The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 25, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1936
Page 4
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Wednc:day, November 25, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 4 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Founded 1912 Sweepstakes on Love kJ H i by May Christie nit in (lie traversed a long cor Established as The Weekly Clintonian J8D0 The Clinton Plaindealer absorbed in 1908. George L- Carey. Editr nd PuMih jnteredl't the fostoffice at Clinton. Indiana, as Second Claw Matter-Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association National Advertising r Representative: inn nil )nn Wrlftlev Bldg., ChicaKO. I-1IS General Motors Bio.. Detroit 110 East 42n4 St., New York Phone 41 MOVIES "WITHOUT, OKIIfcRS", , ,. .rf At the Pulucc Kxreptiouul air photography, a good east and a plot possessing suspense by the ton combine o make Ibis a worlby evening's entertainment.' Sally Eilrs Is an al tractive air slawardess. loved by Robert Armstrong und Vinton Ha worth. When the trli d-nnd-triie pilot of the transport air line is fired (Armstrong), the lily-livered son of the president of Ibe line takes the ship up for all munuer of daredevil stunts. The plane hits a blizard und the weakling (Haworth) hnlis out. How the plane Is brouaht lu makes for sirona drnmo. Frances Sage, Charles (Irapewin and Wanl Bond have supporting roles. The March of Time offers yon Mi' recent evenis of International importance In pictorial form. - "THK LAW IX II Ml HANKS" i the ("ohimlila Margaret Lindsay and Olenda Farrell have the leading feminine roles inihls comedy drama that will hold your interest until the fademit. THE DAILY CIJNTONIAN'S PLATFORM t 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County' unemployment problem. . . 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of its size in the state. YESTERDAYS XOVKMKKIt & Cliuion soccer team will face the Jasnnviile team at Clinton Sunday. The locals lout, 1 to 2 at Fontanel, Sunday, but are now encouraged. The following played: Backs, Jordan and Penman; b. backs A. Blair, Jlc-Nair and McKiiir: center forwnrd, D. Ululr; right wiiiK. Keenan and Johnson; left wine, W. .Melville and J. Russell. The district meeting will be held ot fi 20 a Wabash Aveutw. Terre Huuto, Saturday nlpbt. Miss Helen Price, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Price, and Martin May, who came here from PltlsburR, lax) year as bookkeeper down nt ibe Huiisen mine, were married in 1'eiie llniile, Tuesday. The ceremony w;i performed by Squire Smilh. The Moore :umily will furnish the mimic nl the Sacred Henri church bazaar al the Baales' Hall. VDVKMBUK 23, W1H. Mr. and Mrs Floyd tivinuer are Hie parents of a baby boy born nl Ibe Vermillion county hospital yesterday. The infant weighed S'i pounds and has not yel been named. Both mother end baby are fsettinp alonu well. Mrs. C. M Zlnk entertained the members of itae OutlnK Club yesterday afternoon al hot- home, Guests of tlie club were; Mrs. F.arl Turner. Mrs. W. B. Nichols, Mrs. Walter Tanke, Mrs. Jlryou Anderson, and Mrs. Kd Holmes. JAPAN MOVING AGAIN even geni isi s have to play the Hollywood g.cme if they're to got on. There's a constant coming Su.l going of people, and that's why he has to keen a 'lock of servants. A regretful tinKS had crept into her voice. "I'm sociable niyselj, end back in lowu in tia old days b.fors my husbu. d died, we sure kept coca house, avoiding to our mean , but here in lii'llywood it's like a thres-ring circa::,' Not that 1 begiudye It, tor Jen y cfijoys it, and it's 1; "uu. sery to hn career. But bellee mn, I often p 't tired of them and their wine era!.:, aud thvir queer tWisv-ior, and then I come up tc this haven, and I lock the doors, mid here's I do I sit at th' window and "t..k at my old hoc iuf, und from lime to time I look tp at the mounfci , and I'm hsnpy Dian.i fic-hened the little . ik-up that r: n .ed, and Jerry's n ether took her mmstairs. They wti.i out to the patin by the French windiws in the cnrrj.i'ir, Mrs. Nolan having carefully icmed her little del lain before tin y I.ft. Hatf-w.,y down the outdoor 01 air-case, the l.k.od ruslied in a worm tide to D. ana's heart as shs h'td Roger's voice on the wide back porch. So he bad hurried here after them? lie had been quick about it. Mrs. N'hm slipped her hand through tlifina's arm in friendly fashion a;: tbe bottom of the stairs. They circled a fountain that plashed idly into a wide stone basin that was full of pond lilies and golunsh and had '-inl ferns banked about it, and on ll r.-igh the tiled patln that bloomed with geraniums in gay multi-colored pots, towards the veranda that had a canvas awing over it. From tilde, came a high trilling laupli. "That's li s D'Arcourt woman,- 1 can't abnic her. She's false clear through fiMi'j her dyed red l):r to that voice of hers," said Mrs. Tf olan as they approached the porch. "Dolores, you're delicious ' came in f ewer's voice. "And f iat's the Dexter boy "he's running ufter," rapped out 'Mra. Nolan diiuoprovingly. "If the women aren't bold in Hollywood 1" "Don't you like Roger? slipped from Dia::a before she could clieck the give-away question. "So-so. But he's too good-IooUing, and he kr.ows it Besides, it's my belief he drinks too much," said Mrs. Nolan firmly. . Dolores D'Arcourt was the fame red-headec. woman who, on the previous evening, had accosted Roger In the restaurant, whispering ribi-lantly as she passed their table: "Some party last night, wasn't it?" Diana immediately recognized her. So she vraa running after Roger, according to what Jerry'a tnotjier bad just 8;.id? Perhaps Roger had brought her here? Per.iaps that was the r.aflon he had delegated Jerry to escort Diana to Jerry's home for cocktails, claining that he had extra work to do at the atudio, whicli evidently had not been true? These tl- oughts whirled through her mind as Roger, looking rather sheepish, .;hook hands with Mrs. Nolan end then introduced the two younger wjmen to each other. As the irreen eyes of Doibras swept her with cool hauteur, Diana was saying to herself : "Last night he pretended barely to know her referred to her as one of the ''iddy goats' who had burst unexpectedly into the louse of his friend Huntington aud now we come upon hiin saying to hor: 'Dolores, you're delicious!'" And her heart felt like lead. (To Be Continued) CoerrUtit, mi. Klin VMIuru flyndiue. !& CHAPTER . Because Diana's mind was dreamily on love, she said to Jerry now: "But of sours ese day you'll Warry T" "Unlikely In Hollywood. The old-fashioned girl is as extinct as the dodo here. You'd b surprised to find that a funny-looking duck like mo Is a whadda y call itt sn Idealist." "But with so much beauty round" "DcautyT Bunkl Beauty's cheap. If It's physical beauty you're talking stout, that's not what I'm looking for." "Yod mean you have ideals about character! Is that itT" Jerry puffed meditatively at bis cigarette as the trailer ran smoothly aud silently over U macadam roads. A full minute passed before he said, slowly: "The girl I could fall in love with wouldn't be the kind that would want her name in electrics. She'd be a home-keeping, square-shooting kid that would put our personal happiness first and foremost. She'd leave the outside struggle to the man, and let him dominate the marriage. D'you know Why marriages ars so unsuccessful In America! It's because tha women want to boss, and the men get inferiority complexes." "So yo'r a 'bosser, are you, JerryJ" "You betcha. That's the way to make a wife happy." 60 interesting was this conversation to Diana that they were at his home before she realized ft The car and trailer swung into a carriage drive and stopped in front of a big Spanish mansion. Johannes whisked to the door of the trailer, but Jerry had opened it before him and helped Diana out. A uniformed butler opened the front door of the house, and they entered a great dim hall that was fragrant with flowers. "Hi, mother, where are you?" Jerry shouted. "Where's my best girl?" "Coming," said a warm melodi-' ous voice. A glass door leading to wide, flagged porch opened, and into the ball stepped a smiling, plump, gray-haired woman with a remarkably sweet face and a strong resemblance to her son. "I'm pleased to meet any friend of Jerry's," Mrs. Nolan greeted Diana, giving her a firm handclasp, t as if her words were not a mere formality, but as though she definitely meant them. "Jerry 'phoned from the studio, saying today was your first day there. It must have been a real trial in more ways than one for a little thing like yourself. Not that I blame the studio for engaging you. for you're real pretty and sweet-looking, as Jerry just told me." Diana blushed, pleased at the tribute. After the severe criticisms in the make-up department, this was balm, not to wounded vanity, for Diana never had been vain, but to a conviction that she was at least average-looking, "Thank you. I certainly have had a busy day," she smiled back, "Jerry, the crowd are put on the porch. Now that you're here, you can attend to them. I'm going to take Miss Darlington to my apartment, for she may want to freshen up." Diana, somewhat mystified by the word "apartment," followed Mrs. Nolan up s wide, deeply carpeted flight of shallow stairs. Flowers were banked at every turn as they ascended. A great jar of delphiniums here, silver bowl of roses there, a vase of towering gladioli on the upper landing. The wall were cool cream stucco The Mongol attack upon Suiyan province indicates that Japanese and Chinese are not near an understanding. Having succeeded in wresting Manchukuo from China, the Japanese military regime now seeks to continue its march westward and to create another buffer state between China and Russia. News from China indicates a determination to resist this effort which the Chinese recognize as a Japanese attempt to further weaken China. It is interesting to observe that Major-General Gun Hashimoto, Japanese chief of staff in North China, admits his country's sympathy with the Mongol enterprise and in establishing a barrier between China and Russia. The fight in Suiyan, he says, is entirely China's business, but if it endangers Manchukuo's borders, "We would necessarily have to go in and kick the Chinese out.' in the meantime, negotiations between Japan and China make little progress toward the settlement of questions and it is freely predicted that the Chinese will ultimately reject the more stringent demands of Tokyo. This will precipitate something of a crisis because Japan is not expected to back down. ' For some -time there has been an idea that if Japan becomes involved in a' struggle with China, Soviet Russia will' give the Chinese assistance. This may be true but, on the other hand, word from the far east is that Tokyo and Berlin have entered into an agreement to put up a joint front against communism. Inasmuch as Hitler has repeatedly indicated a desire to obtain part of Russian territory and Japan's territorial intentions in China have been plain for some time, it is easy to understand what their anti-communism agreement means. c Phone 1 1 7 progressive, capable and original and may gain financial bucccss through unusual channels Its dis-position may be peculiar and difficult. Ky ;EXEVI.KVE KK.WBI.K For Friday, November 127 An interesting, eventful and intriguing day. in both business and private life, is prodicted from the interesting stellar operations. There is promise of profitable dealing with rings, mergers, secret organizations and political or diplomatic circles, with prospect of substantial new contracts or perhaps secret agreements. Social, domestic, artistic or affectioiml functions are likely to claim a large part of the ridor, Dinna had glimpses of beau- ui ui 011 psiuungs set t regular intervals. At the end of the passage, to the left, wcro French windows opening on a siuiicase that led to the patio, but they turned right. After a few steps, they stopped at a studded oaken door that had a tiny grilled apertuie in it about four feet from the leva! of the floor. Mrs. Nolan, to Diana's surprise, put a k in tha lock. She flung the door open. They entered a pretty Early American living-room that In its siu-plicity was a complete contrast l what Diana already had seen of lh gorgeous Spanish mansion. "I'm an old-fashioned woman," said Mrs. Nolun, "and I don't lit in with tin- Hollywood-Spanish architecture ui:y more than I fit in with the Hollywood ways. I guess Jerry knows it- lie's a devoted son, and a Jewel, and thiB is his compromise. He added the entire apartment to his house for me, saying: 'Mother, you fix it any way you please, with the architect and the interior decorator and the furniture man, and it'll be rii'ht with me.' " "Then, said Diana as they moved on into the cool Early American bedroom that lay beyond the living-room, ".rc rry came out to Hollyw ood first, did he?" "He bought this house a year ago when I was traveling in Europe with old friends from our home town of Moorfield, Iowa. When I cams back, he insisted that I come out and keen house for him here. I guess lie found out pretty soon that I was like a fish out of water in the great Spanish master-bedroom Willi its painted bed like a merry-go-'round, and its carved black furniture, and queer tapestries I could never be at home with, and the heathenish-looking red and gold hanKings." "And so he built this on for you? How perfectly lovely!" Diana moved towards windows that were draped with crisp white organdy, affording a wonderful vista of towering mountains over the tops of the palm trees. "Even though I am from Iowa, I'm mad about mountains. Just to look at them gives me peace and strength. Like it says in the Bible: 'I to the bills will lift mine eyes . . .' Jerry understands that, and bo he built the wing on at this corner," said Mrs. Nolan simply. "He knows I'm fond of cooking plain, old-fashioned American dishes, and his French chef doesn't take to me being around the kitchen, bo he put in the sweetest little kitchenette for me right here in the apartment. It has a frigidaire and a gas cooker, for he knows I can't do with the new-fancied electric stoves. I've my ow telephone and kitchen entrance for delivery, so I can 'phone the shops myself," she ended, in an enthusiastic, breath. Diana inspected the diminutive, white-walled culinary regions that had Uic compactness and the same little chintz-hung windows as Jerry's trailer. She told Mrs. Nolan that. "He's a wonder, even if he is my tnn " the elder woman irlowed. "See. I've a sleeping porch out here that looks down on my litue nower ana vegetable garden. It has a picket fence, and Jerry's Instructed his Japanc e gardener never to set foot inside it. It's my very own and every iy I work hours aud hours out tlieie." "I suppose Jerry entertains a good deal?" asked Diana, wondering how the old-fashioned mother from I(. a fitted into tbs scene. "He has to, in his business. He's geniu.-c even if I do say it, but and Mrs. Vi'iliard Davis were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs, Levi McAd-ams and family. Mr. aud Mrs. Gene Bosonetto of Clinton aud Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mc-Adums sp'mt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Davis aud family. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Kendall spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. (i. Kellogg of Hilsboro. Hersch'-l aud Harold Wllkins of Yeddo, Iivl., spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Kcott Kendall. Ethel Woods and Robert Kendall, who are employed in Anderson, spent the weekend with home folks. State Farm AUTO LIFE Service Satisfaction Miss Ruth I.enore Brtjrgs. with a score of 2554 was rated first last nicht anions: Ibe women bridge players at the Delta Tbeta Tan's bridge tournament in 'he Chevrolet Sales room in Elm street. Mrs. W. Meyer of Terre Haute was second and Mrs. E. A. I.ewiu, third. Among tlie men players Neil Pierce was hiph with a count of 2H(li points; Carl IJlrich. second; Cecil Harrison, third. Paul "Spike" Jelly was awarded the free-for-all. which was a duck. When you see the new 1935 RYTEX CHRISTMAS CARDS you will marvel at their smart designs and fine paper and large French Fold size... and also at their extremely low price... GO for $1.00, Including your Name on the cards and 50 envelopes to match. The Daily Clintonian. attention. If This It, Your Birthday i , Those whose birthday it is may expect a very lively, pleasant and profitable year in their business as well as private life. Tlie latter will be particularly auspicious, although new contracts with rings, combines, secret bodies or political organizations may bo very satisfactory and pleasant. A child born on this day may be endowed wilt) qualities and graces for a successful and happy life. It may lean to mystical or altruistic pursuits. Pie! THE STARS SAY By ciBSBvifKVKKKMBIjK Vor Thursday, November till AlthouKh there are signs anionc the stars of a day of much merriment, conviviality and (iood fellowship, yel there are also indications ot upheaval and disturbances which may not be entirely festive in nature. Be watchful of an element ot intrigue, subtlety or deceit in this connection. .Superiors and influential parsonages will be friendly and may be approached for favors. Those whose birthday it is may expect a year of progress and prosperity, although it may involve disruptions and unsettlements which may bo overcome through tact. A child born on this day may lie The Iwo nearly starve lo death a honest barristers but certainly find danger and excitement when they decide to try beinc crooked for iwhlle and gel mixed up with some racketeers and a district attorney. Warren Hull, Iyle Talbot, Eddie Acuff, Dick Purcell and Joseph Cre-hnn are the male stars. Short subjects Include Popeye advocating "Brotherly Love" and Chapter 11 ot Ibe "Clutching Hand." "TURKIC MARK I El) MK" At tho Wabash Based on the trials and tribulations of 8 married men, this (urns out to be anything but the gloomy picture you might expect. The Tact that Roscoe Karns, William Fraw-ley and I.ynnc are the gentlemen has a great deal to do wilh it. I.ynne and Bill are Mary Brian's brothers and Roscoe her Intended groom. Both Mary's and Roscoe's families view their wedding with alarm and do all they can to avert the disaster. It all dates back to a family feud of 40 years before, which is-, as lively as the picture. Oeorge Barbier is responsible for a lot of chuckles, as are Marjorie Oateson, netty Clarke and Mabel Colcord. Mary Brian looks prettier than ever' and handles her role capably. SHOWER GIVEN AT MECCA HOME Mrs. Hollis Richardson Receives Many Gifts at Party on " Thursday Evening , MECCA, Nov. 25 Miss Louise Kendall, Miss lone Daniels and Mrs. Freeman Richardson were hostesses Thursday night for a miscellaneous shower given In honor of Mrs. Hollis Richardson at the home of Mrs. Richardson. Prizes were won by Mrs. Max Swairu and Mrs. W. B. Murphy. Refreshments were served. -At- Dquohty Beauty, Quality and Value Beyond Comparison See the new SOUTH BEND DELUXE, new beauty, new conveniences, and exclusive new porcelain finishes that wui blend in with any kitchen color scheme I Picture this grand range in wiiir kilrken. the zest it will add to every task, the added perfection and tastiness ot your cooking, and do not forget the savings in your fuel bill! I.ON't; EASY TERMS A. J. Doughty Kim nil ore. Floor Coverings Rudiutt Thanksglvlng-and Pumpkin NOTICE TO PUBLIC!; Starting MONDAY NOVEMBER 30 Hair Cuts in All Union Shops Will Be 60c REAP THE ADS Insurance Cos FIRE t WIND Economy Safely FOREST AIKMAN, Dana, Ind. County Representative , Phone 47-L Many lovely gifts were received. Those attending were: Mrs. Roy Leonard, Mrs. Abe Leonard, Mrs. Dyke Rush, Edith Uaruhart, Mrs. Max Swaim, Mrs. Irene Hodge, Mrs. Lena Murphy, Josephine Curtlss. Mao Murphy. Lizzy Young, Rachel Richardson, iiiuma Stevens, Naomi Stevens, Lou Ellen Bennett, Emma Williams, Rachel McArty, Beruice Richardson, Catherine Murphy, Mrs. W. B. Murphy, Celia Sanders, Hazel Kendall, Queen Murphy and Mrs. H. L. Cilderland and daughter Betty of Rorkville. Mr. and Mrs. Cluude Baldwin and children and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Leonard and son spent Sunday with Mr. aud Mrs. Robert Baldwin. Mrs. Belle Voumans spent Friday In Clinton as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Youmans and sons. Mrs. Clara McKeown of Montezuma spent the past week with Mr. and .Mrs. J. C. Murphy and family. Mr. nud Mis. Jesse Akera and iiloce Roberta Montgomery of near Hockville were Sunday guests of Mr. iml Mrs. Ralph Hrooker and family. .Miss Esther youmans spent the v eek-ei d In Indianapolis with Irlends. Mr. and Mrs. Freennin Cox spent Sunday lu Rorkville as ihn guesis of Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Hnidlletd. " Mr. and Mis Perry Lewis - and children. Hetty sml Buddy Moore of ("nilin and lone Daub-Is were dinner puesls .Sunday of Mrs. Nancy Mr-Call. Mis. f. oil a Marshall of Clinton Chest Colds Rub on Musterole. Used by millions for 25 years. NOT just a salve, but a "counter-irritant." Mi druggists. Three strengths. 0 NOTICE! FILLING STATIONS OF CLINTON Which Are Membert of THE CLINTON AUTO REPAIRMEN'S AND SERVICE STATION ASS'N Will Close at 11 A.M. ' V THANKSGIVING DAY And Will BeCksed For the Remainder of the Day iffy - fi ; Cv-s. v ., rl'J n 'Va- .11 X 2:U-:I8 Klin Phone 301

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