The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 28, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1936
Page 4
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Saturday. November 28, 1936 The Daily Cliiitonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 4 "Wabash Sunday, Monday and Tuesday k THE DAILY CLINTON1AN Foundfd 1912 "Sweepstakes on Love J bv may Christie m Established as The Weekly Cllntonian 180 The Clinlon l'lalndealer absorbed in 1908. - ' ' .. . ' I ft 1 . V;; ; Firstly, Roger would not be in ti . L.J alinnat n,t (,f . .Editor and Publisher waa a auestlon In her eye., it e.- ' CHAPTER XXII George L. Carey. ... ped th. girl, evidently, oecaus- in. pari?, nwip" i"- th. picture a. far a. th. .tudio i In n . -A. nl.lnM had hcon sh. added, definitely I "He', run- I,..,.,, ., the Postofftce at Clinton. Indiana, a. Second CUs. Matter. LMHiia inn i - i tnw m wm.W nd ovtr and nine around with all -orta now. i t .,.. ahaA it's rood rid "Member Indiana Republican Editorial A.soclatlon dance of b.d rubbidgel" National AdvertitinK Representatives a a. - Chrlstm.a I. a "family day" In crowd wa. conccrn-w. . Secondly, there wat the platinum di.mond-and-sapphlr. wrlst-watel that mint hav. been tent be' at Chrl.tma. by Jerry Nolan. When sh. asked him about It, be prevarl-c.ted, turned it off trlth a Joka y ht might havt bttn tht donor, whlc m.dt thing, .wkward. It w Im iv.i- .n ,tfllra iha wrlaakwatei Hollywood, with dinner, in tht N V bomt. 19IHI Wrlrlev HldK., Chicago. ,-l,J General Motor, Mlmr. HO Kt 42nd bt.. New York Nia-ht club, art mora or let. iot- ovt the seone. h.d to bt shot. The various thing-, on. h.d to remember, II at tht sam. moment wer. extremely eonfuslne to a befjinntr, and on. awfully nervous. So many people wer. on th. .hnutine to each other in the appalling t-l.r. of th. KII.R llhu. B-fnrt the .tart, tens with anticipation, it setroed a. thotuth on. .tood for hour., w.itinn for tht focusing of th. camera, th. adjntni of th. light, which wa a lenRthy bu.t-nesa. of ten Uking an hour in Itself, inc. no f.ulty .h.dow. most bt ttk.n, except by th. lonely, and there I. littl. driving to iasnionaoit Phone 1 1 7 . - J. ..t.l. hnmm iKa vivtr. Phone 41 anui sot uriunwii -, - , - ' but to Indebt herself further to resort., althoupn una tnrisvin. fall on a Monday, which afforded Jerry, ondtr tnt eircumnta.. th. movia people uit vnaiat v. a long week-end out of town. ' Throughout tht afternoon, now- would n. wrong, sot Genevieve took a different )-w. Since th. Chrlstm.. festivities, felt much perkier, much better In her health, and teemed tver, "optn nouta" i. me ruit m tht motion pictura colony, ana Diana and htr mother had .everal casr anjrwnrr. Btmit a foatnrtd player! Dolores D'Areourt had a "stand-in. ' THF DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM 1 TjfSner ever, interest of Parke and Vermillion count.-.. 2 To Ut the revival of the Indian, coal m.nmg industry. 3. Tooper.te in solving Vermillion County', unemploy- 4. Trlea'SrClinlon and make h th. most attractiv. city of Us site in the state. a :-l - I a 1 1 u w kv , . . , Kh. had h.d a dun nmt on nrr onf nto iiau m But Diana bad not. wnnt mt i AM..;n- and avnehro- rr-11 I i.(lllnM tn tht nt.t few '- invitations for cocktails in Hollywood and Beverly Hilla. Tn. morning brought telephone messages and gift, to the little bungalow on tht hilltop. week, of Diana', preoccupation witn llgniinp; uu niiing of th. sound machine were iroinf on, often .he wa. on her fyet An enormous aneai in iu"uii-llliet for Genevieve from Jerry Nolan, and orchid, for from for a .olid two nours no mvi. for. rehearsal commenced. Her eye. ached from th. light.. ,. I . - -U J f.nn. I n ,i I nir atlll the .tuaio. uiana auvw - m a dilemma. Falconer, th. director of h.r pie-tore, w.. going. And .0 wa. Fal-coner'. .weethe.rt, th. red-headed Doloraa D'Arcourt. . the .am. source. ner leofc ..w... - - to long. And her hand. wtr. cold T . Mnhaa ! an ra woolly bed-Jacket, knitted by her- "Can t a.k on. witnout ina otnwr, said Jerry auccintly. "If. a queer . from f. 1.. ka nH thn set Bt nint sen. xor ueneviBc. v. .-..a. had fashioned a gar little sweater town. Diana. One ha. w trrerioox o'clock, .he had to .rise at a quarter a lot of thing., mar. wny i wi.p of six eacn mornmn. r. and cap. There were presents iron, mu am Ifi.o.ltiil Shirley 'Mm., a .o...p..r..ll... ';';? r '"' ' , '"L feminine lead in "Til.- 1 l.-.lM f "" 1, M. specti.ele. at .he Walia!. Iheater. Jek Itenny head. ''' T'1'' ' alM, !.. I,.l-K .. liurnN and .raie Allen, Ituin. Martha Ha. and ninli) ollicnt. nto w v ""-t on her. and an tl.borabs mWt-up ji tmttAm h- hauf man. you were out 01 tnt moTim. U. often aald thing, like that, o! late. It embarrassed her. ur I. ....a aa nar mnthtr told The loveliest of all bore no name put on her. ana men iner hair long daily session wim m htrt Wa. Jerry rtally faUin In . A - from the sender, it was ior uian An exquisite platinum-diamond- .-yt aannh.M t1" I mt-W attach. love witn her I ...... wi.u - aKnelr nf .urnrise. ii7 DAa-t" It- niit.t ha from II miK"v liaa. K - mort noon before the director would tht realisation came to her of how Rofferl Among the presents there POWERFUL COUNTIES Before the recent election political commentator, pointed o.rt that 22 out of the 3.000 counties in the United States were in a post tion to exercise a tremendous influence upon the result. Each of these 20 countie. is the center of a densely populated area. Five counties in New York make up New York City. If we add Erie county to New York county. King, county. Queen, county. Bronx county and Richmond county, these six counties conta.n more voter, than the other 56 counties in the state of New York. In Illinois, Cook county, in which Chicago is located, near.y half the voter, of the state reside, thus giving one county out of 101 in that state a powerful influence. In Massachusetts Middlesex and Suffolk counties, containing Boston and Cambrdge. have almost half of the voter, of the state. St. Louis and Jackson counties, embracing St. Loui. and Kan-.a. City, respectively contain almost half the voter, of Missouri. call out: "Now we ll tune n. o .M.U anrinv fcft ti?n was notning irom iwgvr. i spending this .war in Chieaeo uni-versiiy while Imk family is al the home r Mrs. Clark's lather. Thomas r. I'inmin, southwest of the lily, laoie down lor a weekend visit. much sh. had com. to aepena on Jerry in tht few short week out .... here.. He wa. o dependable. Bo tion. stand-ins would bU'P out and mjn into Diace. and wduju " -;y ... ... Hut could Koger anwra rilv mm 11 ka Im a naswlif -. utterly .tneere. do geirerouv i" thiBa in nis -'"-"" NEWS RECEIVED FROMFAIRVIEW Brazil Couple Spend. Weekend Here; Mr.. Abernathy to Indianapolis ways ana m nm e go thoughtful of oat't comfort. . All at the eame time ane hid remember her linea, her position be- fore the camera, the correct way to "Certainly not, aaia uctictibtb. stallment pUn. You can. out here. T" a at atii trBM.iA . turn ner mma w mv - of her face would photograph, and And he was jony, uxi. ui could lift ont out of a mood of da ' pression. He co-Jd make or feel to absolutely wonted, somehow. Ht could draw you t and m.kt you sparkle, and feel t.fe and happy -i mhnuld ut It's a whole lot 11 1. -1 ka 4 mm Isrrv ISInlai. her actingi . Orer and orer, the aeenea would t..a. Mia MrMninV WH1 ai- more neve 17 w u-e - - said Genevieve, looking sharply t sou Miint an, ' Howard Sliillz and l.ehman Swine-iiart plan to vinil Itaymond Evans at DePauw university, Oreneastle. tomorrow evening at attend the Sigma Nil danee. Kvans plans to Bpend 'i'liauksgiviiiK wilh I'iB parents. Dr. :ind Mrs. K. A. Kvans or South Firth street. most frantic with the monotony of tn mm. ' - - True, tht deprtssion returned her daughter, iou vb ci.cuu. oK u; a. Uit tata-lv In an case. mA vArv nlLen Lfians WB vi,s I T .. ,aa nn M .Win th. he's rot the money. - and Boger wiit.ii , ' i j - - "J ' tcene, and one', thoughu went to mi i. . .,. .rtina abilltr." .he hasn't,' rru. tL.. -ami (- Horr. Cnrtfft- , . A. I l7 H.n though Roger. ... , ,- ' mas all that morning, frequently It wa. between tyaristma. na Year's D.y that Diana got wouio y w , , Mr. Falconer, th. director, .howed great patience. It was a costume picture wherein -i.- j: j : . u. .- f l K. two thines witn an accompanying in. The illustration could be carried on. I wenty-two counues 10 state, exercise a large political influence in these state, because of their large voting .trcngth. These 10 states have 23! electoral votes and in 1932 voted 22 million of the nearly 40 million votes in the presidential election. for rum-puncn in in wvchiwii. Via. (mm Pntrr. howeVCT news of him. in a wait between scenes on the aet, when up bobbed -Bebe Bijou. Bebe was an extra in th. picture, but that didn't prevent Geneviere and Diana aet ont In the she could really do, i. e., .ing and FAIKVIKW, Nov. 28 .Mr. and Mis. Krnest liranain of Brazil spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Titus and Milton Monce. Mr.s Chauncey Abernathy spent Wednesday in Indianapolis. Mrs. Anna Nolasscs and Mrs. Mat-tie Shields and family returned home to Ohio after spending the two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. William. I. Her and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. William lSller spent Sunday wiib their daughter. Mrs. Melthe of Centenary. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob liryant spent .. r.. di with relatives in Torre little car at three o'clock for their round of "open house. Ana ai nan- . a-v,.- a ait- fhaa Nolans. dance. Her eorseiei iw' tight that breathint; wa. difficult. In interval, of shooting acenes, It was impossible to r.t down for Mr. and Mrs. 1'anl Fletcher of Kim street entertained the eni-liloyecs of the J. C. l'euney store at e radio party and shower in .honor el' Mrs. William liitwloii on Saturday evening. Mrs. Houston was formerly Miss Zella Mcdinnis. ber approacning uiana. "Say. our mutual boy-friend aure hat fallen Into good hand.) And that Jerrv Nolan is ure ont .. .-aMa rka fyfivrA aRsembled ii nn Dwmv anr Aid anvone swell fellow! Guess what ht did.' tear ner emiwi. "r cniBh. A "reclimnr-boari" wa. ner U1CIW wfsa hw ivv., , V . speak of him or seem to mise him. one comfort. r ... tilted to an ngl of about Liana cuuiu ---- - t i wniiAtt ha to do unknown to anybody except a neity ... ht hired to help him, on Christmas nightJ" . . rnr.i decreet, with narrow sot but she slipped out of the house rms to it that wer. btt. of wood and a foot-rest. - and drove on wj n f-'w""" Mw-atti nt Rnnut and pulsive acts. Those whose birthday It is are on the threshold of a prosperous and happy year, with increase in finances and growth in prestige and popularity. A child born on this day may be callable, have original talents and I ... uH.-,.itlii.nii Mild HlllhitiUUS. It "I'm sure I don't know rejoined Diana atiffly, feeling heartsick. "He came in the back way to our building, the .tooge with him and .... a Dnaaa'a .MrtHullt. .nd b- nuUM n vai-e - Crescent HeigbU Boulevard, and THE STARS SAY By EXKVIKVK KISI K For Sunday, Noviinlier S Sunday's horoscope may not be read as a happy or desirable one. heinc eompllealed, doubtful and perplexing A bereavement may he at the root of this confusion attended by difficulties regarding papers or documents, with other problems 1 am mw"":"v "" I , . . , .i . u t.a.M.M.Kr and ing oooy tnB. - the wardrobe woman on th. aet A a. .1. A-lt AT th rrMK- The members or the 'Wakiife club met last evening at the home of Miss Mildred Holing in South Third street. Initiation services were held for five candidates. Prizes in hunco were awarded to Miss Millieeiit Holt, high; and Miss Lena Phillips, low. twaea Ohem they sneaked him tut n " r-Kv v ------ . Ing elevator on the second floor or Haute. Paul Hunter of TerreHaut spent Wednesday and Thursday with his brother Hryon. " Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Payton and r ,,r,,it 1.1KI Jerome Fugas of Jason- came wmivt. The honey-blonde lock, would be without any aeanoai oreaxing, ano nff ..n Intyi tha bill, tn ret atraiflrht- 3nehed ml. place, v" .... i : mj1iilrA may be inclined to be showy. exlrav- ened out at Mulvoon '.. the building, she came lace mi with none other than the flamboyant Bebe Bijou I For a second the two girls stared a. aa-kat . Mulvoon wa. not only tn. rort- iui, niiF" . The wardrobe woman would pat ! agant, self-indulgent and given to speculation. ut tht gown, tignwn a mm. out a .titeh into a .earn, fix a wan and health expert, but hit mountain It was Bebe who spoke nrsu one came straignt to me Kni i'DnM. firtui fron the atUdlO Mr. and Mrs. Gail Imson fo Smith Third street are expecting Mr. Uiiihiu parent, from Morris, HI., to be tbeil guest:; over Thanksgiving,. bomt wa. a rexreai wner- yuunK men who had looked upon wine when it wat too. too red ot recondi ville were Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hunter. Mr. and M nt. Jju Johnson spent Monday in Torre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. A.'V- Ki-imedy had as their Thanksgiving guests Mr. and at., mooa on - Saturday. He', been Many, many times, because of that butrbear known as the shooting-schedule." she h.d W worj until to be wisely solved. Those whose birthday it is may iiud themselves confronted by a difficult and confusing year, with a pos- , Bible bereavement omlcaUiie the affairs. A child born on this day may be versatile, studious and clever, tiut tioned. ...... Um aa mnn IrnnatfT a.ked Diana inking all tne weea-ena. n cm- . fi.. Uim aAminff f ilV aJ- YESTERDAYS Miss Christina Hughes Is in the toy department at till after the holidays. faintly, her breath catching. most opposite him ia tfil. corridor, . I fl. allrintf ahnilt Mrs. Arthur Kennedy and Mrs. nor- It was not Roger who waited for her at the studio on these occasions, who called up the anxious Gene- ..: ...I r I i a .1 mtam tfiO bUSV tO Da-is. w-iio teai'lte Ind., and Miss in Tiichmond Miss Anscllc school in Caiy caret Davis, t SO 1 KI1VW an., " 7 , ' and feeling kind, aorry for him I dropped in just now to wish him Thomas and family of Clinton -1 ran imo mm ;um m i leaving my apartment a couple hour, ago to (et to tht aet. Falconer didn't need me till four o'clock today, y'aee. Anyway, I bumped and Mr. and Mrs. Basil Kennedy and get to the telephone, and who drove family. her home so AiA't T.n wait to remove her Merry ennstmas. cut ia my v and don't go in. kid. The apartment looks terrible, as though there d been a hurricane, what with empty 1 . . 1 A ..lllul a-laaaM And here to-Thanks- of the Mr. and Dossibly inclined to be guinea moic by expediency than principle. For Monday, November Monday's Astrological forecast Is hid., are expected to arrive morrow evening to spend giving and the remainde week with their parents. ... .. Inrr. tCf J M H right into Roger looking a. nt as a fiddle. 'You eurt were in - tad mess over tht week-end 1' I aaye. A. J. Doughty was in Casey, 111., Friday and Saturday on business. A son. Charles Marshall, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Koscoe Walkci of South Third Street lust Tuesday.. WBWI-UII, IV " "There', no necessity for two of ... u sKmit Diana." Roarer UUIllf a,IIU Diiitu " " he's on his bed in his tuxedo, .imply F. Davis, of North Main would say airily Next day, from Then he tola mi auouc .erry, ana how he'd been three day. at Mulvoon'., and it wa. all Jerry', doing.1 T aalla1 .n mtnrll at ill at snoring cus oeau 011 1 Mrs. 0. street. a rather fortunate one, according to the prevailing lunar aspects. There ( is token of financial increase, al- ( Dolores D'Arceurt, who had womea late too, but bad ber epitefal aeouU . L. ... ranMwnll. Ylf HollV- tl.i.. ,a mm lirm Mr. and Mrs. Horace Thomas anr family of Clinton speut Friday wilt. Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Thomas. Mrs. Ada Neidlinger and son Kenneth are spending the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whited and son Bobby of Princeton. Mrs. Hannah Maloue bad for Thanksgiving ttuests Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Church and family and Mr. moment and waa not finished iDl seven. wood, she would hear that Roger l 1 I ...nnin. anit HaneiniF in over New x ear t . wnicn leu Miss Callie McMocliin entertained ; her thimble club and some guests Saturday afternoon. j I u Id mi I J aH waiving vi a ' ...a car, with Genevieve in front beside nnu wcn .upf"i some merry party, or beauing .ome 1. f . aa mm Hntlvwnod. one though speculation would prove unrentable. A favorable change seems inmiinent, with enhanced nroKtiL-c and popularity, but all Test for Crystal Bead. Experts can tell crystal beads from glass beads by pressing them to their lips. The crystal becds feel roMer tht caaiureur, tne trailer naving l IS. . L. . I. - Jaa l.r.H could make the trip to tht fashion beauty or otner arouno. u LiaawH Sr when thev is were alone, and told her .he was Prof. William Clark, who able gambling ana racing raiiiv in three hours and a half. . t 1 ... " t. l,,at ataanaa Hm announced that ht wat taking both of them to dinner. . might be jeopardized by raBh or Itu the only girl who mattered. ... r if . ii;...'. karr was heaw. Mrs. Paul Malone of Dana, Mr. Mrs. William Jones of Marion. and and , ... ja 1 1, 1 1 ,a J ' - " - border beyond Ti. Juana. and be- -. : . .. .. .1 IT........ " if a Milnr When tnt ear eianee nt wat a first quite eilent. since uncertainty is the most trying "Pardon me, but" and Mrs. Max McKee of Kulll M r. 1 nan, in a wwerea voice wa nt tried to makt sound casual, he its gayety, it beloved of tht .notion thing or all in love, n.ia lata niirht on the set, when Mr. and Mrs. Kay Malone or lu- van, asked hen "I hate to butt in your . i ..iiojl fn. Anck of er picture colony. ' " - ' All natione meet tn A(rua Catt- 1 ...... A tVta alaaa private business, Diana, but do yon An wam CmI tjia aama a. a a aiwiut tras, a face that was vaguely farail- It. mnlre.lin InntTIAd OUt t 1 . . ., u n m nian t3-t Roger a. you did?" from the brace, and upright, and III uruiii.' j . . u... , - would havt loved to aeeept Jerry". ley. Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Malone and ramily. Mr. and Mrs. Keg Northrop mid family and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Malone nf Tel re Haute. Mr. and Mrs. lira Malone, Mr. and Mrs. Maynaid Malone and Mr. and Mrs Krnest Ma-l.nie ol' Clinton and Bert Malone. of bhe ataneo ana rtaaenea. "r'm .till fond of Eoeer if caDiea. mi'- Ck Rltnti That nivht In invitation tnal sne ana aer biuwiw week-end with hit jolly party in the that', what ywa mean.' Roger's apartment, when you first land 01 tnt aone ana coikiuii. "Okay. dHo whittled. "THen tt a arrived in nouywooa, ywo mww- doret. ' ' 1. . 1 A., ... 1. Maa Vnrlr settled. I'm oing to include hi-; hadn't the heard of Agua Caliente aucea me w your nwuiw u"6 assistant remember? Like a fool I stepped out of hi. cupboard, and 1 LhmLuI amn fnr a lfttn Mild Botto. . ia my party , at Calient, over tt.f week-end.' ,''' n .aa I.rfat.laaa4 a.1 a a mnA with Its magnmeenr raco ircn., imj I ..I it- .nM.i.a W.l.n nd Mrs. Ferd Coleman had Mr. 1 1' .a i 1 J J - - r-t - ever since I've wanted to apologize that before Cabrillo first set foot den ruab of uonhed tear. Thanksgiving guests Kmile their on MeKiean geound were aeid aaoree 1 . : - 1 1 ..... . . -rami and Mr. and Mrs. i . n Pi-de "Why, yes, I do remember bow a gnu i ?" r 1 Vaughn of Clinton. Mrs. Lottie Slater and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hay and It wat a paradise of sportsmen and of pleasure seeker., and the "I'm an extra, that's all. I "That'a trand. of you, Jerry Falcorira-. going. Isn't he? v.- "Sure nt k. JH x It with Fal coner to take Roger back on the jol at tht .tudio," Jerry aaid firmly. (To Be Continued) Cap ntt. If 1'. Blag WmtntM ,i ,i,..r ftiM-luii-H nf Fairview. Miss thought you sure were Roger's fit Muiau. but I .mess that's all off.1 most famous people in int worio . 1 1 Ck. irnaa. thai But two thing made her hesitate Diana -tared at tht common but kindlv face of tht speaker. There I "Wf vaataBtJaBVataHKBaVHaw In her acceptance. i llie .Sniitli of Ualia. III., and Mr. ml Mrs. Hen Smith, and Mins Mary Tiuiiiiermau of t'liuiou. Mr. and Mrs. Orval Uodnou apeul 1 Wednesday in Terre Haute. South Il'Mld. Mrs. Kobocca J Waitner bad al her suesta for TbaiiAsgiving day Mr. and Mrs. Kph WiiKuer f Indian KpriiiKS, Mr. and Mrs. IJewey Arm- slroug. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert liiman. Mr. and Mra. I'alil lleidnek had' , m; ThankKnivmis Kuesm tt-v. and I .VI in . I'aul Hoyer ol l.iherl.v. Jaim li.iyera of liirilaiiapolic, Tlreraa lleid-ii,k and Arthur Ileidrlek of liu .mitai of Williamaport. Mr. and Mrs Charles Whined and on Holiliy o! I'riinetoii were lliiiliksl:ivlli liueslh uf Mm. Ada 'lilliner. Mrs. William i'ii kerini! and aon ., llaiiville and Mr and Mi's. Harry Mr. and Mrs. Kruont Hopewell ana daughter and Iter. Woidniiaii of St. Sniitli Jr and son of Terre Haute, were' TliullkifiMVinii guests of .Mr. njid Mrs. Harry Kmiltl Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Sum Jolnmou and nil... Ill and Nellie He in. Mr. and Mrs. KliuT Thomus had aa TlmukM-iviim fiiesiB Mr. and Mrs. I.emiard Tlioinas and family. Mm Mery Ariamn and Mrs. Leonard Hid die and dsngliler. Kdna. Miss Wilna Kllei Hpimt 'I lianksniv- Berniee and lr. and Mr. Arthur Cliotaewrlgbt and son of Dana. Mr. and Mrs. Hell Hlins and Mr. and Mm. John Cambe and .on Willy were Thanksgiving Kiiest. of Mrs Minnie Elli. and family of CayuKa Mr. mid Mrs l.e Crlffin mid aous siient Tlianlmsirinc day with Mr. llQIQIIUIllll FUKERAL Jfl HOME it IN- 24-Hour" ' ij Ambulance B I Service IHi - y II I Phone ,,. illi Mias l.averii-.. M . IJiilla 1(1 ol and Mrs. Allan Mi-Master of ayuea Mr. and Mrs. HiikIi Tilus. Milton Moiiee and Fred Wliltworth weiu ThankaBivillK PUHKIH .if Mr. mid Mrs. Ernest Hranam and Mr. and "Mra family had as Thnnksgiving nueats lliiy Kussell of Newport, Mrs. lilma Hudson ol Kockville and Mr. and Mrs. Orval Dodson and family, Vlr-Idl and Kennelli Ladd and Maxine RAGS and COTTON Helen Mi Houald of Brazil. and Mrs. O. C. Uewey were 'Mr Tiiaiiksgivina day eueu of Mr. and NOTICE TO PUBLIC! Start ine ( MONDAY NOVEMBER 30 Hair Cut in AU Union Shops Wm Be 50c Mra. Ivan Folu of Clinton. ttay Kussell and Mrs Ksther Overman and daughter spent Thursday afternoon ill Indianapolis. '1 165 ; i!) Sit S. 4th St ; MATTRESSES 1CLB. A. DUEIEO Water Street Phone 267 READ THE ADS 1 1

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