The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 22, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1921
Page 8
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V THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS You Save Money CHILD WELFARE WORK CHIEF TOPIC To B Discussed From All Sides at Charities and Corrections Conference in Munsie INDORSE COUNTY AGENTS WORK Fourth District Farmers Assert System is Important Factor in Work of the Farm Cfc NT WATCH WATCH 15c We place on sale this week 500 yards dark outings for comforts, per yard -WHEN YOU Buy Your Groceries From the Mayflower rolls Comfort Bats,, per The subject of child welfare will j Resolutions indorsing the work of receive most attention at the state the county agents throughout the state conference of Charities and Correc- j were passed at the closing session of tions to be held in Muncie Oct. 22 to23, j the Fourth District Indiana Federa-according to official notices announc- j tion of Farmers Associations held in ing the conferences, which have just j Marion this week. The resolutions been sent out by the state officers, asserted the work of the county This is the annual gathering of social . agents was an important factor in workers from all over the state char- agricultural life at the present time, iiable and correctional institutions, 1 Another resolution which was pass-county poor asylums, jails, orphans' ed demanded that Indiana senators and homes, Juvenile courts, probation offi- j representatives should do all in their 15c 200 roll 15c THE SPOTS THE SPOTS 15c 1 Cf ne lot ens Heavy Work I Socks, brown or black, per pair f cers, the American Red Cross, tuber- . power to obtain the passage of the Iculosis associations, parent-teacher as-! "truth in fabric" bill, which would re- Competitor's Don't Touch Us On Quality and Can't Beat Us on Prices. Give Us a Trial. Phone your Order. sociations, boards of children's guar- quire manufacturers to label their dians, hospitals, church and colleges products showing the percentage of and other groups of interested work- pure wool against shoddy. This bill ers along these lines. j is being supported by the majority of Evans Woollen, president of the farm organizations. 15c 15c One lot Ladies black cotton hose, sizes 9, 9V and 10, per pair Board of Children's Guardians in Indianapolis, and also president of the Indianapolis Charity Organization Soei- Plans for the organization of a Grant County shipping association, which were to have been taken up and discussed at the afternoon session, were postponed and will be taken up II The Bee Hive Cash Store i ety, will preside over the conference. r John A. Brown, supervisor of field service for the S,ate Board of Char-; by the directors of the Grant County tise, will be secretary for the confer- ; Agricultural Association next Mon-ence, and Mrs. Alice Albion Fellows, day Arrangements were made with You will need to buy a good pair of Boys School Shoes, so try a pair of STAR BRAND Pineapple, per dozen $4.00 Raspberries, per dozen 3.25 Blackberries, per dozen 3.25 Rice, the best, four pounds for 25c Salmon 10c, 15c and 25c Peanut Butter 15c Peaberry Coffee 25c Bacon, per pound , 20c, 25c and 35c Cheese, per pound 28c Flour 85c Rio Coffee 15c Corn Flakes . 10c Rolled Oats 1 10c Vinegar 30c to 40c Fresh Celery Direct From Michigan. New Pumpkins. Everything in Season. j Bacon of Evansville, will be chairman ' W. M. Suttles of Petroleum, Ind., a j of the executive committee. i director of the Fourth district, to be j Meetings will be held every morning present and assist in the organization at the chamber of commerce, these be- ! plans. ' :ng" devoted to informal round-table " A unit, of the shippers association (discussions. On Tuesday afternoon the has been organized at Van Buren for I Miss Lola Swaim, who is employed j delegates will "visit local institutions. ' seme time and the farmers of that ; as clerk in The Bee Hive, is this week i chiM weifare wjn be discussed as it ; township are very enthusiastic over spending her vacation. j reates to the state laws affecting chil- the workings of the organization and ' '. 3rvn ViU.I rptrWt rliilii ripnenilpnp. ' if i -rrv- rmhiM that, n eniintv unit Have An Individual Siit Don't Be a Duplicate Mrs. Nora is attending the -r,orr'Ho-?'N!e and delinnuer.t children, will be formed. Baptist Harmon v association this child labor, child hvciene. homeless The shirninir association has the in- Thursday and Friday at Windfall. j children, institutional care, the work j dorsement of the Indiana Federation iof the parent-teacher associations, of Farmers' Associations, and W. M. Robert Lock is home from Grant j playgrounds and feeble-minded chil- Sixties, district director, said more county hospital where he submitted to ' drcr A number cf persons have been economy and more established prices The Mayflower an operation tor appendicitis aoout at ion for invited to address the conference along ; will be obtained bv the methods of the three weeks acx 1 the lines of the relation of thechurehfchirping org anization. to social problems, care of the mental "The farmers in many communities 1 defective, public health, socfal hygiene have little or nothing to say at present and other topics. The conference will with regard to the disposition of their ; Phone 11 Bob Lindsay, Prop There a time when Tailor nade clothes cost more. That is not true no. We v ill fit vou. Your clothes will refieet your individuality. American Cassimers for fall. $:.e0 and 30.00. Our re-spcr.sibility is your guarar.t." Mrs. J. O. James, who submitted ts fa surgical operation at the Grant ' hc?r:tal for the removal of close luesaay night. ; !:ve stock or the prices it will Ming, 1 : from the moment the stock is put on ; her torsi came home Saturday and i is recovering nicely. is BANQUET ICE Miss Lucia Parrill from a recent illness. recovering the cars," he said. "By shipping our jown live stock and maintaining an" ! active interest up to the time it reach- THE BEST FOR COXES Ask the kiddies they know. A crisp cone filled to overflowing Mrs. Hort Ribb'e and baby soendinsr the week at Hanfield. are , es the packer, we are assured cf get- , ting the best returns." LETTER LIST Letters remaining in the postofHee for the week ending Sept. -20, 1021, which if not called for in two weeks will be sei;1 to the dead letter office: Harry May Berry. Miss Emma Pairigon. P. VAX ARSDALL, P. M. i Mr. and Mrs. Miles Rush are as guests today at dinner, in their country home near Rigdon, Rev. and Mrs. Enos Harvey of NoMesville. Mrs. Mattie Payne ar.d Mrs. Xcn Ed- ! wards of Fairmount. I Codlivtr oil is about 250 time as potent in food values as butter. SUNDAY SERVICES Ribble Bros. tOF COURSE) TAILORS ras PEOPLE with Banquet Ice Cream is indeed a i tempting; treat. ' The choice of several flavors adds to the enjoyment of this delightful and healthful confection. I Let the children have all they want these hot days and even if you are grown up try one yourself. Unless yor, are different from most folks you'll be back for more. Mrs. Will Parrill and Miss Maude Briles spent Sunday at Lafontaine. Eson Smith and James Fowler who were in Dillsboro to sir.k some wells B. Y. P. U. ! The Fairmount Baptist young: peo-' pie, who attended the annual B. Y. P. U.. of Harmony association at Windfall, Wednesday nijrht. report the best time ever, and say Baptists are jrrowintr everywhere. to secir"? a good flow of mineral ? water, st?.te that during their drilling Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lewis spent CONG REG ATION A L CH U RCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Evening service, 7:30; subject "The Supremo Requirements of Religion." This is the fourth ef the series on "Every Man's Religion." Welcome. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor. iuesday and Wc-dnesday in Ir.dianapo- they found some gas of the shale variety which, however, is net ccn-sidred ef a lasting nature. V.A 7aii 1 i .NOW uu Mrs. E. M. Leach has gne to. Tiffin, O., where she is the guest of her Miss Lola Swaim will be the puest j Six principal cities of Japan expect of her sister, Mrs. Samuel Lloyd in ; to spend $500,000,000 in improve-Joncsboro today. I ments during the next ten years. lr. ar.d Mr?. Ora Courh jpert Sun- Jay in Mat:h Miss Fleda Wiley, formerly Fairmount. who for some time been employed in Indianapolis telephone operator, is the guest friends here ar.d from here will ot has as of re- WESLEVAN CHURCH Sunday school, P:30. Preaching, 10:30. Young people's meeting, 7 p. m. Preaching at Wesleyan Back Creek Mr. ard Mrs. Clyde Lewis spent Sunday ;r. Shclbyville, the guests of Mr. r.nd Mrs. Lewis Carr. At." v -1 ot onv guest at the is a r.e ot Mrs. Uarr.e 7 p. m. A Christion welcome turn to her home in Michigan, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Wiley, Pa n church to all. Heat Your Bungalow, Cottage, or Flat with 1111 J. J. COLEMAN, Pastor. Mrs. Herman Jones is acting as substitute at the Clu' Cafe during the absence of Mrs. E. M. Leach. Mrs. Will Brown, of Ma- Mr- aRi Mrs- J- E- Bates have been Hot Water e: c.ll:r.g on F.i tsay mornirg. f " rmount ?r"d:r.g a week m Kalamazoo, Mich., j Mr. Bates is local lineman for the Indiana General Service company an 1 er.ds W P.PTIST CHURCH Sunday school. 9:30 a. m. n. Y. P. U 10:45 a. m. Special services Sunday afternoon, 2:30 p. m., Rev. Wilhelm will preach Misses Mabel Chandler and Lola DeLon. of Kokomo, called on Miss Ruth Schlagenhaft Sundav afternoon. Cellar not necessary put in any small house without disturbing present heating arrangements, until ready to use with the .k Lill lr ridce and m it her have ran during his absence L. A. Wagoner, formerly stationed here, acted as his substitute. for residence after r.cve-j to Bvron Traster has gone to Wabash and tho Iublic is invit- Pulpit county where he will look after the "e u,a,n"a" a several years' in Fair-j mount. Mr. Lillitridge is connected with the news force of the Leader- ' Vrifcune. ! Committee. i three orchards at White's Institute. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Glenn Rhoads and son entertained at a family dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Harry Craw, I T17 A I A MJ a The Areola is placed in Hv-lLIIaLa V.rCOia ing room, parlor, or kitchen n y" ! and fired as a stove. It Radiator-Boiler tt&JXMZ water system to American Radiators in adjoining rooms. The simplest, most durable, most economical heating plant ever devised for small buildings. Doo'tdelay to find out all about it. FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m. Preaching service, 10:30 a. m. Junior Mission band at 3 o'clock. Intermediate C. E. at 6:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. John Craw and children, ' " 7 ' " -"-"--t j v i v u- -r , r ';!. ?rent Sunday with her son James Lavedah and Freddie, Mr. and Mrs. t , . , . r. , j , r, i i i an1 "er parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Clayton Craw and daughters Beulah, Ruby and Freda Aileen, of Matthews, j IDKAtr-Areola Radiator - Boilers for small houses without cellars. Hot -water heating as simple and easy as running a stove one fire heats ail rooms. STOCK HAULING To Indianapolis and Miss Hattie Craw, of Jonesboro. ! Estimates Cheerfully Given Without Obligation J. C HARRIS Phone 1095 Suramitville. Indiana Clinton Jay, of Libertv township is Fred Jones ml Joe Johnson. leaders.; Young People's grup at 6:30, Ruth making extensive improvements on his residence and other buildings upon his farm. Lloyd, leader. Preaching service, 7:30. Girls chorus will practice Friday, 4 o'clock at the church. Choir practice Friday night 7:30. S. ADELBERTWOOD, Pastor. Rate cul to 40c a hundred. Call Phone 211. N. A. Wilson and wif? have return- -d to thir heme in Fairmount after .- sevr-V mirths absence. During their travels Mr. and Mrs. Wilson visited nearly every point .of interest in the southern and eastern part of the country, being in the nation's capitol for th? inaugural ceremonies and sojourning there for some little A. J. Myers, wife and daughter of North Main street expect to leave Oct. 1 for St. Cloud, Fla.t where they will spend the winter. Isaac Malone time. M. E. CHURCH Next Sunday the pastor will preach at both morning and evening services. Sunday school meets at 9:30. Ep-worth League at 6:45. Mid-week prayer service Thursday at 7:30 p. m. Jessie J. DeVare, violin teacher and soloist, on her way from Chicago to St. Petersburg:, Florida, is here visiting her father, Isaiah Jay -and wife, a few days. TAKE WARNING Speculation in industrial stocks is spreading so rapidly in Berlin that the Stock Exchange in that city is closed two days a week to enable clerks to keep up with the orders. A cordial invitation is extended to all. j Now that the Disarmament Confer- i ence meets in a few weeks every j Christian ought to be at all the regular . services of the church, that prayer j may be made for the success of this j conference. This is the first time in j history that such a meeting was ever j William Henry Wolf, of Morris ensidered. The earnest prayers of; town, the 13 months son of P. H. and j God's people will contribute much to- Ora Jones Wolf was awarded the ward making it one of the crowning ' Potatoes, per peck g5C Potatoes, per bushel $2.50 Peanut Butter, i pound can 20c Oats, small package, two for 25c Oats, large package 25c Toilet Soap, per bar 5C White Laundry Soap, per bar 5C See our window display of Aluminum Ware. Come in and find out how this beautiful set is given away. iourx.n prize in tne baby contest at achievements of the age. . a ... a Winter is coming, so you had better get that new furnace in, or the old one repaired. We are agents for the oldest and best furnace on the market, the XX CENTURY. We are also agents for the American Areola Water Heating System. Also if your base burner doors need new mica, we are prepared to fix them. Call and see us or phone 6 or 102. me xair. me little teiiow is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. David Jones of this place. A number of Fairmount people en ACADEMY ALUMNI PLAYING BASKET BALL. A number of former Academy students have organized a basket ball team, under the name of The Independents, and have arranged a series of games for the season under the management of the agency department of the People's Life Insurance Company, which, it is understood, is financing the team. The first game will be in Marion in Civic hall on joyed a weiner roast given in Marion Wednesday evening by Mrs. Bill Gregg complimentary to Miss Eloise j Thompson, of Cleveland, who is her house guest. Those going from j here were Mr. and Mrs. Glen Gift and ' son Bobbie, Mr. and Mrs. C L. Rob- erts, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wilson and The Quality Grocery ' BERT BRILES. Proprietor E. ' H. Parker FfiEr $-$"SSS . Pal Stephens. Thanksgiving night. j

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