The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 27, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1936
Page 5
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Friday, November 27, 1936 The Daily Clintoniart, Clinton, Indiana Page 5 the myrih-ry of why "Hp Una a tiny Smiorlla" 1J :ittenditiK tin senior play at St. IJpniicc. 'fiifKday. Jje-remher K. Anynnp wish inn rtw.TVf'd Bpat lirkftH ran mukp urratiKpniPiits for KPltitiif them hy rttilin? Air. Aik-man. the rlana nonnor. or any ineni-lir of ilifl Mentor -Inns. Mr. Thompson und fumily visited I) in fulhor hi I'nrki county Sunday. Jin k Ilorfnipjpr and Krd Wtl liiniin, en route noi'i hwiMd S ii it'll. ftt'tt-nooii) paid Mr. Aikman a hrh'T with friends Bedford, fcier. wIki plavK here litis wppk. has yH to lone a irame. 1 r. Thorn pson und iico i;e Haiti wpiiI fiia(l Im nt insr Sai in da v. The for hut reports t ha i I rie -.m ter fioi sotn qiiai). Satiii'day nU'ht. I.-T. .V Mating A I'an-ni-tr'ain-r nici'titiK was held a( I he Iiijfh si hool hulitlini; Thursday iiiyht. Noveinhcr ji. Thi pnrpufs pt'pKit!i as k I'd (im'rttloiiN com hi iiinK ihf niciith d1 ib' pi'scpt report t' r 111' hiIIH'Mf MH.etin8 ti ii in) (ilHvd. Vleilm Kolir wave a read mi'. .In men HmiHt'ot and Jerry .IrtiiiMH 4ntu'. at did a quartet urn- slwtint: ,r Tpd JH'Holf. Carl Btotil. Lpoimi'l Stpffy anH Hormi n AWaver. U'pslt y Hale and Kojprf Rd have rpttirned altpr haitiK thtrlr (onslls removed .Mrs. Koyster vished school Friday. The hollers have I u i-epaiied at th" hhrh m hoo htitldfntr Oiip In. k mi' at the Mar k hoard iii the uHittfdy tun "' that ft Hure doesn't pay to play hookpy. 'hanp. trades, oi t hrnw hnnks ST. BERNICE SCHOOL NEWS Bar-r-r! COLD WEATHER IS COK FASTI Th Kcnior cIhkk piny, originally Htt for December 9, will he kIvimi on TuhcIh)', OtH-emhei- s, Instead. Con-flleliiiK pi ok rum In thw lownnhip are the rcHHOM for Ihn chutiyp. LhhI Filduy the fUHi Ptijoyed ft Hiill Bitp-per Hi thf chool hotim n-lM-niMtiiK lli-forf II 11(1 H fi IT tile (hlli Soh'H ItHNkPtlMll Coach WriKl)'a Hornetx uniul two opponent fpvrly lal week, de fpnthiK Scoilfind and Prairie Creek S 'J -I :l niul "t fPHjpp i velv. Nov ihi' llornpiH are sharpening thi'ir nt link with hupp of ink in? Tatmiei and liana in thn order named Tun !'' I! wtl Aa ill hnitanapd!; Stiinrday. 1MS Stotif here J":ir owr I he week (-nni'tl' li ' 1( a hi I viiT' d in si f f i n t r- nd and attended the ticket I, Mi i1 nie ill I'm irip reek THIMBLE THEATRE Starring Popeye By E. C SECAR m mm . , - . . . , . , V I YAM GONER r STOP! WAtT'T RN NOT VMZ H TRIS THROW 'EM ALL J III wT vnu rrJ - xtrophy; ) BACK IN THE X TAKE MY A T3 HOUbE-IDON'T CARE i j-A i Jd TO THE SANTA MONICA ROD At REEL J CLUB srS IF THEY ARE VOUR K OCEAN RlGKTw-N ' PICTURE Jl W COFW'Cl 1 JH IjJ Vulff Art 1 f 1 n f (B TWFY ftlM'T Ci'iH? "VKENRF k'sooo-Bve, WE AvRE N0TCe6CUSEl AE-I'LL Ml'EM-l'VE ( hERMWS, YA KIN NOT 6TAY HIRE. I OOKT WANT HOOMAUER THAU WE'LL KNOVJ'O 'EM EVtR SNCE- DEAR OLO FRENO, TO BE ltfsN UTVJtLL, VA OUb DON T DtLONQi EVER BE T TAWftT.V No Use To Walk When You Can Drive Used Oar So Cheaply! LOOK at THESE 1932 Plymouth Sedan New Painf Overhauled $225 1932 Chevrolet Sedan Overhauled Newly Painted S245 1931 Chevrolet Master Coach Reconditioned New Paint $195 RbtV. EVEN it. THOUGH WE BE ,'VlDiON'T 5CALy 'H, MEAN CREATURES i TO SCfXLy MEAN DAR OLD POOPOECK PpppQECK IN THE OCEAN WITH r- ' B IN THE OCEAN WITH T JTgQOOI tHEY WERE MiNNQWSQ1 GOOO- PROBABLY EVER SlNCtX THEY WERE MINNOWS-y rwri n i vTHt OTHcH rlbH- .J 03r U PAPPY 8ve, 'TPlPE DOWN .OLWC, S 7A MJ6T MAT HIT i l i , . i - . r-L t. v OF THE SEA.Sy t iNbULW r -rur ta iyv;ikt.iii u ' UAt POPPA Ij WRlOOVK UIF CDF lWKVft- ( HATES SW6WEETy WE'LL GO- JO SEE V HOT P6H! w. c;fK -1, y GO CALL 1 i-ry. j 2" - ii t riLLIE THE TOILER By RUSS WESTOVER' I BUT, MAC, IF I CAW START HAIR. SKCM1-I I VoeiU VJAL.UV, fTlLLIE ycoCAN Be A I F"1 - J,-4 L-CST ALU My HAIE. LAST X ; Y''.- IMS OM SOME NICE OLC. GEMTLEMAN'S. AlHAT CM I &I6 HELP TO ME IF 1 MIcSHT MO REASON AT ALL. j y BA0.O HEAD & KISSIM6 IT AND SET A bo FOR VOUj' Jrou WJlLL YZT , ! I ! r- jT" 7 U. 1931 Chevrolet Four-Door Sedan New Paint Overhauled $225 Two 1934 Ford V8 Deluxe Tudor Sedans Heaters Radios ! V1HAT A SWELL TKOOSSEAO , COOLD 60 It7T HAS A ,,, . frOON-T-L7rlTHF pEgjU: BLIGHT y da SCt ffyrj (i'.iS ISOVOU LOST VOUK. BUT II V j'TRyiMO TO TieiCK. V V M ' Ar)? k , T!1 HAIte.TOOALLV-AWO V3U'0 BETTER , 4 . ,'' HE VJEfSEW'T VOU - LK Z"' , YOU WANT ME To KISS SEMOMACOOT ''f :V C J I KMOWASHAViEDl f, ' ' YOUK HEAD-. G.OIET OF THE room M-t v'.S HEAD VaIHEW I rfff4iB,OT) Y X MAC-I'LL HANDLE -mj WSpT 0 llffiW FH SEET tjf ' j CvU-lA m tP Jl "Slfea Z' 1931 Chevrolet Coach Newly Painted Reconditioned S225 1934 Chevrolet Four-Door Sedan Radio Heater 1933 Chevrolet 1-Ton Truck 131 -inch Wheelbase Dual Wheels 1932 Chevrolet lJ-Ton Truck 131 -inch Wheelbase Dual Wheels DANN DUNN Secret Operative 48 YEH. ACE BART T THIS TUNNEL liV tWAMP',',' , V I" A.W RIGHT, WHAT HE GONNA, (H3 FROM THE DUCHESS. I'LL NOW, ACE DEAR. HURRY BACK WITH A LOT OF NICE NEW BILLS SO SHOULD SHOW UP DO, BARNACLE, I utoe a t itTi e I Oir l no CrUiC r I-'-- Two 1935 Ford V8 Deluxe Tudor Sedans One With Heater One With Radio DO JUST THAT. BE MAMA CAN BUY HOUSE IS A SMART THING THE COPS COULD NEVER CT ' a.l TAVB PrfT nni ir,W UMIF - A GOOD c V. PLENTY OF PRETTY PLPMTV TjP PRFTTV x tji - a -i j . M t GIRL GIRL THIN&S. THINGS. VROM ACE BARTS N WOTS AT 'IM.'yCV MAK.IN T "' f " N A CORNER US A - HIDEOUT ALMOST i IN HERE DIRECTLY ACROSS LAKE MICHIGAN UE THE INLET WHICH ft SURROUNDED BY A TREACHEROUS SWAMP IN THIS INLET ft A SMALL STEAMER ;; s o i' j ver !f BELONGING TO ACE BART-THE BOAT, SO CUNNINGLV CONCEALED, MOUSES ACE BART 3 COUNT ERPEITIKKa 1928 Chevrolet Coach A Good Buy! Ford Model A Pick-up Truck Two 1926 Model T Ford Sedans One Extra Good PLANT. ACE BART5 ' HIDE OUT V AH f THERE IM II 7 THEY'VE CERTAINLY GOT j GO AHEAD. OPEN IN NOW FOR. A SOMEGNE CRAWLINI I HAVENT SEEN A SOUL AROUND NOW FOR. IT 1 HOPE NONE OF n J HOPE NONE OF as Y SURE, ACE, AS 'ISOON'S WE CLEAR V THIS SHALLOW r ff 'ER UP TM ANXIOUS TO GET THIS PLACE WELL FENCED, i j CLEAR OUT INTO THE t I LAKE TOO-ILL WAIT J QUICK ONCE OYER IN Hf.PE ?? I'LL AND THEN I PLUG HiM FULL O' 5 ACES GUNMEN SHOW WATER-" WE'LL tl THAT PHONEY DARKNES5 FALLS A SHABBY BENT FIGURE L I DISAPPEAR WITHOUT LEAD "NOILL TALK UP UNTIL lVE SEARCHED i iM-rii hap Akin nir Tr GET TO THE I DOUGH AN' GET the PLtce wnsr- UNDER V IE LOWER BACK. HERE. ry L----nnrv-i . . ' ?1'"-'l , STRAND OF WIRE. LUsnuwo of wire, APPROACHES Come In! Let Us Explain Our Easy Payment Plan! QoEomap Auto Eo. 335 South Third St. Phone 427 ACE BART'S HIDEOUT ALONG THE SHORE LINE IT IS DAM DUNN DISGUISED AS A

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