The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 8, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS TEAM WORK WINS Tt. r!-.....J. Vnitr I A. J. Weyler made a business trip FUND ESTIMATE OF GENERAL TO BE RAISED I lit; rail IIIUUII I ntU O Champaign, 111., over Labor Day. estimated expenditures as above 11544.00 rublbhed on Mondays and Thursdays More Service In Lee Shields of Jonesboro was in Fairmount on business Thursday morning. A. S . ROBERTS. Editor ana Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. Proper Equipment SHETLAND PONY. Charles Blackerby and Charles Brown were the winners of the Shetland pony and saddle given away last wek by Bert Briles, the grocer, the contest for which has been in progress during the summer. Manyjboys and girls industriously collected .the ballots given with purchases from the store, accumulating a large vote, but Blackerby and Brown joined forces and working togethersucceeded in securing the largest number of ballots and won the prize. The two boys h id Miss Lucile Flaisley was the guest of Miss Mildred Elliott Wednesday night. M H N H N H H M H M M LOCAL BREVITIES George Horton of Gary, spent the Working balance at end of year to meet necessary expenditures until Receipts of Revenue from Taxation Total T. ... 11544.00 Less Estimated Revenue and Balance Revenue not Derived from Taxation 300.00 Balance at end of this year. . Total Deductions 800.00 Amount Necessary to be Raised by Taxation 11244.00 STREET OR ROAD FUND Labor on Highways 800.00 Material and Supplies .... All other Expenses ....... Total 800.00 ESTIMATE OF STREET OR ROAD FUND TO BE RAISED Estimated Expenditures as Mrs. Blanch Horir.e and Miss Lil-jpast week as the guest of Mr. and lian Durbar are attending- the state j Mrs. J. It. Wilson, fair. I for i agreed between themselves as to n Ray Harshnian left Sunday Miss Leor.a Day is spending a few ; Florida. Mrs. Harshman expects to days with relatives and friends in i irtm hpr fcrKthatv. th- t law dntP ! division of the prixe, Blackerby taking the pony, having no ne?d for the You cannot expect service on heavy cars and trucks if you are under tired. Come in and let us help you in deciding the proper equipment for your cars or truck. We can help you get long mileage by fitting you out with our extra Quality and oversized Cords. Indianapolis and Zionsville. I saddle, while Brown, who had a pony Mrs. James Templeton and her j and no saddle took the saddle, thus sister who is visiting here from , completing his equipment. Pigeon, Mich., motored to Rushville j W. S. Elliott went to tokono, Wednesday, where he will spend the remainder of the week with relatives. 800.00 MOTHER CLAIM GIRLS Tuesday. mbye . . Working balance at end of year to meet necessary expenditures until Receipts of Revenue from Taxation 8 ; HAD BEEN MADE DRUNK. of The Srmmitvil'e News says of j The Srmmitvil'e News says Mr. ar.d Mrs. John Pinkerman and 1 Marv and Emmanuel Mayer that i 30.00 830.00 Total Street or Road Fund uaugtuer Vtcr.e ana Miss Bobbie W ey- Fowlerton, wer? the guests of their : the mothers of two Fairmount girls ler spent last week at Tippecano3 grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Svere in that place Thursday of last lake. I W'orler lcF wolr wV lTivpsHr-ntinw thp lnral pn1 of a and Bal- Less Estimated Revenue E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. . Tires, Accessories, Oils, . Gasoline, Vulcanizing 100.00 30.00 130.00 ance - - Revenue not Derived from Taxation Balance at end of this year. Total Deductions Amount Necessary to be raised by Taxation ' j joy ride in which two Summitville You will be delij htod with the news Eveline Ritchie went to Gas City j young men and two Fairmount girls j line of beads for trimming dresses, j Monday morning to again take up her ; participated. The mothers claimed, j See them at Mrs. Ella Patterson's Art ' Vork as teacher of the second grade according to the Summitville paper, j Store. 1 f West Ward htlililinir. itlinf infriTlVntintr rf cnmo l-in.l ! 700.00 W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 BOND FUND i Payment of Principal, Bond xxxxxxxx: ' I l had been given to th?ir daughters by Mack Shu'tz and wife and John j Mr. and Mrs. Everett Stout of In- j the young men and that an automo-Spencer cf Newcastle, who have been j dianapolis, spent th? week-end with: bile had been badly damaged. the guests cf Albert Morris and fami- the latter's mother, Mrs. Rebecca - iy, have returned home. Henderson. They motored . through ! Miss Nellie Williams of Jonesboro, 1 and were caught in the severe storm ! was a guest at the home of Mrs. TO All Funds i Total 1.03 .40 .51 .491 Number of Taxable Polls 267 Funds Levy on Levy on Amount to Polls Property be raised ed Debt Pavment of Interest, Bonded Debt Total Bond Fund ESTIMATE OF BOND FUND BE RAISED Estimated Expenditure as above . Working balarice""3u end of year to meet necessary expenditures until Receipts of Revenue from Taxation Unbleached muslins for dresses, of Saturday evening, but owing to ? Nellie Buck Wedn?sdav eveninsr. Taxpayers appearing shall have - a .46 : right to be heard thereon, "lifter th? . ... levies nave oeen determined, ten or lunch clothes, bed spreads, etc, at good roads were not much ineonvi-Mrs. El'a Patterson's Art Store. , enced. Special values in these goods. j . Th Jones sisters who conducted a J General Fund . !Ft. or Road Fd. 1 Bond Fund 1 Total i Library Fund 11244.00 700.00 1194466 245.65 .03 '.49 .001 George Horton of Gary, who spent the past week as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wilson, returned home Total Less Estimated Revenue and Miss Mabel R:ggs, of the Mayflower very successful millinery business on (Monday. Market, is spending her vacation this South Main street during the past v ,- ;.,i:I. n... ! spawn, have closed out their stock ....... Bal- ! 1 Revenue not Derived from SUNDAY SERVICES more taxpayers fealing themselves aggrieved by such levies, may appeal to the State Board of Tax Commissioners for further and final action thereon, by filing, a petition therefor with the County Auditor not later than the fourth Monday of September, and the State Board will fix a date of hearing in this County. Dated Sept. 6, 1921. XEN II. EDWARDS, President of the Board of Trustees. JOHN R. LITTLE, Clerk. 1 ' she will visit the state fair. anJ retired from business. For the j present they will. not engage in any f Taxation . Balance at end of this year .491 12189.65 COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF TAXES COLLECTED AND TO BE COLLECTED To be Name Col- Col- Col- Col-of lect- lect- lect- lect-Fund ed ed ed ed 1918 1919 1920 1921 Levy L?vy Levy Levy 'commercial enterprise, but will remain at home. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCIt Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. At the evening service the pastor Mrs. Patterson is showing some most attractive novelties for women's wear at her Art Store. You must see them to appreciate them. - Total Deductions Amount necessary to be raised by Taxation PROPOSED LEVIES Net Taxable Property. . .$2,272,430.00 Carl J. Dorton, recently connected will give the second of his series on 1 with the Fairmount Drop Forge com- 4 iqnr hie mArorl Vll famllr frrtMi t Vl f ' Every Man's Religion," taking fori theme, "How Does God Speak to . , r. .i, ... XT' . lllS Man?" Come and meet wth us. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor. -Mrs. Jonn oeioy prop?ny i.afi Second street to his farm near thews. J. II. Carson, recently re Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rhoads and son visited fvir-iay the rs brother Clayton Craw and family near .Matthews. Several other relatives were also present. j BAPTIST CHCRC!! turned from Oklahoma, will fill the position at the Drop Forge left vacant by Mr. Dorton. Farm Attention! j Don't forjet Rev. Clarence Wilhelm 'will preach in the Fairmount Baptist Mr. and Mrs. Claude Carev er.ter- Mis Bessie Howell, of Jonesboro. ' church, this Friday evening at 7:30. and Mrs. Mary Burling, of Colfax, "T tair.ed at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. ' Harvey Stitts and children, of Matthews, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cor-win and children Alva and Els:?. Sundav services Wis., wer afternoon and supper Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. B. Y. P. U., 10:45 a. m. MISS LILLIAN DUNBAR, Sup't. guests Friday cf Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rhoads and daughter. After calling in the evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rhoads they took the S o'clock interurban car for Operates under full load sitting on three Glass Tumblers. M. E. CHURCH All the regular services will be held next Sunday. George, the six-yar old son of Mr. and Mrs. Porter Aikir.sen, who submitted to an operation for a burst ed appendix recently at the Grant coun- , ty hospital, is repcrt?c to be getting! along in fine shape. The little fellow A verv pleasant dav was spent 1 Sunday school at 9:30, followed by ?..r I, hnm of Mr. and Mrs.lthe morning- sermon at 10:30; the Ep- has demonstrated a spartan like spirit of endurance which endears s hi-m to , George Fslton at their country homejwrth " be at :45: the ev him. He south of town, a splendid dinner be-Iing sermon at 7:30. Ery one ,s all who come in contact with your i v i! i i t . - - - .- . s. x following guests: w r,ct?'; Dr,nS will net be able to be brocrM to his ing served to the This : 8 ! r-v , -.jprrs us. Rev. J. J. Coleman, wife and daughter and worship with See Demonstration at Converse Fair home for a l?ast two weeks. is the Lord's Day. Let us use His glory. of Marion; Prof. E. F. Wolf and son, Prof. J. W. Leedy, wife and son, of i Marion College, Mrs. J. L. Rigsbee 1 p.nd daughter and Raymond Clark and family. Evening callers were Mr. ; and Mrs. Will Ware and Otto Rigsbee. FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m. Morning worship, 10:30. th? pastor in charge. Union Mission Band, 3 p. m. Younr: people's meeting, 6:30 p. m. Sleeve Valve Motor, Will Not Carbon LT x&JLi- -A- John Ackerman submitted to a sur- 1 gical operation Tuesday in the Grant j ortiinti- Kir5tjal f-r the removal of ! The intermediate crouu will meet tumors on his back and on his hip. j thf ann; the .senior group in the ea wing of the church. I i i4 y p'f'i He was-brouc;ht to his home immediately after the operation and latest Evening service, 7:30. Cordial welcome to all. S. ADELBERT WOOD, Pastor. reports state that he is eetting along , as well as can be expec?d. Motor Improves With Age . , - r j NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX Dr. Glenn Henley has returned from ; LEVIES .... I .JP ri Ann Arbor, Mich. where he accom-1 Ln the Matter of Determining the 'panied Milton Powers who submitted ! J for Certain Purposes by the ' ' . . r r n Civil Town of Fairmount, Grant jto an operation. Mr. Powers felljCcuntv Ind;anSk .about three years ago while in Ma.- (Before the Board of Trustees). Notice is herebv r iven the tax pav- rion and has had" very little use of the . rs of the Civil Town of "Fairmount, performed in the hopes ill ; per legal officers of said municipality j of his hip might be restored to him. . . ltw Qm.OM PM i word nas come w wis. k.u.m c. of South Factory street that her son, Curt Pace, was seriously injured at Stryker, I1U when a "speeder" ran over him recently. Mr. Pace is an employe of the Lake Shore railroad company. particulars oi tne ac- Fik&m ELECTRIC POWER AtD LDGKT PLAWT Stop for a few minutes and think what it means to have your farm equipped with electric lights. The Silent Alamo is the Packard of the lighting plants. It runs so smooth and quiet that it will last a life time. Vibration fa the worst enemy of all machinery. The Alamo Company has eliminated this vibration. We arc lighting plant specialists and guarantee to give you efficient service at all times- We have installed more than fifty of these plants in around Mar- l cident have not yet been received, but at their Kegular Meeting place, on the 17th day of September, 1921, will consider the following Budeet: GENERAL FUND General Administration Salaries of Town Trustees. .$ 640.00 Salary of Clerk Salary of Treasurer. 66d.00 Town Attorney and Legal Department 'lOO.OO Office Expense and Supplies. 100.00 Printing 160.00 Rent of Buildines & grounds Repair of Buildings 200.00 Protection of Persons and Property Salary of Marshal & Deputies 1600.00 Board and care of prisoners. Compensation of Firs Dpt. 500.00 New Fire Equipment...... 1000.00 Supplies and Repairs of Fire Department 100.00 Public Water Supply 1352.00 Health and Sanitation Health Officers Salaries and it is understood that Mr. Pace will be confined to his bed for several D"Ltr I weeks. Pal. i CAREY HOME SCENE matl OVETJ t2AK3S Phone us for demonstration. OF FAMILY REUNION. The home of Chas. E. Carey, on route No. 1, out of Fairmount, has this wek been the scene of a happy family revsnion, all the children being at home, H. L. Carey and family of Brooklyn, N. and Mrs. Grace Jones and little daughter of Ev&nston, 111., being at home, as well as Herbert ion. Supplies 150.00 Contagious Disease 500.00 vartage Kemoval eu.uo powers ......4... 350.00 Streets and Highways Salary of St. Commissioner See Next Week's New for List of Users Around Marion. Carer, who thi vnr er&duated from Labor Never again need you long for perfect baking like mother used to bake." Cole's High Oven Range will produce the most delicious bread and pastry. It will appeal to the housewife who is particular about her baking. There are imitations, but there U only one Qces ICih Oven Range " Parrill r Lcvia Funr;rrun Houc Furnbhinct FAHlMOUIfT, INDIANA 700.00 500.00 - 50.00 1682.00 Earlham college, and who will soon tnl 5 U?ii oV"V; . Dk.i.v;n m v ,w Sprinkling Oiling Streets Street Lighting Electrk Go QWiie Street Intersection Assessments 4 Miscellaneous Expense Repayment of borrow 3d money teach during the coming year. Mrs. Jones had not been home since the death of her husband some months ago, and this was the fiist time the tittle granddattehter has Visited jrith her grandparents. 1000.00 140.00 Interest on borrowed money Expense of Public Cemetery Additional Grounds ........ Llaricn, Indiana 110 7ccl Focnh Street ....... New Buildings ... Labor and Supplies totr cant itrnrt Air Aonrrn- tt ArziT tit t; n rApr ri j) ccrea&n Nl.fS 13 READ Total Gfci4j Fend. 11644.CO it

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