The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 15, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1921
Page 8
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THE FAlttMOUNT NEWS in Wabash on Report of Corresponding Secretary W. S. Elliott was business Mondayi COUNTY W. C- T. U, CONVENTION IS NEAR Nattie Ware. ti irr 1 l Dz Wilson of the ftee Hive Cash store is in St. Louis on business. MRS. HEASTON HOME FROM VACATION CAMP. Mrs. Sarah Heaston has returned from Vacation Camp at Pretty Lake, Mattawan, near Kalamazoo, Mich. Vacation Camp is a philanthropic institution under the supervision of a wealthy resident of Kalamazoo and was established for the purpose of ID Report of Treasurer Esther Barney. Election of Officers. Question Box during election in charge of Ella Gard. Thursday Afternoon Memorial Service Gulie E. Shug Number of Members Prom Southern Grant Will Have Prominent, Parts On the Program A number of W. C. T. U. members from Southern Grant county will have Luther Kimes has accepted a position as deliveryman for the Use Hive Cash Store. Shoes for Men and Boys o-ivirirr Ajwlncr rViildrpt1 of the CltV Mary E. Stewart left Wednesday j a ftesn ait Vacati0n. Mrs. Heaston for Alexandria where she will remain j acts as matton of tne institution. for some time. The camp this year was open 74 days ! fcf fh rVii1rttfn and diiriticr flint, time part in the program at the annual convention of the Grant county W. C. T. U., which will be held Wednesday, September 21, and T?iursxay, September 22, at tha Second Friends church in Marion. Those from Fairmount and vicinity on the program are as follows i Mattie Barkdq.ll, who will nis Shoes and Oxfords Ten Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Mayer and . lhere Vvere 394 cniidren at the camp, family of Fowlerton were guests at j Thel.e wer3 20 freeh a5f children who the Weyler horn Sunday evening. . remainei during the entire period, the others coming;, in relays of 90 children Edward, the small Krandson. of Mr. . i, r....; tui talk on Sabbath Observance, Ruth art. Solo Mrs. Hale. White Ribbon Recruits Sadie B. Harvey. Child Welfare Daisy Herzog. Reading Millie Darter. Anti-narcotics Ethel Gormley. Do Our Present Platforms Represent! the W. C. T. U. Principles Lida Outland. Playlet "Prohibition Enthroned," in charge of Deane Havens. Report of Committees. Benediction. Those who attend are asked to bring dinner both days as no meals will he s?rvod at the church. Tea and coffee will be furnished by the 5outh Marion W. C. T. U. for Ladies, Girls and Boys Our assortment is one of the best and the prices are always right at j t ci j i. j nccio. iuliu uiat nine i - and Mrs. Lon McCombs, who has been tu sun,orVior of the kitchen stated ! Peacock, Sunday school work; Dora E. Whiteley, Soldisrs and Sailols; Ida Winslow, Peace; Report of the Cor- very ill at their home is slowly im- ! that they had uged 2 000 loaveg of pi-oving. j bread, 10,275 quarts of milk and 445 ! pounds of butter, beside vegetables, j responding secretary, Mettie wara; fruit, meat etc. There wers 22,276 1 Memorial Service, Gulie E. Shugart meals oprved durini? the time. When I and White Ribbon Recruits, Sadie B. Rev. Clarence Wilhelm will preach in the Fairmount Baptist church Friday evening at 7:30. The fublic is invited. the children arriva at the camp they ! Harvey. The state president, Mrs. j are weighed and again when they ! Elizabeth Stanley, will speak on Wed- leave. The figures showed that tha nesuay evening and Mrs. ueary ed- gain in pounds amounted to 1,522. . nesday afternoon. Appoint-ment of ...:tl .... wj Mrs. Louisa Berry, who for the past several wesks has been ill at the The Bee Hive Cash Store STAR BRAND home of her daughter, Mrs. Andrew j SCHOOLS IN LIBERTY j nesday morning. The program as ! outlined below will be carried out. Wsyler is slowly improving. IN GOOD CONDITION. Trustee Joe Davis reports schools of Liberty township in Wednesday A. M. Opening of convention by Mrs. James R. Conn of Milton, Ky., and Mrs. Billie Wrake and daughters, the good fifty ; Minta Love, county president. . . x . - . A. I .yfantsr.n ! Condition, a gam oi more man Addie and Laura and & ' . . attendance I ' students over last year s Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas and children w-are cuests of Mr. and Mrs. opened j xxV.PMt M S .t. Whitesides ! heing r-gistered when they ilast week for the new school year. Have An Individual Suit Dont Be a Duplicate t. x' iJKtaoit: Leslie Smith near Gas City last S.un- j and family. day. ' - Arthur C Adams and family have Mrs. Hiram Harvey gave an ad-j moved to Whitewater, Mich., where "v on th tvainincr f Hi dpvtirvn. I he has a position. Mr. Adams was The total enrollment came to 320 and was distributed among the schools as follows i School No. 1 Irene Shugart, teach- Music. Devotions Mrs. Bertha Irwin. Appointment of t-ommittees; roll call of unions and introduction of new local presidents by county president. Flower Mission Report Gertrude Newsome. Parliamentary Usage Ellen Reece. Social Morality Myrtle Drucke-miller. Sabbath Observance Mattio Bark-dull. House Economics Katherine Stevens. . . i. . . on. c,l,-.l M.. o dual M oww. i Mothers ' formerly in charge of the lubricating ! ol,,uu' - l . . 1 al life of the children at a in the department of lh3 Serv ice UH retin- i - meeting Thursday afternoon Second Friends church at Marion. I ery in this city. i CT ' I V u nA c u i v j Florence Cox, teacher, 29; School No.' 17 Oliver Docket, teacher, 18; School ! No. 8 May Brookshire, teacher, 27; There -vfts a time when Tailor made clothf s cont more. That fa not true cw. k . We will fit yoy. Vour clothes will reflect jrur individuality. American t'a-"imers for fait J2S.00 and SSO.fO. "t1ur res;n r.?:bility is your guarantee. ifccnooi ;o. yjonn Lee ana; Sunday School Work Ruth Pea-j Davis, teachers, 63; School No. 11 jcock. i Nellie Jay, teacher, 25; School No. 12 j Jail aml pvisonEura Under. j Elwood Garner, teacher, 32; School; Evaneelist's ilour in charge of Lida j No. 13 Helen Behm, teacaher, 3T. 'nntlanrl ; Jlark Cii?co and wife have left forj Misses Grace Downing and Lavena i their home in Punxsatawney, Pa., in ' Smiley were the guests of Mr. and I their automobile after a several ; Mrs. Clarence Downing in Swayzee weeks visit with rstatives and friends i last Sunday. ! in and near Fairmount. ( . Martha Stewart entertained Mr. and Mrs. John Ferra and two 1 at gunday dinner the following :sens, of Marion, Mrs. Waldo Haisley ! g-uestp . jjr. and Mrs. W. B. Kim-r.nd daughter Lyra and son Waldo, of 'uwus.n son ar,i aaochter. Cl?rk and i Trustee Joe Davis reports the j ' schools in rrood condition. , Linton, Tex., Mrs. Etta Doherty and feel-niece, of Dunkirk and Mr. and ' t .lV . t Noontide Prayer Sarah Lenfestey. Intermission. Wednesday 1:30 P. M. Devotions Nellie 8. Davis. Publicity Helen Loop. m Soldiers and Sailors Dora E. BF.UE AN CLASS tvjn hiiwh Aim "-e:Mrs. Jp.spsr Howell of Upland. callers at the Will A. Beasley home ' MEETS WITH MRS. PARKER. The Loyal Berean class of the Sunday afternoon. Ribble Bros. (OF COURSE) TAILORS Christian church met at the home of Whitely. j Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bundy, who : i are motoring through to Boston, j was com- : p5? Marion, to visit their son j John M ! tt.w .ivf Sni(lti- anl Ati'lav at : j I j A real estate transfer : v'.etel recently bv which Citizenship Alice Geary. Temperance and Missions Minnie Williams. Health Emma Bell. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parker Monday r.ieht. A business session was held ' after which a short program was i rendered. Delicious refreshments ; were Fcrvod to Mr. and Mrs. Willis j Niagara Falls. i Harvey $ A Hude Dyson came into possession of the farm cf Hugh Dickey in Liberty township, consisting of 160 acres and which is considered Law Enforcement and Gleaning3 ; PEOPLE Mrs. Hester Purviance and children, pVERY dollar in-vested in this stove bears interest. Cole's Hot Blast combustion saes 1 6 to tKe fuel bills. We have only a limited stock of tkese remark Flying Squadron Alice ; i Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. Rama Sellers, from the iMr. and Mrs. Wilbur Stout, Mr. and Geary. one of the best farms in the township, j t. n-J Ar.i,,- . , k . . . t licit, mototxd to Franklin Monday Kr WW in: iMCKev iarm is ioc; aaoui i ! miles west of Fairmount, i i where the young folks will enter Franklin college. Mrs. C. V, Salisbury will return home with Mrs. Pur-viiV.ce for a few days visit. nbin, who has been ".let, is reported a j Mrs. Verlie Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Thur-i man Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Al-bertson. of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. Ralrh Parker, James Sellers, Marg- aret Payne Stout, Evelyn anl Ray-' m-nd Mann, Philip Albertson. Helen and D e Lewis, and Junior Parker. ! Th e net meeting of the class will be held at the home of Verlie Mann and Solo Mrs. C. H. Bedford. j Peace Ida Winslow. 1 Medical Temperance Amy Palmer. S. T. I. Mattie Cammack Gibson. Union Signal Julia Overman. L. T. U. Rosa Collins. L. T. U. Demonstration Gertrude Newsome. Wednesday Evening Mrs. Rc-i-A-on i v.eaily all e ale better. able stores. "First come, ill Ware- wore sr.d Mrs. Clax?ni'e Mr. r.d Mrs. er. : cuc ts cf ' Mr. and Mrs. Will A. Beasley entertained at a family dinner Sunday the folowing guests: Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rush and three daughters, ! Alison. Frances and Myra and Miss Zola Beasley, of Indianapolis, Mr. j and Mrs. Walter W. Rush and daugh-': ters, Isadore, Dorothy and Margaret, Mrs. Edgar M. Baldwin. Miss Elizabeth Beasley and Frank Beasley. first served."- BUSINESS GIRLS ATTEND WEDDING Home of Mrs. Albert Morris Scene of "Cnique Ceremony at Hard Times Party , 780 Presi- Address State W. C. T. U r 11 members are urged to be present. n:gg?5 at Rocktoid. vl. dent- Mrs. Elizabeth Stanley. Parrill & Lewis The meeting will be held the second Monday in October. )us Lccrie Dj?v. ls retumexi from spent at vacation trip wV-x-, she CV-nsille ar.d IniV'ararolis. ; she FURNITURE House Furnishings FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA i The Fairmount Business Girls Club Thursday 9:30 A. M. Devotions Sarah E. Stout. Medal Contest Marie Himelick. Evangelistic Lida Outland. Bible in the Public Schools Mary Stewart. MAY COMPEL TRACTION CO. TO REMOVE TRACKS. lv r- rV4U F Ri,h aK,rvra? entertained at a mock wedding .Mandamus proceedings to compel I V. ?rn ; Rf eT 5MniS ry daughter Myra, who spent the week- j Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. j x.l Indianapolis, 1 -t . Iii , i.. ! i.A M - (rtM fsotlMl .llill.Iie iUOIl iihvuuu viuijrtii lu vui Dean srer;t the wceV-el in Fairmount. The home was prettily dec- i out us contract providing lor tne re- muiifi miru 'ic Indianapolis Street. exl to their home in Sunday evening. They the occasion, the color ' moval ct its tracks trem Jiam street j n --. were accom-s orated for teacher in ss scheme being gold, while gatxlen , in Summitville, yet this year, may be panied by Misses Alison and Frances Jortridge high school, Indianapolis, Rh. wh bad been visit intr Mrs. Rowers wtre Used artistically with necessary 10 ooiam action. I KS the icol-i with her parents Edgar M. Baldwin, Will A Beasley brightening effect. Golden ribbons j The officials of the traction corn- syer.t Vv. c nd Mrs, IV1 A. Beasley. were laid from the entrance door to i pan.v recently statea tney were un- and family and Walter W. Rush and We Still Have Flour the tbe bAnk of fiowers where the cere- ahle to take up all the tracks in family for a week. A. J. WcvIt f.-l Ch&iles Fowler they wrnv took r,lace. Prior to the ser-! specified time and askeil the vi M; Genevieve Brown, of Jones- might have a permit to take up Vft Wctnesday for Champaign, tU-,1 -Vre they will rter the University I r&- Hiram Harvey entertained at f Illinois' fcr the regular college ' Sunday dinner comptimentaray to her arid ! tracks in the business section, and boro, sang "I Love You Truly WATCH WATCH u. w rav W avr,l the wed- : leave the rest until next year. mouse euest. miss Aiaussa matt ana . ..... . s wurse. not suit town officials and given the company ten Joshua Cox, of Des Moines, la. din mawh as the btidat couple en- ; . m-. tered. l.e bride wore whits over ; th5 have and wife were guests: Airs. vr nais-i - ., '-v notice to start work on the re- Hugh Dee Tv.te guests Tuesday of ley, Mrs. Ablgal Winslow, Ke , " " , 'movalnf Mrs. Pope" rar-S the track or they will take was draoexl. The croom was in con tM erty. e;tlts Mr. and Mrs. rank Zike, while Mote and Mrs. ktta Best Flour 85c Per Sack ventional Hack and wore a Vandyke . other action . . a .! - enroute to lndia.rrchs. Mr. Pope is Cox and Miss ttbtt expect to Des Moines bard which was hugeiy oecoming ?r their home in BIRTHDAY DINNER FOR The "marriage service" was unique trough with the Lake con ave tract and they exrect to locate in today, Marion. i and the principal characters in the MRS. MARY GORDON. Mrs. Thomas Sheedy and Mrs. Pol little ccmedy lived up to their names I Mrs. Ella Buehtel. proprietor of in the responses. The cast of characters was as follows: THE SPOTS THE SPOTS ly Gamble were guests Tuesday of Mrs. Sheedys mother, Mrs. Mary Gordon who lives a mile east of Rig-don. Mrs. Gordon was not expecting Matilda Ann Stepanfetchit Miss Indus Peirce. Mrs. WaJdo EU Kaisley and daugh-The Hat Shop who recently submitter Lyra and $oi Waldo, of Sinton, 'ted to an operation at the Grant Tex., who are the hoiise iguests of jj county hospital, was brought to her Mrs, Etta tVoh.rty in liberty townjhome Sunday and stood the trip fine. nip spent tb wtk-en4 th John 'Mrs. Buchtel has been much benefit Ferre and family in Mat-ton. Mrs. J ted by the operation inasmuch as Haisley came to Ir,d5ana to place her ' she is able to take nourishment and daughter in EarlVar. college. School with care there is every reason to will beem in Earlham on September , believe that in time she will regain li. her normal health. Obadiah Gogetit Miss Addie Leach 5 company, in fact she was busy assist- Rev. Benjamin JeHosophat Albert 1 ing with the weekly wash when they Morris. arrived and informed tier that they Flower Girls Doris Keplinger and j had come to assist in the celebration Aria Cole. I f her eighty-second birthday anniver- Othsr characters Miss Bertha j sary. Mrs. Gordon is really 82 years Leming, who raised cause why the young, for she finished the task in wedding should not proceed and Mrs. j hand and entered into the pleasure of And Here Are a Few Other Money Savers Sunshine Crispy Crackers, per pound 15c Graham Crackers, per pound 1 . 15c Seedless Raisins, per box 23c Vanilla and Lemon Wafers, per package 40c Fig Bars, per pound , 20c Rolled Oats, per box 10c Peanut Butter, two pounds forJt- 25c Pumpkins for pies, two for 15C Sweet Potatoes, 5 pounds fori. 25c Pepper 25c. Tea 35c Salmon lOc Announcement Albert Morris who was there with j entertaining company in the same j the goods to make matters right. spirit that haa kept her young these j Immediately after congratulations, j many years, and enjoyed the birth-1 upon tha lawn where a huge bonfire j day dinner as keenly as her guests. was lighted the wedding supper wasj served, which consisted of roasted ESCAPED CONVICT The Marion School of Musk announces that Edward Turechek will open weiners, buns, roasted marsh mallows - MAY SEEK REVENGE. and coffee. j A number of Fairmount relatives As this was a hard times party, hy blood and through marriage, now the costumes of the guests were fan-; recall that William Gossett, who es-tastic and if prites had been awarded, cped from the Michigan City penit-. Bertha Leming and Miss Vem Hard-, entiary, on September 5, declared be- wick would have been compelled to tween the time that he was convicted a studio at the horse of Mr. Claude Huston and will teach In tiYi city every fonday. Kr. Turechek is a' very busy man, but in as much as Miss Floy Huston of his former assistant teachers, has given up hr classes for the year, e are anxious for someone to carr y on her good work, and not being able fc f nd a satisf .tcry substitute Mr. Turechek has decided to come himself. This is an unusual opportunity for piano pupils in this city to secure kigh grade instrctka at home; especially advantageous for the UtU tlks, that are in school and unable to go elsewhere unaccompanied. CELERY DIRECT FROM MICHIGAN The Mayflower draw cuts for first. of the killing of his wife Nancy Gos-1 The guests were indebted to Mrs. j sett, and. his confinement in the state Albert Morris, Misses Maude Briles, , penitentiary under a life sentence, Muriel Cox and Doris Kiplinger for j that if W ever escaped he expected a very merry evening. Tha next j to get revenge oh the people whom he meeting will be on the second Tues- thought sponsible for many of t his day in October and the committee in ; domestic troubles, charge will be Miss Hael Payne, Mrs. , Leola Roberts and Miss Anna Delph. , READ TOE CLASSIFIED COLUMN Phone 11 Bob Lindsay, Prop Call or Write Mr. Claude Huston For Partkul&rs

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