The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 2, 1936 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1936
Page 8
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Wednesday, December 2, 1036 The Daily Clintonian, Clin ton, Indiana sea s . Page 8 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN jvingston Established ae The Weekly Clintonian 1890 for her, the few who cared wondered The Clinton I'tainoeaier scorning uu ,T ,r " own traU through the nines, sliding Hek flatter litor and Publisher move forward in international politic,. Whether the combination of Germany, Japan and Italy ha. design, in thi, hemisphere ., unknown although not impossible. Siranger thing, have happened before. The people of Clinton may not be interested m what happen. ,o Russia when the Soviet i, pressed between the nut-cracker, with japan on one side and Germany on the other. They may not bother themselves with what happens to other people when m.htarist.c autocracies band together for plunder but they are affected if. and why tne one wno .... well, had done so little for her. ih nnimdv hut Christie ever r I fawv down Slippery guu..-. of loosenet rook and dry cloda. tak. ins the up-grade easily, rod a .in- at tne Po.totfi7e at Clinton, Indiana, ascend CI... Matte, guerscd the reason. CHAPTER I THE river .till widen, Into a sandy pool below the tiny waterfall, and th. siyn on the dusty mountain road still reads "Coopers." But th. roof of the old hous. has raved in now, and only the bird, and rularly handsome youuc p.". v - ;ypicalcpwl.r. f.h.. inH.ana Renublicap Editorial Awdatlon Whicn was aiminy " never got around to it. He was old and fat and laiy when she was born. He was past seventy at the time of his second marriage. The days .lipped by. "No hurry, ine .liver uwu... .--- tered in th. sun, dimmed to a leaden gray as they entered the dense shade of the trees. in. nusny mncu -m- in th. tree, that itolden haired National Advertising Representative: CEO. B. DAVID CO. 1900 WriRlcy nldg., Chicago ..,. , Mil General Motor. Bld.. Detroit 110 ha New York As he turned into ot. h . . . .... L L. l-ana f mm thA Christie usea to ciimu. fi. InniF 7IV ... when, the predatory power, glance at th. anu ..-j i i rtf tK western hemisphere. ne fbiu. , ... "No hurry," Christie might have i i l.a TO Wio iiuubv - saddle, .natched a .pike of scarlet If. Ilk aomethinc out of a dream ecnoeu. . . Phone 117 rC.kl 1 Today she was just a nine ;;. - ...t 1 liftU frirl With . Phone 41 tne roau i ov- ion, in the band of his broad- ray, sunny-im.. . i : 1.1... rt hpr nose. to Christi. now. SomeUing that . vivid and real a. a passage out of a favorite book Did it all happen to her J Could it have happened .. . .nrf it It did 7 . . . R ..... r- u. n.ihni hnv. brimmea ieit nai. Then he wheeled sharply, touched Personally, we see no rea.on for alarm although the possibility of danger exist,. Meanwhile, there is increased argument for na-tional preparedness on a .cale commensurate with the ..reng.h .f other nation,. uene waa jub.. . whose folks had the dairy over by ,k ninto'a nana. WHO bib uwi. the pinto nuj. , , , ' and galloped .traight to the house. Spanish . k Yet It', only a little more than Ana wmuiruw 2 To SSTSTOSSTrf the IndUn. coal mining idT-I To Operate in .olving Vermillion County', unemp.ov- 4. xTbSSSota-. -nd nk. it th, moat .ttractiv. cit, thre. year, .ince 1nrauw vuuf. was seventeen. Seventeen, and in love. Heartbreakingly, tenderly, completely in love. Tfcev were both so young. (irimtir. nephew. Charles K. Hayes. YESTERDAYS iikckmhkk a, in of iU ie in the Mate. . Sh never ir mid Mrs. James O. Baird of IB ID m ,i . u . used it as such. The Cooper, never mad. excuse.. They were htthj . . V. n , . , tVimtfa. ... Ini, Since the announcement was NEW PACT MAY BE DANGEROUS South Klchth street are the parent nf a baby daughter horn Nov. 2" made in these columns that a bin Mock Court Trial "was to ne ne... The infant ia the flftli child and has Germany and Japan have announced to the world their of a Pac, to fight communism and other nation, are inter been nanifd Beverley Athanc. is going to be hard to Uk but I can take itr-" Christie wa, like that, even then. She was, for a creature so intensely female at heart, ar. amaz-. . . u i t,,n.Kl tom-bov under the auspices of Ihe Clinton High school in the Opera House i hero has leen ested in what the agreement means. i in what the agreemcm ....-. ..-..., - .,,.. .i IJ J-tm,nri In DUTSUC , rao t rlnsitv tO k HOW HO US. Miss Eva Shannon has returned to i-.orv ind. where she teaches school r .1 ...... n.tinm in me worm, -'.- ... ,. ... .. the nast few days I u mere .. , , ... ; His honor, ihe judge. v..n " child. She was ao boyishly .txaight and .lim, her clear, amber-flecked eye. wer. o disarmingly frank under their .traight, fair brows. . i 1 I., k nfia trora Mrt firm RIKl wilh her mother. Mrs. Magpie Shannon in North Ninth street. seph Amis. Esq.: Clerk O. F. Houston: Court Officer. Cuy Blimps: Ciller. Ivan V. S-ott; plaintiff Attorney. Col. A. V. Newton of W or Aeir .elfish aim,, it is Germany and Japan. ence in diplomacy ha, any idea .hat the two power, ,hem.elve. to a battle against communism in behalf of the world. i.: rtk to secure their aims, which at present in- tier wieiHJfl IWiiun "- " , , strong, her lovely scarlet mouth was so often stretcnea raw -..u -Inniak o-rin. Raymond Evans has returned to iv.Pi.nv university at Greencastle cester. Mas.; Defendants attorney. -m i .v. al v-tan. ana Henry Adamson. Esq. rjven wnen biw " ' . Adolphus Cooper married again, jut so that folks would stop nag- after spending the past few days wilh his parents. Dr, and Mrs. E. A. The broken-hearted planum in this highly inierestinc Breach ol King mm swu. . . - . never thought of her M in wa Vin y i Evans, of South Fifth street. iney arc remi6 -- volve Chinese territory in the far east for Japan and Ru,s,an tern-tory in Europe for Germany. The re of the world might a. well realize that these powers, ruled by undemocratic authority, have military and naval force, . . , .i ... . k.-ii.t- to use. Japan is using her war machine Promise Suit will be Mrs. Ora noyie. that dangerou. creature, nrAtl.v irirl. II I X ' II Llr. and Mrs. Arthur Ferguson had and the luckless deiennam m ("apt. H. M Ferauson. To him. who had made a fortune in tho Klondike in the old day. and as their week-end guests Mr. and witness will be Mrs. J. w. rierce. Mrs. J. V. Gillaspy of Bloomington. wnicn iney win ni .. - in Chines territory, and Hitler make, no secret of hi. de,.re to .ze Miss Effie C. Ieacliman. Frank I.. Swlnehart. Dr. Ceorpe A. Jackson. never naa mucn w : -- did it, feminine beauty was .till a . matter of robust curves. Slim, suntanned Christie was iust a ch.Wito R. M. Pentreath and daughter. . . j ,;. f R.iasia. which he will auempi, i v."-"- Dr. Henry Washburn. Miss Derexa Pentreath. nave re the UKraim aim when he think, hi, army i, strong enough to successfully tackle 1 tilw The jury will he as follows: Jaasw cently sexless as the wild flower. : ' .-j . in the soring. turned to their home In Hlaekmau r. Crane. Harmon lv. Morpau. street from Chicago. III., where they mat rariKicu And sbshe was, until the summer that she wa. seventeen, and Gene C. Gillis. B. F. Raynes. Fred bey- have been spending the past few- t-i :. .u;. : mmon to the nation., that each government ki HM.ic H. Pike. C. H. C.nffitii. days. They feU i- o'nin.dne andChri.ti. who didn't .now ,i t Harcer. .1. F. Batch. Sam face, dome.tic problem, that cannot be solved internally and look, uel Stultz. Joseph Strain. Dr. J. f Wiss tuerelia Swineliart has i came back. It was also the summer that Aunt Nettie (Adolphu, married hi. first wife's widowed elder .ister, Nettie) took the trip to Honolulu with her two eager, fading daughters. m 'Home', good enough for me. , l U Jrir. for a magic tormuia tnat iu Within ten feet of the broad, ehal- W lwim veu xrcv ' - , i. laJ tn thn vflrandl. after six months in Sacramento, and turned to Oreencastle. Ind.. wlieif she is a student at DcPauw univer y-i. - hpr hands to him Deyonu " - . . , nomic and social presre. It is to no avail that wise men ,nst that . . . I .! I U nnV. Adams. Allie Beebe. Ulllan Baker he drew up sharply, and waved the flower decorated hat. Lnriewc F" and when their hands touched some sity, after spending the past few- . tm,,Jv the conditions which threaten inc.... . Adolphus saia. ... .v.. Of course it wa. understood that ... U knmA ton. As thing blazed .na . r,io Marv Baker and days with her parents. Mr. and Mrs : l f nnblic information, mould opinion to support As the dust settled he saw that the little exhibition had not been wasted. .liaraii wr. inna Downie spent Sunday them, sometninK p " j as lightning that fells the trees and F. L. Swlnehart. of Walnut street. Christie woiuu .-j " ; far as getting a mother and .lsUrs for his daughter was concerned, . . . . Lfdv verv soon em men i, m , aggresrive foreign policies, only pausing long enough to be assured burns out tneir notru,. i. TTnHiflcinlined Christie was on the veranda. T-v tna rini AVer the with Mrs. Harry Williamo of Cene va. .l J -..k is at hand to carry out the tasK assg.. THE STARS. SAY that his second marriage was a fi'uV..!- .. She made Gene, and Christie who didn't know what it was all about. . . . i f.Mnar mio-ht have pinto's head, he stood on the lawn a moment, grinning up at her. inai umitu ""-"o . Frankly, we have no knowledge of what this new pact may m, anA -Mr. C. H. C.riffith and him very comfortable, and he had By EXKVIEVK KKMIH-E Yir Thui-wlay, lecenit wakened then. He might have U. nrA and. particularly, the United. States. r.a.n.y daughters. Marion and Madeline spent Sunday as the guests of Mr She had been stretcnea out iu. length in one of the long wicker deck chair. Aunt Nettie h.d sent up from the city. Now eh. pulled Au extremely lively and eventful japan take, a role in European affairs and thu. the little brown men trt aan r rant;io-w wit : , . S- ts. She w .U alone day is forecast from Ihe prevailing hersell to ner reei, .i ; ; Antr. and nzed when she neeaea n.m, u.. wa too late. or uim -, . down at him, an unconscious frown .-...-ii.-Mctf:si.' ismS'Stiii'M'M caoic ... en lonely in uie long !.. tad been a widower. He was grateful to Nettie for all she had done for Km, and .11 sh.e had tned to do f or Christie. ChrisUe was like him, didn't care for show and fuss, liter on, when she was a young lady, Nettie could take her in hand, and see that her future wa. made 'ure. well It was one of those hot days trim ismmmwsmsmsm!imi m between her eyes. Tht' a warm welcome," he told come to the Cainornia nm J-V"""-; planetary force.. The energies ana faculties may be keyed to high stress for creative work.eithcr in employment or in connection wilh writings, promotion or publicity. II This Is Your Birthday xnmcTUAC OPENING AT her, laughing. .... , Ware; deep, hot dust blanketing the vnnwnw i roads: a tenia, num ?,!; and the dry, heavy W hen ne laugnea, n almost too classically handsome, seemed to become more rugged and For Ul. Prelaw sweetness of chapparel and moun healthily Doyisn. n enouen as int-y wcc Lolded her a bit for up" to her aunt and cousins a H JJe more, he basked in her devotion to 1. rnnnl Tl AM VOU Those whose birthday it is may anticipate a very lively, eventful and I progressive year, with many import 'tfSU . . wnurDH lingly white in contrast to hu dark. to reacn - - turned off the highway a few miles r ""'1 v "OIN Iriiwunia i I -;.; . . . K.I.. rknchmt ihODDing D Chri.tie worshipped old Adolphus olive sain, nis orowu jw as he came up the stairs and leaned against the veranda railing, stUl beyond tne oia mm". - nA -niii Tf i All .board for your Chrutma. shopping. - ft .1 N I easy by .hoppmg and .topping t CUNTON-5 5 & . ant projects to be accomplished. .New ventures, employment and all pertaining to writings, publishing and SSnf gPeus-'Uur.'on "the smiling oowo w. - Up a tortuous, unpaved road, red with the cinnabar dust that colors E 1 Hi partment, e complete -d mercnanoe uu, - - - Surpnsea you, man ' 'I thought you were still in promotion should flourish. Be alert a tne mourn i"vr.. scrub oak and chapparel Vast to small misrepresentations . space of rock ana oarren Sacramento!" m "No, I'm home again." He reached over and helped himself to a piece of crumbled chocolate cake who couia navo uu - F T; ".m. . mining wKWj''Z&S pt, little prospectin' ,rat Spamsh Fass. Poured ill her love . . no, not all-She couldn't remember when she ' hadn't loved Gene. v-trF!" W lT r.u.rim,. Th U CUNTOnrS 5 & 10! . frauds. Travel should prove profit den awlul lapses 01 j,.-.h 7" the road hovered nonchalantly on able. M . cma.i nFPOSrr HOLDS ANY ITEM UNTIL CHRISTMAS! A from the plate on tna ni "-her chair. "Um good!" A child born on this day may be the edge ot notnmg. And then, shade and pine needles. , . i mnA onr.ft In- ..... j n ... .1 Rr V I&&S versatile, progressive and ambitious. "I iust love vivjk - - , , . , sh. used to tell Adolphus, and be d od and .mil. to .low "Uene, aon t eat 1nn.11 mixed up with oUve piU and pickle Am mwA tWtntrm Walt a miDUtC rate lavcnuci dian paint brush rising from a tangle of coarBe grass and creeping and should attain prosperous position through its fine creative ability. S WrafnewtetS 1 rffi wo jl l R'-' Xma. vJue, in .11 5c and up AL fme" rowrof Mirrors, End Tables. Magazine Rack, .nd Sewmg Of I'll get you a decent piece-" vines. t should have excellent literary rambling, hospitable. A blaze of w love baby chicks," and I could kS. th. wild roses, they're so "He'never worried about her. Afterwards, after he waa dead, tnd there was no one to do anything "Uii, tnis la u.n.. x u of ice water though." To Be Continued) omriot. aw rr swiim. i ability. .'si Cabinets, as weu as rancy multi -colored zinnias I an da, cool striped awning ice,, our nose cannoi cv- - ' " , 0c .d UD K ALUMINUM, .extr. v-lues - rercoiarors, BlankeU al the f ulcin-Fripsians 1 Governs Gibraltar The Rock of Gibraltar has been under British control since 1704. when it was captured from the Kingdom of Granada. It is a crown China's Jour Seasonal Flowers In China the four seasons of the vear are represented by Rowers. The tree peorv represents spring; the lotus, summer: the rhrysanthe V. , I l.'I v. Holstein-Friesians are hlack ml ir. lowest prices known. Now is. your chance AH sizes. Pnce. start at co. , $3 79 Be sure to see our blanket values before buying. HANDrRCrUEFS, never before have offered such outstanding value, in this line of merchandise-Handkerchief, for, men .nd children. r.. j u c .rr. Visit our Handkerchief Department. white in color with tne raui. sharplv defined rather than blend . ... u ,o.Hv nil Wlllte colony ruled over Dy a govemm. mum. autumn, ut i-iui". mum. auu.,i.,. . . Oreson Grape Old The Oregon grape. Oregon's sta't lower, has been revealed by fossus to have lived in that region for 30,000,000 years. Beisa Inhabitr East Africa The yard-long horns of the beisa may have given rise to the ancient fabie of the unicoin. Seen in profile, the beisa appears to have a single horn growing out of his forehead, I ke the mythical unicorn. The i inhohiic TvaRt Africa from the mmmw ea. iney ih.j ...... .j -- . or black, but no solid colored am- m no o' . . D u, . k,ror the wjv.nce. 35 IK GLOyES-S.y. foUts, our ve. .re wruit yo, -- 10c ,nd UD I - " In a MnHCM. Ill uu K vr - - - - 1 - ' -- Ct, rviany cannot oe rC1i.u, . , . . ,e r. (he ladies. S Ui-UICF l IPPFRS newest and best values ever shown, prices start t 35c. tor the l.aies, ral can be registered t.Te basic color of this breed, but whether the white or the black is the dominant color deoends on the color inheritance of individuals and no general statement can be made tor Hie breed K . ..-n.fnd chiKn. ShopaS & 10- of mercU. Sudan to the southern part of the continent 1 SSSEoSSfe I - ivji. -v 1T. Ms arf snm ( ARE SOLO SS S THV'KVTtEMS1 OUT BY MANUFACTUR-5T..TH.E..V-o DD Ar cx P.IJY NOW AND SAVE! CVI N E HABT'S HARDWARE Cr Sce 1 871 Uf ER5. MAN! Ala munLR ni rn.i- F u w rt i u If: iOi TOYS - TOYS - TOYS ! ! Our Toy Department has the most outstanding values we en ... T f buy. Many new items, as well as the staple ones. - - "a II all kinds Dolls, Books, etc. A real line ol toy. to su.. a.. S SpeciJunter, containinr Urge vety of Sc, 10c, 15c .nd 25c items. Eku, v.lue, . 49c g -rn oil. - 1 . ' , osc, f-i "- , .... j ad. Sleds sr" c ana up WHEEL GOODS Wagons 49c .nd up, Wheelbarrow. 25c and Vf- etc. 1 rur7 a s nrrnRATIONS New lines, new design., Dghts. .treamers, snow ic. , a "-.r VL -r n;nn' 5 & 10! A complete line or i.nrjun r.,M......p - - 13 rw An Unusual Stock to Select from! !fc ft. Band Box Cleaning Is As Individual. As Your Fingerprints Model Cleaners PHONE 13 When it comes to C,dv we .re proud to Uto?ZM best, the purest .nd freshest your money will buy na what you want. Candy you love to eat-rresn l,- j w i A real targe lne " lctl , ' cl. VenlnrChocoUteTudge! Orange SCces. dersarden mixed, broken m.xed, cream m.xed , chow-."- 5 SpecUl. mTeTut Squares, Peanut Brittle, Bon Bona, Borfon Baaed -an, .no WtoBS fancy ChocoUt. . Maple." V.n:Ua, etc., ..sorted for .20c S MPd - GIFTS OURS IS THE FASTEST AND 1 FINEST SERVICE IN TOWN! J If PRACTICAL V cop a.iTs FOl I a? Rernember-For Candy CUnton . : IU r,ai i in- lTlM TILL XMAS S DON'T FORGET A SMALL DEPOS T WHE YOU CAN M. Vf: RememDer ror wY. yu... - , - uoi n ANY ITEM TILL XMAS shopSSSt CUnton, Ind. m t Ci Si II T H E WHOT E FAMILY

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