The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 3, 1936 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1936
Page 3
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Page 3 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Thursday, December 3, 1936 vol ; MVK r in days SHOP Cherry Land Bear River, a quaint little Nova Scotia village. Is just like a picture from Rollo's Switzerland. It is noted for its annual cherry festival. The district is one of the Digest cherry producing areas in the world CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES HOSPITAL NEWS Mis. Nellie Beard of west of the city was recently admitted to the Vermillion county hospital. Mrs. Beard fell at her home about two weeks ago and sulfered a broken hip. She Is getting along satisfac VANCOI'VKIt. Wash. Man-age licence officials here blinked their eyes ill surprise when they read their records and discovered that a marriage license had been Issued to a i:, year-old hov hihI a lH-year-old girl. The aplicanls wre Robert W. Kaseberg. IS. and Miss llulh M. Kremmer. Hi. both of Wasco. Ore., who-e parents gave their consent tc the proposed m-'irital adventure Mrs. Curtis Louden Entertains Club Hy SSfclSy SOCIAL CALENDAR torily. Kenneth Myers, who has been a A family dinner wan hold recent- Thursday patient at the Vermillion nniiu.v i ai the home of Mr. and Mm. U. The Tuesday Bridge club held Its regular meeting at the home of Mm. Curtis Iuden of south of the city Tuesday evening. fiuests were Mrs. Ala Adams. hospital for Ihe past si-veral TONIGHT C. Wright on North Fifth stree'. months, is a little improved. Choir of the Methodist church FARACO'S Presents with Pride 2 GREAT BULOVA They were i lie youngest couple ti apply Tor a marriage license here ii a nuinlter of years. At noon a delicious covered dish .m m the church, 7 p. m iiinr-henn was nerved. llenrv Meyer of South Third Theta Kanna Phi Sororiiy street, who has been a patient at (he Those attending were Mrs. Maria Van Duyn and daughter, Miss fies- meet at the home of Mm. Charles CHRItTMA le. Mrs. William H. Bonner. Miss SEAL f7V Mm. Wakepeld fierrisn ami Mallie H. Marshall. Bridge was played at two tablet with prlies awarded to Mrs Adams and Mm. C.errlsh. Mrs. Max Johnson will entertain the club in two weeks at her home on South Third stret. n m Viola :rume. Mr. and Mr. Harry Vermillion County hopiial for tne past three days with pneumonia, is in a serious condition. However, lie is resting well today. i- i .Wa' ii.m Martha Class 01 $5 Van Duyn and son, John. Mr. and i Wright Van Duyn and on. Methodist Church will meet at the Forlanini--Y FNTI Ii-i riniT SCHOOL liKl.t: U AIti: The wife of t'.ener-st Kutjepov. Russian czarl-t leadei who mysteriously disnpp'-ared from Paris some years ai-o. has arrived ii Jugoslavia with h-r thirteen-year-old sou. The any entered the Hus-sian Cadet school at liela-t'rkva. home of Mm. Calvin una. . Paul. Mr. and Mm. Vernon Cludor and children, Robert and Ruth orbticiol jneumothorox o..ih tnin Street. 7:30 p. m. Each Herbert Sampson, whose leg was member Is to bring his Christmas Helen. Mr. and Mrs. John Wright amputated as the n-iili of a mine accident. Is getting almij satisfac Idle Wile Club Holds ,ni itaiii-h'er. Onal. of Pans. Mr. A. A. A. Cliib Bl 1,1 Mrs. V. C. Wright and Mr. and torily. IIKIIH.K t I.I It MEKTS The tiood Time Bridge Club held its regular meeting at the home of Mrs. K. P. Lowry on Nebeker street w invu ii i iirrni ' nome 01 mm. Mrs. Herman Wright and aon, Billy, nil of Crawfordsvllle, Mrs. Narcissus Regular Meeting Wed. Mr. Will Berry of South Third ll..llhawi atropt c.hnir of the Christian Cnurcn I'aine. Mr. and Mm. Malone and Mr. will hold a practice at the enure, street was hostess for the nveiins of mid Mm. Harold Malone and chil 7 ?n n ihe Idle Wile Cluh at her home yes dren, Jaikle and Barbara, all of m..ri,nn legion Auxiliary tui last evening. Mrs. Martin Uinzone received the hicti score prize: .Mrs Homer Ingram Travel, and Mrs. Frank Kamm. low. I A Christmas parly will he held! terday afternoon. Mrs. Byron Ander 'l',.i-i- Hiintf. n II. .. ..i ih Leg on nome. n'i" son was a guest of the flub, The afternoon wan spent socially. Th-,.- i a l. lea of bridge w-r Third street, 8 p. m. Addison Foil, who has been a patient at the Vermillion County hospital for the past week Willi pneumonia, is resting fairly well. Mrs. Tillie Harrison of Rosedale is In a serious condition according to reports from Hi" hospital. Clair Foliz. who underwent an appendectomy at the Vermillion County hospital. several days ago. is get-ling along Satisfactorily. Osmon Bros. Buyer Has Left Town! For Christmas Buys, Watch This Paper Rririor Clnh Ernovs Friday played with high score prize awarn ed to Mrs. E. A. Lew In and travel cwelen Missionary so December IT at th" home oi .ins. , Mart-n Lanzone. South Fourth I street. ' '?CZ1 --e - ' Luncheon Tuesday Mrs Anderson. ciety of the Methodist church- i ..vlnik Christmas dinner will will meet at the home oi .ti.. A 1 o'clock luncheon was served be held In two weeks at th home of m oilman street, Z'.au V- Mrs. Ouy Harrison on South MxM NEW YORK -The Goddess of Liberty will adorn all New-York world' fair sticker-, station Tuesday at the home of Mm. Harry Caldwell on South Fifth street by Mm. Charles Walker will be th. assistant hostess and Mm. C. C. street. ihe memiiers of the Tuesday Lunch- pearce will be In charge oi " Lodges rtriile:o cluh. Immediately following, bridge wa l-.,r.illi,,ii Chanter. 12i. R. A. ,. i Fvent and Art ciun w.i. ery, banners, buttons and automo- hiie insi.-nias. it was revealed by Gronr Wl.alen. fair president. The. 4,.,'gn of the official fair "trade-1 mark" is a figure of a head, shoulder j,.,d r;ght arm. which holds up a The sharp Cheddar that spreads! nlnved with high score prise award bold a meeting at the home oi Mr. !4l mm r 'm iiiiiiiiiniini in cd to Mm. U. C. Wright and low, Mrs. Dow Mitchell Hostess for Club The Wednesday Bridge club me; yesterday afternoon at the home of Zz! M.. will hold its stated meeting tonight at 7:30 at the Masonic hall on South Main street. Dow Mitchell. South Seventn street Miss Jessie A. Robison. ' ... . ... ch. 1 Happy Hour Cltib-wtii me.-! ... The next meeting will be held at I ho home of .Mm. WriKht on North home of Mrs. Raymond ...""7 READ THE ADS Mm. Dow Mitchell on Soutn Hevmnn street. Mm. Jack Homey was a Fifth street In two weeks. a..ih Third Ktreet. ID. n . . . r ijr,,lllel ChaDter of tne u. n. n guest. ENTERTAINS SORORITY in me-t ai the home of Mm nridee was nlayed at two table:' r... n,.ie on South Fourth street, with the recipients of the prizes be Mrs. Wakefield CerrlKh of Black Creamed STUFFYKScAD 2:3(1 p. m. Mrs, Maine n. -in i. the assistant hostess. ing Mrs. Marvin Houston, wno received high score prize, and Mrs Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your couh, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Crcomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomulslon, which goes right to the scat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed. man street entertained the mem ben of Trl Kappa sorority at her home .,..i,..t Connies class OI m Homey, low. A fw iiron: tip pach Plans were made for a Christmas l;.nl evening. w, ,nrrh to meet ai . ..... ...... OI..V- luring the business session plans party to be held at the home of OLD ENGLISH It has the tingle-on-the-tongue flavor of rare, sharp cheese . . . and it's spreadable. Try Creamed Old English in sandwiches, plain or toasted! home of Mr. and Mm. FARACO'S ART JEWELRY SHOP 215 S. Main Phone 349-W nostril reduces away clogging mucus, brings welcome relief- were discussed to hold a Christmas Mm. Tony Ave. South Fourtn street. ..a on..t. Third street. 7:j p- aiu, - - ... . , in two weeks. t, Circle will noia a u in donT oe aiticouraoea, your uiik6 u authorized to guarantee Crcomulsion dinner at the home of Mm. John on Elm street In two weeks.' Plans were also discussed pertain ner at noon at the hall on Blackman Mrs. Roy Lowe of North Third A Kraft Product street. ana uj reiunu juw mumj satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomukion right now. (Adv.) street has as ber guest her motner ing in their Christmas dance, wni n Each member attending is asscu 30 doul Mm. E. B. Potter, of Summit Grove will be Iteeemhor 28 at rrreamland - i - i iw-fxeA dish. ill ii"n - Hall. North Ninth street. Pythian Sisters will meet ai w K. of P. ball on Blackman street. 7 Mr. anil Mrs. V. C,. Wright. North Fifih street. Mm. W. H- Bonner Friday Bridge Cluo in m-v the home of Mrs. Harry Moore. South Third Street, and Miss Jessie A. Robixon. Mulberry street were In South Seventh street, 1:3" p- Terre Haute yesterday afternoon ... urn Fred Bailey of Quin- Mrs. Bertha Weiss of Shrevtiort is is visiting at the home of .'lr ty, ni.. are to return to their home .mild ripe tobaccos from the Carolinas, Georgia, Ken-tucky,Maryland and Virginia there's , aplenty of the best in Chesterfield. tbis evening after visuins and Mm. J. B. Stine on South Mai days at the homes of frlenas in Luton and Terre Haute. st reet. Vr Ram Inman and children am1 Mrs. Elizabeth Walters of west of Mm Marv Butcher and son. Jackie. the city, who has been conuu-n . aromatic tobaccos from Turkey and Greece and plenty all of South Seventh street, were ..... .m, with illness for me P" dinner guests yesterday of Mm ...out of the Horn of Plenty come the good things that smokers enjoy six weeks. Is reported to be In a se James Justice of South Third street. rious condition. . a -ah enioved last evening Mrs. Betha Weiss of Shreveport. 1a.. arrived laot evening to speno a few days- as the guest of Mr. and at Antonini's restaurant on North Ninth street by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mrs. J. B. Stlne. to make Chesterfields taste better and different. Pleasing taste and aroma, refreshing mildness Chesterfields I are chockfull of the good things ( you enjoy in a cigarette. .,i ,r onincv II .. Mr. ana Jim. I ll I T - John Kenley of Terre Haute. Mr. Mrs. Ruth Perona and daughter. ...a Ur ctav Seal. Mr. ana t- c,,rer.i June, of Elm street, are vis George Kamm and Mrs. Corinne iting several days at the home f Hall. Paul Wilhite of Indianapolis is visiting se'veral days at the home of His parents. Mr. and Mrs. George m i ..... Wilhite of Fairview. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Orr of Whiting. Mrs. Orr was formerly Miss Mary McMahon of Clinton. nr. and Mm. G. A. Jackson of Waveland are guests today of M. and Mrs. Laurence Jackson, and little son, Jimmy, of Bouth Third street. Mrs. Dora Nation of the Doughty apartments Is visiting friends and relatives In Terre Haute. PARTY HELDLAST NIGHT Dr Odell Archer, township trus SL ,, v. Monarchy VVurked Charm Monarchy exerted a charm in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries far exceeding that of previous centuries or after. Men died of the . i. iAnrn;r,0 tut the execution ' : 'if rf . , i ,,f irnufand in the Seven- VI 1CT -- teenth century, the ame thing oc curring at t!ie oeam oi of France. 10 to 12 Years Longer Life With Minerals tee, and Homer Mitchell, Fred Clark and Ishmaiil Burgess, township ad-vistory board, wete honored last night by the Janitors of the township achooli. Other guests were Mrs. Archer, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Mitchell. A spaghetti and chicken dinner was served at Antonini's restaurant. Mr. and Mm. Charles Doughty of Kouth Fourth street are in Tene Haute today on business. Minerals build bone, teeth, hair. muscle, fingernails, skin ana an other body structure -tbey regulate body processes and they are used by the body to fiht disease. Without the proper amount o minemls in the diet, sound teeth, vigorous well being and perfect health are WMlh . 1.1.. it nil I If.-II l.ilB raiii'io"J'": - that American people would live from ID to 12 years longer and live , much more useful aud balP'er life If they were supplied with the aper amount m wine am ..i. ci.,r tiresent mineraJ defi ciency Is due to eating too much re fined foods sucn a products, refined augar ana modern foods. Tbee foods are ilot . . . . . ..1. hut bv fill- ..for the good things smoking can give tjou narmiui m m. --- ing up on tnese refined foods we do HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Csttiiorl by Tired Kdney Usor l thiia (wi. smcuw. puafol SlTitMO C0 br uri kxhH M saw bm ralMvad WIMS IMM to U nsut ti. ZM dOfl Slid pOMUbOUS m out UK tLcxjd. fcUNt VM V UMWl ' SAM s 49 I AMUt S 9006 at . It Un is i kjaan tbm mai Kun doci't work wsll. paMMW s wamaw siys In th bluod I4 noma w sun mi iMCkcbAm. 1 1 I I i Into. Us inns. 'SST'wM Aak joar aniaxMt for Doao't ywn Tby P 16 tmim id ly lubM fcucb out f new Uum Us ytuuA. Ui Lm fUtt. not have room lert to eai jwo. . " in minerals. A guarantee that you will get the proper amount of minerals In your diet every day la to eat . , ,. . ...enjoy Chesterfields 1. Par 16 Mineralized ureaa iiu a loaf) or 2. PLCS 1 candy (Re bar I or 3 Par 1 Balanced Minerals is jar at drug stores and at grocery stores wherever Par It Bread is aold). KEEP IP TO PAB WITH PAR Cejrio W. Imaatti Mvss. toMa Co. ; A , - - - .

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