The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 29, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1921
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS The Fainnount News published on Mondays and Thursdays obilo ils B As for the fox in the hen-house, he was dominated by both instincts in succession flight when that was possible, and paralysis when it was not. But even the foxiest fox is not a psychologist thinking how he will look to a farmer. o Gargoyle The second orchestra practiced Monday evening at 4 o'clock. Miss Sample had charge. Gerald Olfather returned to school Monday after a several days absence. Mrs. Gilbreath had charge of the convocation held today. Dr. Bedford of the Marion college spoke. Several students came to school Monday morning with the "stiff neck.' What's the cause? Cold weather? contagious example. If one man keeps ash heaps and tin cans and piles of decayed plants and disorderly litter, his neighbors catch the slovenly spirit. Soon the neighborhood becomes a dirty and frowsy suburb, from which possible residents turn away w ith dislike. So let us all pet out on some of these pleasant fall days, and give our grounds another going: over as thorough as they had in spring. Better still, we should have kept litter from accumulating all the summer, so that now there will be nothing to remove. "UP TO HEAVEN. So long as people believed in an obsolete "up towards Heaven, and an absolute "down' towards Hell, it was quite impossible to think clearly and correctly about a moving ball-shaped j earth, any part of which was as hard Now is the time to get in your supply of MOBILOILS for your tractor. Lighten your spring work by plowing your ground this fall. We can save you money if you will let us know your needs ahead and buy in season quantities. Don't put it off, but make an effort to see us right away. A specjai convocation was held Tuesday afternoon at 2:20. Mr. Mor-absolute rht maje several announcements aftGr which Mr .Walters, coach, and Bob llollingsworth, president, of the athletic council, gave short talks on nti,itiV as-r,ri.Hon. . . - . - I every spot on its sot f e anri for every hour of the day. At noon "up" means towards the. sun, but p.t midnight it means away from it. The new geogronhy brx.ivrht new conceptions of the other wet d. Once conceptions ot the wet v.. unoe j c ....... a:.t. .1,. -.01 l Wiio wtl villlliv il s place of the Gods called heaven above the flat and stationary earth; but. where now is such a favored spot to j be found in the infinite space that sur- rounds man s little whining spnere .' There are no gods on Mount Olym-' pus now, and no Jacob's ladder can carry the movlern man of science to a friendly little heaven over his head. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within to fall from as any other. To educated men there s no "up" or " down". "Up" al-' ways means away from the earth against the pull of gravitation and i "down" means towards But the absolute direction ts d'Cevcnt fcr E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 But there are plenty of us who have a rrood days work to do before our homes are dressed Up for the inspection of the neighbors until the next garden season. PILGRIM'S 1'ROGRESS Christian, the Pilgrim, is presented by John Bunyon as walking in a p?th-v .y "exceeding narrow. On the right thereof was a deep ditch and or. ".he left a quagmire. "When he sought in the dark to "When he sought in the narK 10 - i:.-. i l i ,...,. ; viuin I 1PI1 uim IHC IMIt: ll.nivi, lie i5 reajy to tip into lhe mire on the! ,,thcr,- says Bunyon. "Also when Ik jot to escape the mire, witho:-t jreat carcfu1nss be would be ready ! t rilI mto the ditch. "Thus he went on, and t hear bin. sich biUerlv: for besides the danfexrs ' !,re'iticned abo-e, the pathway wa vre so dark, that ofttimes, when he i'u op his foot to set forward, he - ..cxv not here, or sV,uid set it next. A fairly accurate picture is mis oi , - . a lav...- nortiiin ot manKina ioa . - ffwmtio m me oarK witn unswaoy foot: Wearv. stumbling, afraid; bent uojn what Le iXXXXXXXZX you, and he who seeks for it outside lhg wi pet the llonoraMe men-must include the whole universe or .. . c.. El rrr 55 ,e ij under a grievous burden of deht;!er of every electron and in every cyrs stm fiinKvd w ith the ml it saw j cent human aspiration. lr . - iv. r hand he j . kk . k k search m vam mrougn an me mnnue reaonea oi snace. i no nea?n o. hmw ns cannot contain mm ; His prescence can be seen in the po 4 ii ArAHRMY XOTKS ,. 1 J It has been decided that an annual; ; ll'l 1VUI I O k V i V. . . - . inf wvsnorti rtiin. arttl on the other the ovv.ff of desrair. I Put far abend of him Chirstion saw a dim light, as of breving dawn. 5 1 And when he knew not wbetner to ' w ill be published by this year's gradu-l give himself to the ditch on the one ating class and the following editorial j 1-,-v,. trt Vi .-inr.T nn iho other. be'tafT wa ilrotHl! (Tllen Rich. Herbert! Scott, Everrett Richie, Ernest C5ker,has Wen spending several weeks with Mildred Elliott, Francis Nolder, aa ! daughter, Mrs. Coomer and Pauline Smith. ' j ly in this city, ws given a sur- rwrt.eMf .Htnr are: F.ditor-in- Uir,se Tuesuay evening at the home A . S. ROBERT Editor and Publisher. Minnie . Mc Lucas Roberts, Associate. Office: Main 265 Res., Black 382-1 TELEPHONES SUBSCRIPTION RATES, t Within Indiana.) One year . . Six months 1.23 Three months , . kT5 Outside Indiana.) One rear . .k.$3.00 Six months .1.65 Throe months . ; . . . .90 AH subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time tin-less renewal is received prior to expiration date. Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Fairmount. Ind.. un der the Act of Congress of March 8,! IS 71'. THE FALL CLEAN-UP -..-v.r vinr iwuji- hized institution in manv rdace. ftnl it usually comes in the spring. Then ; it is that people's thoughts turn to j out. door work. The renewal of vege- j tation and the exhilaration of the j r nuvM iaitifn pursuits. It is with zest and thor- ! oughness that the householder takes ! ..... . . . noui to c.can up his grounds. The same people are apt to lose en- inusiasm wnen it comes 10 xne iaii. ... . lhe time has passed for planning par- clen triumphs, and cleaning up seems like paying for a dead horse. So j we-edy growths are often allowed to ! remain, ard the remains of Rowers and vegetables disfigure the ground. '"a!l rM iimjv nai ti lum-uMi is kept in their back yards it does ho bam. They will clean their front yard become an eve sore visible on 11 the adioinine land. But the maintc-rtaroe of rubbish is a Brcal Qjiicls. I t I breakfast in a wann kitchea xCitk fuel put in tKe stove tKe rttght before. Xvo stoves in one, heater and cooker combined. Saes I to '2 on Kiel. Get pours 8 rtoxO 7S2 Parrill & Lewis FURNITURE House Furnishing FAIRMOUNTk INDIANA 13 n&mtWMi' m '.i.(...ii.ii in. gtl . . -mi ti ii ii, it ; Mm. : j ' ; was sustained bv the light in the dis- ' tnce, and so wanton, though the wayj became more difficult with each step r.xM, I SI.,. nnl tn.) nttVif will fall into the quag or the ditch, for Jt i viiidNl h- th liVht. of a sublime faith, in itself basevl on a history in . liS.- tin mrtJtio- ha bn mrtstlv (.ivi ii. v ' rxugh. I .t.Sl n-.A ..Sv..t 1n-nve shimh- ling and falling FORWARD on the ! f teep t-ad, toward the stretches where the light shines. Of - ! ! ' If Is here and those con tern plat- j ing having Public Sales will H do well to consult us before W J placing their printing order. g The right kind of Printing at j g the right kind of prices. H - I The Fairmount I tbeUd Wlma Rnnt. ri,vi Alticr Hazel Smith was absent from school Monday because of illness. Mary Seright was absent school Mondav. from Tests were the main feature of the H. S. program the first of the week. Mildred Lyons visited friends and relatives in Kokomo last week-end. The following paper bv Claude Com .... 1 .,,..,. vaud v.1 mnnlMn i lhe English class: he Importance of Me' j am' good English. If the students Fairmount hieh school will let me r will nut F H S. in clas one. If uv .. .. ...mi insure suc. cess. I will aid traveling salesmen to sell their goods. People who always use me will be held in higher esteem. The class who uses me more k l Hill III IIMIIIIV (lllUIlt V - V7 v-V ivt imtortant t am. I can make it easier for any one to get a position, and hold it, if he uses me. It is possible for me to make anyone understand in any instance. By whom ever I am used I show a good education and re- finement. Where ever I am used, 1 will insure the motto "For Higher Success. H1UTHDAY SURPUISK FOR MUS. HOLL1F KKKLKY. Mrs. Dollie Keeley of Marion, who of Mr. and Mrs. John ?, or oi ner oinnaay anniversary. Sev. enil of the guests were schoolmates vnv" as il jj;1 iU" p" in i . . .;.. . . . . . , 1 , J; K ihisuic s uii,nvv l ne pot-the guests Iuck Slipper btXHlght by and added to bv the host and hostess was us, ine many une caKcs, dining table being a special feature. Those present were -1,s- oitie iveeicj , .Mrs. .aria pon- n; .u,. c,.z- abelh of Columbus, O.; Mr. and Mrs- Guy Coomer and son Thilip; Mr. ... ... 11.- -.. ami Mr- John Simons, Mr and Mrs. Harry Simons and daughters, Donna Jean, Bety and Josephine, Mrs. Sallie llollingsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Bowman Pickard, Mrs. Jabe Winslow, Mrs. Sarah Heaston, Mrs. Jennie Jones, Mrs. Edgar M. Baldwin and Miss Rena Fritch. HEAL-HEAVILIN FAMILY REUNION HELD SUNDAY. At the old Heavilin homestead, two j miles west of Roseburg, which is now i io !o occupied by Mrs. Alpha Pence, widow f Carl Ponce, grandson of the pioneer family of Heavilin who settled in that 'place, a most enjoyable reunion of the Heal-Heavilin family was held last of Fairmount, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe A. Heavilin and family of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Heavilin and son Ro- .bert of Fairmount, Mrs. Martha Dog- get of Clarion, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Doggett of Somerset, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Heal of Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wallace of Muncie, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver P. Heal of Hartfrd City, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth E. Heal of Gas Cit5 C. G. Pence of Swaytee, Mrs. Alpha Pence and family, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Polsely of Hartford City, Mrs. G. S. Sutherland and son of Chilagv, Mrs. James Galbreath and daughter of Muncie. V ; j 1 i ! ! j ; ; 1 News 5 EES 5 55 55 ' is come through the ; v.. - -- darkest paths safely, and m this fact lies the basis of its faith today. 'SH.VMM!Nt DEATH ' A spider, distrurbed at her work, ! crumples up until the intruder is ' gone; and it is the thing to say that she is "shamming death. j A fox squeezes through a hole in ' the hencoop, eats its fill and can't get out, and then when the farmer comes Mr. Fox lies motionless in a comer until Jthe way to the open door is clear, w hen out be dashes. Another case of 'shamming death.' Xot at all! In neither case do psychologists believe that the creature was trying to look vlead. Dead spiders do not necessarily crumple up; and a deliberate effort to look dead involves far more intelligence and self-control Wrtv . ha thmno-ti EH I And f Over 1 Murphy is on the Job KSf n.,tA. accident r,l;tfl-- in-chief, f.... v..l.i. tincinec inna yer. (TSlon Rich; Advertising; manager, Parke McCombs; alumni, h.M'9 Rrdor? ra-tri"nist- tlHf I Awis: McCombs; alumni, - J ... . j ' jcalandcr, Mildred Elliott; domestic "-S . t II.. ,1 rn.n Paulino Stt fn l. Ii- TimiUo lfwl" h!tr- an.l iath- mt.Vs tslie Oavisi hmiors. Marv jMildml Elliott, Leslie Davis; music ....... ...V, , ' seniors, Pauline Smith; organization, Zella Lewis; science, Everett Richie; ,Vtx- F.s Wdder- sonhomoivs. ntlr it;. Will MiUred KllioM sports, Herbert Scott; pavillion, Ru.s-sel Woods, Wilbur EUingwood, Mark Norton, Horace Smith; agriculture, Emmit Cannon y, Ralph Wright; general advisor, Prof. Purviance. A pig judging contest was held at the Academy sales pavillion Tuesday afternoon being an exhibit of the boys and girls pig club of southern Grant county. Two hundred dollars were given in prize money by the two pure-breed associations of the county, the winners being as follows: Poland China Class 1st prize, $35, Webster Lewis; 2nd prize, $.", Pal - mer Little; 3rd prize, S15, Ancil Hoi- lo way; 4th prize, $10, Emmit Car- prize, $10, Myron Harvey; 5th prize, $8, Harrold Smith; SU prize, $7, Glen Rich: individual winners, Glen Rich and Winifred Brewer. Rev Coleman gave a very interest-I HIGH SCHOOL NOTES i 1 if i - 1r - , 1 . . V The members of the student council held the first meeting of the year at 3:10 Monday afternoon. By Ovaries Stigbrc Wr-k Ntmt - Unim i ! : j i j I ' : 1 , covers Southern Grant County and to reach the farmers of Southern Grant no better medium can be used than the Fairmount News. : 55 55 than senous students believe that , mony; individual winner, Palmer Lit-, Sunday. There was a basket dinner any animal possesses. ; tie and Webster Lewis. - I at the noon hour and the day was In providing for the safety of her1, Doroo Class 1st prize, $35, Russel pleasantly spent by the various mem-creatures. Nature leaves little to Rich; 2nd prize. $23, Stephen Scott; bers of the family. Those present their judgment. She simply fills 3rd prize, $15, Winifred Brewer; 4th were Mr. and Mrs. John W. Heavilin them with fear and compels them to do one thing or the other, to rush away in frenzied flight, or to stay! wnere they are in motionless paraly- sis.- I 1 Come In I Talk It 4. ; in man both tendencies are present, j ing talk during chapel Wednesday and a terrified child may either run or j morning. Hereafter on every Mon-l:e quaking where he is under the ! day and Wednesday mornim? a special bedclothes perhaps, er in the safer re-' speaker will be secured. fuge of his mother's arms. What veortle take for a shamrmni-' . . (illllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllllllllll!!lll!lllllllllllllilllllllllllillll!llllllll News Want Ads. Bring Quick Results. of death is nothing more nor less than ; 4 tt- kVA - I MV f tl Wk Jfc I t . r r Vtl : V &. JLAlk, . T.tlV tIU3 ai I abrsis really does make for " safety, j It is the moving creature that catches the eye. . ; - tusse. r-- - MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL Officer ::...- r . vj 1 : .. . i jy - 11 - F ( Goum. Mur ww V I t I t . -I. . - -1 . 'g j. . - ; ? : ' f ,

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