The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 28, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Saturday, Novm ber 28, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 5 ISS WALLOPS BID TO BOWL IN MIND AS L. S. U, T. H. Tribune Leeds 183 114 130 Anbury mo !I4 181 McClling 143 114 "118 tilieiTl 214 118 182 Monill Hill lllll 139 Bowling Results Dancing Every Saturday Night Tony s Cafe At Centenary One Opinion For What by Davit t It's Worth J. Walsh Toluls MI6 lillll Clinton Ice Co. W. iteverillge .... 104 r, ill! Realty 1 47 1 19 9S C. Ilel,.,l,i-e KiS 170 127 t 'of tiler IX. '( i:,7 Shannon 127 91 I lt tld !-: 23 23 "Si ii.i 23 NATIONAL I.RtOlK Indianapolis News Combs 197 147 124 128 133 80 Tim merman Norton liorney . . . Itlcaiiila . . . Handicap . . 132 101 132 122 80 Totals 744 7 15 Iiu7 PARIS BOWLERS COMING SUNDAY f'lilltoll will get the oplMillllllily 140 145 130 Hill 15.1 80 820 j 204 18U 192 191 to see how I'nriH. III., howler ran perform when a team from acroi-.s 1 Hie line aiiM-ais ben tit the local ulleyH at 2:3u p. m. Sunday lo tangle willl Ihe Clinton All-Stars. IZZY, AIMS FOR M'LARIilN BOUT Welterweight Champion Looks Bad Against Jannazzo; Manager Not Happy Over . Garcia Match I NKV YORK. Nov, 2 Having re-' lulned bis world welterweight title agiilnsl f.r.y jHiinuzJcl, Iturney Hons ' I .iy in villi today for the one man 1 who figures tu give him s money mntih his old playmate,. Januti Anhlhald .Mi-Larnln. The bendy-eyed champion, risking his crown for Ihe first time in lli months, won a unanimous decision in 15 rounds over Ihe New York east alder, via Birmingham, Ala., at Madison .Square Cnrden Inst night, but he was far oft form and the tolsl crop of customers was a disappoints Ing 8,484. . iJ I'iiin Wrluiinv The result of thill disquieting stule of uffuira is thai his manager Sam Piiin, no longer is greatly iuier- e.sled in sending Unas against Ccfc-rlno Carcla, the Filipino, to whom he Is pledged through the New York State Athletic Commlasion, for a title defence within 00 days. Plan virtually marlcil the wbeela rolling- for one of the nntxtamlint naturals- Ross vs. McLariiiu when be said today; "That thing last night drew only n little better than $22,000 and you can't risk the title for the kind ot money you get out of a show like that. We want to box somebody now who will help draw a gate." McLarnln. decisive winner over Tony Canzoneri and I.oti Ambers in his last two starts, fits the description. Pian indicated. BEER and LUNCHES SPECIAL! DANCING TONIGHT by the Provence String Band CHICKEN O'NNERS Ice Cold Ijecr FLOOR SHOW Honeymoon Cafe 410 V Till Ht. Clinton. Sunday Special! ttlMK TO VENETIAN GARDENS PAKIH, ILLINOIS Matinee antl Xittht FAT WILSON At the Piano ITALIAN SI'AtiHCTTI Our Suerlally ;xl Sandwiches Cold lleer MIXKI) PRINKS J'HILADKI.PillA, Nov. 28 For a few hours this afternoon, llfii will take a holiday from gilin rvullty MORE THAN 200 HAVE RECEIVED C. H .S. LETTERS Many Given Awards for Football Alone "C" Club Planned for Former Local Athletes Approximately 22S men hove re ceived letters playing football for Clinton high school. An unofficial report shows that In 1916, the flrst year of football, four men recevled the coveted "C." They were Nick f'omaianl, Bryan Hux-rord, (leorge Oswalt, and Ju k Reed. In 1930, 25 men received letters, the largest group to date. The 1928 qua4 led by Captain Itoy Cogan won the greateat number of uwards. they won (he Indiana stute cham pionship, the. Dig 10 championship, and a tie, for the Wahsxh Valley ti de. Pour men out of this winailj llso made the first three , All-State teams. , Roy Cogan and Clifford Marsh, baikfleld positions on the iivt team, "Chick" Shannon end on 'he second team, and Tony Rungaliu tackle on the third team; these ame four men made Hie Hint teum II valley. National Fame 'C" men who iiave won national recognition and fame in college are: lohn .Magnabosco, Indiana Unlver- lity, now coach at Ball State Teach- rs College, Clifford Marsh, Detroit now at Detroit high school, F.t- ore . Antonini, Indiana University. tow end coach at his Alma Mater. ' and Fred 'Vanto, Korthweatern's Treat blocking quarterback. Others 1 are gone to smaller schools and sined recognition in many i-latea. A fine line of competitive blood ' list be present to lirinK out siu-li talent, and It's pretty well agreed inong Clinton veterans that there should be no trouble in organizing ', V" dab to help bring back the ' HIMBLE THEATRE W POPEVE, IF VDUft ME fSGfXtN I'M GOING TO SLM CHfWR OVER ntftD r7T TILLIE THE TOILER I PAWfl -Vmt UP TO a Totals 784 787 IHrillA Sweet Hhim Bruzukns 161 181 Miirdnc k ........ )) 214 Colombo 1113 183 Ave 180 210 Item-ill 203 172 Totals 8lil 940 CooenUlve Stores Hondl .... ,.. 145 141 Culnn 130 187 F. Bchelsky 148 109 Kenogllo 122 122 I. aiiziiiii- ir3 107 205 192 105 141 122 168 Totals 896 706 788 Kxch.-inKc Club Stilt. 121 123 Hegarty 87 HiS 130 123 120 148 91 20 Cheek 127 124 I-einstra ., 128 142 Fletcher 91 91 Handicap 20 20 Totals 574 688 632 Texaco Oilers Frailer 130 154 130 Stone 115 140 156 Kamm 119 159 101 T. Crlffllh . . '. 139 114 136 Mills 147 185 179 Handicap 82 82 82 Totals 732 840 850 it. 4. Murphy Co. . . Moore 101 160 136 Tasso 129 181 173 Roll 131 146 155 C. Srhclnky 122 163 164 n. White 137 162 213 Totals 620 812 841 Popeye VO HERE'S THS HE SENT I I I IS USTEN.POPPfS.VA KNOWS LOVES VfYBOT VA CANT BLfE ME FOR BEIN' fi il and go into something that touches the romance or Kipling and the spirit of the Mm (II Uras. combining till" best feulurea of each. Threq hours, four at the most; but long enough for the Middies to murch, the Cutlets to cat-nlep and the football teumi of the Army and Navy to enuage In the thirty-seventh meeting of their Immemorial series. Long enough, too. for the eternal hoy that Is In all of us to baie hi fling at th egliiler and frivol of Illusion. If anything, the Army Is favored, all bough it lost to Notre Dame, which lost to the Navy only a ween before. But the Army. It seemed, looked better in blowing that one than the Navy did in victory anil, besides, the Middles have no pass-lni!-puntlng-running genius of the order of "Monk" Meyer; no tncklea to compare with Krlkson and no ends quite the class of Htroniherg and Preston. It seems to have a good back In young Ingram, scion of a great fam ily in Navy football, whose field goal beat Notre Dame. It also has swift-striking, close order attack, although somehow It never quite got to rolling- In previous games successive defeats by Yale, Prineeuin. and Pennsylvania can and will attest However, these went hard teams to beat and, conversely, easy to lose It. Continued on Page 8 spirit of old along with the championships. There will lie a meeting for till purpoM on Tuesday, December 1, at T:!!0 p. m. in the basement of the Clinton hotel. TOHIGHT FISH TURTLE BEER WINE Betty's Cafe NORTH NINTH ST. ALMOST ft HUN E.RO ; "TELL VOJ this "th 0MOO6H ft. Chicken and Hot Tamales TONIGHT at Monte Carlo Cafe 1301 North Seventh DANCING TONIGHT Good Music ALL POPULAR BRANDS Ice Cold Beer, 10c Wines O. IH-:l,TI(AM:, I'ronrli-lor ffFISH FRY STEVE'S TAVERN Jacksonville SATURDAY BEER 5c and 10c Sandwiches of All Kinds. Steve Giordano, Prop. ME HIS. ipH3TOSI2APH, MAC , Dance Music Ladies By Tonight Dreamland Ballroom by Chas. Schulte Orchestra Dancing 8:30 to 12:00 10c Men 25c GENEVA TAVERN " '' 1 mile west of Fairview MUSIC BEER DANCING MEETS TULANE Undefeated Tifert Are Fevored to Keep Conference Title ( Bryan' Condition Is Question Mark RATON ROlldE. L., Nor. 28. The Tltti'M of l.ouliluiia fllate un viTliy diiti-r Iholr Kame hirn this uMi-rnnoii with Tulune, a favorite to will unit P'KHln Iholr millllii-anliTM confi-ri-iirt- l Hie with the added hopes of bid to I ho It erne Bowl Morty thousand snertutors are ex pected to he In t tin stands to aee this renewal of sn undent feud. Th enlarged Titter stadium will beded ten led before the game. lorry Hop kins, national WPA administrator cam from Washington to take part In th dedication program by reason of the fact that the rebuilding of the hi u (t in in was a WPA project. h. B. V. t'noVfeatod The Titters enler the (fame tin beaten, the only shadow against their record a tie with Texas. Tit-lane Inst to Alabama an,d Georgia Coming as the last game on their schedule, the Tigers are free to "cut loose" and not conserve their team for the future, as has been the case In past games when they had to keep in mind their "suicide srhed ule." The Tigers are In perfect form for the fruy. Whether Bucky Bry an; Tulane's great star, would be in the game wss a matter not definite- ly decided. He has been on the injured list. A holiday air bung over Baton Rouge as special trains roared into the elly from New Orleans and other points. Automobiles came from every point in the state. The two teams have clashed 33 times since 188 with Tulane taking 16 and U fi. U. 14. Four games were ties. SCOUTS RETURN TO NOTRE DAME NOTRE DAME. Ind.. Nor. 48. Notre Dame's scouts returned to the snow covered campus from California today with brief cases jammed with notes on the offensive strategy of Soul hern California, the Irish opponent a wee from today. Elmer Uiyden gave the squad a lenKthy indoor workout yesterday. Frank Kopszak, regular right tackle who injured his leg in the Navy game and was enable to play against Army or Northwestern, has recovered and will be ready for the Trojans. The Notre Dauie squad will leave here Monday for Tucson, Aril., go ing on to Los Angeles Friday. DANCING o z a x H Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Yow Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liquor! Mixed Driakt TONIGHT AT .Roberta's Tavern at BLANFORD, HID. Beer 5c and 10c Universal, Indiana HaKHaI DAIICE Plenty of Cold Beer FISH FRY EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Everybody Welcome f '""3Kl By E. C SECAR " '!.. . , . . . .- ,i . Tur V Vt bKHNU rt HtKt iwt L V TMjYT- - LI I i XLe 'V'V U-r s w .--l - i nil i v j- i' uw i . w ji , ,t - i nuu t . i i Starring KE 16. HE'S GOT h VrJfsU.OP UKE THE KCKOF f HOLE! VOU'VJE OOT TO SPEfK , imc3. has some far. I'M EMCTAeED T TILUIET w ws s ma i i i. n OLD) I I II RUSS WESTOVER BALD AFT02. I KISSED I vaaaiTEQTO I ABOUT TMlS OLD GENT ME SAVS I V I cr caoi v kiri it- i.,cL.nN . i I II ; I AD I WON'T STAMC FOE IT i : t y THAT G&EZESt. VMON'T WEED AWV HAlE. VJHEN t GET -,? mrTW smith him HE'U. HE 3, COO IF I KtS HIS BAJ-O HEAT, ISO WIS HAJti BUT t DOM'T KMOW WHy I'M TELL.IMC5 YOU. BECAUSE I'M cSOIWeT m ITUSTEW SMACK. SMACK 5MACK. UT He S STILL. GET rOo Operative 48 PULL A. ROD ON ME, EH ? Secret DANN DUNN r s.t nt a. Mi

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