The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 30, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1936
Page 5
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, I93I Monday, November 30, Thc) uily Clintonlan, CI inlon, Indiana Page S ' i'.' 1 !r,r J. OEAfJ SVAP RUMOR REVIVED First Letters for Athletics at Clinton High School Received by Players on 1910 Basketball Team rtQne -'.Opinion For What Its Worth BY CONVENTION by Davis J. Walsh year. Six years laler a hai d-fightlnK sound led by Wari'cn Slump an'' coached by "Spike" Kelly entered I he iiiiurter-rinals of the stato tourney to be eliminated by Bedford. Charles Siiauiimi. Clifford Marsh, Aiueilo A lit on in i and Wayne Fon-i-anuon were tho other member of till' first five. Many fin nn-r net slur will be among those wln attend thy organ-l.alinu meet lug for the proposed "('" club to lie held al the (Minion hole! Tuesiiiiv at 7; 31) p. ni. Any ill. ) uhn has ever Hindu a vurslly h iter al Clinton high school is oll-gllde for luemherahlp in the group. Report Dizzy Will Be Traded Crow m Baseball Chiefs Co to Montreal for . Winter Dicker NEW YORK, Nov. J0-ll h Inilny Is no worse than ri na I llul say that softly down in old Baton slbly It will simplify everything II Itouge, Tney reaily think thoy buve I begin with the known mid accepted MONTREAL, Nov. 30 The possi facts, Just for tho novelly, ine ol bility that Ditty Demi will flfturs In these being that Louisiana Stale Dark Horse Wins Big Event From Country's Best Al'(;l;STA. lu., Nov. :)ll Uulph (iulilalil, 22, a lUO-to-1 shot, today had ntpl ured the $5.0111) Anusl.i open gulf touriiuinciil ri'oin u !u:it Held ui' the nation's leading pnifes-slinial giillers. (iiililulil, ix SI. Louis itiittnnnblli suleKiiutn, euiiie through with u Mis-teilni! 117 four under par. In bis llnal is boles In wrest the leail from Henry I'linid. Ilei-Hhey, l',i., ami lieiiuy Shlltii. Huston. (iullluhl's "iMlnli-total was 2.H.I, two strokes heller than llm card" of Hliuln, the I'tlA i-haiiiplnn, and I'leiird. By his victory ( ; u 1 it u h 1 picked up 11,000 while Shine and Plnird divided l,30l) between them. (iulilalil, given only un outside chance, shot the first 18 holes In 75. four over pur, On his next try lie made a pur 71. a sub-pur 270 and finally his 07. Back of pb-ard and Sbute came Tommy Armour, Chicago; Jimmy HlneH. Harden City. N. V.. and Al University has one of the greatest 0110 of the greatest playnr trades of nil tl before the week Is out was uppermost amnug topics mulled over college fpptball tennis of the country The major "'" iiwiird In basketball has been given to apprnxlniali-ly ji.'iii men. Tlie lirst honor sweat-em i ver awi.ideil for ulblellcs ill I'llnl, in bleb school rre glv-ll In the lutMsc Ih.ill Icnlll ol r.llll. (' I in I ii ii slai'leil basketball In I tins Tbe first riiiiIh wern set up on tile ll i-ni lll buol Klnullds. Tbe fiiiiiliiiueiil.ils of basketball were l ii ui' In liileiaelinliistlc rompelltlon i.tai ieil III I Hull. The old show building al Nliilh and Vine ami luler on the Wuhiish giiiage and Dies garage were used us gyiunn-sluiiis. In J!Uil tin- ('Union basketball team, lucniiipaiiled by the school band of 25 pieces, traveled to Indianapolis to play In the state tournament. During the Franklin-Clinton game, by which the Wild- and proved it all too well with t tun by baseball men gathered here today for the annual convention of minor ruts Well- eliniillllleil, tbe Clinton sweaters were awarded. Tills rive was coin bed by A (i. Morris, principal, ami was made up by Wllli'ir Miilllvau I John llll- nimir. torwiuils; Leslie Ittiuyuii, renter, ami lirowule Hlone und Herman Hi own. guards. Lebanon, 1 ' 1 1 sliile champions, llltne here Unit year for u posl-sea-son ginne, llefore one of the largest crowds ever to witness n cane Hit in ('Union, tbe Inial iiilnlet lout by one field goal, looped in duritu an overtime period. In the same year (iiluiour und Stone were selected for the nil-state learn. In 1 n 22 Clinton won the Wabash Vulley chumplonshlp. Trailing 22 to 5 at the half, an inspired team coached by Earl Morean came back to whip Freelandsvllle 2S to 25. Ilalph Anderson. George Mac.Nalr, Harold Mills. Bill Cooper and Owen Curtis comprised the varsity that 33 to 0 show against Tulunn on Sat urday as the comical season of 1IKIG leagues. came more or less to a close, That Business to, be trammeled by the something there and really. If you want to cull your shots, you can't latiKh off those 281 points In a lilt'.li falsetto an average of 28 points u game. That's considerably above Alabama's In a year where the lnt-tor's opponents were just a little below LSU's. It seems odd for LSU to be bo rabid about the Rose Bowl, with tbe resident Sugar Bowl game coming up the same day. But perhaps It isn't odd at all. Anyhow, It wouldn't be amusing to travel to one'ti big football game of the year on a trolley car. from the standpoint of national sig International League today and to morrow and the National Assocla nificance, was the major develop ment of the final day. O z o X tion of Professional Baseball Leagues composed of all tbe 25 We can't so easily dismiss L. K. Dor man's Tavern Good Orchcrtra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liauors . Mixed Drinks Ui, and, as a matter of fuct, wo won't minor circuits beginning Wednesday was, as is generally the case, secondary to the business of swaps. even try. What is known as the "regular" season finished, leaving the south with the two Hose Bowl Especially intriguing was that one challengers, LSU and Alabama, who involving the top Jiand of the St WatrouB, of Detroit. Tills group divided 11.100 between them. ': '' Louis Cardinal pitching staff. , Question of When con seriously claim this distinction. I might add that, except for a few tragic episodes in the closing min That Dean is to be sent away is Stomach Gas On iois of ADLSR1KA quickly relieve! gaa bloating. cleoa out BOTH 1 upper and lowar bowel, allowa you to at and alaep food; Qolok. thoroucb. action, yet entirely gentle anfl aafe. accepted as a virtual ' certainty by utes of the Tennessee game, the South would have a third challenger In Duke. many. . The one dubious point, you HERE'S A TIIRILLEE COMING TOMMORROW. And a good c are given to understand, is whether The romance of a girl who broke front pages and millionaires! However, there's nothing to bo the,. transaction, will be .completed TONITE bcre or during the - major league said for that except the numbers came up wrong for Duke and didn't While they last SPECIAL 10c Trial Sizes on sale at ' Powell's meetings at New York next week c THRILLS If IT fop LSU and Alabama, whose status The Pittsburgh Pirates still want Pharmacy. Adv. N-2 Dean, but. the M. .Louis. Club offl clals want nearly all o( tbe Pirate and Uic contents a CoUpIq of Pitts aWTHE JFt J burgh banks in. exchange. They can't agree on that angle, and It keeps the deal simmering. Instead ol 10c Mon, &Tue. 25c Sportlight Fox News Betty Boop Cartoon ! - ranHARLOV iMyrna LOYp Y x if- SpencerTRACY f ,' . A tnUtro-Golrfwy. . 'JifijyJ boiling it over Into the big headlines. Gosley Rumor Another report has It that Mr. Powell Crosley is giving thought to tossing part of his millions around to bring the premier risht-hander o: these times to the Cincinnati Reds i-- -S i Ycu ain't mn nothin' till you sea the Star- Cnnnnlr( Pictur a! I 4, ROBERT YOUNG .FLORENCE RICE with Pitcher Paul Derrlrrsher to go -.4V ' m- 4-1 -"A I 1 TED HEALY JULIE HAYD0N Catherine DOUCET in with the bait. Still another rumor, or maybe it Is just an asuinption, is the one tbls reporter likes best at the moment. It runs to the effect that Dizzy isn't going anywhere, except back to St. Louis for his sixth season. It's one of M-G-M's biggest laugh hits and no wonder, with Jean and Bill and Myrna and Spencer all tangled up in one romantic riot! The year's "top" for entertainment! You Better Make a Bee Line for the . . . EXTRA Latest Edit'on March of Time r a PALACE And Only 10-25' J.. voriuun in vuiur m p HIMBLE THEATRE LEAGUE BOWLING AMKRICA.X LEAGUE 1 Standings Teams : Won Lost Pet. American Legion . 8 1 .88!) ITbe Daily Clintonlan' .8 1 .889 Rexall Store 7 2 .778 Dreamland Club .... 6 4 .656 Butter Krust Bread ..3 6 .333 Mike's Auto Body Shop 2 . 7 .222 Winters Drugs 2 7 ,i2B2 Daniels Produce .... 1 8 .111 Individual Averages Legion Lundle, 132: Lemstra. 144; Rader, 125; Manship, 127; Lyon, 124. Clintonlan Smith, 12; A. Van Horn, 111; Hope, 125; F. Van, Horn 137; Carey, 140. Rexall Stevenson, 141; Haln, By E. C SECAR 6 Starring Popeye f I 5USP05E IT'S ABOUT N VJELU. POPPft, rVT UfS7 P GEE.. IT'S SVvlELLA GOOO NIGHT, POPPA. . CIVILIZING TnuCAIF Cx OAOOfi. I I GOT Yft HOMfc - VrXM GONER MfXKE itR BEO-TlME. THERE'S VER BED- IT COST ft THOUS1NG DOLLARS- 1W3PE5 VAjS lfMNTUO -r f Vr so Hppv sfiiix. THINK VR tN ITS THE SOFTEST OKftYV VP HEfSVEN BED ON EART w y i 117; Casebeer. 121; Skidmore. 112; e TP SCGitfU H-3C M. White. 123. Dreamland Franchetti, 99, Tuberosa. 135; Nora, 130; Varda 146; Mattioda, 148. Butter Krust Bartlett, 117; T. Meyer, 131: C. Meyer, 110; Kirk- man, 129; Cooper. 149. Mike J. Rendaci, 122; Weir, 130; Welker, 117; M. Rendaci, ion; t1 . R. Griffith, 138. Wluters-H. Stewart, 167; Collins, 119: Montgomery, 123; Burroughs, 95; Winters, 95. Daniels Archer. 94: Harding 105: Daniels, 131; Fowl. 118; Tasso, 160. TILLIE THE TOILER By RUSS WESTOVER High individual H. Stewart, I'LL. 'PHONE Tlt-LtE ABOUT "THIS SHE'LL. UNDEIZSTAMD UIHV I'M TRVlMej TO SAVE MONEY KlOW THAT VJE'IZE fcM ftAtiED tAA,VBkr iMt'LU asri rvit: u itcjuri awi duuioi ai ntic DOM'T BE SILLV, " I K Tm MAC: THAT p0v 1 I ' apabtmemt you J -"tS I If I HAWE KiOVAl IM'T f"-Ct V r vjoisth T I'll. ill J M HELP VOU FlrJD f v mj a much Better. " fi I W1 PL-ACEr FOI2. J Ti 2 HOUSE jr-- Winters. 202.' ' High team Clintonlan. 716. TunfiTfat's Hcbedule 7 P. M. - Mike vs. Legion. Daniels vs. Clintonlan. 9 P. M. Dreamland vs. Winters. Rexall ve-, Butterkrust. BE?IMMIM5 1 . ( SOSH .HES. GT2UMBLE, THE FOU2- THIS PLACE WAS 3usT TfeEMTH OF fTWa SETTIKIcJTO BE HOME next month' rTtff I -itE , too "foue kEUT(Jzr " xILn V VAJIL.U ee T ' A, y&-- ' t 1 . Mesas "Bon of Michael" The name Mishkowicli is Polish surname meaning "son of Michael." Michael is a first name from the Hebrew and means "who is like God."" Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN COLUMBIA 7 r ;M LAST TIMES TODAY -VES, THERE'S , IN THOSE THERE 'ME IS STILL OUT COLD-I'LL BET HE WON'T TAKE A . UMilTE L.IITU IUW m IMkl AA&iM WA H A, GOOD PLACE U SO THr5 GUNMAN OF ACE . U BABTS THOUGHT HE COULD VA T LC ur l KITH r AMD Ctl 7 WHAT A BIG HOUSE IT IS ONLV ONE LIGHT ON -NOW TO FIND OUT IF ACE S DOING HIS COUNTERFEITING i-j fe-r. I'LL HAVE TO GAG 'A I BUSHES V''A a HIM TOO i tr- . , t p.. ir-n r-n t-i if? wvMSTi iiliTV' It I 'VSL. i it 1 1 . iv ' - , -r-i 1 m NOW TO GET THE CUFFS DONT WANT HIM .3 . v ip- mi? r ur k- lac i j ihc iirpji i iii-wi , . HERE THE PLACE. VM TO AROUSE j. -f t. m V t - ITVJ AINU ISC 1 rill ' IKU-iJtu , y i l ,? n t A UI" SXJ HC I I1UV c rrrf. A Wt4 Barney Google in Color. "Spark Plug V," ui.,.,,, jiiji. ,,,,,, .,. ,,. V'',, Travel Tour "STAR GAZERS" Fox Movietone 10c and 15c

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