The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 15, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, September 15, 1921
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7T MM0UWI i NEWS FAT PRINTED FOR A rURTOSE TO HELr FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-fourth Year pjRMOUNT, INDIANA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1921 Number 84 HIGH SCHOOL NOTES ACADEMY NOTES n KIWANIANS HAVE "PEPPY" MEETING 01 A Life Saver COUNTY FAIR GOES DEFUNCT 5IARION UNABLE TO ASSIST IN Fairmount high school this year has organized a base ball team under the The acader.iv base ball team will do j - . battle with the Gas City high school j " base ball nine on Friday afternoon on I the local diamonds at Rush field at ; dirsction of Coach Walters and is i entered in the county baseball sche FINANCING THE PROJECT AND FLANS ARE ABANDONED ;3:15 o'clock. Both schools are mem- j i bers of the Grant County League and j this will be the first game of the sea- j CountT Seat Unable to Stand Expense A real game is expected as ; f NT --1L- r....n.. r.-tirt SOn- V dule as recently worked out by a committee appointed by the Grant County Inter-S.cholastic Association. This will be the first base ball team to represent tha local high school in a number of years, chiefly because of the fact that previous to this time grounds for a diamond have not been available. On Friday afternoon of this week the Fairmount taam will meet the Van Buren nine at Van Buren in the opening game of the season. Out of the large number of candidates reporting, soma very promising material has come to the front. Those who will probably make the REGULAR WEEKLY LUNCHEON SERVED BY LADIES AID OF THE METHODIST CHURCH Arrangements Made to Have the Ladies Present at the Next Meeting on Wednesday Night of Next Week Visitors" Give Inspiring and Timely Talks. The Kiwanians experi3nced something, of the old-fashioned Methodist revival spirit Wednesday evening when the members of the local club met in the basement of the Methodist church for their regular weekly luncheon. Heretofore ths club has been meeting in the Masonic dining room, but this week the committse in charge of the luncheons decided on a change , . tn . these two teams are two of the strong - llouse and a County Fair All At . . , . . i est in the lea-ruc. j One and the Same Time Boys and , .,. v i n.- . . ,i The academv should have one of the j Girls Pig Shows to be Held. , . J i strongest teams in the history of the j . . . . i.v. i schools this year. The team loses ( Because of a court house sidewalk ; - i . -,, , onlv three regulars from last year s in Marion there will be no county - . . . , , . i . team and their places have more than , fair hold next month, as had been ' , , T T . , , , r - filled T Nelson and J. Irwin, The Marion Association , , . , j 1 , ,. , . iboth freshmen. The batteries for' Commerce has discovered that it can-; . , j , . . , Fridavs cames will probably be N el- rot afford a sidewalk and a county 0 ... . , t r itS , . ... i u son or Scott, catcher; T. Irwin and J. fair at the same time, . and as the . ... . . . , Irwin, pitchers. Colbert, another new Marionites consider a sidewalk around . . j , . , . . plaver, is showing up well m the out- artiquated temple of justice a neees- - ' v. - ' H ' . . , , . . field. The rest of the team is prac- sitv and a county fair a luxury, they i - i i -,-. j ticallv the same as last season. have decided to struggle along with-1 cat the "luxury." I A P 1S iven each ear to This announcement was made at a the league winners and the team wm- j trip Friday are: Charles Pickard and Paul Royal on the catching staff; and arrangements were made - with I Ion n Kornit nnH Kan 1-! ifilk meeting of the fair committee with ' ning the cwp thref years m succession ; the Association of Commerce held ; is the permanent owner of the cup. J BQARD OF CHARITIES THREE COMPANIES ,lt' I iVi Cl CtiUHti " ' 1 VISITS INSTITUTIONS 1 UNDER ONE HEAD Er Tr , ' , the Ladies Aid Society of the church ers; Harry Williams, first bass; Rob-1. , , , ...... , , ' i to serve the luncheon. Every one of ert Hollingsworth, second base; Les-L, ... . . . i- ,vil x. i , -r. , the some thirty or more present vot- lie ilbern, third base; Edward i , .. . , , , . , ... , , ed it to be some luncheon, too. The Kimes, short stop; and Joe Pickard,-; , ,. . . , . . , T. x , tit. o.. ..ladies sustained their already well Jimmy Johnson, John Pavne, Stewart1 . , ,. , , ... . . , , TT . , ., : established reputation as caterers, Bosley and Hubert Leer, for the field, j , . . , . ' and the supper served was a most ap- ' ! petizing one. The tables wore pret- At a meeting of the Grant County tilv decorated with cr.t flowers and Inter-Scholastic Association held in ; the pood thinj?g to eatf the cheerful Marion recently the r2-orf.anization ; surroUndings as well as the environ- Erlewine, president of the Association in base ball this season than ever be- 1 f Commerce, presented a statement ; for and it looks as though base ball J Receivers For the Service Oil Are Given Charge of Two Subsidiary Companies By the Court Willard Elkins and William II. Arnold, receivers for the Service Oil R?-fining company, have been made re- to the memWrs of the fair committee ; will Deccme one oi uie major spons in Report Made on Condition of the in which he said that the failure of the academy. j Orphans Home and the County Jail the proper authorities of Grant county ' j and Recommendations Made to relieve the Association of Com- The program for the course of j merce cf an agreement made on June study wa? r,, over Tuesday morn- ; A wnort cn th? Count poor a,v. 20, 1920, to the Associations. ami al conflicts taken care of. ; ,um the orphansv home ami countv part in the instruction of the side- lBase ball practice is bsir.g held Jan ha becn fi, by thf B(wrd of walk arcur.d the court house, has each after school with aK,ut ' charities and Corrections, the institu-cau?c-d the Assx-iation of Commerce twenty-four boys trying for positions . uin x.Jc;,i u,. Afnc.u,0(! ior tne jear was enected. l.. JN.;ment a1 had the e(fect of making th- Lasher, superintendent of the Gas j eveninp one of the most enjovable yet .u l" ' experienced bv the club members I . ceiv?rs for both the Hoosier Oil Re- ' succeed J. L. Henderson of Jonesboro c-i,n.l T T TI.)- ..e T . 1 The chief talk of the evening was : . j Ai t t , a ! ?t o . i . 1 iirimjr vunipanj aim ine iroiuois t ft- iiumer octut oi an nuren was again ; n,rl uv F.i Wplh nnw nf riovpnn,1 roleum company by order of Judge elected to withdraw its financial support for on t;,e -arsitv nine Mi-r-pr.-Mutni, ana oames ; 0u: hllt nn.timP Fnirmrmnter. Charles of the Grant Circuit Court j Brock of Sweetser, reelected treasurer. ; ni talk was inspiring aml pave the Turner Dunn, Milt Jones, Bruce Pierce Xen Edwards, James Curless and Charles Wardell on September 2. The board found 4S men and 23 It was stated in the suit brought by I Edgar L. Morphet, principal of the i Kiwanians an even higher and broader 1 a .1 ; Elkins and Arnold against the Hoosier ; Fairmount high school was eiectea : vjow c purposes of the oip:aniza- 0 JanieS. ! 4-; nnrl -f n-V o f o tt nirtAnirKiili i i-i- i women as inmates of the infirmary. , nn . A, . , . . nunoI tOA OHll tlirt 5t1 CCi( fnmifrK' rf TTo nnnr rT Irmminf on1 art A f the fair, inasmuch as they are fir.anci- Lesley Sanders, "15" visited school a'.ly t take up their part in Tuesday and gave a short talk on payment for the work on th? court "Aviation in the Future." house sidewalk and also assist the fovty minute period each day Frances of the proposed fair. will be given to chapel this year. Frar.k Tippey, president of the Two new courses added to Jhe Grant Cour.ty Agricultural Associa- course Vf study this year are zoology tion, said that without proper finan- an j Spanish. Much interest is being cial support it woul be impossible to taken in both. Since the last report of the boarct, f .i. ; iL tt; ' : i r t tr 4 .. r by united, organized, harmonious tion along all lines. Another speaker of the ovening was Joe Latham, deputy clerk for the Supreme Court, and who is also a former Fairmountcr, but there have been three deaths, and; , A, . ., , .. , j . , , . , , . , . , ... , . concern, and that the latter was be- Jonesboro was elected County Chair- three men have been admitted to the . . , , ... , , T TT. . ' , . , , . mg operated as a subsidiary branch man of the Indiana High School Dis- innrmarv. The report recommends it 0 . t . T . L lilt- UtIVr; I I V If III ( " II V 1 .UOUll XJT1 Ji, UC. the : - . : i . the installation of cement floors in In a general assembly Monday, coolimr and stora$ TOom in the ba?e. " "H , . -iwpn, crecary z im-now a re?iJent of lndiananolis. Mr. Palmer Little was elected yell leader f.,,0 , and th,s doubling up of salanes and , Grant County Inter-Scholastic Associ-, T.thj. -i...- rpa. Kiwanian in rno T u ti rnmn;inif v ' t I lit' ; r 1 1 ' r.nirr I. t -r spproTnru rT rno i ment, repairs for the roof, and red oor.tir.ue the plar.s for the fair. He said that much interest had been taken bv farmers over -the cour.ty and V A 1 1 11 I ' 1 A V ? . lAt oxner expenses as piacinjr uie wm- awn, announced mis morning inai , nmo , . in vairrnnnnt xx.;th and Harold O'Mara as assistant. A meting of the athletic associa- that he was sorry that the project had ., , .. - , , panv in uanger oi insoivencv, n was aireaav six oi me ten men scnoo s oi ; i i.T .r tv:ii;- The nomilation of the orphans 1 . ... . . 'his new bride, formerly Mrs. William .1 tion was held Monday to take up cer- . , wnc tn , -7 s?n f. aid. Ihe suit asked judgment for the county have sent in their eligibili-j R h M Roa h bejn t the time to be drcpre ..v.... - " - 1 . V ...... .v. v .... " ' ... ,A .v , A. r 1 i X .'i l Al.At ( i oi'.ui'U ana me appoiniment oi re- ty lists ana siaiea oenniieiy inai iney .e- ty lists ana statea aennueiy uiai iney , . . . . set.r,tarv of ptate. Mr. tain business matters for the coming ast rcport 13 have been admitted to He stated that although the fair rtlA-.s had been drerred. the boys and eeivers. i wm participate in all oase ban games lne omoers oi uie atnietic season Latham gave the members a talk Kiwanian enthusi- A very similar case in regard to the this fall according to the county sche- : lK ci-.,to- tv-.n!:!.! held. association for the coming year are g:r".s p-. the home, 23 placet! in private homes, , and S readmitted. Forty-four of the inmates are from Grant county, 2 full of "pep" and asm. "I will call a special meeting of the as follows: President, Palmer Lit- Iroquois Petroleum company was filed dale recently published. Marion, Up- 1 1 3 - il. - - x T 1 TI 1 J r. 1 T t 1 - i board of directors cf the Grant Coun- te; secretary, Dwight Larb; business flx,n Benton county, and 3 from Ad- ' ana nrara in ine court iusmibj. iiit- iana, r,wa zee ana jonesuoro r.ave iul j jfc was ,ece(j tbat tbe next meet-suit was brought by Elkins and Arnold been heard from. j . nn vn-,Hnv ydo-v, nf Pvt wonk as receivers of the Service Oil con The annpal reception and initiation':-;, , ..i.j;" -"i,;.. anA th mm- ty Agricuitural Society for a meeting manager. Ernest BaKer. to be held next Saturday afternoon at The Fre?bnen ase ball team de-one o'clock at which time steps will o Av,-,,,,nvs tpam Tnps,fiv cern, and stated that the latter owned for the members of the Freshman mittee was instructed to proceed with all of the 35.000 stock issue of the class of Fairmount high school was be taker, to continue the plans for the noon in a five inning game by the ! arrangements lor tne event, wnicn Iroo,UDis company. No officials had held in the high school building last ams county. No recommendations : were made in connection with this report, nor in connection with the re-, port on the jail, which follows: The board reports 17 inmates in the jail. Ten are waiting the outcome of ; trials, five are insar.e, one epileptic, and one serving time on sentence. 1 h-h show. The show wi,i rreb- cluo will be made a most enjoyable occa- p;g score of 3 to 2. The Freshmen out-classexl their opponents throughout ablv be held at either the Van Buren sion. Announcement of the complete arrangements and place of meeting will be made later. been elected for the different concern and it was without organization, ac-; cording "to the plaintiff s. Ths com-! plaint asked judgment for $23,2G8. The court appointed Elkins and Ar-j nold receivers for both the Iroquois Friday evening. Something over two hundred Freshmen, upper classmen and Alumni were present. One of the big events of the evening was the grand parade led by the drum corps and orchestra, which or Matthews street fair. t,e contest. Tlie finance committee of the fair Batter;e?: Freshmen, J. Irwin and association have raised an amount ap- Xe!srr. Sophomore, T. Irvvin and proximately $3,000 for carrying on the jj, expenses of the fair. This amount will be reverted to the subscribers FAIRMOUNT TOWNSHIP FRANKLIN INSTITUTE TO BE HELD SATURDAY. main The first institute of the Franklin ; .. rnmn:M nn,ipr on- Kfrfpfc! nr F.;TmnnV finnlK- formine- l ne action oi n.e wnim;iim m off the plans for the fair will ccme TENNIS TOURNAMENT jnsttP teachers nvUI be held in the lmana?ement. j an immense c5rcie on the corner by BAPTIST AMOMA GIRLS GUESTS OF MISS DUNBAR. The Amoma Girls class of the Baptist church met at the home of Miss Lillian Dunbar Wednesday evening. The regular business meeting, was conducted and program rendered as Aianon ationa! xariK, ov- . . n.k Her, Fairmount was as a surprise to many people, especi- I allv in the townships, where meetings ' Matches to be Playel at treated to such a series of spirited, Wilson's: 1Z IMRSJ. E. STEWART r I XVitLKtlL Will CltC IIITI, j school yells as ringing, resounding i v Aii.i(v. a m . n ui a a i - .a a . speaking on the subject "Compulsory years, follows: had been called for the purpose of ! Grove on Saturday and Sunday planning for the township displays at Good Priies are Offered the fair. Advertisements had been , many A number of relatives gathered at has not been heard in Opening prayer Miss Dunbar. Scripture reading Mrs. John Bitt- School Attendance, and Employment of Minors, under the Law of 1921." The text books to be used are "The laced m tne Kiiiooara ior iree aciv . , i.,- ,mnmv) ner. at the fair and other matters had been fw tenn;s tournament to be held the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stew- j Following this, a line was again form-art Sunday Spetember 11, to help ed and everyone marched back to the Mrs. Stewart celebrate her ' sixty-1 school building for the mysterious sixth birthday. The guests brought ( initiation, the final part of which con-well filled baskets from which a very sistad of an old-fashioned school. A c j: i j i. ! ivMtnlo of lavai niiTTiViprs on the PV- Classroom Teacher, chapter one by ornrkfti out lor a oiiT ana successiui ! i next Saturday and Sunday at Wilson1 S i Queto AT iivpr atxI chanter two bv Miss Tilly Corbin. . Reading Miss Matilda Corbin. After whieh, Victrola music, con f lLthl,S Fear , u mi s I srrove. commencing at 10 o'clock Sat- j paul Gilliland; and "Dynamic Amer- Clarence u:imer was Btrveu aiiu a iiiosi cn- ; " v. a - icanism, chapter one by joyable social time followed. Those enmg s program were ui Nolcnn nrwl rVinnter two. hv Mrs. Lo tests and general conversation was enjoyed. A three course luncheon 1Ci ia,lure l Km . urdav. All entries must be given to appropriating a sum to help finance R Wilgon not ,ateP than 12 o'clock the fair made the work of the finance , Fridayt 16 mens committee more difficult as it was es- j doubles win. by the "Silent Orchestra, and some amusing farce opsra numbers by lo Leedham prasent were Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kim- For the opening exercises, each i anJ t10 tDLrk' J? was served. inose enjoying tnis timated that at least ?a,uvu must o i , . . - tpn. splendid evening were Mrs. John Bitt-ner, Mrs. Nellie Buck, Misses Blanche teacher is expected to tell a Bible i anu"'ie i piu, r. Luckey and son, Mr. and Mrs. G. B story. Tetrick, Matilda and Maud Corbin, Kimbrough and family and Miss nis racket donated by the Pioneer Drug Store,, while the winners of the doubles will each be given a pair of Hazel Thompson and Bobbie Weyler Franklin township trustee, R. E Bailey, will be in charge of the j Hazel Martin of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Lillian Dunbar. raised to meet all expenses. The action of the county council in failing to relieve the Association of Commerce in their agreement on the construction of the sidewalks around the square was also an important factor in the decision of the committee. tennis shoss, donated by the Bee Hive 1 Mildred Lyons as Madame Sphagetti. Following the initiation and program ice cream cones -and cookies were served to all. The affair wa3 in the nature of a "kid" party and surely proved a most enjoyable evening to all, and especially to the fifty-four Freshmen treated to the Mysterious Initiation. Rev. C. B. Sweeney of the Methodist church will give a talk at the jj. M. Wright, two daughters and granddaughter of Jonesboro, Mr. and ' Mrs. Charles Ingalls and family, Mr. and Mrs. Will Stewart and daughter AID SOCIETY LADIES VISIT IN ALEXANDRIA. COLORED MAN INDICTED FOR ALLEGED ASSAULT. Cash Store and the Hollingsworth Shoe Co. The entries are limited to Fairmount township, with an entrance fee of 25 cents. Runners up in both singles and doubles will be given tennis balls donated by P. H. O'Mara. The Ladies Aid Society of the Rig- of Alexandria, T. J. Kimbrough and An indictment charging criminal i . , ! grandchildren of Fowlerton, Mrs. Ann returned'. . . don M. E. church spent Wednesday with Mrs. Jeff Bundy and family of assault in two counts was ; Mmurougii miu sun naiier, miss by the Grant county grand jury Tues convocation exercises Friday morning Alexandria, the ladiesy taking their Maua jvimDrouen. miss Aiiie jvim- mauu mmumugu, miss aiuc xvim- I , , . , . . i day against Daniel Green, colored, ; hxo and Mr Kimbrough , of at 8:45. Patrons and friends are in 1 1 I 14 U T) OLD TIME ORCHARD ON INDIAN VILLAGE SITE. William Si. Elliott, one of the trustees of White's Institute in Wabash county, and Bamaba Bogue, David Lewis, Ilef Lewis and Byron Traster, returned this week from a trip to that baskets from which a splendid dinner a. - FORD TOURING CAR vited to attend as many of these con was served. Those present were Mrs. vocations as possible this year. A week from Friday Rev. Grant will speak. Already the classes are beginning U UM ra u jRadley, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Bos- Fowler since August 25, ,n connection and famil Mr and Mrjj Eu Rim with the assault on Mrs. Edith Lem- h Mr and Mrg Eyan J6nes and ons, which occurred late mtha after- j famijyt j. T. Kimbrough and Mrs. noon of Aupst 9, at the lemons home u stevrfkTt o Fairmount. Af ter. a short distance from Gas City. One Mr and Mrjj Je98;e HIT BY AN OVERLAND. A Ford touring car, belonging to Milton Weymire, living west of here, was considerably damaged Monday when an Overland, driven by Oliver Broyles, who resides east of Summit-ville, crashed into it. The accident occurred at Mill and to organize their teams for the inter- count cnarges rape ana me seconaj MiM Fankboner and Miss s secona intitution. The " grounds of White's Institution are laid out on the .site of an old Indian village. In the early days the Indians made clearings which they set out to orchards. One of these orchards still remains, consisting of about a doren trees, which it is claimed, must have been class basket ball games this fall. In the drawing recently held by the presidents of the classes it was decided stoijry yn., 3Su. ivy Moneta Buller also of Fairmount. hjyvi tent to commit rape, vireen n Mary Kilgore, Mrs. Flora Parson, Mrs. Marie Titus, Mrs. Overman, Mrs. Kate Day, Mrs. Gertrude Hill, Mrs. Thurley Markle, Mrs. Emma Chaplin, Mrs. Avis Bayless, Mrs. Alice Bayless, Mrs. Myrtle Goble, Mrs. Gertrude McCaskey, Mrs. Reevis, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bundy, Donna Miller, Mrs. F. F. Harter, Gertie Dickey, Nanna McClintock, Kitty Stookey, Mrs. Dr. Dickey, John D. Bayless, Mrs. Martha May Titus, Hariett Anne McCaskey, Evelyn Markle, Margaret Markle, Rev. and Mrs. Boase, of Alexandria and Mrs. Emma Picknall, of Elwood. Washington streets. Weymire had j denies the charges. ( that the seniors should play the sopho-, mores and the juniors the freshmen in Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rhoads and the right of way as he was going west l a a. a. 1 a rt 1 ACADEMY PRINCIPAL PROVES GOOD DRIVER. aaugnrers en.rnea S ounaay am- firgt g of the series ner Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rhoads and j d and Broyles north to Marion at the 'time the collision occurred. Both were going slow at the time, but Broyles said his brakes failed to work. sons Lawrence and Clarence, Mr. and V. A Morcran. who has for a nnm Professor and "Mrs. B. T. Purviance planted more than 80 years ago. Mr. Trasier picked some of the apples from the trees, specimens of which can be seen in the window of The Fairmount News. i nr .tu., t 1 i j v... i ' have just completed a Very success- j- X;"J" """"" j ber of years been employed at Gary, ful summer's campaign of field workjne,en na m,ss rene ryne. .1 g n Fairmount Wednesday renew fo orte was hurt in the accident, - jn acquaintances. Mr. Morgan but the Ford was badly damaged. The for Fairmount Academy. Since pur- John W. Cramer, of Warsaw, has Miss Floy Huston, who left for was formerly in the newspaper busi Overland was not damaged and Mr. chasing their car, three months ago, DePauw university this week, has ness in Fairmount and is now enroute purchased the Merle Ne.son residence ; Broyles was able to proceed on his Mr. Purviance has driven over 2,000 Charles T. Parker, vice-president and assistant cashier of the Citizens Donald for Honduras on North Vine street and expects to i way to Marion. " miles; covering a large portion of the . turned her piano class over to Ed- with his son move in this week. Mr. Nelson andj . j state ana over most ait Kinas ox roaas j wara mrecnen, neaa oi tne piano ae- where tney win taice cnarge oi tne state bank is recovering irom a sev- Marion School of commissary department of large J ere illness at his home on East Second Emerson ; and all without the least trouble or partment of the Born to Mr. and Mrs. family expect to remain in Fairmount J bananna ranch. street. ior the present. jMoon a baby boy, John Phillip Moon. ' slightest accident. Music. '

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