The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on September 1, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, September 1, 1921
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i 71 1 FAIEMOUNT NEWS PRINTED FOR A PUBTOSE TO nELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-fourth Year ' FAIRMOUNT. INDIANA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1921 Number 81 . . , i ' D Going Down BIG YEAR AHEAD IN LOCAL SCHOOLS H. S. HBRARY A COMPLETE ONE; Three Couples In Block Wedded Fifty Years News Will Observe Labor Day Holiday l I 1 7 .. .. . . .. vt -s v The office of the Fairmount News will be closed" on next Monday, Sept. 5, Labor Day and there will be no publication of the paper on that date, giving the entire force opportunity to observe the day as is done in other places. Business generally in Fairmount will be suspended, all of the stores being closed, as well as the hanks and the post office, the latter observing the usual holiday hours. m An interesting: instance in connee- SEVERAL VALUABLE AUDITIONS ' tion with the celebration of the gol- j MADE TO THE EQUIPMENT den wedding anniversary of Mr. and DURING THE SUMMER Mrs. C. O. Ribble, was the fact that j . two other couples were present who Complete Thirtv Volume Set of the had but recently reached the fiftieth ' j Encyclopedia American and the Two milestone of their married life. Rev. ; Volume New Standard Dictionary and Mrs. J. II. Vinson and Mr. and Giving Students AH Advantages of Mrs. W. G. Woods, living almost next j the Leading Colleges. 'd vr neighbors to the Ribbles were - ; present and took part in the celebra- i During the past fow year: many tion and derived as much pleasure as : volumes of Prose, Poetry, History and ' y f the guests. Taking into con-' sidcration that statistics show that; reference works have boon added to . , , . ' onlv one in everv thousand live to the Fairmount high school library. ittlebrl,e the fiftth vear of married N ADDITIONS TO HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING GIVES OPPORTUNITY FOR LARGE ACTIVITIES Supt. Hamilton Issues Detailed Statement of Courses of Study and Announces Faculty and Corps of Teachers New Gymnasium Will Be One of Best in the State. Announcement of the opening of Hie Fairmount public schools on next Monday has been issued by Supt. Otto T. Hamilton, this being in form of a folder giving a list of the faculty and teachers of the Fairmount joint high school and the teachers in both high schools and tha grades. A detailed statement of the courses of study is given, these including the work of the junior high school, so successfully started last year. This year a new feature will be the depart-m?nt of vocational agriculture, which that it has been growing rapidly to i?fe t was an the more remarkable meet the needs of the greatly increas- , that three families could com? toed enrollment gether in this manner. NATIVE OF GALILEE WILL LECTURE HERE One of Best Entertainments Ever Offered in Fairmount to be Given At M. E. Church Monday Night last spring more space was provided for these books as well as a IMPROVEMENTS FOR WHITE'S INSTITUTE Next Monday evening, Stept 5, the svstematic method of carine for , i them. In the rear of the assembly a small business like room was pre- pared where these books were to be people of Fairmount will have the opportunity of enjoying one of the best entertainments ever offered to this GOLDEN WEDDING HAPPY EVENT .Vtw Water Works and Fire Protection System Being Installed at Institution Near Wabash kept under the care cf the school librarians, and thus the library was William S. Elliott, with the other j MR. AND MRS. C. O. RIBBLE town. Stephen Haboush, a native of Galilee, will give his illustrated lec-tric lights cunningly arranged were ture on the svhfet .The shepard Boy turned on and flooded the lawn where j of Galilee." He will use moving the guests were seated. Th Wilburn . pictures, not slides. This young man !,.., o.i;;in, i,vin;-n4K- ! is a college and university man. has put in shape so that everyone could trustees of White's Institute, spent CELEBRATE FIFTIETH ANNT-OF MARRIAGE justly feci proud of it. will be under the direction of Clauda L. Walters, who will also have charge of the department of physical training. Vocational economics will again be in charge of Miss Jesse L. Wright. Miss Lenore Ramsey will this y?ar be in charge of the English department. Miss Mary Arnold, a graduate of De-Pauw university, will this year have charge of the department of Latin, VERSARY Mor.dav and Tuesday looking- over the ? a?Tairs of the institution and arrang- j mg tor the installation ot a iiw .-iong in me .uf.ovor m me neia- - - nw,i,.i ! i.,-., ; water works svstoni and tiro proteo- ware count v schools, began a romance : lighted at this time disclosing the . ,,- ... ' , . 1 ttho largest churches in America. He tion. Mr. Elliott will return to the culminating in the marriage of two high school orchestra which furnished ! is airoa(v hooked for Chautauqua Institute next Monday in order to be of the county's most popular young many beautiful numbers throughout ' work for next summer at $150 a dav. However several valuable additions havj Incn made to this library again summer. Co?isotvJ?,tly i is row ;u;te comrlete ar.d up-to-date in every war ar.d the students will have the advantages of a great variety of standard books on almost every subject as well ns the most thoroughly modern Encvc'or-edias, Dictionaries iTOSCnt at III? OPCIllIlir Ulia OI i;aill-it- .-iiki i .v.i.uci.-, un ivinainr iv"uuu- the evening. Two vocal numbers, a ; In the lecture the Shepard psalm and solo bv Miss Treva Tarker and duett other scriptures ar- explained from II. . . fifty years wedding of French and physical training for girls. Miss Sample again has charge of the music and art work and Miss Georgia Weser th? history ar.d geography departments and Miss Gregg the Mathe- tion of the new school term. White's ; mg through all of the Institute is located in Wabash county, since until the gold on me experiences ot one who grew up as a shepard on the hills of the coun- about six miles south of the city of these young people was celebrated on by Mrs. W. A. Taylor and daughter Margaret were giwn, after which : Rev. J. ,T. Fred, of Eaton, and formerly pastor of the M. K. church at this place, gave a splendid talk in the course of which he touched upon try, where the Savior wrought, and matics department. amid conditions that have scarcely j The work on the additions and unchanged from that day. Shepard 1 provements to the high school huild-costunies will be shown and the quaint j ing which will provide for a handsome ar.d other reference bocks that can Wabash, and contains a section of last Monday at their home in Fair-be had. land. It was organized and is con- mount on South Walnut street. Among the most important addi- trolled by the Fri?nds church and is Near Albany, in Delaware county, tior.s made this summer is a complete a self-suporting institution. It is un- on August 1S71, Miss Anne E. thirtv volvme set of the Er.eyelope- .er the direction of six trustees, of Snvdr and Charles Oscar Ribble music will be given. This lecture will be given in the M. E. church and ia American. This is the only mod- which Mr. Elliott has been a mem- were united in marriage at the home j the changed conditions, the improve- n?w gymnasium and additional class rooms is progressing rapidly, while the work on improvements to the ?tc, that have taken place in At! of the bride's mother, Mrs. Catherine mcnts, em and American oncyelcredia pub- j?r for the past fifteen years. no admission will be charged. A free i ind contains complete infor- the present time there are 225 chil- j Jones, Rev. John A. Pitenger, well the last fifty years. He was followed i.n ofrerinsr wm no taken None of Washington street building has been nation, written by the best authors dren :n the institution to be raised and , known to many Fairmount people, j immediately by Rev. C B Sweeney, . thp to M. E." church J practicallv' completed, all of the to be fov-.d, on all subjects, even in educated. These children are sent reading the service. The bride's pastor of the local M. E. church, ; cither here or elsewhere. It is placed , in the care of a trustee and used for ; the education of young men in Pales- dress was whits and of material sum- who m fitting words pr?sented the lar to the organdie so popular at this bride and groom with a little golden time. She wore a white hat with bag as a token of the esteem, appreci- cluding the various phases of the recent war. Fairmount high school is among th first of its size in the state from the different counties of the state by the juvenile courts and they are sriven the host of training in : tine. It is purely a community affair, - , ... , . T ,. . - , , , the only object being to give the peo cown was of grav alnaca with hat to Delicious refreshments were served , , T . . .. , ; . ly object being to give the p school buildings now being in excellent condition with added room and facilities. The joint board has purchased two new school trucks for the transportation of pupils, these to make their first trips Monday. The expense of these will be borne jointly by the Fairmount school town and the Fairmount school township. The complete list of faculty and teachers to put in this thoroughly modern and order that they may become good citi-Amorican reference woik. In fact, zens. until ;ust recer.t'y this was to be , pie of Fairmount the best there is. match. The groom was attired in and a happy social time followed and wore a plug Mr. and Mrs. Ribble received many conventional black found in verv few rlaos outside of SPLENDID AUDIENCE ANNUAL REUNION OF HARVEY FAMILY hat on his wadding trip. There were beautiful presents including, china, EARS FINE RECITAL up;xr FIXE RFCIT VI The annual reunion of the Harvev twenty guests mat sat. at mo imuii; cut giass. nowers. oic. xo i?pociai- .. . i . , r . . ,1. The splendid audience which turn- r. iii . ir--,,M,-,f o.,.l- umner. oniv two oi wnom :ue m' iv annreciatcvi cuts were a canuie 1 .. . . i. H 1 1 1 i i . . w for the coming year is as follows: The candlestick rum-siiay mgnt to greet ;irs. . - . . . . livirs.- f;-5 iljir.i Wilson, of Port- stiok ar.d r:ikf dish the leading coV.cges. Another valuable addition this year is the two volume "New Standard Dictionary," the most up-to-date dictionary to be had as the revision of this work was just completed last winter. Superintendent Otto T. Hamilton, emy r nuax , .AuyaM i """,. ... . . . . . ... Mabebl Beidl-r Crstn nrA hor r,,, im: was spent in an informal manner land, Ure sister ot tne groom, ana was in wood oeautnuiiy mouuieu ana - - r A. B. and L. L. B., Indiana University 1911, A. M., Columbia, 1918. .,,,), otbrr the best man John Westov iru tt, ot was the work ot their grandson, jomi ' - getting acquainted with Muncie. After th? dinner a livery Charles Ribble. It was made of the ...m.,. u.uiu, ium nave l a i. . ii i i At noon dinner was served in the gym- .V. 1 -rv ;u ,.ii;.;n. . .... - . n. nvv th bvido and -.l ta ,n fVi Ko.Utond th.if was u" 11 r gratnj ing to ooin teacner Joint High School Faculty Principal Edgar L. Morphet, A. B. ndiana State Normal S,chool, Terre .l- .wi ...v. ... nasium to one nunvtrea ana ntty. - . ,.v-v,. ., The ehnrrh wi rrnwdd r!ee a thorouchlv uP-to-late library, ter dinner s Hockett remllHi ertnmi to Muncie, where they wera an old family heirlom. The cake am1 ls- me church was crowded the students of Fairmcur.t high school ... , a picture wa, taken to take the train for Indianapolis, dish was sent to them by a relative to the doors and the program came this vear will have library facilities ' . rA a .Lvt rroeram was i As there ware but two trains a day and had been purchased just fifty to th?.r expectations in every way Haute, 1918. Assistant Principals T. B. of the npproachinsr those of many -iven Mrs Carrie Scott of Moores- to the capitol city at that time, the years before to grace the table at , " s m-u, Kun. Joint mgn cnooi. Gregg, Junior High School. ville was appointed president and bridal couple were forced to wait from their infair dinner. The guests at - :Mav Hadlev of Moorosville and Hulda 2 o'clock v,ntil 5 in the evening be- the reception included Mrs. W. E The work of the pupils reflected great leading schools of the state. INTERURBAN JUMPS TRACK IN SUMMIT VILLE. Teachers Traverse B. Krouskup, Whitewater . rs of Francesville, scre-; fore starting on thir weilding jour- Barnett, of Alliance, Neb., Mrs. hlv- vlv,., u ....-c ; Harvev Myers ,ney. After the honeymoon the young ?rett Parker, Mrs. Martha Omelvena, "-" i-y.i. .um- taries. State Normal School, Wisconsin, Iowa State Teachers College, University of Iowa. Commercial Department. Edna Gregg, Indiana State Normal School, Indiana University. Mathe matics. Wm. F. Meyer, Ohio Mechanics In Th southbornd Uri-n Traction lim- i Thoe from a distance attending people went to houseKeepmg on tns Mrs. Daisy elhourne, Mrs. Claude 1' J , ite.1 car, leaving Fairmount at 1:1S Were Mrs Almira Hadlev, Mrs. Mar-Ws farm where their children Huston. Mrs. Allie Green, Mrs. Eliza especially worthy of mention. There in the afternoon met with an accident: tha Harvev, Mrs. Elwood Lawrence " Kww up and wers educated in the Olfather, Mrs. Luella Mittank. Mrs. . were .ixtsen violins in his number when pulling out of Summitville Mr and Mrs. A. C. Harvey of Muncie schools. In 1896 Mr. Ribble , May Henley, Mrs. Lida Curry, Mrs. j h fual ! to say the least for Tuesdav afternoon that mieht have 1 Mooresville, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Elbert broucht his family to Fairmount , Mary Buchanan, Mrs. Kate Shields, j town of this size, and the perform-""rroven'most disastrous. New gravel fDav and familv of Carmel, Ind., Mr. whiA has since been their home and j Mrs. A. F. Draper. Mrs. Claude Jones, I was highly creditablbe for a had been placed along the track justana Mrs. S. W." Johnson of Lynn, Mr. where they have wielded a quiet in- Mrs. Xon Edwards, Mrs. Alice Ram. j first appearance of these young. v,o- south of the town, and when the car and Mrs Chas. Treon, Mrs. Mae Get- j fluence throughout the community for ; sey, Mrs. Mary Davis, Mrs. Mary A. j nsts. reached this pot the front trucks tvs, Miss Minnie Stradling, Miss j the good of the town and its social . Gambriel, Mrs. Bertha J. Leming, ! Hnfi!TKeo were thrown from the track, the car Margaret Treon of Muncie, Mahlonllife. ! Mrs. Edith Bevington. Mrs. Mattie partv skidding ov-r to the passing track on ; vri,ht of Rockford. Ohio, Mrs. Ed- I Monday, Aug. 29, being their gold- Ldon, Mrs. Elsie V. Traster, Mrs. 1U iimus i aki i. the left. Fortunately here the wheels 'rd Harris and son of Richmond,! en wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Ida Winsett, Mrs. Lydia Fuller, Mrs. Miss Hazel Rush entertained at a stitute, Indiana Central College. Manual Training and Bible History. Georgia Weser, Valparaiso Univer sity. History and Geography. Mary Sample, Indiana State Nor mal, Winona School of Music. Music of the derailed truck were thrown Mrs. Eunice Pealer of Detroit, Mich., i Ribble decided to celebrate it m a Ella Patterson, Mrs. U. W. Haugh, iara nme arty xuesaay evening and Art. Harriett ' at ner nome on ooutn r aciory street about so that the car did not pass j Rusn Matthews of Bardstown, Ky., I quiet way by giving a family dinner, . Mrs. Effie Kimes, Mrs Jessie L. Wright, Wisconsin State over the second track, otherwise it , Mrs. A. VR. Brewer of Indianapolis, to which the best man at the wedding Brown, Mrs. C. L. Salyers, Mrs. A. j her Sunday school class of the M. was to be a truest. While beautify- I E. Olfather. Mrs. Addie Winslow, Mrs. church of which Mrs. Mattie Langs- -would have been overturned. As it; Mrs. Allie Fawcett and Sarolta Kel Normal, LaCross, Special work Kansas University. Vocational and Pre-Vocational Home Economics. Trc tV nssspnprs Were civsn S ! 1m Mr Tl V TTltrtrina rA enna rt 1 Titr the home with decorations the j?nnie W. Stephenson, of Long 'don is teacher. Music and games severe shaking ud. while the jar shat-j rb?, Paul and Cressie Harvev of eelor scheme of which was gold and; Branch. Cal., Messrs and Mesdames were enjoyed and prizes were award Mrytle Gilbreath, Earlham College, ed in a contest to Miss Lucile Lewis tered a couple of windows, one gentle- j Lynn. Marion Wesleyan . College. Assist and Miss Treva Parker. Dainty re ant in Commercial Department and man receiving a painful cut on the j wrist from the flying glass. The car ; ANNUAL REUNION white, Mrs. Ribble little dreamed tnat i Owen Curless, J. ii. Vinson, J. J. later in the day she and her . good j Fred, of Eaton, Chas. Naber, Lamont husband would stand under those j Brown, Wm. H. Brown, John Simons, same decorations while hosts of ; John Winslow, Gaston Wood, C. A. freshments were served to the fol English. lowinc: Misses Lucile Lewis, Marie Leonore Ramsey, A. B., Penn Col was delayed until a wrecking crew from Anderson reached tha scene. OF LAMM FAMILY. The annual reunion of the Lamm Wallace. Audrey Breedlove of In- friends come to pay them homage Lewis, C. H. Hubbard, of Sand lege, Oskaloosa, Iowa, Summer work Northwestern University, Chicago. and conirratulate them unon their Snrinfr. Okla.. Wm. Lindsey. Ed M. dianapolis, Treva Parker, Edith and family was held Tuesday at the hand- - - nfr nf Anril K. Hat. fiftv voar, of n-oddod life. The : Rnscoe W. Kircher. . Martha Bevington, nuin weaver, English and Domestic Science. enests arrived and a sDlendid dinner ! Frank W. White. Curt Smith. A. S. : Alice Ramsey, Mae Salyers, Bertha Clyde L. Walters, Franklin College, YOUNG PEOPLE TO GIVE PLAY AT BACK CREEK The young people of the Friends hurch who so successfully produced was served to the following: Mr. ! Roberts, John Marine, Charles Parker, i Hayworth, Hazel Rush, Mrs. Mattie liff, there being about 160 members of the family present from Grant, Miami and Howard counties. The and Mrs. C. O. Ribble, Mr. and Mrs. j M. H. Nelson, Palmer Ice, A. F. Langsdon, Mrs. Ruth Flank and Mr, Hort Ribble, James Alfred Ribble, Drever. Harley Frits, Victor A. Sel- nd Mrs. John Rush. Bethany College, West Virginia, Coaches School University of Illinois, Summer School. Physical Education and Agriculture. the missionary play, "Robert and ' day was a most enjoyable one spent Mary" some months ago, delighting in social conversation, reminciences, Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Ribble, John, Wil-jby, Ottis Wilburn, Charles Brown, and the enjoyment of a bounteous liam, Hariett and Mary Jane Ribble, j will A. Taylor, George Shields and the large audience which witnessed ! FORMER STUDENTS WILL MEET AGAIN. the production here, have arranged to dinner. L. D. Lamm of Converse is j wrs. ur. bpurgeon, of Muncie, Mrs. Rev. and Mrs. C B. tjweeney. Messrs chairman of the family reunion as- i Ella Ribble, of Muncie, Mrs. Harriett Thomas D. Duling, A. D. Bryan, Her- A good time is being planed for all repeat the play at the Friends Back Creek church on next Friday even sociation, and Mattie Outland of Am- Brown and James Brown of New- man Ross, Glenn Huston, Clymer I former students of the East Branch, I castle, and John Wesley Truitt, of Jones, John Jones, John Ethan Ed- ing, at 8 o'clock. On several occa- j bey, secretary. Old Liberty, Lake, Grant and No. 5 schools, who attend a reunion which Muncie. wards, Fredrick Edwards, Byron W. sions they have been requested to re- In the meantime a surprise had I Traster, Henry C. Pearson, Allen , will bs held at the Frank Kirkwood reat the lav, but absence of mem-! EVANGELISTIC MEETING Paul Dreyer, Wade Dreyer, Victor grove, east of town on Labor Day, been planned for the bride and .groom, and at 7:30 p. m., two groups of peo Mary L. Arnold, A. B., DePauw University. Latin, French and Physical Training. , Grade Faculty JVashington Street Building Glenn Moon, Indiana University. Principal, Manual Arts, Nature Study. Helen Cox, Indiana University, Indianapolis School of Music and Fine ArW Physical Education, Music and Art. Academic Teachers Lillis Hinds, Indiana State NormaL-School. Grade I. Merle Smith, Teacher's College, Indianapolis. Grade II. Allen Selby, Roy John, Kenneth John, ; September 5. A wide invitation has bers of the cast, or other causes pre-1 AT ALEXANDRIA SUNDAY, vented them doing so until this time, j A big evangelistic meeting is an-nd the announcement that the play nounced for Beulah Park at Alexan- Victor been issued for all former students to ple met at the homes of Mrs. Edith Leslie Wilbern, Dee Briles, will be given now will be pleasing . dria for Sunday beginning at 1:30 Bevington and Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Long and Lorsn Cain, Misses Mar-. be present. O tne memOerS ana lncnus vi lire i , in . uajiucua vjutpvi i . v i mm a k a signal fiiuvceueu ui i icuc iviiuta, . 1 , , o v i , uai.uuu Jones, Mary Jean Hubbard, Virginia; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stinson and Back Creek church, as well as to those head-ed by Major Hite, the noted open the corner of Walnut and Jefferson in Fairmount who were so well en- - air preacher, and E. Howard Cadle, of streets where they went in a body to tertained with the first presentation j IndianapVdis, both preachers and sing- the Ribble home. It is needless to of the play here. There will be a free . ers. This is planned as a great com-: say that the surprise was most corn- Selby, Margaret Taylor, Mary M. Hoi- daughter Naomi, of Alexandria and lingsworth, Uva Salyers, Thelma Hill, Mr. and Mrs. George Stinson and son Llora Brown, May Salyers and Treva Dale living near Fairmount were en- Parker. There were also present the tertained at Tuesday dinner by Mr will offering taken at the church for , mumty meeting and all Christian ; piete, as was the entertainment which vjr iiivv. viiif, aiivt Contiued on Page Eight 1 workers are . Invited to join. Jwas provided for the evening. Elec- dinner guests mentioned above. and Mrs. William Briles. the mission work.

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