The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 12, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1921
Page 2
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So famous did the stat? of Vermont ! t become as a center for Merino sheep, J The Fairniount News BANK STATEMENT No. 2a Wm. F. MORRIS. President liOHT. A. lORRIS. Cashier Slat's Diary ! that they used to send fr6m Austra-1 Good Tire Published on Mondays and Thursdavs lia for them, and the natives supposed that all Merinos in America wer? j grown in Vermont, as they were al- A. S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. By Ross Farquhar Friday A kid my age has got a poor show to do mutch what he wants JtjlcL vravs called Vermont Merinos no mat Minnie MeLucas Roberts, Associate. ter where they came from. to. jua says l am to small to eat 3 M H H H H M M H M Ouice: Main 265 Res., Black S82-1 TELEPHONES i-'. If - 1 peaces of pi3 but TONY M. PAYXK. Assistant Ca-hier EARL MORRIS. Assistant r-.tshior Report of the condition of the Fairniount ?tate Hank, a State HatiU at Fairniount. in the State of lmiiana. at the close of its business on September 6. 19-21. KKSOrWT.S Loans ami discounts f-W-lS"? 31 Overdraft c:l Other Bonds and Securities 2:fc Furniture and Fixtures H"0 .V On- from Hunks and Trust Companies 2tt M Cash on hand Cash items ;4 TO Frtniiums paid on Honds "-I 11 Current Expenses . . . (5" Interest Faut W Total Resources f 41 Vast 7 '4 I am big enuff to cut the grass off. ! Then breeders in Waukesha county, W isconsin, started in 1906 a movement to raise pure bred Guernseys. In 1908 they had 277 pure breds of this strain, and in 1914 they had 2000. During four years, the butter-fat production in the county increased 100 pounds per cow. It made the county known all over the country. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1.25 Three months 75 (Outside Indiana.) One year ?3i0 Good judgment in Tires depends upon a knowledge of Tires. If you don't know Tires they all look pretty much alike. A $5 bill looks just as good as a $10 bill to a child without the knowlegde of money value. Are you fooling youself in Tire selection? We are not afraid to stand behind our Tire selections for you. Come in and let us fit you out. LIAB1LITIKS Capital Stock-paid in $ 4",,1o ' Surplus 72SO 1 Six months Etchanire. Piscounts and Interest .... 12391 4:t pa he says I am 2 big to cry & then he jaws at me & says I am to little to stay up late. When I wanted to get in to are fut-ball beam pft sed No you are to small and tonite ma made me quit playing with bloks be cause I was to iwmand Deposits !92T:t7 22 Three months .90 J sy- oreeoers ownea in iyis, All subscriptions payable strictly j $400,000 worth of Guernseys. Simi-in advance; paper discountinued atjlar results in some line of breeding: expiration of subscription time un-! cmiW securei in Grant eountv bv less renewal is received rrior to ex- i mn. ,. H M M H M Demand Certificates I.VM 5ti9 34Sil2ol Certitted Checks .. " 0 Total Liabilities f ttWST 94 STATE OF INDIANA COUNTY OF RANT ( s i " i m Entered as second-class matter t!Tv t rfV FlYFn the postoffice at Fairraount. Ind., un- 1 AV rlAC-U I. Robert A. Morris. Cashier of the Fair-mount State Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true. ROHEHT. A. MORRIS. Cashier Subscribed and sworn to betore me this 9th dav of September. 19"J1. W. D. liOXel Notary Public. Mv Commission expires Sepr. 2."). 19J:l. der the Act of Congress of March 8, SAMt AS in 1921 1879. (Continued from Page One) big. 1 dont no where abouts 1 is at. ! Saturday Mrs. Gillem had a blow out at there house celebrateing her : & mr. Gillems marryge anaversey. 0. Ellis Auto Supply 4 Co. Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing TWO SPOTS. The city people laugh at country 'nine hundred dollars, while the eoron- "Yes, I still have the first five and then come out into the uui i.ilvj niwi:tis, vM. m1 . rK flT 4 SRn Tl, rr-, . c P. e l. lar bill that I made," said the gray-haired passenger. ,ti a uiii .'x ftiiu iv iaev got, sum spwns cc iiiits cv iuius rural districts and decorate all the : assessor's account of $2,305 was only i & dishes & 4 strange umbrellas was pretty picnic spots with kuieh boxes ; f 2,195 at the end of the council meet-! ieft so they faired pretty well. Very and waste paper. i- , ... - r -n r1riS(, .;h non.p Phone 226 W. V. Fowler, Mgr. "Good gracious!" exclaimed traveling acquaintance. "How li'a H I 7 you keep it so long?" "Well, it was very imperfect, being my first, and I'd have had trouble in passing it." The farmers who thmk it is all j The sueyor asked $4,375 but will The curfue toles the Nell of parting foolishness to fix up their grourds onlv s2,25, and the treasurer es- day. I'll chuck this pensil now & and make them look up to dat?, are j timat?d $7,736, but the council declar- hit theliay always wondering how their ed that $190 too much. I Sundav ma ast pa what is a bors seem to attract all the attention ; county poor fund held its own ; Pygmy & he sed it was a small hog. and get the business. j at j25,700, and the jail's plea for $4,- 'mentioned in the Bible in the Book Tne country boy's clothes are not;5W was left alolle Election csti-!of Noah witch invented the ark from iuite so closely modeled cn Broadway mat,s of f27,659 were not trimmed. jvvitch name we got the Arkitecks. pa as some others, but the chances are Ag hag fceen pomtcd out, the big es- Uure does no his histry & Bible and EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL rnucM stronger mat ne Paiaior inem;tinate submitted has been reduced etc. out of his own pocket, Irons, Perculators, Grills and Toasters o FOR SALE so that it compares very favorably Monday 1st day of skool. Had to with that of last year. hall out my tooth brush & wash my The decrease in the amount of tax- teeth & fineer nales & neck & shine COMMUNITY BREEHING OF FARM ANIMALS. Ball Room Dancing MISS FEGGIE PERDUIE, Instructor MARION SCHOOL OF MUSIC Phone 1201 Marion, Indiana Class and Private Lessons Classes opening Sept. 12 and 16. . pecial rate tc out-of-town students. able property reported will, cf course, mv shoes. The new teecher luks like United States is an individu- maks an additional burden on that ' she mite be all rite but I dont beleave Fre burning white ash chestnut and egg size anthracite coal on track this week. Price $14 per ton off of car. A. A. Ulrey & Co., Phone 46. Broyles Electric Co. 110 W. Fourth Marion The alistic spirit prise. country. On the whole this property reported, but indications are j she will stand ennj4 foolishness on are j has greatly promoted enter-'that the 1922 budget will not be as part. In fack she confest she wood-1 Still in some fields, notably high as it was first thought. ! ent. looks like a glvuroy ole years FOR SALE OR RENT One 10 acre in agriculture, there has been a fail- , : j ahed. ure to achieve results possible by VISIT IN FA1RMOUNT Tiiisdav Hums- ur the 1st thine lot and one 12 1-2 acre lot. House and barn on each. Dennv Thomas. ! Teecher ast Jake what is a taxider- united effort. This is speciaHv true EN ROUTE TO FLORIDA, in such a matter as the breedmg of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Rush are here fin2 cattle and other stock. The tend- from Coloma, Mich., where they have ency is for each stock raiser to pick been engaged in evangelical work and the creed of cattle, swir.e or she?p ar? the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nrm- hich he rrefers. rerartlless of what rod Brooks. After a week's visit mast & he sed it was a fello witch ! cures corns so she past it to me who j sed it was a fello witch runs a taxy-cab & we both stays in. FOR SALE BIG TYPE We have a few February and March gilts not ; registered at ?20. These are the strong deep bodied kind, from lit- ' tei-s of 8 to 10. All stock double immuned. Jos. M. Davis & Son, Fairniount, phone 2S31 Black. BANK STATEMENT No. :67 Rfiort of thr rn1iuon of tVp ("itirrn Stutr Bank, s Stp Hank at Fairmonnt. in thf Svat of Indiana, at tho closo of its businoss on Sept. f l.-2l. HKSOl'Kl'KS Loan; :iml Divonnts fl Wednesday road out in ths coun- 4 j his neighbors are doingr. As a result, here they will go to Kokomo for a ' oomoarativelv few communities have short time returning here for a visit ; , ". , , , , , Overdrafts sed They laid bettern enny other ani- a reputation for breeding any paTticu- with Mr. Rush's brother and other lar kind of animal. relatives prior to a trip to North Caro- FOR SALE Seed wheat, Michigan Amber recleaned. J. M. Davis & "on, Phone 2831 Black. ; mals on the farm. ; U. S. Bonds 1 :hw Botuls ami Soouriti5 Hankuitr Hoiim ' Kuniiuri1 :in.: I'iTUin-N . ; Pupfrom Hunks :ml '1'nist tvmtaii! ' tVis.-n Har.n When a community fixes upon one lma where they will stop for a cou- ! breed of animal, and raises that, it pie of weeks, afterwards going to St. j Thursday started to put chuing , XI rva on IHI HI op 4-2J-5I : 7io4 sr. .". i: i 9 :i 3 2o! 11 ... . a girls nam s teecner cot me , -rK- wif!tt! Vit- r?rinlTin0- on that Ppterhnrir Via fnr t Vio -winter wipr? ' f?XA in Items FOR SALE Best Kentucky coal that 5iivv. J 1 1 ' ' " I ' - - " Kys Tested, (ilasses Fitted by Stute Kegistered OPTOMETUISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical o-raKKH m bv tVir nan nf to back K urreut Kxt no.s right. Oscar un the worK ct ineir - - - - intprt iai.i & tosses me m the corner. I gess Trust securities ... can be got. Prices Loy, Fairniount, Ind. one line. .Tl-.e epportunity of the buy- : they will take er is so much better where one breed denomination, prevails, that he seeks that commun- x i she means bisness. Tot ;il KeJonrees FOR SALE Good coal range, prac BIG TARANTULA IN BANANA BUNCH. tically new. Also a Wilson heater. LOCAL FISHERMAN T.iABtr.rriKs Capital Stoek iaid in Snrpms ln1i i.led Profits ity over others. The result of specializing on one breed is that the small breeder gets 424 Henley Ave. LANDS BIG BASS. Mrs. Bert Briles' special hobby .. TiMO il :til ixi :4 24 Suth Side Saan and wife have re- ! Kxohanpe. liiseounts and Interest to be cRf.Miine- tarantaulas. V. r. fiCKara recognition where otherwise he would seems t t'rai;inu ieposits FOR SALE Single comb Rhod Island Red cockrels and pullets, ex be completely overlooked. While Last week while taking bananas from I turned from St. Joseph, Mich,, where . remand ivrtifien y will a stock, she calmly informed the rest -I they have been spending tne past j Trus;t nepos-.ts buvers are visiting a town they cellent quality. Phone 1665 Black. of the force that there was another month. While there Mr. Pickard won i it i vestments ... W7 IN T.m 11 '-o:! w WANTED one of those busrs and went about ' piscatorial honors galore, among them i Total labilities look over his stock, but they would never come just to see his little herd. Localities that specialize on one thing get a world wide reputation- effecting its capture just as thoueh the capture ot tne largest oass WKen ! statk of iniiiasa WANTED Big English Clover and Aliske. Pay highest market price. A. A. Ulrey & Co. tlM'NTY OK UKAXT I. I'almer I"e. Cashier of Oiirns Stote H;ink. Kairmoimt. Indi-.ina. solemnly sTr that the aoove stntc ment is true. l'AI-JIKK K K. t'ashier. Sibsorite1 nn.l swra to before oie. this 9'h 'it was not one of the deadliest m- from water in that section of the sects existing. It was finally corrol- state this year, the doughty warrior !led in a glass jar and placed on ex- being of the small-mouthed blass bass hibtion. It is a monster of th spe- , family, measuring 19 1-2 inches and cies and Mrs. Briles is fully qualified weighing a little more than four FOR RENT fl?r of Sept. lit. i lIAl NiKY f. PARKKK.SoHryPiililk-Mv i-nniiiiission i luin-i tf. t'.i-.M- to cive any information regarding: ; Punas ! FOR RENT Three or four unfur-! nished rooms for light housekeep-j ing or will rent for small family. I Wm. Kendall. 8th and Rush streets. Cash For LOGS Elm and Second Growth Sugar PHONE US We Pay For Phone Calls Wabash Basket Company tarartaulas, as this is only one of a number she has taken captive. ; .lohn Klanaean Attest : .l-hn II. Seott ' V. A. Selby Bi rectors Were you out-of-town yesterday? Call Main 263 and tell them about it. i LOST LOST Oldsmobile auto crank. Return to C. L. Duller. Reward. MISCELLANEOUS A GREAT HOT WEATHER FOOD In the warm weather months, and indeed, the year around, Banquet Ice Cream is the best for health. There is no waste in ice cream that makes it an economic food. Banquet Ice Cream wil bu;ld children into straight and strong men and women. At Xen Edwards. vertisemsnt. TYPEWRITERS. Cleaned, repaired, sold. Ribbon?, supplies. W rite, Marion, Indiana 1 phone, call, Arnolds ! yptwriter Shop, rhone trS(. N?xt to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marion. Ind. ! It always pays to advertise in The FARM LOANS If you want to borrow money on your farm, see O. II. Scott. Fairmount. Ind. It iflmtniait j Fairmount News. - POULTR Y lAANTED A check for more money guaranteed, if you sell to mc. Phone me, I pay 'phone charges if I buy. W. T. WELLS Phone 594 -B Stunmitville, Ind. Instead of putting off painting this fall, Joe, let's put it on" BUSS To the Hatfield Mooting. W. G. Moon will run a buss line each evening to the Hatfield meeting at North Back Creek, storting from the intemrban station. Fare 25c round trip. MA It's always cheaper to before its needed afterward. Takes paint than (? A. Jr less paint. Costs less to PVERY dollar in. E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms orer Hahne Drag Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to do the painting. vested in this stove lears interest. "I A- Ncv?r kick it liv wire when tt Is down. KN-AR-CO MOTOR OIL. smoother running less cost per mile. It will pay you to buy from u. CITY GARAGE Fall weather ts ideal for painting. Sun not too hot. Dries slower and will last longer. No pesky flies to disfigure it. Painters, too, are not so rushed, and will spend more time on the work. And when you buy your paint dont begrudge the few cents difference be tween a cheap paint and a paint that's cheap. The cheap paint isnt cheap no matter what its price. The paint that's cheapest is cheap because it goes farther and costs less to make it go. Such a Ednt is Lowe Brothers, esides, it lasts longer and looks better as long as it lasts. Come in and ask for booklet, "Figure Your Painting Costs With a BrushNot a Pencil." It's free. S is C color card. AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. It Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON CclesHotBlast com bustion saes li to H tKe fuel tills. We have only a limited stock cf tkese remark- I will soil at public auction Tuesday Sept. 20, one-half mile south of Fow-lerton on the N. L. Deeren farm at 10:30 a. m., personal property, to-wit; 4 HEAD OF HORSES One brown horse, weight 1600 pounds, sound and good worker, ?ight years old. One black horse weight 1500 pounds, sound and good worker, six years old. One black horse, weight 1400 pounds, sond and good worker, 5 years old. One black horse, 3 years old, well broke to work double. HOGS 50 good feeding shoats, weight from 100 to 150 pounds, good ones. GRAIN 25 acres, more or less, of corn tn field. IMPLEMENTS One 2-horse wheat drill with fertilizer attachment. One 1-horse drill, fertiliser attachment. Both of these drills tare disc drills. One binder in good shape. HARNESS One set of heavy team harness. Terms made known on day of sale. Lunch will be served by Fowlerton Missionary Society. D2AH fid DICXERSON, Ancts. EArX ALLEN, CUt. able stores. "O 3 "Rrst come, FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALE3 A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, TniU j first scr?eAM SOLD IN FAIRMOUNT BY Fairmooflt Hardvc:3 Company Call as at Parrill & Levia FURNITURE House FurnUtttnci FAIRMOUrfT, INDIANA DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Hocms orer Potof ilea Kxrrs 8 U 11:33 . d. 1 ta 5 p. u Rubber Stamps. When needing; anything in the Ituttsr Ctisap line tte Ui FAKir-CU.T rcztt 3 r

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