The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 1, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1921
Page 6
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THE FAUtMOUNT NEWS NEW DECORATIVE SEEN IN TOUCHES SEPARATE SKIRTS ii iv iilw a i in nullum nil o v h mi ur uumun uillo m - ii fcr Citarrt ef tie StcEirt, ecus act Grip Pr-n.ra rr- omi-.i IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL Sund&yMiool T Lesson v By KK. p. LJ. FITZ WATER. D. D., Teacher of English Bible in the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.) 1321, Western Newspaper Union. LESSON FOR SEPTEMBER FROM PHSLIPPl TO ATHENS. fcr catarrh ot the etomacfc or lwyj Eet benefit from it tor colds off lots of doctor bills and makes person. MERCHANT TELLS OF A REMARKABLE CASE Writing from Maxey's, Gu., A. J. Gillen, proprietor of a large department store at that place, says: "I have a customer here who was in bed for three years and did not go to n meal at any time. She hud five physicians and they gave her out. One bottle of Tanlac got her up, on the second bottle she commenced keeping house and on the third she did all tti cooking and housework for a family of eight." This sounds really incredible, i(;it it comes unsolicited from a highly creditable source and Is copied verbatim from the letter. Tanlac is sold by lending druggists everywhere. Advertisement. . ' R. t. SITTTLKS. S o a, " aynesturg. Kentucky. keep a bottle of Pe-m-na In the emergencies. Coughs and colds rear ty a. few doses ef Pe-ru-na rsasai catarrh, indieestion. mn- X diarrhoea, rheumatism or other 2 to a catarrhal condition of the X membranes all call for Pe-t-u-r.a as n treatment. The health build- X restoring qualities of this well q are especially marked after a mwiutf m Recccaenis Pt "X havf ed . . . wkcf ia t:mc stipation, i troubles due protracted PE-RC-XA fifty years family. TABLETS OR LIQUID "HEARS THE EAST A-CALLING"" Marine's Reasons for Seeking Transfer to the Orient Prove Truth cf Kipling's Statement. Who says that Kipling didn't speak the mind of the enlisted man when he wrote: "Ship me somewhere east of Suez;" A marine, who put in a lor.g tour of duty" in the Orient, recently wme the editor of tlrs column that he had requested to "x- transferred out there again. Hi letter was poetical, but sincere, lie wrote in part: I can see in my mind's eye that old recruiting slogan, -See the World,' and as I hear in my imagination the booming of the surf on those oriental chores and scent the odor of the Celestial heathen, methinks I should like once again to brush elbows with those slant-eyed sons of Confucius." From the Ixathemeck. Cuticura Soap for the Complexion J V SS?7 r - heartily recommend entire system. I and rtp. It stancs one feel like & new - . It Is Trlse to house for wsually be relieved, mucous the successful Ingr. Etrerrcth known re nicely as iiyxti ilia -f m m ll I sLtjs Mi nothing tetter than Cuticura sxap; jears after him for ten more, and daily and Ointment now and then as tlKn ha d tt chae him with poker needed to make the complexion clear, t rc gt him to marry me. Do you ini-scalp dean and hands soft and white, --ine I'm going to settle for bare cost Add to this the fascinating, fragrant 0f shoe leather and mental wear and Cuticura Talcum, and yon hare the j tear?" London Tit-Bits. . WE SHALL prolKibly have the plaited separate skirt with us many seasons. So long as manufacturers turn out goods in plaid, striped and cross-bar patterns, they will challenge the ingenuity of designers to show what can be done with these patterns by the skillful management of plaits. In separate skirts for fall there are both plain and plaited models but the plaited ones far out-num-ler other styles, The box plait and the double box plait appear to predominate, but there is really nothing new to report of these plalttngs. It is the materials that make the fall skirts different from those of the passing season. Their colors and surfaces are wintry cozy and sometimes shaggy looking and these new patterns in fabrics are rich and beautiful as to colors. There is no end to the variety shown in them and designers are beginning to vary skirts by making small tailored ornaments of the fabric and applying them to the plaits, often In the eompany sSckness.'the gTip or Spanish FTu. O is justly proud of its record of O health protector for the whole O O SOLD EVERYWHERE WORKED HARD TO GET HIM Widow's Statement Shed New Light on Her Claim for Damages for Husband's Loss. A man was killed in a railway collision and a few- days after the funeral the company lawyer called upon the widow to effect a settlement. She placed her damages at 5.000. "Oh, that sum is unreasonable." replied the lawyer. "Your husband was nearly fifty, wasn't he?" "Yes, sir." "And lame?" -Yes." "And his general health poor?" "Very." "And he probably would not have lived more than five years?" "lrobably not. sir." "Tlun it seems to me that .0 or 300 would be a fair compensation." "Four or five hundred?" she echoed. "Why. sir. I courted that man for ten ASPIRIN Name "Bayer" on Genuine Take Aspirin only as told in each package of genuine Bayer Tablets of Aspirin. Then you will be following the directions and dosage worked out by physicians during 21 years, and provetl safe by millions. Take no chances with substitutes. If you "ee the Bayer Cross on tablets, you can take them without fear for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and for Pain. Dandy tin boxes of twelve tablets cost few cents. Druggists also sell larger packages. Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Monoacetlcacidester of Salicylicacid. Advertisement. . . ... , .. neatly dressed. "Say," he said boldly to a man he approached at Market and Pennsyl- vania strtets. "can you tell me w here Belief ontaine street is?" "Why, that's a long way from here. What number do you want?" "I don't know- the num?er. but it's a big double white house and I would know it if I saw it." "I believe you are lost. You Wtter see a policeman." "I'll try to figure it out myself for a while first." And he started off toward Massa- chuetts avenue to find the "lug double w liite house." IndianapoMs News. Good Officers. "A good officer," said General Per- shing at a dinner, "turns even adver sity to advantage. Like the your.g drug clerk, you know. "'Young man,' a lady said to this chap, I want about a pint of glycerin, please.' "'Yes, madam,' said the drug clerk. 'That will be 55 cents 50 cents for the glycerin and a nickel for the bottle,' "'But a month ago,' the lady objected. "I got some glycerin here, and you didn't charge anything for the bottle, "'Yes, madam,' said the drug clerk promptly. 'Then that will be 60 cents. " In a Mess. Two miners had never seen golf p!ayed before. They stood watchinc a tat, unskilled player at work in a bunker. The sand flew up, but the ball remained. Seven agonizing shots had been played. The player made his eighth attempt. The ball was lobbed up, dropped on the green and, rolling gently to the pin settled in the hole. "By gum. Bill! said one miner to the other. "He's got a deuce of a job on now!" The Shock. "Mother, may I go out to " "For heaven's sake, daughter! To swim? Of course, you may, but " "No, mother, not to swim. I want to go out to " "A jazz dance, then. Well. I don't think much of 'em, but " "No, not a jazz dance, mother. I want to ask you if I may go out to prayer meeting tonight with " But with a scream of surprise mother had swooned. It was so unlike her darling daughter. Richmond Times-Dispatch. CATARRHAL DEAFNESS is ereatly relieved toy constitutional treatment. HAIR'S CATARRH MKUICIXK Is a constitutional remedy. Catarrhal Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of tho mucous lining of the Kusta-chian Tube. When this tube is Inflamed you have a rumbling or imperfect hearinp. and when it Is entirely closefl, Deafness Is the result. Unless the inflammation can he reduced, your hearinff mav he destrovetl forever. HAUL'S CATARRH MKDTCIJCK acts throntjh the blood on the mucous surfaces of the system, thus reducinsr the inflammation and assisting Nature in restoring normal conditions. Circulars free. All DTtieprists. F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio Advertisement. Light Labors. "What are you doing now?" a.-kel the first publicity man. "I'm working for n screen star v!v is being sued for alienation of affection by the wife of a multimillionaire," said the second publicity man. 'I-'as est job 1 ever had." "Yes?" " "All 1 have to do Is to drop Into court occasionally and see that tl.i nowspaer men are there." Pinuiug-ham Ace-llerald. WOAN AVOIDS AN OPERATION Hope Nearly Gone, but Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Saved Her Star, N. C "My monthly spells gave me so much trouble, sometimes I they would last two weeks. I was treated by two doc tors without relief land they both said I would nave to have an operation. I had mytroublefouryears and was unfit to do anything, and had given up all hope of ever getting any better. Ireadabout I your medicine in the 'Primitive Baptist' paper and decided to try it. I have used Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Lydia E. Pinkham's Liver Pills for about seven months and now I am able to do my work. I shall never forget your medicine and you may publish this if you want to as it is true." Mrs. J. F. Hursey, Star, N. C. Here is another woman who add3 her testimony to the many whose letters we have already published, proving that Lydia E. Tinkham's Vegetable Compound often restores health to suffering women even after they have gone so far that an operation is deemed advisable. Therefore it will surely pay any woman whe suffers from ailments peculiar to her sex to give this good old fashioned remedy a fair trial. "TOO LATE Death only sftnatter of short time. Don't wait until pains and aches become incurable diseases. Avoid painful consequences by taking CUD KEBAB. The world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and uric add troubles th National Remedy of Holland sines 1696. Three sizes, all druggists. for fhm mm CoU Medal w mm& accept m Ueitatieai Uiit ,irj.-l!t is5 " m 7 LESSOX TEXT Acts IS:?: 1:15. GOLDEN TEXT The angel of the Lord enesmpeth round about them that fear him. and delivereth them. realm 34:7. REFERENCE MATERIAL I and II Thess PRIMART TOPIC God Takes Care of Paul and Silas. JVNIOR TOPIC A Midnight Experience in Philippi. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC Courage in the Face of Persecution. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC Preaching with Persecutions. I. Paul and Silas in Jail (vv. 10-26). 1. The occasion (vv. 19-24). When the demon was cast out of the maid her supernatural power was gone; therefore, the source of revenue was dried up. This so exasperated her owners that they had Paul and Silas arraigned before the magistrates on a false charge. They charged them with cl anging their customs, but nothing hi.d been said about customs. They acted the hypocrite, for it was not customs but their illicit gains that were interfered with. Those men ought to have rejoiced that such a blessing had come to this poo.- girl. They cared more for their gain than for her welfare. This is true of the iniquitous crowding together of the ixr in unsanitary quarters in our tenement districts and the neglect of precautions for the safety of employees in shops and stores. Without any chance to defend themselves they w ere stripped and beaten by the angry mob and then remanded to jail, and were made fast in stocks in the inner prison. 2. Their behavior in jail (v. 25). They were praying and singing hymns to God. It seems quite natural that they should pray under such conditions, but to sing hymns under such circumstances is astonishing to all who have not come into possession of the peace of God through Christ. Even with their backs lacerated and smarting, and feet fast in stocks compelling the most painful attitude In the dungeon darkness of the inner prison, with a morrow- before them filled with extreme uncertainty, their hearts went up to God in gratitude. 3. Their deliverance (v. 26). The Lord wrought deliverance by sending a great earthquake which opened the prison doors and removed the chains from all hands. II. The Conversion of the Jailer (TV. 27-34). The jailer's sympathy did not go out very far for the, prisoners, for after they were made secure he went to sleep. The earthquake suddenly aroused him. He was about to kill himself, whereupon Paul assured him that the prisoners were all safe. This was too much for him. What he had heard of their preaching and now what he had experienced caused him to come as a humble Inquirer after salvation. Paul clearly pointed out the way to be saved "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ." The word "believe" means to yield to and fully obey. i The proof that the jailer was saved Is I threefold: j 1. Transformation from brutality to t tenderness. He who a little while ago could with impunity lay on the cruel lash is now disposed to wash and mollify the wounds. 2. Confession of Christ in baptism. Those who have really been convicted of sin and have experienced the saving grace of God, delight to confess their faith in Him under whatever cireuni-' stance they may be. j 3. His whole household baptized. When a man's family are willing to I follow him you may be sure that the case is genuine. III. The Magistrates Humbled (vv. 40). The earthquake brought fear upon the magistrates. They gave leave for the prisoners to go, but now they refuse to go, claiming that their rights as Roman citizens have been violated, and demand a public vindication. Paul was willing to suffer for Christ's sake, but he used the occasion to show them that persecuting men who preach the gospel is an offense against the law of God and man. IV. Preaching in Thessaloniea (vv. 17-19). At Thessalonrca he found open hearts. He followed his usual custom of going first to the Jew (v. 1). After witnessing to the Jews he went to the Gentiles. Concerning the Christ he affirmed: 1. "It behooved Christ to suffer" (v. 3). No plainer teaching is .to be found anywhere than the suffering of Christ (Isa. 53). 2. The resurrection of Christ from the dead (v. 3). 3. The kingship of Jesus (v. 7). Just as It was needful for Paul to go Into the synagogue and "open and allege" that Christ must suffer, so it is now needful that someone go Into our churches and Sunday schools and "open and allege" that by the eternal Word of God Christ must come and establish His kingdom. The result of this preaching was that many Greeks, some Jews believed. .V. Preaching in Berea (vr. 10-15). His method here was the same as at Thessaloniea. He entered the Jewish synagogue and preached Jesus unto them. The Bereans received the gospel with glad hearts. SIMPLE SMALL FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME CRAFTSMAN Cuticura Toilet Trio. Advertisement. Not Exactly Reassuring. "There is no doubt about it, my friend, we'll have to operate on yon," the doctor said cheerfully. "Operate !" the patient exclaimed, "Great Scott, doctor, I've no money for expensive operations." "Hem! Well you're insured, aren't yon?" "Yes, but I can't realize on that until after Tra dead it goes to my estate." 'Oh. that's all risrht. my dear fellow," the doctor said, apain smiling cheerfully. "That's perfectly all right j don't you worry about your bill at ; all I" Judge. ! Red Cross Ball Blue is the finest product of its kind in the world. Every woman who has used it knows this statement to be true. Advertise-rcent. First ReaCy National Bank. Bank of North America was the : name of the first bank of a national ) character. It had a charter for ten ' years, from 1741, from the confedera ' tier., but doubt as to its legality lei the bank to seek and obtain a charter from the state of Pennsylvania in ITS'. In 17S3 this latter charter was! revoked, but in ITS. it was renewed. It was located at Philadelphia. Find the Cause! It isnt right to drag along feel ing miserable half sick. Find cut what is makirg you feel so badly and try to correct it. Perhaps your kidneys are causing that throbbing backache or those sharp, stabbing pairs, ion may have morning, too, headaches, dizzy spells and irregular kidney action. Use DC'Cn't Kidncjf Pills. They have helped thousands of ailing folks. Atk pour neigJilor! An Indiana Case Mrs. Frank Ha-fey, Harrison Ave., Goodland. Ir.d., says: "1 had attacks of kidrey roir.plaitt. especially if I took ccid-My back ached and pained something awful and I had no energy or ambition. Headaches were frequent and I was often dixxy. My kidneys caused annoyance, too. I used Doan s Kidney Pills and they relieved the backaches and my kidneys were regulated.' Get Don at An Stan. 60 a Bos DOAN'S VfJiS FOSTER .UILfiURN CO, BUFFALO, N. Y. The eagerness to accept the disarmament suggestion now may be equaled by the clever footwork later In stepping around it. Can those Igorrotes opposing the Independence of the Philippines be the rame ferocious tribesmen who hated everything American not so very long ago? Wait until the news that the Japanese crown prince has been posing for the movies In London reaches Toklo. The Elder Statesmen will have 40 fits. j ) ! j J I j ! ; i j i ! of buttons or odd ornaments. The model shown in the picture shows an embellishment of this kind. On alternate plaits, near the bottom of the skirt, appear small decorations, made of a narrow strip of the fabric used In the skirt, and having hemmed edges. These pieces are stitched flat to the skirt and below each of them two little silk-covered, button-like ornaments finish up an effective and new detail In the styles for fall. Among the woolen skirts there are a number having a dark, plain color alternating with a stripe In two or three colors and various patterns. In these the plaits conceal the colored stripes, but they are glimpsed all th time when the skirt is being worn. Dark blue and dark brown are the colors favored for the plain stripe. Skirts of satin and silk, usually In black are among the showings. An occasional model has an embellishment of fringe and indicates that fringes will be used on the dressy models for fall and winter. board foundation is covered with the picture which is pasted over Its edge. A circle of wire Is wound with a long strip of yellow paper and this makes a swing for the bird which is fastened on It with a bit of wire. He can hang against a wall or wherever he will do the most good. The basket containing grapes nnd apples is made of paper rope nnd shellac. The grapes In purple, green, red, and the smnll apples have centers of cotton and are covered with sealing wax. The grape leaves may be bought ready made and the tendrils are of wire wound with green paper. ; ' COrmGHT IT V6TON Mvytru uxtort Children's Fashions. Bright colors are to be in high favor for children next fall, and even now many' vivid shades are featured. One clever and striking little suit for a boy recently seen had a smock of bright red linen and white trousers banded in red. IT IS pure Joy to take commonplace, simple materials that everyone may have, and fashion out of them little cTecorative furnishings,- that add something beautiful to the home. Women have always loved "fancy work" It is really play for them, and they are happily busy when they are doing it. And now come the makers of such familiar things as crepe and tissue paper and colored sealing wax, showing what amazingly varied and lovely decorative things for the home can be made of these things. The list is too long to print, but it Includes things that the hostess will delight in and many ornaments that will brighten the house for everyone. 'The brighten the house for everyone. Two small contributions to the home beautiful are pictured here. .They are a basket of fruit and a gay cockatoo or parakeet or whatever the brilliant plumaged bird Is who delights the eye with his gay colors. One may cut him from crepe paper that pictures him falthfullyr-and cut from thin cardboard a replica of him, padding the board with a little cotton on th body portion on both sides or on one side only. Then this card L You cant v :viVyS feel so good X .-"PC but what H V XW ? I make you ! 1 J feel better. Do You Wear Fake Teeth? Are your gums sore? Does tartar form? Garrett's Plate Dentifrice will positively eliminate these troubles. CLEANS and STERILIZES. Large site, postpaid for 50c Plate brush FREE Money back if not satisfied. THE H. L, GARRETT CO., 11 D & B Ba&fing ATXENTO WN. PA. J .kyti. 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