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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 3, 1936
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Attend Clinton's Lighting Jubilee and Christmas Opening Friday Night I T H E R TVTVTAVA STATU f.-TtHary tM tonIgnt. pyi- Should Tot PM to Receive Your DAILY CLINTONIAN hy 5: MO I M. Phono 41 or 117 and a ropy will bo hr tight l you at once. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN rotnlt. Wew.pat.ef W ossibly snow. Clinton, Indiana, Thursday, December 3, 1936 Volume 25 Number 23 Price Three Cents CHAMP BULL WINS THIRD TITLE Farley Wins Ireland's Welcome MONARCH FACES CRISIS IN FIGHT REBELS TRY TO OUST REDS WITH PLANE ATTACKS URUGUAY SEES F.D.R. TODAY ON GOOD-WILL TRIP OVER MARRIAGE British King Edward Expected Fog Aids Success of Insurgent ! Airships Dropping Deadly Explosives on Madrid Populace Today to Give Decision Today After Morning in Conference Meeting With President Terra Helps Clear Way for New Relation Between Latins, U. S. TRINIDAD AWAITS AMERICAN PARTY BALDWIN FIRM HUNDREDS DIE IN BOMB ASSAULTS AGAINST WALLY fUXLETHV Relaxing from the Democratic national campaign. Postmaster Gen era! James A. Farley is visiting- the homes of his ancestors in the Irish Free State. In the above picture he appears with Eamon de Valera, Ireland's president, who extended him a warm official welcome at the government buildings In Dublin, above. LONDON, Dee. 3 Clement Att- lee laborite leader demanded MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay. Dee. J. President Roosevelt, stopping in the Uruguayan capital for a light-' nlng visit, today embraced the third South American president on his Pan-American peace conference mis statement from Premier Baldwin on the King Edward marriage crisis In Duke, Duchess of York Hasten to the house of comjnons today. The premier replied: "I have no statement to make sion, and went tar to wipe away old Uruguayan fears of "Yankee 4m-perialiBm." Under overcast skies while .a London, Queen Goes Into Seclusion As Newspapers Begin on Romance d?lu ; - - : X 1 1 M . i X ".. v ; 4 fi Y- t l l MADRID. Dec. 3 Hidden behind 1 fog blanket which Covered the capital, a core of rebel airplanes bombed Madrid today in a new at-'cmpt to wreck the stubborn defenders. Seven tri-molored bombers and 15 prusuit planes heavily bombed the University City sex-tor and also rained a deadly explosive attack upon the crack "international brigade" of loyalists in the University City area. J .Smashing victories on four disian' fronts and destructive air raids In three sectors were annoum-ed by rebel radios today. While Madrid was claimed as a '-Jrtory point by the insurgents, the "ntiro Fhatteryd city remained in strong wind whipped up waces around the cruiser Indianapolis, President Roosevelt ' was Welcomed by President Gabriel Terra on the ENGLISH PAPERS quayside at 10 a. m. LONDON. Dec. 3. The duke and duchess of York, who would become king and queen of England in event of King Edward's abdication, rushed to London from Scotland today and soon after their arrival LONDON. Dec. 3. A morning nf feverish consultation with his closes personal advisera found Kirs Edward ready today to make one of the most momentous decisions In the history of the British empire. It will be whether to marry MrB. Wallis Warfield Simpson, renounce his throne or perhaps accept or demand one of the many compromises proposed by newspapers and officials as a way out of the grave im- I Welcome President Roosevelt came over IN BATTLE OVER KING'S ROMANCE the side of the cruiser and landed under an awning, where the Uruguayan chief stepped forward. cancelled all engagements. The duke, second son of Kin.? Genrce and Queen Mary, and the duchess, his commoner wife, were cheered warmly by crowds. They clasped his American colleague's hand, and thtn embraced bim In Latin American fashion. London Publishers Choose Sides passe which his romance has pre cipitated. Troubled Hours loyalist hands at the price of hundreds of dead in the five wrt bombing raids of the war. coupled with hunger and, it was reported, new dissent within the government. lloiiihcrM hI Work Santander and Vitoria were the Tbey then entered a single car. in Cr!s:s Facinp Edward as Chifchs, Baldwin Hit Marriage and rode through the streets. Iti invniliile Hullali, ni H ly-'r(u ncd si anil champion shorthorn bull or llf liil. rnal ioiiiil llv-K(o"k iicMwiticn nl Chlcat'ii, now has three titles to hi oiwllt. A two-year-old, weiKhlns 1,8HI pounds, he was sired hy ItaKiil MaslcriiMi', :4 era nil champion of the shorthorn breed, and Is owned hy Karl K. Robblns of Greensburg, Ind. Th mil ghoul the morn inc. Kini: Edward conferred with Sir Godfrey were to be on hand during the constitutional crisis. Shortly afterward ft was announced all other members of the royal family had cancelled all engagements previously scheduled for today and tonight. Thomas, hie private secretary, and other members of the royal house centers of successful bombing expeditions, besides Madrid, by swift-flying rebel aircraft, 1he Salamanca (Continued on Wngr 2) hold at Fort Belvedere, his country Big Walter Arrives In Alabama Village, retreat and the scene of his happi jammed with cheering erowds who beamed their goodwill, to the residence of President Terra for luncheon. ANOTHER RECEPTION PLANNED PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Dec. 2. A big reception was planned today for President Roosevelt, who will stop here on his way back to the United States from the Inter-American conference at Buenos ; (Continued on Page 2) est hours with the American woman who has become the center of LONDON, Dec. 3. War was de-"lared among London's chUf newspapers today as two leading liberal journals leaped to the defence of King Edward in his determination to marry Mrs. Wallis Slmppon. and strong words were flung Into the fray by the majority opposition press. Bar-king up die News-Chronicle's plea that the monarch be allowed ROOSEVELT MAY BE DRAWN INTO FIGHT IN HOUSE the most serious constitutional Ql'FKX'K MOVKMKNTK 1AKNOWN LONDON. Dec. 3. After a series of family conferences bearing on the romance of King Edward and Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Queen Mary suddenly loft Marlborough house this afternoon for an unknown des crisis England has ever known. Shortly after noon, the conference SHOWGIRL ASKS FOR SHARE OF GREEN ESTATE ended. Sir Godfrey and nib colleagues set out from Fort Belvedere for Lon-( ontinuc-i on Page li) to lfvei,,Lhe consort of his choice. tination. Battle for Important Position of s any other man.'k the paper's .During ilio day, the . widowed Majority Leader Continues; Mine Workers in allied Evening Star invited Prime Minisler Stanley Baldwin to resign queen received members, of her family in the traditional residence of Announces Forecast BOAZ. Ala,. Dec. 3 Walt Cagle came to town today and this little village enjoyed the biggest event H has seen since about this time last year. There are several reasons why Walt Cagle's visit to Boaz is worth writing home about. In the first place, Walt weighs 525 pounds. In the second place, Walt comes to town but once a year. Third, he always Issues his winter weather forecast sometime during his annual pilgrimage. Riding in a school bus, that bad been loaned for the occasion, Walt Much Married Mrs. Stafford Has Garner Will Support Sam Rayburn WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 The administration was drawn into the if he does not like the romance. "There may be better prime min Britain's dowager queens. The first was her second son, the District 1 1 Have Chance for Jobs Peace Conference Work Resumed as Roosevelt Leaves isters." said The Star. "There will Role in Court Battle Over Fortune Sought by Relative be no better king!" duke of York, who rushed to London from Scotland when the crisis developed. Then came the duchess of Gloucester and finally Prince Wally In IHfanr In the most amazing and out NEW YORK. Dec, 2 Mrs. Mary Although relief payrolls have been slashed In many cities of tbe Arthur of Connaught. The queen has given no outward country, pressure is being brought to bear on Wayne Coy to provide Stafford, thrice-married former showgirl who admits a fourth engagement, today claimed that Col. K. H. R. ;reen, son of the wealthy indication of her feelings In the spoken attack on Edward's marriage plans yet published, however, the Church Times, the leading Anglo-Catholic newspaper, warned the king that the church would not tolerate his marriage to Mrs. Simp WPA Jobs for the hundreds of un matter but is reported to be upset battle for leader of the huge bousi majority today, with the result that President Roosevelt may be asked to state his attitude. While friends of Rep. Sam Ray-burn of Texas, claimed support of administration figures, backers of Rep. John J. O'Connor, New York, asserted Mr. Roosevelt won't interfere in the house contest. Important Pot - Because of the possibility the top-heavy democratic majority will split Into blocs, selection of the leader is; regarded highly important. (Continue; ou Pag ") over the grave situation that has'ie-veloped and Is depending upon her family for consolation and advice. employed miners in this community, A. D. Lewis stated in a letter to Frank Barnhart, V. M. W. A. District 11 president. son. Efforts to ascertain whether Bhe Following the sensational "break" the morning papers, when Eng On Nov. 12, Barnhart and John was beaded for Fort Belvedere, H. Buttle, district secretary-treas and his wife rode into town to buy Walt's winter clothes. Among other things, he purchased a pair of overalls size 74 that measured 72 inches around the waist. A merchant presented him wit h enough flannel to make some warm winter underwear. A clerk in the store said the flannel was 36 inches wide and twelve yards long. lish masses en route to work were where King Edward is staying, were without success. Hetty Green, in 1923. made her beneficiary of a $100,000 trust fund which his widow, Mrs. Mabel Harlow Green, tried to claim as hers. Mrs. Green is seeking to break an alleged agreement which stipulates she woulti be satisfied with $1,500 monthly, releasing her claim to the Colonel's estate. Xiw Factor Mrs. Stafford, who lived with Col. and Mrs. Onen from 1918 to 1927, urer, announced a drive to secure stunned to find the streets virtually (Continue! on page li) employment for local members ot the United Mine Workers of America, and when a call was Issued here for men out of work to place their Eastern Doctors OLD BUTTONS WANTED A second appeal is being made from the WPA offices for old buttons and buckles to be used for clot hen given to the needy. names on file, approximately 300 responded. Coy was not immedi told her story in 1 the court battle Trying to Graft Ears on Patient BUENOS AIRES. Dec. 3 "With President Roosevelt spending six hours in Montevideo. Uruguay, today, delegates to the inter-American conference for the Maintenance of peace set to work to crystalize his peace and trade sentiments into effective agreements. Aided by unprecedented expresb-ions of pan-American amity on all sides, the 'conference steering committee met to outline a plan of action which, it is confidently hoped, will end in new anti-war and commercial pacts. Several su b-com mitt een will be named by (he central committee fo work on economic, arms, anti-aggression, and other problems. The first plenary session will he held tomorrow. The cheers of the Argentine me-trbpolis ringing in his ears, president Roosevelt meanwhile steamed aboard the cruiser Indianapolis down and across the wide Rio de la Plata to the immense cattle and coffee center of Montevideo, once the heart of antipathy for "yankee imperialism',' hut three years ago the scene of the most successful of pan-American congresses. ately receptive to this move but 19 days later Barnhart announced that Mrs. Grenn is waging for a share of Then Walt posed for photographers, squinted at the sky and predicted that: "We'll have the toughest winter in forty years." He then entered the school bus for his return trip to his farm. (Continued on Page IS) I will not cease my efforts to see THK TFMPIOHATI KI-; By The Clintonian thermometer: a. m, 38; noon. 40. SEASON TICKETS PLACED ON SALE Mrs. Carmlchael Dies Here Today; Burial Saturday Mrs. Catherine Carmichael. 69, of 722 South Sixth street, died at her home at 3:30 a. m. today after an extended illness. Mrs. Carmichael was born in Scotland, but came to the United States about fifty years ago. She has lived in Clinton for the past 25 years, before which time she lived in Knigbtsville. Robert Simpson Dies; Resident of Clinton 22 Years Season basketball tickets for both adults and students went on sale this week at the high schools. The Cheer club under the direction of Miss Robertson fs sponsoring their that every idle mine worker in the state of Indiana I employed." Names Piled Having gained no response from the state WPA chief, district officials sent the applicants names to Washington and started tilings moving there. A. D. Lewis is the brother of John L. Lewis. U. H. W. A- national president. The unemployment problem in the organization Is his primary concern. In writing to Barnhart concerning work relief tor unemployed in district 11, he said, ". . .1 wish to advise that the officials of tiie WPA In Washington have requested Mr. Wayne Coy to take im NEW YORK, Dec. 3 Surgeons in Kings County hospital today performed the first phase of an operation in which they are attempting to graft an ear from a dead uran to the head of a patient who was born without ears. The ear of the dead man has been kept alive in a solution for about three weeks. . Surgeons have been able to keep cartilage alive for considerable periods of time after taking it from the human body. Today's, phase of the operation consisted of making an Incision from the spot on the ht'ad where the ear is to be grafted to the region of t ft-collar bone, in nu-h a way as to form a flap. Doctors will try to keep this flap alive until the skin hfging to grow. The ear will then Robert Simpson. 67, of 1248 j She was one of the Gold Star Mothers of Vermillion county and was the only one from Clinton to make a trip to France in 1930 to visit the grave of her son. Albert FAY BEARD, 37, DIES WEDNESDAY sale this year. Each class from seventh to senior is trying to win the honor of selling the most tickets. Each student selling four adult season tickets will be given a student season ticket. This year tfVre are eight home games. The admission price for any junior or senior high school student who does not have a season ticket will be the same as the general admission. Besides the student sale, season tickets may be purchased at Gillia. White's Pharmacy. Clinton Hotel, Goldner's or Antoninf's. Carmichael, Clinton boy killed in ac South Seventh Btreet died at 10 a. m. today following an illness of about six days. Mr. Simpson was born in Scotland and came to the I'nited States at the age of one. He lived for several years in and around Cardonia and Fontanel and later in Jasonville. He has lived in Clinton for the past 22 years. He is survived by the wife. Elizabeth; five sons. John and Lester of Detroit. Paul of Clinton, Luther of Springfield. 111., and Alfred (Hap tion on October 25. 1918. Survivors are her husband. Fin mediate steps to relieve your situation." In view of till statement, Barnhart expressed confidence, today that action will be taken shortly to better the condition of idle mine workers. ley; two sons, William of Knights-vllle. and Archie of Clinton, and Work Completed On Lighting for Holiday Opening Work was completed today on the new boulevard lighting Bystem. The sparkling Christmas lights, also glowing over Main street for the first time this year, were installed and merchants brought out their rock candy in anticipation of the many hundreds f visitors from the Clinton area expected here for the big holiday opening "Friday night. Brightly decorated stores and windows were beginning to appear in the business district this morning. Virtually all firms in the city plan to keep their doors open tomorrow night after the formal turning on of the lights at 7 p- in.. A band concert will precede the ceremonies. A first glimpse of the Christmas lights was obtained last night when a test sb made after bulbs odd been strung for two blocks. Tonight a test was made after bulbs had Yuletlde decorations and the street lights. Mayor C. M. Ziak will throw the switch to illuminate the streets and bnefly'address the throng. He will be introduced by R, B. Medlock. president of the Commercial club which is raising the money for tne Christ man lights. three grandchildren. She was a member of the Eastern Star. Royal Neighbors. Caledonian society. White Heather Circle and be inserted in the flap. J The physicians are fairly confident i that the skin will grow over the car-1 tilege until both far and flap have j 1 rmed a living organism, j Names of the patient and the dead , man from whom the ear was taken Miss Fay Heard, 37. of West Terre Ha ute. did at her home Wednesday at 9:30 p. m. Miss Heard is a sister of Jene Beard of Montezuma Other survivors are her parents. Mr. and Mr. Charles Heard, four brothers. Iwis of I)H roit . Hubert of KohinBon. III., James and Andy of West Terre Haute, and three sisters. Mrs. Ethel Johns of Hartford City. Mrs. Bessie Kurtman and Miss Helen Beard of West Terre Terre Haute. LEGION MEETS TONIGHT MISSING FLIERS LOCATED TODAY the American Legicn Auxiliary. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. Saturday but further arrangements have not been made. were kept secret. A meeting of the American Le-Pion will be held at the Legion home on 8outh Third street tonight of Terre Haute; one daughter, Mary Elizabeth at home; five grandchildren; seven sisters. Mrs. Jennie Powell and 'Mrs. Mary Quigley of Terre Haute, Mrs Janet Wilson and Mrs. Stella El son of Linton. Mrs. Sophia Benuie of Clinton, Mrs. Grace Ris-inger of Crawfordsville, and Mrs. Elizabeth Kondeman of Canton. O., ' CAPETOWN. South Africa, Dec. 3. Missing overnight and far oft their course, James Molllson. famous British aviator, end bis French pilot, were located safe to at 8 o'clock. All members are urged to attend. MAN SENTENCED TO STATE FARM FRANK ALLEN IS INJURED IN FALL NASELROAD RITES FRIDAY day on a farm 14 miles from Bread -asdorp. on the eoast southeast ot Capetown. Defeated in his attempt to lower William Taylor of North Ninth street, who was prrested on Intoxication charges yesterday, was tried in city court this morning before Mayor C. M. Zink. He was fined $10 and cosis and sentenced to 6 months at the state penal farm, near Greencastle. 19 Chopping 3?05 till diriehnad Funeral serrices for Mrs. Viola 'Naselroad. 63. of Libertyville. who died yesterday at the Union hospital in Terre Haute, will he hld at p. m. tomorrow at the Church of Christ in Libertyville. Burial will be in Shirley cemetery. Frank Allen of 534 North Seventh street sustained a broken hip last night when he fell cn the sidewalk near his home. The slippery pavement caused the fall. He was to have been taken to the Vermillion county hospital today. He is getting alqng satisfactorily. the Englaud-to-Capetown record held by bis estranged wife. Mrc. and one brother, Thomas Simpson of Terre Haute. Mr. Simpson was a member of the Christian church of Jasonville and the Masonic lodge of Clinton. Funeral arrangements have not been made pending mord from the children. j "U2 Amy Johnson Molllson, the airman had been last sighted last night at Cape Agulhas.

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