise, than s nirver Tecb here last niffW i their game with the local baskerbal! teaiu. DAHCE Plenty of Cold Beer HSH FRY EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT but the Eoseflale tide -was too straw: and tbe Terr Haoite' school's hopes STEVE'S TAVERN Jacksonville SATURDAY BEER 5c and 10c of prayer and meditation, announced tbat it liad invited Pltts-btirab t enKe it in erBefllng fucouuter ' tbe iUi Bowl at Pas-dena on Jan. t. It Practically bad the run of tbe iat;oua1 tield, because tlve Kose Bowl is eery-ihinji. It keeps poopl awake at 'nisnt. wondering whether they'll .ae lucky enough to tie sununoned be- wre ent away lone hetoie tbi w hat it lias tU time. j'm not setting out to belittle PittsAiurg-b or Vi' ash in ton. To every purpose, they eould be and poasiWr ' tue toy teams ol lb country. Jfolbody knows, nor ..,-eailv cares, since we pay strictly liual whkrtle blew, leaflti a SH-J7 answer. Ererykdy Welcome Sandwiches of All Kind a. - Brown, forward, was ibe spark jilug of the Rosedale f reuse, wbicb jut the Hot Shots out in front 35 iii -the records I tore vhe sliriue Steve Giordano, Prop. Ajtytiow. all 1 know is tbat itts- J Ajtybow. all 1 know is tbat itts-I I W'aKluiiKt.on is otioe.-aere.ated and nontlnuno' ft Cl - r DV c. . ocomk tuikadi P THFATPF starring ropeye .l; Sunday Special! (lMi: TO m OUT 'L U tf S CEfsW WM ..!?,vtu MOPE THRU SSCUBUS-J VENETIAN GARDENS ri:is. ii.ijnois Mttltn Hint Nldil FAT WILSON At the Piano II Hl-V.Hfcni I hit ill l,,.aj Kandi1e" 1 144 B"T mixkii ll:lK! - 1 1 . -7 EVIUSS WESTOVER S Til I1C TUP Tm.FR , r ?s I I SPECIAL! DANCING TONIGHT Mil bt Hi' Provence String Band CHlCKENDiNNERS Ice Cold Beer FLOOR SHOW Honeymoon 3 M1' .K- Cate IKK- aiav S. Tib M- all t.- X.-'""" . ' . Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN TUP fclES. D0NT LET i H.ausTr-CllL. Tur wf.V THFV VE &cfcM VOU BET I'LL TTT -Mi TwEHE'S ONE or S?TfcK TO YOU i ITTI '; feO ir WIM UP Urc riWtTS dEM. WRETCH--fcND W'e'.EO (CTIN6 TLUVT THEirt fjOlN' TO PUT ME fctiCH IN THE MOME" ON GtT OUT W,M U WILL TOOT P k f, OtJJ KE.Ec THE .CE 6,T wioeout UN0ER U H TM iQIN TO RUN , MKItLDIs CUSHION . V. yrjj I'VE OT let ME KNOW ,N0 I'LL TURN OUT OF t, X ill 'ntr i.Hjm c criprc ijOtE TOO' innwiwsw leit J L eye OW 6" OVER TO VQOV; v law-c j :e.LVZIl..LANC.E I! TONIGHT AT Roberta Tavern .1. I' ' 2 LAKE PlCr.NICK.ER fa at r. t VI BLANFORD, IND. Beer 5c and 10c At-10 A. CWIL.O Et4A,CT A DPAMtv- ai' i . ' : , iT It ii t

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