The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 30, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1936
Page 2
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Monday, November 30, 1930. The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 2 FIGHTS FOR LIFE U V Hot Flashes I , Of Bv . ' i I .A O O h' S)856 B.t !' jj M a t . 7 A t&tffl -k fill the demand for that bracket of bar associations, not because the show has failed to click. The Columbia network's "Salute! Weekly Farm Paper Revien THE BEST IDEAS FROM THE BEST FARM PAPERS By WT1J-ARD BOLT of men and women who do not wislij to tha Ini'r-Alliericatt Conference" Starllnes: Joe Penner. CliS comedy star, was born on November 11. ISOt. Ill Budapest. Heal name is Pinter. Arrived In America at age RADIO two 2 of nine with grandfather. Worked after school bb newsboy. Was boy lo Join anything." Thirty minutes of nonsense and music featuring Shannon, the Smoothies, the de Vore Sisters, Ellis Frakes and Phil Davis' orchestra are crowded into the new Irrational Broad cast ins Company's network of the "Crosley Follies." aired over YVI.W and the Mutual network from U:3" to 11:0(1 p. m. Mondays. RAYIIES-FRAZIER Farm Hardware of AD Kindt 323 South Main Phone 33 Poultry House Insulation An article is Indiana Farmer's Guide states Uiat either wood shar-mg or ground corn cobs make effective filler to go between ti walls of thTpoultry house. Mix two pounds of air-slaked lime with each 100 ponnds of insulating; material to repel insects and rata and mica. Wild Cherry Poisoning WiM cherries should be completely eliminated from woods and fence rows where cattle are permitted to run. The deadly menace of this shrub "well demonstrated bV. report in Wallace Farmer hch state . that one of their subscribers in Iowa recently lost nine head of mature cattle in less thsn an hour after they had eaten a very small quantity of wild cherry leaves. Silage From an Illinois Experiment Station report in Michigan Farmer, 1 rather that farmers who cut their drouth-stunted corn and put it into the Silo earlier than the usual lilo-filling- time are (tome to be aorry. Normally, corn may be expected to double its feed value between Aug-ust 15 will be broadcast over C1SB ibis evening from :J0 U J8,:3e p. m. lu Columbia's View York, studios, orchestras, directed in turn by Kred-die Ril'b. Iud Gluskin and Mark Warnow, will .present selections ot outsUudiuK LJUln Ameikan compositions. A two-way transmission of the program will bring from Buenos Aires a series of brief talks by officials of tha., Pan-American Union and delegates to the Inter-Auiericau Peace Conference. . . . President Franklin D. Roosevelt will speak Into ColumflJia microphones Tuesday when he . delivers his address to the opening session of the peace conference. The broadcast if but a part of Colombia's extensive plan to present the work of the International conference to the people of the two Americas, and will be followed later Jn the day 5:35 to B:45 p. m. by H. V". Kaltenborn. CBF ace commentator, giving a report or the opening sesulon from the seen' of the conference. soprano In Detroit's St. Paul I a-thedral choir. Sang in Liberty Umn drives dur ng World war. Won Charlie Chaplin contest In a neighborhood theatre. Worked In automobile factory. Sold pianos in music store. Got Job as a mind reader's assistant In a show. Went into vaudevlle to plncb-hit for a comedian. First Broadway hit wbb "Greenwich Village Follies." . . . Made first radio appearance with Rudy Vallee In July. 1933. In October. 1S33. headed his own program. In June. 1934. radio fans voted him America's favorite. Has made several motion pictures. Is married to Eleanor Mae Vogt. dancer In Joe's first new York show. Is heard every Sunday from 5 to S:30 p. m. over CBS. and September 15, wnicn means inan you lose -" - of every acre for each week of development that you cut off during that Isabel Maiming Hewion. perhaps the foremost of all women radio commentators who has a wide appeal in the east will be heard in a new series of broadcasts over VTJX ind the Mutual network each Tues-lay and Thursday at 10: IT, a. m. beginning this Tuesday. Miss Hewion will be known as the "Petticoat Philosopher" on the new program ind she will talk about the problems f women and the news which she hiuks concerns the fair sex. Miss Mewsou is a member of an old Phila-lelphia family and is the direct descendant of Polly Stevenson, whose letters came to be found on the pages of many a Benjamin Franklin biography. We order stove repairs to fit any stove and make stovepipe any size. We have Alcohol and Anti-Freeze for your car. W. 5 LEWIS Hardware 149 S. Main Groceries Doomed to death by starvation because he was born with hb digestive niciilner- in a tangle, llt-tlle Roger Sniiftimkl of Chlcagti Is given a chance to recover following operation which correcteil he Jmnrrrertion. His nurse Is shown alKive rliwkliig the pulse ,tf little Roger. munin. jnnuiaii r i int.. Disinfecting with Lye Poultry Tribune reports that experiment stations have proven that common lye as weak as 1 part of 'ye to 750 AarU of water will kill the germs of poultry diseases in a few minutes. For practical purposes, however, they recommend 1 part of lye to 150 parts of water or a can to IS gallons. Use it freely as it cannot kill germs unless it touches them. This solution is not caustic or unpleasant to handle and the cost is less than le per gallon. Pasture In Wisconsin studies, reported in Wallace's Farmer, it was found About dthe Stars- Wli'lo Te Weenis. maestro on the Fibber Mc- oteers. CBS WBBM, WHAS. ji:uu Major Howes Amateur Hour CU.S .WBBM. WHAS. 9:00 Kralt Music Hall. NBC 'WMAQ, WLW. , FRIDAY 7; 00 Cities Service Concert. JCBC WMAJ, WTAM. s : on -Hollywood Hotel. CBS WBBM, WHAS. that where rotational grazing was followed, on unfertilised permanent pasture, one and one-third acres would supply sufficient grazing for a Fire Blight . ' . j Fire blight In apple orchards has been particularly severe In Pennsylvania this year. At Pennsylvania State College, the varieties most affected are York, Baldwin, Rome and Northern Spy while there were only a few dead twigs on Mcintosh, Stayman and Delicious trees. American Fruit Grower. ClUlluNI A Chance rfclt tti New York City two years aeo bronght Honey Dean ber first radio ont) cU . Auditioned t KBC. afteo- an executive of the company bad beard ber ninging at a party, she was acclaimed as having a "perfect radio voice." Now she is the regular bines singer on Lanny Ross' Show Boat, heard over ,VBC every Thursday at 8 p. m. Miss Dean, a 20-year-old Mobile, Ala . girl, came to New York to visit relatives. It was at a party given in ber honor, that the NBC executive beard ber sing. Following her successful audition Mlsn Dean was signed as a feature artist on the Vocaliana program, t INSURANCE 1 ' and Surety Bonds Old Line Stock Companies . ROBB c GILMOUR Dependable Insurance Since 1890 141 S. Mam St. Phone 18 10:00 "Mortimer Gooch." CBS W.T1B.M. KMOX. SATI'ISD AY 7:00 Kd Wynn: Vorhees Orclies-H a. (lee and Molly shows, was in Peoria last week, he purchased an electric clock so he couldn't possibly oversleep. . . - since even the telephone won't awaken him. When he got back to the hotel, he called the operator to ask whether the current was direct or alternating. "Neither" replied the girl. "Central Standard." . . - Judging by the avaUnche of mail which has been received by "Professor Quiz and his Braiubusters" of CBS (heard Sundays at 6 p- m.l the North American continent has become quil conscious, and the good "Prof" may be a successor to the recent "Knock. Knock" rage which had cltliens PIUH.ItAM HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY -H0 Horace Heidi's Brigadiers. CBS WBBM, WHAS. 7:30 Melodiana, XBC WLS. KDKA- g:30 Jack Pearl; Dorsey's Orchestra. NBC M'F.NH. WS.M. 9 m) Wayne King's Orchestra. CBS WBBM, WHAS. Tl'KKHAY 7:ijo Hanimerstein Music Hall. CBS WBBM, WHAS. 7:30 Kdgar A. Guest In Welcome Valley. XBC WW. WKXR. g:00 Sidewalk Interviews. NBC WiMAQ. WTA'M. 9:3(1 Poly Follies. CBS WBBM. KMOX. WfcDXK-SIMY 7:30 Burns and Allen. CBS WBBM. WHAS. fc;0(t Town Hall Tonight. XBC WMAQ. WIW. lrt:0 Poetic Melodies. CBS WBBM. KMOX. TIll'BSEMY f,.:xi Vee Lawnhursl; The Chari USED CARS What promises to sweep the country wltb a landsllde'of applications even greater than the democratic vote is Rsy Shannon's new "Non-Joiners Club. Not Incorporated." XBC--WLS, WTAM. :30 The Saturday Night Sere naders. CBS WJiBM, WHAS. 9:30 Irvin S. Cobb; Padiical 1'lanlatiou. ,BC WIS. WTAM. htXDAV : UO Joe Penner; Griers' Orchcs tra. CBS W.nilM. WHAS. 7:n Armro Hand.' NBC WENR. KDKA. 9:00 Kdwln C, Hilli Sosnick's Or 'W!) Always jfiPl Selection ringing mental doorbells recently. . ; , Bess Flynu uses one of the oldest stunts known in radio for rehearsing her scripts. In order to reflect the voice tones back to her ears, she reads Into an empty soup howl! . . . Rumors on Radio Row have Good Will Court being withdrawn at the end of current J3- When the "Crosley Follies" revived the old 1kvendar network of the Irrational Broadcasting Company, a couple of weeks ago. Shannon announced formation of his new club. "America Is the greatest country in the world of people who Join clubs." said Shannon,-master of ceremonies of the Follies' "My organisation Is Many Makes and Models Chevrolet Cars Tracks CLINTON AUTO COMPANY t'ENR. VOAV. r.? Iiestr XBC Hoard's Dairyman reports that, in a series of seven feeding tests with dairy cows at Purdne University, rations containing soybeans increased the fat content of the milk an average of .25 over the fat content of mil' produced by cows getting no soybeans. dairy cow for 6 months. Applying 6 tons of rotted manure per acre did not increase feed production sufficiently to pay for the labor. But when sulfate of ammonia was applied at the rate of 200 lbs. per acre each spring, with double that amount the first year, it required little more than three-fourths of an acre to pasture a cow for the pasture period. Leg Weakness in Pullets When some of our pullets develop weak legs. Southern Agricul-tarist says that the trouble is usually due to one of two things. The weak birds may not be getting a balanced diet or Uiey may be infested with intestinal worms. - Skimmilk for Cows A gallon of skimmilk will replace a pound of cottonseed meal in the dairy ration, according to a report from M.nnesoU Lxpenment Station in Micbigan Farmer. One good way to feed it is to mix it withthe grain ration-about a gallon to 4 lbs. of grain but the cows should be brought np to full feed gradually. Cockerels ' -. Iowa Stale College report that cockerels for next year's breeders should be selected when Oiey are about 8 weeks of age. Select 40 cockerels for every 10 that you actually intend to keep separate them from the flock of cockerels that are intended for market and keep watching and culling that bunch of prospective breeders ontil you hava the best 10, based on early and uniform feathering, fast growth, body conformation, color and all-round vigor. Hoard's Dairyman. Raspberries Both black and purple raspoerries have a tendency lo develop long, weak, canes and it is Important to go through the planting several times during the summer to cut them back. Black r"rberries sTiould be cut at 18 to 24 inches and the purple varieties at 30 to 36 inches. American Fruit Grower. Beef For three years in a row, steer feeding testa at Illinois Experiment SUtkmhave demonstrated that steers fed on pasture will put on weight fMuTthan if fed m the dry lot. This year's tests also showed that it is nracUcal to feed more soybean meal than is required to balance the ration, when the meal is cheaper than corn-and also that rt is not wise to feed an excess of dried brewer's grams. allace a Farmer. Swamp Hay v Out of the west is coming a new swampy-land grass i to compete with Twirnarf Grass. They call it Meadow Foxtoil-lthongh rt is not a fn-andbregon farmers like it better than Reed's 'because it ii .far palatable to stock. Seed is scarce and high priced, hence Cappers FJwJIm recommends baying s little seed-planting it in rows-and hand-stripping it to get enough to plant your swamp land. week-run, largely'due lo opposition, I m0 I 1 13 Markman Ition 8T C. COLUMBUS COOPERATIVE. STORES 11 .iumtiw.l RYTEX PERSONAL CHRISTMAS CARDS ty! ColMul! Html FARMERS! We Pay Highest Pricea For Graia 'xaiuKaS-iiniiDS" Te5sH A ILlTOfJI m for: Butchering Season Is Now On! Use Morton's Salt for Seasoning. Feeds of All Kinds RIVERSIDE MILLING CO. 158 Water Street Phone S ivy PRINTED WITH YOUR NAME Here they re - these ultrMm.rt eardg that re Iwy o individual. French lower atvle . . . exquisite stock . . . design eapecl-ajjjr crated by Btex- 6uU howl n . 3 WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth Cello-Glass . Putty, Paints, etc. STEVES SCI LUMBER CO. li -I . L . ' ROLL ROOFING PLAIN SLATE ROLL ROOFING 1 DIAMOND POINT ROLL HEX-SHINGLES FOUR-IN-ONE SHINGLES We will quote you a price for the material only or a complete applied roof. Call u for an e.timate on a "Mule-Hide" roof. IIOOF COATIHCS We carry a complete stock of plain and asbestos fibred coatings in gallons, five-gallon cans and drums. "Mule-Hide" coatings are your assurance of quality and the price is right. We are carload buyers. LUMBER CO. 326 BLACKMAN STREET PHONE 303 ..... RAGS and COTTON MATTRESSES IcLB. A. BUSIES Water Street Phone 267 TO LEAVE ORDERS AT THE OFFICE OR SEND REMITTANCE THE DAILY CLINTONIAN

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