The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 1, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS soon as yorj get hem to time, I fear, I shall be as headlong as the rest of them. Some way the news of my act has got here front Springfield. Sarah was kind of cut up. Jack Kelso has nicknamed me 'The man with the Iron arms, and Abe. who is a better man every way, laughs at my embarrassment and says I ought to feel honored. For one thing Jack Armstrong has become a good citlren. His wife has foxed a pair of breeches for Abe. They say McNoll has left the country. A Man for the Ages A Story of the Builders of Democracy By IRVING BACHELLER There has been no deviltry here since that day. 1 guess the gang Is broken up too much iron in its way. Sarah enjoyed fixing up the cabin. .Tack Kelso had given her some deer and buffalo skins to lay on tlu floors. The upper room, reached by a stick nftermwMi, I'nwiUing to confess !er extreme Interest in the boy she had ladder, had its two beds, one of which said not a wort! of her brave act. It was not shame; it was partly a kind Harry occupied. The children slept of rebellion against the tyranny of below in a trundle bed that was PGtoses Them AH 8 pushed tinder the larger one when it youthful ardor; it was partly the fear of ridicule. was made up In the morning. So It happened that the adventure 'Some time I'm going to put in a of Harry Noodles made scarcely a rip wlndletrap and get rid o that stick ladder," Samson had said. ple on the sensitive surface of the village life. It will be seen, however. Sarah had all the arts of the New BIM SAVES HARRY. Synods. Jmn avt Parab Traylor, w5th their two chiMrn. Jos ;.h ar.d Rets?- travel bv w asvn In the stmnrr of frcm thlr home Wrjrenns, Vt., to the West, the Uv.J of rlmv. Their destination l the Oountfv rt the Sar.jraion. In IlUnois. At" Xiairar Kails they Meet a r'rty of immi-crants, arr.orijr thm a ymnh name! John McNeU, who s.lso AnWj to jro to the 5anjraTnon. country. AH cf the rarty sxsfrer from fever arid asise. Sarah's mlr.tstrationa pave the life of a youth. Harry Xeelca, in the last stajrea of fever, and he accompanies the Trayloris. Th.ey roach exv Salem, Illinois, ard are wc5conio.t hy yours AVe tjncoln and others. Among the Traylors' flrt acquaintance are Lincoln frifnvls. Jack Kelso rd bis pretty 1ai:rhter Him, sixteen 5"oars of ajre. Sair.wn decides to locate at Nexv Salem, and raise his cabin. I ed hy Jack, rowdies make trouble,. Lincoln thrashes Atm-strorgr. Harry Neetlcs strikes lap McNoll, xrho threatens F.ngland home maker. I'nder her that it had started strong undercurrents likely, tn time, to make themselves felt. She kissed it and held her cheek against his and whimpered: ""Don't cry. It's all over now. I'm going to exit these ropes. It was as it she had known and loved him always. She was He a .voting mother with her first child. Tenderly she wiped his tear away with her blond, silken hair. She cut his bonds and he rose and stcod before her. Her face changed like magic. 1h what fool Tve been!" ehe exclaimed. "Wlty soT he asked. l cried and I kissed you and we never have been Introduced to each other. She covered her eyes with her hair and with bent head went out of the door. Til never forget that kiss as long as I live," said the boy as he followed her. "TU never forget your help or your crying either. hand the cabin, in color, atmosphere The house and barn were finished. and general neatness, would have delighted a higher taste than was to be whereupon Samson and Harry drove AFTER EVERY MEAL found on the prairies, save in th to Springfield a muddy, crude and brain of Kelso, who really had some growing village with thick woods on acquaintance with beauty. To be sure its north side- and bought furniture. the bed was in one corner, spread It appeals to everybody because of the pleasure and benefit it affords. The longest-lasting refresh ment possible to obtain. Sealed tight kept right in its wax-wrapped impurity-proof package. Their wagon was loaded and they with Its upper cover knit of gray yarn were ready to start for home. They were walking on the main street when harmonizing in color with the bark of the log walls. A handsome dark Harry touched Samson's arm and brown buffalo robp lay besid" it. The whispered : rltle ami powder horn were hung bove. the mantel. The fireplace had "There's McNoll and Callyhan." The were walking a few steps Its crane of wrought iron. ahead of Samson and Harry. In a second Samson's big hand was on Mcs Kvery one in the little village came to the house wanning. The people were In their best clothes. The women lift. i 1-7 wore dresses of r.ew calico save Mrs loctor Allen, who wore a black silk dress which had come with her from her late home - in Lexington. Bim Noll's shoulder. "This is Mr. McNoll, I believe." said Samson. The other turned with a scared look. "What do you want o me?" he demanded. Samson threw him to the ground with a jerk so strong and violent that it rent the sleeve from his shoulder. Kelso came in a dress of red muslin trimmed with white lace. Ann 1(9 I or ice also wore a red dress and came The Flavor Lasts with Abe. The latter was rather grotesque In his new linsey trousers. McNeil's companion, who had felt the BO tro away front me I won't speak to you, she said. "Go back to your work. Til stay here and keep watch." The bey returned to his task pointing up the inside walls but his mind ard heart were out In the sunlight talking with Bim. Once he looked out of the door and saw her leaning against the neck of the pony, her face hidden In his mane. When the sun was low she came to the doer and said : "You had better stop now and go home." She looked down at the ground and added : "Please, please, don't tell on me, "Of course not," he answered. "But I hope you won't he afraid of me any more." She looked up at him with a little smile. "lo you think I'm afraid of youT" she asked as if it were too absurd to be thought of. She unhitched and mounted her pony but did not go. "I do wish you could raise a mustache," she snid. looking wistfully Into his face. "I can't bear to see you look so terribly young; you get worse and worse every time I see you. I want you to be a regular man right quick. jm CHAPTER V Continued. Harry felt the beauty of the scene hut saw ami enjoyed more the face of Bim Kelso as he worked and planned his own house no cabin, hut a mansion like that of Judge Harner tn the village near his old home. Ho had filled every crevice in the rear wall and was working on the front when he heard the thunder of running horses and saw figures, dim tn a cloud of dust, flying up the road again. He thought of the threat of Bap McNoll. It occurred to him that he would he in a had way alone with those ruffians if they were coming for revenge. He thought of running toward the grove, which was a few rods from the rear door of the house, and h'dir.g there. He couldn't hear to run. Rim and all the rest of thorn would hear of It. So with the sickle In his right hand he stood waiting Inside ihe house snd hoping rhoy wouldn't stop. They rode- up to the door and dismounted quietly and hob-Wed their horses. There ere five of them who crowded Into the cabin with McNoll in the lead. "Now, you young rooster, you're oin' to git what's com in" to you," he prowled. The boy faced them bravely and warned them away with his sickle. !' III 111 III III III HI HI linW-FTTTTI of a better length than the former pair, but still too short. "It isn't fair to blame the trousers or the tailor," he had said when he had tried them on. "My legs are so long that the imagination of the tailor is sure to fall short if the cloth don't. Next time I'll have 'em made to measure with a ten-foot pole instead of a yardstick. If they're too long I can roll 'em up and let out a link or two when they shrink. Ever since I was a boy I have been troubled with shrinking pants." Abe wore a blue swallow-tall coaj with brass buttons, the tails of which were so short as to be well above the danger of pressure when he sat down. His cowhide shoes had been well blackened; the blue yarn of his socks showed above them. "These darned socks of mine are rather proud and conceited." he used to say. "They like to show IT." He wore a shirt of white, uri-bleached cotton, a starched collar and black tie. In speaking of his collar to Samson, He wondered what he ought to say and presently stammered: "I T intend to. I guess I'm more of a man Japan's Highest Court. The Japanese Supreme court the Duishon-In consists of seven judges, the chief judge being appointed for life, or until removed to a higher position. Last June the late chief judge, Baron Kuuiouii Yokota, was given another berth "nearer the emperor," and Dr. Shotaro Tomiya was put in his place. Doctor Tomiya is a graduate of the Imperial university of Tokyo and is one of the best liked jurists in the empire. The Japanese code of procedure is patterned after the best in the American. English and French codes. New York Tribune. They were prepared for such emer- I than anybody would think to look at The Medium's Friend. Publisher George roran of New York was laughing about Conan Ooyle's rampant belief in spiritualism. "Doyle's friends poke fun at him," he said, "hut he takes it all in good part. At a dinner in Goldcr's Green, the Greenwich village .of Londou, Poyle's host said to him one evening: "'How will you have your roast beef. Sir Arthur? Underdone or ' "But here the hostess interrupted: "'It takes no Sherlock Holmes,' she said, 'to tell how he'll have his beef. He'll have it medium, of course.'" rencies. One of them drew a bag of I me "You re too youns to ever rail in bird shot from his pocket and hurled It at Harry's head. It hit him full In love. I reckon. "No, I'm not," he answered with de cision "Have you got a razor?" she asked. "No. he said that he felt like a wild horse j in a box stall. I Mentor Graham, the schoolmaster, "I reckon It would be a powerful help. You put soap on your lip and mow it off with a razor. My father says it makes the grass grow Impcrtant to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of OASTOBIA, that famous old remedy for infants and children, and see that it was there a smooth-faced man with a large head, sandy hair and a small mustache, who spoke by note, as it wore. Kelso called him the great articulator and said that he walked in the valley of the shadow of Lindley Murray. He seemed to keep u watch Question Flattered Her. Edith Jack asked Miss Passeigh last night how old she was. Ethel Did she get angry? Edith No. she was flattered. You see she felt that she must look young or he'd never have dared. Roan the Just Goin' to Muss You Up Signature oljLrZ2&tl Proper." ful eye on his words, as if they were Ifl Use for Over 30 Years. - weight of Samson's hand and had had enough of it. turned and ran. EASY TO BULL a lot of schoolboys not to be trusted. They came out with a kind of self-conscious rectitude. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Time Exposure. A judge's little daughter, who had "What do ye want o' me?" McNoll There was a moment of silence during which she brushed the mane of her pony. Then she aked timidly; "Ho you like yellow hair?" "Yes. if it looks like yours." "If you don"J mind I'll put a mus-tache on you just just to look at every time I thlirk of you." "When I think of yon I put violets in your hair," he said. He took a step toward her as he spoke and as he did so she started her pony. A little way o:T she checked him and said : "I'm sorry. There are no violets asked again as he struggled fo free The children's games had begun himself. and the little house rang with their RATS "What do I want o you you puny songs and laughter, while their elders w little coward." said Samson, as he sat by the fire and along the walls and !YHCE talking. Ann Ilutledge and Bim Kelso and Ilarrv Needles and John McNeil lifted the bully to his foot and gave him a tos and swung him in the air and continued to address him. "I'm just goin' to muss you up proper. Jf attended her father's court for the first time, was very much interested i;i the day's proceedings. After her return home she told her mother: "Papa made a speech and several it her men made speeches to twelve men who sat all together, and then these twelve men were put in a dark room to he developed." Pearson's Weekly. By Vnng the Grnmne SI' EARNS' played with them. In one of the dances all joined in singing the verses : you don't say you're sorry and mean it I'll put a tow string on your neck and give you to some one that wants a dog." 1 won't have none o' yer weevily wheat. ELECTRIC PASTE R.ady for Use Better Than Traps Directions la 15 languages in eTery boa. n.its. Mire, Cockroaches. Ants and Walerbug di-stroy food and property and nr carriers of disease. Strum' Electric Past' fores these pHU to run from the builUinn for water and f renb air. 86c and I1.6U. -Money bafk if it fails." V. S. CioverumeDt bay It. I won't have none o' yer barley; 1 won't have none o yer wecvily wheat. "I'm sorry," said McNoll. "Honest To make a take for Charley. I am ! I was drunk when I done It." Charley is a fine young man. now. She rode away slowly waving her hand and singing with the joy of a bird in the springtime. That evening when Harry was helping Samson with the horses he said : "I'm going to toll you a secret. I wish you wouldn't say anything about It." Samson stood pulling the hair out of his card and looking very stern as he listened while Harry told of the assault upon him and how Bim had arrived and driven the rowdies away Samson released his prisoner. A Charley is a dandy. number in the crowd which had gath Charley likes to kiss the pirls. ered around them clapped their hands Whenever it conies handy. When a victim was caught in the and shouted,, "Hurrah for the stranger !" Every department of housekeeping needs Red Bross Ball Blue. Equally good for kitchen towels, table linen, sheets and pillowcases, etc. Advertisement. What She "Deserved. Dauber What do you think of my portrait of your wife? Husband (who is not Impressed) I ihink it serves her right ! Edinburgh Scotsman. Shave With Cuticura Soap The New Way Without Mug flying scrimmage at the end of a passage in the game of Prisoners, he or A constable took Samson's hand He Staggered Against the Wall. and said : "You deserve a vote of she was brought before the blindfolded judge : the face and he stageered arainst the with her gun but he said not a word thanks. That man and his friends wall stunned by the blow. They j cf ner demonstration of tender sym- "Heavy, heavy hangs over your have made me more trouble than all the rest of the drinking men put rushed upon the boy and disarmed rathy. To him, that had clothed the head," said the constable. and bore him to the floor. For a lttj whole adventure with a kind of Indiana Farm Bargain. 152 A. ID. 000 cash needed. No commissions. Writ Federal Farm Bureau, Washington St., Chicago, 111. time he knew not what was passing. sanctity so that he could not bear to have it talked about PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM Samson's eyes glowed with anger. "And I am making trouble for myself," said Samson. "I have made myself ashamed. I am no fighting man, I was never in such a muss on a public street before and with God's help it will never happen again." Thev searched the face of the boy. "When he came to, his hands ant feet yere tied and the- men stood near cursing and laug.hing, while their leader, McNoll, was draining a bottle. Suddenly he heard a voice trembling with excitement and wet with tears Item UTew Daoaru- tops BairPalllnd Restore Color aad I Beaotr to Cray and Faded HaiJ His voice was deep and solemn when 60c. aaa vi.uv at vrnrnsta, mtmnx Cbem. W fcs. Patchorne. W. T. he said "This Is a serious matter. Why do "Where do you live?" the officer OaV I niHDbKbUKHS Remorea Oaraa, Innae. M&. atone all Data, enaurse comfort ae you wish to keep it a secret? No Turk can afford now to have four wives, it Is stated, and even one Is an expensive luxury. Still the Turks might get some valuable Information from men in this country who have experimented with two. Owing to the mild winter, the late frost, and drought or something, the price of manufactured ice remains among the war clouds. Women are more careful motor drivers than men, says an expert. But this may be because they do not have to listen to back-seat drivers. The bov blushed. For a moment he saying : "You go 'way from here or Til kill you dead. So help me God I'll kill you. If one o you touches him he's knew not what to say. Then he asked. "In New Salem." "I wish It was here. We need men like you." Samson wrote in his diary; feet, makes walking earr. ISe. by mall or at Drac fiite, Hlsoox Cheuioal Works, Fatcaoraa, M. T. 8KVKN MERITORIOUS MONEY-MAKING ART1CL.EH and how to make them, for On Dollar! Send Post Office Mony order to JNO. LUNDMARK, Box 40J7, MIAMI. FLA. "Fine or superfine?" the judge inquired. "Fine," said the constable, which meant that the victim was a boy. Then the sentence was pronounced and generally it w-as this: "Go bow to the wittiest, kneel to the prettiest and kiss the one that you love best." Harry was the first prisoner, ne went straight to Bim Kelso and bowed and knelt, and when he had risen she turned and ran like a scared deer around the chairs and the crowd of onlookers, some assisting and some checking her flight, before the nimble youth. Hard pressed, she ran out of the open door, with a merry laugh, and just beyond the steps Harry caught and kissed her, and her cbeeks had the color of roses when he led her back. i smoke: "It ain't me so much it's goin to die." He saw Bim Kelso at the window her," he managed to say. "She wouldn't want it to be talked about and I don't either.' "On the way home my heart was sore. I prayed in silence that God would forgive me for my bad example with Iter gun leveled at the head of McNoll. Her face was red with anger. Wanted I.ady as local representative of hlfca a;rale grarment manufacturer. I'leasant, dignified, highly remunerative work. All or part time. No capital or experience required. Consumers Co.. 1836 Euclid. Cleveland. Ohio. Samson began to understand. "She's Her eyes glowed. As he looked a tear I quite a eirl. I euess," he said thought to the boy. I promised that I would not again misuse the strength He has welled from one of them and trailed' fullv. "She must have the nerve of a given me. In my old home I would down the scarlet surface of her cheek, j man I declare she must BAILSMEN WANTED WITH FORI CARS to sell A-C anti-chatter brakes for all Fords. Enpy to sell. A-C MANUFACTURING CO.. 8251-5 Grand Avenue, CHICAGO. McNoll turned without a word and I "Yes-slr-ee ! They'd 'a' got hurt if have been disgraced by It. The minister would have preached of the de Limitation of armament would bring a reduction in taxes. That Is a pocketbook argument for universal brotherhood that even the unethical can understand. walked sulkily out of the back door, they hadn't gone away, that's sure, The others crowded after him. They said Harry. ran as soon as they had got out of the "We'll look out for them after this. INDIANA Improved Farm Iiarruin. 12 Acre. $10,000. No commissions. Write Federal Farm Bureau, Waahincton St., Chicago. I1L struction that follows the violent man to put him down; the people would have looked askance at me. Deacon A WONBtRFVL FACC BLIACH. door. She left the window. In a mo- I Samson reloined. "The first time I Tsn, Ur Spt.. PU"Ct. f ,. J",SW'S KBEMOLA raent the young men were galloping I meet that man. McNoll he'll have to COMPANY. ZD MMhisse .. Csli 1. The "Underground Railroad." Somers would have called me aside to look into ray soul, and Judge away. I settle with me and he'll pay cash on The slump In foreign trade may give American producers a long-needed lesson In the weakness of "good enough" as compared with "best." Grandy and his wife would not have Dim cuiue into me huujc otuuiuj me nan. (TO BBS CONTINUED.) invited me to their parties. Here It's Bim, having heard of Harry's part different. A chap who can take the. $79 A WEEK GUARANTEED Tor selling 4 average Creaco Ra:neoat a. day. Onta. FREE. We Deliver and Collect. Improved Mf. Co., Dept. 151, Asldand, O. W. N. U., Indianapolis. No. 36-1921. Missouri Foresight. law in bis hands and bring the evil In Abe's fight and of the fact that he was to be working alone all day at the new house, had ridden out through wrth emotion but with her head erect. She stood her gun In a corner and knelt by the helpless boy. He was crying also. Ber hair fell upon his lace as she Tked at the spot of deep arlet color made by the shot bag. man to his senses, even If he has to . Those unhappy Islanders In the south Pacific who are living In the stone age have missed all the Joys of straphanglng and paying Income taxes. In preparing for the proverbial rainy day don't wait until R begin ts hit him over the head, is looked up to. the woods to the open prairie and sprinkle. Jameson Gem. It's a reckless country. You feel It as hunted In sight of tJie new cabin that

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