The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 1, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS j SUNDAY SERVICES The Fairmount News Published on Mondays and Thursdays ti Ford Truck Tire Trouble -H streets, schools, lights, etc. They feel it is up to each citizen to help look after the public possessions. If he sees any work being done in a wasteful way, or if he observes seme fault that might cause damage, he should notify the public authority. In the city of Philadelphia, where tha public have been urged to make A . S. ROBERT, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. H M TELEPHONES Office: Main 265 Res., Black 382-1 M. E. CHURCH Sunday school at 9:30. The pastor will be away over Sunday, so there will be no preaching either morning or evening, giving the Methodist people an opportunity to worship with the good people of the other churches. CONGEGATIONAL CHURCH Sabbath school, 9:30 a. m. Evening service, 7:30 p. m. At tha evening service the pastor " 'Rattlesnake Bill' is strangely altered. What's the trouble?" "Bill says if he had known what was before him when he went into the movies he would have stuck to &ain robbing and kept his self respect. In the old days no man ever talked to him the way the director does and lived to tell the tale." The little boy on returning home from Sunday school gazed for a time at his month-old brother and asked: "Mummy, whan will baby begin to 'talk?" "I expect it will be a year before he can say anything," replied the mother. "Why, mummy," said the boy in a disappointed tons, "Job cursed the day he was born!" We can help you eliminate . much tire trouble lay equipping your truck with oversize tires. This means econcmy to you, because most truck drivers are overloading their tires. We stand behind our line of Goodyear and Auburn Tires and their quality and service cannot be substituted elsewhere for the price. We have helped others let us help you in determining the proper tire for your car. suggestions of this kind, prizes being offered for the best ideas as to improvements, 2754 well founded complaints were offered by the public in two months. In some towns they do not encourage complaints of that kind, because they claim they get too many of them. They feel that there are plenty of Knockers who expect an impossible degree of perfection, and these knockers do not need encouragement to any additional fault find- n 1 1 1.1 SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1.25 Three months 75 (Outside Indiana.) One year $3.00 Six months 1.65 Three months 90 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. M M M will begin a series of sermons on I "Every Man's Religion," taking the I phase "Mystery" for .this Sabbath. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor. M H H mg. fcuch people win aemana cosuy He had iust civen a lone exnlana- M M FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m. Preaching 10:30 a. m. Sermon by the pastor. Junior Mission Band 3 o'clock p. m. Young People Christian Endeavor, Entered as second-class matter at ! repairs when the defect is too slight i f i t homecoming- the postoffice at Fairmount, Ind., un- to warrant expense. t Hnn't K-liovo .-nrH nf it" d- der the Act of Congress of March 8, , , . . . - . . v.m lg7g & j The last named point of view, while ( clared his wife. lone can understand it, aoes not neiy "i hat's where you re wrong, my fi-30 n m secure public improvements. Every dear," he replied. "Several words of j Preaching service, 7:30 p. m. Ser- E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing it are true." mon hv the nastor. citizen in Fairmount ought to feel keenly interested in the property of the community of which he is a mem- -j REV. S. ADELBERT WOOD, Pastor. THE AMENDMENTS On page 2 of this issue The News publishes the text of the proposed constitutional amendments to be voted upon at the special election to be held next Tuesday. Some of these For some months an old man, ber. If he sees waste or removable through all the stress of weather, has Phone 226 W. V. Fowler, Mgr. defects, he should notify the proper j been attendin pervice in the Hanson . . . . a 1 lll1t; " authorities, usually tney win o? aoie ; p, Rantist ohurrh. Rntlv tho BIG WEEK OF SPORTS AT THE INDIANA STATE FAIR proposed changes in the basic law of ' f o-f in tho mattpr. tViOThtrVi laolr nf ! . . . the state are undoubtedlv worthy, and ' ' i Pastor, the Kev. feamuel xViacauley all should have the careful study of J ,75 the m Scotchman' the voters. Amendment No. 9, pro- j we M " rTlV" him anJ said he was lad to see vidmg for a change in the method of . , . , . mm. 6 or ho q i roH in other wnvs Hnf mm- ...... ... . . . . . j " v nv I han nnr hppn in phnrch fnr naming state superintendent of pub ' ' ' J 7 - . v . . until these last few forty years less knocking does ho good and it takes spirit out of a town. When people take a keen interest months." happen to come lic schools, taking this important office out of party politics, and providing for appointment under law, is one which appears to be a good one, and worthy of careful consideration. The proposed amendment relative to in public work, the zeal of municipal j here ?" asked the minister. A big program of sports is on the schedule of the Indiana State Fair for the week of Sept. 5. Twenty trotting and pacing races, for which $18,-500 in purses is offered, are to be given four events each afternoon. The Purdue band will play for the races and open-air vaudeville will be given. The congress of cowboys an:I cowgirls will give exhibitions of bronco riding and lasso throwing, as well as Roman standing races on the mile track, and the speed program will close with an auto polo game each day. Auto polo is always a popular and thrilling game which State Fair visitors enjoy. It is played by daring officials is stimulated. If you see a ! "Well, I have been a hard drinker thing well done or a good improve- all my life, and since prohibition the ment made, talk about it and com- only Scotch I can find in Brooklyn is methods of taxation is another most here." iindiaina sttattie: f"iir SIX FULL DAYS September 5-10 Two Lavish Night Shows important one to the people of the ! end those who brought it about, state, and against this there have ! Many Plic officials have lost heart, been presented strong arguments, j because they got all kicks and no ap-How much interest the voters of the j preciation. .nft falMnn in no nYVinricArl 1 ' O The six-year old boy had told a fib and had been commanded by his mother to go to bed in the dark. i f ft t TV TO YOUR ORGANIZA changes in the constitution, does not j He started reluctantly, and upon drivers and mallet men, who, in the taking a long look at the dark stair- confusion, upset and often wreck their TIONS. Your home city is a good deal like appear on the surface, and outwardly there seems to be much indiffer turned to his mother and said: motor cars; the mishaps ana open way, mufflers adding to the excitement. be. ! many farms. It has great possibili ence. This is not as it should Mother, don't you think you'd Every voter is vitally interested, and , ties of development that have not 1 better come alone and see if I reallv ; Aut pol wiU als be. Played in the hippodrome show at nieht. to bed?" if he or she has not given carelul j Deen iuny realized, lo cultivate a study to these proposed changes such farm takes machinery. Similarly j should be done between now and next . you need machinery to develop a city. I On Saturday afternoon, Sept. 10, six j automobile races will be given on the mile track, the contests being for the A. A. A. dirt track championship and for the Barney Oldfield trophy. Among He was an argumentative local Tuesday, and then every votor should i Your community organizations con- 1 stitute that machinery. Do you take councilor' and was crushing an op go to the polls and express his opinion one way or the other. ponent's case. 'Gentlemen," he said, "you may Siege of Dardanelles (Race Track Infield) Thrilling Spectacle of the World War's Mightiest Naval Tragedy, the failure of the English and French Fleets to capture Constantinople. Dread-naughts, Submarines, Shora Batteries in action. Rich displays of Fireworks. 20-Act Hippodrome Arial and Platform Acrobatics. Features from large circuses, New York Hippodrome and Vaudeville circuits; Parades of Fair's Blooded Horses and Cattle; Society Horse Show; Concerts by Purdue Band and Murat Temple Chanters. care of this kind of tool like a good town builder? People laugh at the farmer who I say, with Councilor Smith, that this TWO SPOTS the drivers will be Tommy Milton, who won the last 500-mile race at the Indianapolis Speedway; Jules E'.lins boe, who finished third in that race, and Bennie Hill, who finished ninth; Dave Koetzle, Charles Corum and a is a case of six of one and a half doz- The city folks talk the Back to the leaves valuable tools around in all i n nf tho nihor Rnf T say no." is no- Soil Movement very enthusiastically j weathers without effort to care for ; Dause for emohasis "No- it It is exactly the number of other speed kings, i tnrougn me spring, out, uuung . in. same eupie win ui- ; thino- of the sort, hot weather when the crops need at- ; terly neglect their community mach- ' contrary " tention, it frequently becomes the inery. I Back to the Hammock movement. j A useful organization, formed in i " BACK CREEK Slas Diary The city folks who make fun of ; your home city for some helpful pur-Uncle Reuben have not declined in- ; pose, is a complicated and costly bit vitations to spend a month at his j of equipment. Much human energy farm and consume his lovely cream '; and brain power have gone into it. and vegetables. j The people who started it are not the The locality that can't afford to fill only ones that helped build it. Pro- By Ross Farquhar Rev. Grace Hobbs preached at Back Creek both Sunday morning and evening, that being her last time for regular service there. Miss.i'ora E. Wilson is spending the weeK at Indianapolis in connection with the S,fate Fair. John Edwards is slowly improving Friday sum people gives funny up the little hollows in its roads, is : gressive people everywhere who creat- SHOW OF 1922 AUTOS AUTO POLO 20 HARNESS RACES Purdue Band of 100 All-American Concert Band Newsboys Band Murat Temple Chanters Cowboy and Cowgirl Congress Arena and pavilion shows of pure-bred livestock, poultry; 50 acres of tractors, machinery, homeJ and farm utilities; displays of fine arts, flowers, orchard and garden products; culinary, dairy and apiary exhibitions. Indianapolis Speedway and other daring drivers in championship contests. Special Rate of One and One-half Fare on Railroads. Thomas Grant, President Wm. M. Jones, Financial Sec'y I. Newt. Brown, Recording Sec'y. usually the same one that later is ed similar plans for civic develop- answer"s when you ast him how they are a teelinc:. lo- from a case of typhoid fever. Mr. Odie Keirstad and family day pa & me went trying to sell a bond issue for general ; mnt, have assisted in establishing it, highway reconstruction. j by forming the model on which it was o ) patterned. It is too valuable equip- down the st. & moved from Rev. Walter Thompson's farm to Fowlerton Monday. Rav pa seen a ole frend V'ntiesa is movinc Viis familv tn tViic THE COUNTRY FAIRS : ment, with too great possibilities, to The growth of the country fair idea j be neglected I of hissen & sed Place vacated by Mr. Kierstead and How .are you get- family. ting along ole top. Miss Mildred Scott is spending the m. t t.. i week at Indianarvolis in a Domestic is a sign that the rural communities . Many people join a community or-have learned the value of advertising, j ganization, and then are unwilling to Though these fairs often seem devot- j serve on committees or take any res- if A Science cours? in conection with the Stotf Fair Milsired is one of the representatives of Grant county. Agustus Barkdull of Daleville is snendine: the week with his uncle V. 1. - A U p I I til in answer that he was all rite he sed he was a getting plenty of near beer so he had no kick comeing. Grant Barkdull and family. Th? regular W. C. T. U. meeting j kvill be held this Thursday at the i ed largley to f un and merrymaking, ponsible office in it. If money is they would never have been started, j spent on social affairs, they find fault and people would never have under- . that the funds are wasted. If money taken the enormous amount of work is not spent, they say it is a dead one. j necessary to carry them on, if it had ' They rar?ly attend meetings, and if not been for the publicity motive. : they do come, they come late. If People and communities that get community projects are discussed, : out superior products always want to they offer no suggestions, and after-show them to the public. The same ward tell how everything was done reasons that bring success to the , wrong. They do the best they can to merchant who advertises his wares kill their home city organizations by j pei-sistently, will ccme to a farmer such methods. j f a p gat j o-ess i home of Mrs. Delia Kirkpatrick. The.j , ' , . reoort of superintendents, the election ; have been a wirk- 0f the regular officers and the election ! ing to hard this of a deleeate to the state convention ! summer. I got on will be the main purpose of the meet- ! iha ctWsIas tnHor jp. in'-. Rf rrshments of ice cream and ! ca'e wil' bo served. Meeting at 2:30. i i a. r i ,oniy waae seveni iu. my si-eves Mlv Vi.tnr Pavne is snendinn- the 1 rolled up. Just when it gets nice K-eek with Mr. Grant Barkdull, go- who gets out a standard product and a small association made up of aways takes it to the country fair. There ought to be a general co good workers, is better than a big one; reddv to bern so thev is not Ta.-hers Institute at Marion. in which there are few who will d , " ng reddj to Deg.n so tnej is not Denn Thomag Mr operation in all-the towns of Grant anything. When you get a lot of j county to maintain such fairs as are i good people enlisted in some such or-! piasure ane.. and Mrg Qtto Henlev Mrs DaiSy Sunday mrs. Ellis foned to ma & Henley and Mr. and Mrs. Grant Bark- ast bar to cum & join up to a mishun- dull went to Marion Monday n:ht to ary society they are organising but near Bud Robinson. i necessary to display the products of ganization, and they are willing to the district. If a town is not big ; work and heartily support the things enous: eh to get up an agricultural show ! that are done, you can accomplish ! ma Sed they 5. J 5ss'ps dav with Mrs. Lizzie Hill. . r.,A ; fi,c 1 j Ti : .- !goes to it. Mrs. Ellis sed to her; Mr. Allen Rociie and daughters it should in with others, of its own. go j wonders with it. It is a piece of civic Thats all rite they is all ways room Glayds and Leona of Wake-snlle, for 1 more. I gess ma got sore. , Ind., spent the week end with Mr. Monday ma gets awful pervoked . Alva Demaree and family. and do its part to make the show a success. People come long distances by auto machinery the force of which is in-calulable for all good ends. o Next time, paint your barn with a paint that's made for painting barns times. He thinks he n- Lary mou 18 at pa sum mobile to these fairs now. They, go fjivTrVTfO CTADICC to their homes and report that this or ; LJ jIv 1 vlll0 Knows pij.tty near everything, ma ; Don't foreet school beeins Monday j says if you wrood ketch him a looking morning, Sept. 5. All parents . are iinto the dictionary he wood sware he requested to be present, that place had a wonderful display. The idea spreads that- the town and county that presents a. fine exhibition We have never heard of Wednesday evening: praver meet ! was a hunting mistakes The eob was on shore leave and ing: will b? held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler Smithson. is a center of rural progress Young i happy because he had found a eirl Tuesday I nearly got my block nocked off today. Pug Stevens sed that if it wassent for the foolish peo- people and others like to get into a j as affectionate as he. His joy was that is thus coiner un erade. I i - i, j ! - c i- viiiii mtrta, However, lui a uiuccuat imu . . . , . -,i tvia ri- f nH,irf! t.VHl i pie in the world it woodent be wirth Your barn is too valuable an investment to be insulted with a coat of cheap paint. It is an investment that should be protected with paint made especially for barns; a paint ttat will make your investment an asset instead of a liability. - He sed when a paint for barns that's anywhere near as good as Lowe Brothers Standard Earn Paint. It's made for painting bans and nothing else. That's why it has made so many friends among barn owners. Come in tomorrow and ask U3 abvut it. ,,1 K lft rm tVA should- t.:- r. . .. . veinS m the world. all the fools is gone he dont want to be here. I sed Never you worry you won't. Sum fokes is to hot tempered iojis i ins fin naa laoooea ii- hi tne sureetss. ers of a few people. Even if people i But life took a new turn when he don't get many premiums on their j saw a man kiss hig wife farewen in stuff, everyone who produces any-' fnf tu Ppnnsvlvania station. thing should take pride in having i Xew York. He rushed his girl to. I maJ to easy. r.n something worthy of exhibit, and ,vard a crowd h ing toward the ednesday-my cuzzen Clarence should take the trouble to place it on Philadelphia express and bade her a S eetheart witch he i. in show. Many rural people have found fond fLwell. When the crowd P T, ,"s to fet that their display at the fair was a thinned h, joiRed a throng for Wash. way to cure he & her is , to let tremendous help toward their sue- ington and iepeated thegact. Theyj them Ro on ahed and get marry ed to mi.. i : o - men rt a frrt- .... ... . . a anotner. Fairmount Hardware Co. Cash For LOGS Elm and Second i Growth Sugar PHONE US We Pay For Phone Calls Wabash Basket Company Marion, Indiana cess, ine Lixii:co v,-. repeated it again betore tne nicago munity should give all possible help, j train. Thursday at a ice cream soshul j 1 t tonite. Jake Jbot 15c wirth of cake j so I bet 2 bits wirth of peanuts. Not " to show how much I like peanuts but ! as they will profit by any gains the farmers make in this way. This was too much for a colored porter who had been watching. He how little I cared for 2 bits. o . stepped up to the gob. "Boss," he WATCHING PUBLIC WORK. j said, "why don't you go downstairs Many city governments encourage ! and try the Long Island station ? the public to make complaints in re-.'Dem trains am a-leavin mos' all de gard to defect in city property, time!" 1 Did you have company last week? Main 265 will be glad to hear all -about it. Better call now. ,

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