The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 15, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1921
Page 6
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS MPROYED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL AMONG NEW SILHOUETTES THE BOX COAT IS FAVORED itiiidaySchool THIS YOUNG MOTHER Tell Childless Women What Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Did for Her Millston, Wis.' I want to give yoa a word of praise for your wonderful Lesson v iBv REV. P. B. FITZWAXEit,' D. D.. lyncher of English Bible in the Moooy B.ble Institute of Chicago.) 121. Western Newspaper Union.) LESSON FOR SEPTEMBER 18 ,,, ,.t ...... ABSTINENCE FOR SAKE OF OTHERS (TEMPERANCE LESSON). LESSON" TEXT I Cor. M:23-S3; 17. GOLDEX TEXT Whether therefore y at, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do H to the rlorv of God. I Cor. 10:31. REFERENCE MATERIAL Rom. 11:1; 1:I3-21; 15:1. 2; I Cor. :9-0; PRIMARr TOPIC A Clean. Strong Bcxiy. JUNIOR TOPIC How to Win the Race. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC Presenting One's Body & Living Sacrifice. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC The True Meaning of Temperance. y lj ,x i ' AFTER EUERV I I J MEflL" WRIGLEYS yC Newest jft Creation S&Z 3l -X. i'Jf- r 1 f&m v n f J 'V MLf ) 1 J w A delicious peppermint flavored sugar jacket around pep permint flavored chewing gum. Will aid your appetite and digestion, polish your teeth and moisten skirts may matcn tne coats or they may not. Sometimes they are In checks or stripes, while the coat Is plain. There Is enough variety in style to In your throat. Tin (Flaw w lasts 1 imeaicine. we ro very fond of children and for a considerable time after we married I feared 1 would not have any owing to my weak condition. I began taking Lydia E. fink ham's vegetable Compound and now I have a nice istrong healthy baby Itrirl. I can hones tlv say that I did not suffer much more when my baby was born than I used to suffer with my periods before I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound years ago. I give all the credit to your medicine and snail always recommend it very highly." Mrs. H. H. Janssen, Millston, Wisconsin. How can women who are weak and sickly expect or hope to become mothers of healthy children? Their first duty is to themselves. They should overcome the derangement or debility that is dragging them down, and strengthen the entire system, as did Mrs. Janssen, by taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and then they will be in a position to give their children the blessing of a good constitution. MAN'S BEST AGE A man is as old as his organs; he can be as vigorous and healthy at 70 as at 35 if he aids his organs in performing their functions. Keep your vital organs healthy with COLD MEDAL The world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and nric acid troubles since 1696; corrects disorders; stimulates vital organs. All druggists, three sizes. Look for the name Gold Medal on eTery bos and accept no imitation. Ladies LetCuticura Keep Your Skin Fresh and Young Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum 25c. Made a Hit With Father. Sweetie What did you say to father? Marine I told him I'd saved up five hundred dollars and wanted to marry you. Sweetie Oh, did you, darling? What was the result? Marine He borrowed the five hundred bucks. The Leatherneck. Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, that famous old remedy for infants and children, and see that it Rfnrs the- aignature oi In Use for Over 30 Years. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Skill Recognized. "How is Josh getting along with the "Better'n I expected," replied Farmer Corntossel. "Time and again it sounds like it was goin to pieces, bur Josh always has the luck to hold it together somehow." Red Cross Bail Blue should be used in every home. It makes clothes islrtl as snow and never injures the fabric. All good grocers, 5c. Advertisement. The Philosopher. "He's a philosopher." "What is a philosopher?" "One who refuses to worrv about your troubles." .v.. INTERESTING FACTS. Asbestos with fibers as long as three feet Is said to be mined in the Philippine island of Luzon. A first-class ocean steamer requires the services of at least 120 firemen. It is no rare occurrence for the condor to soar to a height of four miles. On dark nights a white light can be seen farther than any other, but on light nights red takes the first place. The Chinese have a flower which is white at night or in the shade and red in the sunlight. A telescope, which it is claimed will be the largest in the world, is to be erected at Vancouver, British Columbia. The lens will be ten feet In diameter. t i WHY SHIPJS "SHE" Here are some answers to the question, says Bethlehem Ship News: 1 y-- 1 1? COULD NT KID THAT STUDENT Youth's Comment on Professor's Admission of Author Was Distinctly Uncomplimentary. George Philip Krapp Las not always been professor of English at Columbia. For two years he held the same position at the University of Cincinnati, where his modesty, as usual, was so pronounced that his great scholarship was not evident to the typical r.nder-cassman. One day a chap who had just been promoted from the freshman class bounded into his study and said: ""Professor Krapp, I found something Ktrar.Jre today; there's a book over in the library written by a man who has just your name." Is that so!" said Professor Krsrp. -What is the book?" -Why," said the student, "it is an account of an Anglo-Saxon work called Andreas and Elene.' P.r.t I wrote that book," replied the ar.thor of Modern English, and half a dozen other volumes." Said the student: "Ah. New York Evening Post- gwan ! The Only Way. j j ; I The occasion of this teaching was the uncertainty as to the right attitude toward "things sacrificed unto idols." This problem was most vital while the Christians were in the midst of the heathen, and with some modi-Scations no less vital still. In mingling with society many perplexing questions arise, such as amusements, way of spending Sunday, enjoyment of luxuries, owninc stock in certain corporations, etc. Our lesson contains principles adequate for our guidance in ail these problems. It was customary to divide the animal offered in sacrifice into three parts. One part was consumed on the altar, another part was given to the priest, and the third part was kept by the party bringing the offering. The priest's part was frequently sold in the markets. The part which the offerer kept was sometimes eaten at home and sometimes In the court of t lie temple. The Christian who bought meat in the market was liable to f t meat which had been dedicated to t1 e idol god. Then. too. one would be i ivited to eat socially at the table of s mieone who had kept his portion of l is offering and now set it before his guests. Some with adequate knowledge had no scruples about It; others with less knowledge thought it sinful. The one who has knowledge should 1-ear with the weak one, and at the same time should seek to teach his brother the truth so as to set him free from bondage of superstition. The glory of God should control in all things. I. -AH Things Are Lawful for Me" (v. 23). This declaration is limited, of course, hy things which are right in themselves. It Is not true that a Christian is free to do those things which are wrong. The Christian can only Indulge in "lawful things" as they are exinMient and unto edification. As individual Christians we have liberty to do many things which because of their influence on our fellow Christians we should abstain from. Even with one's self that which is not edifying should be ruled out. II. -Let No Man Seek His Own" (v. 24). The Christian is under the control of love. The controlling principle of love is unselfishness. The one dominated by love considers the other's interests rather than his own. ill. -Eat the Food Set Bsfore You" vv. 2T-Ct. It is not incumbent upon us to be or. the hunt for occasions of the conscience either of. ourselves or others. Exercise your freedom in the enjoyment of all right things which the L-rd places before yon. but as soon as it is brought to your attention that certain things are to the disadvantage of others, you should desist; that is, exercise self-control. IV. -Do AM to the Glory of God (v. 31). This is the grand and supreme rule of life for the Christian. The Christian is not at liberty to do that upon which he could not ask the blessing of God. In our eating, employments and pleasures, we should have as our transcendent aim God's glory. How could one ask God's blessing upon the intoxicating cup. dancing, gambling, theatergoing. Sunday desecration, luxurious extravagance, etc? V. Give No Occasion for Anyone to Stumble" (v. 32). We should so live that no one can ever say that we have been the occasion of their downfall. VI. Follow the Example of Jesus Christ (11:1). Christ through love gave up all for the sake of others. He did not please himself. Everyone, therefore, who Is a Christian should Imitate Him. VII. The Christian's Body Is the Temple of the Holy Ghost (3:16, 17). This great truth is true of the Church as a body,. but that which Is true of the body is true of the individual composing the body; so the point In this Scripture Is the serious consequence of defiling the body. To Do Our Best. God hides some Ideal In every human soul. At some time in our life we feel a trembling, fearful longing to do some good thing. Life finds Its noblest spring of excellence in this' hidden impulse to do our besL Robert Colly er. Patches. No man seweth a piece of new doth on an old garment; else the new piece that filleth it up taketh away irom tne oio, and tne rent is toad See Cclony as Great Asset. Of late years France has leinm to evince an interest in the Kerguelen islands, discovered by the French navi-1 gator. Kerguelen Tremaree. in 1772. According to Henry Boissiere, who, with his brother, has devoted himself to the development of these islands, they will soon leeome a prosperous colony. They contain no trees, but an immense quantity of a fodder plant, a species of cahLacr-?, which is eagerly eaten hy horses, sheep, pigs and rabbits. Rabbits, rats and mice are the only indigenous animals. There is :1-: so a single bird, the sheathbill. which lives in oompr.r.y with the sea biros. The sea elephants, which had been practically exterminate I by 1S40. are now again very numerous. The waters round the islands also abound in whales, and it is upon the whale and sea elephant fishery that the h o$ es of developing a useful colony rest. White Plague Dying Out? Reports from the National Tuler- miosis association show that consump tion may soon 'oecomo a rare disease in the United States. Public education in preventive1 measures and years of hard work by medical oiii:ers have IE Appetite List VEUY woman seess distinction in dress, and is especially pleased when she discovers a suit that may justly lay claim to it, for suits must possess considerable stability in style. They are worn oftener and longer than other kinds of apparel, and much is demanded of them. They are required to vary accepted modes by Ingenious differences, without going to any extremes ; they must be conservative in order to be refined, they must be spirited enough to escape being commonplace, and in most cases a youthful flavor is demanded of them. The task of choosing one that will fulfill all these obligations promises to be easier than it has been, for fall suits are shown in greater variety than for some seasons. The launching of several distinctly different silhouettes and their acceptance gives oue a choice in coats that vary much in outline. In length they range all the way from finger tip to those that reach almost to the bottom of the skirt. One may choose a model with a slim, close-fitting body and long waist, having a ruffled skirt set on. Or the choice may fall upon the Russian blouse or the box coat and PAPER AIDS THE IN MANY IF PHOTOGRAPHS could only portray color and light one might gather something of- the beauty of the many household decorations that are made of paper. There is an amazing number of things with which the countenance of a room may be so changed that it is transformed. And there are many small permanent furnishings that are made at home of paper, possessing as much beauty and more individual charm than those same things as found in the shops. Lamps and latupshades, candle-holders and candle-shades, wall panels, portieres, vases, baskets and small lanterns or electric j light shades are among them. To these the home-maker and the hostess add many pretty ornaments, as occasion calls for them, that have their brief and beautiful day and are replaced by something new. In the picture above decorations for a table are shown, together with a shade for electric lights. The rose is the inspiration for this pretty scheme, and crepe paper in the American beauty and lighter shades ser-e to carry it out. A:s a centerpiece for the table, a wire standard fastened to a cardboard base supports a cardboard box. This is round and has a cover. The base, standard, box and lid are covered with green paper, the lid only on the inner side. Big rose petals are pasted about the inside edge of the sure becomingnoss, but nearly all of them have appropriated the flar ing sleeve and look to fur and em broidery or fur and braid for their embell i shmenL Two very handsome suits in the box coat stvle are shown here, and they reveal that even the straight coat may be greatly varied. The suit at the right Is a youthful model with the coat considerably shortened at the back and generously embroidered. It has a band of fur at the bottom and about the sleeves and Is provided with one of the smart, high collars of fur which add the season's own touch to every model. The suit at the left is a dignified affair, also employing fur and embroidery, and also cut on straight lines. It opens at the front in a curved line that is odd, and fastens with round buttons. There are many points of difference between it and Its companion and it Is these small differences that give character to suits and make the mode interesting. HOSTESS CHARMING WAYS box and the upper side of the lid. Altogether they form a huge, full-blown rose, .as pictured. Small half-open buds and asparagus ferns are twined about the standard. Single roses on wire standard make pretty holders for almonds and candies, and place cards are still smaller rosebuds with rose leaves and the name on white cardboard fastened to the standard. There are many little surprises in favors that may be concealed In the centerpiece. The globe for lamp or electric light has a wire frame for its foundation, covered first with tissue paper or crepe paper. Little rose petals are pasted all over this, and streamers of paper having petals at their ends fall from the top of It. These are only suggestions for a rose luncheon there are many ways for making the light shadea and using the rose petafs. cprnvGHT n vhtbim Ncvwwai i Veils. , If your veil Is crushed, wind It around a stick, a broom handle, for instance, and lay It across a sauce pan of boiling water. Let It remain an hour, then remove, and when quite dry unwind it from the stick. AH creases will have disappeared. A I iMnn 1 see where the flooring of a big checked its spread, and the death rato warehouse where a lot of wholesale j goes down steadily every year. This foodstuffs was stored gave way." ! Is in marked contrast to the tremen- "That's about the only way they'll dous increase of tuberculosis in Europe ever cet high -priced food to come dtie to the ravaees of the war. Popu-down." ' Isr Science Monthly. First on the ONCE the crispness and charm of Grape-Nuts have been tested by the famfly, there's one item that stands prom-inently out in the marketing list thereafter. That's Grape-Nuts. The twenty hours of continuous baking have produced, from the natural richness of wheat and malted barley, a food that is uniquely sweet with sugar developed from the grains themselves, and whose crispness and flavor make a delightful appeal to every member of the family. And Grape-Nuts is soundly nourishing , a great builder of health and strength. Served with cream or milk, as a cereal for breakfast or lunch, or made into a pudding for dinner. See that your marketing list includes this delicious, economical food, today. All grocers. "There's a Reason" for Grape-Nuts if w orse, Mark 2:21.

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