The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 1, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, December 1, 1936
Page 4
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Tuesday, December 1, 193f The Doily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found d 1V1J Must Serve Terms "Sweepstakes ort Lqye' MOVIES Til: RI; WtOAIK'AKT OK I (KIT AT THK WABASH Established as The WYekly Clintonian 189(1 The Clinton I'lainoValer absorbed in 1908. s ' ' George L. Cnrcy Editor and Publisher Bntcred at th J'uHtordco ut Clinton, Indiana, as Second CIibs Matter. CHAPTER XXIV Unaware of all that was going on, Cenevieve much enjoyed herself, Member I ik! Ih i . .1 Iti publicun Editorial Association and so even did the old-fashioned homebody, Jerry's mother. They re "My picture will be finished in five more days and then I'll look after her myself," said Diana, worried. On the afternoon on the day on which the picture was completed, (,'enevieve was taken to the hospital with pneumonia. She was seriously ill. Diana after in Jerry's own comfortable trailer, extended on Jerry's couch, (Jenevieve was transported In easy stages to the sanitarium. - Love a warm, human love-came to Genevieve in the famous lung resort. lie was not rich, In the sense that Jerry was wealthy, hut he was a tired shortly alter midnight, Including Diana, who couldn't Nationnl Advertising. Representative: CKU. H. DAVID CO. linn Wriglcy Illdg., ('htcngn. I 111 flenenil JMulnrs . Ii.-irnlt HO Kant 4Hnd fit., An KHtonisliiitK array of big time stni'H of nidlo, screen and sluge whoop ii up in thin merry dancing musical lo nnikp "The Big Hroad-mst of l!):i7." There lire Jack Bm-ny, Ct-orc Burns uml Oracle Allen. Huh ItuniK and liis bazooka, Martha Have, Shirley Rush, liny Milium) and Ilenny Fields; In children's role are Virginia Welriler. hilly Lr and la-v h! Hull. Kleannre Whimsy nud possibly have slept, the remainder uf the party stayed on in the Now York casino. stayed by her mother. The com-j passionate authorities permitted her good-looking lawyer in the late for- Falconer scorned the roulette table with its unlucky red that had Phi 41 Phone 1 1 7 10 sleep in the hospital. The studio informed her that he c 4 as y might have a week a vacation, with represented uiim, He was through with her and it and hs plunged heavily at blackjack, winning five out pay. nut at tne end of the week, the tuousand dollars. crisis had not yet been reached Thereafter, with Dolores ss his mascot beside him, he playtld dice Diana, lust to everything but her mother's critical cundition, remained lies with a comfortable New York Eractice, and pneumonia brought on y the icy wintry weather in the big metropolis had brought him to southern Arizona, when they met. "He's a darling, mother I You'll marry him I He'll take such good cars of you," said Diana with tears in her eyes. It was wonderful to sea Genevieve strong again, and looking so lovely, these early Spring days. Genevieve yearned for New York, for her cozy little house, fur the faithful Bella, for her old friends. "Yes, I do care for him. Diana:" THE DAILY CUN TOMAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of its size in the state. at tne bedside. Louis IiaPron put on Home fust tap niiniihers - all done lo the Ihih'm of Benny Coodnijin'H bund or Leopold StolioWKlii'H ori'liest ra. An aninsinK Holy Hoop cartoon, lix Movietone N'ouh and a Cran'-land liice Sport i ij.-,hl are added Hhort leal nres. Then the tide turned. . . . "She will recover." said the doe- John H. Hueppel") tor, "but she will need the a-reat- 1111 almost dawn, and was ten thousand to the good. Kegina at his shoulder, Reglna slipping endless bills to him, Roger plunged at blackjack and lost again and again. "Unlucky at cards you know the rest of it, Roger!" Diana overheard Regina challenge him, her amber esi care ana attention, and i recommend that whenever she's stronir enough to move, you get her into a good sanitarium in Southern Ari zona. - eyes full of meaning. she said now, quietly. "He's a fins maa of a good family But what Regina was delighted to be Roe- 'Itl.Af KMAIIiKK' AT THK COUMBIA Mystery stalks into our midst of you, my darling?" er's banker. Probably all his life ins announcement of Roger's she would be Roger's banker, The money? Diana racked her brains about the necesary money for the expenses of the illness and the long recuperation. . , . For the studio had dispensed with her services, in a curt notice informing her that by overstaying her thought Diana scornfully. the Columbia Theater when thi marriage to Kegina had been published in the Arizona newspapers only that morning! Diana was "out," and srlad of It, bat'fliiiK murder case in presented for your nutanslina: by such sea Uid Diana care7 Was she hurt? Would Jerry have his innimrs? FIGHTING 'BANDITS' When Japan sent her armies into Manchukuo, the fighting was officially described as a drive to clean up the "bandits." Of course, the bandits were natives attempting to defend their country. Recent news from Addis Ababa reveal that six months afler the Italians occupied Haile Selassie's capital, Italian troops are moving to complete the conquest of Ethiopia. About one-fourth of the country remains unoccupied and numerous Ethiopians are fighting the invaders bitterly. It is interesting to observe that Italian accounts of these battles she told herself. Surely now she would grow to learn the meaning of the word peace. She slipped out for breath of air, and just beyond the entrance to vacation," sne nan made a breach of contract, therefore her contract sorted I ronpers as Florence Rice Wi 1 1 ia m ( a rpa n . H. H. Wo rner was terminated. i m:mm t i Regina was at the Dinlomut the casino, in the gardens, stopped giving lavish parties, entertaining ror a moment at the old fiVorpe McKay. Drue Ley ton and Wry ley Birch, A blackmailer Is stabbed to death while at dinner one an era important aireciors and producers and influential motion pic Its Iron bucket, suspended by a chain, dripped peacefully into the ture people sne could nnd. Regina was taking dramatic lei. evening. It might be any one of the S guests or it might be a stranger moonlit water. On the ornamental Did Diana mind that her morle career had been such a short one-Diana did not. Almost from the beginning, Diana had realized she had little acting ability. Hollywood ha! excited and interested her at first, but now she hat1 lout interest, m.d would ike la return East "Jerry ia going to p'.'dduce his own musical, Mother. Hri wants me to go back with him." "To New Yo.-k, darling?" qc,ie. 7ieve's eyes were wide with aiitici pation. Diana nodded. She smiled, -blushe-l sons from a high-priced tutor, be top, Pancho, the famous parrot. who did it. See if you can solve it invariably list the nalives as "bandits." croaxed to her m Spanish: "Hello, sweetheart 1" Betty Hoop in "We Did It" and ing convincea tnac sne was a potential Duse or Bernhardt, and all that she needed was a little instruction in diction. Then she would make a "Wish a wish, and if I can it'll Chapter 12 of "The Clutching Hand' come true 111 make it come true, sensational debut. are also on the program. Diana!" came the kind voice of It annoyed her that Clarence had Jerry Nolan. Her tears fell fast. He took her hand. He said: "D'you mind if a got a job immediately at the studios, but of course it was only because of his comic face and figure and his a little, and (,ave out the big news. "A week ago I promised Jerry we would be married. Genevieve I'm . stupid fellow like me expresses the THK I.OXGRST NIGHT AT THK r.XLACK Robert Young inherits a department store and after deciding t: absurd English accent I wish dearest to his heart?" so happy about it I" Roger was definitely out of the She could not speak. He con movies, via the route it the eraDe- tinued: Jerry's wedding gift to ,eni. manage it himself he finds it har vine system that appears to run from studio to studio in Hollywood. "To take care of the dearest girl In the world for the rest of her life is what wish for. D'you know vieve was the J20.000 mortgage or her house which he oaid off bors t li ieves. gangsters, murderers $223,000 TO ORPHANS It is pleasant to chronicle the fact that Col. E. R. Bradley, the only horseman who ever sent to the post four winners of the Kentucky Derby, has placed in the mails checks for a total of $10,000 to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the orphans of Kentucky. We understand that this year's contribution will bring lo $223,000 the amount thai this sportsman has given to Kentucky orphans since 1921. In I 928, he inaugurated charity race meets at his farm, paying all expenses and giving the receipts fo the orphans. In four years the meets netted $103,000 befoie being discontinued during the depression. Because ne had annoyed ralconer (so did he explain it), he was black and romance. The entire picture conies up smiling as t he first ever her name? it s Diana Darlington listed. But with Regina madly enamored The Old Year was ushered out of him, what did that matter? He Apprehended in Richmond, Va., several weeks ago, Congressman John H. Hoeppel, of California, top, and his son, Charles J. Hoeppel, below, must serve terms of four months to one year each. Hoeppel and his son, charged with soliciting money for Influence exerted in procuring an appointment to the U. S. Military academy at West Point, N. Y., disappeared from California after the U. S. supreme court upheld then conviction on the charge. Thesi-are Bertillon photos of the Hoe, pels. All that he possessed was Diana's, he told his pretty bride as he kissed her after the double reremony in Arizona, for Genevieve's wedding took place jointly with that of her daughter, and they all traveled back to New York together. The Hollywood house was solo Mrs. Nolan was to migrate hetwo,.- to kid the conventional mystery d rama. Florence Rice is the pretty sir, had discovered that he loathed to work that he was meant to be an international playboy and decided Ted Healy and Sidney Toler two screwy policemen. Julie Haydon an that whenever Regina's queer yen to get - into pictures had been squelched (as undoubtedly it would her beloved home-town of Moore- emotional girl who. goes ,against the on Sunday night, and celebrations went on far into the morning. Late on the Monday afternoon, Jerry's party got into the cars, and sped across the Mexican border back to Hollywood, the hectic week-end over. It was hectic on the roads, too, because for many miles outside the movie capital, they were flooded. Twice the occupants had to get out in the rain, because the cars stuck in the mud and debris. Everyone got wet, and Genevieve De, since she couldn t act at all). neid, lowa, and the big metropolis. "Thoogh I shan't disturb the law. while Janet Herchor, Catherine they would be married. Meantime, they were engaged. Diana tried several times to tret young couple too much," she beamed to Genevieve, on her first visit to th Park Avenue apartment. Regina and Roger went to lin him from running 'HOIi WHITE." out and to keep away. Doucet and Leslie Fenton do their stunt well. "March of Time" and a colored cartoon fill in the rest of the program quite nicely. THE STARS SAY permanently in Paris,' which they ' declared was their "spiritual home." ' "Horn Is where the heart is." in touch with Regina at the Diplomat, but either Regina was out, or asleep and couldn't be disturbed, or the line was busy. It became obvious there was little to be hoped for in that quarter as to borrowing money to tide Genevieve over her Illness. YESTERDAYS DIOCKMIWR 1, Uttt Uay and , Lawrence Taylor aiv back from LouiBjaiHi, whie they went over o year aso, to iry their hand al farming ' in Dixie, , Their mo! her haH been hark for sr wrnl months and the- )h).vh will noiv remain hero. For Wednesday, lecemler 2 By ?NKVIEVE KKMHI K A RATHER difficult and trouble Jerry, his arm abont his young wifr as they gazed from the terrace o, their apartment over the shining waters of the East River. some day in business is the augury View of America's Thirst In the year 1701, the English lords of trade declared that "the independency fie colonies of Americ-. thirsM after ix notor:m,s ' based on the lunar transits. There developed a very bad cold. Mrs. Holzer, the landlady of their Hollywood bungalow, nursed her in the beginning, since Diana, willy-nilly, had to be on the set for her picture. "She's that restless and nervous, VI can't keep her in her bed." So spoke the harassed landlady to Diana, the beginning of the second o, be unforeseen upheavals, pos vuieiiy, jerry came to their) "Wherever you are, Jerry, dar rescue- 1 ling, is my homel" Di.-, told him Ha took charge of all bills, sent . eai aeatly. Diana and Genevieve to Arrowhead THE END. . , Springs for a two weeks' rest, with I cwrrtiiu. 1111. uuiMbm. a.., sibly in relation to employment or n -connection with letters, writings ittfratitlaUrir.. in.!,.... ,1,..... ' dor-umerilH conrernlng property weea in .January. Clinton. Mrs. Langley in the daughter of Mrs. Viola Hoffa now of Miss irfivonH McNeil rolnrnnd to her home in Wednesday afler two wef-l(K visit will) M iss Joan Baxter. I nose whose birthday it is may be prepared for a doubtful and difficult year, itu some, devastating A show, "(3 i flies Galore" as put on a( Dornwm'a theatre Tuesday nipht was variously reported as "very rich" or "very rank." It's owing to Ihe point of view. From the standpoint of Voninion decency, it was doubtless rank and of a kind I hat tin,!; lit not lo be tolerated' on the America n stage. From the standpoint of a show for men only, it was "strong" going close to the limit allowed even for such performance. hi:cr:iBi:i: i, i,2H. Mr. and Mrs. James Langley oT Detroit, Mich., are announcing the hiilh or a baby pon on Tuesday. m 27. at the Grace hospital in D Iroit. The infant weighed 7 pounds, is the first child and has been named James Richard. Mr. ! :iik! Mrs. Langley formerly lived in j Behind the Seen and surprising developments. Strangers may figure- in this, so he watchful of iiliplicily and treachery in A turkey supper was given al Meyer's hotel Friday night by (leorge Sturgeon for liny Harrison. Fred Bntchebler, Willie .lames. Claude Jones. Homer Slater and M. .1. Slater. (leorge had won a in a qntot, impressive ceremony at the Sacred Heart Church at 7 o'clock loday Miss Louise Buffo became the bride of Tony Ave. The wedding was' solemnized by the Rev. Father Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Martin attended Ihe young couple. employment or in business con- HOLLYWOOD rncls or agreements. A child born on this day may have a difficult nature to . under stand or direct, all hough il niuy be wood observers. You see him around occasionally, but usually with some couple. If he squires anybody, it ia apt to be Benita Hume. inclined to mystic, poetic and ro By UAKKISON CARROLL Copyright, ltttij, King Feature. Syndicate, Inc. HOLLYWOOD Before the Errol Flynn-Llli Damita separation was even In print, Dr. Harry Scott of Washington, D. C. is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. N. Kelly of Blackmail street. mantic afl'iiirs. with much sensitive- padlock t( 'mo- papa'i the horsc Pear Santa I want put on our Oats Bin i Barn, to keep "Frank ess and artistic ability. the first embar rassing meeting I ' 4 of the two oc - J i MECCA And That Was Spain The rumors about Beverly Roberts and Director William Keighley are just that, they insist A year would have to lapse, anyway, as he is just divorced. Keigh ley's plans to sell his Brentwood home and move into an apartment are considered as further evidence that he isn't thinking along matrimonial lines. MKCCA. Dec. 1. Miss Pauline curred. Flynn went to the Cafe Lamaze for dinner with some friends. About 10 minutes later, L I I i BI1UWCU UJJ. XII h perfect inno- I Harrison, who has employment at Hellmore. spent the weekend with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Harrison. Mrs. Ellis Pence and daughters Louise and Mrs. Paul gtevers and daughter Msry Ann spent Sunday nfiernoon with Mr. and Mrs. H. L. -t K i ri c e n c e, Marcel Lamaze ushered Maxie Rosenbloom, who always talks a great fight, is regaling the Warner lot with his plans to meet Joe Louis. Someone asked him: "How will you train, Maxie?" "Oh," said Maxie, "111 leave the window open a couple of nights." tfV-::-'f.'-,'La. -x (iilderlnnri and family of Rockville. her in to Flynn's Lib Daiiinu table. It was a regular Lubitsch tableau. Flynn met it with a smile. Lib exploded: "No! no! no! I am not with him." Lamaze just turned redder and redder. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cox and sons of Anderson spent the week end with relatives. Here and there in Hollywood. . . . Mrs. Minnie Ceilings and son Bav When Benny Rubin planed into Los Angeles, his divorced wife and baby girl met him at the airport. of Bcllmore spent Thursday with .Mr. and Mrs. Donald Akwro nnri The prolonged ice sequences family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cliner and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Walters and for "One in a Million" are sending everybody to the desert to get rid of colds. Dance Director Jack Haskell had to quit in the middle of the picture. Now, Sonja Henie, The turn of events should mean a bargain in fishing tackle lor Homebody. In preparation for his trip to the south seas, Flynn had laid in a stock that even Zune Grey mig'it not be ashamed of. Now, ne has marital troubles on his hands, not to mention the money he'd loss by staying all those months away from the screen. For, if I am not telling a secret, the Irish actor has just the Ritz brothers, Arline Judge and Dixie Dunbar are all heading for Palm Springs. , . . The Texas .... ' V-'i.v, I, Tech footballers burned Eleanore Whitney's escort (Lee Bowman) to children were Runday gunsls of Mr. and .Mrs. John Williams and daughters. Mr and Mrs. rtoscoe Foos and daugbifi- of Newport Bient Sunday wlib Mr. and Mis. J. C. Murphy and family. Mrs. S. T Mitt hell and sons Carl, Anthony and Herbert Miller attended the show ill Clinton. Ind., Hllli-u.ty evening. a crisp the otiier night by tagging ben given ft new contract by htr every dance Warner Brothers that ups his at one of the A delifUtfut RYTEX LAID PRINTED STATIONERY Exquisite is the only word for this smart laid paper with the attractive new lettering styles. 50 SHEETS 50 ENVELOPES M his salary to a really funcy figure, it starts, on the new basis, as soon as he is witling to go to work. And the south seas are stilt going to be there next year. late spots. . . . Carole Lombard found a new portable dressing room wait-i n g for her when she reported for work on "Swing High, Swing Low". . . . And they say . ' fj'sllfh '9 sSif i'i ft If ; Hard I n'lonored The generation afler Shakespeare did not esteem .Shakespeare as the people did later; two pljvs of Beaumont and KlelL-her. Shakespeare's contemporaries, were played then to one of Shakespeare's. that Princess W a 1 e k a, the mystic, was Carole Lombard Plenty of excitement out at Pickfair over Buddy Rogers' father jumping the gun and announcing tne engagement Mary Pickford a tense of humor prevailed, however, and she obligingly discussed plans. They do not include a permanent residence at Pickfair. Buddy is looking for a ranch down towards the beach where he can raise horses. It is a good guess that Pickfair will be leased, or it may even wind up as a park or museum. There has been talk for some -time about the city of . Beverly Hills taking it over. , . f t r. i m ii i ' fjrv-s- ? v -is tx- ' t i I . t l r ' M 1 II I M BEX: JT -f -JT.Y rf plenty surprised at the Harry Rapf party when Edgar Allen Woolf turned tho tables and read her past getting .fit , fi f .. I ,t U f . S Z a lot of things right, too. Whit ::he didn't Know was that he remembered all about her from New York days. Milady's Fans Many museums maintain fine collections; others display fanB in the costume section along with the costumes that they enhanced. In one such collection one may see the mother - of - pearl fan, ribboned together, thut accompanies the lustrous lavender gown of stiff silk worn by a certain great lady at the White House. Cc an ancient fan of horn, nine and a half inches high, of the type in vogue during the French Empiie pri tod, suggests stately cou.t fun. tiuiii or v. luspered court gossip. Including printing . . . with Blue. Brown or Red Ink. Doubl Sheets or Flat Sheets in Blue, Grey, White or Taa Paper. And HoU SUtcU! Clever and gay . . . cam colors . . . Paper and Ink. W Sheets and 50 Envelopes $1. Daily Clintonian Today's Puzzle: What masculine stylist is now battling with a feminine ditto for the designer'! job with a certain company? You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Mrs. R. W. Knight, Pelham: if rtonald Colman has any serious romance. fr is baffling the Hoily- Patronize Our Advertisers i

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