The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 19, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1921
Page 2
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- m ". ' ,- THE FAlRMOUNT NEWS DINNER STORIES 1 Saturday ma is sore at the editor of the paper because he printed a peace about her party she "had & nc The Fairmount News Published on Mondavs and Thursdays N in rM o sed she ssrved DELIRIOUS refresh " I know a place where the tenants H Jl ire avers what is known as the credit union type. It should pay good interest, since the man who has little security to offer, must expect to pay a higher rate than th3 one who can pay cash enough so he can borrow his funds on mortgage of land. But he ought not to be' soaked the exhorbitant rates of interest that such fellows have often paid in the past. If a group of farmers and country A. S. ROBERT, Ed-tor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. M ments to the co. witch was present at the party. Sunday they is a new organist at.ehirch witch I have not herd her play yet but they say she can play jaz that has got plenty of zip in;t so Office: Main 265 Res- Black 382-1 TELEPHONES I gess we will go sum time & lissen J SUBSCRIPTION RATES. business men would put money into use and We have a full line of tire savers to when you are caught out wit tire (Within Indiana.) fa credit union, formed to loan mnn?v don't pav any rent," said the man from Hook Mountain. "Whsre, oh, where?" everyone cried. "The Egyptian mummies in ths Metropolitan Museum of Art haven't paid a cent since they first came," he replied as he dodged a shower of stonss coming his way. "A guest came bulging out of the dining room yesterday with rivulets and rills of catsup coursing down his face," related the landlord of th2 Petunia Tavern, " and yelling, that he had been assassinated, or miscon-stnictpH. or something. 'Peared like M H M N M H M M M H M One year 7"S9 to young men desiring to go into Six months -1--5 L- . , . - Three months . . . . .75 famm" they cou-d start a lot of (Outside Indiana.) j young fellows in the game. After One year ?3.00ithev had run the nronosition awhile you start extra ex- tube trouble. Play safe when on a trip. Save yourself from at hsr play, ma ast pa what he thot of a man witch threw kisses at g.rls & pa sed he thot he was to lazy to eat. Monday ma is all rcKly cunin;rc-ing to talk about furs for this whiter to ware, pa says the way things, it at the present time nov about the oruy fur sh will get is a Transfur. Tuesday 2 yunp ladys stopped in Six months 1.6o ! and made good on it, they could get plenty of funds from outsids inves- pense, worry and trouble by carrying a set of these Tire Savers with you. If you need a new tire we have your size. Three months .90 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discouiitinued at expiration cf subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. tors. These plans for encouraging young farmers have been very successful in Europe, and they need to be daveloped in Indiana. ......... t . . ma there he had bit onto a tack in his lritters, ' are nousc tcnne to mow M was ,,V.or. Vip rhided Svlnnie. tne ; new uress. tney sea in.-y i anu 1 -w . ' j heftv waitress, she busted the condi- j for the ball, when th mont nrpr him. Also he wanted to ' sed they look like they y voy had went pa j T j was reddy for j r ball witch gees : f t up on latest ; k4 L up on A QUEER INDICTMENT The motion picture interests suffer Entered as second-class matter at the postoSce at Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. the bath insted of the to show that he is not I a financial loss tnrougn tne natural E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. know what I was going to do about it. "Well, Mr. Hollar,' say I, 'when ycu found a tack In your viands it was an accident, but when you talked so that she smashed the catsup on stiles for women, ma says. Wednesday ole Miss Henry witch has ben single since she was a baby had a ole pet cat witch died las week " ! culmination of Roscoe Arbuckle's THE TIDE OF CONTROVERSY. career of bestiality. There are hund-The legal business that flows!re(ls of thousands of dollars tied up through our courts was called a "vast j in fiiTOS made by Arbuckle and which tide of controversy" by John W. Da-' iu: tue countrv over are re- Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing who & she felt v?ry bad over it & went & wait- ! marryed a man today, ma says she your head to a young lady served hr annrentieeship as a A. i vis, former ambassador to Phone 226 W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Britain, in his address before the The t?ndencv will be to secure as ress on a boarding car for a railroad j must of mist that cat awful. Thursday Went to see the vodevil American Bar Association at mcin- iipht an indictment as possible against construction gang, that was con-nati. Mr. Davs notes that the Eng- i Arbuckle, "stall procedure as long as tributory negligence, and I can't do lish people, who are supposed to stand ! pble and bank on the proverbial j anything for you except to hand your strenuously for their rights, yet use ! shCrt memory of the public to in timely to you and -wish you well on your show & they was a man witch throw-ed 3 knifes at a woman who stood up in frunt of a big boord but he was a punk shot haveing mist her evry time. journey." EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL LOCAL BREVITIES the courts less tnan our peopie go. permit the Arbuckle investment to Th3ie are a multitude of cases be-pay. out-fore our courts that ought to have j jn t,is connection the Fort Wayne been settled without a lawsuit. Most ' Journal-Gazette has the following apt of the states also need to pass laws by .editorial observation: which small cases can be settled; It become known today that an promptly and inexpensively. Many ! eioouent plea of District Attorney people can see a dispute from but one J Brady caused the grand jury to re- A certain retired colonel tells a story of a dusky bishop who once went to a function in town. He gave his name to the flunky as the Bishop of Honolulu, but the man failed to catch it, and believing that in the case of a black bishop all things were possible, announced him as "The Bis Ed Lane and Charles Haugh spent Saturday in Marion. Irons, Perculators, Grills and Toasters FOR SALE pomt of view. Iheir lawyers may consider its intention of adjourning ilast night without action. Mrs. E. M. Leach is visiting with relatives and friends in Tiflin, Ohio. FOR SALE Good clean seed wheat. Russell Harvey. Black 72G. tell them frankly that if they fight a case involving some small amount, it "He is reported to have concluded hop of Hallelujah." is likely to cost them more than they this statement to ths members of the j Aiif sst it- Rut tVlov fPPl n ! i ? :ii i v i I ... Broyles Electric Co. 119 W. Fourth Marion Mrs. Charles Haugh will spend Thursday in Anderson, the guest of Mrs. Harrold Hart. uu iw. j grana jury wun tne piea: i Xot all th? poets, observed a. supposed wrcr.g so keenly that theyr .Gentlemen, I strongly urge c-! frequenter of cosmopolitan society,, will not ccr.sKier compromise, or see ; t-on tonight. Do not make a farce of . ..i,--- the c-ift of utterine auick. FOR SALE Best electric washing machine on tha market. High priced machine and one that will out wear any of the cheaper makes. This machine is new, never been us-?d, and will be sold at a bargain. Can be seen at The News office. tnat tnere is a a:ner3nt way to looKing ty.:. , this investigation. 'lieht-wincred magical nothings in so- at a controversy. 'It was revealed today by attaches j cietv." Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Stookey returned from a several weeks have visit Seme lawyers encourage litigation, cf tn2 district attornev's office that I knew of one poet, greatly in while ethers advise settlement out of the testimony of Miss Blake and Miss'.vogue in Paris some years ago, who to relatives in Oxford, Ohio II FOR SALE Pure br.?d White Leghorn roosters. Wessie Payne, Phone 75 or 72. Effie were court m many cas-s ntre Prevost before the grand jury last was not exactlv a fluent dispenser of! some clients would fight to the liTmt.;n:ght quoted Miss jppe as sayin?'epigram. He "was invited to the j Miss Jessie Wright, Mrs.. Lawyers that pursue the latter course : in the presetlC2 of Arbuckle after house of a grcat iadv of the Faubourg Rimes and daughter Martelle, perform a service to the community. . thoy had entered the room in which St . Germaain, and as soon as h- enter- shopping in Marion Saturday. If the courts are hampered by petty Uhe lay Monday a week ago: he beCame the center of a circle of ; WANTED WANTED Big English Clover and Aliske. Pay highest market price. A. A. Ulrey & Co. j admirers, who waited vainly for some ; Ernest Swift left Saturday for Chi-subtle or poetic conceit. The poet re- caer0 and Great Lakes where he will j mained silent, ill at ease, red in the t naval training for fifteen days, face and uneasy of feat. J ( A . l.n knef ice ana neeaiess lawsuits, it oecomes more , j'm dying. Arbuckle hurt me. difficult for those with a just cause j "They quoted Arbuckle as reply-for action to obtain prompt relief. ling: Conscientious people should be just' "'Shut up. Qu:t making so much as anxious to give justice as to get it. j r o;se Cr 111 throw you out of the win-When they have business agreements ' vws Item t V Villi, 1 1 1 UCill W W L , 1. 1 IV iiv-i'.-.C50 , Kyt'is Tested, (J lasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical Snth Sid &mar Sdarion i FARM WANTED Wanted to hear from owner of a farm or good land for sale, price reasonable. L. Jones Box 551, Olney, 111. to make, they should consult some ! . . . , 1 TV 1 1 "After which the intellieent grand Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Sexton and Mrs. Ellen Jarvis motored to Gaston Thursday to visit Rev. E. B. Megenity and family. i nave you ooservea uucness, ne j faltered, desperately, 'that this FOR RENT Mr. and Mrs. John W. White, of irnR RPVT ThrCO Wcol- ' 1 l . r i r t l. ' good attorney who would put the contract in such clear language that controversy could not aris?. A few dollars spent in advance on good legal advice would save many costly lawsuits. If differences of opinion arise, it is best to adjust them promptly and yield a point occasionally rather than fenrer, voi., ana .ir. ana irs. rranK Call News rooms partly furnished. jury proceeded to decide that "Fatty" Arbuckle, the man of such a sweet smile and such a tender heart, cannot be charged with anything more serious than manslaughter. If the disclosures in the inquest were as intimated, the indictment for manslaughter can only be taken as indicting that movie heroes in California enjoy a statt'5 somewhat different from that e Presnall, of Marion, spent Sunday 1 office. afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey "Do you believe in transmigration of souls?" asked the Little Man. "Sure," replied the Big Man. "Why?" "Nothing," answered the Little Man. "But it says here that there are birds in Africa with bills a yard long?" MISCELLANEOUS Presnall. allow heated personal feeling to de Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Procius and : three children, Mrs. J. R. Fink and ! velop. Manv of these controversies j of labor leaders charged with crime TYPEWRITERS, Cleaned, repaired, j sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, i phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter i Shop, Phone 1586. Next to Lyric j Theatre downstairs. Marion. Ind. them ' de- M;s Helen Snively of Auburn were "Well, what about : the Saturday pr.d Sunday guests of t POULTR "V W N XE D A check for more money guaranteed, if you sell to me. Phone me, I pay 'phone charges if I buy. W. T. WELLS Phone 594-B Summitville, Ind. interfere with community development, as they tie up business enterprises and divert people's energy from plans for exparsion. Miss Nelia McCombs. manded the Big Man. "I was just wondering if those birds are not the spirits of departed plumbers," replied the Little Man. j FARM LOANS If you want to borrow money on your farm, see 0. R. i Scott. Fairmount, Ind. Mrs. Fred Kimes and children, of Marion, Mrs. Irvin Winslow and sons Wayne and Edward, of Wabash, were guests of Mrs. Addie Winslow If that Arbuckle party and its tragic ending will result in a general housecleaning in the motion picture business it will have proven of large benefit to the public at large, regrettable as the circumstance may be. The elimination of the Arbuckles, the Chaplins, and several others, to say nothing of the lessening of the brilliancy of a few Doug. Fairbanks and Mary Pickfords and their like should be haled with delight. ! Slat's Diary PERSONAL CREDIT FOR FARMERS. The rr?blem of developing the agriculture cf the country will not be fully solved until better provision is made for financing young men who have little money but are competent to make a success of farming. Many cf these lack the cash to buy a farm OUR Plan of exchanging 40 pounds of Fairmount Flour for one bushel of No. 2 wheat is bringing us customers from miles around. Figure for yours-elf; we are paying $1.20 per bushel for good wheat. Fair-mount Flour Mills. FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY By Ross Farquhar ! Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Lathan, who have been visiting the former's moth- r1' J p. T V.- . - . p i e? Mrs- s- Lathan and other re- a way to fool are ma. we go & take !.. :11 . A. . , u i jo .Iatives will returnto their home in a chunk of mud & r,- ,. . . Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indiana A few straw hats are still to be READ THE CLASSIFIED COLUMN on a mortgage, and even if they could I Call us at our expena I seen on the streets, although the mid a funny paper wj i ' Mrs. Carrie Hasty and dausrhter do it, they could not raise the funds to buy any tools or machinery. Yet they understand farming, are willing to work, and would be successful if they could get their start. dle of September is past. But some things are done differently in Fair-mount than elsewhere, and besides, we're inclined to be a little bit independent, at that. j to the bath room & fill up the tub with water & sling the mud in the tub and while it is a melt ' Beulah and granddaughter Mildred Relph attended church at Leisure j Sunday and were entertained at dinner read ' at the home cf O. A. Scott, who is a ing we set & It would be a good proposition to finance a lot of these fellows, if the funds arc handled bv loral rvenrdA. who This new Kiwanis club has plenty cousin of Mrs. Hasty. know the borrowers. The people whojof opportunities ahead of it; one of v-ji v ! the chief of which is to "harmonize" I a good many things, and people, to. some cf their cwn money in it, so they will be vigilant and careful in the V RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building Mr. and Mrs. Eslie Scott of Sidney the funny paper, then the water is all dirty like it shud ought to be & are ma thinks we have took a bath. of coarse we have got to wash onec in a wile at times or we mite get ketch- Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at his home on South Walnut street Rev. J. H. Vinson pronounced the ceremony that made Mr. Horace A. Strang and Miss Bessie C. Bainbridge, both of Marion, husband and wife. The double ring ceremony was used. Immedi oversight maintained over such loans Thus to solve the credit problem of J spent the week-end as guests of 3Ir. and Mrs. Charles Haugh. agriculture, there needs to be not merely a farm mortgage system, but a widely extended plan for financing men on personal credit. This seems to call for a general organization on Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weylei were I MARION, INDIANA P Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment ately after the ceremony the newly-j guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Julian j weds returned to Marion where they will make their home. ,ed at it. Mayer in Fowlerton. J -i By Charles Sughroe MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL A Senator Introduced Himself to Our Hero Jl UVWV4T VA UOOR WWERE NAS -fef BNAOEUTU nou OO ViOff KWOV44 1 J . . . M -N X K. ' I i i I fraA AW' TUEM AKJfT OWE OF IAVA fAE 04 XU 1 Street V PftaOSVAAAVTv!j "A YKK 1W W . V, & MMMMMMMMWMMiHtaMMMlZ f " v

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