The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 5, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, December 5, 1936
Page 4
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Saturday, December 5, 1936 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana YESTERDAYS THE DAILY CLINTONIAN I T JAV I jfrSMOP Fouua a 112 Mm Kva m-nk car a family dta- i nei for the children uud grand chil Kstubti.h.d as The Weekly Cllutouiau ltsiM The Clinton 1'laiudesler absorbed lu- tied hair back from her face, and . . Lditor and Publisher George L- Carry . -'L Entered at the i'osTuflice- ut Cliulou. ludluua, SIB as Second CUM Matter. Member Indians Kdiloiitll Aellalloa dren ut li-r home on south Main mm. Thuuksgivliiis day. Those presoul were: Mr. and Mr- William Cose and daughter. Hulk and Kliaa-lutli of Tcrre Haute: Mrs. Arthur Jiickonaoii ii aid daughter. Mi-. ' Danville, III : Mr. and Mr, lid I'erk mid children. and Perry, ol i-'ainic: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pock and ami. Mthur: Mm Course Dickenson and . liiltl i-.-n . Donald and Kuli'li; Fverrtt. Hi.v Albert and I mth 1 jf ;,JT National Advertising Kr prawntative: cF.o. H. DAVID '. I'm" Wliglev Hldg., Mulo.s til., Detroit U ' New Yr" III flcners Oh, I don't ruMia anythinr, Christie. You know how people talk about him. He'aO. K. I iruess-" "U.K.! He' wonderful! He's the kindest, Brainiest " "Sure lie's all nri'L honey. I -I like lum. myself. But now Wl interrupt. 1 know bow you feel about inui. 1 said lie was all nht. diuu't 1 T But you've a-"1 to proiuise nw on your word of honor that you'll never Ua bus know tliere'a any) mint be-tweca us, and an for aaknur liuu to do ativtliiuf for me " "I'd like to know why I cant ask any owe faUiei!" "Good ioid. Christie, you re not an infant! if he ever rt wind" Kb laoed hila, blat'iMC with sud-dea aiia-sr and ir. -Are you teli-uu; me you don't want ne to teJJ uiy fastened it aerurely aim f'aa back of her ears. lie tiiuuaht tiiat she looked cider. anil iiicreJibly sum acbaible tltat way. But diff erent, too . .. lie had a distus-t sense of Us, of losnu aoinethiiar nd aoiMewno tiiai had biu-u trrjibiy dear te bum He wanted to sjieak of It. to enplaio lua stand a rain, bat viilii rarue. 'i'l.e five does. Lity and her four pups, winch weie black like bberifT Gneve'a black hi lrian sliephej J, but small headed aM king tailed like llieir less ej-istucrat a another, bau . stopptid their i'j jvoloua cbasjiu ol SMUU-rela they knew they never could catch, 'i'hey cam and at i-er) close W tlie rirl. and they et-iued tu be waitiu. too. 117 n.o,,e Hirinc 41 SVKOPS1S Christin Cooper, 17 and lovely, it lh daughter ot th rich snd eccentric Adolphu Cooper, who mde his apuovy th Klondike, never speaks oi the past, and hstei cities. While he dresms of the real thiii he will do tor Clerisue by and t.y. she iwa up with tht boys and xirle oi the mountaio community where Adoiphue hat built hw bom, aa innocent and adventutoue yourtf tomboy. Leit Wn ta the Uolaied ranch house lor few days ahe it visited by childhood chum and weetbeart, &ene Lluboia, who discovers that while be bat been away is the city, the little Cooper girt hae been f rswioc into a eurpriain)y attrac-tivi yoang woman. awpt ofl bcr feet by hia sudden Impetuous love uJun Christie feela that this ia :h Keeat ewmtot of bar life. Morning 6nda her atill witb Gene, and childishly sure that ber father will appro the anarriafe, and buy teem a ranch ot their wa. CHAPTEK !V A. V uu tltinM ClftW uuui 7vr StrAL GiV VI . i;hiii"h Peek. Mr. and Mr. Charles Adams eii-ifiin;iifd on Thanl-sr.lving for Mrs. Ann:. Crimiurd. Mrs. John Curpen-it. Mr-. Sarah Adttllm. Mrs. John M-cher. Mr. and Mrs. Dora Turner. F4w14.TrudMU THE DAILY CUNTONIAN'S PLATFORM v 1. To further every i..lrrt of Parke and V-rri.lI,or, counts 2 To asaujt the revival of the Indiana coal mimnc mdurtry. 3. To cooperate m aolvuifs Vermillion County . uiempk-ment problem. .. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the mort attractive city of lit size in the Mate. ,f ' : rH ,fr ' 4 tonawrtwm n cne wwq Mr. and Mrs. Koy West spent the day Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. 1 iciwnie of C.encva. THE HOW Boaaetimes I tiiinlr'yos ouerut to be poet, uiougo, oi course, y vm IIIM IOMKWi 5. l'rjK Mauriic Hfuaity and Prank Ktx-u. students ut W'atosli ColleBe In cawfordvville. spent the weekend ni NewpoH. To Love and Live and Let Live "Yea. the oaintmr." he ijiterrupt- . . . ' . i. r. j AN EASY WAY TO FICHT DISEASE The sale of Christmas seals will continue in Clinton for several week., during which time it i hoped that the public will liberally purchase the stamps that make possible a miatained warfare againM the dread scourge. tuberculosis. Those who are able will buy bonds, the proceeds of which will be used for the aame purpose. Most of the money raised, we arc-advised, will be used in the communities where it is contributed. There is no use for us to go into statistics about tuberculosis Every reader knows about the disease and the importance of battling apainat its spread. Surely there is no easier way than to buy seals and bonds I ed bitterly. Bla oara eyee raoro-ru, hie whole face darkened. 'The paiut-inr and the poetry very jrrand to talk about. But all I'll ever be is a dairy-aaud, unless I caa get another job un a gae station sometime. What did you have to bring that up for T We came here to get away from all thatr c..l. tula " - ii t.imm to SDe&k Sirs. Hen Kiuill entertained yeMte,r- dav afternoon ' u,nr tul,les ' bridpe ut lier home in Neueker street. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. . .1. MK'.ormuk. first;' Mrs. Paul rasehoer. second: and Miss Dorothy Hulili. third. JJar Headers: Now I'm only a small part o' tht scheme o' things around here. I Kuess that's why I'm so lad 1 ol this here ohanct to write to all you folks, u tell you what's a botheria' me; I'll Uetcha th' things that sa botherln ine, bothers you ever onct in i w hile, too. frhaps that's why tir Cliutonian has let me write rh this. Anyways I'm a takin- this here chnnct ta tell About the mine and the ranch. Her eyes, that were like deep gray-green water with the aun shining through it. ewere argat wiia iov turn wm neiui. i J al. nlil4 ami Holuh ry n.e ,' Cooper beaming at them from his tavorrte wicaer cnatr on xne imiv sorch, "Well, make up your mind, UDn vn,i want 4.0 settle down on a ranch, or are you going em how elad I t- 80 1 8a58 "Thank ya." kinds iwholdin' like. No. 1 ain't a fercittin' the public. I wants 'em ta know how slad 1 m A REMEDY BETTER THAN A DEBATE The business men or the country who are making a realistic approach to some of the problem, of the nation are to be com-mended. Undoubtedly there is room for correction in the field of national economics and the people of the country are demanding action without much regard to the source of the relief. Heretofore, there has been loo much ground lost in debating to be a mining jnaa i sv www a dang bit of idiH exence to . just ao'e Christie's satisfied." She ould see the home they'd I A ..1. L, . ....... l.-.....UVVUII' lu pit this here chanct to make em Mrs. J. H. Bopart. who has neon makinf Iter home witli Her danKlitw. Mi-s. ). Sliaff ud Dr. Shuff of South Fifth street, left today tor Simla Monies. Calif., wliere she if lo -spend the winter with her brother. B. A. Neueker. Mrs. .lesse Daniels of South Third utreet entertained Hie members ot ihe Tuesduy Five Hundred Club yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Byron Anderson was a suet. were awarded to Mrs. William Reed. liiKli score; and Mrs- C. M. Robertson, low. The next meetinir will he iheld at the home of Mrs, 9. L. Huyek. nave. A j ii' i'-.'.- r da-ed like the -Cooper piece, but smaller, more rusuuwun wc it used to be before Aunt Nettie ci . . 1 ;l rAn nomine mull Eniv vv iau muw 1 . up the path to dinner, not grumpily. 'Yoa don'it want me ta teH my owl father we Iowa each their?' tna way juie o1-. nuu. i. ... l .mImmt. Sihe could like me -and whnt I write to em. So in all seriousiii-ss. I'm a astln' uch of you readers to cooperate with me ' Mr. Carey by a writin' in yer "jles" about what 1 has tm say. in thn near future. Thut'6 why I'm u writin1 this here liitie introduction to ya. Your Home Towner. " A'RBIGAt,E piTTS. :P. P.- .Don't cha be n ferrittltr I'll be riiibt here tnmarrer niRht. A. F. eiiiuaet aee the wedding ring on her finger, almost hear ium say, "And T sluiiilitn't hnv eftflnAMt's ail B that we love each own father mistake I know it now ! " Oil ..-wla Awui.Ll A llMF llllS now a tne naoj i 1 l. 1 U- m hnhv rYf rOUTSe. other T" . "Honey! i mean not now! Not until i get on my feet, an that i but alie did nut say them. She wanw A boy. The first woe aiiould be a Christie, don t iooa ai me jisv hium Listen, honey 4 love you! You the necessity of reform. Now. luckily, business men, represented by the United States Chamber of Commerce, suggest state compacts as a means of industrial regulation. The same reasoning applies to reforms in other areas. We have no quarrel with reform, whether it originate through stale compacts or through federal action. We are inclined to agree with the people of the nation and demand some relief, "regardless of how it is secured. The citizens who are worried about the constitution can do effective work in its behalf, if they really want to. by aiding in the correction of conditions that have been condemned by the people. know I love you! But dont you see Jxsy, though Dad would aort m nae his first grand-child to be naaaad after him, and Adoiphus ia such a joke name. Maybe a girl would be batter. ..I .1UJ Inn lui If Ullo'lO- ed to say tuem, put eouieuimg nviu her back. In her heart she knew that he had failed her, that he'd do it again, and again. Gene - - Geiw wasn't what she thought He wasn't what she wanted him to be. Goat n your uac leuno ouwinai uc that he d be pretty aone at dohi ui us? Y'ou're an awfully young girl. Christie, and, . . The fact is, 1 sure D1H IDluili "i. w - -l V getically, because she wa so far .Mrs. Lucy Rtultr. of Walnut strem has.pone to Chicago. HI., to spend the winter ut the home of her daughter. Mrs. Hurry Stark. There" is need to -sefrain iww aver-iiidulfceuce. exiruvuKanc gr too f.en-evous un out lay in social or friendly pursuits. If This Js l'uur Birtliduy Those whose birthday it is mmy i... nr..i,iivi.d for a year in which the wouldn't want mm hi kuow uulu w , A uuitum ai ii.urrv than I ut ah couldn't quite gra tip not with love so new, and ecstasy so - .. A...l.. t!tl Rhu ahead of him in her thougbis. - uene, i ... ui'hMi Mbuiit thiiurs. Hillsdale High School Items am now . . . Christie, CAN'T you un wouldn't make excuses for herself, derstand t lou aon l -wain yuui viu man to take a shot at me, dc you T" but it wont be that way any more. J'm going to ask Had to buy some lanuh land for us, and you can Paint in the venings and and lots of times nd Uene! I dont mean a T- proariHtsilig very Juniors an The ture old AdolphuB Cooper after lum Tiiese may lar Honeymoon I'XpC'lli'lti well with their play. Ullflllll nr love devel- i ...i. iu iii be trivell Decem- dairy, darling I I mean a a rancu: You know, with vegetables and TU'I uni. l,l.a llfkeVM ? pliase. a Hiibll- pi i-illiar roiuuiil flails may a:;uut with a sliotgun, anu auccevueu so well that the laugh died ia his throat. "laaten, .Christie, you've got to trust me. I'm older. I know mure abouttlungs than you do. I love you, I t 1,W full i,r,n nnt tn NHV i ii ii . . ne ,w ---her Jt!. at the Hillstlnle auditorium The seniors had a trial in their xuraeys. xwn n j - - , Aad w might caise horses, and aama special stock, hut if youd civil class 'Monday. The subject anytliing if it wasn t right for ua, but sue o w n. hit utiii. u in wi, they did he each otiier, tnd be was older . . . maybe he was right . . . "Just the same, J wouldnt have come if I'd thought we'd -have to keep it a secret!" "Oh, Christie, hooey dont aay that!" He put his arms around jmr. Ihe dugs pawed and whined uud jumped at Tier. Well just the aaros "But, hooey we can fix all the details later. Mow we're just here to be happy. You are happy, and you do love me, dont you. Christie?" She wiped a tear with the back of her hand. It wasn't all fight it ..... v it ul.niilit 1. km til "Do you mind letting me know what jiou'ra talking about?" j m A ii ria tht Tin opeiiiclit. oversliailowinK all commonplace interests. All hunch a child born on this day may be spiritually minded, mystically inclined ali'l fond of Hie subtle ami curious, yet it is apt to he Bru was a murder trial. The two attorneys weru Mr. eniitt and Mury iii,.iu., i,,il flu. indie. Loreue Hol- you mean he couldn t afford it this yearT rie does maia atuvus whoic THE STARS SAY B- (ii:Ni:ii: I-: hi:.MBt: 1'or Hiintlay, llweniber li Suinlay's lioroscoue is a propitious one lor matters pcrluiniuR to tin-myslii-al, spiritual cnrinus. romantic or social ariairs of life. These sliouhl be under prent inipetus for success and Krulilicutinn Thei-e inav be aublle or secret auKh'S to these, particularly in comieciinn with eiun-liuiial affairs. - lb-.-arelul Willi wrii-inss and in mtikiiiK eliauses. If This Is Vour llirtliilov Those whose birthday it is nmy If ltd themselves confronted by a year of siirprisius. Intriguing or simiii- Would ii a ou oon t. wain- w aiiuu our chances of getting married and being happy together, do yout IU make you so happy, honey i'll more than make it all up to you She made a small, hopeless gesture. It was some minutes before she could trust heaself to speak. "I I didnt understand how you'd fsel about it. it's all right. We'll forget lon; the two suspects were Mr. Tuy lor and Harley Downs. 'Rather Am money, but suii as always was iu. t.:nl- e sociul element or matter of friendship may lie paramount. There are simis of indulgence and extravagance in these, possibly to un unwarranted and nnprolitable measure, r.olruiii rrimi all such iniliilKeiices and speculation, and sufeKimrd the funds, even with friends mid relations. A child born on this day may -be keen and alert, with line business and intellectual forces and faculties It should reach i;ond position, socially, although it may lie inclined to be- exlravnsunt unless given early iraininc; in thrift and conservatism. it uiiiv . Hm-iable anil popul unusiml talents. rioll bavi lirnse wns the widow wlio brought Oine kicked a long log that was falling from the dying fire. He turned back and fased her. "When you stick to your old man's dough ' i . '-..ii,:nolwiiil (he case to court, the rest of tin class lieiuc witnesses uud jurymen niwu - '" iw; - ""-- j give up now, to adnut that It was all about it." Moiuitti, ticceltlbel' T s iisiroloKiciil finecast The verdict which was prnnuuncod I or Miiudil! It was all over. There u be no weo- Ata i,i rem ll-llouiic. 110 dal'k-' yOU KnOW WilMV JVU K WMnii .mm- That old man of yours itook PLENTY out of the Klondike, and a.a mhm Sinn Km btt n. now. eyed baby, no We tugeUier. Sll'eSsi'S tile SI) i-iiet-cies silent by the jury was not jswilty. The tri al proved very siKHiessflil and illler cstin;; for the studenls. The noon horrr is now used as n cial anil cultural, but in directions entirety satisfactorily. entirety satisfactorily. a ghastly nusiaae . . . no, ane couUiii't do that It was too terrible. Besides, maybe it was wuong. . . . Maybe, if slie stayed, and tried to see it as he did, that firat winging joy would come back. Anyway, she was here now. Hv undoing that. So she stayed. (To Be Continued) CetfTt- auc. aua in Sfudiiau. I- m.:v not iiriivc " here lire you going "Oh, just to tiie 1 1 to hands.' She slid down tin- pe'jbly incline He's in with some of those big bankers in San Francisco, and he's in a whole lot of things he keeps his naina out of not tiiat I give a rap study period for the pupils who mis-school unnecessarily to nuike nr about that. All rich men are kind to the creek bed. v.a.-iii. :. ourciuiiy n. of .hady in tlieir dealing,-'' the clear cold v u ,.(. 'in 'her comb sno ciickeo h-r lair, tum- their work. M e hope the utiendatice pcrcentauc will rise to iinrnnil befor very lou:. Put Them On Your Shopping list We are sorry to have lost Russell Brown, one of the first live on out basketball team. He has gone u Marion. Thejunior class is preparing aev-erul debates on the subject; "lie solved: That ull electric utiliiier loneB. Llizaoeth Spin-genii and Uou-lah Thomas. (Jrade 11: Esther Ambrose. Mary Dickey. Harley Downs, 'Frances Oliver and Kiith Peariuau. C.rade 7: Huth Karles. .Mabel 'ones, lilleil .1. Keuriicf. Holiert Mack, Wayne Nkkle. 'Mary l'onion. ilury Potior. Leo Short and iMury Smock. (Irnde 8: Veeirice Bennett. Betty ';rayiiaft.. Howard Karles. Hex Buries, .Mary Hurdeaty. Vanghn 'ackson. Itolierr lilirniann. .tunc .MeCuriy. Ldna Alelinu. Alarv Mur-on. .Mary Nickle. Allien Servie. i:i-len Soutiiard anil Bob Wilson should be governmentally owned and .operated. This is the national and slale debating topic for 1H3' and should prove extremely inter estiiiK- Seven teams are at work on .,,.,i.,i-, ,u .fur the debates at this time. The iiinior class will broadcast a radio nlav "The Vetticuai Bri .-iiile" from Bail in Station WBOW Monday iiflenioon. December 7. :io Honor Students Are Named for Hillsdale School .Dec. A lUuor rol -mik-iiis at Hillsdale high whool hav Slil'LtlT GROVE CUSSKEEI1KG Session at Home of Mrs. Frank Heskett; Miss Miller to Be Next Hostess .Sl'.LIT CUOVK. Dei- 4 - The King's Herald class met Saturday aliernoon at the home of .Mr. Frank Heskett. The meeting opened by singing the soug 'Jesus Bids I s Shine." followed by the worship jwrvice front the Friend." A story was read entitled "Cump Fires in Congo" Beireahmeiiis served. The lieailter meetiug v. ill lie with .Miss Dorothy llae Miller. . Frank Kllhus is visiting his so" at Muucie. ILiiirice Harper of Cuvima lent boen auaouiiced as follows: tirade (i: Kdua Andrews. Chaun-ey lllakesley. Charles Brown. Catherine Craycraft. Doretla Devaliit. James Dove. Hubert Cilmore. Lon llardesty, ilararet llekett. Helea Hughes. Bonier Hughes. Alary L .lolieb. Uichard .Mack. Huth Helty Thomas. Dllcllle Tresuer. elvi v. ! Watson anil Doyne York ule Hi: Frank Bever. CieralfBiie Ur: lor of Clinton. Mrs. Ft-anci Siufbuid uud itrs Sue Southard and daughter wen .Sunday dinner guesls ol Mr aud Mrs. balitoid Belts of H"lt ': !''..i rie. ilr oiiri Aim Albert C.ihuore limi Drown. Doyne (Die. Miriam Cook, lluoseie- le.ivis, Esther Jackmin. Koimld Little. Dorothy Poller. Bus- mr.iew. .Mis. Carl Miller called on Irs. Frank Uiilins of Slate Kuad 3 Sunday. Jirs Viola Fergnaon was a aupper guest of Mr and Mrs. Mort Mltler Ferguson was called lo Clinton Wednesday ou account of the dea'b ot bet bioiii.ft. Jdiin 1 ucker. and SitiHLiy Willi Saturday nmbl Polier. Kmnielt Soutliard uli" ell liuren Miller ipurgeoii. I Helen SP...1H tie 'children were Sunday dinner ;,ie-9ls r and sis- I of Mr and Mrs Marjorie VesUl j Miss lar-:are! Ilesaetl I week end with h"r broti C.rade 11 Frank Carter. Paul ItmuVslv. Belie John-nil. Junior

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