The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 27, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, November 27, 1936
Page 4
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Page 4 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Friduy, November 27, 1936 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Foundfd 111 Real Estate TRANSFERS "Sweepstakes on LoVe'' EnUbllnbed as The Weekly Clintonian 1890 The Clinton Plalndealer absorbed in 1908. PERSONAL NOTES FROM FAIRVIEW Three Are Confined by Illness; Glovunint Toffolo et al to Marcel " y w mw 9 m s m m aaa George L. Carey Editor and Publisher Is Toffolo, part lot 111 Fairview CHAPTER XXI. He ntered at the I'OBtoftice at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter, Park sub. , fl. i Roger was masterful, as ever, led Diana awav. Diana had heard stories of the Jesse C. Shattuck et ux to Fred Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association falsenesi of Hollywood, how almost Vesta Family Moves to Clinton He told her that Dolores' hobby was mischief-making, and she was a born liar, and he disliked her Sehnffstnll et ux. part tract "N," $1 West Clinton Realty Co., to Dan over-night it could change people s characters, and she hadn't believed it. But now she wondered if, in a heartily. National Advertising Representative: GEO. B. DAVID CO. lflOn WrlRley Bide., Chicane Latlnnvich el ux. lot 4 3 in West Moreover, Roger couldn't possibly be as- poor as he had stated on thai r arrival? Else how could he be able to afford these entertainments? Th oil wells might be drilled deeper until oil was struck again., who knew? Or at some of those soclsl affairs of Hollywood, Diana's fresh beauty and sweet manners might attract some wealthy man to her? Or she might meet some producer who would advance her earner at ill few short weeks, this strange meta But the words: "Dolores, you're delicious . ." remained in the back morphosis might not have come to 1-11S General Motors Ttldft.. 110 Bast 42nd St., New Tork of Diana's mind. Itogerr ine tl:ougnt was torture. As a matter of fact. Roger had Essentially truthful herself, she FAIRVIEW, Nov. 27 J. W. Car-rlco, Mrs. Joe Blac.keler and Mrs. Ed Cottrell are confined to their humes with illness. Mr. and Mrs. WSvne Vestal and Clinton, $350. Elizabeth Salzmunti to Daniel La tlnovirh et ux, lot 44 In West Clin Ion, $50. Phone 1 1 7 not brought Dolores to Jerry No Phone 41 :lv bated euDtcnujre. If Koger had drunk too much at his friend's house two nights ago, and had spent moat of the next oar with a hand tjlendora Smith to Charles Tol further? family have moved from First slreel Genevieve waa ant!mlirfi THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM lan g, but had met her at the Iront door. Now, he sensed Diana's feeling, and because he wan reajly fond of her (so he told himself), he started devoting himself to Diana, which greatly annoyed Dolores D'Arcourt. to Clinton. over, she would have overlooked it. But if what the woman said were true, then he nad deliberately lied. Diana. 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pennington Jerry aineeree nhaai RiMmae,' ! 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry, Why do you ask such a oueation. Mother?" Diana flu.hed. and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Clara Ollmore of Lyford. In the next two weeks, life In the ' 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemploy This was the little girl that had stepped from Roger's Society set in led Smith, putt Nicy 3-U-10; 20 a., fl. Everett Lamb lo Don Kyle et ux. part SK4 2K-14-ln, fl. Clara Mnnrord et til to Anna B Lamb, part RlC'i. "K-14-10. fl. Leonard Mich. atty. in fuel to An :ellne Markovich, lots 337, ,138 and " n t In 1st add. to Jacksonville. Genevieve ghrurnd .i.r n,t ment problem. Mrs. 'Mollie fimith of Clinton speul shoulders. "No reason at all. -. studio was so thrilling-ly exciting and strenuous, and Boger so attentive in the evenings and over the week-ends, that Diana's early mis New York to tne Honywooa scene) This was the little amateur of So. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city ling, except that you've gurh a remarkable o iinion of Jerry." Sunday with her brother. Sam Kerr, and family. of its size m the state. ciety dramatics whom that stupid Benes had recommended to the company for a contract, pitifully poor Mr. add Mrs. Stanley Kelly and givings melted in air. The only flaw in her happiness was his constant references to son of Clinton spent Sunday with REGULAR ARMY RESERVES as that contract was! Dolores was a featured player of shortness of money. But when she 2!WI. Mr. und Mrs. Lawson and familv. the International t ilm Company, Domenico (leranti to John Cam Because World war veterans are reaching an age which pre Mrs. Mary Newklrk Is spending protested against bis asking her to expensive places, be laughed and said it was a necessary investment at a salary of sis hundred dollars a week. That someone who was earn haiani, lots 1IMI and 110 In West eludes active military service, Cen. Malin Craig, the army's chief a few duys with her daughter, Mrs M. H. Xeal of Mewport. Clinton, $50. ing only one-eixth of her salary naven t yauT Hasn't he Been wonderful to you, sending you easea of the best California wine? And loaning his chauffeur to you from the studios, to take you shopping, and for drives to Santa Monica, and keeping thi. bungalow supplied with flowers from his gardens?1' "Love me, love my daughter,'' Genevieve twinkled. Then seeing Diana look vexed, she added sooth, inglyi "I will aay he's the essence of kind-heartedness, and a true friend, and it's a lesson to me not to judge neunie in the first, inutsru. Ferguson Lumber Company to ior ootn or tnem to oe seen at fashionable Hollywood spots. One needed publicity. "Then I ought to nay my own John Foster apent Saturday in should be a rival was unthinkable! Dolores lacked subtlety, even though her voice was as cooing as of staff, recommends the establishment of a large new reserve fighting men, available in time of emergency. Terre Haute. Florence Snyder, lot 3 in SVCVt 3n lB-; 1 a.. $1. share. Koger. And as I can't in the meantime, I ought to stay home." But it wasn't only Roarer who In a dove, she opened nre witn: -maybe it's the Californian sun that's General Craig points out that the regular army is merely the Steve Shull and family moved from Jackson street to Fulton street Wabash Real F.state Corporation dazzling me, but I could have aworn George Waters et ux. lot 211 it nucleus of a war-rime establishment which must be created in th in Fairview. you were a brunette last night wnen sisted that Diana step out of an evening to the swank spots of Hollywood but Genevieve as well who. Matthews Park 3rd add. lo Clin by appearances." Mr. and Mrs. Noah Adams have i saw you Miss uaningxon, ana today you're as blonde as " event of a major conflict. However, it must keep alive a knowledge ton, $1. Uiana Sashed out! But bet really eood-lookina. Seneviev. after a talk with Bernie Gutman the firess agent, and Mrs. Holzer her andlady, insisted that if Diana Charles A. Lndd of the military art and the progressive development in tactics and "Says the pot to the kettle, you old red-head I" Jerry chortled. Roger stared at Diana whose hat to Donald . C. in original plat when he's properly dressed! Last ntsrht he joined Roper and me nt ' Slokcsherry. lot 16 weapons, provide the defensive garrisons for our outposts in the in were to get anywhere at all. she must "see and be seen." almost entirely hid ner nair. tie dinner, and he wore evening clothes, if Eugene. $1. had his back to the sunshine, al sular possessions and the Panama Canal and "should be capable in This gained her notice in the pa moved from Lincoln street lo Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Weavers and family have moved from Washington street to Lincoln street in Fair-view. Joe Miller spent Sunday with Allen Crane west of Fairview. Mrs. Corbet Kemp spent Saturday though Dolores was facing it, and he thought how sharp were women'a pers, ably managed for the most Oil Potter to Ora B. Ktanfleld. el . part 11-15-10; 10 a.. $1,200. Mary Kidnnbender et al In Amua Umb. part SE4 2S-14-10; 1 a. part by the indefatigable Bernie Gutman. The handsome swain was sometimes turned into a mysterious millionaire, sometimes into a rela eyes, and tneir tongues still snarper. When Diana had spoken to him in the Art Department less than an hour ago, he had not noticed the ior ne was going on to some important party, and you'd be iur prised how aristocratic he looked I" She had confided in Jerry her Jovi for Roger, knowing her confidence was aafe in his hands. , - But not to her mother, nor to Jerry, nor to Roger, had ihe ion tided am anonymous .massage -that she had found, addressed to herself war of throwing up a protective wall under cover of which our citi 2en forces can be mobilized." The war department, he discloses, has plans for an enlisted re ' serve, ultimately to create a trained civilian army of 150.000 men 1. tive who was chaperoning her but change in her hair. He said aloud: "Diana was al- very .seiuom whs nis name iven, ana when it was, the studio was mentioned, and a story woven evening with Mrs. Mollie Smith of Clinton. wavs blonde and lovely," and de Anua B. Lnmh to Mary Sidenbend r el al pari SEVi 2S-14-10; 1 a 1. Anna B. Lamb to Everett Lamb on the floor of her second-hand car around the fact that -the erstwhile Mrs. 'William Hall spent Friday The soldiers would enlist in the regular army for five years, three in active service and two in reserve. During this latter perod, they international playboy had turned with her Bister. Mrs. Martha Single worker and "artist" at the Interna at the studio that -erv alter noon. . . It ran . , . "Do you know who the person is who foots the bills for cided he would get her out into the garden, away from any possibility of Dolores further putting her foot in it. The butler appeared with a tray of cocktails at that moment, however, and Mrs. Nolan behind him inrt SB'a 3-M-10; 10 a.. $1. ton of Clinton. would be available instantly, upon call. tional Film Company Often Jerry Nolan joined ;hem. William, N'aveviees el ux to An your jaunts with Roger Dexter Mr. and Mrs. Brownie Xohbitt and anrily of New Goshen were Sunday The American military force is described by General Craig as ton Ferrira N li lot 3:1 Centenary Jerry hated to get into a tuxedo, and rarely wore one, but he had spruced up remarkably in appear -77!!" - , with a silver platter of hors- one designed solely for defense and unsuitable for aggression. For suests of Mr. and Mrs. Dure Evitt ance, these daya. and family. d'oeuvres. Roger was hungry and thirsty, and after the two young women had helped themselves, he 1 65. Anna Ts. Lamb to Oscar Lamb e x. pari SE4 28-14-1": 14 a.. $1 Oeorge Waters et ux to Olenna M eign armies, he says, are ready for instant use within or without the I believe that boys sweet on John Shepherd of Terre Haute you, Diana," Genevieve told ner daughter one evening when they borders of the country, but in the United States there exists an un did likewise. Ha was just starting to question spent the week end with his mother, Mrs. Anna Shepherd. looser, lot 211 in Matthews Pari had both returned to their bilttop finished and unassembled machine, some or whose parts are not in Diana as to her afternoon's work before the camera when the rd add. to Clinton. $1. bungalow after dining; at the Nolan mansion in Beverly Hills. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Malone of Exciting though ft was, life was not easy for Diana in the studio There was an enormous amount to learn, to do, and she soon dtscov ered that one needed endJ?s. strength, and particular!- a kind ' bottomless patience First of nil, one must read and practice one's lines, get the whole scene that was to be rehearsed into one's mind. -r ,, Even the experienced actors and actresses fcund certain word-combinations aid arrangements diffi existence. John F. Peeler to Emma Lucilt Diana had stared wide-eyed at wretched red-head intervened. "I called Bert Huntinirton to Terre Haute were Sunday evening arles S1 lot 22 and lots 23 and 24 her mother "Why he's only a We have given above a summary of General Craig's suggestion thank him for his hospitality of two friend 1" n original plat of Dana, $1. Genevieve had softened consider- ably out here. Her first condemna tion of Jerry was .forgotten. She even went so far as to say now, cult, so how much harder was it fot casually: "He would make a won MOVIES Alii A MI'HIK'A S THl"MP derful husband for some Kirl." Not because of his money or his AT THE PALACE gorgeous home or his prospects, Genevieve," Diana had said quickly, with an impulse to champion and explain Jerry that surprised her to establish a reserve, contained in his annual report for the fiscal year ending last June. We do so in order that readers may understand the ideas of the military staff in undertaking the planning of a proper defense for the United States. This, we think, is important because of a growing belief in some minds that the United States spends entirely too much mooey on a small army. Quite frankly, we have not made a study of the question but it is generally admitted that the total money spent in this country is not the basis of comparison with other countries where there is nothing like the same cost per man. A mathematical wizard. Stuart rwiu, employed at a bank is found self, "but because he's so awfully a novice I Jerry Nolan would -very often find time to drop over to her in the studio and have her recite her lines to him, and give her the right in-flection. Jerry knew ever angle of the game. He could, and did, vouchsafe to her valuable information. He. was enormously .popular n the studio, from the stage hands and prop boys to directors and -ero. dueers. Jerry knew almost everything Robert Armstrong, a carnival nights ago, Roger," she said archly, "and he wanted to know how you were? He said you passed out completely after we'd all gone home, and you spent the remainder of the night and two-thirds of yesterday on the eouch in his living-room, clothes and all!" Confound the infernal busybody I But this was done deliberately. It was something beyond a mere lack of tact. Diana's fresh beauty had annoyed the woman who was at least ten years her senior. She wanted to make trouble between them, because she herself had made no headway with him. Because of the excuses be had made Diana and her mother-flimsy excuses that got by with Diana but probably not with Genevieve this exposure of yesterday put him in the deuce of an awkward fix. "Huntintrton was spoofing, be thoughtful and considerate ana leva! and natural. Why. he's the anager. After showing his ligltt- sjneerest person in the whole of Hol ng genius for figures, he plays -idge with experts and beats them. lywood! "Sinccrer even than Roger?" twitted Genevieve, who no longer referred to Roger bb a "detrimental." Feeling seedy herself, despite the mild climate and the easy life of California, she was unable to chap about the stage as well as about the The story is a laugh every second. Betty Furness is the girl who loves Erwin and helps him. motion-picture business. "The talkies are much narder Major Bowes, latest news and a eron Diana in the evenings as she taphone act are the shorts. would have wanted to, although she hid that fact from her daughter, than the boards,' kid, for the sound machinal exaggerates any little slip in diction, just as the eye of the camera exaggerates an awkward ireature that might get bv an audi- YESTERDAYS XOVKMRKH 27, JIM I A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Hairy New-land of Kairview Park last Tuesday. fearing to upset her. Kl'XIOV ence in the legitimate, y'understand AT THW WABASH So you ve srot to irive a nnisnea per A sequel to "The Country Doc formance. Get me?" cause he's under the odd impression that my comings and goings interest you, Dolores," was bis cutting reply. He drained his cocktail glass, set it down on a small table, and rising, said to Diana: "Come along, Di. I want to show you Jerry's gardens and awimming pool." But it was good to know that Diana was advancing herself by being seen in the smart rendezvous of the movie city with a well-bred, well-born escort. This had been confirmed and stressed by her press agent tor," "Reunion" has much the samf Diana sighed despairingly. , To Be Continued) topmaSt, 1138. Xlaa feilur-t l-rlir- ta st. The Dionne iiitintuplets with their baby antics. Jean Herscholt a: the genial Dr, Luke, Rochelle Hud guests of Mrs. Hannah Malone. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stokes spent Sunday in Newport with Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Adams. 'Mrs. Corbet Kemp speni Monday afternoon with Mrs. Charles Skelley west of Clinton. Mrs. J. W. Carrico Is confined to her home with illness. Mrs. Joe Blacketer 1s confined to her home with illness Mrs. Ed Cottrell is confined to her home with illness. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Jones and family of financier were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Brown and family. Mr. and Mrs. Janres Garwood and Tanilly of West Liherlyville. 111., were Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs. Perry Clark. Everett Bates returned to the home of hiB daughter. Mrs. Roscoe Swea-zey, after spending the weekcud rn Terre Haute with Mr. and Mrs. John Sampson. Leon Short of Terre Haute spent Saturday in Fairview. Mrs. M. H. Neul and daughters of S'ewport spent Sunday in Fairview with relatives. Mrs. Alex Faulds and daughter. N'orma Jean are spending the week in Anderson with Mr. Faulds, who is emiployed there. Mr. and Mrs. William Ralston and daughter of Clinton spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pennington and family. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Short and son James spent Sunday in Terre Haute with their son Leon and also visited Mrs. Leon Short, who is in the I'niop hospital. Mrs. Gertrude Silkwood and family had aR Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. "Claude Silk wood and daughter of Brazil. Robert Stewart of St Ber-nice and Jerry Nekliinger of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. John shitJl moved from Jackson street in Fulton Street in Kairview. Mr. Mid .Mm, Ke Mei und Jain- Mrs. W. H. Bonner entertained her bridge club Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. H. M. Ferguson, Mrs. Margaret Benc.e. Miss Clara Hupp and Miss Cailie MeMei-lien were guests. Mrs. Marshal) V. Uohh entertained son and Robert Kent as Dr. Luke's r-9 ssistants all give fine performance.1. lly of St. Bernice and Russell Helt of C. C. C. of Suakumak were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Perry THE STARS SAY By GKNEVIKVK KKMHI.r, Kor Saturday, November 38 An Eventful and stirring day in forecast from the very powerful solar and lunar directions. Rather sudden events may incite to high pressure, with the energies and faculties under high stimulus for initiative in new undertakings, associations and environs. Those whose birthday it Is are likely to find themselves facing a year of important events, with new contacts. Interests and surroundings. In all the high pressure and excitement, be wise in decisions and confer with cooler and mpre sagacious heads. A child born on this day may be energetic, aggressive, skillful and ' constructive, with fine determination and courage. It may sutceed best in strange or distant places. ! ini Summerville cast again as the own cop will give you lots of laughs Clark and Mrs. Mary Helt and lour tables at bridce. Wednesday Three thousand of Lake's babief gather in Moosetown for a reunion daughter, Ruth. Mr. und Mrs. Albert Stjth and Air. nd out of the gathering comes com- and Mrs. Charles 'Wlckersliam (if Terre Haute were Sunday afternoon y. suicide and pathos. The final of "Phnntnin afternoon lu honor of Miss Helen Coddingiou of Crawfordsville and of Mrs. ceoree v. Higirins. Mrs. W. B. f'onley won first prize. Miss Helen Morey entertained last Friday at bridge in honor of Mrs. Hig-gtns. Jlivitatious have been issued by Mrs. R. M. Pentreath for cards nt guests of Mrs. Alice Vales und daughters. ider" featuring Muck Jones and Dlarhonds in the Rough. " a really Pearl Malone of Terre Haute nny comedy, complete the how. spent Monday witli Mrs. Hannah Iion- STAMJKIK' her home Friday afternoon in of Mrs. Higgins. IS K L OND Y K E KLONOYKK. Nov. 27 Mr. and Mrs. John .Mattimla und son Si and daughter Rose Mary and Alice and LAID -VOVEMHi:i "7, ttt-H Miss Marion Johnson, Hugh Holmes. Miss Ruth Robertson. Clo-vys Harvey, .Miss Katherine Tuck and Russell Beam- attended the rosebud pledge dance of the Delta Sigma sorority of Indiana State Teachers College which was held in the Vimenza ball room of the Terr" Haute House on Saturday evening. Among those who were pledged to (lie sororily was .Miss Martha Huvs. AT THK OH.rMKIA "Stampede" 'written by Peter I!. Kyno is jammed with thrilling action and beautiful photography. It was filmed entirely in Canada. Churlus Starrett plays the part of a cattle trader who avenges the murder of his brother by a criminal band. Leading lady I? Finis Barton After a series of desperate encounters wllii the crooks and clever battle ow wits Starrett succeeds in restoring harmony and justice lo the range. Home on the Range, a comedy and screen snapshots are als,, shown. 1 PRINTED STATIONERY and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Osella kiicili Sunday in Terre Hanle. Mr. and Mrs. I.ouls Knvii-u ami daughter. Mary and l.essie linffi "pent Saturday evenine al the Immr 50 SHEETS 50 ENVELOPES of .Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Mattloda and family. Hie Miksi-h Chrmlina Almla and Klinor Huftatlota spent Sunday a'l-ternoon wit ii Miss While of Clinton .Mr. and Mrp. Prank Csella spent EASY NOW TO CORRECT BAD BREATH No need to offend others Listerine, quick deodorant, sweetens breath Now there in no excuse for offending otbera with halitosis (hud breath). The quick, ctuy treatment to counteract this condition in Lufterine. Simply riiuunt; the mouth with it makes the breath cleaner, sweeUr, more wholesome. Most cases of bad breath, nays one dental authority, are caused by fermentation of tiny food particles the tooth brush has failed to remove. When Listerine is used to rinse the mouth, it halls fermentation and overcomes the odors it causes. Smart men and women realize that it is easy to offend others and take the pleasant Listerine precaution against bad breath. Lambert Fharmacal Company, St. Louis, Mo. miit-aday at the home of .Mr. and Zebra Can Whistle The zebra of ciouthern Ethiopia has a peculiar "call," beginning with t hoarse grunt and finishing with a long whistle, sometimes not url'l-- Me crv of a bird FRIST f Home L Mm . rNCLU0NS, MMNTINft .... WITH I.UC. IXOWN Ol RED INK. DOUIU SHEETS OR FLAT AHEETS N UUt. OREY. WHITE Ol TAN APtR. Announcement has been made ot the marriage of Miss Jessie Spenc and Thomas Tlennle which took pluce in Chicaro. 111.. Saturday al noon. Mrs. llemiie Is Hie daughter or Mr. and Mrs. James Speuce of South Ninth street and has been employed in Chicaco for some lime Dan Llewellyn Tony l.i l'age and Joe I'riesl have returned to Chicago after spending the weekend with relatives und friends here. Roy Welsh, who had planned to aecomnit-nv them here, was detain.-d in C!ii-rao on account of businf ks matters Mr and Mrs. Frank Mnzlev of 1224 White Street are the narelits of a baby daughter born Sunday. The infant is the fourth child and has not vet been named. Mrs. .lohn Tuheroa Jr.. and daimli ler of Paris. 111. Mr. and Mrs. Baptist a rtut'faltntj of Syndirale and Mrs. Theresa Out lielraeiti of Clinton spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, Hapiisla liiiflai-tola and family. Mrs. Mary Rnfrati.ila ami sun Johnny. Mrs. Madd-lina Nora anil Mr. and Mrs. John Tiib.---.niHa Sv. and son Felice spent 'Titursiiav eTeiltni! in Paris. III., visjtiiij! Mi. anil Mn.. John Tnberoa Jr.. HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 LBS. A DAY DtHtm y yjur kidnvi rantaia 15 rnilM of liny iuti or bitr Uicb hlp to purity tb blood aoct keep you bmbhy. Mm peopl ptu Also, fcjfe SLeeb i SAME COLORS . . . AER AND INK. 50 SHEETS AND SO ENVELOPES t ; 4 ii'jm o piiusay oraouuiapoiHHMot wtatc. FfMuwl or acuity with amanuis Lino Bonncrlii Thursday evening Clinton spi'ni it I DAY OR HIGHT V Clintonian Daily Huffattola. Pete Nora spent Saturday Terre Haute visiting friend- and burning aboaa toera may ba rnfttunf wrong vitb your kidnaya or buddar. An axceaa ol acida or poiaona ia year blood, when dua to functional lutioar eliaordera, aaay be ttia caua of nacging barkarbr, rbaumatifl paina, lumbago, leg paioa, iuaa ol pap aid aje arto. gfttiQtf up niabta, awalling, puSuiaaa unoaa tba ayaa, naauacbaa aad dtaaiaaaa. Lion t waitl Aafc your druaciat for Dimm' P.IK u"i aurraaindlv by mliiioua for ovar aO yaara '1 bay giva haopy retiat and will balp u,a 15 piilfa of kidney tunaa Suab out poiioooua aaaia iroui your blbod. Oat Puaa'a Hdia. Don't offend others Check halitosis with LISTERINE IE SURE AND SEE . . . RTTfcX PERSONAL CHRISTMAS CARDS Longest European River The Volga River, 2.300 miles long is the longest European river. READ THE ADS

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