The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 26, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS Recently it has been discoveied at J Macclesfield, England, that a brake-1 Excursion Rates TO THE FOLLOWING POINTS ON DATES INDICATED FOOD AND FUEL FROM SUNSHINE Great Achievements Possible If Science Can Master Secret VITAMINES 111 MILK AND EGGS DEPEND UPON FEED Not Safe to Assume All Eggs and All Milk Are Unfailing Sources of Vitamines. It Is not safe to assume that all FlfJi) RELIC OF OLD LONDON Arch of Bridee Which Must Have Been Built Centuries Ago Just Brought to Life. A very Interesting relic of old London has come to light, according to the London Times, an arch of old London bridge, which was demolished during the construction of the new Ion-don bridge, which began In 1S25. The arch now discovered Is the second from the north side of the old bridge, and Is close to St. Magnus church. It was G. A. R. Encampment, Indianapolis, Ind. Sept. 22nd to Sept. 28th inclusive. Knights of Pythias Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 3rd to Oct. 6th, inclusive. American Legion, Wabash, Ind., Oct. 9th to Oct. 10th, Inclusive. Indiana State Teachers Association, Great Council of Indiana Improved Order of Red Men, Great Council Degree of Pocahontas of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, Oct. 17th to Oct. 21st, inclusive. Kiwanis Club, Kokomo, Indiana, Sept. 28th and Sept. 29th. Manufacturers Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 10th, Oct. 12th and Oct. 13th, 1921. These are all open rates and do not require signatures oi certificates. Call on the agent for detailed information, schedules of trains and etc. disclosed during some building opera- ons nw n progress, firs stone bridge over the Thames was built in 117(1. but the WOULD ELIMINATE PLANTS Whole Living World la Dependent Upon Delicate Photochemical Re- action. Says Scientist Coal Beds. Petroleum Wells and Natural Gas Merely Result of Light Energy Stored Up From Plant and Animal Life of Former Geological Periods. When man learns the secret of the leaf and finds out how to make sugar, starch and cellulose by sunshine with out the aid of plants, we shall enter i pon a new era of chemistry with sur- prises ana sen exements equal to moM that have marked the last half con- tury of chemical history. Dr. Leo H. j i Union Tracrion Company of Indiana FRANK RELFE . AUCTIONEER - , FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Baekeland. honorary professor of : The nn,er 8Tirface of the nrch ls i vigorous. This fact, rather than the chemical engineering of Columbia unl- sj.vrnhly waterworn between the add- j commonly blamed methods of incuba-verslty and Inventor of "Bakelue. . rUJ R ls one of the arche, close j tlon mar aoount for a larg9 portion rredicted in an address at the Inter- , to wh,cn the ml whee, Mood for w j of the annua, ,oss of half the esrgs that national n New Tork of the , nmnfs of water lnto the watertower j the poultryman sets each year. Prob- American Chemical society and the j ,hftt stood nionuie tho bridge. This J ably 300.ihW.000 eggs out of the 000,-oclety of Chemical Industry of Great j arch stood ,n ,he rtver and ls there j laWf000 earh year ln thls ctuntry " i i fore' nn vWence of the limits which, j fall to produce strong chicks, and this JMui A word tbat lasts beats flfJ Y the laxt word VM EN-AR-CO MOTOR OIL. MfJ kJrl means longei lifo to tout I IiM means loniffi nro to your motor. We carry the merchandise you read about and it's all guaranteed. 1 Rubber Stamps. ! When needing: anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hears 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m Lilts! ttyl CITY GARAGE M Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indiana Call ua at our expense E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Ilahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Irons, Perculators, Grills ar.d Toasters I Broyles Electric Co. 119 W. Fourth Marion raiiii i on I TrT) block on a cart must not by virtue of an old law be allowed to squeak. A quarry owner was summoned for allowing a cart to be driven without an appliance for lessening the noise caused by the brakes, and though he pleaded that the cart did not make as much noise as many motorcars, he had to pay the costs of the prosecution. Macclesfield is a town where they make silk. Will they some day discover that there is an ancient law forbidding silk to rustle? Christian Science Monitor. FOR SALE Fnn ..p, n . LE?ueSt tric wmahing mah,ne on tha market. High pric- ed machine and one that will out wear any of the cheaper makes. This machine is new, never been used, and will be sold at a bargain. Can be seen at The News office. FOR SALE Old News, Phone 265. Corn. Call The FOR SALE Save $4.00 per ton on Swift's 607c Tankage if taken from the car now, enroute. For further information call Phone 46. A. A. Ulery & Co. F0R SALE0ne Bie Type male hoir- txJr AbIi une B,g AyPe ma,e nop also tomatoes for canning. Phone mornings and evenings. Glenn A. Rhoads. LOST LOST Paige crank Saturday on or near Mfill and Main streets. Return to Nathan Love. WANTED WANTED A married man wants a position on a farm. Can do all kinds of farm work. Call The News office for information. 1 if iltt7t-v nr a . 'il vAiiiiU io rent two rooms wnn heat. Call 198. WANTED Fresh Jersey cow. What have you to offer? Lock box 152, Fairmount. MISCELLANEOUS TYPEWRITERS. Cleaned, repaired, sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone 1586. Next to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind. STEADY EMPLOYMENT WITH LARGe EARNINGS Ambitious woman wanted to handle our vanil- la extract in Fairmount, direct with household. Experience or capital unnecessary. Can make from $2 to $4 per day and will receive pay sach night. Write at once for further in- formation. Superior Home Supply Company, P. O. Box No. 259, India- napolis, Indiana. OUR Plan of exchanging 40 pounds of Fairmount Flour for one bushel of No. 2 wheat is bringing us cus- tomers from miles around. Figure for yourself; we are paying $1.20 psr bushel for good wheat. Fair- mount Flour Mills. READ THE CLASSIFIED COLUMN RAILWAY TIME TABLES BIG FOUR Arrival of trains at Fairmount. South Bound No. 39, daily 8:35 a. m. No. 33, daily ex, Sun. 1:26 p. m. No. 3, daily ex. Sun. 6:02 p. m. North Bound No. 46, daily ex. Sun. 8:57 a. m. No. 34, daily ex. Sun. 1:26 p. m. No. 40, daily 7:49 p. m. PENNSYLVANIA East Bound West Bound 12 m. 1:40 P- m- No trains on Sunday. UNION TRACTION CO. OF IND. South bound 5:21 a. m., 6:51 a 7:42 a. m.t 8:02 a. m., 8:51 a. m, 10:02 a. m., 10:51 a. m. 12:02 p. m. 1:18 p. m., 2:02 p. m., 2:51 p. m. !4:02 p. xn 4:51 p. m., 6:02 p. m., g-za, n. m 8:02 p. m.. 9:30 p. m., 11:42 p. ra. North bound 5:54 a. m., 6:51 a. m., 8:02 a. m., 8:51 a. m., 10:02 a. m., 10:51 a. m., 12:02 p. m., 12:51 p. m., 2:02 p. m., 2:51 p. m., 4:02 p. m., 4:51 p. m., 6:02 p. m., 6:51 p. m., 7:10 p. m., 8:02 p. m., 10:16 p. m., 12:19 p. m. Marion Flyer. Annuled on Sunday. Limited. iillll!!llllllllllllllllllllllll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!lilini"'"H!i!i milk and all eggs are satisfactory un- J fatltng sources of vitamines. Prof. J. S. Hughes, J. B. Fitch and H. V. Cave of the Kansas State Agricultural college declared at the American Chemical society meeting In New York that the vltamlne content of milk or eggs Is determined largely by the quantity of vitamines in the food given the cows or hens producing the milk or They found that, although a cow receiving dry feed low In vitamines may give a fairly abundant supply of milk, it is of such poor quality that if It is fed to her calve6 they will become blind and die. In other experiments they discovered that eggs of low Mtamiue content laid bv hen7 fed on low-vlt.mlne food pro- 1 dure chicks that are not stron and represents a loss ef over 112,000,000 a year. These results indicate that as a rule the animal organism does not synthesize vitamines. but must obtain them from Its food. If this is generally true. as seems prooaoie rrom me experi- nts reported, it win not always be ! sufficient that the mother Is nursing her haby. but she mu8t b sure that she Is obtaining sufficient vltamlne- contalnlng foods. In the milk experiments it was found that the water-soluble or antl-neuritic vltaminee and the fat-soluble vitamines were those that were lacking, but that the anti-scorbutic vltamlne content was sufficient. FRENCH AVIATOR CLAIMS RECORD FOR ALTITUDE George tvirscii. Kreuch aviator, photographed after landing from a flight of 34,770 feet, or over 64 miles. Klrsch claims this is a world record for altitude. MaJ. Rudolph Schroeder of the United States army Is credited with the record, having risen to a height of 36.202 feet over Dayton. K last year. At the "roof" of his flight Klrsch reported that his thermometer read 69 degrees below zero. The flight was made over the aerodrome at Bour-get, France. BURIED TREASURE NOT FOUND Expedition in Search of Gold Booty In Pinakl Fall. Stolen gold plate, ingots and Jewels believed burled on the South Sea island of Plnakt, In the Paumotu group, near Papeete, Tahiti, evidently hare not been found, according to word received at Papeete. An expedition organised to go to Plnakt to get the treasure has, after several weeks stay, returned to Papeete empty-handed. While there nre reports that the location has been established and another expedition with diving apparatus will return to the island, opinion ls that nothing will come of It. The story of the buried gold was one of many of its kind. It was said the treasure was stolen half a century ago from a Peruvian church, carried across tne Pacific and hidden on the Island. Some years ago, the reports say. an aged sailor, one of the original robbers, made known the location of the valuables Just before he died in Sydney, N. S. W. Whisky Hidden In Haystack. Several thousand quarts of moonshine whisky were discovered by a constable when a haystack belonging to John Organnlscliick of Washington, Pa., was burned. F-arsted bottles covered the ground around tie burned stack. 3 bridge was constantly repaired and restored, so that there Is no evidence of the exact date of this particular arch. It was apparently medieval, and Is built of Rcigate stone with a very flat trajectory. At the beginning of the Eighteenth century, however, three tat wrought-stone supporting ribs were put in, and tlie middle one of these is dated 1703. The arch is not yet en- UIKWred, but a springer at each ! is just d,soUw,,. and th j n s ostmmUH, to 1e about 30 foot. I as tJme has g(ne on hRVe n m- pseii on the Thames, the river being - thnn ,t wo. ,n nieilieval times. thl? of oM fuv jry It ls understood that London Is to be ca re CROWDING THE SEA SERPENT j Old Friend of the Ocean Summer ! Resorts Makes Way for Pirate Ship From Russia. We believe but one sea serpent has been sighted so far this season. Fer-h:ps it is still a little early, but the weather lias been hot enough to bring our old friend to the surface, and no doubt the frightened and delighted visitors at shore resorts and those who go out to sea in noats tor a ; short distance will soon be rewarded ' wlih a sight of his ugly head or fa-ol- nated by the water churned up by , the swlshlnc of his angry tall. How- i ever, it is possible, that the sight more t calculated to thrill will be the pirate ! ship from Russia tlmt Is moving In j such a mysterious way its wonders to j perform. If this ls so, we are certain j that for every view of the sea ser- ! lent that is recorded on the part of credible witnesses there will be 20 j equally credible witnesses who caught j a glimpse of the new terror of the . . - -a m. a ..i dP. 1-?. 1" lark- either just ; before it submerged or at the moment j it came to the surface to cast its eye about for a new ship to capture and ! sink or to drag away the crew in Irons ; to Bolshevik Russia. To the elderly skeptic who inquired where such a craft secured its necessary fuel the less critical young woman answered that It probably operated by electricity. What could be more probable? Hartford Ccurant. Flower Worth Small Fortune. Ten thousand dollars is an extraordinary price for a single plant; yet it was paid by Knglish horticulturists for an orchid raised in America, tin Catteleya gigas alba. This Catteleya was flowered in 1!10, and exhibited at an orchid show in the Unite! States, where It was awarded Jld medal. The plant was found hi In otlr specimens Catteleya gigas. It was only by chance that the plant was not sold for a V!- lar or two. The only reason was t&at after most of its companions had been disposed of this one, with some others that were not in very good condition. as set aside. Finally all the specimens were potted. To the great surprise of the horticulturists when, next spring, the plant came up it was with pure white Sowers. The plant was sold in London for perhaps the highest figure that an orchid ever brought. Apology Needs an Apology. "Gentlemen" It came from the lips of an attorney pleading a case recently before the Supreme court of the state of Idaho. In front of him sat the Judges clothed with their Judicial dignity, listening Intently to the case. The attorney had erred. Judges should be addressed as "Your honors." "Gentlemen" repeated the lawyer, and the tiniest hint of a smile flitted across the features of the men In front of him. Suddenly he stopped, realizing his blunder. "I apologize for calling you 'gentlemen " he blurted out. Laughter In a courtroom Is not deemed exactly proper, but a Joke Is s joke and Chief Justice Rice replied simply, "I hope you made no mistake. Idaho Statesman. British Museum Overcrowded. The British museum, says a London writer In the New York Post, has reached the end of its rope, so far as space is concern fnl. By the law of 1830 every English author, whether domiciled at home or in the dominions. Is obliged to place two copies of his books with the museum, which In turn guarantees to keep them in good condition and make them accessible to the reading public. The same applies to newspapers. Space for the latter was exhausted some time ago and a special barracks was built to store them. It Is now feared that the same plan will have to be adopted for the books. j ; S ' ir ; , : EE 1 i 5 : , , : SS ; j r , ! i -25 w.pena on rnoxocntmmry. , iue l.IlwW1.rinu. un un rays under the Influence of the ! ",a'nw-vl "SJi V- Jeaves, brings about th 9t subtle j creative chemical synthesis. Doctor j Baekeland explained. "Carbon dlox- ; lde, a product of combustion, one of the ultimate destruction products of plant or animal life, combine with water nnder the action of sunlight. The first, or one of the first, products f this synthesis is formaldehyde; the latter, ln Its turn, inaugurates a suc cession of further chemical syntheses ; which result In the formation of t sugars, starch, cellulose and "ther carbohydrates. No sun, do photo- ' chemical synthesis, no cropt no life! Bo that, after all. the whole living world Is dependent upon a delicate. J photochemical reaction. Starvation on i ne hand, or abundance of crops am! foodstuffs on the other, all are within the range of photochemistry "In the same way. ... i W I SCI VV'(M , eds and our petroleum wella and our natural gas are merely the result of j light energy stored up from the plant , or animal life of former geological i periods. This, ln Itself, ought to lm- i press us with the enormous possibilities of photochemical synthesis. And yet. here Is a field where the scientist j or engineer hps accomplished net to i nothing. In the utilization of this marvelous energv, we have not gone much beyond the art of making rhoto- t Craphs, i Who Will Show the Way? j -Where ls the Faraday, the Am- pere. the Leonardo da Vinci, or the j Archimedes who shall shew us how to use the s'un rays for charging our electrical storage batteries, or who will teach us how to handle the photochemical action ef sunlight, or to emulate nature ln her delicate synthesis of plant life? Who will utilise this dedicate method Instead of our hitherto brutal processes of synthesis? Nature in her methods of plant Hfe synthesis does not treat with boiling solutions of alkalies -or strong acids; he ues no high temperatures nor stronr electric currents. If we want j to be successful ln this direction, we ! shaH have to utlllre equipment pos- j sessing large exposed surfaces slml- larlv to the leaves of plants. We may I have to operate hi rather dilute solu- J t .Tteart of the concentrations whlch are ordinarily used In our present methods. We may have to find means for rapidly separating the formed products as fast as they ac-cumulate. We may be compelled to work within narrow ranges of tem-peratiire. perhaps net exceeding those outside of which plant life stops." MORE FRENCH MARRIAGES Wow Double the Number In 1t1S, aiul Births Increase. The number of marriages In Prance lias doubled, the number of births Increased, while fewer deaths are registered In 1920 than In 1918. the last full year of peace. This Is shown by the official figures Just published try the ministry of labor. The excess of Wrths over deaths In 1920 was 159.T90, s compared to 8,014 ln 1918. The marriages totaled 623,869 ta WOO against 312.030 In 1918. The slioiificance of these figures Is increased when It Is remembered that the total population of Franc has decreased sensibly as a result of the war. MAN HAS FOUR WIVES Says "Booze" Led Him t Marry Firat Three Fourth Wi Lava Affair. Paul Gross of Cincinnati, 0 Is un-4er arrest on a charfe of bigamy. He has confessed tht he Bd ,our w1tp-Ofllcers aald Gross admitted having married one woman from Indianapolis, Ind., and two from Cincinnati. Then he married Miss Ferris, also of Cincinnati. "I dearly love Miss Ferris," he said. "She Is the last. I hope she sticks by me. t was drunk every time I went te the altar before I got her." Bey Killed When Kite Touches Cable. John Hawylo, twelve years old. of Flint, Mleh died from the shock and fcurnsr received when a fine copper wlr the lad was using for kit string became entangled with htgk tension electric cable. Is here and those contemplating having Public Sales will do well to consult us before placing their printing order. The right kind of Printing at the right kind of prices. 1 The Jr aarinniouBit News covers Southern Gfant County and to reach the farmers of Southern Grant no better medium can be used than the Fairmount News. SI lm And m Comme Talk It Over 1 AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON lllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIII l ...i

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