The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 4, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1936
Page 4
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Page Four The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Friday, December 4, 1936 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Founded 1(11 YESTERDAYS li:CKMlll:lt 4, 1028 .Mrs. Charles H, Vaughn was re Established aa The Weekly Clintonian 1890 Tbe Clinton PUindealer absorbed in 1908. elected teacher of the Sunshine Clr cle of thef!; Presbyterian Sunday George L Carey.. tditor and Publisher SehooIJast evening at a meeting cdi ntered at the l'osloffine at Clinton, Indiana, aa Second Class Matter Synopsis " ' ' ; the class members 1 at the home i Chrlatrna Cooper, 17 and loVely, Mrs. D. B. Medill. Class office Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association vegetables aid turkeys. "Genel": I . - '. is ths daughter oi the rich and eccentric Adolphus Cooper, who He didn't answer. She could hear elected were Miss Amelia Robertson, president; Mrs. James Allen, secre MOVIES THK CAIT.IIX'H Kill" AT I'AMJII.'i-' The children will especially enjoy this unlcrtaiulug story of a fine little actress. Sybil Jason, a city girl who spends her summer in a small New Kugland seacoaat town and there becomes attached to Guy Jihhee, a tall-tale-telllng old sea captain. He KlifiiilH most of his time telling about how he killed "at least, a do&en men." When the plot reaches the climax where Kihhee Is actually up for murder, Sybil's honest account of his stories almoHt Fends him up Iho slrclch. May Uohxon is kept bii(.y trying to keep Sybil front see " Christie you you aren't sorry!" ' - ' ' She twisted out of Ms arms. "Coarse not I Look! The fire's burning down. I'm hungry! Aren't you T I'll cook the bacon! "No, I'll cook it. Let me, Chns-Uel" They both cooked. They srot in National Advertising Representative: CiKO. B. DAVID CO. I Son Wrleley Dldg., ChlcaKO. maoa ma money in in monaiae, nsver speaxs of th past, and hates tary; and Mrs. J. K. Isgregg, trcas hint chopping wood way down below the creek. She could smell coffee, too. Perhaps ft was just as well. All those detaila could come cities, indolent by nature, ana ai 1-111 Ornerul Molur;., D"lr'lt 110 East 42nd St., New York u ror. ready well along in years, he never assumed the position that his later. Tbe'd have breakfast first wealth mlcht have aiveu him. In The water in the creek that flowed Mr. and Mrs, George Horn of lie each other's way, and burned the toast and e-ot smoke fn their eves. Phone 1 17 Phone 41 stead, he built home In the Cali past the camp was crystal clear. trolt, Mich., are announcing tin and icy cold. She was glad that she had remembered to bring some of Aunt Netty's sweet-smelling soap. marriage of (heir daughter, Leona fornia mother Lode country, near a little town called Spanish Pass. While he dreams of the great things he will do for Christie by and laughed, and loved it. they ate quantities of everything, and drank all the strong, steaming coffee in the big iron pot. Then Gene stretched out on the THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: to Ignl Zehrls, which took place on Thursday, Nov. 29, In Detroit. Iloth 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties tnq by. she grows up with the boys She scrubbed and splashed happily, and dried. on the still damp towel that Gene had used. His old blus sweater was lying on a boulder, and she sliDDed that on. partly Mr. and Mrs. Zehrls arc former 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry, no gins ot tne mountain community, an Innocent and adventur Clinton residents. , ground near the creek, and amoked, while Christie washed the dishes. She wouldn't let him help her. She wanted to do It all. There was 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemploy ous young tomboy. Left alone in the Isolated ranch houee for a few ing loo much of the captain and I stop Jane Bryan from meeting Krc ment problem. because the Icy water had chilled her, and partly because it was his. days, she Is visited by a childhood something about working, while he 1-cnlcr Wilson, who has been vis 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city Lawrence, the cuplaln helper. .Miss chum and eweetheart. Gene Dubois, who discovers that while be of Hi me in the state. King his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. I Wilson, has returned (o Chicago, Jason has an oppnrtunlly to put ovc the melody. "I'm (he Captain' Kid." has been away In the city, the little Cooper girl has been growing into surprisingly attractive young III., where he Is employed. AN AMERICAN TRIUMPH The enthusiastic reception accorded President RooBevelt A cartoon lu color, newsreel and Miss Anita Kayliould has return musical act supplement the feature. woman. Swept oil her feet by his sudden, Impetuoue love making, Christie feels that this Is the great moment of her life. South America, where he has been universally hailed as the leader to her homo in Drazil after spending the past few days with Missis of the Americas, ought to mean much to the people of this country. Evelyn and Hlla Jones of this clly HI UK 'KM COWBOY' AT THK tl'AHANH This lime Ruck Jones swaps hli Naturally, by weight of political and physical conditions, the United States should be the "big brother" of other republics in this hemisphere. That, in the past, we have been regarded as the "big Norman Silverman has returned to trusty "Silver" for a high-powered Chicago. 111., where he Is In school after visiting since Thanksgiving CHAPTER III The birds wakened her, as they always did. For moment she lay very still, listening, half smiling, still reluctant to open her eyes. Then she remembered. She felt the roughness of ths blankets, tbe harsh snrlnelness of the Dine racing car and risks his neck to save the home of the girl he loves. This mischief-loving cowboy with a pen bully" may be understandable, in part, by people here but neverthe less most South Americans and Central Americans looked with mis with his parents. Mr. and Mrs, L. I Silverman of South Fourth street. chant for gelling into trouble, gets Into an escapade with George Coop- boughs beneath her. ror a moment. IIKCKMHER I, Kill giving upon the "Colossus of the North," able to swallow them will and some of them feared that we might gulp them down. William Lawrence, Joseph Glrard pure panic seised her. bhe hadn1 W. C. Wright of Crawfordsville dreamed it then. ... It was real. and Donald Kirke with Luanu Wal . . . She must have been crazy. was here Friday and Saturday. ters as leading lady. The high spot of the picture comes when he is forced to drive the racing ear for Mr. and iMrs. Charles Walker and For seconds that seemed like hours, and minutes that stretched to eternity, she ley with eyes closed, hand clenched till fingernails bit This attitude of distrust and suspicion has been largely removed by the policies instituted by President Roosevelt. He has proclaimed the "good neighbor" creed but the Latin republics did not take his word for it. They waited to see what would happen, how the new he first,, time after deserting, bis daughter, Lorulne, Misses Ona James and, Ted Rutler spent Thanks into palms, tense, aching bundle faithful sfeed. He doesn't know the or miserj. giving day, with Mr. and Mrs.. J. T. accelerator from the brake but he What had shs donet What awful Jones of Hillsdale. thing had she, Christine Cooper, finds the difference in a hurry. done! - Whatever made her doctrine would affect the relationships of this nation with the weak ' ei countries about Us. What they saw amazed them. There is no other word. Ar. Chapter .one of Eddie. ,Ricken Mis. Ishmael shew and son. Har With the back of her band she wiped the perspiration from her backer's sky thriller, "Ace Dinm- old are visiting her mother, Mrs. Ol forehead. With a great effort of will, shs made herself stop (hat den of Paris. gentina s long-time hostility changed, to admiration and, in other mond," a musical comedy and Paramount Variety , are added .attractions. , senseless shaking. countries, grudging friendship was replaced by loyal ties of sincere She opened her eyes, looked about Mrs, Phoehe Waike h:ul for hnr 'uests Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. !SlM(iH X lilKKIf her cautiously. When she eaw that she was quite alone, the first suffocating panic 0CWJO4J.V AT THK 'OLt'Mltl.l" ' " William Meadows and son, of Terre Haute; Mr. and Mrs. Harry NichoU left her. Duck Jones, "5lg hero 'of tlie 'reiil eh was lying on a bed or puis boughs, in a little clearing partially west, in "Sundawn Rider" !ia a son and children, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jones and babe and Mr. and Mrs. aurrouhded by young pines and They both cooked got in each others way, burned the toast snd loved it mc of it thwarting the carefully laurel brush. The ground was cot. William Spears. ered with a thick, dark green carpet of the white-flowered "moun planned scheme of a group of desperate rascals who are wanting to steal a ranch from a defenseless girl. and wearing something he had worn was like being close to him. She laid her cheek caressina-ly tain misery" that smells like witch Jar Santa Claua:-I want you hazel, lietty, the old mother dog, to bring me a.guu. a story book. Barbara Weeks is the nrettv hero- against it, before she slipped it over was eunea up Desiae ner. and a lubber ball, and bring my lit her head. Somewhere, not far away, a horse ne; "Silver," his horse, assists affection. For once, the little countries are convinced that the United States intends to respect their sovereignty, their international rights and their domestic prerogatives. The lesson has been plainly demonstrated by positive action, our withdrawal from Cuba, our departure from Nicaragua, our new treaty with Panama and, last but not least, the reciprocal trade program that breathes the live and let live spirit to all peoples. President Roosevelt, as the spokesman of the policy and the executive director of its consequences, deserves great credit. He was and is the leader, ably supported by the loyal service of Cordell Hull, destined to go down in history aa a great secretary of state. These men saw the vision of a new era, they gave it expression and' the American people accorded them surprising support, making the new friendship, of,,South and Central America a genuine American triumph. tle brother, Wilbur a gun. horn and She hadn't known you could feel whinnied. A dog barked, and bushy tailed gray squirrel scolded raucously from the giant cedar just like that . . . hadn't known what rubber hall. ' I am a little boy- in the fast action; Nlles Welch, Rat O'Malley. Wheeler Oakmaii and Bradley Pago have suppoi tins roles. love was like. But she knew now. From now on she wasn't just Dolph eight years old and my little brother oeyona tne utue clearing. Christie stretched, and yawned Is three. ,- - . , Uooner s eirl. she was herself . . . The high spot of the picture comer She waa fully awake now except herself, yet part of Gene, which ' ' 'karV kelley. when Buck, on Silver, tries to reach must be what was meant by "one lay by the stream and indolently smoked, that filled her with almost heartbreaking happiness. When she looked over at him, relaxed and lazy in the sun that was filtering through the interlaced maple and dogwood branches, she saw him through e film of absurd, happy tears. "Sure you don't want me to wash the frying pan for you, honey 7" "No honestly "SwelL But I think you're a funny girl." "Maybe that's why t love you!" "I know it's why I love youl" They both laughed, joyously She added more soap to the cooling dishwater, and stealthily wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. It was good to joke about things yor couldn't bear to talk about . . . She couldn't tell him that she wanted to do much more than wash dishes for flesh." own before sundown so ho can de "It's fust as if I was never really posit some money to have the ranch ror a nice, comfortable laziness and she remembered everything and wasn't scared and panicky, the way she'd been at first. . . What was there to be scared about? Everything was all right she waa camping out, just as she alive until now," she thought ex Readers Comment ultantly. ino vine oi tne rally," pro Everything was brlehter, love vides some comedy; the Sport ltc lier. Surely she had never heard deals with "Ice Cnt-Ups." the birds sine like that And the nad done dozens and dozens of times before . . . and that ft was with Gene, and they were alone on the mountain was all right too, because they loved each other, and when two sky, the patches of it that she could see through the interlacing branches above, waa such a bright, brilliant "Cootie" From "Ecoutei." Tho fullovt hip fetter is printed at (lie ifqufst of ,4li UorkfiV Allium-)'. The Daily riiiilonlun lias no kmnvli-dgfc of the facts contained In It and the wulimeiitH cx-lii-cKNcd are uo? iieccMsaril)' those of til's newspaper. lOdjtor's Note. The word "cootie" of trench blue. The very air was different days is said to have originated when She turned, as the doers raced people love each otner nothing else ' matters. . . . Everything else just him, that aha wanted to do some frencn soldier, holdine one un tn uirougn tne Drusn, aneaa or uene eiiec on the future dcsliuios and fortunes. This surprising state of ar-Tails may be caused by a sudden bereavement or other untoward event, and may result In changes in employment and the affairs iri general, nas to work into tnat pattern, that's wno naa his arms full or firewood. thing big sacrifice, and suiter. "I'd like to oaint you that wsv. an American Deaan exDlainine it lie didn t meet her eyes at first THE STARS SAY By GEXEVIKVE KE.MII1.K For Saturday, Pwcinbci' . A day of notable and memorable adventures and experiences is foro-cast by the predominant planetary configurations. These may come suddenly and have , a radical inl'lu- Christie." - There was one little minute that the with "Ecoutez," meaning "Listen," but the American, not knowing French, thought he named the little 'Washhur dishes? Well. I'd first cold fear came back. She must have seemed very lovely and young rather have my portrait in the Le niose wnose immaay it 1b are pest, and a "cootie" it became. gion of Honor, some other way" on iho threshold of a year of start ana appealing, as she knelt by the little stream in her boyish sweater Edito , , THK DAILY CLINTONIAN Clinton Indiana Dear Sin , I have been atikcd by meinbors of ling developments, which may have ail. Dad. . . . But Dad would understand. He's be surprised, but he'd understand. He'd buy a ranch for Gene, or give him a mine. ... "Genel'r She sat up. on the fir bough bed, and shouted for him. She was going to ask him whether he'd rather have her ask Dad for a ranch, or a mine. Or maybe they could stake a claim Dad would enow about that -and do a little ranching too. Bat not raise cattle. "Oh, I don't mean that The way rou were looking. Sort of exalted, ike Joan of Arc. or some of the life and for.nues. a revolutionary effect on the futu and jeans, all rosy rrom the vigorous scrubbing with the soap and towel she still hejd in her hands. : : He dropped the firewood and rah saints, with the srold of your hair all A child Lorn on this day may lie the Workers Alliance in Clinton to answer the slundnrouH accusations shimmering and the little shadows of the leaves flicking across it " i to her. to take her into his arms.- , So the mommt tjiat threatened to unusually uir-uicd, progressive and possessed or great ludeuendenc e of thought and action. Its adventur made by Frank Kchiiinan itud How (io tie (Continued J OtVTrtjat, - ' Sals a-aatana BraSUata, la be peic passei). ard Paine against our organization 111 a, recent Issue of the "Clintoni ous nature may lake it fo stranpc places, possibly In Fcientiflic re way HuUmri.'-'d j0 Bpeuk for I lie an." search or public service, These two individuals are in no Get Aboard the A&P Bandwagon .Schuman and Pujne write that limy "have not been in strict accord with the policies of ihe Workers Alliance." Sincerely yours, MKUHILL JACKSON, lixec u t i v e Secre t a t y . found we were there. I then received the fc.aue, kind of report from Crawfordsville, AM of our locals were not tiled, to warn local bu.sincs,s peopl-' of these individuals ami ;lio!ild v have any itirther complaint a, charge: will be preferred :i::;iiiiHt tliem. Our Si ii! c ( 'oust it nl ion contain i the following clause; "No officrr and Enjoy Lower Living Costs Get acquainted with AAP'a on factor? mad products. . . Cot aboard too AAP Bandwagon and yju'll un plenty on your food mpply. Tiio items luted in thii ad PALACH7 A Grand Show With 3 Big Star Workers Alliance. Thfy havit Uvon exposed by our orR.tnizHt inns in .several roininiiiiiljcH fiilncly Maiming to n'iil ih Alli.HK-c in an attriiij't tn solicit finuin from )uM-oohs men. I have lion; in my lllfs Iftlci'B telling of how they lliroat-ened (o boycott merrha ii(h unless they eoiitribiltrfl to them. Jns( yr-icntly I received -w or d- from VoerJ-crsburg that they were than attempting to ee'rure , money under ! fals,o .clajniH, State Orfiunlzer l-ur- IfiDil 'and piyaolf .went" to Vfiederabtin; i (if investigate vljiit Bcmouu and Paine loft town hurriedly wlien they i offer you tremendous Tillies EVERY DAY TONITE H"(oij;ajn7.i shalj uineo aij.ciiviiJW-Blaitres f:Hin a prolil or Imj 4aid a Bal- Can 5c DR. B. II. SELLERS DENTIST 1 . 2491 South Main Street Clinton, Indiana ; A BAD LITTLE MISS Iona Brand (2 28-Oz. 19c) Sultana Brand FORK & BEANS PEAKUT BUTTER Ait a pttri m ary.' 'tT'liavu coiitkinvd -la luxm free of pelfiy rack'Jtnerj, wi,tbwhich ot her orpiijiixaliniin havoi Often - be- 25c 2-Lb. Jar I Who's Too Good To Miss! conif) itlfHcLi'd, iiml we will , coot utue drAnKlX Gelatin Desert 6 Pklfs. t6, lo so. It is t- this rrjjsoii, thiil 25c 25c T-T Iona Brand Jar SALAD 0RESSING SPAGHETTI c 9 c f 7-Oi. Pkgs. Friday & ; Saturday VIKEGAR 10c COLUMBIA Friday and Saturday Bot or Macaroni Iona Brand Rajah Brand Pure Cider Sunnyfield New Whits Sliced Twist "TaJking Thru My Heart" Musical Comedy Paramount Variety "Straight a an Arrow" 10c 25c CORN FLAXES A&P BREAD I.fte. Pkg. 20-Oz. Loaf 9c 8c 15c Dog Food 4c.n. 19c Boraxo C.a Hand Boat, ' " 89c Flnur !""reiJ a( - - Faaeaka BUCK JONES "SUNDOWN RIDER" Comedy "Wife of the Parly" Sport Reel , "ICE CUT UPS" A.K0NCHO BUSIES IN A BENDER ON WHEflS I Flour ; Chum Salmon Tomato 10c Preserves Tall Can 3 tSi 25c Soup vv:rlr it lc - '.' 25c 3 c. 25c PAG Soap 10 J;;. 35c Lewis Lye mm .'yzp Yt Sii ....... fSfofesn PEACHES Del Monte J Sliced or Halves at. Lge. Cans. 10c to All I IN A UNIVC SAl ICTU BOKAR COFFEE Vigorous and Winey Sunday and Monday ' 29c 21c 21c i : Lb. Can 3 -Lb. Pag FLOUR McKenzies' Pancake (Buckwheat, 3 5iL,b. Bag 23c) una ID Ar Baadvaaon alarrina Kala Smith tvrrr ura.. 7-8 P. M eovaov FRESH FE UTS AND VEGETABLES iijr . . , rial o . . . i- rv w i . . .PI.I S. . . GRAPEFRUIT, Texas Seedless each 3c FLORIDA ORANGES 200-216 . . . doz. 25c CELERY sUik 5c SWEET POTATOES 4 lbs. 19c MUSICAL REVUE LATEST NEWS CARTOON 10c25c rl.. - AllOUl A I TRACTION t A ColamijlaX . V. ? 1' "ACE DRUMMOND' A Good Comfortable Seat and a Good Show Awaita You at the Palace. CapL Eddie Rickenbacker's New Thriller of the Skyway i. .

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