The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 1, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS By Charles Sughroe 'atnn Nonpars Umoti MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL Hector is a Big Dog Nov cr 7 ( VJAKiY VVi VK PAPEK-v- USSEM VMUP p us suew a 7 rjr XU0 MOAJ CAUt - "Sj: a .nt GOUM. VJvSUX BT vjuuuu for aae umxcoE dog. gentle. AE VJAd A UTTLfc PERK UP A BVT NWOI. COVMS 7r EATS AUTYMUG, FOrtO n "TO GET UP Ov eOOUOKK W A CAV4 Ox5 IAN UA - I v k v -;t Dog ewEApn j I LA ' ' II .IvJd ! 1 Kimes near Mr. and Mrs. Carl Martin and chil- with Mr. and Mrs Carl, Vivian and Pete Hazelbaker, Effie Bell Couch, W. W. Payne and family. NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to 6 n n !i POINT ISABEL I! 11 1 day he received a gold watch from his : family. A five gallon can of ice cream and cakes, were enjoyed by the COUNTY LINE family, Mr. and Mrs. Nolder Under- r The annual school reunion of Green W. W. Payne was pleasantly sur- wood, Air. and Mrs. Frank Payne, AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON prised Tuesday evening at his home Mr. and Mrs. Zella Hazelbaker, Mr. on the Countv Line in honor of his and Mrs. Dannie Richards, Mrs. 60th birthday aniversarv. His wife Clyde Couch. His grandchildren, and children presented him with a . Paul Payne. Harvey Underwood, Earl gold watch chain. On his 59th birth- J Elmer Richards, Clifford, Clayton, dren, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Underwood j Little Ridge. and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crouse ! James Stewart and family had as and son spent Sunday at the home of ; their guests Tuesday and Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Daugherty t j night Mrs. Al Cliffton of Nevada, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little and ani Mrs. Don Clifton and children daughter, accomanied by Mr. and Mrs. ; Juanita, Louise and Wilma Jean. Lee Wood and children spent Sunday j Mrs. Everett Muray and son Earl at iMuncie. Mr and Mrs. Wood at- and Mrs. Lewis Enyart spent Friday tended the Virgianian picnic, 'with Mrs. James Tygart. Mr and Mrs ick Leach and If ami- Mr and Mrg a,rman Jones were ly entertained Monday, Mr and Mrs , cuests Sunday of Mr and Mrs. Ev. John Roberts of Gaston, and Mr. and eTe Jones Mrs. Carol Leach of Sullivan. ; Wilbur Wimmer lost a valuable Zola Little spent. Saturday and horse Monday Saturday night with Zella Lewis., j Mn and Mr's. James Stewart were Mrs. Emma Harrison entertained sts Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. John S. Buller Thomas Jones. of Fairmount. j jss Maude Kimbrbough was a Morris Clark and Hubert Mit-; p.uest at supper recently of Miss tank visited m Marion Sunday after- ; ,iaui Briles of Fairmount and in the noon- ! evening they attended a party at the Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Ilff are the proud lome of Miss Lillian Duiibar. parents of a baby fcirl, Pauline Iva ; Miss irmagarde Case of Marion Lou. Mrs. Ilff was formerly Miss sn3nt the forepart of last week with Tr.'InMrs. George Payne .nd";,., Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wood spent Sun- .Vfii6 " w"? FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter township which was held in tne Fluner grove last Sunday was well attended. At the noon hour a basket dinner was enjoyed. In the afternoon the following- program was rendered: Song America. Invocation Rev. Greenwalt. A mixed quartet from Leisure. Reading Jeanette Ferree. Mcfsic Violin and piano by Roy and Kenneth John. Duet- Eugenia and Elizabeth Lane. Reading Dollie Garringer. Song A. J. Behymer and Ora Morehead. Music Guitar bv Ward Kilgore. Address P. E. Greenwalt, "Looking Both Ways." After the program of the afternoon a collection for finishing the building of the Old Log school house was gathered. During which a rem- Duling Reunion Uake Leach and family were Sun- The fourteenth annual reunion of day evening callers, the Duling family was held Thursday I Mr. and Mrs. Clark Leach visited Aug. 25, in the J. O. Duling grove, ' their daughter, Mrs. Tomlinson of one-half mile north of Fowlerton. A Summitville last Sunday. FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route S, Marion, Indiara Call us at our expense DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice day with the latter's daughter, Mr.:" ., - and Mrs. Ivan Ilff. ' i "esday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Dave Whvbrew and children James inorapson. Arthur Tusing and Benj. Leazenby accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jar- Mr. and Airs. Blaine Howell and spent Sunday in Marion. inescence speech was given by bob vis home from Milford, where they Hamilton, the last teacher that taught in the Old Lost buildin,,. Uur n s the daughter Freda Mae, and son Her-bebrt, and Miss Jeanette Edwards and Miss Bertha Todd spent Sunday evening with ,Mr. and Mrs. James Tygart and family. Mrs. Ell.?n Smith had as her eruests have 2.een visiting relatives and friends for a week, they also attended a three days meeting at Old Providence church near Nappanee, Ind. i! HACKLEMAN ! 11 !l business meeting A. J. Beyhmer was ; elected president for the ensuing j year and Marie Rybolt, secretary. ; bountiful dinner was spread at the noon hou,r and about one hundred relatives and friends gathered to partake of the many good eats before them. A short business meeting was held just after dinner in which new officers were elected. The honor guests and those frcni out of town , were, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Duling, son and wife of Coshoston, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shaffer. Mr. and Mrs Stewart ! Shaffer of Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barr, Mr. and Mrs. Ray- j mond Barr of Indianapolis. 1 Honrs 8 lo 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m Mr. and Mrs. Guv Love near Rie- Mr. and Mrs. Don Jessup, Mvrtle, In the evening an old time watermelon j Thursday ahd Friday, Mrs. Josie j Fultz and daughter Beatrice of Hart- Wilma and Wilbur Leach visited S. feast was enjoyed, everybody making : on entertained for dinner last Thurs- iord City, Mrs. Allie Case and daugh- ( 3. Leach Sunday afternoon. primitive uses of their fingers. , dav Mrs Wilson Neal and son John Miss Martha Ratliff of Fairmount, Mrs. Doc Horine, who is suffering : Wilson. Mrs. Paul McCombs. Mrs. soent Wednesday and Thursday with with a cancer is no better. : R. p. Moon Mrs. Bert Dimmick, Lova fi li. 11,' Mrs. Nettit Ferree and children of Marv Moon. Dorothv Dimmick. Fer lrmagarde of Marion and Mrs. Ida Lewis of Fairmount. iir. ana Plis. William liungritord, ' Mr. and Mrs. Ovid Reeder formerly Converse visited relatives here Sat- . Ruth Fentzmaker, Herbert Sprinkle. Mrs. Amanda King and Robert Hun- and Sunday. urdav nierht Carlos Afternoon visitors were Mrs Several from this vicinity attended Elmer Dickey's sale, near Rigdon . Monday. ; of Fowlerton now living north of j Jonesbero, are the parents of a seven I and one-half pound baby boy. Russel Steelman of Kokomo, was a ' Fine Cow Breaks Left The fine Shorthorn cow, owned by griford of Richmond, Walter Harris cf Greenfork, Ind., and Mrs. Sally Cmnton of Washington, D. C, were callers on Mr. and Mrs. Owen Kim-orougn and daughter Miss Maude Sr. day. Kirk and Mrs. Wilbur Hiatt. Miss Mae Kemmer of Auburn spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kemmer. S. B. Leacsh fell Saturday about noon font tiy to mend your ways ger i.w ones. En-ar-co Motor Oil bbetter lubrication kss repair ::is. Guaranteed, of cmrse. All ouy goods are, and broke her left hind leg ;ust above ! week-end visitor at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Dallas Atkinson. i J Elbert .Hilton and !. CarteJ is ing as substitute Mr. -and Mrs NEW MULBERRY are here for an 'm.' ,,e.rAwr arier children of Michigan Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carpenter and Mrs. Wm. Carpenter and sons took the hock, lhe animal was on pasture on th John Duling farm, northeast of Fowlerton. A Mr. Reasoner was separating a bunch of cattle making ready for a sale and in running them out. Mr. Leach's cow slip CITY GARAGE Sunday dinner with Mrs. Sarah Car Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Duling and penter. i son Lester visited Matthews relatives ped on the ground where it was very indefinite stay with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hilton. Mr. John Hilton still remains in a serious condition. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Eddington and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Lawson spent Sundav in Jerome. Charlotte Burnside spent Saturday wniie ine ianer is enjuyiiig ins vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Vaness and daughter Hettie Louise are Aioving to the Kieistead farm near Back Creek this week. Charles Elliott and son Charles, made a business trip to Fort Wayne lxiesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Dickerson and , Monday, children went to Summitville Monday I Mr. and Mrs. Liberty Hamilton and evening to see Mrs. Dickerson's father daughter Myrtle, and Crystal Wil-Fred Vetor, who has been sick for liams attended the funeral of Alex several jjays. j Jones held at Gaston Sunday. sack after the ram Saturday morning and sustained her broken leg. She was propped up and brought home Sunday. Every effort is being nif.-ht with Ruth and Bertha Comer. Mrs. George Yale and son Alva ac Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Davis spent :j u.. at- iw u,n. the misfortune is some loss to Mr. i Ausaa", . Aug. 24.- Sundav afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Y , f Mari n motored to Sniceland Irh ! . Mr?. Mona Worstal has accepted a ' pPte Pearson near Fowlerton ; Sunday and attended the Copeland ! Mr. and Mrs. Jess Richards of Fort Wavne. who where called here on ac- position in the Matthews telephone Mr. and Mrs. Pea Addimrton ot office. Bluffton were Sunday night and fTl r.'l. 1- n.wtn nAC V S1A n f - r 1 4- -C nn1 Tl-C Class Picnic ! count of the death" of Mrs. R. H. TV, W i llin ct W tL5tc f 1 i QC C i in? Tii.l-AcAn Met Tr-fioL rDtiimo'i nnma . . . . ; --' & c'l'V; iv;io " "-'the heme of Wilhe MittanR inurs- John Hiiton Sundav schol picnicked Friday ; reunion. ! Mrs. Laura James and Mrs. Sarah j Tvart spent Tuesday afternoon with ; MVs. Jane Elliott. j The men in this vicinity are busy , filling silos. Miss Bertha Todd entertained Sat- ! M. P. Friday. day, Aug. 25. going first to Botany Glen on the old i Arthur Tusine of Milford and Ber.j. Lora Reynolds I Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kddington spent and family are sr.nday afternoon with Al Glessner to Indianapolis aTld famil v. i i j ;tj ii- i , . , , , , r- -iZ planning ta move wiin orusn anu wftxis ianeu iu lwn-;caiiea on jonn leacn ana iamiiy - soon. Mr. and Mrs. r red Aioert anu cim- "i-dv afternoon for Misses Marie inviting to the class so they went on i Monday evening. to the Mason fields near the river and i Addie Kierstead and family are Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Oram was in.jren spent Sunday with Mrs. Venna Todd, Jeanette Edwares, Gladys Ty Matthews Friday. j Hilton. . gart and (Mildred Todd. spent the day in exploring nature s j moving their household goods to this Mrs urscneil mv?s was tne guest T.ouise and LuciI J lavis sp.-nt ouu- ' haunts and eating melons and a bas- place r their future home with mrr11 Mrs Emma Harrion , LU1- ni, Chr Utv 1-. rrpr The vonnsters were ae- ! iri;,vi, ti, of r mother, Mrs. tmma tiamon da y Wlth Docia ChnsU ket dinner. The younsters were ac-' at Elizabeth Thorn. nf Fairmount Thursday. con-.panied by their teacher, Mrs. j jir ard Dallas Atkinson and Mr and Mrs. Leonard Moore ana; at. ra Rprt Dimmick were en-' Letters remaining in the postoffice Mrs. Doxev Mil'er and daughter Mary Duhng. The class is composed son Qren attended the Morris-Him " - i - "c : tl 1 ... n : r - - una were in jiKnun inuisuav. tertained at dinner Sunday at .the for the week ending August 30, 1921,' home of Bcb Moon and family. , which if not called for in two weeks j ot about iorty young ioiks ranging i;ck reunion held at Uak Grove. Sum- Vl t i s;a -;n in ages from thirteen to fifteen. mitville. Sunday, Aug. 28. Kye.H Ttsted, (ilases Fitted by State IJegistered OrrOMETUKSTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical meii at the home of Mrs. Joseph Lit- Mrs. Pearl Eiber and children are wiu be ser to tj,e dead letter ofhee: i ! Mr. and Mrs. John F. Xewby at-I held in Indianapolis , Harry Glen. j .Missionary .iwwng tenaea in- .mu i!f,n a-.MH;idu"ii uv.yi T?r,i. T?iharr1c am i tended the Mt, Salem association The Fowlerton missionary society ! in the north part of the state Friday, ch(ldren Phillip," Elizabeth and Martha tWTr Tom Hasty motored to j Mrs. Jas Taity. I i W. P. VAN ARSDALL, P. M. J tt-;ii lnr-h next. Tuesday at , Saturday nd Sunday. Jean, John Jones and Alice w nyorew i tne western part of the state tunca y r i i 41 1 !ra Tnrnio T rar-lt anri Tlc ATartha motored to Ohio Saturday for a short the dav with the former s j ' will hold its regular business j Ford and Elder N. L. Ford and fami- society brother Mr. John'llasty. j At a cavalry post on the border re- j meeting will be in j ly returned home rvmday evening at-new president, Mrs. j ter attending church service in the visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Corn of near Muncie were the guests of Doxey Miller and family Wednesday. Miss Clara Oram was the guest of session. The charge of the Maude Curry. ; north part of the state. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kimes speni , centlv the offi ,er Qf the day was mak-nd IS "che h MSe ! S the rounds of the posts. It was spending the week at the home of , during the challenging time. He Iotyis homDSon whi'e they are i seated hims-elf on the comer post of I : Miss Crystal Williams Thursday af M'ss Madge Smith was m Bunker-hill Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Langsdon visited friends in Kokomo Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Jnes "ook teroon. of j spending the week in Rush county , a f ence atl(j waited for the sentry Local and Personal Mr. and Mrs. Chap Duling, Mr. and Mrs. Verde Wright, Clinton Duling and Miss Florence Dome, Mr. and raw recruit from the ri .tc r T.JKoT-ftr Vlt . , 4. g ! lhe sentry, a Mrs EvJ tt Ss "ITtcniS SS ! 4 M"" Hamilton and tamUSunday evening I .fflf at' Dr Creek woods of Main, rode ,.;vly p and -Twa. J . . - t-eacn. , tanof thpir sud- i stnnnwi onlv a few feet from the U. taking their sup- j stopped only a few feet from the O. Mondav afternoon, Whvbrbew reunion in the Marion W. C. Smith, Misses Madge and POULT R V" W ANTED A check for more rwc-y guaranteL. if you sell to me. Puone me, I pay.' 'phone charges if I buy, . . W. T. W ELLS .. Phcne 594-B Sammitville, Ind. -------- t..wi r Pf GRANT Gail Smith snent their vacation last week with relatives at Laurel, Ind., returninrr. home Saturday. II D. After waiting in silence ior a iew moments the officer asked: "Well, what are you going to say?" "Durned if I know what to say," drawled the recruit. "If you were The 3ovs Booster class will snend Mr &nd Joe Faucett attended next cu may vv.w. ,w ...e .h oi ; the Hawfc reunion at Muncie Sunday. " Mr. and Mrs. ionn nuuiv x Isabel, took dinner Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs, Elmer Comer and family. Mr and Mrs. Ed Felton of Marion spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Gl Banister. . Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Brookshire and family bad as their guests for din-Mr. and Mrs. Lucius park Sundav. Mfs. L. P. Simons accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Everett Simons to Marion and spent the day with her mother, Mrs. Mary Dickerson. Mrs. Emma Whvbrew formerly of this place, who is now living in Michigan, is visiting relatives here for r few da vs. Mrs. Whybrew visited D. C. Duling and family Tuesday. Mrs. William Carpenter and sons Harold, Meldrom and Oscar, of Mon- town. Mrs. Dame and children are ! walking I'd say, 'Halt!'" ! Fred Robertson spent Sunday as the gu-est of Ralph Thurston at Sum prehearing to move to Summitville soon. mitville. ... . r - e i . nev. timer aiyers ana wue. wnoi ., -r.c o 5tD4. have been returned to the Fowlerton ent Sunday with Mr." and M P. charge are visitmg relatives m ; Mr. Smith. and near Carmel. Ind. lnev will re-! -r ti j ticello, Ind.. have been visiting rela Brookshire anJ children. Everybody welcome to attend Sun- t day school at Center each Sunday at 10 o'clock. ! Excu , . , . . . . ; . , . , : . . . i Mrs. r ranees naniiuii aim cnuuren tives and friends here during the past , eume their duties here for the ensuing . t the week end at Montpelier, rsion Cf, r-n v v i . ' V- -'"".t- visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. fjlen Collett has been employed The new peeling machines at the geT winoffer as night watchman for the Fowlerton canning factory which were out of j Kavmond Robertson spent Sunday fack.rg company. commission a part of last week have ol. COMMUNITY ITEMS Indianapolis, Indiana Clifford Blacks and family of Van been nut in shape and are again in Mr and Mrs. Ed Crouse and son at-Buren, visited rred Mahoney Sunday, operation this week. i tended a weanie roast Friday evening i at the home of Mr. Plackard cf Sum-1 mitville. 1 Dunaay, dept. tw Wessie Lewis was taken to the hospital at Marion on Wednesday of last week on account of blood poison from mashing his toe several weeks ago. On Thursday morning part of the bone was removed from, his toe, for 1. 1 .... . 1 Tiicnn tKiiv rri -a Viityi a Very low rate of fare. Take advantage of this cppM-Lumfy to visit the Capitol City, and when you do, don't fail to tak? is Broad Ripple Park. Earl Al'en, Cashier BANK FARM LOANS I Maurice Warner, President I FOWLERTON RENTALS INSURANCE M ; Mr. and Mrs. Herbie Smith of Kirk- . man. Ind.. were guests Sunday night ; of Mr. and Mrs. Ananias Smith. ! Mr. and Mrs. Bert Todd and children very pleasantly entertained at Sunday dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Clef- tie Hughes and children. Martha and ; Herschel of Leisure, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Todd of Rigdon. Mr. and Mrs.i Win Todd and daughter Bertha, Mr. j and Mrs. James Tygart and daughter j Gladys and Miss Jeanette Edwards of Back Creek. Afternon callers ; were Mr. and Mrs. Milt Jones, Mrs. j M?.ry Jones and Miss Jean Jones. ' Harry 'King of Greenfork, Ind., j was a guest Monday of Owen Kim- j bmush ard family. j Mr. snd Mrs. Ananias Smith and ' Ifl REAL ESTATE Boating Good Rv- Hear the Muncie Boys Band, return engagement. Swimming Fishing Dancing. All kinds of amuse.-i?eat-taurants. TaLe a river trip on the Big Steamer Sunbeam. m The wise nan relies on Hope merely as a stinvulant, but puts his mam ia.-in in orn. as a ouUler-cp to grow rich upon. HlJ . r ii..;r 7 serum treatment which has practical- ly brought him out of danger, a " Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brewer and til family attended the Johnson f-tnicn H held at Muncie. p Mis Iva and Y'ula Wood spent Fri- day afternoon with Ze la Lewis. Pi Mr. and Mrs. Guv Johnson ?nd 1 I H "ui,mnis tne wheel, of prosperity and succes?. The moment you start an account with us, prosperity begins to turn in your direction. j We extend a cordial welcome to all who would like to open an account with as." m family spent Sunday with Mr. Dan Q Johnson and Mrs. Psie Roberts. In Union Traction Company of Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Reverie Smith and son t 4-V. nff n . . jTlwixr TrineAn f-rknlr 7llo I . 1 , . , . 1 ttti Fowlerton Bank, Fowlerton, Indiana raj aiKTiuuun uu ni'iuiiiuii "7vn. 1 1 nanes Liwani attenaea me v nv- 3 Guindola and Ve:.i Lewis to Marion j brew' reunion at Matter park Sunday. m to see their brother Wessie, who was j Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones and JJr-'p-'WWtri: r-J'-JtoIWI very mucn lmnrovea. . roti HnuarH snonl Tlinrsrfav pvpti ncf

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