The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 30, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1936
Page 4
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lrVf- M0VJIS THE DAil; cuiWTorUAI "Kweeostakes on UVV Established as The Weekly Olintonlan 1890 by May Christie The Cliuton fiainueaier aunuiutu iu n.., Vhm. aomt-fronlcal twiUght was be would be a great rift to motion pictures. .n;!., Mmini, AftAT a bath. George L. Carey Kditr P"b"her Kutered at the PostotHce at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Mattel. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association and changing Into evening clothes. YESTERDAYS NOVKMBER iM, 1011 Mrs. J. .1. Hlgglns and daughter, Miss Alice, left Wednesday for Florida, where they will spend the win-Cer. Senator Higglns expects to join them Inter. Mr, and Mrs. George W. Htggins hnve taken the Scott home at Fourth and Elm' and Sena-lor Higglns will live with them temporarily. Mrs. Scott has gone to live for a short time with her son, Ivan V, Scott, and will then go to Alden, Iowa, to join her daughter. Miss Helen. Kegina looicea raaiant She was the best-gowned woman in the room. Not even the most a.Ana nnnia ataM nmiM H I,t) riUll' h 'YOI IW FOB TUB ASKING' AT THE (XH.l'MBIA Smooth cinema fun Is yours in this gangster-vs.-society opus. The film gets speedily under way when a destitute society woman, Dolores Costello, strikes up a business partnership with the gambling George Raft. She offers her home as a gilded roulette dive and Raft, supplying the money nnd gambling wisdom, starts the union on its profitable way. The merger rolls merrily dinner until Lvnne Overman, .lames her, sartorially speakings Falconer repairea to mi long ur in. the casino, to find it already packed with people. Koger and Dolores were at a little table in a corner, laughing into each other's eyes over tall glasses of planters' punch. The Darlington child was with her mother In her bungalow. The National Advertising Representative: , GEO. B. DAVID CO. imn Wrigley Bldg., Chicago. 1-11$ Qeral Motors lU.iBTPtrolt HO Ka 42nd St., rUuau "Til ar-TI hfi VOI1 New York while the bagging's good!" "Probably under Regina's Instructions!" thought Diana bitterly ' i CHAPTER XXIII . Ons of the worst floods In California's history took place over the New Year week-end. The rain started in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon, but by that time Jerry and his large party were half way to the Mexican border, whirling along the Pacific coastline. To the right, the ocean was sparkling blue, and saffron hills rose sharply to the left. Further along the winding highway, exquisite Spanish villas were perched in their green gardens that ran to the very edge of the high red cliffs. "It's like the Biarrits coastline. It sure is pretty." remarked Mrs. ' Nolnn to Genevieve as the pair leaned back in the limousine the de- . . n ,1 T ., V. .1 jtatAcratail tn thnm. Phone 1 1 7 as oiarence wnirieu nrr t" L. - ! .1 . TiAlnrM fmi Phone 4 1 little lceDerg naa Deen tuMutiizuiK in the car in her outfit of bright red. OU VUUIU Da, . darken as she sat partnerless at the Red was a grand color for dinner raoie. i-oioree imujiui . , 1 ! , Roulette was his game, ne went J . 1. - 4mm ( V, a hnr to the Russell (Hick, of Georgetown, was the guest or Miss Sura Olloiirko. last week. Kegina exquiaii iwi" !"' I)n)nrp missed nothlnr of Reglna a Gleason and Edgar .lennedy begin to suspect their boss of social aspirations. They trump up a fake romance for him with pert little Ida smiles for Roger. roulette table, and flung a hundred- dollar Dill on ins rea poinu tie s latea w oe ewriii-seiiv-r for the women!" Diana thought. l' .. J . 1 .. ... . 1. all haa h 11 art aha lie msti , wul .-aln mrrn i n (7 nl n Perhaps, in the whole party, these OUUunil,) " 1 1 . mil wished that she were out of the run. l.iiplno ith her bogus uncle, Reginald Owen, thrown In for Komi and yet again, only to lose five hun ring, that late wouiu aeciae ine 1 -..I.. 1.1.. .J lha nnaarfalnlv.. iwo motners were uie uniy uni'H people, I'ltp thr hart hMn m mlx-un in measure. laaun uuiaij, at..w - - . -rf nay, tha sure misery would be at the imnortant question of: who "Slar Gazers," Harney Google In Spark Plug" and Fox -Movietone an end. Love wasnt meant to be contlnu- alia nalnfiil. It ahould be DCOud should go with whom? Diana had hoped to ride with P yrltn f i, - mnfoninnnl rea News are special shorts. dred dollars. It was a duo omen. Presently, Jerry arrived, and after further libations, marshaled his party into the big Spanish restaurant for dinner. Not even the champagne or the splendid floor-show throughout the excellent meal could restore Falconer's good humor. Koger sat next to Dolores and played up to her. The planters' THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM:- 1. To further every interest of Parke .nd V errn.lhon count.e.. 2. To ai.t the revival of the Indiana coal m.rung "ury; 3! To cooperate in solving Vermillion County', unemploy 4. Trow'Siry'ciinton and make it the mo.t attractiv. city of iU tize in the state. . SOME STATES WILL LOSE A dispatch from Washington nays that the federal treasury fill probably receive around $100,000,000 as a rrsul. of ihe failure of some statu to enact unemployment compensation laws. , The federal social security act levies a tax on the payrolls of employers of eif-ht or more persona, which is 1 per cent for the year 1936 and which increases to 3 per cent by 1938. The federal law also provides that employers who have to pay and joyous and open. ' sons, wanted to travel with Fal Prosecutor V. A. Sallerlee was In Infllanapulls Tuesday. The Daughters of America held n ImiKiuel In their hull Monday nlghl for I lie following seventeen eandl-dates taken In the Monday before: Mesdames Isabel)) Runklns, Bessie Grails, Nettle l.ler, Ida M. .lones, Ida Hays, Martha Kennedy, Adda .lack-son, Ora GilterBleve, Pearl Hayilt. Nila Eastman, Anna Owens, Mame Lucas. Misses Edna Horen. Ilulh Mvookbanks, Ida Jones. Alia Crnfli-ell ami lleilha Itugher. jiarence ww wiiravy. 1 i champagne. He had spotted free -1 .. - am attalat tenia anrl uwn coner, the director, f alconer, now-ever, wished to be tete-a-tete with hJnrna IV A v-fntirt'- 'HHi UHOAIM'AST III'' 1 1:IT" AT THi: WABASH Look at the array of talent In this Cll nil 1 IOK IIP vil " -"'.'w - "- suggested that they drop over there Dolorea had her own car and latest Paramount musical produc lor a snmer. He greeted Genevieve, was pre- .aaaa an tka ntViar mi i aat u and ROOn chauffeur with her (supplied by Falconer) but Dolores was tired of punches had been potent, ana me pair were now oblivious to everybody else. in.:l I, Athar Hnoirw1 at fne tion: Jack Denny, top comedian on had his long nose deep in libations. today's airwaves; George Burns nnd table when the meal was over, sip coner, and wished to ride along with Roger Dexter. By a ruse, at the last moment she succeeded. Ihe Irrepressible Graeie Allen; Boh Dolores u Arcourt moveu over w Diana. Her veneer had fallen from 1 (a. nanallv f u 1 1 a from tha ping liqueurs wim weir ucuu-. . i snH,na. kafuMiati flnor- Burns nnd his bazooka; Martha Rave "swlngin"' It: Shirley Ross laDflm, u uuiiva - - shows, Falconer started back to the plebeian In moments of anger. to be with Diana, but had held back because 01 the girl s avowee, aneo- and Ray Milland for romance: Don- open archway in the gardens sighted tlon tor Koger. jerry was "Say, your Doy-iriena sure is una grand doable-crosser!" ' "Whom do you mean?" asked Diana haughtily. nh Atm't nut on doe with me NOVKMRF.R .10, 1028 Mr. and Mrs. William Alderson of Fairview Park are announcing Ihe birth of a baby son. ise DaPron nnd Eleanore Whitney In some fast tap numbers; Virginia Here was his chancel She was When Dolores rode oft alone with T, aa I- a.nM f mMn Rnapa 1 IfT- Weidler, Billy of Terre Haute and David Holt in children's roles: going to the bungalow on an errand for her mother. Falconer hastened after her In the darkness under the palms. , . - He had drunk considerably by .nn. aw1 ha oni amnroilfl. He DUt X IU M" w J - -'. - a ter, who's ditched you, just as now he's ditched me for this new dame on the floor. Who is she? Who's Roger, Falconer turned purple wrai indignation, and registered a vow that because of this "kidnaping," the jackanapes playboy would be "out" forever from the studio! His rage was lessened a little, t. ni.A. ti Cfin n ,1 htmuilf and music of two types that of Benny Goodinsin's orchestra and oaving for her dothesT Not Koger, I'll be bound 1" She laughed Leopold Stowknwski's symphony. Harold Malone of Terre Haute was the dinner guest at the home of his mint, Mrs. V. C. Wright, and Mr. Wright , last evening. Malone is a member of Hud Cromwell's orchestra and played at the Delta Tau dance last evening. ! an arm about her ana drew ner to him, kissing her hotly. She wrenched back from him and Comedy, romance, music, singing alone in' one of Jerry's hired cars with Diana Darlington. shrilly. . "Be quiet!" Diana ordered sharply. "Don't let the whole room hear slapped him in the face. and (lancing are happily blended and will keep you entertained from you.- That's Miss Hyde from new gentle-mannered child from New 1 holf-hmir Inter" in the hotel York." . . ( "111 tan her hide plenty If she rst to last. . ' York's "upper-crust." He nimseir had come from nothing, but her- t-Un a onnKhtck anoint nmHitinn. bungalow, Diana 1 repaired her ..I.- .,n aa, n tlr " V P R . crosses met I've stood enough tonight! Didn't I sea Falconer sneak "I suppose this ends my movie The Dexter jackanapes was pally out after you, ana you were uum shut' up in your bungalow a good with tier. 10 piay up vo tjio em -.:-L, .1, I "lIBFI.ED I.ADV" At the Palace Myrna Loy is the "Libeled Lady" career, she said to nersen, ner ujjb still trembling from the mischances - . - bD .u.n sml eveninof. l m1i toaph snnTlpil Dolores a Donald Gerrish. who is a student at a medical college in Louisville. Ky.. is expeeted home today to spend Thanksgiving with his parents. Dr and Mrs, W. D. Gerrish, of South Fifth street. , nan-noun-"That's absolutely untrue, t was l .1 kaaaalna alnna Mr Fftl- "Well, anyway, I'm nothing out a lesson. She wasn't serious, in any in the case with William. 1'oweu. permanent sense, over a lo-a-wee Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracy coneT is nothing to me but my ' " scene painter wiiu iiBu ut;n i., r afnin fnT liriTit-ino. nnd in- this tax may credit any contributions made by them to state employment compensation plans up to 90 per cent of the federal tax. If a state, however, passes no such law then the employers in that particular state have to pay the entire tax into the federal treasury. Indiana was one of (he first to pass such a law. ; INTERNATIONAL PARK ON THE RIO GRANDE In the next few years nature lovers will be able to enjoy a national park on the border line between the United Slates and Mexico, where the Rio Grande cuts its way through mountains of limestone. , , Big Bend national park, approved last year, will contain 1.500,000 acres, provided by the state of Texas, and a Mexican area, administered by the Mexican government, which adjoins and continues the American park, will include 722.000 acres in the states of Chihuahua and Coahuila. The area is said to be one of the few sections of the country unchanged by progress and is the last great wilderness of the southwest. The Rio Grande roars through high canyons of limestone, some of the cliffs rising more than 2,000 feet above the river. Mount Emory, tallest peak of the Chicos mountain range, towers 7,835 feet. In the beginning the park area is expected to comprise 788,000 acres in Texas and 400,000 acres in Mexico, but when completed, in the next few years, will total 2,222,000 acres and constitute the largest park site on the continent. Yellowstone national park, now the largest, has 2.200,240 acres. clicking as the featured quartet. It s mighty poor actress I She went back to the lively table in the dining-room, thankful that Falconer was gone. Roger asked her to dance with him. Mechanically she consented. nnlna' arnpn pvea followed attention to the job when she had a "And he Won't be that lor long, if I've my wayl He told me only this morning that you were a bum actress!" ' ' ' ' " '' ' an amusing Walter Wanger concoction with witty dialogue nnd many highly humorous situations. Spencer Tracy is a high-powered managing editor of a newspaper who is actual , V. ..... faall nf annimnpA. boy-friend earning id,uuu per picture, as Falconer did tut it would be good to turn the tables on her and make her jealous I Before they reached San Diego, and ignoring the chauffeur's tell- -l. 17ffnnnor iaH tried to "Granted, said Diana qmeuy. -.. intaTiratad. Better Mrs. Russell Jacobs entertained 'he members of the M. W. C. Club last evening at her home. Mrs. Hazel Taylor and Mrs. Clark Shirley were guests of the club. Bridge was played and high prize was awarded uan rnings ever i mo on again?" thought Diana. There was placate her and avert scandal. ly too busy to get to his own wed UUl DOIOTOS was pemua uwbcii ii.u 1 n.. aaai hnmiliatinn. To kiss Diana! and been firmly but to Mrs. Sina "Hesler and guest prize WlaU jcawuaj aauw -. " lose two beaux on arrival here was much too much. Someone had to be punished, and Diana was nearest. gentlv put m nis piace. Extraordinary for $100-a-week novice to dare snub her director! 11 U tPnlfl-war Kiit it Anlv a sort or tamisn now on u-r wa for Roger. ... He stumbled a little as he danced. His eyes looked shifty. Suddenly, from directly behind them, came a high-pitched male voice she recognized. "Why, of all ,1,. fnlli, nln mpet.inirs! Just fawncy fo Mrs. Taylor. The next meeting of the club will be at the home of Don t nign-nai mei ra an a." 1 .aa tnat A-a.;ar.rateh I It VIlUUKllb rBiiiti, - - 1 whetted his appetite for further Mrs. Kathleen Lowry. WI1W Mia u- - ' wasn t your precious hard-up Roger, either; it was Jerry Nolan. Would ninnino into VOU tWO deah Old conquest. In default of being with the all i-n.fnnl TTalonnnr hft could re. ding to Miss Harlow. After Myrna Loy sues his paper for a cool ?"-000.000 for libel, Spencer calls for help from' the ever suave William Powell. Powell gets into lots of trouble with two women in his path. Walter Connolly and Charley Grape, win support the four with guiln. An Emfl Colemnn Band Act, col-ored cartoon and recent newsreel are added attractions. blighters in jolly old Mexico!" Diana turned. It was Clarence it surprise you to now man. iv HE who for weeks footed the bills fni. anna ialinta with Roger, eh? instate him at the studio, Roger decided it would be expedient to play nn to Falconer's sweetheart, Do Thyne. Mrs. Everett Helms, of South yifth street, entertained at dinner Monday evening Miss Arminta Spencer. Charles Brown, and Mrs. Harold Robinson of Montecello, Ind. Answer me that?" . And not atone, ume 9 www, nM.f;a faminina Inllch. lores D'Arcourt. He had never liked Dolores, but "needs must." .U no. hrnlr Here were the very woros 01 ine anonymous scrawl that had been nmnna4 in Diana's carl It had been "Hello, Roger darlingl Hello, -i - ri;anat' tilde, viaua. She was looking into the eyes of written by Dolores! The woman During the brief stop at the Im John Guerrl. who works out of migration ana customs biuliuii l tu- l?al.nor mit nf the tail Regma tiyaei r, .. : unA flnum 4ti tier four. Chicago, is expected home today to' Books Published nna-.a.nn.aa. fnrtia l.O A 1IU& Caliente, all the way from New York, to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. Cner rl. bring in the New Year, i CL- l.aa Uanna Vior otnncP with of his eye, beheld Roger openly ing with his sweetheart. - As they whirled past the towering campanile in the gorgeous grounds of Agua Calient, and to ' the various bungalows of the hotel that Jerry had engaged for the 1. 1 tnUXimO JTlrt VI' was quite capaoie 01 iu "Don't gape like thatl I tell you I knowl I waa waiting for Roger one night to drive him home In my car when his own waa In the repair shop, and I followed htm into Jerry s office at the studio, and saw Jerry slip him a hundred bucks and tell him to take yon to dinner." (To Be Concluded) CopTTllirt. IMS. atlnr. raauira, a,n3l(la In, For Children on Library Shelves Following is a list of children'! letters may figure conspicuously. her,, and the impecunious Irish nobleman who had sat at her left at her debut at the Monarch. sociability in domestic, romantic anJ artistic circles. - ; If TIiIk Is Vonr Iliif liday Those whose birthday it is may look for a lively, progressive and happy year, with much gain in increased property values and some solid advance on the road to good fortune. There may be much festivity in domestic, social and romantic associations, in which personal THE STARS SAY elly (JEXEVrcVE KEMBIJE For Tuesday, December 1 A very Interesting and pleasant day is forecast from tbe prevailing lunar and mutual aspects, Business may be lively, and there may be a decided advance in property values and solid investments. There also is likely to be much merriment and weeH.-t;iiu, , mm..... .. . - and more determined to pay the pair and the ebullient &ngiisnnuin, riaaaiiaa Thviie. who was convinced out through Diana. A child born on this day may be steady, industrious and dependable, lively, brilliant and socially Inclined. It may be very popular in secret societies or political or diplomatic circles. books recently received at the public library, according to an announcement made today by Miss Ksther Rohner. librarian: "He Went with Marco Polo." by Louise Andrews Kent. Newport's Honor Roll Students are Announced Today NEWPORT, Nov.. 28. Newport honor roll students for the school period ending Nov. 13 were announced today as follows: "All Sail Set; a Romance of the "But with no hard feelings" Flying Cloud," by Armstrong Spcr- ry. Itl lal,.Ba-a If"-, Ua. Wada Ofh aaaa. (577 "Uncharted Ways.' 'by Caroline Lena Becker Scott. 1 "Traitor's Torch," by Gertrude Crownfield. "Movie Makers," by John Flo- herty. "From Jungle to Zoo." by Lucil Mann. "Unrolling the Map; the Storyt Exploration," by L. Outhwaite. "The Story Boo of Wheels. Ships, Trains. Aircraft." by Maud Petersham. "The Story Book of Earth's Treasures," by Maud and Miska Petersham. "Automobiles; from Start to Finish," by Franklin Reck. Dale Stiedeker. "Thu Biz Canoe." by I.uriline Barr, Harriett Lilley, Moua aid, Robert McDonald, Russell New- lin and Helen Russell. Juniors: Norman Barr, Freda Cooper. Norma Hollingsworth, Imogens McMullcn and Vlca Nickels. Sophomores: Audreyjean Former, Guyneth Gosnell and Dorothy Howard. Freshmen: Naomi Barr, Goraldlne Lanham and Ray Moore. Eighth Grade: Dorothy Brown, Hallle Fortner Margaret Meschen and Virginia Reed. Seventh Grade: Glenn Bishop. Clyde Cundiff. Mary Gresmire, Lu-ella Harvey, Edna Lanham Doual Majors, Virginia Moore, Margaret Saunders. Pauline Sykes and Roll and 5 Point KtullelltK Juniors: Mary Jane Thomas Grace Downs. Sophomores: Martha Lewis Mary Saunders. Freshmen: Ruth Grossmire. . and and Evelyn Quick. Eighth Grade: Gladys Iewis. Seventh Grade: Hetty Hiillings- worth and Wanda Myers. 4 I'oillt MuilenlH Bowles Mayol. "The Birth of Rome," by Laura Orvieto. "Silver Chief; Dog of the North." by Jack O'Brien. "Ho-Ming; girl of New China," by Elizabeth Foremon Lewis. "In Calico and Crinoline." by Elinor Maria Sickles. "With Hearts Courageous." by Edna Kenton. "Children of the Handcrafts." by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey. "North After Seals," by Thamer Williamson. "The Good Master," by Kate Sere- Stamps of Korea There have been four languages on the stamps of Korea English, er! Woolwlne. Seniors: Malcolm Allen, -Charles Frenr-h. 1 timre rsnreHn dy. "Dawn Boy of tbe Pueblos." by JUST ARRIVED ! ! A CARLOAD OF... 1 J U FRIST I & y si 'dif ff"!W St. jZ?Km&x FUNERAL ? HOME DAY OR NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE : PHONE JOS A Christmas Gift o For All the Family Our Quantity Purchase Will Save You Money BUY NOW PAY NEXT YEAR , At Radio's Home: OSMOM BEOS. ! " Terms' to Suit You. Lo 224 Blackman Street . a . aJ l O -.-Mil r A mmmlj- r - --v . psslimamim ' t - -t "H ( IT

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