The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1976 · Page 83
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 83

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1976
Page 83
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Page 83 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 5, 1976 Ell Don't Term All Catfish Trash Greg Forrer Sports Writer Junk Food Keeps Connors on Go toro is also a misunderstood fish," Mattox said. A dictionary of fishes said not much is known about the striking -; red creature, but that it often is taken on bait intended for red snap- ' per. That's how Yount and Mattox run into them. "I eat them, too," Mattox said. "They're also delicious. They don't .' have a very thick filet, but it's good .' meat." Most drift boat captains and , mates, throw the toro back since it , also has' a tendency to inflict a nasty ' spine. But Mattox tind" Yount said ' it's nothing compared to the gaf ftop- rt sail. "There are a lot of fish that people just don't know about or are misinformed about," Yount ' said. "Barracuda are similar. When they are in the 10-pound range or lower, you can't find better meat. A ! guy caught some the other day, brought them home and cooked them. He came back ranting and ; raving over the taste. "Heck, just about everything in '' the ocean can be eaten if you're hungry enough and you fix it right." He displayed a scar on his hand where a gafftopsail did the tricky "Within a minute it knocked me down," Yount said."And I don't mean that figuratively it literally knocked me down. I felt so sick, so nauseous that I was lying on the bottom of the boat for 20 minutes or so." Yount was fishing alone, so he acclimated himself to the pain and sickness and made his way home cursing the fish sometimes known as Joe Cat or Whisker Cat. Yount usually takes the fish on cut bait while fishing for blues in the in-tracoastal, but it will hit plugs. Surf fishermen also will run into the gafftopsail on occasion. "While we're on the subject, the South recipes. The blacks have been eating that stuff for years." Miles said he likes to deep fry the fish in corn meal or some other similar batter after it's properly cleaned. He and Mattox said the best method is skinning before cutting the filets out, but Miles mentioned steaking the larger ones in the same manner as kingfish. Some of the gafftopsails will push up into the eight to nine pound range. But because this cat is edible, don't think it's entirely different from the sea cat which can take a toll on your body if it gets one of its spines in you. "They're just as bad, probably worse when it comes to those spines and poison," Yount said. MAJOR AEROSPACE CORPORATION SEEKING: Wait a second. Before you throw that slimy salt water catfish back in the drink, check it out a bit closer. If it's bigger than the little buggers you usually get and if the dorsal (top) fin is longer than usual, you probably don't have a regular sea cat. It could be a gafftopsail catfish, which suffers from its relationship with its cousin, the sea cat. Why should that make any difference? Why shouldn't you throw away the gafftopsail cat like many would the little sea cat? You just might enjoy the elongated, silvery fish on your table. Listen to a few who have tried the gafftopsail cat. "I like it better than snook or red snapper," Don Mattox said. "It's really good. They've got a good, sweet taste," Leroy Miles said. Mattox and Miles are employes at Conch Cove Marina in Jupiter. And, it's obvious, they're devotees of the gafftopsail-for-lunch-bunch. Mike Yount, who runs the boat accessories shop at the marina, knows how much they crave the fish most others would term "trash." "When I come in with a bunch of them, Mattox and Miles will root around them just like they were gold," Yount said. "I used to throw them back after catching them, but Leroy asked me to keep them. I've never tried them myself I don't eat any fish. I just like to catch them." Mattox, 28, originally from Indiana, picked up on the gafftopsail after hearing Miles rave about it. The Hoosier used to enjoy fresh water cats back home, so he figured he'd give it a try. "It's got a real white meat," Mattox said. "I prefer it to any other fish. Heck, I fish commercially at times for snapper and I get enough to feed myself if I wanted. But I sell the snapper and eat the catfish." Mattox said he doesn't get much 'ribbing from other employes about eating the fish, but Miles admits he "catches hell" about it on occasion. "Sometimes people say things," Miles said. "But I don't care. They're delicious and they've never made me sick." Miles, 45, is a black Florida native. He said he's known about the fish for years a friend turned him on to it. "Blacks are always ahead of whites when it comes to eating," Yount said."You see all the whites getting into soul food and the Deep O SUPERVISOR - ENGINE & SECONDARY POWER SYSTEMS Provide overall technical and administrative supervision to design and application of aerospace engine and secondary power systems. Specific areas involved are engine installations; accessory installation; engine cooling; thrust reverser system design, etc. Successful candidate must have a broad knowledge of engineering, manufacturing, design planning, schedule, and research techniques, and nine to ten years of related experience. Compensation will be tailored for the successful candidate. REPLY: COMPANY CONSULTANTS (Assignment 108) POST TIMES BOX W-310 By MICKEY HERSKOWITZ And STEVE PERKINS Q Every tennis fan in the world must have figured "Miss World," Marjorie Wallace, would destroy Jimmy Connors before moving on to another sports celebrity, especially when he blew out of Wimbledon in the quarter-finals. But Jimmy came back to win the U. S. Open, so he must be able to cope with the company. Can you tell me anything about their lifestyle or his schedule of training? Ellen Flannery, Philadelphia. A Connors, the world's No. 1 player, keeps it going on junk food and his new roommate. Also, as she confides (for public consumption), they often go to bed as early as 8:30 p.m. before a big match, solely to watch TV: "When I say Jimmy is disciplined, I mean disciplined." Q With all the other studies going on, in government and otherwise, can you tell me if anybody has decided when, or if, athletes will stop getting bigger? Especially pro football players. Joe D. Callela, Chicago. A There is no end in sight. Look at it this way: Pro athletes have always been larger than the average American male. U.S. Army figures show that the average size was 5- feet- 7 and 140 in World War I, 5-8'a and 150 in 1945. Nowadays he is 5-lOVz and 165. Athletes grew apace, Q Joe Ferguson of the Bills followed Terry Bradshaw out of the same high school in Shreveport Woodlawn High. That is pretty good for one small Louisiana high school. But I remember reading that the one who played ahead of Bradshaw may have been the best quarterback of the bunch. Can you find out what happened to him? - Chris Bibb, Monesson, Pa. A Trey Prather was a classic dropback passer who played freshman football at LSU, but had trouble adjusting to the wishbone-type quarterback option. He dropped out of school to fill military service. While on patrol in Vietnam in 1968 he stepped on a mine and died within two days. . His high school coach, A. L. Williams, now the head coach at Northwestern Louisiana, still feels if Prather had returned to football after his Army service he would have been a first-round draft pick. Q In a football newsletter I received it was mentioned that Pete Rozelle was honored at a charity dinner -and one of the speakers was Art Buchwald, the columnist. I bet Buchwald really did a job on the pro football commissioner. Can you quote some of his better lines, the ones that are printable? Brian Spearman, Baltimore. A Buchwald hit the NFL commissioner where it hurts. "Pete Rozelle holds among other distinctions," Art said,."the fact that he has never won a court case in all the years he has been sued." Another zinger: "When Pete took over as commissioner he had a dream. He saw football as more than a game. He saw it as a license to print money. He tranchised the NFL logo to cereal companies, false teeth dentril'ice companies, sweatshirt salesmen, underwear people and girdle manufacturers. "But Pete, while working to bring in more revenue for the owners, never forgot the players that made the game possible. When they came to him one day and presented him with a pension plan, he put his arm around their shoulders and said, 'Sue me.' " (Do you have a question about a sports personality? Send your questions to Sports Hot Line, care of The Palm Beach Post. Because of the volume of mail, personal replies are not possible.) O SENIOR PROPULSION SPECIALIST - TURBINE Responsible for-turbine engine integration and operation in current and advanced aircraft; thermodynamic and structural technology of turbine engines,- operation of turbine engine fuel, oil and electrical systems; and direction to engine manufacturers in turbine engine design and development. Broad knowledge of turbine engine hardware development engineering related to severe environments imposed by military aircraft. Candidate should have a mirtimum of ten years of related experience. Compensation will be tailored for the successful candidate. REPLY: COMPANY CONSULTANTS (Assignment 111) POST TIMES BOX W-310 (Gillette) 1 Pan American Tire Co. LYNX GOLF CLUBS Sfe J HOLIDAYS yjYWd VWm GIUETTE . CAA mk AMBASSADOR 4.for 88 I ml I V-?- ft Ik, ,' iirfry ISM Tr i A All Whrl.rQlltub.l.ssPm.s plus fed it toi 74 1. S3 08 pr irr. C3L"3arSr' WW&' ' tMkl'M.W "vV ll d.per.drng en ond trod.- ! . your car K 1181 MOUN1ING 'lfn aShWs mJl) AND ROTATION WI1H TIRE PURCHASE BRAND CODE 3335 'W& .,.pnpT FTfefeSv GIUETTS fg jSfSl GIUETTE Ymm special Jlp lilll SPRINT GT 7orint gt 88 80 WW $78 W - $66 4 F0R Sflfi 3S? 2 F70U G70I4 G70I5 J- "7 A 10-15... H60-.4 H60-I5 (JO -.b M . i. tz :r; rv.' '.".&..:.& " :rrj: x i if.s Vnd.n, . ,. ond oi. , , ,nd C.d. 5 Wh.i.w.ll, 3Z,TlSS,M "OUN1.NG NO.O ,ulCMAi, WOO Mo't tat mil tlMOUNIINGANDN01MIONWIIMIlltlrUlrCHH IAI10N WIIM !l ruRCHASt 10 years ago golf clubs were designed and built for the pro and low handicap golfer. A few businessmen, one of whom is Carl Ross, determined that the 27 handicapper wanted to be a 20 and a 14 handicapper would prefer to be a 9, etc. So they set out and designed a golf club that included many features which compensate for an amateur player's inability to "get it all together" during the brief 1.7 seconds of a golf swing. Features such as 1. Heeltoe weighting (enabling the golfer to hit the ball off of the designated sweet spot and get a better percentage of accuracy in their shots). 2. Low center of gravity (helps get the ball up in the air). 3. Reduced hosel design (allows weight to be shifted from the shaft portion to head - creating more mass). 4. Offset head (allows club head to be more perpindicular to flight with a forward press). 5. Stainless steel casting (built in consistency in matching clubs in a set). 6. Lightweight steel shafts (reduced weight in shaft - allowing more weight to be placed in head). So what does this mean to you ? A more consistent "tool" to help you hit the golf ball where you aim. We are talking about the Lynx Golf Club, which in a few short years has gone from nonexistence to 1 in iron sales in the country. Improbable as this story sounds, it wasn't by accident. People tried the club, liked it and word of mouth (plua a few sound beatings by opponents using Lynx) spread like wildfire. Lynx clubs are not cheap, but neither is a sport that you take seriously enough to spend $1,500 a year on memberships, green fees, lessons, outfits, advice from members of your foursome that just beat you excluding Nassaus cart fees, balls, gloves, retrievers, shoes and much more. We invite you to come into our two shops and try out the Lynx at absolutely no charge. You have many models ladies & mens to choose from. If you are not impressed, we apologize for your inconvenience if you are, I'm sure we can make a deal. ED.CE on fiitpp WHEEL aOD Wd w ALIGNMENT VO" ytLv when you purchase lubrication M Molt inuiitr Mott American & OIL CHANGE Can - V f Conipltt lubncariom lEittndcd ' lob tactpltdi Up le 5 ql regular weight oil 0uded With Quaker Stole -JO We.gM Oil Check steering Final road test Adjust easier ond comber Adjust toe "iiuf! QUA"1 9 1 Mott American Cart .49 . . win LAKE WORTH STORE MON.-SAT. 9:30-5:30 HOLIDAY HOURS: . LAKE PARK ONLY M0N. thru fRI. 9:30-9:00 SAT. 9:30-5:30 SUN. 1:00-5:00 'Any additional partt or services needed but not listed will carry? supplemental charge. 0 T III AIIVAttf DU( TO CIRCUMSTANCIS IEY0ND OUR (0NTR01 SOMI SIZES c5 ADVIRTISEDITIRES MAT NOT Rl AVAIIARIL SO THAT YOU (AN STItl TAII ADVANTABI Of f Hill mitlllV III fSI MIC(S' m WIU ISSUi T0U RAIN mtt ,S W,U LET T0U UY IHI AWHIW I" AT PRICES NATURES AS SOON AS WE RECEIVE OUR NEXT CHECj 1 c

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