The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 8, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1921
Page 6
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TltB FAKtttOUNT news IMPORTANT STYLES FEATURED IN SLEEVES AND IN COLLARS i i in i.cJLS f.tfr,n C h U do3 era Cpy For SundaySchool ' Lesson' Xly UV v. 1 I 1 T ?. V X T K 14, IV IV. i-.or of Ka.s'x XtM In -, Moody lnxstuXe of Chlof.) xgV Ifl!. X.'e !6tvt Kmwrt l"ttw. LESSOR FOR SEPTEMBER 11 PAUL IN ATHENS. 14 PfAW' r i U XV) n I I I f y-N Ax t f ,v;,;"."a.. I (n i) r.vl hAv o-.r --s.. Act RKl EtlKNTK MXTKntXti-l.v., rntMARt Tone-rvii T.i:r xh If Special Care of Baby That Baby should hare a bed of its own all are agreed. Yet it is more reasxmabl for aa infant to sleep with grown-ups than to uso a man medicine in an attempt to regulate the delicate organism of that same infant. Either practice is to be shtmd. Neither would be tolerated by specialists in children's diseases. Your Physician vrill tell yon that Baby's medicine must be prepared with even greater care than Baby's food. A Baby's stomach when in good health is too often disarranged by improper food. Could you for a moment, then, think of giving to your fitting child anything but a medicine especially prepared for Infants and Children ? Don't be deceived. Make a mental note of this: It is important, Mothers, that you should remember thato function well, the digestive organs of your Baby must receive special care. No Baby is so abnormal that the desired results may be had from the use of medicines primaxilr prepared for grown-ups. WOrMtftS SM0U10 MAO TXt KOOKlCt THAT IS API!0 tVtRY MTTlt Of FLETCHER'S CASTORtA GENUINE CASTOR I A ALWAYS Signature of Nr eir. MRhc Otxhinx. orrne jw; Mineral. Not AcoT "4 vl (kstifvAlionRndDUrttc ftnd Fvertshne wl tlinofl52!! 1 Cmc Copy t Wrapper. CAR DRIVING HARD ON FEET Use ef Aeeelerater Causes "Snarl Clrtutc ef Pedal Nerves er Meter Feet," It It S(d. Whexx xvar owners returxx frxxm thetf snmxxmr vacation many of I hem re turn Itmotng. A txexv summer etb lemte Is at targe tn the raufcs of xaca ttontsts. The nexv ailment has been gtx-en th,e looular naxxxe of "motor foot. In the langxtage of sxxrgtcal ehtrooody It is Indexed and classified under the name of "ixxet a tarsal -dtsolaocxnont.' OoxxttnxoMxs motoring ts the caue ef the ailment. U ts a right foot troxxhle caused by the eontlnxxous stratn xxceashxnexl by long motor trtn xvhen the driver keevs his foot In the strained tM1lStxx rexiulrexl by the use of car ecoteratxf. This Hxlttoxx causes a xHsjxtacement ef the metatarsal Ixxnes which In turn causes them. In motor language, to shxt" tle nerves of that rmxrt of the foot. This tn turn is the ansxwr for the tvxtn that accomjvxntes the dls thxrttexx xf issvssHj "nnxtxxr foot. "Motor fvt not only makes walking ialnfxtl, but practically elhulnates 5xlf. tetuxls or atxy of the other inpxi-lar forms o active recreation. Evelutfen ef a Nwt. "I thought your xvlfos nanxe xvas KHabelhr "5?o tt is. Then why do you call her iVggyV Short tor lVgasa. VVI at has that gxt to do xxtth UV Vhy, iVgasa ts feminine for Toga sus. "Weltr "Well, IVcasxts Is an Immortal slx-l. 'What of thatr S Not so loud. She's tn the bot room. You mh an Immortal steed ts an ewrlasttng tuxg, and thor jron nrej Wo sliall not llnd tt so d. Moult to loxo our exxexnlcs If xxo loi(n by dty-tn thexM. ONVK acn xttVtvlvVrjr ttvl fur ktxi tr.etr rich snt luxurious! fiW tvx tre V.exv Stt'tS fV" fllj an J xxVr.tvr, arul xM.ce vvstwr?j tcie.oftte tr.e!r etv-lce ot these xYoeora- i tlxe (VAttttv. Ktt'tvK-H liax-e reeti xiex-eVrx- In xxxs K us atvl tvxr evirs have trVvn x Mxl Iturvr-teoe Kvsttsf vf tr.etr tvx el kvk! x-ety rewratr.t: sV.f.yvs. Thoy iwxlte xe tv tn:sse vtoxxtt Ir.Ux their sx'-ft tu! exxfcy xUrtfe r.vt l etxxw thenx smvl the etsallj- sv!fT. ftvtv-cttr.s ht that xtrwfx hvut the race, thre Is tttttej x-ftce ror tiw eM t i make Teatxvxr Ae"lt the merry eyes that earn taw$to at tt. txr-r stttee st farvt's ifarts tesltr.erj tttT!tOXI SeeXY"S that are sx Ir$e tul v ranch ew.V'hasIte by- xteexxwt-l tic that the rest the purwient be-j eawse mere ra?vttr!vt for thenv. steeres fcaxre hewr.'e r,vre utvxre I lsr.rrttit tt U oXiifnr tArr.iT.t All j fat ni id vrt-y AVAe exr.i'iW o?j shown At tho iott thc lx iotximl. Tho vAt lv.A trlr. Unos and tYvvAls A oMwrx-Atfxv tr,1ivrrtvtAil,n of th s-otAllxv oc-r for s,v' vf the? j!ww AtY httct xvtth Arm-'pjs ?s tvv! noArty h l?Ulno. tn tht nsoct tfcf I Atat knp length out with a sl.t In th skirt flnvt tench Itnfvl ly ivWh xel. tt 1$ In lhAt Atk srrAy hAvte knxtn a? vrV.xss with vntr rollAr ot sxrk Ioavct tr.r. llAnvlsyNW lvn hm An? ytwhln nxtv lhAn m rA-ronln.c r It a !m closo-wpt row ot thonx ixvtt thk tnt WAk lh bft !slH f.nsh for th? w,broUory. Tho sxt At Ibo HcM I a r-rAM An ftr-tHxx,',n';0l nxK-l In wMch th? ovAt Is U-vxxr At II Ixxck lhAn In front Anl strAht. It tso rrxxlro xst bx.ttHs a !vorAtlvo xjWAllty Ans of fir of I horn Aro w frvMt Anv! oAck Join In Iho owt. A rsAmv NU xv,AtRtA?nn tbo styl in-trht-vsl Itx tho rnr Anrt fn?ttns At Ach sUK crwlnc At t'? front. Thos tx sxttt- Atv hAnvlnxot whtwx o-vlooxl tn sxxlo-?t5rfAOovl clottx Ilk vtonr or shr,r.;xr stxxff To, nxArtrn or otr .r xisns on tV.m. FOR THE STORK LUNCHEON AND THE GUEST CHAMBERS r-or pot v?vi. I NT R H M K t t A Y E ANI SENXOUToriO In a lwss xsrwk V"tv. vxfNvi rRorL-K ani aiclt wrtv -Wxil x a Cvwxr ot I.Armn. ixirst IMven from lxx liisl tnl t AXhr. I. Th Idc'atry f AthnUn Athens was the IntoHeouial nxol-flls xNf Iho At IhAt llnxo, tle honxo of l he xxwKVs trot oor.o Avl philosophy, rAul splrt xxas stlml hlxxx xxlion he saw the oity wholly jrxxon lo Idolatry, II. Tht Part! Centm! (vv. IT' Trxxe tx his xxsxsa! oxstx taxil xxrent Into the Jowlsh sytxASHtxo And entered trto eAmest Arexxxxxent xvlth the Jew. From Ihetxx he txxmed to pxxoh as were foxxr.d tn the nxarket Haoo. Here he OAnxe Into toxxeh with the Kp'exxreAn Anl Ste philosopher. The forner wre Atheistic nxAterlAltsts, They xle-elexl the dxVtrlne ef CreAtton. They jtaxtp thenxselw p to sensnAl In-dulenoe snoe they had no UIoa et fvstxxre Jiv!exxent. The lAtter were pAxxlhelst, When they heArd the lroAehtnf of f'AXxl they desired to kxxow whAt new xlootrlne he preAOhel, st they Invited him to the Areeppn where he nxlht speak to thexxx of hl new dootrlne. They Inqxilrexl as to what this bAhhterss nxtft Ay. The word 1vnh.h1er nxean llterAlly seetl-phker. IIL PauI Ad!rF Mar, Httl tw. -l). 1. The tntrodxxetton (vv. 22, 23), He itd not Aoexise them ef "sxxperstltlotx as the A, W woxxld nAke It, hxxt as In the Anx. R, t he tntrovlxxoes his ills eowrse In a evntrto-oxxs And eonolllAtory manner, slAttnc that he pereelved thAt they were very reltptoxx. This he e ptAtned hy stating that as he was view-in their etty he heheld An Altar with an Inscription To the Cnknown t?ovl.w TTxts was his pohxt of eontact. He provfet at xnoe to xnneet it with fhe hlea of the llvlnjr ilL implying that this attar had heen ereetexl to IttRx, He was tox wise to heftn at inoe to denoxxnee heathenism and Idolatry. 2. The lnly of his dtseynxrse (vv. 241), (1) A (vv, 24 xteclaratton cxMxcemtnir thnt 2J). (a) lie created the material nnlverse (v, 24). Th wt S!ct bhw- At the phltosothy of both the RploxxreAns And the Ste4e. He did not Attempt to prove the existence of 0od It needs ne. proof. The IMble everywhere Assuxues the existence of a divine betn.c. (b) His splrltuAtlty And Immensity fvv. 24, 2S). He Is hot served with "men's hsnds as he neerlerl Anything, neither ts He confined by any sort of religious texepte. ttetr.g essentially sptrltuAt He demands heart-service, anxl Inptng transwnxlent Abox-o All He ts not xhmx-txul to earthly tenxple. tc) His ae tlve prxwldenxe (v. i). He glx-es ex ttonee. ltoxvs nexSfc gifts, axxl as sox-ervSco d;rxvt all thlxxg. t2) iVvlarsxtlon wxxwxnxtug an (x v. sll. (a) Hs cocxxnnx orlch (x i). This xxas a blow at tho f'ltsh Atben- ; taxx pv'de which sx omp, that they S xxvrx sxsjHTtcr to all xther pepU This i prxpsMlon b,e proxvd from their own ? t!twatx$re sec v. if xocn stro the i x!fsprlng xt tod axxl bear His tke j' ne tt Is ttUcr fdh- to make lmagx-s i as the sxmx?os Mols xvore. tb) Na j tlM-. haxe their place by the sov- crc'grx purpose xxf tod (v. 2xU. The polt5ex and mission of each nation ts of x,vVs appolotnxent. (c) Men should seek t?od (x 2x). His gvHHtncs nd goo tn supplying all our txoeds, and ordering exrn the affair of the nations should moxe man to see Anl seek fSod, for He Is lnleexl efy near to every one so bear that owr existence and movement are all under Hts control tv. 2T). (d) Fressln xhltgntlon to repent txc Jlx ,ll). This xxas his sxiprexne nxessage. Though toxl had formerly passed owr Idolatry He noxe calls tx all men to repent. The solemn reason for such action Is the coming day of judgment, the credential of xvhtch ts the resurrectloxx of Jesus Christ front the xlead. The judgment ef t?od xxf an unbelieving wxxrld Is as sure as this fact. Mcxx will be Judged on the basis ef their attttxtde toward Jesus Christ, IV. Result ef Putt Preaching (tt, 1, Some ixxxxekxHl (xr. !I2). 2vome procrasttnatcl (v. $2), Jk Some behexHl (x 31), All te Ged. Yxxu should frequently arouse with tn yourself the desire to give to Ood all the faculties of your sxxul that Is, of your mind, to hnoxv Htm and thtnls ef Htm, and of your will, to love Htm; ami further seek to consecrate nil your outwarxi senses to Htm In all their actions. renelon. ChHttlan Unity. The spirit ot Christian unity most be cultivated betxveen the different thnrches before fomxal union can ht xffeetexL Rev. Dr. Douglas, Bears the ; TAKING TOO "LOUD PATTERNS Pittsburgh taterter Deeerater Says Weraen Will Seen Rtsenxble Animated Parler Chairs, ltavt you sxen what appear to be a corner of a boudoir walking xloxvn the street? Well, ytMi sotxn wtH. They are atrexxily aptearlg tn tennts courts hereabouts, tllrls tn txnd ere-tonnes, xvlth large splashy patterns all over them, exactly like the elour parlor chairs In their summer wrappings, they are, Itrlght carmine drapery linens xxtth blue stripes and yelloxe dots, scenic ohtnUos of huge patterns ami vivid hues In futuristic designs shoxxtng langxmroxi figures In eccentric poses arx among the faxorttes not only for sjMrt skirts, bxtt for entire eostuxuxs, hats and bags. "I nextr thoucht of going Into the dressmaking business, sntd an Intortor deoorator, "bit xvonxen seem to be buying more large figured drapery fabrics for clothes than for house this season. There arc some designs I xvtll not lot them have, thonch, for such purposes.' He shoxxed a chtutit enormously patterned xxtth red and yellow farnx scenes, "That, for Instance,' ho added, "one of them xxas determined to dres herself In, but 1 said positively that she couldn't, rittsdmrgh Leader. Prudeat Mentality. "Yoxt appear rather proud of the fact that yon are unable to understand the relativity theory." "I'm not exactly proud." replied Senator Sorghum, "but I am resigned. 1 put groat faith tn the of the plain people. So long a the plain people didn't get the Idea X don't believe It xvouhl bo to my ndx-antage to any superior Intelligence or ox- elusive Information." , A.-. Cnxeix. "t'xn look In for s harness hop," 'Vtuon. ThcM's coi sets," Lnls vlllo tourter-.lM:rnal. It's t xso nan xvho knows ho- t lio on Ms '.vice's rolrutons. gixre yourself the opportunity you deserve in order to do your best work, make up your mind to quit coffea and tea for awhile and drink delicious, appetizing Postum instead. Postum permits sound, refreshing sleep which builds strength, energy and enduranca. Order Postum from your Grocer today. Drink this hot, refreshing beverage in place of tea or coffeo for 10 days and see what a wonderful difference it will make in the way you feel. Postum eema In two forms: Instant Postum t,ln tins) made instantly in th cup by the addition ef boillntf water. Postum Crwi (in packages of larger bulk, for thosa who prefer to mk th drink while th meal Is blnt prepared) made by boiling for 20 uiauua. T eNTu eoMPANV, The Dittcrence. Miss Lemx Aslnx ell's part tn "Mrs. Pane's Iofense" xxas one nlghx taken by an understudy. In the nuitleiuo xvas a xvarm admirer of Miss Ashwell, xvho wept bitterly as the piece continued. "It Is lucky for yon Miss Ash-xveli Isn't playing," said her friend. "If thl move you so much, you wouldn't be able to stand that." "Mt Ashwell not playtngr" said the sub tutrer, and at once begun to dry her tears xvlth a resentful expression. The largor bat are found In tho xvarmer el t ma tea, lints ar the only mammals vhl.h have the jMxxer of night. The bat Is said by xoologists to be the most sensltlvo of animal. Vampire bat are numerous n: 1 dangorou in South America. Hat tn full lllght In the dark x lit avoid thread Mretchel acrtss tluir path. There are about L'iO sjeciea of bats, and these are distributed ox-er every quarter of the globe. A bat I supposed to le able to tt? sovb and dltfst In one ttlght fxl three times the xvelght of Its oxvn body. Hats "see" la the dark on acorniM of their extremely delicate an l sei-M-tlve nervous sxstom, extending all oxer their bodies. The bat ts an Insectivorous nia:;-mal. furnished xvlth vln:s frtrtned by a membrane, stretched between !io elongated tlnvers, los and tail. The ''ft i .'MUbbloiMtotl. 1!1,. .; y s; I..;- sn Kle its yo'oiv. S'-s ! :tr le rv well Wn m '.t;t :!,;:.!. il-.i:ght t. !:.iv ; , vJ io w liner, about Ju:.. Western Canada Land of Frosncritv m otter ta hfme t-kers opportunities that cannot t ?urd rlaoxvhrre. The thousands o tarmi! irom lite tinned States who have St-i-yrtrd Canada' Renerous wJVr to settle on KKEtt homesteads or buy farm land ia her rpvtocrs hav been well repaid by bountiful crop. There is tiU available on eaay terms FirtUt Land at $13 ta $30 tn Acre land similar to that which through many yfars hae yielded from 20 to -i3 Luabele t1 wheat to the acre oats, barley and dax also in rreat abundance, while raising 'ft ca,1,,,Jhp,,liBd dually protltable. Hundred ol tanners in Western Canada bax-e raised cropa in sinxle season worth more than the whole cost or their land. With such aucreea comes prosperity, independence, good homes and all the comfort and convenience which make lite worth livtne. Farm Gardens Poultry Oalryfns are sources ox income second only te (rain rwinC bw raiatnir. Attractive) climate, Bond neihbors, churches and chop!, cood markets, raUroad facilities. For certificate) entitHnat Ton to ro ( ture. mapm, description of farm oppor V """ m Manitooa, aasitatcnewan. j Alberta tad BrUiah Columbia, eto. write e-i M. J. JOMMSTAMB? Trsetlen-Tsemlnsl Bldg. IV j i V fcL ineianaseii, ma. ' i'r YOU CANT GUT CUT A Bog Spayta vr TTe.rwa;hpin but you ean elean thetn otf promptly with om:Ii!I; and you work the hora same time. Dees not fcKstar or ramoxra the hair. $2J0 per bottle, dellxrered. WiU tell you mora if you writa. Baek4A r.TOUNG. SMTeaa W. N. U., Indlanapolla, No. 37-1921. SEP I C4iW SiM The Folly of Cheating Nature I aw xssxl for each rose and rxes in any color xr exxlors are madxv The foliage Is hexxght xvaxly-nxade or xMxe nxay xxttlts mlttincry fxltage. OcoAshxxxally, the stoxk having an-noxincel his coming. Is welcomed by a stxrk hmcheon xr ixvby hoxver,M xx hereto friends come bearttxjt rtfts Fvr the InnchcAXtx table, deeoratloxxs are pictured. First Is the stork tor the eenter, A carlbivxrl stlhoxtotte of his bxly ts cut out. pAddcd xvlth cotton and exwerext with crxte paper crxxxttptod t slmxilah txNXthers, His legs, tYet axxd bill are made of wtr xxrvl xvlth paper and he stands In a square of oardlnvxrd which supports alsx the pper exxt-tntl and Its leax-es, Flao eards are llttte storks, made of t'wxnuts atxd pajvr. and paper venter ,os. each holdtxx? a tiny kewpte : its paper stamens, provide fa-x x for tho gnosis. wxtt t xmTw trrMi xawa Entire Dre?s f Worsted. Rnttre dresses of vcorstexx are offered tn the smarter Juvenile shops, and are completed hy tiny ttchta of bloomers to match. mum A WASTK Iva-sVet thst xux ho re- X. fxvshod with a new ItxxUxe and decorated with a xxew etxislr of tSwer ex-ery xxxi-v txx a white will cemnxend Itself to extry hvxr.xo-xa'ker. Alsv It Aewxxxxxxovlate Itsxlt to exlor schexxes when the time exxnxes tor re-decorAtlnjt waUs And sxipplylns new furnlshtrjC, And It xxxakos a pxetty anvl Inexpensive stft. Sxxoh a Ivssket Is plctxirvsl here. The basket vsvt Is one of those simple wleker affairs that j are strHg aud Ught. They tnry he xxsod In their own light tan eolor xr j Intxxl. or enanxetod to harxxx txlae with the rm they are to serve 5n, ' The hasket pictured,, nxoant t or a steepttxs? rx.x. Is enameh, In xvhtte, : Its llnlnjr Is a medlxi.xx light hlno ! crepe patr which lo ks like . -llk, j shirred txx at the top and lHtte-n. J hxtt ts ft h"ss extvcnslvx" and nxuch easier to txxscrt. The par Is pasted ahM'a the tcp :'t-.d bottonx of the basket fXllovr In sx that tt p- J-SrS tX IMP Sl.timi. IIW IviHSVIU 1 alsxx eowrexL Fvr a tfntsh, strips xt the paper about axx Inch wide Are twisted at Interval ef less than an Inch, tuakttx? what looks like narrow ribbon shirred Into svaltops. This ts also pasted xlown. The roses are made t doxihle thick uesses of the erepe par pasted tt cehcr and ent Into petals. Two tones 1 111 Many people get th idea that they can keep their nerves on edga and their digestion upset year after year, and "get away with it. They sleep only half as much as they should and never get properly and thoroughly rested. Xf you tire out easily, if you am getting pale and anemic, if your food doesn't digest as it should, would it not be well to stop and consider whether coffee or tea is having its effect on you? Tho caffeine and thein found in coffee and tea are drugs, as any doctor can tell you. Is it any wonder that thesteadyuse of these drugs sometimes causes serious damage? If you really want to be fair with yourself, and Postum for Health There's a Ilcsson"

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