The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 4, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1936
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

Friday, December 4, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 2 123 REBELS REPORT LYFORD SCHOOL ! ! HAS 2 .VISITORS CAPTURE OF 3 RUSSIAN SHIPS WEEK-END Specials! (Continued from Page 1) Honor Student Are Announced; Christmas Program Is Planned lily ol' ammuniiion was reported luk- n In a loyalist advance at El Llano, near (irado, also along Ihe Buy of I I Q DAYS Biscay roaxl. ( Illi ns I lee (initio The civil populalion or (irado. neat' ht'leaiMii-ri-d Oviedo, has been ivaiunted. All earlier announce- 1 A i ..J LYFORD, Dec. 4 Gerald AlflX-ander, Parke counly imlilic wlioola superintendent, and Lynn Flalier. Kosedale high siliool principal, vis-lied the Lyl'iinl netiool TneNilay of laM week. Honor utiideiHfi for ' sevenlh and eighth Kiatlin havj ben an-iinnnwd a follows I.oiiIh.' Junes. Behind f4 CHRHTMA :nein salii loyalists enpfured seven murium' guns, :m, 1100 cartridges, -i ii I guined several hundred yardB n the H;iu Miirlln de Hiirulos sector (hen iiisni'ieilos withdrew from 'heir eiiiplacements. Coverniueut planes bombarded in- ' rs SFAL Y7 rure ijj Cranuluted n ivi Jim LU. HUtrf discovers surgnnls at ('urhiin'hl Hujo. just south of Madrid. Loyalist au- bacillus I the tubercle Let Us Show You louiicemeiils said rebel convoys had hWh dispersed near Retamaras. r southwest of Madrid. 5. i MOW TO,-' 'f,i; ' ! SAVE Superior Straight Family Flour (lit Ion Blown I ) TIip railroad Btntion at Veltescas, n Ibe main southerly route to the 'oast, was deslroyed In an air swoop. The rebel radios asserted, how-nver,, that heavy government losses were suffered at Alava and Villa-"enl. and that rebels repulsed a government attempt to re-establish rail on FOOD I . ,. home of hr daughter. m. John Tyre. Mr. and Mr-. Harry Montgomery d children. Joe Ray and Lou nne. of Montezuma; Louis Qilfoy f Itockvllle; Mr. and Mrs. William lilfoy and Mr. and Mrs .Raymond lilfoy and children, Jack and Mary '.oil. of Clinton visited Mrs. Winnie lilfoy Thanksgiving day. Mrs. Winnie Gilfoy visited Miss ,ora Walker of south of Lyford ninday. Mr. and Mrs. John Reed and son. tussell. visited Mr. and Mrs. W. K. of Owonshnrg Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. .Cleo Pritchard and .1,11,1,-on nf Hillsdale, Mr. and Mrs. Lb. Bag ;jiMrTfir,rifWrti-jf,"-fi KnliiiimMIIIMiiw ommunii ntion befween Madrid and A ran u eg along the line which the 'oynlist said was bombed at Villes- MINNIE GIOVANINI 558 North Eighth Street Clinton Special Values In Farmers Pride Products!! PROBATION FOR TWO PRANKSTERS lomer Bradford and children of leliton Harbor, Mich., Mrs. Edmonn iwena and children, and Mr. and Magnabosco & Berto 409 North Eighth Street Clinton Maxlne Huxfr. Dorothy flravea Marlon While and EMella Ooddnrd Tlld school will present It Chrlnl-lnaa program Dee. 17. Mr, and Mr. .OatHer Hiiltnni and children. John, Joy and Kvelyn. vis lted Mr. and Mm. John Hnllom nnd children, Margaret. Gernldlne. Ko-sella and Joe Ray. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Roach and "Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Roach of Terrr Haute visited Mr. nnd Mrs. Oathei Haltoni and children Sunday evening. George Kirkman of Lyford spent the weekend with his sister. Mrs. Otis Anderson of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Acres nnd Billy and Katherlne Brenton visited Mr. and Mrs. William Lucas Run-day. Charlie Duell and Hornett Martin of Benton Harbor spent the weekend with their aunt. Mrs. William Lucas. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Phlpps and daughter, Betty, of Terre Haute visited Mr. and Mrs. William Lucas Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William Guess had as their Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carry of Crompton Hill. Mrs. Paul Carlthers and daughter, Phyllis, and Mrs. Ora Hamilton of Fontanet visited Mrs. Charles Wilding and daughter, Merrill June. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilding and daughter, Merrill June, visited Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wright and son, Chris Jr., Sunday. James Wilding and family spent Thanksgiving day with Mrs. Mary Jones of Clinton and Mr. and Mrs. Omar Jones of Clinton spent Sunday evening with James Wilding. Miss Lois Van Lieu of Beaver Dam, Ohio, spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Van Lien. Mrs. Bessie Shannon and children!. Vera and Edward, of Clinton also iited the Van Lieus last week. Mr. and Mrs. Preslon Crowder Mrs. Joe Carter and children of Clinton visited Mr. and Mrs. Leo i,n Thursday evening. Tom McGlnnis of Dugger visited VICTOR PALONCY MIMon Nolan, 17. and Harold Mc-Caitley. IS: of St. Barnice were tried before J. jf. Hayslett, Justice of the leaoe. yesterday. They were arrested by H. ; J. Kutch. deputy sheriff, for Halloween pranks They had placed a screen wire ajcross the highway causing a car to be badly damaged, police said. Police 'believe other boys were Involved, and charges may be preferred against them. Nolan and McCauley were released on six months probation. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Haltom Sunday. Carles Jackson of Marshall, 111.. las been visiting his grandmother, iiirnh Hurn8. Fairview Park William Wallis of Rockville vls- Peachy ..r H c Oreeini HearBSc0" H c Pancake Flour JL25c ted Mrs. Burns Sunday. Mrs. Rulph Bennett and son Charles, and Mrs. Fred Yowell and SECONDINO BROS. Universal, Indiana children visited Mrs. Louis Morris if Crompton Hill last week. Mr. and Mrs. William Shoemaker nd son. Claude, and Mr. and Mrs Ray Kelshelmer were Sunday guests JOHN GAMBAIANI Centenary, Indiana f lirunner Kilborn. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kelsheimer vis ted Mr. and Mrs. William Sboe- naker Tuesday. All But One English Paper Go Over To King in Empire's Big Effort to Resolve Protlem of Mrs. Simpson , (Continued rrom rage D rumors as of late have been in general circulation throughout the world." The lahorite Daily Herald predicted "it is possible that within a few days, even a few hours. King Edward VIII will have abdicated jn ovder to lie free to marry the woman of bis choice." IVAN SVETKOFF 1201 North Seventh Street Clinton MRS. SIMPSON SPEEDS OFF TO FRANCE TODAY PILLSBURY'S and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crowder Royal GELATIN (Continued from Page 1) tit and children .vjnited Mr. and" Mrs. F. M. Crowder Bunia'y. PERONA'S STORE Blanford, Indiana ' mericnn make. Slu. iiroeeeded immediately to her Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bugher were pleasantly surprised Thanksgiving mite and undisturbed until by a ho'meconiing. ' Those" present '0:110 a. in., when she avakend and ROYAL were Mr. and Mrs. Edtnond Owens reakfastPd on rolls and cotiee. SCake SFSour GELATIN DCSSERT A short while later, she dashed JOHN VALENTE 1301 North Ninth Street Clinton Seven Different Flavors 'trough the Lounge, shielding her and children, Johnny and Tommy and Hershet K.ys of Clinton, Mr. and Mrs. Hoer Bradford and children. Win'red and Duane, of Benton Harbor, Mich., -Mr. and Mrs are from, the few guests who wen here and agniii entered liei' car vh it'll started off toward Paris at : 'urious rate. M'NUTT WILL BE GUEST AT MASS MEETING IN GYM (Coutlnued from Page 1) boulevard lifting ami t ho tw parka. All organizations will be askd t actively assist in RponsoriiiR the i'vont and residents of surroundin? towns will be Invited to attend. Roy Ktaats. Harvey Moore and .1 B. Stine were named aa a nominal ing committee to select a slate of officers to be presented at the last meeting in December. Wi B. SHARP CleO Prltchard and children of Hills-dais, Mr and Mrs. Joe Carter of Clinton, and Mrs. Cora Harlh of Box Pkg. Fairview Park Forttanet. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harth of Newcastle vlsfted the Bnphers Saturday. MORE SPENDING SEEN IN REPORT Mm John Haltom and children, GIVEN BANKERS DEAL'S MARKET 328 North Ninth Street Clinton (Continued from Page 1) Ilosella and Billy Joe, visited Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bugher Wednesday. Mrs. Helen Faulds and daughter. Norma Jean, and Mr. and Mrs. Chive Murray of Fairview visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grantham nent and by stales will he discussed, with James M. Landis -hairman of the securities and ex- ksnw rommissiou. and D. Leon Camay Soap ba3r, 1 7c .'. Ojtydol 3 p,1,, 25c Mr. and Mrs. William Crowder larp. president of the Nationul As iciatinii of Seiurilies Commission ers, delivering the principal ad- and children .Owen. Sandy and Phyllis, visited Mr. and Mrs. Carl Abernathy of Coxville Thanksgiv ing day. ,1 F. D. R.'s PARTY HEADS BACK TO UNITED STATES (Continued from Page 1) placed a floral wreath on the cafcki; )f "(ins" Cennerich, Mr. Koosevelf; mri.vKi ai d, who died suddenly h 'iU' Bos Aires. The weather is fair and eool. bu ,;f?ttin warmer as the Indlannpoli' 4(ieeds once more towards eqiiatoria waters. The trip has done the pren-dent a prent deal of tfood. provid in a rest after the election Iresses. The remainder of the day will he-ivoted fo sports and entertain--lent features. EncoiiraginK Bejiort e BROWN SUGAR 4.25' i? Royal Crackers 2 L 15c iTrra. wiiiiam browner ana Mr: and Mrs. Carl Abernathy and children, and Mrs. Blanche Bennett were in Terre Haute Fri In their report to the convention asferday, the committee on indus-rlal security raw in the increase in V flow of capital a harbinger of -,oad and lasting business recovery. The committee uiged the bankers continue to insist that industry '.liniain an adequate sinking fund, 'espite the possible reluctance of wlioiry fo do so bedtime of the adividod corporation tux. day. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Price and daughter, Mary Elizabeth, of Mun-cie visited Mr. and Mrs. William Price Thanksgiving. Mrs. Edith Burgan is visiting her sister. Mrs. William Price. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jldams had as their guests Thanksgiving doy Mr. and Mrs. David Owens and daugh-ti rs. Mary and June. Mrs. Rebecca A. Kelly and Mrs (iladys Engle of Coxville visited Mrs. Joe Adams Tuesday afternoon. William Emmert is seriously ill at his home. Rodents Close Burrows Many of the small wild rodents of the desert close the mouth vi their burrows by da with a plus oi earth POTATOES Peck 35c HEAD LETTUCE 2for 1 5c LEAF LETTUCE u. 10c Celeif 5-1 Oc APPLES 6 Pounds 25c Oranges 25c COMPROMISE IS NOT POSSIBLE, BALDWIN SAYS Doi!ingDcoflb.lOc-l2r BEEF ROAST !b. 15c PORK SHOULDER a mm - ROAST ID. ly2C Pork Chops lb. 20c FRESH JOWLS LB. 15C Tobacco Growers Condemned Tobacco growers in Connecticut, known for its "blue laws" end Puritan forbears, were once criticized severely by reformers. Sermons were preached against devoting the soil to the raising of a "weed" when the ground m?M be sown in wheat and eorn. Mrs. Floyd Hoffman visited her parents, Mr .and Mrs. Ben Honk near Riley Thanksgiving day. Floyd Hoffman visitod his par California Sunkist E88 lize Dozen ffnts, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoffman of Cory, Thanksgiving day. Miss Frances Jackson and Eslal Hoffman of Cory visited Mr. and JIr. Floyd Hoffman Sunday. Staley's Gslden TaislG Syrup can r,to ft (Con-tinned Irom Page 1) :nons after repeated ellorts by ad-Iressillg Hie following question to the premier: "I should like to ask Hie pi-inn minister whether he lias anything i. add to the answer he gave to the question I put to him at 'he beginning of today's proceedings." (Baldwin earlier in the clay had declined to make a statement.) "Yes sir." the premier replied, "in vitw of widely circulated suggestions as to certain possibilities in the event of the King's marriage I think it would be advisalile to make a statement." ? 9 91 Woodrow Willey of Worthlngton sr-ent Thanksgiving vacation with ir JSS'J pound his uncle, John S. Willey. Come To The GREEN INN At Centenary SATURDAY For a Good Time! DANCING Sandwiches of All Kinds BEER Oi aps 2-25 mm Wa?ne Nolan' and a friend visited Jlrs. Alice Nolan Friday night. . Charles and Marie Ray and Alice Payne of Indianapolis visited their grandmother, Mrs. Alice Nolan, Sunday. Mi's. Clarence Stone is erloguly; wmmmrwvmv mm l

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