The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 2, 1936 · Page 11
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 11

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1936
Page 11
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Page 11 Wednesday', December 2, 1936 The Daily Clinlonian, Clinton, Indiana t&Behind the Seen HOLLY&OOri m -I t i i TJfTZj MOVIES THK M.OriT MfiH'l'1 AT THK VMM'K There's no slioilaiii! in lutrium". exi-itvmenl. liumor, rtiinaiiie or rurpiH-s In this nnlciialnlns mysiury de luxu. Holmrt Youim vurrlus Burnt of it off with his ri)ini"l''l pl.vly iiiiliit. Il inherit s iliwuiin.'iii sloro anil dlfruvrrs that II h;m hi'i-n bldiiiK plae for mnlnn in:mrly. inn (or murder and ha som thieves working tlire. Florenie Rice. Julie Haydon. Calhorliie Dou-iel and Janet Hatcher have impoit-aut feminine roles Willi Leslie Ken-Ion. Ted Healy and Kidney Toler s-BlutiiiK liobert Youtm. Vou'H find II not hair bad at all, al all. A well-eonsttucted March of Time and carloon In color are special short fealurea. Saw at Krogfeir's COFFEE HoS'e,. "" 3 lbs. 49c SUGAR Fine Granulated 25 1bS. S1.19 FLOUR greac 24 lbs. 75c MILK Country Club 5 cVnV 35C FLOUR cJ& 2 for 15c CRACKERS 2 iz 15c g.5gbearssnaPs lb- 10c : 10c lETTUCE hSV 2 far 5c 0RAHGES - doz, 25c IKA M-,KIH.Khl GRAPEFRUIT doz. 35c CAULIFLOWER h'.?-" 15c bsapbef STEAKS ROASTS Pot RoasU Rump Chuck Stand. Rib Rolled Rib BEEF VEAL Beef lb. 12ic lb. 15c lb. 22c lb. 18c lb. 22c lb. 10 C CHOICE VEAL lb. 15c lb 16'2c YEARLING LAMB -WKimi.vt; I'lmsKNT' AT THK WA11AKH Thia rambunctious and slightly mad farce ia positively guaranteed lo put you in good spirits. Joan Dennett and Cary Grant play a couple of competent newspaper reporters who refuse to take life seriously. A practical Joke puta Cary In the editor's chair reformed, so lo speak and Joan sets herself engaged to Tonrad Nsgel. Hie unexciting author of success hooks. Cary wins her back after callint: out all the flre airena In town. Georce Bancroft, Gene Ioikliarl. Inea Courtney and William Dema-reBt assist In the general nonsense An Oswald cartoon, Puramoun' Newa and a novelty suhject or "Steel" are added attractions. BI,ATiMAlI,Klr AT THK tXHlMIUA William Gaigan, Florence lticc Ccoree McKay Drue I-cytoii and Wyiiey Birch are the leading characters in this murder mystery. It deals with a clever blackmailer whe Invites himself to a dinner (siren by 1 .roup of people trapped in a net of intrigue. It might be any one of the 8 Ruesls or it could be a mass affair. That'a for you to figure out. Tile tenser moments are lightened by the romantic interest between Gar-Tan and pretty Miss Rice. Hetty Boop in "We Did It" and Chapter 12 of the ever "Clutching Hand" go merrily on their way. Sand Determines Hardness The shape of the grains of sand determines the hardness of a beach. Round grains make soft beaches, while sharp-cornered grains pack and form a harder beach. Leg o' Lamb Steaks Chops IE). BACON FRESH Picnics lb. 19!c OYSTERS, fresh solid pack Quart 49 c Pint 25 C CLINTON INDIANA By IIAHKIHON t'ARKOI.I. oprriM, I, Hlo( t'valurr byadlrat, lac HOLLYWOOD Half-million d.4-lar Insurance policies are being: carried on Pat O'Brien and Henry Fonda during the time they are working In the picture, "RUm". Acting will be more hazardous In thia one be-cauae the two will have to clamber up and down 75-foot Lj : -4, I power line Brothers have cons tructed series of thern that look exactly like the real Henry Fonda. thing, only they won't be carrying any current. If they did, the insurance rates would be prohibitive, for working on high tension wires is rated as one of the most dangerous occupations in the world today. The new main dining room at the Trocadero looks like a night club set designed for a big musical. Blacks and whites predominate in the modern decorations. Aa an extra touch, they have -different colored table linen for each night in the week. Five years ago, when James Cagney was Lee Tracy's understudy in "Broadway", he rehearsed a aght scene with the heavy, Robert Gleekler. Tracy never missed a performance, however, so ' Jimmy never got to play the role. But coincidence plays strange tricks. Gleekler is again a heavy in Cagney's picture, "Great Guy", The script calls for them to fight. The other day, Jimmy threw the punch that he rehearsed five years ago for "Broadway". You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Rose Greenberg, New York City: Lutse Rainer is non-committal about the rumors of her engagement to Clifford Odets, but, if it means anything, she is making plans to spend the holidays In New York. Picture work may prevent the tryst. The lads out at Warners are boasting that Mary Maguire, their 17-year-old Australian iind, wears an even smaller slioner then T.iiv Disappearing Bignway New Brunswick, Canada, lays claim to one of the oddest of all roads. Leading from the mainland at St. Andrews-by-the-Sea to Minister's Island, the road :s high and dry at on time of the day and at another it is 12 feet under water. This phenomenon is caused by the tremendous rise and fall of the Bay of Fundy tides. - TMi wtTS erk-CT. to t-Hs; - IKV f OVJ B'JT ITi a. OEfowr mow COME ON NOW, BEHIND THOSE BUSHES., QUICK I. ? rf I ' ' m ..' iszL II At00VN r2I?u ) T- it- h. 12ic . lb. 15c lb. 12c lb. 13c lb. 17 c Tender Svvis. Round Sirloin T-Bone LAMB, stew or boil ISc Steaks Roasts Chops Sugar Cured Jowls or Squares lb. 15c By J MAC -V'HrH HAJE WW e,ew AMD vi;-Re on THAT , l I wz SUGAR CURED Picnics Puns. The diva's tooty fits into a one and one-half, while Mary's slides comfortably into a one. Hollywood Hhort Story. , . . When Lucille Ball was playing fashion modela and other small parts on the screen, her escort about the night spout was Mck Gray. He used to peiler the oolumniats to give Lucille a break and some of us did. Nowadays. Lucille has climld up a few rungs on the Hollywood ladder. Mack Gray Isn't her boy friend any more. When his name came in it l late spot the other evening, Lucille said: "Oh, THAT gay' Here and There in. Hollywood. . . . Simone Bimon is dancing these evenings with John Bwope, assistant director and son of Gerard Swope of General Electric. . . . Surprise item. Ronald Colman made the rounds the other night with the Lot) Angeles homicide squad. Answered calls to a suicide and a murder. Austin Parker and Sy Bartlett aleo along. . . . What interests Hollywood studios in Jim Tully's book, "The Bruiser", is his treatment of t "fear" angle the dread in prize fighters' minds of becoming punch drunk. . . . Mone Rice was at tin Cafe Lamaae a i i n w 1 1 h Director Al Had. Looks like this may beoome a regular two ilB. . . . The Juan Crawford locks are much shorter liter she caroe kv frm Palm Bprssst. Joan Crawforu With earls framing bet face. ... In the new "Gold Diggers", the tunes TMy of Money and You" WM All Is Fair in Leve and War", were writ ten by Warrsn ana Dsewsi an me week. . . . Here's a bat one. Metro-GuMwyn Mayer k aisn a scraen tt to Back Www, eei ol Santa CWa's Vnmtaa. . . . And Buddy Roper's Bewntr BMs horce is up for sale. Today's puzsae; Wimt twU-knuwn director wOl net a" in the actor who got bus ins rBt ire.',: m: 'i mr ptomiwt In Face Patch Days In the eighteenth century women used such a quantity of face patches that one masculine critic declared that their faces looked like the signs of the Zodiac. The patches of black silk were, in fact, cut into the shape of a moon, sun, star, comet and crescent. They had been used in the time of Louis XIV to set off the whiteness of the skin. Starring T THAT D.K, St WHAT'S TUI HERE COMES . A SPEEDBOAT . .. rt 1 bus. .10- Jf. :-e. ft-' I ii! i, . y i i , ; YI--J - v rm r .9 s, 3 m n 7, L - PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS - THIMBLE THEATRE ,.,1 II CO.VTOOK I FORTV (i(J) y FORTV SEftRS oy eTH.EH? ; vERsy tyy7) sem, fort v ) 7 F iwKTaEm Ypowft, GOOD MORNWA', POPPft-I HOPES V 5LEP' GOOD REftOV- BETTER win , Cedar Chests LAMPS $150 to $10 50 OCCASIONAL CHAIRS and ROCKERS $4-50 to $13 KNEE HOLE DESKS 95 $l.75 OCCASIONAL TABLES $3.95 to $15.00 INNER SPRING MATTRESSES ee nam Firniture - Rugs - Stoves 235 South Main Street 16,5 $32-00 50 11 rf: 14 53950 CLINTON, INDIANA By E. C SECAR RUSS WESTOVER I DecirMd.' I WASM'T eONNA LAVje A LOME AMV-I lAr&JZ SO I ssOUftMTl SHEEP4 DO 6 UiR KJAME IS FILLIE THE TOILER I this Bcv.e.t-OR Bvety PHTMENa IS l IT'5. COT Tr&tZS C. t PA EARTH DD CXE-ETR.t.lOM- WCItni HE- CIVIC AWMAv 7 - ttzt Popeye I 'oAlD ALUOvAJEO IM THlS THAT A 006, ISM'T T! ace. charlie WHAT missing'--- taice -A l think vomeone it's n PROWLING DOUGH TUF PLACE' WE'LL HUM "-TVk'i ' I ujS . FOR THE .rTiT 'r -- ' Secret Operative 48 Kin OQ6E A vou AJ.I.CVJ6D 0 DANN DUNN DUNN, DrbCLHSED b!r Ik TRAMP, INV&DEJ ,CE BsXTb e,TRON6WOLD WHERE HE l3 SEEN BV OsslE OP THE GUARDS. HE TRICK. THE GA.NGSTER IrJTO COMIMG CLOSE AMD WITH A BLOW KNOCKS HIM OUT. SEARCHING THE PLACE FOR THE PRINTING PRESSES., HE 1 SEEN AND FIRED ON BV THE DUCHESS. THE WHOLE GANG ja ' r ? mere, i THEVRE HEROINS DIRECT this bag-f.1 cno uc rT HLCH got the V V " C IN IT K . ' . -w- BEAT IT . R MOT V MOVE OR. tunnel: t'ii nuiLL ...cues VOU V. -Lr; under.sta.nd ?? Mxnr ------- , r J IS SEARCHING t

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