The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 3, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1936
Page 5
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Thurtdayr December 3, 1936 The Daily Clin toniari; Clinton, Indiana' Page S THREE CUSHION TOURNEY CLOSE LEAGUE BOWLING NATIONAL LKAtil'K StuiHllngN Clinton Gridders Make Good Show In Hard Schedule TROJANS HAVE ADVANTAGE OF CRACK PUNTER SCRAMBLE DUE FOR CLEVELAND INDIAN PITCHER Women Win, Men Lose in Matches At Bowling Alley Laboring under a handicap of 73 pins, the Clinton Scrubs (that is to say. Pickups) went down In defeat heforo Winter's drug store live from Newport at the local bowling alleys CHICAGO, Dec. 3. The balllo for Willie Iloppe's world's three cushion billiard championship may bo a terrible mess by this time tomorrow if a few upsets are recorded in todny's matches. Hoppe. who leads the pack with throe victories and no defeats, will Team Won Lost Pet. Dlanii Sweet Shop ..12 .667 O. C. Murphy Co ... 1 1 7 .611 Cooperative Slori s . H S .500 Texnco Oilers !l !l .600 T. II. Tribune S .600 Indianapolis News . . 0 !l .600 Evchnnge Club .... s lo .441 Clinton Ice Co .1 13 .27S : DIANA : LIQUORS Southern California to Use Bud Lvndit L'kely to Declare Feller Free A cent; Major League I Clubs Dinging Down for Auction Members of the "C" club, which Is a definite group though it Is still In the throes of organization, were sitting about dlBcunsing the football campaign which Just ended, and the coik'IumIoii was reached that the Clinton gi'ld sttiad and conches are to be congratulated on their showing. After all, tho oplnon goes, the Wildcats played the hardest sched last night. The Scrubs (or Ami Langley in Tilt With Notre Dame Saturday; Iriih Working Hard tours) knocked over a total of 2,122 be tjfd with Johnny Layton of Se-dalln. Mo., unless ho defeats Klnrey Matsnyama, the Japanese. And If Jay Bozeman, the bespectacled T)e-troller, defeats Tiff Denton, and Otto Itelselt wins from Art Hall, the MONT REAL, Dec. 3. lus.-Lall men today predicted one of the rtns, while the Newport outfit garnered 2.156. Benettl, Clinton anchor man flung the best game of the evening Individual Avci-auc Dianas Heneitl. 1K.1; Ave. 172: Colombo. 170; Murclock, IKS; Ilia-zukas. 16.". Murphy C. Schelsky. Ml; While; Moore. 165; Tasso, 164; Roll. 141. LOS most spirited auctions In the history ANOKLIii., Dec. 3 Hud one of the loiiKHKh punters ule in the Wabash Valley, bar none. of baseball If Commissioner Kene- leadership will be divided four 473. Stewart paced the Newport Lnngley, In the weakness Coust conference, whose ways. Bozeman and Relselt have team as usual, adorning the pit with in blockiiiK and pass ench won two matches, lost one 453 sticks. saw Mountain Landis declares young nob Feller, the Cleveland pitcher, a free agent ar it , poems likely he will do within the next 10 days. catching assignments have kept him hi I- 164: i.16; F Welker Cochran and Art ThurnbUd The Newport women's team did from the regular lineup, probably batting .500 with two victories and not come out so well, however, hi Cooperative 0 uiun zone. 161; Fenogllo. sky. i;!2: llondi. 1:1:1. Texaco Mills, 146; Kamm, 129; Stone, 114. two defeats apiece, meet In today's will be used by the Bout horn California Trojans wlien they meet Notre their match Tuesday with the Clin Frazier. inn; 126; Oilfoy. other match. ton Co-eds, hurling only 1,159 to the Dame here Saturday. Denton defeated Matsuyama 50 local girls' 1,330. Tribune James, 166; fiuerrl. to 49 In 65 Innings yesterday Coach Howard Jones said today he McClung. 120; Thurnblad won from Relselt 50 to and came out with three losses and one tie In contests with teams that gained state rechgnition. Washington of East Chicago, who whipped the local outfit 6 to 0. won eight games this year, lost only two and placed second in the Wostern division of the Northern Indiana High School conference. Washington of South Bend, who played Clinton to a 0-0 tie at sport-land park. haB a record of six victories and two defeats. Sullivan won the Southern Indiana conference title and finished the year with nine to the good and one in the red. The (lolden Allows brushed ofr the Cats 13,fo 0. Ileltz Memorial of Evansville. 141: Ashury. 1.13; Leeds. 124. News Combs. 150; Timmermaii, 31 In 48 Innings. Layton defeated hoped to take advantaee of the be-low-par putting of the Irish, most of which Is done by Joe O'Neil, right Commissioner Landis has arrived for the annual minor league convention, and, while he declines to discuss the Feller case, much less reveal what his decision ultimately will be. this suddenly has become a topic rivaling in popularity even the probable trading of Dizsy Dean by 111 St. Louis Caidinals. Fun for All 164; Ricauda 14 6; Homey Earl Lookabaugh 50 to 34 in 34 in 144. Norton. 134. nings, and Cochran ran away from end. Exchange Hegarty, 14.1; Cheek, Hall 60 to 28 in 51 innings. A wide-open same, featured by plenty of laterals and forward York gathering. . .He no longer is 142; Lemstra. 135: Stilt. 133; Fletcher. 101. Clinton Ice Realty. 128; W. Meveridge. 126; C. fteveridge, 121; Shannon. 121; Shannon. 118; Mackie. SS. connected with a baseball club and is doing better free lancing, he said passes, will be mixed with the regular Trojan power plays judging by the workouts tills week. ..Judge Landis was due in today and ; the baseball people were on edge. . .They are wondering what More than 40.000 lir.kots have been sold and wilh fair weather a ho will do In the Feller case. . .T"ie point the judge has to decide Is with a record of six victories, two ties and no defeats, will undoubtedly be acclaimed state champions. They pushed over two touchdowns on High Ten Henetll. I S3: Ave, 172: Colombo. 170. Murdock. 168; llraznkas. 165; James. 165; C. Schelsky, 164: White, 155; Moore, 155; Combs. Guinn and Tasso. 154. crowd of 65,000 would surprising. - Newport Montgomery. 154 123 141 418 Stewart .... 136 160 157 453 S. Anbury .. 127 143 127 307 Burroughs .. 94 76 76 246 Winters .... 130 123 161 423 Handicap ... 73 73 73 210 Totals . 723 698 735 2156 Clinton Hondl 132 161 139 432 Shannon ... 149 105 106 360 Combs 150 146 156 452 Iinzone ... 131 131 143 405 Benetti 136 177 160 473 Totals Gils' 720 704 2122 Newport Winters .... 78 86 1 30 294 Cooper 61 74 108 243 It. Nicholson 62 39 62 163 P. Anbury ..62 76 70 198 K. Nicholson 81 92 88 251 Totals 334 367 458 1169 Clinton Ricauda .... 103 111 78 292 Meyer 49 53 72 174 Oilfoy 89 104 110 .303 Griffith .... 123 76 95 294 Mills .83 95 89 267 Totals 447 439 444 1330 whether Feller was signed by Cleve land, off the sandlots. instead of Clinton at Evansville. through a minor league club... The The reason Is obvious. If (he 17-year-old fireball losser from Van Meter. Ia.. is declared a free agent because of alleged rule violations in his signing with Cleveland, every major league club will be eager to make a bid for him. It will be a case of the survival of the finest bankroll and whichever club lands him will pay plenty. Ever since Tic 6et a new American league strike-out record against the Browns last summer, he has been classified among the great rookies of all time and a potential star, with the result that if he Is freed, he virtually can name his own price. The Wildcats wound up wilh Hve High learn score. Friday. Nov. 27-Diana. 052. victories, three defeats and one tie IRISH GET IX)lBl,fc WORKOIT TUCSON, Arls., Dec. 3 Another and a total of 205 points to their opponents' 31. Which is not bad. double workout on the University of Arizona's athletic field was in The "C" club will meet at 7:30 Tonight's Schedule :00 P. M. Diana vs Exchange Murphv vs Clinton Ice, :00 P M Tribune vs. Texaco. Cooperative ve. News. p. m. Friday In the Clinton Hotel. store for the Notre Dame football squad today. majors are not supposed to sign sand-lottem. "I need pitchers," Mickey Cochrane of the Detroit Tigers wailed. "But, I haven't been able to land any.. . I expect to be in there catching next season ..." "Wo are ready to trade with anybody who will help our ball club." said Eddie Collins of the Boston Red Sox ... They say that before tho week is out. Pitcher Wes Ferrell will go from the Red Sox to the Tigers in a cash deal. "If we can get our minds on Sat Old Greek's Wishes The author of an old Greek ode formulated his wishpQ in tk; urday's football game with the University of Southern California we'll do all right," Elmer Layden, said, "but the tough part of this assign order: First health; then beauty; thirdly, wealth, honestly got; fourth, the privilege of being gay and merry with his friends. ment is making the boys realize the season didn't end with t the North ODDS AND ENDS FROM SPORTS western game." J Floor Show , ll TONIGHT Layden put the Irish through j DANCING their paces twice yesterday, the aft- ernoon session being closed to all save the coaches and the players. I 1 vr 3 SHOWS 3 The Irish came out of the secret practice at sundown, breathless and weary. o z o ENJOY THE EVENING with Fat Wilson TONIGHT GREGORY'S MONTREAL, Dee. 2. Casey Stengel has been offered the managership of the Seattle club in the Pacific Coast league, it was vealed today at the minor league convention, but the ex-Dodger boss' may not except He is trying to get straightened out with the Dodger officials on his contract which had two years to run when cancelled. ' Al Schacht, the baseball clown. 1 will do his stuff for a tony New Beer Lunches Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wine Liquors Mixed Drinks , FOUR PIECE BAND Dorman's Tavern Additional Sport on Page 6 I THIMBLE THEATRE Starring Popeye By E. C SECAR POPPft. SPECIAL For FRI.-SAT. Longwood Whiskey 90 Proof QUART.. 1 29 PINT . . . PT. 39c OLD r.lOUIITAIKEER 90 Proof QUART.. $1 29 PINT . . . 69 PT. S9C Pcnbrook 100 Proof QUART.. 1 3 PINT . . . 75c 'A PT. 39 REWCO RYE 93 Proof 21 2 Years Old QUART..!90 PINT...!00 Vz PT. Sc Si LIQUOR BEER WINE MUST NOT SLOP VER .KXSD-UJfcW- 5m5 t ttttnttt $litOtr, fit t.. V TILLIE THE TOILER By RUSS WESTOVER r DOT, MUMSVJ XlE COULDN'T LET THE D06 CTAy HERE-O'OU OU5HTA SEE HIM HE LOOKS LIKE A. BUWCH - -tfu f ' -fa y -, ,,,,, K"- L. . ,,, J bur, tillie, if Mac's ATTAOCDla HIM AUBCADy AND HIS Landlady vajomt let thb doq n the Aftr- OOOD rJI5HT YoKAMAC-tJU'LL -Vj I TILLE -THANKS I BE WISE IF VtXJ FOa-neVtrJSTD LOSE THAT DOS jN7? FIND! AfieJZT- BEFORE 6C-IM6 tN-fjl e MENT- K.MOVAJ & Aujf 1 Ik A n Jjh. -f4 I MENTTHE POOR. Boy mas no place TO PUT HIS TO PUTHlSgS" HEAD Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN llM GLAD I FOLLOWED THEM KNOWING ' THERE'S N VEW CHARLIE Y WE'LL HIDE WE YEH--GET IN wM-N-GOT tXf I WONDER WHAT TT ACE B6.RT DISAPPEARED, THESE UITCAES BETTER, THIS TUNNEL-- TUNNEL TO- - HE HAS IN WITH ONE 1 ACE WE'VE AN' GET THE I HURRY J WE'LL BE IN THE HOUSE. THOSE UITC6SE OF HIS J HUNTED FOR SANS TOGETHER. V ACE. THE HOUSE IN EH? I'LL IF I WERE SURB GMJG5TERS,'(HIM BUT CANT v ; V V L A MINUTE. A FOLLOW J THEV CONTAINED . M LOCATE vm.J7llL Mfcwiffiisv'EM COUNTERFEIT MONEY THIS TUNNEL IS HERE WILL BE OF GREAT ADVANTAGE "WHEN WE GET READV TO KNOC THIS PLACE OVER ILL GET BACK NOW AMD GET GET AWAV -VwtJ K' jr, i iL f. - MA,'.V5'.v"S .AVJ I ID NAIL fcM - J 1 Iwm WMJmirMffd:'MA ;' AmMlv&vj S,! risut mow' C' II I I: 7 MMummi , J iPiKu 1 1 Llj--- vZK.y mlmL

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