The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 30, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

YESTERDAYS f k A m "tc: , 4 T. Monday, November 30, 1936. Page 6 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Winter.Playground Again Beckons Tourist Trade CLASSIFIED ADS DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249J South Main Street Clinton, Indiana TWO GET FINES; ONE SUSPENDED John MiiKll of Kinith Third street, who was arrested Hulurday on assault nnfl buttery charge, whs tried In rll y court yeslerduy before Mayor C. M. .Ink. II" was fliK'd $5 uild OPERATION FOR CENTER WOMAN f" mmmftmrnt -,, - t safc J -$&iWSt t;v,'('V''X ilOn the Beach ' M' jilBathing beauty I'-' , Vf, ' ' ' " LESm r'trt&tU; Wi."iirvvt W otT for salli elers anticipated by the peninsular state this winter has resulted in a building boom of major proportions with more than J20.000.000 being spent In new construction at Miami and Palm Beach alone. . More than 2.000.000 visitors are expected by Florida this season. Indicating the growing importance of the tourist trade, not only to this winter playground but also to other states. The record Influx of trav Cause of Rising of Sap The mechanism that sends sap, water and other fluids- to the top of trees is unknown. One theory that of the pumping action of live cells has been proved erroneous by an experiment in which a dead 70-foot oak tree became completely saturated by both a yellow acid and a red dye, after standing in each liquid for several days. Collier's Weekly. Mrs. Paul Botner Convalescing at Union Hospital in Terre Haute CENTER, Nov. 30 Mrs. Paul Botner was operated for appendicitis and gall stones Wednesduy ut Union Hospital lu Terre Haute. Vernon Botner, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Botner Is reported very 111 of spinal meningitis in Union hospital at Terre Haute. The "Inter Se" club of Clinton and their families enjoyed a chill and picnic supper Friday evening with Mr. and Mts. Ray Wright, Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson and children of Detroit and Mrs. William Hurlow of Clinton spent Friday eve; ning with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robertson. Mr. and Mrs. William Hurlow and Wanda Shelton of Clinton spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Roberts. Mrs, E. E. Helt visited a few days with Mertlin Stewart and family of near Dana. . Mr, and Mts. Omer Myers and children spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Foster Lake of Kidley, 111. Mrs. Edith Sturm of Indianapolis. Mrs. Amy Sturm and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sturmi and son Malcolm Bpent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Payton. Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Myers and daughters spent Sunday with Mrs. John Dean of Fairview. Mrs. Emma Crane of Fairview spent Sunday with Milton Crane and family. Mr. and Mrs. O, D. Crane and son of Geneva spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Little. (Miss Lois Payton attended an informal dinner party at the Demiug hotel Monday evening in honor or the 4-H club leader of Vigo county. Miss Helen Miller, who teaches at Fontanet, is spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs George 'Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Crane and children spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Crane and family. ' Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Payton and daughter Lois spent Thursday and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. William H. Roeschlieu of Worthlngton. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Murray and daughter Emma, and Mr. and Mrs Omer Myers and children were In Terre Haute Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. James Wake of Clinton, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Eaton and son of Fairview, Mt. and Mrs. Eaton Myers and daughter of West of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Eaton o Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Jame' Myers of St. Bernice and Inez Hebe' were Thanksgiving dinner guests o' Carl Myers and son Ernest. Ten members of "The Maids of All Trades Society' met with Inei Heber on Friday afternoon. Sewing and games were enjoyed. Refreshments of salad, cake and cocoa were served. The next meeting will be with Virginia Crane on December 31. Mary and Naomi and Roy Sturm are entertaining the Epworfr League with a party Saturday nlghl at their borne. Crosby in Seclusion After Short Bit of Fisticuffs With Sea-Going Hecklers but 'No Hard Feelings' (Continued Trom rf 1) Crosby, issued the following Arnica-scented statement: "There are no bard feelings. It was mostly a matter of tangled tempers." First Commander-in-Chief Esek Hopkins was made commander-in-chief of the first United States fleet in 1775, a title held since onlv hv the Present White Rats Become Anemic On Milk Milk Is considered one of the richest sources of minerals, excepting that It is deficient in IRON and t'OI'I'EK. Feeding fully grown white rats In the laboratory on milk ;ilono causes them to become anemic lu a few weeks time. Nature pro-v.des for this lack of IRON and COPPER by storing a Biipply of hese minerals In the liver of the oung before birth in order to tide hem over until they can eat other oodB. A human baby has about a month's supply stored in its liver, irovldlng the mother has been get-ing the proper amount of IRON and 'OI'PKR In her diet. Par 16 con-alns IRON and COPPER In the ght proportion along with the ther minerals needed by the body. It-Ink all the milk you want to. It s good for you. But to guarantee ihnt you get enough IRON and COPPER, eat 1. Par IS Mineralized Bread 1 10c a loaf) or 2. PLUS 16 candy (5c.a bar) or 3. Par 16 Balanced Minerals (1 a jar at drug stores and at grocery stores wherever Par 16 Bread is sold). KF-F.l VP TO PAR WITH PAR 16 ,' THIS the Comfort you have been seeking?? Haven't yon always wanted WARM floors? Don't you want QUICK radiant heat, to take the chill off the house QUICKLY la the morning, and warm YOU when you come In from out doors, chilled to the bone? Wouldn't you like a satisfying EVEN temperature all through the house, so you wouldn't have to live In a single room all winter? Isn't that the kind of home heating COMFORT you have been looking for Allrlght then NOW you can have It? The new DUO NUBIAN dors ALL Or THIS an evon more because It does it easily and economically. You MUST see this marvelous new type heater. Why put up wllh the heating discomforts of ail ordinary heater when Duo Nubian cists you no more to own. , , AssHll A. J. Doughty FURNITURE RUGS OIL RANGES Quality First,, 232 Elm St Pborse 361 J Brandon Walsh hp ' emits. Moth lino and sentence wore suspended. Itlihanl Kellner of Meets, who was arrested Hntiirday on reckless ilrlvltitr and driving while drunk charges, wus tried befiiro J. C. Hnys- letl. liiKllcn of peace, yesterday. He was lined $1 and costs on the rock less driving charge and $5 and costs on the other charge. Keltner had collided with Louis tJlovanlnl, local pollen. Hulurday at the corner of Ninth and Vine streets. (Ilcivanlnl's cur was slightly dam aged. CharleiKohr'tConicienceProve Too Heavy; Confetied Murder of Younger Brother After 35 Yean (Continued from Page 1) -Bine sharper Instead of furling with lb" yenis. and at last became past bearing. Wllh the telling of the story, Charles said. "I'm glad I confessed. I always wanted to but never could get up the courage. I'll take whatever punishment they want to give n e." , What that will he. however, had police pulled. Chief Thomas Lone of Bellevlllo said he would seek a warrant for I.ohr'1 arrest to have tha old cuse revived. But State's Attorney L. P. Zerweck declined to authorize prosecution until he had more fully investigated and discovered if corroborating evidence of the confession can be still found. (Inspection of Clinton Com-mandery, 48, K. T.. will he held tomorrow night at 7:30. Crash Raises Bleed Pressure Experiments have shown that a passing truck or slammed window, though not awakening a sleeper, raises his blood pressure to near the PHILCO FOREIGN TUNING SYSTEM The amazing invention that enables you to get and en toy many more programs from abroad! You can forget"num-ben", foe the new Philco dial tells you exactly where to tune. Come in and let us demonstrate. Dozens of new features , . . beautiful cabs-nets . , . sensational values! 25 new Philcos $20 up EASY TERMS Tnd-is AlbnasM By Rate for Classified Ad and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 80 for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the same 8c charge (you get three days at double the cost of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the name 80 charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times the cost of one Insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. Black Face (like this), 10c per line. . All classified ads Including memo-riams and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance except Uioee oy regular customers whose accounts re paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In tlio latter case the person asking the publication of the notice wUl be held responsioie ior iia wj'"tuUi FOR SALE Good furnace, elevator, used lum-hr and brick. Ninth street at railroad crossing. t25 I avinir strain H. I. DUlletS, DOrfeC' tion coal-oil heater, three small incubate"!: First farm house South .cubatofe ain sf T M m Rrei.ifeahorn cockerels. A-A jnyw tlVameg jj. crane, 1 mile r .i- er church. . t22 I in rne n Coal. 'L . coal hauling. James Wnv ntVSJia 890-W. 16tf For Sale Coal Jackson Hill six-inch lump, Ray Baird, phone 688-M. 83.40. 18tf Kor good coal phone 787-W. 60tl FOURTH VEIN COAL, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK RETTV NO. 6. HARLEV HUFF MAN. PHONE 10. 64tf WANTED Girl to work Tavern. In cafe. Dorman's t23 Housework. Write Box A, Clinton, Indiana. 442 t20 River bottom land. Will purchase tracts of 80 acres or more. Give ' particulars and price. Write Box 51, Alvin III. t26 PAID NOTICES The only gift that only you can give, your photograph. Make the appointment today. Casliner Stodio. t24 NOTICE, EAGLES! Big social night for members and families at 7 p. m. Ladies to bring either pie or cake. Bingo and other games will be played. J. C. Hays-lett, sec'y. t23 NOTICE EAGLES ' All members are requested to be present at Frist Funeral Home Tuesday at 8:80 p. m. to attend funeral of Brother John Chapman. J. C. Hayslctt, sec'y. t20 IN MEMORIAM In loving remembrance of Elizabeth S. Davis, who passed away two years ago today, November 30. 1934. Sweet little flower of heavenly birth She was too fBir to bloom on earth. Kadly missed by father, mother and sisters. 120 FOR RENT Modern home at 1457 S. 4th SI. Phone 2S1-J. t20 Two furnished light housekeeping rooms. 900 S. Main St. 124 Two room furnished apartment. 1005 South 4th. Markers CHICAGO. Nov. 30. Livestock: HOGS, 41.000; steady; holdovers 1,000; top. 19.90; bulk. 89.256 9.80; heavy. $9.259.0: medium. 9. 6069.90; light. 9.009.70: light lights. I8.50925: packing eowa. 8.50.I5; pigs, 86.006 8 25. CATTLE. 21,000: steady. Calves. J. 500; steady. Beef steers: good and choice. $ 10.00 fr 1 2.50: common and medium. 17.00 ? 10.00; yearlings. 1 8.60 11.75. Butcher cattle: heifers, $5.00 12.00: cows. 84.2567.00: bulls. S4.256S.50: calves. $5.00 610.00: feeder steers. $4.60 6 8.00; stocker steers. $4.50 17.75; stocker cows and heifers, t4.25A8.50. i SHEEP: 20.000:' steady: medium and choice lambs. $8.500 9.25: culls and common. $7.00 6 8.50; yearlings. $6.006 8.25; common an J choice ewes, $2.500 4.60; feeder lambs. $6.00 6 8.00. CHICAGO. Nov. 30. Grains continued on the upgrade today, wheat opened 4 to Sc up. Corn was unchanged to ie up and oats unchanged to He up. Trade was fairly active. WHEAT: Dec.. U-150; May. 118H-4: July. 107T4-1O8V4. CORN: new) Dee.. 105-1054 : May. 100-100H: July. 964-. (Old) May.99; July. 95'4. OATS: Dec.. 45-: May. 45,; July. 42. When von see the new 1938, RYTEX CHRISTMAS CARDS yo will marvel at their smart designs and fine paper and Urge French Fold sise.-.nnd also at their extremely low price... 50 for. $1.00. Including your Name on the. carts and 10 envelope to match. The Daily Clinlooiaa. REDS ANNOUNCE MORE VICTORIES DEFENDING CITY (Continued trom rage 1) the loyalists troops succeeded In advancing a considerable distance, dispersing rebel concentrations on the bridge of the French and occupying positions on both sides of the Tagus river. 60 miles from Madrid, from whkh point they can attack insurgent columns advancing toward the capital. x Further successes were -claimed during the past 24 hours In the provinces of Anurias, Ovledo and Guadalajara. ROOSEVELT BOAT NEARING HARBOR IN BUENOS AIRES 1 (Continued from Pace 1) refuel. About 250 miles north of Montevideo, the Argentine fleet the battleships Rivadnvia and Moreno, the cruiser Almlrante Drown and clclit destroyers met and suluted the president and began escorting him to the Argentine capital. I'nofflcial Itevlew The president stood on the communication deck of (bo Indianapolis as it passed the fleet, Wllh the weather bright and warm atid the sea flat, the rails of all Ike vessels were manned for the colorful ceremony of greeting. The Indianapolis and the Phelps will steam 120 miles up the river Plata for the last leg of the Journey, and during that time the president will probably put the finishing touches of his speech, for which he has already completed the main outline. , , . Keep Check od Vice and Virtues One of the most interesting features of Buddhist teaching in China is a system of merits and demerits by which one keeps books on his virtues and vices and can at any time strike a balance showing one's credits or debits in heaven. Better By Far Better hurt a man's feeling than allow him to jeopardize his soul: better have our own person dragged in the mire of vituperation than his soul lost in sin; better break a thousand canons of society than allow him to sully his name; better be laugheV at than others should mourn. M'GRADY MAKES ANOTHER EFFORT TO STOP STRIKE ( Continued from Page 1) Preparations to rush emergency food supplies to Alaska and Hawaii were made during the weekend. The striking unions, whose membership totals 37.000 men, have agreed to man, to load and discharge cargoes from ships chartered by the government through Col. O. F. Ohl-Bon, manager of the government-owned Alaska railroad. Ohlson left by plane yesterday for -'eattle to supervise sailings of the "oxer, government-owned, and the Xrctic. chartered from the Alaska "acking Corporation. FRANCE PLANS THREE-COUNTRY WESTERN PACT (Continued from Page 1) security" is as dead as Premier Mussolini termed it. and is fast being replaced by another system of alliances. Under the new alignment, the Franco-British entente and the Fran--o-Soviet pact will be arrayed In opposition to the German-Italian and German-Japanese accords. A reciprocal guarantee of mutual aid in the eveut either nation is attacked will form the basis of the Franco-British 'ntente, it was learned. Extra point was lent Delbo's forthcoming pronouncement when it was recalled the French and British general staff conferred last spring on plans for mutual aid in the event of war. At the same time. War Minister Edouard Daladier, In a fighting speech at Neubourg in Normandie. erved notice on Germany and Ja-nan that France is ready for action. TWO FIRES ON FOURTH STREET Two fires were extinguished by 'he volunteer fire department at 2:50 p. m. Saturday. They were called to the home of Pleas Kelshelmer of 540 South Fourth street where the garage was on fire. A coal shed belonging to Thomas Mackie of 625 South Fourth street, who lives next door to Kelshelmer, was also on fire. Both the shed and garage were badly" damaged. Creeks' Sex Ratio Unusual The curious fact that among the Creek Indians the sex ratio was only 199 men to 1,243 women, is explained as due to accidents f.nd exposure which killed young males is their trapping and huntine work Philc 630X $84.95 Serial s-000 CHILE -iSfT cvAJAP'1 I '1 if&f I t Vfc. y- i - i ' - : W; ' I ?.' s" yA I i f tyt T I Xi, V:- 1 ; I t; ; BUENOS AIDES TT BELGIUM juJl'AtnTS 3 NEW COLOR DIAL! Foreign Nations are tfed f"' tbctr apart . . . Daawti aod lo eited on the diaJ, m coloc . . . enabling fou to ttmt Ay i- ei, quickly, tvecumdy! New 1937 FI'K.MTI'HK PHILCO RADIOS FLOOR COVERINGS "(Quality Funt Prices Always Lowest" 234-38 Elm Street Pbone 361 A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND Kerry J, SuX tet WV I f r. "TF 't" I " 1 Stag K J t .1 ,," """ 1 1 ............. way TO visrr Santa OMtS f 'XfgS:r f 0 Santa OAut ISA JjJJ f &SAA8te t i mJ,r,.M WUlS flCt W TtrrXAMD M. 3 I tmmmtu. .' l'k fOlSW Of -V(M 4J ., h WX&Bl C WE jf SSf f mi Jf , i : s' ,i O r777 iWtcDueSEffS fe MjgrSTAvwjouJNCU- W I !;.s i A6ES-TMEMAW Mi i fs'i -f'

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