The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 22, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1921
Page 6
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1 mm.o;,1 THE FAIXtMOUNT NEWS r . SBsidavSchool CLOTHES MATCH OCCASION IN SCHOOL GIRL'S OUTFIT f Lesson v Bible Institute or Chloir.) ,gX l?iU Western Nexvsrafor Crxion.) LESSON FOR SEPTEMBER 25 Some More Truths. "IA70ULD you uso a steam shovel to move a pebble? Certainly not Implements are built according to tho work thoy have to do. Would you use a grown-up's remedy for your baby's ills? Certainly not. Bemedics are prepared according to tho work THEY have to do. All this is preliminary to reminding you that Fletcher's Castoria was sought out, found and is prepared solely as a remedy for Infants and Children. And let this be a warning against Substitutes, Counterfeits and tho Just-as-good stuff that may bo all right for you in all your strength, but dangerous for tho littlo babe. All the mother-lovo that lies within your heart cries out to you: Be true to Baby. And being true to Baby you will keep in tho house remedies specially prepared for babies as you would a baby's food, hairbrush, toothbrush or sponge. REVIEW. OL,tKX TEXT As we have thereto- opo-tnUiy let n v'.o piwt unto all twn, especially then w ho are ot the household cf r.tlth. Oal. :l-tv REFKUEXOK M ATKHt At. t3t. :M. rntMAUv tvmc stofie wt Jt'XlXUt TOftC Servln Jes. INTEUMEIM ATR AXI SEXlOUTortO tJvlns for Jesus. Yorx. TEOrt.E AXt ADUt.T TOPIO Sacrificing- for Jesus. ? !'A 'A. L W ""fc ' l , ' Children Cpy Fop - -w -t3fc'1 ' Contents 15FtnidPracM Two methods may profitably Iwe out-ployed tn tho revkwv ot tho lessons of the Quarter. t-Mrs. 4i hlopmphUal sketeh of tho Apostlo Taul, such a his hlrth, homo tralninc, oduoation, conversation, teaehtns and missionary wmrk. Sooond, tho loadin toaehtns ot tho lessens, whloh tnay bo mado pnMutnont by summari?.iu: tho facts of each lesson and stating tho most vital teaehhig thereof. Tho tlrst moth-vd can bo ued In nwiewlns tbo los-simis In all departments atid grades, an I can bo easily adaplet by any teaeher. Tho sHMid metluvl will bo preferred by many in the senior and adnlt etasses. Tho following is given by way ot suggestion : Lssen 1. lvaul was horn at Tarsus, liii! Jr.. "TTrtC7r.i ran r.rxT. AUctdblclYcpaMtiimlorAs-stmaatintitticrood hy EfCta tinft thoStoriActi; and Bvwds of IS i - - i rv,- r.xnf .uns wtthcjrOpliim.Morrlntnor l' ... vt XT & rrTII. - ' " s ort. tho knh kot;o kor suit is takon ss a tnattor w,tT, both for tho s--hloi5s.-lrl and hor eMers. It is mado Are You Prepared? A doctor in the house all the time would be a good idea. Yet yen. can't afford to keep a doctor in the family to keep baby well or prevent skkness. But you can do almost the same thing by having at hand a bottle of Fletcher's Castoria, because it is a wonderful remedy for indigestion, colic, feverishness, fretfulness and all the other disorders that result from common ailments that babies have. Fletcher's Castoria is perfectly safe to use. It is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. Children cry for Fletcher's Castoria. and mothers recommend it because rhey have found it a comfort to children and a mother's friend. If you love your baby, you know how sweet it is to be able to help baby when trouble comes. You cannot always call upon a doctor. But doctors have nothing but good to say of Fletcher's Castoria, because they know that it can only do good that it can't do any harm and they wouldn't want you to use for baby a remedy that you would use for yourself. MOTHERS SHOULD READ THE BOOKLET THAT IS AROUND EVERY BOTTLE OF FLETCHER'S CASTORIA of Hebrew paronlaco. Helng brmght p tn a pious home, ho was thoroughly imbued with tho spirit of devotion to the Scriptures, lie was educated at .Tornsalom under tho tutorship of Gamaliel. The hief text hook was tho Itihlo. tn .-nldition to his rti?;lois lie was taught a trade which eutne hi very tefttl later, enabling him to support himself while rtoh-iug tho gvspel. Lessen 5. In Taul's training as a Pharisee, he was taught to love his own nation, to love tod's law. and to be zealous toward tied, that is. to have n passion for Ood and Ills work. Ho was a very eonscseitieus man. CVtiselonoe is the law ot life for every man. but It needs to bo regulated by td's vvrl. Lesson 3. Paul's burning hatrl ot .Tesus tneitenl hint to etnleaxor to stamp out the Namrenc hetvy. While on the way to Pau.ious. with authority to arrest and imprison tho believers, men and women, he was stricken of t-orch wwlons, ii tan. pray ot ' hivwn. witii a sloovoloss vtt ativl often with a eaoe to match. There j are smart hut less spirited suits of THK shl fcirt wss tu vvr lvttor .tVUtM t'r tVl;X J-V.O h;S liOVt this rail wiih rraeti;t vUMho? to t , VNv rjraivmonts. TVi'. Ss' a satisfsuiioti to hor, for.t rval .Vy is ni!iSl to r satisfaction xvlivn -sV: reoenm's tho sultriness- ot the stylo tlirtt li:t K'vn wrought tnto tV.oso rrcutieai Wlortins st.o that gives her wnrvtroW tho vuxtahJo t'av-or of yvxuh. In stilts for the schvl jtirl shr.iicHy and niin'.acUy cn.,ilo lar.i. thoy 1 ,ir St V EI tweed with ilaltt skirts and mannish ooats lesicnerl for tho same kind ot wear. Hats to mateh, or felt hats are worn with hoth. Tor afternoon wear ami for dane-iv.jr thoro are tnatvj- adorably pretty arc Motif.tit. txvr tnein sRtrts an snvirt GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAY snd ovtts tako m r ill txM,tri. ities. froeks for pirls In their teens. Orne l hut thov man- ami tailVta. rlhhons and emhrxMderios 11 Bears the Signature of join for-vs in making them, ard sit-i-ioaettes vary, with tho eloso-fittinp ge to tM- otV.or th-Ir.ffs vmntv pc j.aj . Sports e?o!s :ro stnrT- ant ftvtlosii -v-r r,-!.ttor- f fav t tiko tho Mviic-r sv,;t show i in tho sotniv for Yr in tho "cymv For cxvlf.iic, InVh c or any sn noi bodice Joined to a full skirt developed j witii nnmmos ant ion io xiw rami, in taffeta and the slim silhouette tak- ! and .Tos vp,ko to htm from heave, tup advamagv of tho iinciir quality j saytne. ' Why persecitost tho uor' j cf civpos. i I" response to the heavenly Ins? rue- j j Hon be wont to Damascus whetv J 1 t tiinii ltiitf l it bo roeoivod I Exact Copy of Wrapp THI CtNTAUl COMPANY) H VOMK CITV. j his sight and was filled with tho Holy 2T31 Spirit. Lesson 4. Paul strr.ightway preached THE TIME HAS COME TO CHOOSE A HAT Useful Statistics. "I suppose Senator Snortsworlhy has had a great deal of experience ; In telling disappointed constituent i ho couldn't get them a government I Joh." "th. yes. Hut tho senator send ! most of then away tn a more lieer- ful frame of mind than you'd expect." -How does he do that?" "tie keeps a chart on his dek, to ! show them they couldn't live on a government salary. nnhow."-- lir-5 tninghan Age-Herald. The schools for girls In ponh:r gen are rmM among tho llnest in Ku-ropo. The !ny mother in tuianu huric her hahy tip lo the waist in satid -.vf iV he works. The women of I.nplnmt :tr the s-liortext of the species, averaging f;r feet nine inches in height. Many I'inniM women ilnd employment in the sawmills, where they perform lahor equal to that of the men. Considerable Agitation. "Kithor my eyes ore sctinsr funny or rise there's something powerful wrong with yore house," satl nn nequsi Intuit co who had l5ltol In the htg rotnl to start t tho Johnson domicile. "I reckon It must he my eyeslaht, hut the ilogjeone houss ears to ho shaking and shivering like It was going to nunhle down." "Aw, I reckon likely my fourteen children happen to have took a notion to scratch their chiggers nt the same p'tu! same time." replied t?ap Johnson of Hnmpus Ktdgo, who was hanging over his own front fence, hooked n hy tho olhows. Kansas tlty Star. no who is really converted bo began to tell of tho newly found Saviour. Arter a lengthy sojourn tn Arabia ho vis! toil Jerusalem where he was befriended by Haroabas when suspected by the disc' pics. Lesson 5. When the religious awakening at Ant loch had come to the attention of the Jerusalem church. Har-nabas was sent to inspect it. and seeing help was needed he brought Paul from Tarsus to bo his helper. How Important that there are men like Pamabas to bring forth from obscurity the men who are best qualified to do tho Lord's work. Lessen 6. After toachinc a year at Antiovh, the Spirit moved the church Babies in Bunches. The prediction is made hy Prof. Charles KlrschotT, a foreign savant, that during tho next six years twins, triplets and even quadruplets will he commonly experienced. Ho says that the hirth of a single will he a rarity. He sees all this in the position of some planets. Tables Made of Paper. Tahles. chairs and other article! of furniture are now made from compressed paper so tolored and polished lis to give it tho appearance of the Pnost woods. to send forth Parnahas and Paul to oxancelizo the heathen. The church sent her best men. Lesson 7. As Paul ami Parnahas wero preaching at Icon! tint, an attempt was made to worship them as cods. Their efforts were frustrated by the tact cf IV.ul. Soon after this Paul was stoned, showing that satante worship can soon be turned Into Satanic hate. Lesson 8. Paul's preaching thegr.te IVestGrn Canada Offers Health and Weald and has brought contentment and hnppir.css t thousands of home srrker mid their families wli have started on her FREE homesteads or boticht land nt attractive prices. They have established their own homes and secured prosperity and independence. In the (treat grain-trowing sections o( the prairie provinces there a still to be had on easy terras - Fertile Lard at $15 to $30 an Acre land similar to that which through many years has yielded from liO to 15 bushels of wheat to the acre oats, barley nnd flax also in great abundance, while raising horse, cuttle, sheep and hoRs is equally profitable. Hundreds of farmers in Western Canada have rais-d crops in a single season worth more than the whole cost of their land. Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches, schools, rural telephone, excellent markets and shipping facilities. The climate and soil offer inducements for almost every branch ol agriculture. The advantages for Do yoii discriminate at the dining table or are yon thoughtless? of tHl to the hoatnon nrougnt on a controversy tn tho church at Antloch. The question In dispute was: '"Shalt ttonttlcs be required to keep tho Dairying-, Mixed Farming and Stock Raising make a tremendous appeal to industrious settlers wishing to improve their circumstance. For certificate emit Una you to reduced railway rates, illustrated literature, maps, description of farm opportunities in Manitoba, Sas --".niiKaw maa Off tish Columbia, etc, write . I. JOHNSTONE tn Trsetloa.Tsrmlnal Bids. Indianapolis, ind. mm In thousands of homes, a "line" is drawn at the breakfast table. Tea or coffee, is served for "grown-ups" and Postum for children. But some parents do not discriminate. Caffeine and tannin, the injurious contents of coffee and tea, seriously retard the development of the delicate nerve tissues In children. Consequently, instead rich, satisfying Postum, children are over stimulated by the drugs in tea and coffee; and so may grow up irritable and nervous. Any doctor can tell you that this is a great evil and should be Corrected. Although some parents feel a certain justification for the personal indulgence in coffee, yet the harm to them may be equally serious. It may take a little while longer for the drugs in coffee and tea to aect an older person, but in many cases the nervous system and allied bodily functions will become weakened. The surest way to avoid such possibilities is to quit coffee entirely and drink Postum instead. The change permits you to get sound, restful sleep. Postum is the well-known, meal-time beverage. Like, thousands of others you will like it because, in flavor, it is much like a high-grade coffee. Do away with the distinction at the table. Serve delicious Postum, piping hot, to all the family. One week's trial and it is likely that youll never return to tea and coffee. Postum comes In two forms: Instant Postum (in tins) mad instantly tn th cup by tha addition of boiling water. Postum Cereal (in packages of larger bulk, for those vho prefer to make the drink while th meal is being prepared) mad by boiling for 20 minutes. THERE Is a pleasant tittle journey just ahead of most women. It is a'n excursion into tho shops tn quest ot a trimmed hat for winter. Now Is the time to make It when milliners are putting their best hat for-utirvt so to speak, in "their formal; so after checking tip on eno's batik acrount Hie ttmo has come to sot salt. There Is a heevMiitng Wars an upstanding crest of ostrich which may bo platlned" that Is, moralized with a gray metallic burnish, or tn varl-colored ostrich flues. It ts very handsome tn gray velvet with platied ostrich. At the lower left, a velvet hat has a soft crown and graceful brim, tn brown with long, soft ostrich flues and curving spikes of chotitlte about Its Mosaic law os a condition of salvation T" The decision was tn favor ot Paul, and so Paul and Parnahas were free, to begin their second missionary Journey. Lesson 9. The Spirit forbade Paul to tarry longer tn the provinces of Asia preaching th Oosiel, and by a vtslon ot a man from Macedonia pleading for help, he was called into Europe. Lesson 10, The casting out of a demon from a ytmn woman resulted tn landtn Taul and Silas in jail. They were miraculously delivered and the Jailor was converted. Lesson It. Being driven out from Thessalcnlea and Rerea, Paul went tn Athens whore he preached th ge-spei on Mars" Hill. The result ot his preach Ing here was that some mocked, some procrastinated, and some believed. Lesson 12. Paul tn this lesson sets forth the grand principles which should govern the believer's life, the sum and substance of which Is: "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do alt to the gtorx of God. A grayer. May I never wound the heart of any faltering child ot Thine. Make me to do the little nnrememhered acts that quietly help without Intending It. Grant me to bear about the unconscious radiance of a lite that knows no trudge. f hat for every type ot race. A group crown. It Is also beautiful tn the of trimmed hats shown abov rewals j purpl and petunia shades, or tn other several favored and intriguing stylos, I autumn colors. No cc-llectton will ho At the tor of this srvAip there ts a j minus something that catls to mind Spreading the Gospel of a Better Livelihood aW Eanmr, and Happimr, and Mora Prosperous I MONTGOMERY COUNTY, ALABAMA, offers you all this and morel Baek to the LJinJ, the real land the LIMB LAND of the Houth for Livestock and rich sandy loams for 1 ran .ril yeiretables. These mean happy, prosperous farm families. Listen! Good roads; splendid schools; eon. ventent markets; long growing seasons; pure water; law taxes; equitable climate. Farms can be bought wHh small eaah payment and deferred payments at six percent for long period. Write for information NOW t Rural Division. Chamber of Commerce) 703 Ball Building. Montgomery. Alabama WILL UIVB ROOM. BOARD, SCHOLARSHIP In buatneas collet and S3-S10 month for housework help. Music. Art. Dramatis courws. Twenty-fifth year. PATKH30N INSTITUTE!. LaOrange. 111., near Chicago, IdieIa Yuar Own Hemstttehlns-, or for others. Attachment, fits sny machine. 12.50; buttonhole attach., $R; hand embroidery, S.: vnibrold. needle. II. SO. Agents Wanted. E. Stepheneon. Boa 135. Kansas City. Ho. and they are evi rcpresentattve of the small turtan J tht Spanish monies ? dent tn the last hat of the group. proudly supports spreading which bows or ends ot el re ribbon, finished oft with a brilliant Jet ornament at tht front. It ts handsome In velvet Of duvetyn or other fabrics and Is a tempting affair tn alt Mack. Just below tt. a lovely velvet hat tn a pheasant shade, has Its crown vovered with autumn foliage browns, yellows dull Itreen. bronxe a rtttte hint ot red smotig the leaves, A circular veil In brewn faUs over tt. The spirited hat at tho rtcht Is made of vetwt and 9 Hv Everthlng Matched I on "it " - !nkn)!K? If. Toilettes of mio neutral color have become a sort ot a fad. It ts quit - chic to have hat, shoes, dress, glove In fact, everything matched. FRECKLES sSS&S!, ' . - ' t

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